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An author, a writer, a masochist, a collared submissive, a fiancé, a sister, a daughter and the owner of this site. I'm many things to many people but mainly I'm just a person called Lois x


The Next Step
by PainSlutLois
A newly married couple decide to take the next step into sadism.
A Rape Fantasy
by PainSlutLois
A young girl fantasises about being raped, but when it happens, its not at all like she expected.
The Task
by PainSlutLois
A young submissive is given a daunting task by her cyber-Master.
An Everyday Visit To The Office
by PainSlutLois
A girl makes a visit to an office building
A Night Of Games
by PainSlutLois
Jenny has always got herself off looking at fetish porn, she never expected it to turn into real life when she went to play video games with her friends.
The Second Task
by PainSlutLois
Sequel to 'The Task', Jane finds that her second task will change her life forever.
Mall Rat Whore
by PainSlutLois
A middle aged divorcee accidentally realises her fantasies
The Geek Slave
by PainSlutLois
A sexy slut finds someone to fulfil her needs
Surprise Attack
by PainSlutLois
An attacker tells how he abused a women from his own perspective
The Third Task
by PainSlutLois
Jane's new Mistress orders her third big task.
Stranger On The Train
by PainSlutLois
It's finally time to fulfil a fantasy that Julie has harboured her whole life. It's reckless, exciting, scary and might change her life forever!
Only Myself To Blame
by PainSlutLois
She was warned not to come to his house, warned what he would do, warned she would regret it, but she couldn't help herself.
My Virginity
by PainSlutLois
A girl's story of how she lost her virginity