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The Little Princess (Part 3)
part of the The Little Princess series
by Dom D
The little Princess had it all nice husband, nice family, nice house in the nicer part of her nice middle class estate. The Little Princess was also a slut something she'd managed to keep a secret from her nice family but now she was paying the price and it wasn't so nice. The story of how things can change for a slut.
The Little Princess (Part 2)
part of the The Little Princess series
by Dom D
The Little Princess had it all her only problem was she'd been a slut and now she was paying for it.
Ellen, Maddy, And Hope
by Boshcak
Ellen discovers her son making love to a girlfriend late at night. Little does she know the girlfriend, and one of her pals, have other ideas. And it is not about her son, but herself...
A Feminine Touch
by denkira
A sadistic witch turns her tomboy rival, into a cute, girly slave-toy. In the process of breaking her, the girl's love for a particular item of clothing flourishes.
Taming Candy
by denkira
A cute cosplayer, becomes the latest addition to Denise's pony-girl ranch.
The Perishable Heart
by damselsthrall
Who was this young dominant beauty who stole my heart in aisle nine? My heart pines for her. My cock throbs for her. Does either organ stand a chance?
Kayla's Blog
by James X Pendergrass
Fictitious blog by modern young humiliatrix about her experiences exploiting and sexually humiliating male losers.