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At The Mirror
by VKF
Are you a good girl? A willing participant who longs to give up control? Inside your mind there is a mirror. I wonder what you'll see if you stand naked before it...
Barbarian Princess
by Hidden Darkness
Princess Sophie has been captured and then rescued from marauding barbarians, but she may never be the same.
by QexiQex
Author is subjected to own fantasies. This is her report. Contains heavy breast bondage, lactation and vaginal insertion.
Poor Ms Winter?
by mbstard
The masochistic and submissive Ms Winter should be more careful who she rents from - in this case, someone suitable sadistic...
Lost In Space
by Rishi
Travis Hutch, swashbuckling bounty hunter, bites off more than he can chew when he tries to retrieve a rogue scientist with a dangerous secret under her skin.
by Liz Sivonelle
In the strictly gender-segregated southern queendom of Mučenia, the nobility are known for their affinity of foreign teenage sex-slaves. They are also known for the sadistic cruelty with which they treat them. This is especially true about the women
Slave School - A Group XS Story
by Hidden Darkness
This story is a spin-off from one of my favorite stories of all time, Group XS by Dr. Saavik. It follows the exploits of the Group XS Slave School. Come meet the students, class is starting soon.
Die Folterschule - Complete Story So Far
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
Those who don't make it at Eastminster, end up here ...
Eastminster - The Complete Story
part of the Eastminster series
by Birke Becker
This is the whole Eastminster saga - from beginning to (current) end.
The Slave
by Liz Sivonelle
A teenage boy is abducted from a faraway northern land and sold into slavery in the southern queendom of Mučenia. His purchasers, it turns out, are not kind ladies.
Mean Girls' Torture Club
by Liz Sivonelle
Five girls' fun is one boy's hell.
Eastminster 14 - Strafzeremonie Auf Demokratisch
part of the Eastminster series
by Birke Becker
The punishment ceremony continues ... and is being streamed live to millions of screens!
Apex Predator
by Millard F. Tanner
Please leave a rating. I'm new at this and would like to know what works and what doesn't. A former professional wrestler contends with a lifetime of lust and anger and personal failure, culminating in a desperate plan to stage a break-in and anonymously rape his nineteen-year old daughter. Things do not go according to plan.
The Pit
by Millard F. Tanner
A father falls down a pit of depravity as he finally succumbs to his burning lust for his daughter.
The Detective 6: Cult Rescue
part of the The Detective series
by Ron J
Castle rescues a young woman from a cult and manages to make a little money on the side in the process. Castle also finds a way for her married but broke mother to pay him for his time.
Time Waits
by Darinost
A downtrodden nerd with a puppy dog crush gains the power to stop time
Sally's Downfall, Part 7 - A Year Later
part of the Sally's Downfall series
by Ademetos
A year has passed since Sally's downfall. Her pain, humiliation and suffering increase constantly. Lately she has to clean the executive toilets every morning, which is a lot worse than it sounds.
Tanya - Part 2, Revelation
by Ademetos
After her awful incarceration, Tanya learns what her future holds in a thoroughly unpleasant and revolting initiation.
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 10
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
The climax of the evening ...
Folterschule - Eastminster Spin Off 12
part of the Folterschule series
by Birke Becker
Anne fails to obey - with dire consequences