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A Time Of Castles

Moderate, F+, f+, M, m, Fantasy, Bondage, Chastity, Domination, Mind Control, Pain, Sex Toys, Submission, Consensual, CNC, Non-Consensual, Reluctant, Romantic

The Castle

It was a time of Castles and Towers, powerful Kings and beautiful Ladies of the court.  On the whole, it was also a time of peace.  The valley of Dover was ruled by two rather benevolent Kings, King Castor and King Lucian, each with his own large castle on either side of the vast expanse of the valley.  Dover was known for its fertile lands and its incredibly beautiful Scandinavian women.  Blond hair, deep brown eyes, and lean, strong, feminine figures were the lust of every noble heart.  It was definitely a time when it was good to be the King.  Each of the two Kings maintained a court of the most beautiful girls from all of the surrounding lands.  From the outside, both castles and their courts looked similar to each other, but once inside the closed walls of Lucian’s court, it was clear that King Lucian was more than a bit depraved.  The women in Lucian’s court lived in a perpetual state of restrain, undress, and sexual servitude.  It was truly a sight to behold: thin, athletic, buxom beauties minced about precariously on spiked heels of various styles and conceptions.  Incredibly tight corsetry, very short skirts, elaborate tunics complete with elbows drawn back and bound was the order of the day – all for the sole pleasure of King Lucian.  During the day each of the lovely beauties of the court was scheduled for various forms of activity to keep them extremely fit and which almost always included punishment and tightly bound struggling within view of the King’s balcony.  Lunchtime included at least an hour of each women being bound and displayed in the courtyard.  The King maintained a cadre of men and women with specialized training and each with a unique creativity in posing and restraining the beauty of the women of the court. 

.......the kidnapping of King Castor’s Prince and his Princess Bride........

            King Lucian had the two captured lovers brought to his main throne room.  Each was cuffed, covered, and laced into in a large padded burlap sack, to keep the contents preserved and unblemished.  It was the Prince’s finance’ that the King could not wait to lay his eyes (and hands) on.  It was the stories of her beauty that led the King to concoct his recent plot.  But, the King wanted to savor the anticipation, so he started with the Prince.  Lucian nodded to his men, who unlaced and removed the Prince from his traveling bag.  The Prince shook his head as he was released and attempted to shove his captors away, to no avail.  “I will tell you this only once, young man, I could care less whether you live or die.  You are here only for the purpose of helping me control her,” Lucian intoned, nodding toward the other bag.  The Prince’s full gag and mouth covering prevented any significant noise from escaping.  “But, I will promise you this.  Your time will not be altogether unpleasant: you will be cared for, and even pleasured, by some of the most beautiful (and might I say sexually skilled) women in the world.”  The King nodded to his men, they wrestled the young Prince into an oddly shaped chair.  With a good deal of struggle, they managed to secure him in place; his arms stretched out and strapped to boards extending to each side and his legs spread, bent, and strapped down to two supports 45 degrees off center, and finally his chest, hips, and neck were all strapped to the firm wooden back of the chair.  The Prince tugged with a good deal of vigor, but made absolutely no progress and eventually ceased his efforts and waited for the King to proceed.

            “That’s better.  Now you may well enjoy what is going to happen next.”  The King nodded toward the outer door of his throne room, and it opened.  Two women entered.  They were perfectly suited to the opulent decor, and they were stunning.  Every man in the room watched with rapt attention as they sauntered over to the chair where the Prince was strapped.  Each of the girls knelt down on opposite sides of the chair, just outside each of the Prince’s legs and under his arms.  Each of the beauties began to lightly touch the Prince’s legs and upper body as if they had been given a new toy to play with.  The Prince struggled against the rather obvious advances of the girls.  The King nodded again and one of his men handed a small dagger to one of the girls, she smiled and took it.  The girl moved around and knelt in front of the Prince; she never appeared to be endangering him.  Instead, she took the dagger and began to cut out the area of the pants around the Prince’s cock.  She completed the job leaving a round 6 inch hole in the crotch of the Prince’s pants.  She then reached in and softly pulled the Prince’s cock and balls out through the hole, and let them flop down outside his clothes.  The two girls cooed at the sight of his manhood, but didn’t yet touch it beyond what it had taken to get it out.  The girl with the dagger moved back around to the side where she had been and continued to rub and touch the Prince’s leg. 

            “Here is the arrangement, young man.  You exist here only as a cock, and your cock is in charge of what happens to your lovely finance here.  I am going to start beating her in a few moments.  I will continue to beat her until such time as your cock is nice and hard.  As long as your cock is hard, no further harm with come to your finance.  Now, these two lovely ladies will be very willing to help you out with that, in fact they have an interest in this as well.   You see for each hour that your cock is not hard during the day, one of them will be bound and hanged upside down on the interior castle wall for 15 minutes that night.  If you spend more than half a day without a hard-on, your poor little friends there will both be hanged naked and whipped during their time on the wall.  Here is the kicker that I really like, you will not be allowed to have an orgasm, at all.  If your two friends there ever allow you to have an orgasm, they will spend a full month being tortured in my own little dungeon.  They have been there before, and believe me they will be very good at avoiding going back.  Of course, if you are able to have an orgasm, you and your finance will be permitted to spend the night together without any restrictions – so you’ll have a good deal of incentive to get there.  Now, I know from personal experience that your two sexy friends there are very good at keeping that from happening. In all, it should make for a lovely competition.  One final twist: the only time you will ever allowed or given an orgasm, or even a break from your daily ritual, is when your finance here satisfies me.   Every time she says “yes” or “please” to me, as in “please fuck me,” you will be given a much-needed orgasm and some rest.  If you have ever experienced any extended orgasm denial, believe me, after a time, you will even beg your own finance to please me for you to get some relief.  And she will learn to say “yes” and “please” and then surrender herself to me on her own over the course of time, and even more, she will learn and grow to need to do so, and to love to do so.  I guarantee it.” 

The girl in the bag had been listening to everything going on, and started to panic and try to move away, to no avail.  The King felt his cock stir, knowing the unbridled beauty that awaited him in the soft, sewn bag tittering back and forth near him.  He had no intention of hurting her or inflicting any marks on her before he had the chance to have her cleaned up and brought to him in all her glory – which was the great utility of the padded bag idea – even if he whipped her in the bag, it would do little more than scare her.   “String her up,” the King ordered.  His men grabbed the startled woman in the bag and laid her down pinning her on the floor, then they carefully wrapped a large cloth around her struggling ankles and then further wrapped a large gauge rope around and through them.  As the rope was hoisted toward the ceiling, the men repeatedly checked to make sure none of the soft skin on her ankles or feet was being harmed or marked in any way – they knew their job (and the benefits that came with working for and staying in the good graces of this King).  The bag was lifted until it was a good two feet off the floor, the girl inside swaying and struggling slightly side to side. 

            The Prince pulled at his bonds again, his eyes spitting venom at the King.  The two girls on either side of him giggled and attempted to soothe him.  The girls took the King’s nod and stepped around in front of the Prince.  “Alright, I’ll give you an enjoyable 5 minutes to get nice and hard with these two beauties.  If you aren’t fully erect when I come back, we’ll begin the whipping on your hanging finance here.”  After a wave of his hand, the King’s men groaned with disappointment as they left the room, slapping each other on the back with their frustration that they would not get to see the two beauties do their work on the young Prince.  The King simply adjourned to his large bed, slightly raised off the floor of the room, so that he could enjoy the full view of what was to come (or not in this case). 

            The two women began by disrobing in front of the Prince, down to a very alluring tops and matching hot pants, along with the ever present courtly high heels which enhanced the toned muscles of their legs.  The Prince could not help but be impressed by the flawless beauty of the two women, if not for the unique splendor that was his finance, these two women would have been a rare joy for him to enjoy.  It was obvious that they were both in incredible shape, toned, lean, and yet with full feminine curves, and large very natural breasts.  They were each lightly oiled so that each movement they made showed every muscle on their bodies.  One of the women got down on her knees in front of him and moved to within inches of his hanging cock.  The other woman grabbed the first by the hair, pulled her head back and started hissing her deeply, running her hand down to her breasts and squeezing them softly.  The Prince didn’t expect this, and found himself watching more interestedly than he intended.  The standing girl finished kissing the kneeling girl and then leaned in to the Prince, pressing her breasts against him, and whispered in his ear, “We are here to please your cock.  We will do whatever you want, we will act out your every fantasy, just tell us what you like and you’ll get it.  I will love to see your cock get all hard and achy, it makes me so turned on.”  She was so close to him, he could feel the softness of her skin and the wonderful fragrance of her body. He could feel the other girl between his legs starting to lightly touch his inner thighs, just barely brushing his balls. He could hear her talking to him lightly, “I’m going to love to learn what turns you on.  You have never had pleasure like this before.  I want to feel your hard cock in the back of my throat so bad.  Please, let me suck you. Please.” 

He could see her starring at his cock, pleading at it.  It was an overwhelming experience and one that was taking him completely by surprise and completely away from his concerns over his finance.  He continued to fight the lovely images and feelings.  But his mind kept returning to the possibilities, two gorgeous women with the sole purpose of pleasing his cock – one seemingly very dominant, the other apparently quite submissive.  It was too much, and there was nothing he could do to get away from them.  He felt his mind start to slip a little, and at that same moment he felt a light little lick on the head of his cock.  It twitched, and he could feel the familiar rush of blood.  He caught himself, and looked over at his finance hanging upside down quietly.  It was obvious that she was trying to hear what was going on between the Prince and the two girls.  The Prince realized this and gained a semblance of control back.  Of course, the two ladies had not yet begun utilize their expertise. 

            The dominant one stepped back and kneeled down next to the more submissive one.  She held her head gently, tilting it up at the Prince.  “See this beautiful little mouth?  It belongs to your cock.  Isn’t that the most incredible feeling?  Knowing that this gorgeous little face and soft, warm mouth wants nothing more than to slide up and down your throbbing hard cock.  In fact, she loves to be forced to suck and gag on your cock.  Watch.”  With that the domme pulled a pair of cuffs from near her discarded clothes.  She pulled the submissive girl’s arms behind her back and cuffed her elbows tightly together making the submissive girls breasts jut out in front.  The Prince heard a slight moan escape the bound girl’s lips; it was the sexiest noise he had ever heard.  His cock stirred and began to rise.  The domme noticed.  “Ah.  I see you like a little bit of pain and restraint.  I completely understand.  Just imagine, if that cock gets nice and hard, I’ll shove her cute little mouth down on it.  She will squirm in her cuffs for you.  Won’t that just be too sexy?”  He couldn’t help himself, it was too much.  They were too hot, and the idea of the one girl bound on her knees and sucking his cock was something he had never experienced.  He was stunned and getting harder with every moment.  He knew it was too late when he felt the first full throb of erection. 

            The King noticed what had happened and got up off his bed, very pleased with himself.  He walked over to the girl hanging upside down, waiting to be whipped.  “Well, my dear, looks like your boyfriend has saved you from a whipping this morning.  And, you’ll be happy to hear that the girls haven’t even touched him yet.  I think it was the elbow tying.  Have you let him do that to you yet?  Hmmmm..  Obviously, he likes it.  I’ll make sure you have plenty of chances to experience it yourself.  And don’t worry, he won’t get to cum without you, though I know he will be pleading with you to allow him to do so.  Probably won’t take too long either.  I’ll be sure he has the chance to ask you directly very shortly.” 

            The King walked over to the girls. They both turned and knelt in front of him their wrists crossed behind their backs. Addressing the Prince, “I could take both them right now and kill you, you realize.  Your only chance to stay alive is to exist in my little scenario for the two of you.  Remember that.  Girls, take him to your room and enjoy him.  Remember the rules by which you must abide.  You’ll be watched from the mirror in your room at all times.  He can sleep, eat, and be bathed, but beyond that, you must keep him hard and teased at all times.”  The girls giggled and nodded.  They stood and began pushing the Prince’s chair toward the nearest wall.  It rolled easily and the wall opened quickly and they disappeared.  The King rang a bell.  Two more lovely ladies entered and headed over to the Prince’s hanging finance.  They lowered the bag onto a small cart and wheeled it out of the room. 

            The King smiled and returned to his bed.  He grabbed a lever near the bed and pushed it a few degrees.  A cage descended from over the bed.  Another beauty was solidly trapped within.  The morning’s events had caused a serious stir to the King’s cock, and the lovely girl descending from the rafters would do an excellent job in alleviating that building desire.  The cage stopped just inches above the King as he lay on the bed.  The caged girl’s hand extended down to release the King’s growing erection with a practiced grace and control.  The King’s cock grew in her hand as she stroked it up through the bars of the cage and into her mouth.  The King’s head laid back and he relaxed into the moistness of the girl’s wonderful ministrations. 

       .............Back in the Prince’s Room..........

            As the Prince was wheeled into the large, warm, comfortable room complete with a cage, a very large mirror covering most of one wall, various pieces of strange furniture, and two very different styles of bed.  The domme girl positioned the Prince’s rather restrictive seat in the middle of the room and locked it to the floor, and the submissive girl was helping move the chair without the use of her still bound arms.  “Well, we don’t have too much time to get started – as you  have heard.  The King can be very strict about his rules, and frankly, I think he has taken a very special interest in this little game we get to play.  Just so you know, my name is Kimber and this is our little sex slave Dorothy – we get to share her.   Now, down to business.  This will all be so much more fun and sexy if you work with us, but ultimately, I doubt it will matter if you don’t.  We are very good at what we do.  The King has taught and trained us very, very well – and beyond that, I was very serious when I told you before how much we both love doing this.”

            The Prince was looking at Kimber with wide eyes, not sure what to think or feel.  “I think we need to find out a bit more about what you like.  We know you like Dorothy on her knees, tied up in front of you, so Dorothy come here.”  Dorothy promptly walked over, with her elbows still tightly cuffed behind her, and knelt down, brushing her smooth belly against the Prince’s now soft cock.  “Do you want to fuck my mouth, sir?  My mouth belongs to your cock.  I would love to feel you throbbing in my throat.  Please?  I’ve wanted to feel you swell up inside of me since I saw Kimber pull your cock out of your pants.  You have beautiful cock.  I want it, please let me suck on it?”  Kimber smiled and affectionately stroked Dorothy’s hair – she was really good at this.  Kimber knew that first-hand, recalling the countless nights a bound Dorothy had begged to lick Kimber’s pussy.  The Prince’s cock was responding as well, growing and sliding up Dorothy’s silky stomach.  Dorothy bent her head forward and stuck her tongue out to touch the tip of the cock.  A loud bell went off just outside the mirror to the room.  Kimber smiled, “Looks like the game has begun.”  With that Dorothy bent down and took the Prince deeply into her mouth, held it there for a moment and then pulled all the way out.  The Prince moaned like he had been shot with some feeling he had never experienced before.  His cock throbbed in front of both girls.  “We will have to be careful with you to start, can’t have you going off before we learn just how you respond,” Kimber commented and cautioned Dorothy, whose eyes were transfixed on the cock in front of her.  Kimber reached down and massaged Dorothy’s breasts, watching the cock carefully for signs of additional excitement.  Kimber then grabbed Dorothy’s hair in her hand, twisting it into a handle, and then slowly pushed Dorothy’s head forward.  Dorothy’s eyes focused on the Prince’s eyes, it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen, he couldn’t look away.  As her mouth got closer to the cock, it opened ever so slightly until it reached the head.  Her lips were so soft on his cock, he could barely contain the pleasure of the feeling as her mouth was slowly, ever so slowly, pushed forward down the shaft, inch by inch. 

The feeling was so good that the Prince closed his eyes and felt his entire being pulled into the length of his fully extending shaft – now growing bigger than it ever had been before.  These were thoughts and images he had never fully explored, even in his own mind.  These two completely sexual beings had taken hold of his deepest fantasies and were dragging them kicking and screaming to the surface of reality.  As Kimber slowly withdrew Dorothy’s mouth from its first excruciatingly slow slide down the Prince’s cock, the Prince was starring down and kept wondering if his cock would continue to extend on forever as it left her mouth.  Just as he saw the bulging head of his cock sliding free of Dorothy’s unbelievably soft mouth, Kimber shoved Dorothy’s head down the cock all the way to the bottom.  The Prince practically jumped out of his restraints as he felt the head of his cock move deep into Dorothy’s throat.  Dorothy was obviously well trained in this most intimate art, and handled the full length of the Prince’s cock with the comfort of extensive, and well enjoyed, practice.  Kimber forced Dorothy’s head as far onto the cock as it would go, and held it there, bobbing it up and down several times to make sure it was as deep as it could go.  The Prince could feel Dorothy’s body start to convulse slightly as she started to struggle for air.  The Prince could not believe he was watching this, and feeling the convulsions of Dorothy’s throat massaging his cock so deep within her. 

Finally, Kimber released her hold on Dorothy’s head, and Dorothy slid smoothly back up the cock.   Dorothy and the Prince’s eyes connected as his cock finally left her mouth.  Her eyes were watering, spit was strung between her lips and the head of his cock, and yet she never wavered in her connection with his eyes.  She was clearly telling him she loved it, and would do whatever it took to please his cock.  Everyone stopped for a moment and let the full effect of the beginning of their journey together sink in.  It was an oddly intimate moment. 

            ...........Sometime Later.............

            The King strode into his room with an anticipation he had not felt in a long time.  The time was finally here for him to unveil his captured Princess.  She had been taken to the bathes by his servants, allowed to sleep, dressed, and prepared to his specifications.  She would be waiting in his room, tightly strapped to a whipping post under the center of the vaulted ceiling.  He had heard so much about her beauty, he could hardly contain himself from rushing into the room. 

            The ladies of his court had done well; they had left the Princess draped in a flowing satin cover next to the whipping post in the middle of his Throne Room.  As he entered, he could see the outline of the body struggling beneath the shimmering fabric.  All he could see beyond the satin was a pair of feet adorned in incredibly high heels shuffling around near the base of the pole – obviously bound at the ankle to the post.  He walked around the post a few times, enjoying the wonderful outline of the captured beauty beneath; he could see her large breasts heaving up and down with the effort of breathing while bound to the pole.

            He wanted to draw out the anticipation of the moment as long as he could manage – but he wasn’t sure how long that would be.  It wasn’t very long.  With one quick yank on the satin drape, he pulled it fully free of the post and the girl.  She was worth the wait, worth the effort to find and capture her, and worth the extensive preparations he had set up to have her become his. 

            She was a strong, tight vision of female splendor.  Her silky blond hair hung straight to one side of the cutest, wickedest, sexiest faces the King had ever seen – or could even imagine.  She was wearing very high gold heels, a gold skirt that rose a  little more than half way up her incredibly firm thighs, and then a gold embroidered, short sleeved, royal tunic, which hung to almost the length of her skirt.  The tunic deemphasized the true size and incredible shape of the Princess’s breasts, which must have been phenomenal in their natural state.  She was attached to the pole by a strict set of metal hoops: a pair around both her ankles, knees, and thighs (all perfectly fitted to her without any space between the cold metal and her perfectly porcelain white skin); there was another thin metal band tightly around her tiny waist, and another that ran just over her breasts and under her arms; her arms were pulled back and locked into metal loops just above the elbow and at the wrist;  her elbows were not quite touching but showed the promise that they would someday soon; the final metal band ran around her neck, holding her posture perfectly upright and giving her an almost regal air. And regal she was. 

            She was not gagged, but was carefully emitting no noise beyond the obvious deep breathing of panic within her.  The King had ordered her to be instructed that any words she uttered would be met with the painful end of a bullwhip – and she was not going to test his resolve at this point.  She was certain that the King was simply going to ravish her, take her, and brutalize her, at the very least she was going to get whipped while helplessly secured to her present post.  What sort of man has a whipping post in his bed room?  Little did she know, he had no such plans just yet.  To the contrary, he planned to slowly turn her will and desires against her, to ultimately have her wish to be his, need to be his, love to be his.  It was a plan that he knew could work – and it would take a good deal of delicious time to implement.

            The King was taking his time, allow his eyes to enjoy her.  He had waited a long time to savoir this moment.  The Princess began wondering what the King was waiting for, and her mind drifted off to her Prince, and what they were doing to him.  She found herself scared and a little angry about what had transpired earlier – if indeed it was true.  She was only able to hear a little bit of the conversation between the two women and her Prince, but she knew that he was a man with some unusual desires – and it was very likely the two women had discovered all of that, though it would seem to have happened rather quickly.  And what did that mean, he would only be allowed to cum when she said “yes” or “please” to the King?  How was one thing connected to the other?  She had no conception of the manner of scheme the King had planned.  She just wished she could have seen the Prince’s face, that would have told her everything she needed to know.  But, even then, she is not sure how she would have reacted to seeing her Prince being fondled by two women, erect and apparently turned on by it.  Was he to blame for how his body reacted to them?  For now, she had an uncertainty inside her – and she could feel it growing along with the fear of her own predicament.  She had not even been touched yet herself, and her mind was already in a state of chaos.  Perhaps this is what the King had in mind all along. 

            The King finally settled himself in front of the Princess.  He reached forward calmly and grabbed a little handle near the side of the whipping post.  As he pulled the small handle down, the metal bands holding the Princess’s legs separated slightly, though still allowing her to stand on her heels, as the handle continued down a metal bar lifted up from having been flush on the pole to 90 degrees from the pole right between her legs – shaped to perfectly press firmly against her pussy and clit, though completely hidden beneath her skirt and tunic.  She struggled against the metal bonds, the strength of her lithe body was impressive, and very erotic.  The King stepped forward, and spoke softly to his captive Princess.  “You are going to experience a few different stages of your captivity.  The first one, oddly enough, is pleasure – restrained pleasure.  In opposition to the situation your young Prince finds himself in, you will discover the exact opposite.  You will not be released from any of your multitude of creative and elaborate predicaments until you reach not just one but several orgasms.  Of course, you can fight it as long as you can, but ultimately your body will begin to do what it is designed to do.”  With that, the King lifted the Princess’s skirt slightly and began to twist the end of the pole sticking out from between her legs.  “This is a new idea we came up with – it involves a spring and a counterbalanced weight inside this little pole.  Now, I’m sure you are used to a much larger pole between your legs, but I’m sure you will find this one very, very interesting and pleasurable – once you let yourself.”  The King continued to twist the end of the pole until there was a clicking noise; he smiled, released her skirt, and then pushed the button on the end of the pole in.  The pole clicked again and began to vibrate wildly between the Princess’s legs.  She flinched immediately, having never felt such a rush.  Her present level of anger prevented it from becoming a sexual sensation – to begin with.  The King walked slowly around her, lightly touching her and marveling at the softness of her radiant skin.  The Princess was doing everything she could to ignore the vibrating between her legs.  Standing behind her, the King whispered in her ear, “Just imagine right now, your finance is in a room right next to this one, his cock you must love so much is hard and straining to cum.  A delicate little hand is stroking up and down the length of it.  In his head, he is trying to imagine being with you – the times he lay on top of you, just his cock moving slowly inside you, you writhing beneath him, your hands running along his body, your legs gripping onto him pulling him as far inside you as his cock will go.”  Despite herself, the image had an impact, it was brief but enough to change the flavor of the vibrator from annoying to alluring.  She felt the first rush of sexually charged blood through her body.  She yanked at her bonds.  The King smiled, and stepped back to enjoy the view.  “You will learn pleasure, on a level you have never experienced it before.  You will learn to want it and even need it.  You will have it all the time, you will not be able to think without it – it will become the blood that feeds your body.  Then, you will discover the taste of pain and pleasure – and the two will become so much more than either one of them on its own.  You will beg to be whipped to orgasm, tightly bound and grinding on your ropes to cum.”  The Princess was unable to avoid the sexual power of the images contained in the King’s words.  And the sensations from the vibrator began their inexorable ramp through her body.  She writhed against the metal restraints.  The King sat down in a secluded nearby chair to watch this gorgeous creature take her first ride on his uniquely crafted whipping post.  The first gambit of his plan was about to unfold. 

            In the other room, Kimber and Dorothy (who had finally been released) had allowed the Prince a little rest.  They had laid his chair back and thrown a blanket over him.  The King had an unexpected surprise for the young Prince, and he wanted him to be well rested.  While he was asleep, the girls modified his restraint system somewhat, moving the arms of his chair up and the legs of his chair down, turning it into a elongated pole.  They reapplied new restraints to hold his arms firmly over his head while lashing his legs together tightly.  His cock and balls remained outside his clothes, and the girls enjoyed lightly massaging them even as he slept.  The Prince began to wake as the girls pushed his new pole up into a standing position, and began to wheel it over toward a large curtain opposite the mirror in their room.  Once they reached the curtain, Kimber pulled a cord and the curtain dropped to the ground, and she pulled it out of the way.  The Prince was on the back side of a mirror faced with a clear view of the King’s Throne Room and in the middle was his finance, the Princess, strapped tightly, and elegantly to a pole of her own.  She seemed to be writhing against the metal bonds, and the image was incredibly alluring.  She was so beautiful.  He had seen her in a near-orgasmic state before, and he recognized the signals, but he could not tell why she was so turned-on.  Kimber reached down and tickled the underside of the Prince’s cock.  “Isn’t she so beautiful.  I can see why you want to be with her.  And she seems so sexual, getting turned on just by being strapped tightly to that post.  I know being tied up turns me on so much I can hardly keep from cumming.  Did you ever tie her up?  Did you know she could be so turned on by just being bound?  She looks like she might actually cum just from being restrained there.  Wow.  That’s an incredible find – such a wonderfully sexual beauty.  That is turning me on; it has to make you so hard to see that.”  And so it had.  Kimber stroked the Prince’s throbbing cock ever so slightly, allowing just the image of the Princess to do the majority of the work.  “I bet you want to cum along with her, don’t you?  When was the last time you fucked that beautiful body?  It must have been incredible.  To have that gorgeous satiny skin sliding up and down on your ridged cock.  What a lucky cock you have.  Would you like to try to cum when she does?  Doesn’t that sound incredibly sexy?”  Surely it did, between the image of the Princess writhing on the pole and the skilled stroking of Kimber’s hand, the Prince could feel himself rising toward a pending orgasm.  He shifted in his bonds, trying to gain some control over what was going on.  “Remember what the King said, if you are able to cum, you’ll get to spend the night with her – no restraints, no rules, just the two of you together, fucking all night if you like.  Wouldn’t you love to have the chance to touch that incredible body again – before the King gets his hands on her?  That’s right.  I want you to try to cum for me.  For her.  Imagine that she’s on her knees bound just like Dorothy was for you.”  His mind was going crazy, he could actually start to see the Princess on her knees in front of him, arms bound tightly behind her – looking up at him with that same look that Dorothy had given him.  He wanted to cum so badly, he needed to cum.  He could feel it building, like a train that wasn’t going to stop. 

            But, then it did.  Kimber stopped stroking the Prince just a couple of strokes short of his full release.  The Prince groaned and struggled mightily on the post, but the only thing that moved was his cock, and it swayed back and forth without gaining any purchase to get him any closer to cumming.  It was agony. 

            On the other side of the mirror, the Princess was hovering just below her own orgasm, trying not to crest over and give the King exactly what he wanted.  But the necessary struggle was not within her – and with a huge tense of all of her muscles a massive orgasm overtook her body.  She screamed out in both pleasure and frustration as each wave hit her.  The vibrator did not relent and continued its infuriating pulsing between her legs.  It was so painful, but then growing to so pleasurable again.  She could feel the build happen all over. 

            The Prince was stunned at the sight of his Princess’s orgasm, just bound to the pole in the King’s room.  He was hardly able to comprehend it, but then most of his blood had left his head for his continuingly engorged penis.  Kimber had taken to stroking him softly again, whispering in his ear.  “That looked so erotic, didn’t it?  Look she’s building up again.  Its incredible how insatiable she is.  Did you know she could cum like that?  Wouldn’t that feel incredible to be inside her when she does that? To be the one who makes her do that?” 

            On the other side of the window, the Princess was coming down off her third orgasm in a row.  Luckily for her, the wind up vibrating pole had slowed to a halt.  The King walked up to her with a set of leather cuffs.  He proceeded to attach a cuff to each of her wrists and ankles just above the metal loops the currently held them.  She was just hanging on the pole.  The King flipped another knob on the pole and all of the metal loops holding the Princess opened, she collapsed out of the contraption.  The King caught her by the waist and lowered her gently to the ground.  He was so turned on just being this close to her; he wanted to flip her over and take her right then and there, but he maintained the discipline to follow through this his plan, sure it would lead to much better things down the road.  Summoning up his resolve, he flipped the nearly unconscious beauty onto her stomach.  He attached her two wrist restraints together behind her back, then moved to attach her two ankle restraints together.  He then pulled out a small chain and connected it between the two ankle restraints.  He pulled the chain, and her ankles up behind her, arching her flexible back.  He continued to pull until the short chain reached a small attachment located at the middle of the shoulder blades on the back of the Princess’s tunic.  The attachment was a small metal loop, which was connected underneath the tunic to a series of leather straps, all attached together into an elaborate body harness which was the under-part of the tunic.  Without any conscious resistance, the Princess’s relaxed body bent one final bit and her hips were pushed forward as the final connection was made between her ankles and the attachment to the body harness.  The King finalized her predicament by connecting her wrist restraints directly to the attachment at the middle of her back in a sort of hammerlock position.  It was a very pronounced and bowed hogtie.  The strain of the position brought the Princess around.

The King stood and looked down at her.  “You have done very well, so far.  I enjoyed your performance on the pole.  It certainly appeared as though you enjoyed it too.  Now, I have a surprise for you.  Some else you know enjoyed it, as well.”  The King pointed toward the mirror on the far wall.

            Kimber had been busy stroking the Prince within an inch of orgasm all through the King’s changing of the Princess’s position.  While Kimber was doing that, Dorothy had arrived with an interesting little metal contraption, which she had proceeded to click around the Prince’s balls.  The device stretched the Princes’ balls down away from his body slightly, pulling the skin even tighter around his cock.  Dorothy playfully licked the Princes’ balls, causing an additional surge of blood through the metal. There was a strange pinching sensation on his balls when she did that.  When the two girls noticed the King point in their direction, they opened a small circular slide on the window – pushing it down.  Dorothy then pushed the post which held the Prince forward, while Kimber directed his hard cock and balls through the padded hole that was created.  After the Prince was flush with the glass, Kimber slid the opening back up until it completely entrapped the Prince’s cock and balls on the other side of the window.  The Prince could look down and see his cock sticking out into the King’s Throne Room.

            Kimber continued to whisper into the Prince’s ear about all the sexy images going on, and how the Prince might actually get to feel his beautiful Princess’s mouth on his cock making him cum if he just keeps it hard for a few minutes more. 

            As the King pointed toward the mirror, the Princess saw an opening appear in the mirror and a large, hard cock was pushed through, as the mirror then retracted back up around it.  “There, see, your Prince enjoyed your performance so much that he wanted to get involved,” the King mocked the Princess as she lay on the ground.  “He has been hard for almost a whole day; he must be practically leaking cum by now.   I will tell you what, if you can make it over to him and help him to cum, I’ll allow the two of you to spend the night together – unbound, free to fuck and hold each other as long as you want.”  The Princess’s energy was returning and, quite frankly, she was unexpectedly incredibly horny from what had just transpired.  The sight of her lover’s cock on the other side of the room, while very strange, seemed like exactly what she wanted.  She tried to shift herself toward the mirror, but was suddenly struck by how difficult it was to move in her present position.  Because her hips were so far forward and her legs so far behind her and her arms so far up on her back, she couldn’t bend at the waist to bring her legs forward at all.  She was forced to stay in a bowed position.  And her arms were not in a position to push on anything.  She squirmed on the floor for a few minutes, her eyes focused on the Prince’s lovely cock waiting for her.  She managed to squirm a few inches at a time, with a very determined effort – and she started to make progress across the floor.

            Both the King and the Prince were transfixed by the beauty of the Princess’s bound struggle across the floor.  Every lean muscle in her body was required to make any progress, and every little movement highlighted the beauty of her unbelievable form.  The Prince could practically feel her getting closer to him.  He felt as if he could almost push his cock out toward her, begging her to get to him as quickly as possible.  It took quite a bit of effort, but the Princess finally arrived on the floor underneath the Princes’ cock.  She looked up at it, and wanted it so badly.  But, she suddenly realized that she had no way to get to her knees.  Her hips were locked forward and her knees were pulled back.  She was stuck on the floor.  At nearly the same time, the Prince realized that she was not able to get to her knees.  He started to panic, and his cock bounced up and down – he wanted to feel her, to touch her. 

            The Princess was determined.  She thought about every angle, looked at every piece of furniture to see what she could use.  Ultimately, she determined that she could wedge herself up against the mirror and slide her body up inch by inch, and she did.  When she got up high enough, she was able to rock over onto her knees.  Granted, the extreme forward position of her hips still caused her to lean back, but she was high enough to get her mouth over to the Princes’ cock, which was now twitching with the possibility.  The Princess moved around in front of his cock and looked up at where she thought his eyes might be.  She opened her mouth and took the Prince’s cock into it, slowly, licking and bobbing up and down on the head.  She certainly did not have the experience or talent of Dorothy, but she made up for it with the enthusiasm and effort put forth from a very difficult position.  Because of her position, she had to bend her neck in such a way that she couldn’t take his cock very far into her mouth, but it still felt incredible to have him and touch him again.  She did everything she could to bring him to an orgasm as quickly as possible, knowing that she could not maintain her position for very long.  The Prince worked to get closer and closer to orgasm, and his Princess was doing an excellent job.  She looked so sexy, just as Kimber had described, bound on her knees, struggling and sucking his cock.  It was a fantasy come true.  But, then just as he started to feel the first throws of throbbing leading to an orgasm, his balls began to tighten up toward his body.  Little tiny pins at the base of the stretching metal ring around his balls dug into his balls, causing a serious jolt of pain.  He winched.  The Princess took his winching as a sign that he was getting close and increased her difficult efforts to get him off.  Of course, the extra sensation from the Princess caused the Prince’s balls to contract even more, and the pins to inflict even more pain.  It was impossible, the pain kept taking away his ability to cum, and the Princess kept working (bless her heart) to try to get him closer and closer.  He couldn’t even tell her why it wasn’t working. 

            The Princess was becoming exhausted.  He should have cum by now, what was wrong?  Did he not want to cum?  Didn’t he know they could be together?  The Princess looked up at the mirror and begged him, “Please my love, please cum for me, for us.  Cum in my mouth, on my face, anything.  Please, I want to be with you.”  The Prince groaned in his frustration and the pain caused by the tiny little needles in his balls.  He wanted to cum so badly, but it was impossible, and pain was overwhelming his ability to get off.  He finally collapsed as he was strapped to his post.  As he gave up, his cock began to wilt.  The Princess was exhausted and finally rolled over onto the floor with a thump, watching her lover’s cock go soft in front of her.  What had happened?  The Princess began to softly weep on the floor.

            Kimber and Dorothy laid the post back down on the floor and let the Prince relax for a few minutes.  Eventually, they rolled the Prince away from the window and shut the opening.  They put chains on the Princes’ wrists and around his neck, and allowed him to lay down on one of the beds – attaching the chains securely behind his back and to the bed, before allowing him to sleep.  They both laid down on either side of him, and stroked his body while he slept.  They truly did love their job, and they really were growing to like the Prince and enjoying his body.

            The Princess had a short nap on the floor.  She awoke to a lovely young women, stroking her hair and her face softly.  The Princess groaned under the stiffness of her difficult position.  Her new attendant grabbed a pillow from near her head, but instead of putting under the Princess’s head, she lifted one of the Princess’s legs and slipped the pillow between her knees.  “I know you want to be released and have some time to relax,” said the new girl.  “And you will, but first you are required to have at least two more orgasms. It is the rule, you will have orgasms in order to be released from any of your restraints.  If you just relax, I will help you get there faster than you think you can.  I’m very good at this, and I want to help you.”  With that, the new girl reached her hand down between the Princess’s legs and lightly brushed her finger along the length of her pussy.  The Princess groaned and tried to move away, but the girl was insistent and very patient.  She allowed the Princess time to adjust, and allow her body to relax and understand what was going to happen.  There was no choice in the matter.  “I bet you loved sucking on the Princes’ cock.  It looks so strong and full.  You must love the feeling of it inside you, bringing you to climax over and over.” The girl continued to work on pleasurable images in the Princess’s mind, while lightly brushing the Princess’ sore clit with a deftly placed finger.  The Princess took a deep breath, and when she let it out, the attractive girl was right there on the ground with her, kissing her deeply.  The Princess didn’t want to fight it, and allowed the kiss to become more and more passionate, as the touching between her legs began to feel better and better.  The girl left the kissing and quickly moved down to licking between the Princess’s legs.  She had never had a woman go down on her before, and it was incredibly soft, tender, and perfect for the moment.  The first climax was slow and rolling, causing her body to tug on her chains.  The second one effected her whole being, and she spasmed on the floor and then passed out.

            The Prince awoke with Dorothy’s head between his legs.  The Prince had been stripped to naked while sleeping, and Dorothy wasn’t so much sucking his cock as sleeping with it in her mouth and hands.  Kimber was laying behind him, on top of his chained wrists, rubbing herself softly along his hands. The Prince was having a hard time trying to convince himself that his current situation was all that bad.  Yesterday was incredibly frustrating, and it was so tough to watch his cute little Princess working so hard to be with him, and have it all be for naught.  He did want to be with her, but as his cock started to grow in Dorothy’s soft mouth, he was not altogether certain that he would change a great deal at this point.  Both Kimber and Dorothy were also naked, and they were starting to wake up, too.  Apparently, if Dorothy had her way, he would be on the verge of orgasm again very rapidly.  Kimber reached over the Prince, kissed him on the cheek and rolled him onto his back.  She proceeded to crawl on top of him, positioning herself over his mouth.  Dorothy picked up the pace with his cock, and it didn’t take much convincing to get the Prince on board with pleasing the lovely girl on his face, as he rocked his cock in and out of Dorothy’s eager mouth and throat.  

            The Princess awoke similarly chained in a bed: wrists behind her back, and ankles chained and attached to the foot of the bed.  Her first few thoughts went to her rather sore, but incredibly sensitive clit.  She would have touched it if she could have reached it; she was actually pretty horny.  She wondered what this day would hold for her, and for her Prince.  She was surprised to hear and feel someone laying near her in the same bed.  She initially assumed that another of the King’s court had joined her in bed to make sure and keep her on her orgasm schedule.  She was very surprised when she turned her head and caught the image of the King swinging his legs out of the bed.  He stood naked and stretched while walking toward the end of the bed.  Her first reaction was to look away, but she found her eyes lingering on the King and his wonderful physique, perhaps induced by the lingering horniness that her constant stimulation was causing.  The King reached the end of the bed and turned to look at the Princess.  The Princess’s eyes went wide having been caught starring at him, and then checking out the well shaped, fine looking cock hanging between his legs.  She squirmed slightly against her bonds, while turning away from his gaze.  The King smiled softly and walked around to the Princess’s side of the bed.  He leaned back on his elbow, turning his body toward her.  He reached out with one hand and casually stroked her swollen clit.  She immediately tried to squeeze her legs together and shift away from him.  His hand was like a vice holding her solidly in place, but the touch of his finger was as light and practiced as a woman’s.  The sensation was immediate, and it felt wonderful.  The Princess couldn’t help but close her eyes, even lick her lips, and emit a low moan.  The King’s touch continued in perfect rhythm to her need, and she was slowly, amazingly ramping toward a lovely orgasm.  As she started to get more and more turned on, she found herself opening her eyes and checking out the wonderfully muscled body and growing erection laying next to her on the bed.   The King’s touch was holding her right at the brink of an orgasm not letting her crest over. She started to writhe and pull on her chains.  The King watched each movement and thoroughly enjoyed each noise that uttered from her gorgeous lips.  The Princess was so horny from riding the edge of climax that she started to stare intently at the King’s fully erect cock – imagining sliding forward and sucking it deeply into her mouth.  The Princess’s focus was not lost on the King, as all of this was part of his greater plan to possess her both mind, body, and spirit.  The King reached down and gently stroked his cock, causing it to pulse and expand even more.  The Princess realized that she had been found out, but she was unable to take her eyes off the wonderful object that was so close to her.  She couldn’t imagine how amazing it would feel to have that large, firm cock fucking her deeply – she began to fantasize about being taken, bound, helpless to the big cock that was right in front of her.  The King found himself getting more turned on than he planned, as he found it difficult to concentrate on the teasing he was giving the Princess.  This was a delicate dance he was choreographing, and it needed to proceed step by step.

            Just as the Princess was again at the verge of cumming, the King stood up and stepped back from the bed.  She squirmed and moaned, pleading with her eyes for the King to continue, to even take her and fuck her hard and wild – out of control on top of her bound body.  The King was deeply pleased with her reaction.  It was far more than he had hoped for at this point in time.

            Without delay the door to the King’s room opened and two lovely girls walked in.  One immediately dropped to her knees in front of the King and began to service his throbbing cock.  The other proceeded to lay down on the bed next to the Princess and picked up licking her clit where the King had left off touching it.  The Princess found herself incredibly jealous and upset that the King would have another woman taking care of his cock.  That should be her on the floor in front of him.  The strength of her feeling surprised her, and then she realized that she was so horny at this point, she might feel that way about any cock presented to her.  The girl between her legs was doing an incredible job of pleasuring her without bringing her directly to orgasm, but the orgasm was definitely building.  As she reached the climax, she yanked at her restraints and she found her eyes locked with the King’s as he stood in profile having his cock sucked by the cute woman before him.  As the Princess began to moan towards her climax, the girl before the King began to take long slow strokes on the King’s cock with both her hand and mouth.  It looked like fucking to the Princess and that drove her over the edge – just as the King pushed the girl back on her lovely legs, grabbed her hair and drove his cock deep into her throat.  The girl was obviously well schooled in taking the depth of the King’s cock and cum, and she accepted the forcefulness with pleasure looking up at the King throughout his orgasm. 

            The Princess spent the entirety of her orgasm enjoying the scene that played out before her.  Deep down she knew she had to feel the King’s cock inside her, and she would put up with anything to get there.  The first step in the King’s plan was complete:  the Princess had become a creature of pleasure, now she would learn to love the sting of pain mixed in, then she would be denied all the new pleasures and sensations she had discovered until she begged the King to give them to her again. 

            The Prince’s day began between the two girls whose room he now shared, the two girls had ridden the Prince’s mouth and toyed with his cock for a good two hours before they collapsed. While there were certainly enjoyable parts of his present captivity, he was beginning to feel the very serious strain of the ongoing orgasm denial.  He could feel that he was starting to lose control of his desires.  There have been times when he was very aware he would do anything to be permitted to cum.  Even when his cock was tired and wouldn’t rise to the girls’ physical manipulations, the girls were incredibly good at getting inside his head – and his cock always responded, throbbed with need, and ended up unsatisfied.  All of which raised his general sense of horniness.  The slightest touch of these two soft, gorgeous creatures sent shivers down his spine and blood into his cock.  They would keep him so close to cumming that he could barely imagine the cum was not flowing through his cock.  On numerous occasions, he had heard himself in his head begging the Princess to do whatever she needed to allow him to cum.  Unfortunately, the thought of what his beautiful Princess would have to do was itself a huge turn on when he was already on the verge.  The last time he saw her, she was tightly bound on her knees sucking his cock.  It was an unbelievably sexy image to hold in his head.  And, of course, Kimber and Dorothy regularly used the image as sexual fodder for their teases. 

            The girls had slowly been turning his desires to the sadistic, as well.  Kimber had taken to whipping Dorothy or imposing some other form of physical punishment on her, just when the Prince was the most turned on.  He would be astonished at how turned on he got watching Dorothy’s beautiful body squirm and struggle.  Most recently, Dorothy’s unbelievably sexy body was suspended naked from the ceiling just at the end of the bed where the Prince was also naked and chained spread eagle almost under her.  Her feet were just inches above his.  Kimber had ordered in another woman, complete in female military garb to administer a whipping – all while Kimber lay next to the Prince stroking his cock to the image of Dorothy sweating and struggling under the strain of the lash.  All the while Dorothy’s eyes remained locked with the Prince’s, occasionally glancing down to make sure his cock was as pleased with her struggle as she hoped it would be. 

            Kimber did an excellent job of slowly introducing images of the Princess into the scenarios.  “Did you ever have to whip the Princess like this?  I bet you wanted to.  To see her unbelievably sexy body writhing under your complete control.  Her muscles flexing as the whip licks her soft skin.  Can you imagine how wonderful she would look where Dorothy is right now?  Wouldn’t you love to have her completely at your whim – just to serve your nice hard cock like we do?”  His cock was throbbing at the images – feelings he had never experienced before.  Dorothy’s head hung down on her chest, exhausted from the strain of hanging and the deftly wielded leather.  Kimber was keeping the Prince a few strokes from cumming.  “What do you want now, my lord?  Do you want her to be let down so she can suck your cock?   Perhaps, you’d like to see her taut body stretched out more fully in agony for you – glistening in the light – her muscles pulling on the ropes.”  Kimber stopped stroking and squeezed his cock hard, making the head bulge.  The Prince threw back his head in frustration.  “Oh god... please...”  Kimber smiled.  “You know my lord, I’ll do anything you wish – except that.  So, what do you wish to do with Dorothy? What is your most primitive sexual instinct screaming that it wants?  What is your deepest, darkest sexual fantasy?”  The Prince knew what he wanted, and he could no longer keep the words from escaping his lips.  “I want her spread and whipped until she cums.  Then I want to fuck her throat while she recovers.  And I want you to take her place after she is done.  I want to see you whipped until you are on the verge of cumming and then have you denied release.”  The Prince saw trepidation briefly cross Kimber’s well controlled face, but they both knew that she would give him everything he asked.  “Make it so,” she ordered to the warrior with the whip.  The warrior nodded toward the door and another two scantily-clad military women entered and grabbed Kimber. 

They forced her down onto her chest on top of the Prince and pulled her arms harshly behind her.  They folded her arms up into a hammer lock and tied them off with a sturdy length of leather cord.  Kimber was not as used to the rough treatment as Dorothy, and she found herself seriously struggling against the women with the cords.  The next cord was tied tightly around her crossed ankles.  Kimber was left on the bed next to the Prince, she moved over to get her mouth onto his cock – struggling with the unexpected tightness of her bindings.  The two new girls then moved to Dorothy, each grabbing an ankle and pulling it toward the bottom posts of the bed.  Dorothy moaned quietly as she was stretched – pulled harshly by the aggressive guards.  Her body looked amazing as it was displayed.  Kimber’s sucking on his cock was keeping the level of his own aggressive desires high – he couldn’t wait to see her whipped and struggle with a forced pain-gasm.   Deep down he couldn’t help but imagine his Princess pulled and stretched above him – it brought him so close to orgasm that only Kimber’s incredibly attentive, even while tightly restrained, sucking prevented it.  

            In the King’s Throne Room, the Princess was waking from yet another in a line of mind-blowing orgasms.  She had the sudden desire to get up out of bed and leave the room.  Of course, she was still wearing a collar chained to the bed, though her arms and legs were oddly free.  It had been some time since she had been unbound – it felt slightly odd.   She sat up and adjusted her tunic.  It seemed as if she had been in an almost constant state of orgasm – for how long?  She felt as if it had been weeks, but was how long had it been.  She stretched and realized that her feet ached.  She was perpetually wearing incredibly high heels, which were locked onto her slim ankles.  She couldn’t recall the last time she was able to flex her feet properly.  She rubbed her calves and rotated her ankles a few times.  She had to admit the shoes did look good on her feet and calves.  If anything, the past days had stirred new and unrealized sexual desires within her. 

She had been made to feel completely sexual – and frankly, she was enjoying the sensations her body was giving her.  It was all completely new, but she felt sexually appreciated in a way she never had before.  Granted, she was a captive, but apparently only so because the King appreciated her beauty so much he had to have her.  Warped as it was, she actually was finding the experience of being focused on solely as a sex object to create a deeply strange wave of pleasure within her.  Damn, there goes that clit again.  She was getting turned on at the slightly thought these days.  So much sex, so many incredibly sexual adventures.  The King was such a man, she just couldn’t help but admire his resolution, along with her fear of his designs for her.  Could she serve such a man willingly – as he seemed to suggest she would?  She despised the idea, but found it curiously alluring, too.  She found her hand moving down between her legs, damn that felt good.  As she brushed her clit a few more times, she laid back on the bed and let the images of the past days flood over her.  As she got herself more turned on, she felt her ankles cross almost unconsciously.  The hand she wasn’t using to touch herself slipped underneath her back as she arched into the feeling.  She could clearly see the image of the lovely girl on her knees in front of the King, and she projected herself onto her knees in front of him – her hand on his hard cock looming over her.  His stern eyes looming down at her.  Her pussy got wet in hopeful anticipation.  She knew it was just a matter of time before the first of several orgasms forced its way through her body.  As she got closer and closer, she found that she needed more and more extension to her position.  She reached her arms as far behind her as it would go, and bent her crossed ankles up behind her until she was able to grab the firm strap of one of her heels with her hand.  She longed for her chains, the tight feeling of being held completely helpless against the pleasure.  It was then that the first waves crashed in – the sound escaping from her lips surprised her in her delirium.   She found herself laughing as the third of her orgasm receded.  “Oh my,” she thought to herself.  “I am such a slut!”  She enjoyed the moment as she realized that what she really needed was to be fucked – and but good.  With that, she stretched her body out to the four corners of the bed and giggled while trusting her hips up and down, playfully bouncing on the bed.

            On the other side of the mirror from the Throne Room the King watched with a firm smile on his face.  Phase one was complete – now he had a few interesting twists for his sexy new toy – she was well wound up.  

            The Prince couldn’t take any more.  But despite all the stroking, his cock had not become at all raw or sore.  Apparently, the King had some very impressive lotions and a court of women who knew exactly how to care for a man’s cock.  He had been on the verge of cumming for so long that he had almost forgotten what it felt like to actually experience an orgasm.  The girls realized that the Prince had reached the point of diminishing returns, and Kimber had spoken to the King about the present status of the Prince.  The King was gracious and understanding, as Kimber and Dorothy had been exemplary in their duties with the Prince.  The reports the King received indicated that the Prince had not been without an erection (absent sleeping, eating, and showering) for almost two weeks.  It was an impressive accomplishment, and one the King knew could not last forever.  Kimber and the King lay in a bed in an ante chamber to the King’s Throne Room, as Kimber described all the ways she and Dorothy had kept the Prince hard and teased.  All the while, Kimber stroked the King’s cock, worshiping it as its loyal, and grateful, subject.  Her head rested on the King’s stomach while her hand stroked him slowly up and down.  Every now and then she would bend the cock down so she could kiss it and suck on the head (or crown, if you will).  She was allowing the King to experience some of the teasing she had been dolling out to the Prince – helping him develop a plan for the next stage of the Prince’s captivity.  The plan grew smoothly between the stories and between Kimber’s deep-throated teases.  It was time to get cruel and have some fun.  The plan was agreed to as the King held Kimber’s face tightly down on his cock as he fucked her throat to a glorious orgasm.  After she cleaned the royal cock, she thanked the King and headed back to her room to make the necessary arraignments. 

            The Prince awoke with a serious headache.  He wasn’t sure when exactly he had gone to sleep but he was sure it had been some time ago.  As he shook himself awake, he slowly realized that he was unrestrained for the first time is an long as he could recall.  They must have made a mistake, he thought.  Perhaps, I can escape.  He looked around the room to see if there were any girls nearby – he seemed to be completely alone.  As he started to get up, that’s when he first realized that something else was not right.  He felt a weight around his cock and balls.  He lifted up the sheet and saw a shiny metal version object encasing his cock and balls.  He grabbed it and was immediately struck by how solidly it was attached at the base of his cock.  It was not going anywhere, yet it was not all that uncomfortable.  He was still trying to figure out the purpose of his new constraint when Kimber waltzed in with Dorothy in tow on a chain.  Kimber locked eyes with the Prince and ended up jumping on top of him on the bed.  She sat on him and squirmed her little butt down onto his cock cage.  “Ooo.. that’s cold,” she cooed.  “If I took that off of you, would fuck me nice and hard?”  Kimber had a way of getting inside his head – and frankly his cock.  He felt it stir in its cage.  “I guess you liked having me bound and whipped the other night.. Dorothy said that you almost came without her even touching you.  I will take that as a lovely compliment.  Well I have good news and bad news.  We are going to do all of the things that you found to be so incredibly erotic over the past week or so – again.  Yes.  You’ll have Dorothy bound at your feet begging to suck your cock.  You’ll have me whispering in your ear about how much I want to feel your big, hard cock inside me while you watch Dorothy stripped, bound and whipped just over the top of you.  And you’ll even get to see your Princess again.  Of course, all of this will happen with your little cage on.  But, if you are really good and you continue to try to get hard inside there, I’ll let you tie me down and fuck me as hard as you need for as long as you can.  Dorothy will even be allowed to help you.”  Kimber rolled over pulling the Prince on top of her and between her legs.  “That’s it, just like that, don’t you want to just fuck the hell out of me?”  The Prince felt his cock rising within the cage and he pressed it against Kimber’s covered pussy.  He started to feel his hips stroking the cage along her smooth skin.  Then, suddenly his growing cock was struck with an intense pain.  Kimber smiled and stroked the Princes’ face, as he groaned and rolled off of her. “That’s right, my lord.  That devious little device contains hundreds of very sharp little pins within it.  Every time you get hard inside that cage, you’ll feel the stab of all those incredibly sharp little tips.  This is going to be a very interesting week for you.”  As the Prince was on his side in a ball grabbing his cage and trying to reduce the pain of the needles in his cock, Kimber pulled his hands behind his back and locked them there with a solid pair of metal cuffs.  “Now here is the other little twist that you need to be very aware of.  See this little button on the top of the cage.  If I press that, all the needles inside will move inward a fraction of an inch.  If you are completely soft, you probably won’t feel the first click or two, but you’ll quickly get to a point where you have no room at all, and have constant pain.  Of course, if you give me cause to hit the button while you are already a bit hard, that will really hurt. Now, I know how to retract the pins – and I will if I feel that you are trying your ‘hardest.’  But each time I feel that you are looking away, or thinking of something else and not being present right here with me, I’ll hit the button and take away even more of your room inside that cage. And of course, once the Princess submits to the King, you’ll be released. But, let’s hope your poor cock is still functional after all of this.”  The Prince was stunned at the ingenuity and harshness of Kimber’s instructions.  The good news was that when his cock was soft, the little pins actually felt kind of good, like a pleasurable little scratching on very sensitive skin.  But the pins themselves were very scary, as was his current situation.  He knew that Kimber was well aware of how to turn him on, and he now was feeling very stupid for having her suspended and whipped the other day.  He would be happy to have her go back to stroking and sucking his cock all day long.  With that, Kimber nodded to Dorothy – who had been standing patiently (elbows bound behind her back) at the end of the bed.  Dorothy moved up between the Prince’s legs, laid down with her head next to his cage and began her incredibly sexy begging, cooing, and staring into the Princes eyes; she even took to licking the silver cage and attempting to take it all in her mouth and suck on it.  The Prince knew this would lead to pain.  “Please let me suck your wonderful cock.  I really need it in my mouth, down my throat, gagging me with its hardness.”  She shifted her legs together.  “It gets me so turned on to see you get hard – I just want to worship your wonderful cock.  You can tie me up any way you like, my lord – just so that it pleases your cock.  You like my body don’t you?  You know how hard I work to keep it all nice and tight for you?”  She knew just what buttons to press, and the Prince knew it was just a matter of time before the pain started.  So did Dorothy.  It was inevitable.  The pressure inside the cage began to turn to sharp pain.  “Oh, that’s good my lord.  It makes me so happy to have you getting hard for me, even when we both know how much its going to hurt you.  Don’t you remember how incredible my soft little hand felt sliding slowly up and down your shaft?  How much I loved having you fuck my mouth, deep in my throat?”  Dorothy was pantomiming the stroking of the Princes’ cock with her hand.  The pins were now fully pressed into the Prince’s cock – the pain slowly making the erection reduce.  Kimber crawled up between Dorothy and the Prince.  “Let’s have a little contest.  I’ll have both of you go down on me with your hands cuffed behind your back.  I’m going to put a special collar on Dorothy – one that gets tighter with each click of the button on it.  If Dorothy makes me cum faster than you do, then you’ll get a click on your cock cage and a little less space to move around in there.  But, if you can make me cum faster than Dorothy, I’ll click Dorothy’s collar and she’ll start to struggle breathing.  Of course, it will probably turn you on to watch her beautiful bound torment, but at least you’ll have some, albeit limited, room to grow and enjoy it.  If you decide not to put any effort into my little game, then I’ll click your cage three times, and then lay next to you and fuck Dorothy nice and hard – and I think we both know the effect that will have on you.  We’ll also have a few other games after that one, and see which of you two will be declared the winner, and which will be struggling in pain or for air.”  

            Kimber laid down on the bed, spread her legs, and allowed Dorothy to move up and go down on her.  The Prince watched in both sexual curiosity and hope of learning some of the methods to make Kimber cum.  All of which turned him on again – making it even harder to concentrate.  Then pins began to press into his hardening cock again.  This one was going to hurt. 

            The King enjoyed creating his own inventions, as they almost always had a deeply perverted flair.  One of his favorites creations he called the kneeling chair.  It was basically a wooden box that was shaped to perfectly hold a kneeling woman, with a few very interesting modifications:  one, the woman’s arms had to be behind her back in order for her to fit into the box – and they would be trapped behind her once the box was closed and locked;  two, the box was fitted with a seat outside the box that rested on rollers right at the neck level of the woman in the box, so the legs of the person sitting on the chair would straddle the head of the boxed woman – and roll back and forth in front of her face for obvious reasons; three, of course, the woman’s face was covered only by a sliding panel, which could be slid away leaving her face to face with the rolling crotch of the person sitting on the chair – her head was slightly tilted forward to allow for the deepest possible penetration into her mouth from the seated man (or occasionally woman); finally, the top of the box contained a small lever handle which moved forward and back and a knob which turned – the lever connected to a mechanism at the bottom of the box which could be connected either to a wooden cock shaped dowel or a leather slapper; if the dowel was attached, the lever would slide the dowel up and down inside the pussy of the girl in the box – creating a control and instigation mechanism for the person sitting in the chair (various sizes and shapes of dowel had been tried – and the most effective was a dowel that grew increasingly large to painful as it was pushed up into the girl); but if the leather slapper was attached, the seated person could use the lever as a means of slapping the pussy and clit of the boxed girl – who could do nothing to stop it as her legs were locked apart within the box; the knob was attached to a leather string which was threaded to the front of the box and was tied to two nipple clamps which were attached to the girl in the box.  The knob clicked and locked as it turned.  The more the knob was turned, the more clicks, the more the thread pulled the clamps away from the girls’ nipples and forcing her to arch further and further forward in the box – stretching her sensitive nipples more and more.   All in all, it was very devious and wildly enjoyable for anyone sitting in such a chair.

The King had built an entire “King-sized” table surrounded by these boxed seats.  He often ate his dinner on one of these seats, with one of his favorite girls contained within it.  On very special occasions he allowed guests to enjoy the experience of the special chairs during their dinners at the court. 

The King loved the feel of rolling his chair back and forth - fucking a beautiful girl’s mouth while feeling her reactions to the torments he inflicted on her – all while sitting casually, even unknown to others, at his dinner table. The King could not wait to get the Princess into one of the chairs, but he also wanted to get her to a place where she would cum just from the torments and mouth fucking that she would endure while in the box.   From what he had seen so far, she was not just gorgeous, but a hidden sexual gem. It would not take long for her to reach that point.   The one torment he would not inflict on her was the wooden dowel, as her pussy was to be his and only his.  His cock throbbed with the need to take her.  Patience was becoming hard to come by, as it were. 

In the meantime, the King had devised another use for the box which would assist him in introducing his Princess to the erotic mix of pain and pleasure.  The King had ordered one of his favorite and most orally talented girls to be placed into a box to be delivered to his Throne room and for the Princess to be tied to it.  He arrived just as the final preparations were being made and the scene had begun.  The Princess was seated on the chair for the wooden box containing the girl.  Her legs had been pulled forward and wrapped around the back of the wooden box and tied together tightly, thus pressing her naked pussy into the open slat where the girl’s face was.  The Princess’s arms were stretched over her head and tied off to a hook in the ceiling.  The girl in the box had already begun her wonderful licking of the Princess’s exposed clit and pussy.  The Princess’s head was leaned forward and she was breathing heavily.  Her nipples were firmly pointed outward, she was rapidly working toward and crashing orgasm – lost in her thoughts and sensations.  The girl in the box was doing an excellent job of holding the Princess at the edge of orgasm. 

The King grabbed a soft whip that had been laid on the bed.  He tested it quietly behind the Princess before swinging it at her fully exposed back.  The first strike was not overly hard, but it was a surprise to the Princess and jerked her from her reverie.  The next few strikes were harder and more directed and eliciting pain – and they did.  The Princess squirmed on her chair and cried out as each blow scraped her back.  The King then paused and waited for the girl in the box to get the Princess back on her ramp toward climax.  It didn’t take long for the Princess to begin moaning lightly again.  The King swung the whip again several times, with a growing intensity.  The Princess cried out and pulled on her bonds to no avail.  The girl in the box smartly took little breaks during the whipping but immediately picked up her ministrations at each break.  This went on and on for some time.  The Princess was a beautiful cascade of sweat and desire – lovely red marks crisscrossing her back, hair matted to her arms and face.  Then, finally it happened all at once: the licking on her clit and the whipping on her back together pushed her into a new realm or orgasm, the paingasm.   It rolled through her body like nothing ever had before.  She wasn’t sure if she was breathing, dead, or alive – and didn’t honestly care.  The complete restraint added a indescribable element to her paingasm.  The fact that she could not escape the sensations or even move away from them with any of her own control caused her brain to give in to the King emotionally in a way she could never have understood before.  She felt a rush of desire – to have him take her completely.  She almost heard herself begging for it.  She wanted to, and she would have if she had the energy to speak.  Instead, she collapsed in her bonds; her head hung down just over her breasts and sweat dripped down her chest.  For the first time, she noticed the expression of the delicious girl in the box – who apparently was exceedingly happy, if not proud, with what she had done and was lightly licking the Princess into lovely little post-orgasmic shudders.  The King laid down the whip, walked up to the Princess, and began to run his hand over her body.  She moaned and imperceptibly leaned in his direction.  A few more experiences like this, and she would be exactly where he wanted her to be.  He would take her, and she would be his forever.  At that moment, she wanted nothing more herself.

The King stepped back to his bed and laid back, ready to enjoy what was to come.  The girl in the box started working the Princess again, building her up over and over, but never letting her cum.  Again and again.  The exhaustion turned to deep and desperate need.  The Princess was practically sobbing and begging to be allowed to cum.  The King finally moved back toward her, grabbed hair and pulled her head back through her arms.   He then stepped back and began to whip her breasts harshly.  It didn’t take long, the Princess was so close, the new thumping of pain on her sensitive nipples and breast drove her back into a ferocious orgasm which built and built within her as the King continued to beat her savagely.  Finally, she collapsed completely in her bonds, and the King (and the girl) stopped.

The time had come for the King to bring his plan to finality.  The Princess had spent the past week being tortured into cumming over and over again.  The Prince’s cock had also been tormented in his cage all week.  Everyone involved with the plan was exhausted.  The girls had done amazing work with the Prince, and they were going to be handsomely rewarded.  The Prince was left alone for a few days to recover – locked alone in his room, with his cage on of course.

The Princess had been allowed to sleep and rest for a few days, as well.  Of course, her hands were perpetually locked behind her back and to a leather body harness strapped onto her bare skin under her tunic.  She could rest, and would be fed, but no hands – especially her own – were allowed to touch her in any sexual way.  The buildup of need inside her was driving her insane.  Her body longed to cum – to be whipped – to be touched.  It was too much for her to handle, she understood that she would do anything to gain some release. 

Oddly, her thoughts only occasionally turned to her Prince.  Somehow, the incredible focus on her own pleasure and experience had left her concern for him flagging.  She knew he was not being harmed, to the contrary, he as apparently being well pleased.  The thought of his contact with other women had initially caused her emotional strife; now she was almost conceded that he was potentially enjoying his time at the castle.  To be honest with herself, she knew that when she closed her eyes and imagined being with someone, it was invariably the King and not the Prince.  She wondered if the Prince had grown to feel the same way about his captures.  She wondered why he had been unable to cum for her, when she had worked so hard for him.  Frankly, she could not imagine ever being out of this castle as a free woman again. 

The King knew that the last step to his Princess’s submission to him involved completely severing her connection to the Prince – how ever tenuous it might still be.  It all would come down to one final passion play, and it had to work perfectly. 

The evening of the event arrived and both the Prince and Princess had gone a full two weeks without any orgasms or even sexual contact.  They were both completely beside themselves.  The King’s assistants took care of everything perfectly.  The two former lovers were each brought into the King’s Throne-Room blindfolded with their hands cuffed behind their backs.  Each was led separately to the King’s large bed.  Each was tied spread-eagle to the bed – side by side – within a few feet of each other (so large was the King’s bed).  A cloth separator was draped between the Prince and Princess, so even if they had not been blindfolded, they would not have been able to see each other.  As the women of the court completed the binding of their charges and the removal of all of their clothes (and even the Prince’s cock cage), the King and Kimber entered the room.  They both mounted the bed from the end on either side of the cloth drape bisecting the bed length-wise and began moving up between the legs of the bound captives:  Kimber moving deftly between the Prince’s legs, and the King taking his time to move as carefully as possible between the Princess’s legs.  Kimber was the first to act – she reached out and tickled the underside of the Prince’s balls.  The Prince moaned and shifted his hips slightly, giving the Princess the first indication that someone was in the bed next to her.  After a few light teases, Kimber took the Princes’ shaft firmly in her hand and stroked it – with an obvious resolve that the Prince had not experienced in a very long time.  Usually his cock was, at best, lightly touched, sucked, and teased.  Most recently, it had been completely locked up without any contact whatsoever, even his own.  The Prince started moaning and panting.  The Princess was not sure exactly what was going on next to her, but she could sense that a man was on the bed with her.  The King reached up and pulled off the Princess’s blindfold.  She looked up and saw his naked body looming over her – her eyes smiled  and her body surged with sexual energy.  The King was kneeling between her legs, holding his semi-erect cock slowly rubbing it up and down along the Princess’s pussy – but at the same time, the King put a finger to his lips so as to indicate that the Princess needed to stay quiet.  She wanted him to fuck her so badly, she would do anything he said.  She emphasized the point but arching her pussy up toward the King’s cock, while lightly smiling at him.  The King understood and appreciated the gesture. 

The Prince’s cock throbbed as Kimber began to move on top of him.  She positioned herself straddling his waist – Putting one foot on one side of his hip and the other knee on the other side to allow just the tip of the Prince’s cock to touch her pussy for the first time.  She leaned into him, pressing her breasts against his chest and wiggling her pussy against his cock – now straining to find the entrance.  Kimber whispered in his ear, “It is finally time, my lord.  You will have me, and I will make you cum more intensely than you have ever imagined.  You just have to say one thing for me, and I will be yours. You must tell me that you want to have and own me, and not your Princess.”  The words were strong and intimidating, and Kimber issued them along with a slight movement of her pussy onto the head of the Prince’s cock.  She could feel the shiver run down his entire body.  He had been pent up for so long.  It was practically unfair – he would say anything at this point, and Kimber knew it.  “Please my lord, she whispered.  I have wanted to ride your cock for so long.  I have wanted to feel you cum over and over again.  But you must ask me to be yours, and tell me that you want me and not the Princess. And you must clearly use those words, my lord – and I will be yours!  I will slide my tight, wet little pussy down on your cock, I will milk the cum from deep inside you today and every day, and I will be yours to own forever.”  The Prince’s cock throbbed harder than it had at any time since he had been brought to the castle. 

On the other side of the bed, the King was fully erect and sliding his cock up and down the Princess’ very slick pussy, teasing her with the head occasionally allowing just the head to begin to enter her before pulling it back out.  The Princess was beginning to moan and buck against her restraints.  She finally couldn’t take it anymore.  “Oh god... she growled.  Please, please, PLEASE.. my lord... take me... now.  I want you inside me!”

The Prince clearly heard his Princess’ voice.  At that moment, the King yanked down the curtain separating the two sets of lovers.  The Prince saw his beautiful Princess bound and writhing on the bed next to him, nipples as hard as they could be; the King had his hard cock looming over her.  The Princess was also able to see the Prince and his very hard cock on the verge of being fucked by a gorgeous slave girl.  The Prince and Princess eyes met briefly.  There were both so turned on that they both reveled in the sexy image the other presented.  After a brief moment, they came to an unspoken understanding.  The Princess turned to her King, looked him in the eyes, then looked down at his throbbing cock, and said, “Take me, my lord.  I am yours to do with as you may.”  The Prince smiled up at Kimber and said, “I want you to be mine.  I want to own you and not the Princess, as she belongs to the King.”  The King and Kimber exchanged a glance, and then both began fucking the daylights out of their new lover. 


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