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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 14

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, f, M+, Real Life, Domination, Humiliation, Lingerie, Masochism, Spanking, Submission, Consensual


The news from the USA was that he’d be back as planned in another three months which was bad news for me as I’d hoped he’d be back sooner. The good news came in the form of more packages some $35,000 worth £23,000 and enough to pay off my mortgage in full and on his instruction buy a small family car. With the extra money in the bank, I even managed to buy a new sofa and a new carpet for the front room which was still stained from my last session with the seven black guys. I had a long telephone conversation with him for over an hour paid for by the US Marine Corps I even had the operator telling me I had a call from “Top Sergeant Hughes” I asked him what a bottom Sergeant was and he told me “A Corporal.” I told him about the progression with Gerald and it amused him and I also told him about Alison asking me why I wouldn’t pose for Robert and he told me to “Go for it he’s seen it all before let him if he asks to get those legs open, tell you what, whatever you do for Gerald you will have to do for Robert, agreed?” I agreed I would if he asked again but only if he asked.
I was in work bright and early Friday morning and just for a treat to myself, I wore the suspender belt Gerald had given me complete with lace top stockings. The knee-length skirt was just long enough to show a bit of thigh when I was sat or if it rode up but it was also long enough to hide the stocking tops. The fact nobody wore black tights or stocking for that matter in the day caused the men in the office to tease me. “Are those stockings you’re wearing Susan? I bet they are.” I didn’t answer any of them or comply with their requests to “Give us a flash” or “Let me twang your suspenders, Susan.”
Our Regional Director known as Jolly Rodger pointed out that if I was wearing stockings he has to spank my bottom because that was “very naughty and naughty girls got their bottom spanked.” The Manager and the rest of the male staff started a book to see if I was or wasn’t wearing stockings. I pointed out that they would never find out to which Jolly Rodger said was a challenge. The next day Saturday I didn’t wear anything on my legs which was a mistake because it was bloody cold. So Sunday as I was on my own or so I thought I put the stockings back on.
It happened quite quickly when it did happen Jolly Rodger was in looking the worst for wear after a night on the town with his wife and their cronies. I think he came to work to get away from her nagging as she was known for it. He called me over to go through some figures as he had done dozens of time and for a change, I brought him a coffee and asked as I always did “Bad night?” he just smiled at me and moved some paper on his desk to make way for the cup. As I put it down on the table he put his hand up my skirt. I didn’t feel it at first but all of sudden I knew it was there, maybe if I still had the cup in my hand I would have tipped it over his head. Instead, I just stood half bent over the table until his hand touches the skin above my stocking tops. I didn’t move just stared down at him and told him “So now you know.”

His hand lingered there without moving “north” as it were and then he pulled in down, another few inches and he’s known I didn’t wear knickers either. There was an awkward silence which stopped when the other weekend girl came in. Jolly Rodger left about mid-morning giving me a knowing smile as he said he’d see me Friday. Clare the other girl told me “You better watch out for him Susan he fancies you, you know.”

As it was school holiday half term maybe I didn’t pose for Gerald that week as my children were home and driving me mad now both at school fulltime apart from holidays I was free to work more hours if needed. The fact I could earn more posing for a couple of hours with my legs open for Gerald than I did selling houses. That said I’d only done the “Magazine” poses once for him but I knew it wouldn’t be the end.

I’d just arranged a night out with Susan at work on Friday and for my baby sitter to sit that night when Jolly Rodger walked in and announced he had something to say and we all gathered around to hear what it was. “Ladies and gentlemen I can announce that after extensive investigation I have discovered that Susan (pointing to me) is, in fact, wearing tights and not stockings” they all laughed and I blushed. The book was settled and when he was asked how he knew he told them “I saw the packet in her rubbish bin” and they all moaned in disappointment. Once they had all settled down to work and the phones were ringing Gail  one of the girls said to me “Men are such liars he just wanted the money, I know you’re wearing stockings because I can clearly see the clips on the end of the suspender straps.” I just smiled at her and laughed when she said: “At least he got those idiots out of your hair, silly bastard.” Later I was called into the upper office by Jolly Rodger who thanked me for not contradicting him and told me if he saw me out on the town that night he’d buy me a drink. I asked what made him think I’d drink with him and he smiled at me.
As a matter of fact, I did see him or I should say Susan saw him when we were at The Bank and a little worse for wear should we say. I’d endured for the ten-thousandth time some fool telling me he’d seen my husband deal with “Those guys pulling you into that van” I thought I’d scream the place down if one more person told me that. I had also been chatting to Alan who was still picking up women or I should say young girls on a Friday night and didn’t look a day older. He made it clear he was ready willing and able to take up where we’d left off and when I asked him how his Mother was I got a one-word reply “Dead” expecting me to be shocked to which he got “Good” and with that, he left me.

Jolly Rodger insisted on buying us a couple of drinks and even offered to drive us both home but Susan declined his offer even before my brain had the chance to process it. Susan now lived close to the town centre having met a younger guy married him and split up all within six months now she was on the lookout for husband number two. We left the club at 1.45 and made our way to Susan’s house had a “little play” and I arrived home at 3 am and as arranged the sitter was fast asleep in the spare room and I slumped into bed only to be woken up at 6 am by my two children jumping up and down on me.

By the time I got into work at I felt like death warmed up and I just have looked like it as well as Gail told the office Junior to take me to the ladies and tidy me up a little while she made me some coffee. I remember thinking “Who the hell buys a house at 8.30 am on a Saturday morning anyway, the bastards.” The answer to that was a lot of people and by 9.00 am the place was packed and I was on my 5th cup of coffee. Being a part-time employee I wasn’t allowed to go on viewings with clients to show them houses and so on Saturdays I normally found myself manning the office often alone which wasn’t a hardship. By the afternoon things generally quietened down a lot as people finished their weekend shopping. 

Still the worse for wear my stomach empty of everything other than multiple cups of coffee and a head that had just remembered that it should still be aching after forgetting it should after a morning of activity. I felt, to be frank awful and wanted to sleep. Just as I thought I could sit down and have a rest in walked Edward Simms aka Jolly Rodger our Regional Director who told me I looked awful and asked me to bring him some coffee. When I took it to him he wanted to show me a new property he was thinking of buying for him and his new wife of almost a year. As I stood there next to him at his desk in the same place as I had the last time he’s put his hand up my skirt it dawned on me that maybe he’d do it again. I wasn’t disappointed or shocked either I think I was expecting it if I was honest, hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

I didn’t move mainly because I didn’t want to or perhaps I couldn’t be bothered too, up went his hand up the back of my leg and under my skirt and I just stood there and let him. It went up to my stocking top and past to the part between the lace top and onto the skin and by now his hand was running up my leg, it didn’t move. I didn’t move either when it did continued all the way up to where he’s expected to find knickers but all he discovered was my bare backside. There he hesitated and looked up at me and I asked him “Surprised?” and his hand left my bottom and came back into daylight. He didn’t say a word as I do believe he was surprised first of all because I hadn’t stopped him and secondly at what he’d found or didn’t find. Before he could react the door opened and in walked some people looking for a house.

The next day (Sunday) Gail and I were working and I remember telling her when she asked if I needed her daughter to babysit Friday? That no I wouldn’t because I didn’t have Susan that week to go out with so she could have a night out herself. Low and behold halfway through the afternoon Jolly Rodger walked in and sat at his desk in the main office just barely managing to say hello to us both, Gail commented to me “Moody bastard” with a nod of her head in his direction, I just smiled back at her. It was raining heavily as was it most October Sundays and there were few people about and after a short space of time, Gail was complaining that she had to go out on viewing and would get soaked to the skin but off she went. I told myself it would take less than ten minutes for him to say or do something and I was right and with five to spare, he called me over to his desk.
I stood next to him this time sideways on to his desk and he turned to me and asked me “You got any more surprises for me Susan?” and smiled and asked told him I didn’t know what he meant and smiled. “Stockings for work, no knickers, was that because you forgot to put some on or are you always like that?” Again I just smiled at him and told him “You shouldn’t be asking questions like that should you.”  Only to be told “No but you didn’t answer my question did you?” No, I hadn’t and I wasn’t going to either but still, I didn’t move and as I was stood at his side if he put his hand between my leg just above the knee with me looking straight at him. For a second it was stalemate he was looking me in the eyes and I him, then he moved his swivel chair just slightly towards me and once more I didn’t move. Taking the hem of my skirt in his hands he didn’t take his eyes off mine and then slowly he lifted it up struggling to do so as it was quite tight. I closed my legs to make it easier for him to lift the skirt and once it was up he lowered his stare down to my shaved and very exposed cunt surprise, surprise Jolly Rodger.
I didn’t move at all or take my eyes off his face he didn’t look back at me, just said: “Fucking hell” to which I told him “I expect they do” and I reach down and took hold of my skirt and held it up. This he took for his signal to make his move which it was and he did. Putting his hand forward to touch me I automatically opened my legs easily done now they were not restricted by a tight skirt, years of training and punishment kicking in instantly. Taking his middle finger and still sat down he ran it along my cunt lips and then inserted it slowly into me. He was unwittingly doing the one thing guaranteed to get him a fuck from me, fingering my cunt and my groaning told him just that. He stood and without taking his now two fingers from my cunt kissed me pulling me towards him and told me “You’re dripping you naughty girl” and I giggled and then gasped and he worked his fingers into me rubbing my clitoris as he did and bringing me to a swift and noisy orgasm.

The rain was stopping people were coming into the office but the front door was unlocked and Gail could have come back at any time. Still he now wanted a fuck and I wanted to be fucked all he needed to say was “Upper office” and once he’d taken his fingers out of me licking them after he had we both made our way there knowing we would be fucking very soon and still holding my skirt up exposed from the waist down. There was no talking, no finesse nothing he just bent me over the desk I opened my legs; he took out his cock and fucked me. It didn’t last long and when it had he sat back in his chair and I stayed bent over the desk as his cum leaked out of me and onto the floor. Once he’s got his breath back he complimented me on my “great arse” and I thanked him. Once I’d got my own breath back I reached for a tissue off the desk, wiped the cum from my cunt lips, reorganised my skirt and returned to my own desk, leaving him with his cock still out. Gail came back seconds later the clients hadn’t turned up.

The affair lasted eighteen months and it took Gail less than one of them to find out, how she did, she never told me, and to be honest I think he told her. My oldest friend was less than impressed but didn’t judge or so she said. Luckily for both Jolly Rodger and myself my husband didn’t find out or to be accurate he didn’t find out for years afterward. He fucked me several times a week at work, at his house, in hotels, in empty houses we had the keys to, outside in some dark alley or in his car but never at my house for some reason it didn’t feel right for me to take him home.
When my husband returned from the US his secondment finally over I already knew I was pregnant and that the father was Edward although I wasn’t far gone at all. It was difficult for me to let him (my husband) touch me knowing another man’s child was growing inside me. I wasn’t confused I wanted my husband but I also wanted the excitement of the vanilla affair I was having. After six weeks at home, he went back to Dorset and wasn’t due back for another six, unless of course, I wanted to go south with him, which I didn’t. He knew there was something wrong I know he did but thank god he didn’t push me on what it was. Once he’d gone south Edward paid for me to once more go to Birmingham for my second abortion. Unable to have sex for another six weeks the timing was just right for when he came home on leave again. That said I sucked a lot of cock for those six weeks including in the gents toilets in his favorite pub.
I never got close to developing feelings for Jolly Rodger and he was the same it was a strange situation if he was around I wanted him to fuck me. If he wasn’t I didn’t think about him and to him, I was just the owner of a great arse with a shaved cunt who fucked him at the drop of a hat. There was no plans to run off together, no deal for him to leave his wife or me my husband I find it hard to explain because he wasn’t even a good looker if anything he was a bit cheesy and his attitude arrogant as he once told me I was “A pair of legs with a cunt on top that he fucked” he thought it was a joke but I knew it was true and I didn’t mind in fact I think I liked it that way.
The sex with Jolly Rodger was always hard and fast and I barley ever took off my clothes we once spent two nights together in a hotel near Preston close to the M6 Motorway when I told my husband I was “On a course” but most of the time I was on a cock. This was most likely well over a year since he first fucked me and was the first time we’d ever seen each other naked. Before that it would be a skirt or dress up bent over something very rarely were my tits even involved with him not being a breast man and mine not being that big. We never had anal sex either he never asked or showed an interest in it or I never suggested it to him. As I have said before kissing people we “swapped” with or others who “used” me never happened unless it was another woman. With Jolly Rodger it was different he always kissed me even when I was on my period he’d sit me on his knee and kiss me nonstop as I wanked him off. On those occasions he’d kiss me softly almost lovingly until he shot his cum and when he’d wipe himself and tell me to go.
The one and only time he carried out his threat to “Put me over his knee” happened during one of the Christmas’s our affair carried on for. His wife had arranged an office party for the branch and while she was setting it up he took me to view a house with him that had just been reprocessed. Clearly, his only intention was to fuck me and we both knew it and at the time I’d developed a habit of saying to him “Yes Sir” or “No Sir” this brought a remark from him telling me the next time I’d go over his knee. Once in the house, he told me to check something or other to which I answered “Yes Sir” then he told me to take off my skirt sat down and ordered me to bend over his knee. He spanked me hard, very hard and even bruised me and he hurt his hand as well. The fuck afterward was also good and halfway through the party he took me outside and fucked me again bent over a wheelie bin pinching my bruised bum as he did me hard.

It was Jolly Rodger who stopped the affair and not me and it stopped just as oddly as it started one day we were alone in the office and he didn’t touch me or call me to his upper office and that was that he never touched me or even make suggestive comments to me ever again. He never told me why and I never asked maybe his wife found out or he got tired of me who knew I never did. Would I have liked it to carry one? Maybe I don’t know. Would I have carried it on myself if he hadn’t ended it? I expect so mainly because I am unsure why it started in the first place so I expect I would have let it continue as I would have restarted it at the drop of a hat. It now was game over after eighteen months and one aborted child it ended.

Photographic Prostitute.

Things have progressed quickly for me since I last posed for Gerald in our studio for one thing I’d started an affair with my boss and for another Robert had once again asked me to pose for him and I had agreed. The half-term holidays over and I was expecting a call from Gerald and it duly arrived. In the meantime, he’d invested some more of his hard-earned money in a Leicester studio this time he’s paid he told me over £200 in model fees to get the shots he wanted plus another £50 on studio hire. These “Continental” poses he told me were far from satisfactory and not really what he was after, although he was reluctant to tell me what that was. I did ask him if he would want “Magazine” (legs wide open) style poses from me when he came or just full figure? (Nude with legs closed) His reply was “Oh I was hoping for some Continental shooting if that is ok with you?” remembering what the former page 3 girl had said to me years before I said it was.

Just as before Gerald brought with him his camera bags, a plastic carrier bag and an envelope full of old black and white photographs. This time the photographs were of various woman including his mother holding open their cunts by the lips and with various implements and vegetables inserted into them. I was shocked because this woman was like a little white-haired saint and here she was with half a marrow up her and in one a cucumber clearly cut in half with one half in her cunt and the other up her arse. In one she was dressed as a French Maid and in another an old fashioned Police Woman and one set as a Nurse. The final set it wasn’t her that was inserting things inside her it was another woman and towards the end a man, saucy old Mommy.

In the plastic bag there was more lingerie this time not as expensive and in fact a more than a little tacky and also surprise, shock horror not one but two very angry looking dildos they were big by any standards. I took one out and held it up in front of me and asked Gerald “Now tell me what you expect me to do with this?” Not for the first time he blushed and answered “Well I rather thought those photos would have explained” they had and we settled for £60 an hour and he was happy with that having paid £100 an hour in Leicester mind you the girl was at least ten years younger than me the “mature woman” at least she looked it from his photos even if she looked uninterested.

For the first hour, I dressed in my Daisy Duke shorts and a checked shirt before being naked his first request was for me to bend over and open my cheeks for him, not an unusual request for me by any means. Later after a lighting change, he handed me one of the dildos with me dressed in tacky suspenders and naff stockings and I lay back thought of the money and fucking my boss at work and pushed it in. With my legs wide open and a dildo inside me, Gerald gave me instructions which took the edge off it for me I must admit. So after a short break to change film backs on his camera, I suggested I use the dildo on myself and he just shoots what he saw. The only thing I had to do was not cum or make too much noise. I managed the second one but came all be it quietly. Later not knowing I was in a state of orgasm Gerald told me that was his favorite photo of me.
Towards the end of the session, as I lay back my legs wide open, cunt gaping and wet as he took shot after shot, he explained he was hoping for some shots in the “Bottom hole” and I told him to wait a moment and went and got some KY Jelly. I think he managed to get a dozen or more shot with me impaled in my arse with the smaller dildo. Which on his request I managed to bend into a U shape and give him some DP shots and the exhibitionist in me gave myself my second orgasm of the day.  He asked me as he packed up with me still naked and legs open on a post cum state “Would you consider posing with another model if I could find one?” Maybe it was the two secret orgasms I just had while deep in the thought of my Boss fucking me or maybe it was because I am a slag but I told him “Yes I’d do that” and after a thought added “for £90 an hour” and for the first time I saw Gerald was semi-hard.
I didn’t have to wait too long before Gerald found his “Model” in fact it was the next day asking me if I was free the following day which was Thursday. I asked him if he was able to afford all this because it was an expensive week (my way of reminding him it would cost him another £180) he told me that he could afford it and not to worry about it and so it was arranged. The only fly in the ointment was when he turned up with his “model” it was a fat balding middle-aged man. When I was expecting a woman and I told him so and I also didn’t fancy this man in the slightest so I demanded to know what type of posing I was expected to do.
I told Gerald that there was no way I was going to fuck this man only to be told that wasn’t expected just to pose in the same way I had done before and allowed the man who's name I didn’t know to hold them and insert them. I was not happy at all and the first few shots showed that. When I was naked after doing the “flap shots” with me holding my cunt open we had a rest and I went to get the dildos. When I came back the guy was naked and let me tell you he looked better with his clothes on. It was him who suggested I use them as I had the last time (clearly Gerald had told him all) and I once more lay back and inserted one of the dildos still not happy. That of course soon changed as I closed my eyes and thought of other things ordering me not to my knees Gerald also told whoever it was to join me and he took hold of the dildo and began to work it.
I heard Gerald telling me or maybe both of us to turn this way or that and I/we did as asked. It’s amazing what happens to you once you get immersed in something and they say your body can’t tell lies. The simple fact was a large dildo was moving in and out of me and I liked it and all inhibitions started to leave me as usual, once the juices started to flow. The contact soon went from him holding the dildo to him holding me or parts of me and soon it was the guy telling me what to do. He squeezed my breasts which I have always like, held my cheeks open and then my cunt lips open telling me to “Smile for the camera” which made me smile. The anal insertions hurt me as I’d forgotten to get some more KY Jelly he used the juices from my cunt as a lube fingering me to get at the fluid. At that point, I have to admit that if he slipped his cock up me I would have fucked him.
His erection was nothing to write home about but he didn’t have the slighted trace of embarrassment once it was hard and pointing in my direction. He turned me to face the camera and got behind me and just for a second I thought I was about to be fucked and I’m not sure if I was disappointed when I wasn’t, or not. Instead, he pushed one dildo in my cunt and the other in my arse using my cunt juices and then proceeded to double fuck me with them. I tried not to scream out of giving the fact away I was coming but it was a complete waste of time and with a mixture of pleasure, pain, and humiliation I came and made a loud noise doing it.
At the end of the session, I was totally without inhibitions and lay there in a daze with an ugly, fat, balding middle-aged man with body odour standing next to me with an erection.  He made some comment about not leaving him this way referring to his hard cock and I smiled and reached out got hold of it and began to wank him off. Gerald got me to stop and start again telling him to say “now” when he was about to cum so he could get the “Cum shot” he did but Gerald missed it. The model whoever it was thanked me and said he looked forward to working with me again and they both left and I never saw the little fat guy again.
Sunday night my brother-in-law Robert chose to shoot me in the studio and arranged to come up with Alison for Sunday tea which Alison would get ready when I was at work. I stayed a little later than normal mainly well only because I was in for fucking from Jolly Rodger which I dually received. I walked into the house kissed my sister hello with spunk drying on my legs and stocking tops. We ate tea while the children talked to their uncle Robert and aunty Alison and all the time I was thinking about the cock I’d taken an hour or so before.
About 8 pm with the children sound asleep in bed Robert suggested we make a start and then it dawned on me I still had dried cum on my body so I agreed but before we started I wanted quick shower much to Robert’s annoyance. After the shower, I made my way with a little trepidation up to the loft ladder to the studio and thank god I cleaned it since the Thursday shoot otherwise there would have been two dildos still messy from use still about.
As my husband had pointed out Robert had seen it all before something he was eager to reiterate so when I asked him what he had in mind he said “OK Susan let’s start off with some of you in lingerie how about the quarter cup bra I saw you in” I blushed and I blushed deeply and very red. He continued “Do you still have the short leather skirt and maybe put some stockings on and some high heels but leave the knickers off you won’t need them.” I again blushed, that was how I dressed for BBC god does he know? Of course, he knew there was little if anything he didn’t know.
A quarter of an hour later I returned to the studio now feeling anxious to be told by Robert I looked like a slut and that was what he wanted but perhaps a little more eye makeup, please. There were no dildo’s or orgasms in that shoot but once more my body betrayed me and as I posed this way and that in a see-through blouse and a quarter cup bra now a cup size too small I knew I was getting wet. Off came the top and I posed now with my tits pulled out of the bra. Off came the leather shirt and then the bra and of course open came the legs. Over on the bed, I posed arse in the air cheeks apart on my back cunt lips pulled open and then fingers inside myself licking or trying to lick my own nipples.
Robert commented on my state telling me that he could see I was wet who was I to call him a liar I was and I also humiliated and he knew that as well. The shoot lasted a couple of hours and he told me he’d enjoyed it and in fact, I’d got him hard. Then for the first time, he asked me “You feel like doing anything about it?” I refused mainly because I was confused about what to do and I declined. This was the first time Robert had made sexual advances to me what should I do tell my sister, tell my husband? If it told her would she believe me or would she blame me? So I thought better of it but I did tell my husband the next time he rang me and he laughed it off telling me “The next time wank him off.” I hoped there wouldn’t be the next time but there was.
At this stage, I was Ok for money with no mortgage to pay and a better part-time job now three days a week and as much cock as I wanted from Jolly Rodger. To say nothing of the little extras I was earning as a part-time model. On Gerald’s recommendation, I was contacted by another photographer who was interested in “Figure work” having seen Gerald’s work with me. I was a little eager to find out what type of photos Gerald had shown him only to be told I was nude or partly dressed but it was all very tasteful. Since Gerald had brought his “Male Model” I’d not seen him for a couple of weeks not that I was missing him in the slightest. So when Sam Sharpe contacted me after asking him to post me some of his work to show me what he had in mind I agreed to pose for him. I did a two-hour session with him all very time and he was a complete gentleman. I’d say he was in his fifties I’d say white short hair about the same age as my father.
After the session I was getting myself dressed behind the screen when he told me that he thought it was funny that he just saw me as naked as the day I was born but I was in hiding and putting my clothes back on I had to admit it was pretty funny when you think about it I suppose. Nevertheless, I didn’t come from behind the screen until I was fully dressed funny or not. Just before he left he asked me if I’d be interested in some work on location he was shooting a calendar for a friend who owned a Jaguar Dealership and was doing two versions of it. One was for the traditional clients and the other one for the “Special” select clients I could shoot one in the morning and the other in the afternoon or one one day and the other the next if it was taking too long. The shoot was in Birmingham if I was interested and he said he’d contact me in a couple of weeks if I was good if not he was glad to meet me anyway.
Gerald was quite put out that I’d posed for Sam without him being there and you know I think he was jealous. That said he was eager to do some more shooting and asked me if I was ready to pose with another model and take up where we had left off. I didn’t realise this was a loaded question until the day of the shoot. I did know that the model was a man in his thirties and he was a bodybuilder, he only had to be a Fireman to make it perfect. With this in mind, I established some ground rules the main one being if I said no then no was it. This agreed and I took his booking for the next Wednesday.
On Wednesday morning Gail rang from work asking me if I could come in that day but I told her that I had something on in the afternoon but I could work until 1 pm but then I’d have to leave which was good enough. The only thing that could delay me was Jolly Rodger and once he knew I was in the office he decided to cum in and at 12.30 just as I was about to leave. He called me into his upper office usually reserved for clients or giving staff a hard time or in my case a hard cock. If I had tried to say no I would have spent half an hour explaining why not as he just didn’t like taking no for an answer not that I ever did. So I told him I was in a hurry walked to his side of the desk lifted my skirt up and out of the way spread my legs and bent over the table telling him “I told you I was in a hurry get your cock up me.”
When I arrived home Gerald and his model a dishy looking guy called Tony was sitting at the top of my drive in Gerald’s car. Normally he would have been there half an hour early to set up and the shoot would have started at 1 pm on the nail. This time it was 1 pm and Gerald was not a happy man and was made even more so when he realised I’d have marks on my body from my clothes as I wouldn’t have had time to make sure there wasn’t any by just wearing my dressing gown for an hour before. Nor did I have the time to shower before either. An irritated Gerald went straight to the studio followed by Tony who was forced to introduce himself.
By 1.15 I had, had a quick very fast wash down, do something with my hair and was putting on some more makeup in a vain attempt at hiding my flushed face by 1.20 I was ready for action. Not bad seeing that I was bent over a desk getting fucked senseless less than half an hour before. Gerald pointed out that as I had to pick up my children at 3.30 the full two hour session would be impossible so he’s either have to come back later in the week for one of the hours or just shoot for a single hour there was no doubt he was pissed off with me, I should never have let Jolly Rodger fuck me. Feeling a little awkward I told Gerald that it was up to him and his “male model” said he could come back anytime.
They soon had my clothes off completely Gerald telling me he wanted some “classical” poses and was taking an age to pose me in them. Tony it turned out was of all things a “Fireman” based about 40 miles away and a “natural” bodybuilder. Natural meaning no steroids as he told me they shrunk parts he was very fond of and once he was naked I could see why he was a big boy. My posing partner talked to me when Gerald didn’t make the photographer even crankier as it broke his concentration as he put it. It turned out Tony worked at a Leicester studio and that was how they had met and although he was working for Gerald for free he told me that I’d get a lot of work in Leicester and he’d love to pose with me again anytime or for that matter have me pose for him as Gerald was teaching him how to use a camera as well, hence the free modeling. After about an hour and a half, Gerald brought the shoot to an end and with me still feeling awkward having been late I agreed to pose for him for another hour the next day, even if it did mean rearranging my day. As I dressed Gerald told me that he’d be asking me to be a little more “liberal” the next day as I was with “whatever his name was” when I posed with him and I blushed.
For some reason the next day I woke up nervous and each time the phone rang I almost jumped out of my skin. One call was to ask me to work until lunchtime as I’d done the day before but taking into account what had happened Wednesday I thought better of it and declined. Another call was from Jolly Rodger asking me to come to the office to see him lunchtime he had something he’d like to discuss with me and no doubt that would have entailed me bending over his desk for a while as well I also declined his request as well.
True to his character Gerald arrived on time at 1 pm, he unlike myself was never late. Tony, however; was late and didn’t get there until 1.45 by which time Gerald was all set up and ready to go. It didn’t help Gerald’s mood when he was told that Tony couldn’t stay longer than another three-quarter of an hour as he had to start his shift.
The session started off with me naked and legs wide open and after just a couple of shot’s he had me pulling myself open, which was most un Gerald like. All pretense of artistic photography had disappeared this was just soft porn all pretense had gone. Handing me a dildo by the still aggravated Gerald and I didn’t need to be told what to do with it so after licking it for a couple of shots I slid it into my cunt. I fucked myself with it as I watched Tony strip with interest, he was hard and I was interested.
As with Robert in his session with me, I slid myself to the edge of the Chesterfield sofa so my cunt was fully exposed and my Gerald had an unrestricted view. Pulling my legs up I lay back and played with my tits as I fucked myself. Tony made some comments to Gerald and then walked over to me took the dildo off me took hold of the ankles of my wide open legs and slid his cock into me; soft porn became hard porn very quickly. It was a good job the man fucking me was listening to Gerald because once his cock was up me I didn’t and not only that it was difficult for me not to scream out “Fuck me I'm a slag.” I was moved from one position to the next and he moved his cock from my cunt to my mouth and I recall him asking if Gerald wanted a “cum shot” or a “leaking shot” the difference I was just to find out was that no was of him shooting his cum over me, or alternatively inside me and letting it leak out of me. Gerald chose the “leaking shot” and with me once more with my cunt on the edge of the sofa Tony came inside me.

I was told to stay still and keep my legs wide as cum leaked out of me and I watched Tony dress as it did and Gerald took his photographs. Once dressed the man whose cum was still seeping from me said goodbye and left but something told me I hadn’t seen the last of him and I was right, I hadn’t. As I lay there in post fucking calm I asked Gerald if he had got the shots he was after and he told me he had but for one. That was the classic cum over the face shot, sitting up I told him that I just had the time to do that one for him but he’d have to provide the cum but he declined my offer and started to put his gear away.

I told Gerald that this was “just a one-off thing” and that if he wanted me to keep posing for him; he’d have to accept that. He told me that of course, he understood and he wouldn’t bring any more male models, I knew he was lying which was fair because he also knew I was as well. Just a fortnight later Gerald “booked” me again and I “posed” with Tony for the third time and this time Gerald got the cum on the face shot.

To be continued...

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