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My Little Piggy - Chapter 5
part of the My Little Piggy series
by Jasmine's Pet
After agreeing to consent to his transformation in return for a better life, the young man has almost grown used to life as a pig. However what he doesn't know is that Lola has decided it's time to finish his journey. She takes him to the vet to be surgically modified and transformed beyond recognition.
My Little Piggy - Chapter 2
part of the My Little Piggy series
by Jasmine's Pet
The young man wakes up next to Lola, the woman of his dreams. After loving his first sexual experience the night before, he can't help but dream of more. But Lola has some strange fetishes and for that to happen, she wants him to become her piggy again. This time for the whole weekend. Against his better judgement and led by his feelings for her, the young man reluctantly agrees...
My Little Piggy - Chapter 1
part of the My Little Piggy series
by Jasmine's Pet
A young man finally manages to bag a date with the woman of his dreams. He soon learns however that she has other plans for him...
Enslaved By Aunt Alicia
by oliverc
Tim's Aunt Alicia is really a sexual predator. She has waited a long time for her nephew to grow old enough to seduce and enslave. Now when he must spend the summer with her, she gets the opportunity for which she waited so long. Tim discovers he is an all-too-willing to go along with the plans of his favorite sexy amazonian aunt.
For The Love Of A Pet
by Rishi
A wealthy and beautiful young woman in college has the perfect life, including a well trained and disciplined petboy who satisfies her every need. Lately though, she's noticed something rather odd about his behavior...
Barbarian Princess
by Hidden Darkness
Princess Sophie has been captured and then rescued from marauding barbarians, but she may never be the same.
by Hans Hansen
Eine Dame der besten Gesellschaft verschwindet von der Bildfläche. Zu den besonderen Vorzügen dieser Dame gehören ihr peinlich üppiger Busen. Wir wollen hoffen, dass ihr nichts Unangenehmes zugestoßen ist. Aber das werden Sie, liebe Leser(innen) sicher bald merken. Festzuhalten bleibt, dass sich der liebende Gatte überraschend schnell eine junge korpulente Dame an seine Seite zitiert hat. Wie belastbar sie ist? Lesen Sie selbst!
Poor Ms Winter?
by mbstard
The masochistic and submissive Ms Winter should be more careful who she rents from - in this case, someone suitable sadistic...
by NickHC
Two sadistic women, a house with secrets, and a man on an endless painful journey to nowhere!
by Liz Sivonelle
In the strictly gender-segregated southern queendom of Mučenia, the nobility are known for their affinity of foreign teenage sex-slaves. They are also known for the sadistic cruelty with which they treat them. This is especially true about the women
Slave School - A Group XS Story
by Hidden Darkness
This story is a spin-off from one of my favorite stories of all time, Group XS by Dr. Saavik. It follows the exploits of the Group XS Slave School. Come meet the students, class is starting soon.
Die Folterschule - Complete Story So Far
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
Those who don't make it at Eastminster, end up here ...
Eastminster - The Complete Story
part of the Eastminster series
by Birke Becker
This is the whole Eastminster saga - from beginning to (current) end.
The Slave
by Liz Sivonelle
A teenage boy is abducted from a faraway northern land and sold into slavery in the southern queendom of Mučenia. His purchasers, it turns out, are not kind ladies.
Mean Girls' Torture Club
by Liz Sivonelle
Five girls' fun is one boy's hell.
The Pit
by Millard F. Tanner
A father falls down a pit of depravity as he finally succumbs to his burning lust for his daughter.
by NickHC
A new ponyboy is about to find his hoofs! Just a short story rather than my usual long ones.
Tanya - Part 5, A Horrifying Weekend
part of the Tanya series
by Ademetos
Tanya's horrifying weekend continues, with another crucifixion, a castration by ball-crushing, and another chapter in Madame Trixie's brutal descent.
Her True Self Ch. 04
by Auditguy
Her True Self Ch. 03
part of the Her True self series
by Auditguy
Part two of the Rules and Punishments of a girl's dream life.