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Her True Self Ch. 03
part of the Her True self series
by Auditguy
Part two of the Rules and Punishments of a girl's dream life.
Her True Self Ch. 02
part of the Her True self series
by Auditguy
Part one of the Rules and Punishments.
Her True Self Ch. 01
part of the Her True self series
by Auditguy
A girl begins her dream life.
Roy And Annie Try Something New.
by Duncan Steele
A couple spice up their sex life with some exciting acts.
Don’s Submission
by Duncan Steele
Don is slowly trained into submission by his girlfriend.
The Detective 4: The Klansman's Wife
part of the The Detective series
by Ron J
Castle helps Lamont punish a Klansman who preys on black women. NOTE: this story has some racist content, which is there to highlight the KKK member's shittiness. I did not use the "N-word", as I didn't think it was necessary, but there are some racist statements.
Defiled Young Housewife
by Gwen Holden
A young married couple rents a room in their house to a dangerous and powerful criminal posing as a college student. The boarder rapes the wife while her husband is at work, reveals his true identity to her, and coerces her into having continued sex with him.
Sleeping Beauty
by Tavy
This story is in fact much closer to the original source stories that the Disney, Grimm's etc. versions most people are familiar with.
Date Night
by Hidden Darkness
Carol and Andy are having a date night when things get interesting.