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My Little Piggy - Chapter 5
part of the My Little Piggy series
by Jasmine's Pet
After agreeing to consent to his transformation in return for a better life, the young man has almost grown used to life as a pig. However what he doesn't know is that Lola has decided it's time to finish his journey. She takes him to the vet to be surgically modified and transformed beyond recognition.
My Little Piggy - Chapter 3
part of the My Little Piggy series
by Jasmine's Pet
After being tricked by Lola into living as her pet pig for an entire month the young man is counting down the days until his release. But when the day finally comes, does Lola have a sinister surprise in store for him?
Enslaved By Aunt Alicia
by oliverc
Tim's Aunt Alicia is really a sexual predator. She has waited a long time for her nephew to grow old enough to seduce and enslave. Now when he must spend the summer with her, she gets the opportunity for which she waited so long. Tim discovers he is an all-too-willing to go along with the plans of his favorite sexy amazonian aunt.
Nude Extremely Dirty And Vicious Male Catfight Blonde Vs Brunette
by latinlover69
Brutal and all out all real nasty male catfight between two evenly matched long haired slim silky smooth extremely jealous male rivals blonde vs brunette in a private nude male wrestling club for a group of lusty cheering females. Latino with long thick heavy dark brunette curls dark eyed tan skin Rikki vs Dutch light pale white skinned blue eyed long straight blonde haired Dana
Absolute Cock Control
by G
A beautiful new manager of the local restaurant has very exacting desires, demands, and standards. Only the hardest, aching, denied cock is worthy of her time and attention.
by Liz Sivonelle
In the strictly gender-segregated southern queendom of Mučenia, the nobility are known for their affinity of foreign teenage sex-slaves. They are also known for the sadistic cruelty with which they treat them. This is especially true about the women
Goddess Whitney
by The shadow
A woman convinces her husband to dispose of himself, in a rather unusual way.
Die Folterschule - Complete Story So Far
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
Those who don't make it at Eastminster, end up here ...
Eastminster - The Complete Story
part of the Eastminster series
by Birke Becker
This is the whole Eastminster saga - from beginning to (current) end.
The Slave
by Liz Sivonelle
A teenage boy is abducted from a faraway northern land and sold into slavery in the southern queendom of Mučenia. His purchasers, it turns out, are not kind ladies.
Mean Girls' Torture Club
by Liz Sivonelle
Five girls' fun is one boy's hell.
Eastminster 14 - Strafzeremonie Auf Demokratisch
part of the Eastminster series
by Birke Becker
The punishment ceremony continues ... and is being streamed live to millions of screens!
Tanya - Part 5, A Horrifying Weekend
part of the Tanya series
by Ademetos
Tanya's horrifying weekend continues, with another crucifixion, a castration by ball-crushing, and another chapter in Madame Trixie's brutal descent.
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 7
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
DIY with a twist ...
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 6
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
Penises, breasts and mousetraps - the results are not pretty ...
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 11
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
The boys get punished by a group of divorcees ...
Don’s Submission
by Duncan Steele
Don is slowly trained into submission by his girlfriend.
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 14
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
The victims are executed ... gruesomely!
Trumped Up Punishments Chapter 1
part of the Trumped Up Punishments series
by Terry
The first punishment assembly takes place ... a number of offenders are announced and punished immediately in front of the whole school.
A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 7
part of the A Middle-class Girl's Journey series
by Tmaster57
The true story of a middle-class girls journey into slavery.