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Total Darkness
by Hidden Darkness
In this sequel to Into Darkness, Tiffany finds herself at a slave training facility in company of former friends and enemies.
Ephesians 5:22
by Darinost
A kidnapped Catholic schoolgirl has a religious experience.
A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 25
part of the A Middle-class Girl's Journey series
by Tmaster57
The true story of a middle-class girls journey into slavery.
Cindy In Traffic
by Boshcak
Cindy likes to shit, and skips a trip to the bathroom on the way home. Then she runs into some traffic... and things start to happen.
Life In A Foreign Jail - Part 2, Captivity
part of the Life In A Foreign Jail series
by Ademetos
Pauline has been jailed for fucking in public. In the hell-hole of a jail she is constantly beaten, tormented and raped, by the guards and the inmates. She survives the starvation rations only by sneakily eating the other women's shit
Life In A Foreign Jail - Part 1, Arrest
part of the Life In A Foreign Jail series
by Ademetos
Pauline goes on a sun, sand and sex holiday somewhere sunnily exotic with her friend Bianca. But it all goes wrong when she is arrested for fucking in public and sent to a hell-hole jail where she is tormented and raped by the guards and the inmates alike.
The Eyes
by Sadist Maso Wolf
The Eyes can sometimes excite you or fool you . This man have a fetish for her eyes . Story includes torture and fun for a sadist but I bet female pigs might like it too .
That Little Nub
by Crowley
A brief vignette from the point of view of a lesbian slave.
Sally's Downfall, Part 2 - Punished
part of the Sally's Downfall series
by Ademetos
In Part 1 Sally, the organisation's brilliant CFO, was tortured into confessing that she had stolen a lot of money from them. Now she is viciously punished and begins a very different lifestyle.
Butterfly Wings
by Tcheena3
Erika and her husband are humiliated and blackmailed into becoming subjects of illegal human clinical trials and assorted abuses by a pharmaceutical company intent on revolutionising their market niche.
Dominance Behavior
by Darinost
Renée gets jealous of her younger, prettier co-worker Felicia, and decides to show the woman who's boss.
The Resurrection Of Linda
by JEP
Linda - middle age, pudgy, short - suddenly finds herself in a sexual predicament that was completely out of touch with any reality she knew.
by JEP
Well the young waitress should have done him like he expected. She didn't! So he did her like she never expected.
The LardAss Saga - A Sequel
by JEP
Synopsis: The LardAss master continues his usual antics - this time in his winter home in the South.
Susan Gets A Delivery
by JEP
Susan was used to treating people with complete disdain and disrespect. The tables were about to be turned on her.
Caleb Comes To Town
by JEP
Caleb only makes it to town twice a year. And - he picks up ALL the supplies he needs to get through the next six months out on his farm. Heide is shocked to discover that she is one of the supplies and shocked to discover what it means to be a domesticated piece of livestock.
The LardAss Saga
by JEP
A man fulfills his dream of capturing various women of his dreams. Then, he degrades, humiliates, punishes them until they become his willing sex slave.
The Worst Night Of Her Life
by Darinost
Sophia finds herself at the mercy of three sadistic youths.
Passing The Baton
by Polecat
The lead slave girl informs her friends that her master will snuff her for her birthday. She will ask him to.
Surprise Party
by Darinost
Jim and Jake host an excellent weekend long surprise party.