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Cindy In Traffic
by Boshcak
Cindy likes to shit, and skips a trip to the bathroom on the way home. Then she runs into some traffic... and things start to happen.
La Soirée
by The French Collector
He is receiving some friends at home, and she is going to be just ravishing.
At Work
by The French Collector
Working at the gym you meet a lot of interesting people, and some of them are ready to do something you didn't expect...
Cam Whores
by Hidden Darkness
Kristen and Vanessa agree to produce cam shows on the internet. But perhaps they've gotten into more than they bargained for.
The Pacification Center... Chap 1
by Hooves
In a Furry dystopian future, criminals are send to be mental corrected. But the pacification techs have a lot of leeway, and sexual desire being what they are...
Into Darkness
by Hidden Darkness
Tiffany is blackmailed and has her life destroyed by her cruel master.
Allan's Third Offense
by naughtyallan
allan is publicly punished and humiliated in the town square for repeated traffic violations
A Piece Of Art
by denkira
Two sisters become a beautiful decoration for a wealthy, sadistic woman.
How Sara, Eva And Joely Got Interner Famous
by denkira
Three friends get abducted and turned into an internet sensation via an infamous streaming site.
The Logic Of My Anger
by Scotchlass
Thirty-eight year old Kate McCullough is seduced by a younger man, a neighbor’s son she knew as a child. She eventually falls in love with this man who secretly manipulates and torments her in numerous ways. She eventually runs away, but both Kate and her best friend are kidnapped and transported to the brothel described in The Logic of His Anger. From there she will be taken to a ponygirl ranch described in The Logic of Her Anger.
Royal Flush Part 2
by Sadist Maso Wolf
Part 2 of Prince and Princess kink story
Royal Flush
by Sadist Maso Wolf
A prince and a princess story . With kink , cuckold , bisexual , and bdsm
White Walls
by Bonny Black Hare
A woman wakes to find herself in strange surroundings at the mercy of machines.
The Resurrection Of Linda
by JEP
Linda - middle age, pudgy, short - suddenly finds herself in a sexual predicament that was completely out of touch with any reality she knew.
by joe board
A woman gives her son a lesson in love then makes the ultimate sacrifice for her family.
Switch Wish
by joe board
This story is about a guy who experienced the stage as a female stripper and the stripper's wish to be the fucker instead of the fuckee.
She Ra, Whore To The Goblins
by slaveboyusa
She Ra, while very beautiful, is still a virgin and therefore ripe for impregnating. A goblin horde has set it eyes on She Ra. They hatch a plan to kidnap her. When the goblins have She Ra in their little green clutches, they take the future queen down a notch.
by JEP
Well the young waitress should have done him like he expected. She didn't! So he did her like she never expected.
The Businessman’s Toy; Part 3
part of the The Businessman’s Toy; series
by Northwoods Beast
The final part of Toy's trip with her Dom as he visits a Business meeting at a hotel. They attend the final banquet dinner where she finds herself having fun before the entire mid-west sales group comes back up to the room for a gang bang.
The Continuing Adventures Of Lisa James : A Summer Vacation
by YNHumiliator
Mrs Henderson sends her submissive lodger to an old friends very special Summer School. Her classmates, a group of foreign teenage boys, together with the male and female staff at the School subject Lisa to the most humiliating seven days of her life.