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Retired. Experimenting with writing mainly for my own amusement. Always liked non-consensual stories and animal play stories among other things.


Such A Nice Kind Woman by NickHC updated on 2019-04-29 05:15:13Z
by NickHC

Just an ordinary woman with an extra-ordinary business!

Extreme , F , F+ , m , Real Life , Bondage , Domination , Modification , Sadism , Non-Consensual
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Dobson's Choice by NickHC updated on 2019-07-11 16:12:42Z
by NickHC

I am experimenting again. Sorry, usual slow stuff I’m afraid. This time trying a two-part tale using some characters from my ‘Such a nice kind lady’ story. Sort of a carry on from that but as a stand-alone tale. Starts with an abbreviated clip from that story for main characters descriptions.

Heavy , F+ , f , m , Real Life , Bondage , Domination , Pain , Rape , Sadism , Spanking , Non-Consensual
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The Interview by NickHC updated on 2019-07-07 16:41:19Z
by NickHC

Author's Note: I was trying something a little different in this one. Experimenting with dialogue to tell a story. Another story of non-consensual activities so please do not read if you don't like. Also like my other stories, many readers will undoubtedly find it a bit too slow. It features an interview between the interviewer and a woman who has been in the procurement and training of slaves for many years.

Extreme , F , f+ , m+ , Real Life , Bondage , Domination , Pain , Rape , Sadism , Non-Consensual
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Pony Reality by NickHC updated on 2019-07-07 15:59:50Z
by NickHC

A bored woman accidentally comes across an image of a helpless ‘ponygirl’ on the Internet. An image that intrigues and stimulates her so much that she actively starts planning a ‘lifestyle’ change. A change that will not only apply to her life but also and more radically to that of another young woman!

Extreme , Heavy , F , f+ , Real Life , Bestiality , Bondage , Domination , Modification , Primal , Sadism , Spanking , Non-Consensual
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A Tale Of Two Families by NickHC updated on 2019-07-12 17:43:40Z
by NickHC

This is a dark non-consensual story about two families. One very ordinary and the other a matriarchal, sadistic, and thoroughly depraved bunch. The first unfortunately falls into the hands of the second. Their perverted interests run to enforced age regression, feminisation, male and female rape, slavery, ponyplay, pet play, bestiality and more.

Extreme , F+ , f+ , M , m+ , Real Life , Bestiality , Bondage , Domination , Humiliation , Modification , Pain , Sadism , Spanking , Non-Consensual