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Patricia's Punishment
by Loki
Written and set in the early nineties, two students, Particia and Max, damage a rare pool table in a pub and Patricia agrees to corporal punishment to pay for the damages. She is punished as the pub regulars and her boyfriend watch on
Wifey Em's An Angel
by AmorousHoodlum
Feet, passion and cum mingle in an intoxicating evening. Please leave a rating so I know if im on the right path. First story. Any comments welcome.
Goddess Whitney
by The shadow
A woman convinces her husband to dispose of himself, in a rather unusual way.
Abducted For Profit
by denkira
When Caitlin lets three strange, but unassuming women into her home, she has no idea of the terrible mistake she's made.
Total Darkness
by Hidden Darkness
In this sequel to Into Darkness, Tiffany finds herself at a slave training facility in company of former friends and enemies.
No Accounting For Tastes
by Freddie Clegg
Accountant George gets a new client and discovers that there's more to life than accountancy when her therapy services start to dominate his days.
New Order : New Opportunity
by Freddie Clegg
In a world where Britain is governed by the women, for the women, James Leonard attracts unwelcome attention from the authorities.
A Feminine Touch
by denkira
A sadistic witch turns her tomboy rival, into a cute, girly slave-toy. In the process of breaking her, the girl's love for a particular item of clothing flourishes.
Into Darkness
by Hidden Darkness
Tiffany is blackmailed and has her life destroyed by her cruel master.
Supermarket Adventure
by Ademetos
A young man has a surprise encounter on an everyday shopping trip, ending with delicious sex.
That Irresistible Instep
by Ademetos
Boy falls in love with a beautiful Japanese girl's sexy feet - and then with their shoe-loving owner.
Teen Therapy
by denkira
Teen Titan, Raven finds herself trapped in an rather old-fashioned, insane asylum, with little to prove her sanity.
The Logic Of My Anger
by Scotchlass
Thirty-eight year old Kate McCullough is seduced by a younger man, a neighbor’s son she knew as a child. She eventually falls in love with this man who secretly manipulates and torments her in numerous ways. She eventually runs away, but both Kate and her best friend are kidnapped and transported to the brothel described in The Logic of His Anger. From there she will be taken to a ponygirl ranch described in The Logic of Her Anger.
Recruiting Victoria: Part 2 Training The Girl
part of the Recruiting Victoria series
by Scotchlass
The disappearance of a teenage American girl in the Caribbean in 2005 is well documented. She was a naive young woman and suffered for that naivety. Part 2 of this story is a possible future showing how once she is broken using horrific treatment, the men on the hellboat begin to train her for the next phase of her life as a sex slave. The men in this story are brutal and uncaring, and they care little about the emotional and psychological damage they do to their victim. It is a brutally dark tale of men doing whatever they wish to bend her to their will.
Recruiting Victoria: Part 1 Breaking The Girl
part of the Recruiting Victoria series
by Scotchlass
This is a long, 3-part story which was first suggested by the disappearance of a teenage American girl in the Caribbean in 2005. In every part, this story is based upon my own imagination. It is about a naïve young woman and a hard, uncaring, amoral businessman. It is about the things both of them learn about each other and about themselves. It is a brutally dark tale of one man doing whatever he wishes to this girl and of him bending her to his will. In Part 1, the girl is kidnapped off the beach and isolated on a boat where she is put through the a week of brutal physical, emotional and sexual torture, all to break her surprisingly resilient will.
The Perishable Heart
by damselsthrall
Who was this young dominant beauty who stole my heart in aisle nine? My heart pines for her. My cock throbs for her. Does either organ stand a chance?
by Ian
Follow Melanie as she finds new heights of pleasure gets used to the new life she's been given. This story will start off light and will grow more extreme as Melanie grows into her new life.
Becoming Candi
by Ian
Rach is heading off to university with her best friend and her lover Jake. Everything is going great until she is betrayed by Jake. Her revenge soon becomes her obsession as she enjoys transforming Jake into her personal sissy slut.
Waiting For Mistress
by Jessica Quartz
A new slave arranges to meet his Mistress in the flesh for the first time, at a private and exclusive BDSM club she frequents. He soon learns that waiting for your Mistress can hurt more than he expected...
Fido's Californian Vacation
by Jan
This story - like 'The Interview' - was written on the orders of my then O/L Mistress in California and contains examples of her obsession with using men as stepping-stones and footstools, and of having them lick clean her shoes. It quickly 'degenerated' into Animal Role Play, of course! It purports to describe the events of an infatuated and exceptionally submissive young man's holiday with his Mistress on her Californian estate, and his growing realization that his position in her household is that of the animal of her choice. (It has pointed out that I attempt to give no explanation for my 'victim's' submissiveness; but my defence is that he had no inkling of it himself until his Mistress twitched an invisible leash from across a continant and an ocean).