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A Wife's Alter Ego


“I had an interesting day today,” she said as she picked up his dinner plate with her right hand, “coffee?” The pot in her left hand moved toward the empty cup sitting in front of him.

“Yes — please,” he put down the tablet he had been studying, “tell me.”

She spoke as she poured, “I heard from Una . . . she said she was thinking of stopping by soon.”

He stiffened in his chair, “Oh!”  Now he looked up at her, “May I ask how soon?”

She giggled as she pulled the pot back and straightened up.  “Soon.”  She turned and headed off toward the kitchen and added over her shoulder, “She sounded rather serious.”

He sat there fretting with his tablet — finally turning it off.  Una, his mind contemplated her name, she hadn’t visited in a long time now, he took his coffee cup in both hands and brought it up to his mouth, oh god . . . I will be sore for a month. Last time she . . . oh . . . she . . . I don’t even like to think about it.

He didn’t notice his wife come back into the room, “She said that she had bought some new toys recently,” she was carrying her own coffee cup and spoke as she slid into her chair on the other side of the small table.  “She sounded really excited.”

“Oh, honey,” he sat his cup back down without taking a sip, “I don’t know.  I . . . uh . . ..”

“Yes dear?”  She smiled a big wide smile.

“I know how much you love Una, but . . .ah . . ..”

“You love her too,” she cooed, “last visit you got so hard I thought you would explode.”

“Yes,” he sighed, “but . . . maybe she could be a little less . . . a little more . . . ah . . . gentle?”

“Oh — I doubt that,” she took a long slurp of her coffee, her eyes sparkling as they fixed onto his.  “It has been a long time since she visited, and she is probably in a real mood by now.”  She took another slurp.  “You know how she gets — how sometimes she just, needs things.”  She sat the cup down, and her smile turned to something more like a gremlin grin.

He trembled.  Oh god, he thought, I am in real trouble this time.  I can see it in her eyes, she wants this . . . whatever this is going to be.  What toys did she buy this time?  He shifted in his seat, suddenly needed to re-arrange his manhood, which had grown exponentially large.

“Don’t worry to much though,” her look softened slightly, “she loves you, and she knows your limits . . . more or less,” She added as an after thought.

“But last time,” he whined, “she really violated me . . . it was . . . it was — humiliating.”

“I know,” she slipped from her chair and made her way around the table, then dropped her arms over his shoulders, her hands moving down his chest, then lower still, “But those thoughts are so exciting,” her hands began to rub him in a well practiced fashion, “and for tonight just the thoughts will be enough.”

* * *

“Hi honey,” she took his face in her hands and gently kissed his lips.

He sat his brief case on the floor, and then took her into his arms, “What a nice greeting.  I could get used to this.”

She stepped back, casually removing his arms from around her waist, “Una is here baby . . . and she wants me to get you ready.”

His eyes met hers — for just a brief moment, then they dropped, and his shoulders slumped, “Oh . . . I . . . ohhhhh.”

“Shush baby — it will be alright . . . you’ll see.” She was grinning a wide ear to ear grin.  “I am supposed to get you ready,” she reached out with a finger and lifted his chin, “and you are supposed to call me madam — yes madam, no madam . . . got it?”

“Yes,” he answered just before her hand slapped him.  It was a gentle slap, but a total surprise too.  “Ah — I mean — ah, yes madam”

“Una, of course, is your mistress, but I am your madam mister — and don’t you forget it again.”  Her voice wasn’t nearly as harsh as she wanted it to be, but was rather jovial instead.  “Next time you forget I will have to spank your bare butt . . . or swat your manhood.” She giggled.  “Now, get naked.”


She slapped him again, this time it was a little harder.

“I mean — do you want me to undress right here . . . madam?”

“Yes, and be quick about it — just toss your clothes over there,” she pointed to her right, “onto that chair.  Be quick about it — you don’t want to keep Una waiting do you?”

While he fumbled with his pants — forgetting to take off his shoes first — then kind of hopping on one leg all tangled up he pulled at them – she turned and walked over to the dinning room table.  By the time she came back he had his pants and shoes off and was removing his socks. 

“Bend over — and pull down your underpants!  Quickly!”

“What?  Ah, I mean, what are you going to do with that — madam?”

“My, my — such a simpleton.  What do you think silly man?  Una wants you plugged.  And she wants me to do it,” She giggled, her eyes sparkling.  “Don’t worry, I have lube right here,” she raised her left hand showing him the small tube of lubricant.  “And I already greased this up . . . now bend over and pull your cheeks apart.”

“Ohhhhhh,” he began to turn, “can I take off my shirt and tie first?”

“No — bend over — now!”

He bent over and grabbed his ankles, but did not pull down his underpants.  “You are beginning to upset me,” she growled.

He reached up and pulled the underpants — jockey shorts — down, and then reached back with both hands and separated himself.  It was embarrassing . . . humiliating, and even though she was his wife, and they were alone in their apartment it was still very degrading.  Then he felt her fingers and the cool sensation of the lubricant.  She took her time, rubbing all around his privet hole slowly, then finally pushing her finger into it — gently at first, then with more and more force until it was clear inside.  He could here her breathing, and it was a kind of panting.  She began to finger fuck his hole.  This went on for what seemed to be a long time, and then she pulled out completely.  There was a moment’s pause before he felt the plug touch him back there . . . it didn’t want to go in — she pushed it harder.  He flinched — then in an instant it entered into him completely.

“There now,” she sighed, patting his butt softly with her hand, “how does that feel?”

“Weird,” he started to straighten up.

She giggled, and her hand reached around his waist to grab him, “Oh!  It seems that you do like this after all.”  She giggled louder, and began to stroke him.

He stood erect now, his mind turning to mush, his thoughts a jumble.  How can I like this? It . . . it . . ..

“Una will be pleased that you are prepped for her tonight — she has a big new toy that she bought just for you baby.”

“Ohhhhh, god,” he sighed, as her giggle turned to a soft laugh.

* * *

As he opened the bedroom door – naked as instructed – he saw Una laying on the bed waiting for me … her smile wide and wicked, her eyes sparkling.  “It has been awhile,” she purred, “and I need to mount you baby.”

She was laying casually on one arm, legs open, wearing a pair of open toed high heel shoes . . . and . . . a huge (or so it looked to him anyway) strap-on dildo fastened securely to her waist.  As he stared at it blankly – trying to reconcile the conflicting emotions that he was feeling – she giggled.  “It’s a new one baby.  I just bought it and can’t wait to see it fit nicely inside you.”

He swallowed hard – her voice was so enticing – it dripped with desire and lust.  She went on, “You know how much I like violating you – how much it turns me on – how much I need to do it every so often . . . its like . . . like a wonderful sense of ownership – a power that sends shivers all through me . . . oh yes, baby – I like to violate you.”

He dropped his head – it was so embarrassing . . . his manhood was stiff as a post, and he was slipping into the role of an object – not a man, or even a person any longer, but rather something to be used, and abused, and possessed, and . . . yes – violated.  How could he like this?  But he did – and she knew that he did.  Not as much as she liked it maybe, but not a lot less either.

* * *

“There now – there now . . . just relax – that’s the head . . . it just entered you . . . more soon, but let that open you up.”  She was purring now – totally in control, and loving every moment of it – the power, the sensations of doing such a wonderfully nasty thing to her man.  “A little more now – there . . . no, don’t tighten up . . . just relax . . . ahhhhh yes – about half way now, baby.  How does it feel?”

“Ahhh – it kind of hurts.”

“Oh – poor baby.”  She shoved it in a little farther, “are you my man-bitch?  Huh?  Say it – say, I am your man-bitch and I like you to fuck me.  Say it!”

“I don’t want to . . . Ahhh . . .” She shoved it in all the way, and with a sudden thrust, “Okay – okay . . . I am your man-bitch.”

“And you like it – say it . . . I want to hear you say that you like Una fucking your sweet tight little ass . . . say it!”

“I . . . I like it . . . I like Una fucking me,” he mumbled that last part as he fell forward onto the pillow, burying his face in it but keeping his butt up so that she could continue using him.

“And Una loves fucking you too, baby . . . she really does.”  Now she started to go in and out – slowly, gently – feeling the subtle sensations of the dildo rubbing softly on her clit – and the tingle in her nipples.  “It looks sooooo nasty . . . you should see it – it is so nice to see it go in and out . . . here, lets put a bit more lube on it.”  She paused the motion for a moment as she dropped some lubricant onto the half exposed shaft, rubbed it all around, then rubbed some on his now stretched hole, then she gently shoved it all the way in again.  He groaned softly into the pillow – a groan that sent a shiver up her and caused her to giggle involuntarily.  Oh yes, she was thinking, I do love this . . . now for the best part.

Her thrusts began to increase in speed and intensity – the sensations in her clit were getting serious now, and the whole situation was causing her to approach her first climax.  She would have several before she quit, but the first was always special – it was the one that set the stage, set the tone – she was in charge tonight, and she was going to use him hard.  Other nights it was he who would use her – but not tonight – tonight he was her man-bitch, her sex slave, her toy, her object of desire and she was going to make the most of it.

As her climax built she reached around under him to his chest and began to pinch his nipples – gently at first . . . playing with them – her thrusts causing him to shudder as she began to pound him harder and harder . . .and then, just as the first orgasm began to sweep into her she pinched his nipples hard – pinched them and twisted them – hurt them – hurt them and made her own sensations even more intense – he was, after all, her man-bitch – her toy – and she was using him, violating him . . . and then – “I’m coming bitch!  I’m coming in your ass – bitch!”  She let go of his nipples, straightened up – thrusting hard now – jamming him – wanting it to go as deep as she could make it go – and she smacked his ass.  Now the shudders of her orgasm shook her and she kept the dildo deep, rubbing herself against his butt – and she felt complete – whole, and oh so powerful – a true goddess claiming what was rightfully hers.

* * *

He lay there on his back breathing deeply.  She was still playing with his cum, rubbing in on his stomach with her finger – and every so often putting that finger into his mouth . . . each time giggling as she did so.  “Sometime soon I think I am going to make you eat some of this for me,” she said with a purely wicked grin on her face, “wouldn’t that be fun?”

She had pounded him for what seemed like hours, and he was very, very sore – his butt hole burning and a sense of humiliating exhilaration confusing his mind.  His own orgasm (which she had finally allowed him to have) was subdued and was itself embarrassing since she had only let him use her hand and watched as his cum spurted onto his own stomach, and now she was enjoying the final moments of her domination.  “I love you bitch,” she purred as she leaned over and kissed him, her hand slipping down to encase his balls . . . and squeeze them gently.  He knew that she liked to hold his balls in her hand – liked it even in normal times . . . there was something in doing that which she seemed to enjoy – like maybe something she had imagined as a little girl and always wanted to be able to do.  But whatever it was, she did it often, and she always smiled as she did so.  “Do you feel used?”

“Yes . . . very much.”

“Good – that makes it even better.  And you feel fully violated?”  She continued to hold his balls, gently but firmly.

“Yes . . . very much.

“Good,” she repeated, letting go of his balls and flopping back onto the pillow, “Every woman wants to feel like this sometimes.  Powerful, and in control.”

“How many times did you cum?”  He asked.

She giggled and looked over at him, “I don’t know – I lost count.  When I see that big cock in your tinny little asshole like that it just drives me crazy and I just want to keep doing it to you over and over.  I know that you are getting sore, and that it isn’t all that much fun for you, but I can’t help myself . . . I do love it . . . sometimes.”  She paused, shifted her look back to the ceiling and sighed, “But not all the time – sometimes I like being violated too, you know.”

“Yeah, I do.  I love that Una comes to visit once in a while, but would not want her to stay for to long . . . my butt would never hold up,” he added with a smile.

She glanced over at me, her eyes sparkling, “Well then, she should do you one more time tonight . . . don’t you think?  Roll over.”

“Oh god!” he groaned, “I won’t be able to walk.”

“Oh – don’t be such a pussy,” She giggled hard, “Or – maybe that is what you are tonight huh?  My man-bitch pussy?”  She giggled hard again . . . and he rolled over again.

It was going to be a long night.

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