About The Fet Library

About The Fet Library

My name is Lois, I've been in the BDSM scene all of my adult life in one way or another. Beginning at the age of eighteen when I discovered my masochism I struggled with my submissive nature and for many years kept it repressed and hidden from everyone I knew.

During that time I found great comfort in sites like BDSM Library where I could read about other people like me and indulge my wild fantasies. Eventually I started to write my own stories and publish them and took great pride from the fact that other people were enjoying my perverted mind.

So it was with great sadness that I discovered the site had essentially stopped being updated in April 2017, no one seems to know the reason for this and all attempts to contact the owner of the site have failed. It is for this reason I decided to set up The Fet Library.

It isn't an attempt to supplant BDSM Library but rather an attempt to carry the torch for that site, continue what it started and did so well for so long. I wanted to do it to give back to a community that helped me get through so many difficult times when I couldn't accept who I was and just wanted to be "normal", not to mention all those lonely horny nights!

So, please enjoy the site and let me know if you have any issues, suggestions or comments on the site as we hope to keep improving it.

Lois xx
My blog: www.painslutlois.com