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I’m just an ordinary submissive guy who admires and loves smart, strong, confident, dominant women. I only wish I lived a life enthralled to one.


Brain-Busting Diana
by oliverc
Kevin is intrigued by what others guys have said about Diana. Could she really be what he truly wants, truly needs?
The Professor And Her Student
by oliverc
Professor Elizabeth Starr enslaves one of her students, Matthew. She is smarter, stronger, and taller than he is. The more enslaved he becomes, the more they grow to love each other.
Enslaved By Aunt Alicia
by oliverc
Tim's Aunt Alicia is really a sexual predator. She has waited a long time for her nephew to grow old enough to seduce and enslave. Now when he must spend the summer with her, she gets the opportunity for which she waited so long. Tim discovers he is an all-too-willing to go along with the plans of his favorite sexy amazonian aunt.