Mall Rat Whore by PainSlutLois


Moderate, F+, f, M+, Real Life, Bondage, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masochism, Sadism, Sex Toys, Spanking, Blackmail, Reluctant

Moderate, F+, f, M+, Real Life, Bondage, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masochism, Sadism, Sex Toys, Spanking, Blackmail, Reluctant

Julie had tried dating in the months since her divorce papers come through but no one she had met could give her what she wanted.  Even when she was with her husband she had had fantasies of being dominated but had never acted upon them, until the last couple of weeks that is.

Tired of going on dates with losers from work and men that her friends set her up with Julie had turned to the internet to find what she craved, and she had found it.  She had chatted to a number of men recently, all of whom had spoken to her like she was a piece of meat who's only purpose was as a receptacle for they're cum, she loved it.

Then she met Cody, a online Dom who she had got to know quite well over the last week and who made her feel more like the Sub that she knew she was inside.  As usual she had given him fake details, Julie was a 42 year old blonde, five foot seven, 34A-27-37 and still quite attractive though she wished her breasts were bigger, that is why her online personal was only 32 years old and wore a 34D bra.

Julie had lost count of the number of orgasms she had brought herself to while talking to Cody but when he started setting tasks for her to do every couple of days she wasn't so sure, she didnt want to put him off though so she just pretended she had done the tasks, he would never know as he lived in another state anyway.

Despite the fact that she wasn't sure about most of the tasks some of them did turn her on enough to try them out.  She dressed in jeans and a tank top as he had ordered and headed out in her car, once she was on the freeway and a reasonable distance from her house she pulled her top down letting her braless chest hang out.  After twenty minutes of driving like that she had got quite enough attention, she parked up in an empty car park and plunged her hand into her sodden crotch to give herself the best orgasm she had had in years.

The next few tasks she was given were too dangerous for her so she just pretended she had completed them and just enjoyed writing the fantasy report back to Master Cody.  It was another week before he came up with another task that she actually felt like completing.

It was suprisingly easy to get a job on an #800 number phone line which she kept up for five evenings in a row, she couldnt believe the things these men said to her but it made her cum more than once a night, she felt like a whore and loved it.

A couple more weeks go by, Cody continues setting tasks and Julie continues making up stories about what happened when she completed them.  Then one day she finds another interesting prospect in her inbox, she was to shave her pussy, then put on a bra, blouse, short skirt and some heeled shoes and then go to a mall, the only restriction is that she must not wear panties.  She must spend at least two hours there and every half hour she is to bend over and flash her shaved pussy at a store clerk.  She could go to any mall she wants at any time of the day she wants but she must complete the task within a week.

After mulling it over Julie decided to go ahead and do the task, she picks a mall that she knows is more than twenty five miles away so that no-one will recognize her then gets ready and sets off.  While she drives she runs through possible scenarios in her head and by the time she gets to the mall her pussy is soaked but she resists the temptation to relieve her growing need to cum and heads into the mall just after four o'clock, just enough time as the place shuts at six.

It takes her twenty minutes to find a shop that is nearly empty, its a stationary shop with a spotty teenager behind the counter.  After spending a few minutes browsing, building up her courage and waiting for people to leave, Julie marches over to a display only a few feet in front of the counter and keeping her legs straight, bends right over and picks up a ruler and a marker pen from the bottom shelf, she is only bent over for a few seconds but when she turns around it is obvious the clerk has seen everything, he was bright red, smirking and his eyes were like saucers.  Julie immediately turns the same color as the boy and neither of them speak while she pays for the items and virtually runs from the shop.

She headed straight to the toilets and locked herself in a cubical, she had never been so embarrasses but as she quickly discovers, she had never been so horny either, her juice is virtually dripping down her legs and it is all she can do to keep her hand away, she wants more first.  After wiping the excess liquid from her groin Julie heads back into the mall, avoiding the stationary shop.

After another ten minutes of browsing clothes shops she enters a computer games store, it is empty except for the owner who is putting out stock, he looks to be about thirty and quite good looking.  Without even thinking about it Julie walks down the isle next to his util she is level with him and then turns so her back is to him, she immediately bends over and picks up the box on the bottom shelf and begins to read the back, no matter what she decided not to stand up again until she has finished reading it.

Thirty seconds later she is half way through reading the box when she hears a click from behind her, it took only seconds to realize what it is and she immediately jumps up and spins around catching the guy trying to hide his camera phone, he just bursts out laughing and Julie cant think of anything to do except get out of there, she runs from the shop and heads towards the exit as her juices begin to run down the inside of her thighs.

Julie was seconds from exiting the mall when she was stopped by a big security guard who stepped in front of her blocking her way, she tried to go around but the man blocked her way and said "Can you come with me Miss?".  Julie looks up at the man bemused and says "Why? I haven’t done anything wrong!" but the man takes hold of her arm and lead her through a side door without another word and she is unable to resist.

She is virtually dragged down a corridor and through another door emerging into a small room with a desk in the center and a chair either side and that’s it.  The burly guard sits Julie in one of the chairs and then pulls her hands behind the back of the chair end deftly slips handcuffs around her wrists before leaving the room.

By this time Julie is starting to really panic, what the hells was going on, she didn’t do anything wrong, there is no way she can have been seem is there?!  As these thoughts run through her mind her eyes scan the room, it is empty except for the furniture and two CCTV cameras mounted at opposite corners.  Her skirt had ridden up as she was dragged to the room and is now barely covering what it needs to, she keeps her legs tight together so that the guard won’t notice the sticky mess between her legs as he comes back in carrying a laptop computer.

As soon as the guard sits down Julie begins to protest and query why she is here but shuts up as his hand slaps against her cheek and almost knocks her off her chair, tears begin to well in her eyes.  The guard opens the laptop and taps a few buttons before turning it around to face Julie, it is now her turn to have eyes like saucers as she watches herself on high resolution color CCTV flashing her pussy at first one, then the other man, you can see everything, especially when the camera zooms right in at her the second time.

Julie sits there in stunned silence as the guard begins to speak, "As you can see, you have done something wrong, it is a serious offense to expose yourself in public, especially to a minor".  Julie kept her eyes on the table as her face changed color, she could feel the mans eyes burning into the top of her head.  The man continued, "What shall I do with you?  I should get the police involved I suppose", thoughts raced through Julies mind, it would be n the papers, she would be humiliated, "NO, please, I'm sorry, I'll never do it again!".  The guard tutted and shook his head, "No, that wont do at all, I haven’t seem the show LIVE yet!!!", it was at that moment that the door opened and another guard entered, a complete contrast the first slightly  overweight man, this one was tall and skinny, though both looked to be about her own age.

The first guard who's name tag said Frank got up and walked around behind Julie, he bent down so that his cheek was next to hers and said "I'll tell you what, we'll keep our mouths shut if you let us have a private show?".  Julie tried to think of options, but what options did she have? She slowly and shakily rose to her feet dragging her arms painfully across the back of the chair and then closed her eyes and bent over the table resting her body on the top, her legs were spread and her pussy was on show and burning red hot as she imagined the mans eyes staring at it, she could feel juice running down it and she could not believe how she was feeling.

That feeling quickly turned back to panic as the man behind her pressed his large hand into her back, the other man threaded some kind of rope under her arms and around her back and then pulled it tight under the table, the man removed his hand from her back and she tried to get up but the rope held her in place, she couldn’t move.

Tears began to flow from Julie's eyes, what had she got herself into?!  She was scared out of her wits but deep down she knew that this was exactly what she had craved for so long.  She got no warning, she didn’t even hear the Frank undo his belt before he buried his cock in her cunt, it was so well lubricated that he went right in to the hilt and she could feel him press up against her cervix before he started pumped in and out of her, she couldn’t help but moan.

He fucked her for a couple pf minutes and then pulled out, she wondered what he was doing for a few seconds until she felt his hands spread her ass cheeks and her rod push against her tight virgin asshole and with surprising ease his well lubricated member stretched her asshole and forced its way into her, it felt like she was being ripped in half and her screams momentarily bounced off the sound proof walls before they were replaced by more moaning.  After the initial shock and pain she found that she was loving his thrusting inside her tight hole and when his hand began rubbing her clit as well she exploded in the most extreme orgasm she had ever had, she was still moaning and panting when the guy groaned and fill her bowels with his seed.

She lay with her head on the table for a minute, humiliated and exhausted, but they weren't finished yet.  The thin man pulled her head up by her hair, his cock was already out and waving in front of her face and he wasted no time shoving it right to the back of her throat, she gagged but he didn’t let up.  Instead he began to thrust into her mouth and shouted "suck it whore", she obeyed and closed her lips around his dick, it tasted salty and she could barely stand the smell, but she had no choice.  His cock rebounded off the back her mouth over and over again, she could barely take anymore when he shots his load directly down her throat and quickly went limp in her mouth.

The man withdrew as Julie coughed and gagged, small amounts of cum dripping from her lips onto the floor.  She didn’t have the energy to resist as they released the rope holding her down and pushed her back into her chair, cum dripped from her ass and soaked her skirt.  Frank was now in front of her, her grabbed each side of her blouse and ripped it open, the buttons pinged off the walls, he then pulled out a knife and cut the straps of her bra before pulling it free and revealing her pert little mounds, she just sat there in shocked silence as they men admired her naked chest.

Frank then picked up Julies bag from the stationary shop amd pulled out the ruler, Julie could do nothing as he began to slap it down on her left and then right breasts, slowly at first but then as he got up momentum the blows came down hard and fast and Julie was screaming at the top of her lungs for him to stop.  He continued for five full minutes and by the time he had finished her tits had swollen up to a B cup and were redder than her face, tears were flowing freely down her face.

The guards had one last humiliation for her though, she didn’t even try to stop the thin guard as he took the permanent marker that she had bought and began writing across her tits in large block letters, "MALL RAT WHORE", he then pulled her up and back over the table, she screamed again as the table top made contact with her abused chest.  The man pulled the back of her blouse up and scrawled across her back "I JUST LET THE GUARDS FUCK MY ASS AND MOUTH" then let the blouse fall back down, the pen could be clearly seen through the thin white cotton.

Julie was then pulled to her feet, the cuffs were released and she was marched down a corridor and thrown threw a fire door, she fell through it and landing in a pile of rubbish in the corner of the car park, she climbed back to her feet just in time to see the doors close behind her.  Tears welled in her eyes again and she ran to her car, the only one left in the car park, several kids were hanging around and pointed and laughed as she tried to cover herself up.  She thanked god they had given her back her bag as she pulled out the keys and unlocked the car.

She had only driven a few miles when she pulled over on a deserted piece of road, she turned on the interior light and moved the mirror so she could see herself, she was a mess, makeup everywhere.  She read the backwards writing in the mirror as she tried to rub it off with a tissue but it wasn’t happening, she pulled out the pen from her bag and read the side, "Do not write on skin as pen will not come off with any conventional soaps", Julie didn’t know why, but that made her horny again, she though about everything that had happened to her in he last few hours and before she knew it her hand was between her legs and she was almost at orgasm again.

It was then that she heard the tap on the window and opened her eyes to see the police officer staring in at her...

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