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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 22

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Extreme, f+, M+, Real Life, Domination, Hair, Humiliation, Incest, Masochism, Pain, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Water Sports, Consensual

Deeper into the mire.

The boys would call before school on their way in at lunch hour and on their way home afterward each time they would find me naked and chained waiting for them. They’d also find me eager to fuck them or as they put it let them “ride or shag” me the only argument was who was going “do” me, first a dispute that I often had to settle myself. By the Thursday of the first week, all their inhibitions had gone and they were more interested in having their cocks sucked and serviced by yours truly than where they were previously been about being naked in front of me or each other. Once the order was sorted out, I was laid flat out and face down with one inside me than the other. The weekend came and the boys had better things to do so, at last, I was unchained from the kitchen table which gave Healy time to secure the other end of the chain to the floor.

So far, I’d managed not to antagonise Healy who checked the tapes religiously each time he came home from work. My reward was to be buggered all weekend by him and allowed to sleep in his bed with him however; I wasn’t allowed to leave his house on pain of broken legs. I also managed to pursued Healy not to chain me to the floor for my second week running which also meant he’d not be able to use his tape recorder if I wasn’t in the kitchen and if he did move it, I’d move rooms. So that in mind I was more confident that by the end of that week I’d not be at least on my way to being pregnant. As nobody ever got pregnant from oral or anal sex that was the way I’d worked out it had to be.

Monday morning bang on 8.15 the brothers arrived and I was not chained but in a dressing gown Healy had borrowed from Hanna although it was the correct size for a 10-year-old it didn’t fit me which I guess was why he’d given it to me so I didn’t even try and fasten it up and wore it open and on my shoulders, tits, and cunt on view. I looked at them both as they looked at me and began to take off their school trousers and I let the undersized gown drop and I stood there naked and beckoned them up to the stairs and away from the tape machine.
Once upstairs I asked them “Which one of you boys is going to be the first to bum me? Smiling at them I smiled and told then, don’t be shy you will like it” those were more words than I ever said to the pair of them put together. Kneeling on the bed as I’d done so many times before for Healy and opened my arse cheeks invitingly and again told them “Don’t be shy I’ll help you” and with that, I got up and squeezed some KY jelly onto my fingers and into my hole. Mal was the first and I put my hand back and guided him in pushing back as he slipped into me telling him “Take it slowly there’s no hurry” and told Geo “Come over her and let me suck you off while he bums me” he was only too eager to have his first taste of a spit roast.
Lunchtime was the same but this time I had Geo in my arse and Mal in my mouth and I was pleased to taste his cum as it meant it was one less load inside my cunt and swimming its way into my womb. As I lay waiting for them to return it dawned on me that my plan was floored and that if I used the same tactic for the third inevitable session of the day then Healy would smell a rat. Clearly, as he’d not come back at lunchtime he thought he’d got everything under control and I wanted to keep it that way. With this in mind, I met them downstairs this time naked apart from a pair of black high heels and in a clear voice asked them “So which one of my boys is going to ride me first?” I don’t recall which one did but I guided into my well-lubricated (KY) arse asking him for the tape “Is that hole wet enough for you babe?” I can’t remember his response but I do recall Healy being pleased with it. I had to take the other one on my cunt which meant that I had received one deposit of cum in it instead of six. For the rest of the week, I played the same game just taking one load a day in the cunt reducing the risk of pregnancy by twenty-five loads a week.   
The most humiliating thing about being used by them was the fact that the Ferret knew all about it and would come in at night for a beer with me sat about in various stages of undress and talk about me as if I wasn’t there. Sometimes if I reacted one of them would make a comment about taking me down a peg or two or the Ferret say he’d like to see the holes they’d been in and Healy would either say “You just want a look at her cunt” and laugh it off or I’d be commanded to show him “my cunt” which meant me opening my legs wide while lay on my back and bending my knees as if for a gynecologist. Healy knew I hated the Ferret and by any standards, he was an awful man in more than one way. The one saving grace was that he never touched me although I knew that it was only because he was too scared of Healy to even ask.
I remember the conversation well Healy asks Ferret “When was the last time you had a decent fuck?”  Too which the answer was a few days ago. Laughing Healy again asked him “When was the last time you had a decent fuck that wasn’t Hanna?” So that was one question answered for me yes he did fuck his daughter, Ferret protested he didn’t but I made a mental note to ask the girl, it was a decision that would cost me two broken ribs and a swollen jaw but that was to come. Having established the fact that Ferret hadn’t had sex for months Healy told me to get on my back and show him my cunt and I complied. Next Healy texted Hanna who was next door and told her to come round be quick about it, she was there in seconds and was greeted with the sight of me on my back knees apart showing my cunt to her father who was stood over me.
Healy told him that he’d make him an offer it was up to him if he wanted to take it and that was simple. Ferret could have me to fuck (much to my alarm) but not in the cunt just in the arse and mouth but only if (A) He (Ferret) asked permission every time (B) He had to fuck me in front of him (Healy) and (C) That Ferret got his cock out now and let Hanna wank him off over me and he licks his own cum off me. I lay on the floor knees up and open I looked straight into his eyes almost deifying him to say yes. His eyes were firmly fixed on my cunt and without taking them off it he simply said “OK then deal” and smiled down at me.
Healy told me to take off the little clothes I had on and as I stood up to do so I could see Hanna had been wanking him hard. I knew better than ask him not to do it and hell I’d been doing a lot worse for the last two weeks. I was ordered to get back on the floor and open my legs and Healy stood over me on one side Ferret on the other Hanna looked at Healy and he nodded to her and she went over to the Ferret and he took out his cock and she started to wank him off. It didn’t take her long to get him to shoot and his cum came down on me hitting me in the stomach and tits, he groaned as she wanked him gently. Unimpressed by the amount of cum his friend had produced Healy decided to add his own and had Hanna wank him off over me as well and he added his to that of the Ferret.
I lay on the floor legs wide open knees up with two loads of cum on my tits, belly, and face but only one of the men who’d deposited their cum on me was still hard, Healy. The Ferret’s cock had gone limp and I breathed a sigh of relief not that I had the right to feel superior to anybody. Ferret was told to get to work and clean me up and he hesitated only to be told “Go on it isn’t the first time you’ve cleaned my mess up is it get fucking licking you twat” I swear the weasel looking bastards cock started to get hard again and he knelt on the floor next to me and started to lick the cum off me and I felt violated.

As he licked he swallowed the cum his or Healy’s and when he was licking off my face I thought I was going to throw up and tensed visibly. Once he’d done his work he was fully erect and demanded I get on my hands and knee only to be asked “Why should she do that?” by Healy. After saying that he was going to fuck me it was pointed out to him that he couldn’t as he’d not asked permission and when he did he was told it was too late he should have asked before and he’d better remember in the future. Humiliated and frustrated the Ferret got up and walked out his cock still sticking out.

The night wasn’t over for me as Healy fucked Hanna for the next two hours in front of me and each time he came inside her I was made to lick his cum out of her. Later all three of us slept in his bed with him waking and fucking one or the other of us as he wished taking great care only to bugger me. After all, he didn’t want me to get pregnant he’d chosen the boys for that. The second week ended for me on a Saturday after Healy had volunteered me to babysit for his Sister and brother-in-law taking me round to their house at 7.30 before taking them out for a meal with his ex-wife. I was told to dress in a plain knee-length dress underneath I was naked. I recall the sister telling me “You will like the boys they are very mature for 11 & 12, we should be back for midnight, have a nice evening.”
Healy texts me at midnight telling me that thay were on their way back and to clean myself up. It was just as well he had because they had both been at me almost none stop since the time he had left. I had taken several loads of their cum mostly in my mouth several in my arse but none in the cunt. When they arrived home I was dressed and ready to go with the two boys asleep in bed, their balls empty. I went straight out and to Healy’s car before I got into the front door the back one opened and I got inside. In the front seat of the car was a woman with brunette hair it was his ex-wife Jennifer, Healy didn’t introduce us just asked me “You fuck my boys?” to which I told him I had not known what to say in front of this woman. “How many times?” he asked and I told him “Six or seven times each I think” which made him angry “Well was it fucking six or seven I fucking didn’t ask you to think just be fucked you stupid cow” his temper was on the boil and Jennifer realising it gave me a look almost of desperation so I told him “Seven times with Geo and six times with Mal” that seemed to placate him.
We drove to his former house and he paid the babysitter and told me to made him a drink and I went to the kitchen and found what I needed, like my husband he was teetotal. When I returned to the living room I was greeted by the sight of Jennifer now naked apart from black stockings and suspenders on her knees sucking her ex-husbands' cock, his hand on the back of her head the same way he did with me. Seeing me he told me to “Get behind me and lick my arse you cunt” I put the coffee down and got on my knees behind him parted his cheeks and found his arse hole, the effect was to make him cum in her mouth. Pushing both of us away he slapped her hard across the face as hard as he’d ever hit me and she looked up at him and said “Thank you for your load” tears in her eyes his cum on her lips.
Next, I thought was going to be my turn and my legs began to shake he grabbed me by the hair and flung me towards her telling me to “Fuck her and make it good” Jennifer got down on the floor opened her legs welcomed me. After half an hour or some, he pulled me off her again by the hair and she opened her legs wide for him to fuck her. I recognised her efforts to please him and noticed made a mental note of a couple of things she clearly knew he liked and I would use them myself. Stopping he turned his attention to me and rolled me face down on the floor in the same way he’d instructed his nephews pulling my arms straight by my side he lay on my back and buggered me, biting the back of my neck as he did and making me scream out in pain. Again, in what was an effort to please her former husband and abuser Jennifer lay on the floor in his eye line opened her legs and drew up her knees and started to masturbate, loudly. This time it was the ex-wives turn to clean his cum out of me doubtless she enjoyed it even less than I.

I drove Healy home as he was too tired to drive himself and slept very little as the back of my neck hurt like hell and he woke several times and gave me more bites on my neck and shoulders as he buggered me each time he awoke.

Monday morning, I was due back at work and as he had a “team breakfast” starting at 7.30 am he’d left early. I must admit I felt good being able to get back to work and be able to dress for it without being told what to wear or what to leave off. Then at 8.15 bang on the nail, I got my reality check as the two brothers let themselves in and stood looking at me and already undoing their trousers.  As I was fully dressed and makeup, I wasn’t going to undress for them and thought quickly. I took off my suit skirt and folded it neatly walked over to the chair and knelt on the floor my chest on the seat and asked them “Who is going to fuck me first?” I’d realised that they were just too randy to wait in line and seconds after I had fed one into my arse I had a cock shoved into my mouth and I left for work their cum in both holes.
I arrived at work with cum down my throat and in my arse and hastily replaced makeup as one of the little darlings had pulled out and “shot his jizz” over my face. Making an excuse to visit another site I drove to a quickly arranged appointment at my PG and making an excuse I’d lost my handbag containing my contraceptive pill I got another prescription and while I was at the chemist I bought two pregnancy kits, all three items were then locked in my desk drawer. Now there would be no “little mistakes” and no humiliation for me or my husband and I would not be expecting the patter tiny feet although I knew my strategy wasn’t without risks even danger.
I stuck to my plan taking my pill each morning as soon as I arrived at work and at the weekends I hid just two into the hem of the skirt I wore on a Friday as he went through my pockets and handbag and even checked my phone daily. The testing kit served two purposes the first one was to reassure me I was OK and the second to keep him off my back. As it turned out his “master plan’ was still his first objective, however; my lack of a bun in the oven I’d managed to put down as their lack of maturity which “was to be expected at their age” this he took at face value.

I was unaware that he’d been working on another plan to humiliate me or what he liked to call his “plan B.” As I was not allowed out at night or weekends other than to accompany him food shopping or to the same rough pub he liked to frequent dressed like a street whore. I was unaware that each Friday night he’d been befriending my brother, who shared the same hatred for my husband. This was his little secret and one he kept away from me very well and why shouldn’t he be able to as I was forbidden from contacting my friends or family and had taken a beating from him just because he suspected I had rung Susan once.


He’d not touched me himself in any way for quite a few weeks’ maybe months however; I was still “servicing” his nephews both a minimum of three times a day and often more. One day after he’d witnessed them fucking me for the third time in a day he told me to be ready to go out but not to bother with any makeup of a change of clothes; nevertheless, I changed out of my work closes and went with him.

We drove for about an hour mainly because the traffic was bad and we covered about twenty miles and we reached a pub/club which looked a little rundown and we parked at the rear which looked as if was behind the kitchens. Healy left me in the car telling me to say there and not move, the first words he’d spoken to me since we’d left his house. Half an hour later he came back and took me inside via the kitchen and into a small smelly room that looked as it had just been made from the look of it. Inside was a couple of chairs and I was told to sit in one of them and listen to what he had to say carefully because if I didn’t do as I was told he “kick me all round the car park” and I knew he would.

In the wall (he pointed to it) was a hole about neck level to me. Later on, it would be opened from the other side and men would put money through £20 and I would take that money and put it on one side. Then the guy would put his cock through the hole and I would suck it off. This was he told me a “Glory hole” and I was its whore.” I tried to object but a hard slap across my face told me I’d better shut up. After being left alone for a while another man came to the small room and introduced himself as the owner of the club and as if it was just a matter of fact thing unzipped and took out his cock and brought it towards my mouth. As I sucked him he told me that the hole was angled but the punters could see in but on a downward slope. They would try to see who was in the hole but as long as I sat in the chair all they would be able to see was my tits or if I stood up my cunt or arse, if I put my face below the hole they would see it so don’t go near the hole until a cock was through it. It was up to me if I swallowed the cum, some women did others didn’t but if I wanted good tips then I would at least let them think I had and spit it out, he’d get me a bucket if I wanted one, then he came in my mouths and gripped the back of my head and I swallowed. Leaving me his last words were that I “better strip naked they like to see flesh” and “I will see you later for my fuck.”

Music started and I could hear it from my room and as I’d been in there for some time I needed a pee and I got up from the chair to find a loo when Healy appeared in the door to stop me leaving. Telling me I couldn’t leave he told me to use the bucket and handed me a red plastic one and to “Get fucking naked you stupid cunt.” 

A quarter of an hour later I heard voices on the other side of the wall there was a scraping sound and £20 note appeared through the hole which I took and a few seconds passed before a cock came through the hole, I lowered my head and sucked it off being shocked as it spat its cum at me straight away almost. I waited until it had gone and spat out the cum into the bucket of pee, as I did a £5 note came through the hole and I had my first tip. It was clear after half an hour that there was a queue on the other side of the wall and I was taking a small fortune already well over £100 which lay on the floor. After an hour Healy made an appearance counted up the money and took it telling me to expect a VIP cock, a few minutes later his cock appeared through the hole, it just about fitted and I went to work.

After hour hours in there I was totally tired out and as the music stopped so did the queue of cocks and money coming through the hole. I had one little task to perform which was to fuck the owner who came in and fucked me on my knees giving me a wonderful view of the bucket of piss and cum, not a highlight of my life more a reflection of where I had arrived at that point. Once he’d finished he asked me “Do you want to do the doormen as well, they have their pay in their pockets?” it was an offer I felt I’d have to refuse.

Healy was in the car park waiting in his/my car the first thing he said was “Jerry (the owner) fuck you?” I nodded and he smiled to himself not bothering to look at me. As he drove I knew from his attitude he was thinking about something and I began to worry. First, he told me I’d made him a “tidy some tonight” not that I was going to see any of it, all I knew was my mouth, neck and jaw ached. He made a point of asking me if I recognised his cock? Smiling as he asked and laughing when I told him I did, as I had there wasn’t a problem but there would have been if I hadn’t.
Then he asked me “Do you remember the cock after mine?” and I told him I didn’t and why should I, only to be told, “No reason at all but when I bring you back next week I want you to pay special attention to it OK.” Confused I said I would but I wanted to know why and he burst out laughing at me and then told me “Next time pay special attention to the cock after mine OK cunt?” I said OK I will but I wanted to know why and then he dropped it on me “Because cunt it’s your brother Michael” I just too shocked to say anything I had just sucked off my own brother and Healy was overjoyed my response and laughed at me all the way back to his house. That night he pounded into me calling me an “incest whore cock sucker” and my tears only added to his delight.
Every time he had the chance he reminded me every chance he got if only to see if he could get me to burst into tears once more which he did at first. My main worry is that my brother would find out and it would destroy him to say nothing of his wife who was also my friend Tina. I spent the week in a state of shock and humiliation with Healy telling me he’d keep it our “little secret” as long as I was a “good girl and did as I was told and behaved myself.”  I put added “enthusiasm into my meetings with the boys each day and even tried not to show my disgust when I was made to display myself to the Ferret. A big test of my resolve came when after cooking the two nephews a meal after their post-school visit on the insistence of their uncle. I cooked it naked and as they ate Healy came in and had the Ferret with him. It wasn’t the fact I was naked because he’d seen me that way dozens of time nor the fact that I’d just had the two preteens spit roasting me nor the fact that doubtless I’d be fucked that way again shortly. It was the fact that the Ferret was looking down on me as less than him and Healy knowing that had decided to play on the fact and I knew further humiliation was on the way.
Being discussed in the third person was something I’d grown used to from the very start of my sexual activity going back to Susan’s lunchtime meetings with her boyfriend, they used to talk about me that way to say nothing of my two long term abusers Toby and Steve and all the Dom/Domes’ I’d met. The four of them sat in a line on the sofa while Healy put on one of his vast collection of hard-core porn tapes as I served drinks beer and Coke for the boys, apparently, it was Ok to show them porn but not let them drink. As they watched the boys made comments “We have done that to her” spit roasting, anal, oral even facial’s. One tape showed a man calling his wife or at least the woman he was used by a single name which prompted Healy to suggest they did the same and suggested I simply be called “Cunt” and from then I was just cunt plain and simple, not the first to call it me and by far the last.
In one of the tapes it showed a woman licking the anus of a man who repaid her for this service by pissing over her and into mouth, the two of them looked on open-mouthed before one of them said “I want to try that on Cunt” to which the Ferret asked him “So what is stopping you, she’s fucking standing right there?”
The pair of them looked at me as did Healy and Ferret and I actually found myself blushing Healy was the first to speak telling them “Why not she’s going to be a good girl and let you try it if you want aren’t you Cunt?” adding “It will have to be our little secret though we like our secrets don’t we Cunt?” I knew what he meant, do it or else so I just nodded to him. The only response from either of the boys was “great” and they both turned and faced the screen. Seeing an opportunity too good to miss the Ferret didn’t want to miss and he put his oar in by saying “Well I have a bladder full of beer what you say Malc why don’t I take this Cunt and giver her something to drink, you’d like those boys wouldn’t you?”
With a gesture of his thumb, Healy barked at me to get to the back door telling the boys and Ferret “I think that’s a good idea, my belly is full of beer, come on lads.” They took the invitation with a cheer the loudest coming from Ferret and I looked at Healy with a desperate look on my face only to have it slapped off with the back of his hand once more cutting my lip, much to Ferret’s joy. Standing between the two houses nobody could see what was going on; hear yes see no and one person who did hear the commotion was Hanna who came out to see what was it was all about. Healy told me to get on my knee and I got down onto all fours only for him to push me over and with a kick in the ribs shouting at me to “Fucking kneel Cunt” and I did just that. The ferret was the first to get his cock out and piss on me struggling to do pee with a hard-on. His stream went all over the place including over Hanna’s feet which made Healy laugh at him.
This wasn’t the first time by any means that I’d been pissed on the first time was by my tormentor Toby years before after I’d been with him and a dozen of his friends in his van. Several Dom’s had also gone in for it but with them, it was a lot more formal. This time it was just designed to humiliate me and to get his nephews more interested nothing more. My lover then took out his cock and told Hanna to “use my hose bitch” and she took hold of his cock pointed it at me and he began to piss on me the schoolgirl directing his torrent over first my tits than at his direction over my face he screamed at me to “open my fucking mouth” into which he pissed and demanded I “fucking drink Cunt.” I swallowed his piss much to the applaud of the others the Ferret screaming his approval of his friend's action calling me names like “filthy cunt, disgusting whore, dirty slut” it wasn’t long before both boys had their cocks pointed at me and I was drinking their piss as well.

As I dried myself of with an old towel I looked at myself in the mirror hair drenched makeup ruined mascara running down my face I wondered how I’d managed to come so low? I didn’t realise at that time I’d not reached the bottom just yet as I was about to find out days later. I wanted desperately to shower but Ferret had other ideas asking Healy permission fuck me but only getting told no “But she’ll suck your cock” and with a smile the Ferret told me to get on my knees and I gave him the first of hundreds of blow jobs, at the end he demanded to know “You like that better than sucking off little boys you cunt” laughing at me. The laugh was on him when I answered him back “not really they have bigger cocks than you” he gestured to hit me but thought better of it, he wasn’t that brave.

The next day, as I was being spit roasted by the two the boys the memory of the joke on the Ferret, came back into my mind and I decided for some reason not to get it over with ASAP with them but tried to make it last a little longer. The enthusiasm of youth would as always get the better of them and they like a lot of older men wanted to get their “jizz up me” as quickly as they could. Although with a mouth full of cock I wasn’t able to say much so I used my well practice technique to bring off whichever one was in my mouth first. This meant my mouth was free to tell the other to “slow down and take his time” I remember telling him “It’s not a race, you know” he did slow down and went from hole to hole from my cunt to my arse and back. As always they talked at me and about me and this time the one whose cock I had just drained wanted more and so I suggested I rim him something he’d seen on his uncle porn tapes. So as one fucked me from behind I licked his brother's arse hole as well as I could. It was then it happened I wasn’t expecting it I hadn’t planned it just happened, I had an orgasm a pre-teenage boy had made me cum.

The next time they “had” me I actually found myself waiting impatiently for them to arrive and I was even beginning to feel anxious thinking they may not arrive at all. When they did I reminded them it wasn’t a race that said one was inside me before the other had taken his school blazer off. I took them both as usual and after some extra play on my recommendation I had them both hard and pointing at me again this time they both stayed like that for what appeared like hours and once again they make me cum and cum again, with retrospection I see this as one of the low points of my life and one I will not forget, ever.

After servicing his two nephews one Wednesday, Healy told me that we were going to the glory hole but this time I was to put some stocking on and unlike the last time Hanna was coming with us. On the way he made me sit in the back with her and gave us instructions on what to do with each other.  We were naked in a 69 on the back seat with me on the bottom when we drove into the town where the place was I don’t know if we were seen or not but it would have been miraculous if we hadn’t. Once we arrived there he told us just to put our top and skirts and leave everything else in the car so barefoot we walked across the car park through the kitchen and into the little room which would be home for the next five hours. This time Healy and the manager both wanted the pair of us naked and so while we waited for the night to start we sat there looking at each other in silence.

To say I’d not thought about the night and what could possibly happen or to be exactly what was about to happen as Healy had taken great pleasure in telling me what he had planned. As we sat in silence naked I started to shake much to the young girl's alarm and dismay “It isn’t going to be that bad is it?” she asked and her words brought me to tears. As I wept the manager came in looking for his cock to be sucked and with a look of disdain decided it was better to get it from Hanna than me. Moments, after he’d left an angry Healy, came into the room no doubt warned by the manager the state I was in. Gripping me by the hair he slapped my face telling me if I didn’t do as I was told I’d be “sucking cock all night with no fucking teeth.”
The music started and so did the money and then the cocks coming through the hole in the wall. Sharing the workload meant that I could take a break and in fact, I let the younger girl start the night off. Then it occurred to me that once I’d sucked Healy’s cock I’d simply change places with Hanna and she’d suck the next few cocks through the hole and I’d escape sucking my brother off. After two hours we’d gathered a pile of £20 notes making well over £900 Hanna was taking great delight in counting.

Then it happened a cock appeared through the hole which wasn’t reseeded by a £20 note Hanna was in the chair at the time and said to me “look Susan recognise this one?” I did and so did I it was Healy’s, I smiled at her and she dropped her head to it and sucked it. After she’d wiped her lips dry she turned and smiled at me a creature of habit she’d swallowed his cum there was no need for the “spit bucket” this time, then she turned her attention to the next £20 note and the cock that followed it and as she went to work on the cock I smiled to myself.

Then at the door appeared Healy with a familiar look on his face a look that told me my plan was about to come unstuck. The slap across my face was hard enough to send me reeling diagonally to the other side of the room. I was stunned but he bought me back to my senses as he pulled me off the floor by my hair I couldn’t understand what he was screaming at me as he dragged me to where Hanna was still sucking a cock through the hole. As my head cleared I took in what Healy was saying to me, the cock after his wasn’t my brothers nor was the one Hanna was servicing next nor was the one going to be after that which Healy informed me was black. However, the one after the black one was going to be my brothers and if I wanted to keep my teeth I’d better make him cum fucking quickly.

The following cock was black and as Hanna reached to “do it” Healy told me that the next £20 note through the hole would be a Scottish one that he’d given to Michael himself. Hanna took hold of the next note and held it up to Healy it was Scottish, gripping me by my hair he pulled me over to the hole and towards the cock now pointing through it. My head really hurt and my hair was in danger of being pulled out by the roots, to my shame I opened my mouth and went to work. As I sucked on what I knew to be my own brothers cock Healy was fucking the ever eager Hanna as he screwed her from behind he got his rocks off telling me what a “slut, whore bitch cunt” I was when I felt him cum I pulled away the cum joining the tears on my face.

There were only two more trips to the “Glory hole” both times Healy stood over me to make me perform my “little act if incest” and loudly proclaiming before I committed the act “Feel the bitches cunt she is dripping fucking wet” and to my shame I knew I was and if it happened I also knew I would be then as well. The next trip to the hole I knew when to expect my brother's cock and I sucked him off without hesitation drinking his cum down as if it was a G&T. The last time Healy hit on the idea of fucking me as I suck my brother's cock and so I received a spit roast of a different type and to my shame, Healy made me cum as well.

Why the trips ended I didn’t know Hanna who was always better informed than I was said it was because the place had changed hands but I don’t know. All I did know was how relieved I was I didn’t have to go not that it stopped as Healy found a public toilet in a remote car park where he took me half a dozen times, the place was filthy in more than one way.

The pattern of my life didn’t change much and much of it for the next few months was very much a blur for me. The “master plan” hadn’t worked as I was still secretly taking the pill and Healy wasn’t too pleased by that fact, not that he knew about the pill. His solution was to increase the amounts of times they had me which after a few months even boy their ages saw as too much of a good thing and soon they would “rather play football than fuck me” this last revelation sending Healy into a rage and costing me a black eye and more broken ribs and yet another trip to A&E. It was on that trip waiting to be seen to that I saw Tina my brother’s wife and I was ashamed to look her in the face.

A kind-hearted woman Tina didn’t wait to be asked she came over to see me and told me I looked awful and indeed I did with a swollen face, black eye and clumps of my hair missing. My sister-in-law was outraged at what had happened to me and told me that I needed to get out of the life I’d made for myself and getaway. The trouble was I told her I’d nowhere to go, nowhere at all.
The next day at work my sister Alison called me to see if I was OK after being called by Tina, later Susan also called me and asked to meet me which I told her was impossible. I closed my office door at 11 am and didn’t do a single stroke of work all day I just sat at my desk and wondered what the hell I could do.
A few weeks later I was sat waiting at his house for Healy to come back from a Friday night out with his friends when I was joined by Hanna. A bottle of wine later and I let my guard down and began to ask Hanna questions like “what happened to your mother?” and “I know she used to fuck Healy when did it all start?” The teenager told me that she wasn’t sure how it started but her father encouraged her (her mother) to “see” and later her to do the same but her mother wasn’t eager and she had a row and walked out. The wine didn’t allow my brain to stop my mouth and I asked her question after question which she willingly gave me the answers. When Healy arrived back he took the pair of us to his bed and I woke the next morning hungover, bent over and as always fucked before I went off to work.
I arrived home from work to find Healy in a foul mood and Hanna crying, blooded and lay on the floor to scared to move. On seeing me his rage reached a new height and he set about me screaming at me about losing his contract at my company (not renewed) and of course, it was my fault. Then he went on about me asking questions (to Hanna) about him and who the fuck did I think I was? That was just about all I could remember apart from the sound of him twisting my arm and the sound of it snapping as the bones broke. The next thing I knew I was being taken out of an ambulance at the all too familiar A&E department. This time I had lost two front teeth, a sunken eye socket six broken ribs various cuts and bruises including both eyes, a torn ear and last but not least the broken arm. The same Social Worker who had spoken to me about my “abusive marriage” was called for and again trying to be kind offered me shelter in a refuge for battered wives. Telling me “One day Susan this man will kill you.”
Thank goodness they kept me in for the night and for the next couple of days I lay on the ward expecting Healy to walk in at any time. Another woman from Social Services called to see me as well as a policewoman. Both told me that I was a fool to myself and it would be better to leave this man who’d done this to me and lay charges against him. As it turned out this woman from the Social Services was the same one that had called to my house the night all this had started who once she realised made the comment that “You seem attracted to violent men Susan you husband for one and now Malcolm Healy” a comment that brought me to tears. I was pleased to tell her that “Yes my husband was capable of extreme acts of violence but only to protect himself or others including myself on occasion but he’s not a head case so don’t you dare compare them.” Seeing me as a lost cause the woman got up and left but not before she sneered at me looking down her long nose, later we would meet again and she would be even more obnoxious.
Later that night after three nights in hospital I was told I would be discharged the next morning and panic set in, where would I go what would happen to me? As I sat there once again in tears and frightened I heard a familiar voice telling me “You can stop that right away Susan, I don’t want our children to see you in that state, not any more so dry your eyes. You are coming with me I am taking you home.” It was my husband, my hero and he was taking me home, was my nightmare over?

To be continued.....

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