Male Dom, dob 1966, Paris area, France. Interested in female submission and masochism. Occasional writer, usually I write with a specific person in mind, to whom the story is dedicated.

Wearing Lena Down

Lena is a young female law student and freedom fighter in an unnamed Eastern European country. Her career in the resistance movement is cut short by a kidnapping and subsequent emprisonment followed by interrogations. This is a specific day in her ordeal.
Bondage · Domination · f · Heavy · Humiliation · M · Non-Consensual · Pain · Rape · Real Life · Sadism · Sex Toys

Lena And The Wheel

Lena is studying to be a Scribe in this Fantasy/SF story. Out of money, she is forced into ways of making ends meet that will have an irreversible impact on her life, culminating in extreme imprisonment and hard labour. Inspired by a chapter in the Hellicona trilogy by Brian Aldiss.
Bondage · Chastity · Domination · f · f+ · Fantasy · Heavy · Humiliation · M · M+ · Non-Consensual · Pain · Sadism · Sci Fi