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Goddess Whitney
by The shadow
A woman convinces her husband to dispose of himself, in a rather unusual way.
Die Folterschule - Complete Story So Far
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
Those who don't make it at Eastminster, end up here ...
Apex Predator
by Millard F. Tanner
Please leave a rating. I'm new at this and would like to know what works and what doesn't. A former professional wrestler contends with a lifetime of lust and anger and personal failure, culminating in a desperate plan to stage a break-in and anonymously rape his nineteen-year old daughter. Things do not go according to plan.
The Pit
by Millard F. Tanner
A father falls down a pit of depravity as he finally succumbs to his burning lust for his daughter.
Time Waits
by Darinost
A downtrodden nerd with a puppy dog crush gains the power to stop time
Tanya - Part 3, The Other Guests
part of the Tanya series
by Ademetos
Tanya's downfall continues. She is introduced to some of the other inmates, whose suffering is even more horrific than her own. Then after a spell bound in a toilet, she is introduced to hard work.
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 10
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
The climax of the evening ...
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 14
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
The victims are executed ... gruesomely!
The Detective 3: A Friend Indeed
part of the The Detective series
by Ron J
Castle helps a friend in need.
by Zanzir80
Creating the perfect slave from raw materials.
by Zanzir80
A slave is punished for her transgression.
by Zanzir80
A young girl is kidnapped for experimental surgery.
Sarah's Suicide?
by The shadow
Sarah has a fetish, and he husband is helping her to enjoy her last few minutes.
The Famous Five's Last Adventure
by Tavy
Now at, or about to start, University Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy decided to have one last holiday together and finally get into REAL trouble! WARNING; not for the squeamish, Timmy the dog dies too!
The Hotel - Story 1 - A Story By SkinOwner
by SkinOwner
A group of 'normal' hotels makes arrangements to host BDSM lifestyle guests. This first story in that conceptual Universe sees a slave girl sacrificing for her mistress to go up society's social ladder.
The Drowning Of The Mermaid
by Tavy
Descendants of the African slaves take revenge on behalf of their ancestors by shipping white female \'slaves\' from the Caribbean to Africa.
Tales From A Small Republic - The Desolate Coast
by Tavy
A cruel fisherman doesn't let anything go to waste; not even his wife's body after a tragic accident. While a young single girl will go to any lengths to improve her desperate situation.
The Eyes
by Sadist Maso Wolf
The Eyes can sometimes excite you or fool you . This man have a fetish for her eyes . Story includes torture and fun for a sadist but I bet female pigs might like it too .
Her Mermaid
by denkira
A hurt woman visits her ex-girlfriend, with plans for a last cruise trip together.
Nature's Preys - Moon Fairies
by denkira
The pilot episode of a new show, depicting the relationship between predators and their eye-catching prey.