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To Save Mankind
by QexiQex
Mankind is under attack! A bright scientist and a dedicated group of well-endowed soldiers are working hard to find the ultimate weapon against a terrifying alien invasion. This is a comedic story with focus on big breasts, lactation and vaginal play.
A Fuck-Bike For Wendy
by QexiQex
Wendy loves racing on her bike. A prank by her boyfriend leads to a rather intense experience where she fucks herself silly during a race. Tags: big breasts, large insertions, reluctant masturbation, light breast bondage, exhibitionism
by Hans Hansen
Eine Dame der besten Gesellschaft verschwindet von der Bildfläche. Zu den besonderen Vorzügen dieser Dame gehören ihr peinlich üppiger Busen. Wir wollen hoffen, dass ihr nichts Unangenehmes zugestoßen ist. Aber das werden Sie, liebe Leser(innen) sicher bald merken. Festzuhalten bleibt, dass sich der liebende Gatte überraschend schnell eine junge korpulente Dame an seine Seite zitiert hat. Wie belastbar sie ist? Lesen Sie selbst!
by QexiQex
Author is subjected to own fantasies. This is her report. Contains heavy breast bondage, lactation and vaginal insertion.
Don’s Submission
by Duncan Steele
Don is slowly trained into submission by his girlfriend.
The Detective 1: Prologue
part of the The Detective series
by Ron J
The Detective is good at finding people, but often they stay disappeared.
XIX Century Love Story
by The French Collector
Evie "Cock-knotter" is probably one of the most famous prostitutes in XIX century London slums. She finds a very special client one night...
Recruiting Victoria: Part 2 Training The Girl
part of the Recruiting Victoria series
by Scotchlass
The disappearance of a teenage American girl in the Caribbean in 2005 is well documented. She was a naive young woman and suffered for that naivety. Part 2 of this story is a possible future showing how once she is broken using horrific treatment, the men on the hellboat begin to train her for the next phase of her life as a sex slave. The men in this story are brutal and uncaring, and they care little about the emotional and psychological damage they do to their victim. It is a brutally dark tale of men doing whatever they wish to bend her to their will.
Recruiting Victoria: Part 1 Breaking The Girl
part of the Recruiting Victoria series
by Scotchlass
This is a long, 3-part story which was first suggested by the disappearance of a teenage American girl in the Caribbean in 2005. In every part, this story is based upon my own imagination. It is about a naïve young woman and a hard, uncaring, amoral businessman. It is about the things both of them learn about each other and about themselves. It is a brutally dark tale of one man doing whatever he wishes to this girl and of him bending her to his will. In Part 1, the girl is kidnapped off the beach and isolated on a boat where she is put through the a week of brutal physical, emotional and sexual torture, all to break her surprisingly resilient will.
Butterfly Wings
by Tcheena3
Erika and her husband are humiliated and blackmailed into becoming subjects of illegal human clinical trials and assorted abuses by a pharmaceutical company intent on revolutionising their market niche.
A Phone Call
by MustafaFuch
A call from a girl bound naked to her broken machine, I girl I never met who read my post on a BDSM Blog, A girl in desperate need who took her fantasy too far...
by MustafaFuch
Fiona goes for haircut but gets the full FM2000/S (Special) makeover.
Mr Stephensons Fucking Machine
by MustafaFuch
Ada Cleghorn is enjoying herself when her new Belgian Fucking machine breaks and young George Stephenson is sent to extract the broken brass egg from her unmentionables.
Bob Stephenson's Torture Machine
by MustafaFuch
Bob Stephenson modifies a fucking machine to create a Torture machine for Mendoza, Glenys is fucked by it and it totally fucks Mendoza.
Sailor Moon Girls Verus Wonder Woman
by slaveboyusa
Wonder Woman goes to Japan to meet the sailor scouts.
The Businessman’s Toy; Part 3
part of the The Businessman’s Toy; series
by Northwoods Beast
The final part of Toy's trip with her Dom as he visits a Business meeting at a hotel. They attend the final banquet dinner where she finds herself having fun before the entire mid-west sales group comes back up to the room for a gang bang.
Priapus' Bride
by Polecat
A girl, about to leave her master's/lover's service, prepares one last gift for Him
Amazonian Agonies, The Further Perils Of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer
by Gincrack
Agent Midsummer is sent to investigate a secret organisation in the Amazon but is captured and tortured by a string of different tormentors with differing agendas for teh sexy agent
Interlude In Bronze
by Leem
After I broke up with Vanessa, I had the weirdest experience. I was less than three feet tall, and I couldn't move... and I was on sale as a work of art!
Sandy's Dreams Come True
by JAWhitney
Wife fantasizes about sex with black men. She is abducted and forced to become a public sex slave for a dominant black man and his many friends, including making X-rated videos and performing in a stage show.