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Total Darkness
by Hidden Darkness
In this sequel to Into Darkness, Tiffany finds herself at a slave training facility in company of former friends and enemies.
The Detective Pt 2
by Ron J
The Detective's next case involves two redhead sisters, a missing husband, and a major payoff if he can pull it off.
A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 7
part of the A Middle-class Girl's Journey series
by Tmaster57
The true story of a middle-class girls journey into slavery.
by Tavy
In the early Victorian period a spoilt somewhat unpleasant young woman suffers increasingly degrading misfortunes and abuse including working underground in a pit just to be able to feed herself.
Cam Whores
by Hidden Darkness
Kristen and Vanessa agree to produce cam shows on the internet. But perhaps they've gotten into more than they bargained for.
My Dog Sitting Adventure Pt1
by 407XXXthrowaway
This is the story of how I came to love stretching my pussy after getting stretched and pounded by Max. It was originally just a text stream with a fellow redditor. She thought it was really hot so I simply captured what I typed to her. So it is a little different than a typical paragraph story.
Into Darkness
by Hidden Darkness
Tiffany is blackmailed and has her life destroyed by her cruel master.
Raya Becomes A Puppy-girl
by denkira
A sexy goth is seduced by a charming redhead and is turned into the woman's very own dalmatian bitch.
Recruiting Victoria: Part 2 Training The Girl
part of the Recruiting Victoria series
by Scotchlass
The disappearance of a teenage American girl in the Caribbean in 2005 is well documented. She was a naive young woman and suffered for that naivety. Part 2 of this story is a possible future showing how once she is broken using horrific treatment, the men on the hellboat begin to train her for the next phase of her life as a sex slave. The men in this story are brutal and uncaring, and they care little about the emotional and psychological damage they do to their victim. It is a brutally dark tale of men doing whatever they wish to bend her to their will.
Recruiting Victoria: Part 1 Breaking The Girl
part of the Recruiting Victoria series
by Scotchlass
This is a long, 3-part story which was first suggested by the disappearance of a teenage American girl in the Caribbean in 2005. In every part, this story is based upon my own imagination. It is about a naïve young woman and a hard, uncaring, amoral businessman. It is about the things both of them learn about each other and about themselves. It is a brutally dark tale of one man doing whatever he wishes to this girl and of him bending her to his will. In Part 1, the girl is kidnapped off the beach and isolated on a boat where she is put through the a week of brutal physical, emotional and sexual torture, all to break her surprisingly resilient will.
Cheerleader's Mistake
by Sude
A Dirty Girl learns how a bad decision can be held against you.
A Phone Call
by MustafaFuch
A call from a girl bound naked to her broken machine, I girl I never met who read my post on a BDSM Blog, A girl in desperate need who took her fantasy too far...
Bob Stephenson's Torture Machine
by MustafaFuch
Bob Stephenson modifies a fucking machine to create a Torture machine for Mendoza, Glenys is fucked by it and it totally fucks Mendoza.
The Businessman’s Toy; Part 3
part of the The Businessman’s Toy; series
by Northwoods Beast
The final part of Toy's trip with her Dom as he visits a Business meeting at a hotel. They attend the final banquet dinner where she finds herself having fun before the entire mid-west sales group comes back up to the room for a gang bang.
The LardAss Saga
by JEP
A man fulfills his dream of capturing various women of his dreams. Then, he degrades, humiliates, punishes them until they become his willing sex slave.
Passing The Baton 2, Lila\'s Story
by Polecat
Sequel to Passing the Baton.What happens to Lila in the Sheik\'s power.You need to read Passing the Baton first or it will make no sense.
by Polecat
Lynette prepares a special birthday present for her lover: Three days of targeted torture for her. Very hard torture.
May's White Whore
by Serguis
Little does the young white woman know that her meeting with a beautiful black girl will change her life forever. For soon enough she founds herself not only passionately in love with the colored May, she also learns that she's a submissive.
The Long Weekend
by Festen
David spends a long holiday weekend with Mistress Kayla, Master John and his fellow submissive, Gail
by Darinost
A sadistic lesbian seizes the opportunity to turn a friendly coworker into her helpless slave.