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The Holy Grail - A Story Of Blissful Rubber Fetish Confinement
by Ataraxia
Even though she had been in my single-floor, ranch style house many times before, I remind her to explore the layout of the house in as much detail as possible. In particular, she needs to study the location of two "Welcome" mats made of thick sisal that I strategically place in different locations each time she has a session here.
Queen Rubberella
by Ataraxia
After a devastating blow to her life, she regains her self-confidence and self-esteem by climbing a (proverbial) mountain in latex.
Atarax House
by Ataraxia
This started out as just another story but quickly evolved into a feasible business plan directly relating to your fetish? It could be the seed of something that might actually be workable in the real world! Perhaps you could earn a living from your love of rubber doing this??? You are limited only by your imagination!