Light, F, f, M, Bondage, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masochism, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Reluctant


                      David Dexter couldnt concentrate on the columns of figures that were filling his computer screen. He found his eyes being drawn repeatedly to the photograph of his slim and very attractive wife that sat on one corner of his desk. He swallowed anxiously and glanced at his watch. What on earth had he done? When hed left home three hours earlier Diana had been nervously pacing back and forth in their lounge. She was still wearing her night gown and her face was flushed. Normally shed have been showered and dressed and ready to leave for the office, but today wasnt a normal day by any stretch of the imagination. She hadnt really been able to look him in the eye when hed kissed her goodbye and she hadnt made any effort to return his somewhat desperate hug. The car was being sent to pick her up at eleven. He looked at his watch again. Oh God shed be on her way now! 

          Diana Dexter knew that her face was red and that she looked incredibly nervous. She was also uncomfortably aware of the attention that the chauffeur was giving her. Every few minutes he stared in the driving mirror making no attempt to hide his curiosity, but she refused to acknowledge his presence, just continued to stare out of the limousines window as the countryside flew past. She had an idea where the Wellingtons estate was, an exclusive residential area in the Potomac countryside only half and hour or so on the 495 beltway from the outskirts of Washington. It was an exclusive community and one that she and David wouldnt normally have been invited into, but the summons shed received on her husbands behalf, because all of this was his fault and she didnt know if shed ever be able to forgive him, wasnt one that she could refuse.

          Up until two weeks ago David Dexter had been a shining light in the Wellingtons company, an invaluable, and it has to be said, very well paid, asset, but now things had changed. Maybe it was arrogance, or just simple temptation, that had made him do it, he really didnt know, but now he was going to have to pay for his stupidity, his mistake…well it appeared Diana was. The meeting in the main board room three days ago had been very short and directly to the point, the terms of the agreement simplicity itself. He would retain his very well paid position, and all benefits, within the company, if he agreed to their proposal. If not, he'd be turned over to the authorities who would certainly prosecute him and there was little doubt hed be looking at a custodial sentence. He hadnt really had much of a choice so in a daze had signed the document. Seventy year old Dr Arthur Wellington had smiled smugly at his wife and shed enthusiastically returned his smile, her eyes glittering with both excitement and, what he recognised as, cruelty. At twenty years her husbands junior Helen Wellington still managed to turn heads. Big breasted, blonde and slim, with perfectly pampered skin, she had little problem in being seen as a trophy wife. Being “kept” and not having to work didnt trouble her in the slightest and never had. Life at her husbands side gave her the best of everything that money could buy and over the years shed come to love the man that provided her with anything she desired. An amazingly fortunate bonus had been that the “old boy” shared her interests where the bedroom was concerned, so she really did feel truly blessed.

          That evening, when hed got home David had had to explain it all to Diana, what hed done, how stupid hed been and how sorry he was. Once shed got through the screaming, the accusations, the tears and the shock, and was once more able to speak coherently Diana reluctantly had to agree…there was no choice for either of them. The deed was done, as they say, and now they would have to bear the consequences. For Diana of course the situation was horribly unfair as none of it was any of her doing. Exhaustedly the two of them had read through the document together but it took several attempts before they fully comprehended what Diana was going to have to do…whispers had always circulated about the Wellingtons personal lives, nasty little stories, but David had never really paid them much attention, putting them down to competitors jealousies and petty rivalries. But now he definitely knew differently, the rumours were true, as he, and particularly Diana, were about to find out.

          Diana glanced at the driver. He was well over six foot tall, a thick set man, the jacket of his uniform struggling to contain the width of his shoulders, probably ex-military by the look of him. The edge of his close cropped hair was just visible beneath the back of his cap and he hadnt said a word since hed knocked on the door at the prescribed time. He had a definite air of menace about him. Shed felt a shiver of dread, but also a sense of strange excitement, when theyd walked to the car and hed made no attempt at hiding his interest in her. His eyes had unhurriedly examined her both front and back but there was nothing she could do about it. Amazingly shed felt her nipples starting to stiffen and a familiar, but certainly unwanted, tingling begin to stimulate the private area between her legs. Of course his attention wasnt really all that surprising considering the way she was dressed. The written instructions had been very precise and shed ensured that shed followed them to the letter. Any mistake at this stage, no matter how trivial, would, she was sure, result in a severe penalty not only for her husband but also for herself. That one thought was enough to make her stomach perform a nervous and very slow somersault. 

          A crisp white blouse was all that Diana was wearing beneath the impeccably tailored grey jacket, and both her hair and makeup were flawless. From the waist up she appeared perfectly attired for an upcoming business meeting but from the waist down it was an entirely different story. The skirt, in a slightly darker shade of grey than her jacket, was tight and scandalously short, its hem ending just below the tops of her thighs. As shed leant forwards and climbed into the back seat of the car she knew that it was riding up but there was nothing she could do to prevent it. Acutely aware of the chauffers eyes glittering with excitement shed quickly sat down and immediately looked out of the window, but not before her cheeks had bloomed with heat. Shed shivered knowing that he was staring unhurriedly at the expanse of soft smooth skin that was exposed above the top of each of her black hold-up stockings. It had taken several long minutes before hed closed the door and she was able to breathe a sigh of relief. At least he hadnt seen the ridiculously tiny panties that shed been forced to wear. They were the only item of underwear that shed been allowed and their style, right down to the shop where she should buy them from, had been carefully specified in the “Agreement”. The little wisp of material was made from totally transparent black silk with a frilled lace edge and “had” to be two sizes smaller than those she usually wore. They had to be tight, tight enough so that her vagina would bulge forwards! Amazingly those were the actual words “bulge forwards”. Theyd read the instructions together several times, not quite believing what they were seeing. So now, beneath the obscenely short skirt, Diana could feel her pussy throbbing and pulsing as it was firmly squeezed into a prominent mound by the almost painfully tight knickers. Horribly the enforced constriction had coaxed her clitoris into an engorged, but very much unwanted, state. It was hard and she could feel it poking out. Her face burned as the vibrations being transmitted through the car seat caused tiny sparks of shameful arousal to flicker deep within her belly. Her already spiralling anxiety levels suddenly rose sharply as she felt the car beginning to slow. Oh God they were nearly there! Shed never forgive David! Never!

          Ten minutes after the limousine had taken the off ramp from the beltway it reached its destination. Diana stared at the massive intricately decorated wrought iron gates as they swung open, her nervousness increasing by the second. The car drove forwards a few yards before halting once more. After quickly lowering his window and exchanging a few words with the “guard”, who had stepped from the small brick gatehouse, her chauffeur accelerated away down the drive towards a heavily wooded hillside. As they plunged into the shade beneath the trees all that illuminated the road ahead was an occasional band of dappled sunlight and Diana had the distinctly surreal impression that theyd suddenly entered a tunnel. A few seconds later and they emerged into the bright sunlight and she had her first glimpse of the Wellingtons house. It was huge! Before she really had time to appreciate the colonial grandeur of the enormous mansion with its white marble columns and ornate fountains the car came to a sudden stop. As the door was opened her ears immediately filled with the sound of splashing and gushing water before she was curtly ordered to “get out”.

          Horribly aware of the chauffeur watching and greedily consuming every detail of her barely concealed charms she managed to extract herself from the backseat without revealing her panty clad pussy to his amused eyes. Once stood by the side of the car she had a chance to take in the details of the fountain that they were parked next to. Several mermaids were coiled together on a central plinth, water cascading down their sleek and scaly bodies. It was a very impressive piece of sculpture and Diana thought, not something youd be able to buy at your local neighbourhood garden centre!

          “Go on,” he said impatiently giving her a push towards the house. His touch sparked a sudden urge to scream at him…Who the hell do you think you are! Her pent up emotions were threatening to pour out but…she couldnt react, she knew she couldnt, she had to do as she was told, was going to have to be obedient, was going to have to do whatever they wanted her to do, no matter how embarrassing, no matter how shameful! She was trembling all over, unable to control the obscene images that were constantly appearing inside her head. Wobbling unsteadily on the black stiletto heels, as specified in the “Agreement” and at five and half inches tall much higher than anything shed ever owned before, she climbed the stone steps towards the imposing front door. It wasnt easy maintaining her balance, requiring all of her concentration not to slip whilst at the same time ensuring that the incredibly short hem remained firmly pressed to the backs of her thighs…because she knew that the driver was following closely behind, his attention uncomfortably focused on her bottom. The thought of him seeing anything more than hed already seen gave her goosebumps! By the time shed finally reached the top step her apprehension had become almost unbearable. She was desperately short of breath and feeling light headed.

          When the door opened they were met by a stern faced but very young maid who totally ignored Diana, barely giving her a momentary glance.

          “Where do they want her?” asked the chauffeur.

          “Youre to take her to the study,” replied the girl sharply, a definite air of disdain in her voice as she turned and strode away. Diana couldnt help noticing the full bottom cheeks as they rolled suggestively beneath the tight material of the girls short ruffled skirt.

          “Come on,” said her apparently irritated companion. She followed him across the vast expanse of polished marble floor, the clicking of her stiletto heels sounding incredibly loud as she stared at the numerous paintings that were hanging from every wall. Once theyd left the main entrance hall she was led down a series of crimson carpeted corridors before the driver stopped in front of a door. He knocked and went in.

          Diana found herself in a room that she could only describe as “opulent”. The walls were lined with shelves that held numerous, very expensive-looking, leather bound volumes, whilst standing on every available surface was an array of antique vases and porcelain figurines. A massive desk occupied one end of the study whilst at the other was an enormous brown leather couch that faced two matching but equally sumptuous armchairs. Standing between them was a magnificent dark pink marble coffee table. The decor oozed affluence and reflected its owners passion for the very best that money could buy combined with their enthusiasm for expensive possessions. Diana felt the eyes of the two people, who were sitting drinking tea, immediately swing towards her.

          “Thank you Brad,” said the middle-aged woman, “we might need you later.” Diana noticed an arrogant smile crease the chauffeurs face as he nodded before pulling the door closed as he left. For several minutes the room was silent as the strange couple unhurriedly examined the obviously self-conscious woman that was standing in front of them. Dianas face grew steadily hotter under their combined scrutiny, her uneasiness growing and her hands clasping and unclasping nervously at her sides as she found her eyes involuntarily drawn to the deep pile carpet at her feet. 

          “Cant you stand still girl?” the woman suddenly asked sarcastically before chuckling at the frightened look that their new “plaything” gave her.

          “Do you need to use the bathroom? Im sure my husband would enjoy watching you relieve yourself.”  

          Diana stared helplessly into Helen Wellingtons dark brown eyes and saw nothing but superiority and obvious amusement and found herself quickly turning away…unfortunately her gaze was instantly caught by the piercing blue eyes of the womans partner. In complete contrast she found herself unable to look away from the grey haired old man as he stood up and walked towards her. He sported a neatly trimmed beard, also grey, and was well over six feet tall and until that moment she hadnt noticed that he was dressed in a silk robe and pyjamas. It didnt seem appropriate in the middle of the day and especially compared to the flawless outfit that his wife was wearing. Diana smelt the overpowering aroma of his cologne as he leant forwards and spoke quietly into her ear. She felt suddenly dizzy.

          “You do know why youre here dont you?” he said, his voice dripping with menace. Before she could answer he continued.

          “When youre spoken to youll address me as Sir, and my wife here as Mrs Wellington.” Diana nodded helplessly as the woman stood up and joined her smiling husband.

          “She seems to have lost the power of speech. Whats the matter with you, cat got your tongue? Mmmmm?” said Helen Wellington huskily. 

          Despite her gnawing fear and the confused thoughts tumbling through her head Diana couldnt help staring at the woman. Her impeccably fitted blouse and knee length skirt displayed her hour glass figure to perfection, the mounds of her over generous breasts swaying as her hips rolled seductively with each step.

          “Im waiting...” said Dr Arthur Wellington impatiently as he leant closer to his trembling new toy, “…do you understand why youre here?” Trying to swallow but finding her mouth too dry Diana attempted to reply.

          “Y…y…yessss,” she managed to croak then suddenly remembered to add, “…Sir!

          “I…I…I have to do what y…y…you tell me,” she stuttered.

          “And why is that?” came the immediate response.

          “Because…because if I dont David and I will lose everything and hell go to jail...Sir!” Diana felt the corners of her eyes being pricked by tears of shame, tears that had suddenly welled up inside her. She couldnt stop her shoulders slumping slightly as she uttered the awful words but she was determined that her tormentors wouldnt have the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

          “Take your jacket off,” he said coldly.

          “So do you like big cocks?” The question, asked in a completely relaxed manner, caused Dianas cheeks to burn as she stared at Helen Wellington in shock. The older womans eyebrows were raised quizzically and her eyes were sparkling with suppressed excitement. 

          “I…I...dont…I…” came the stammered reply. At that moment the Doctor reached out, his hand cupping and then squeezing one of her barely covered buttocks. Already uncomfortably aware of the tingling in her nipples, from the moment shed left home theyd been rubbing against the thin cotton of her top, she was mortified when she felt them immediately stiffen and start to throb demandingly. Noooooooo! She knew they were poking out forming two obvious, and now very sensitive, points in the front of her blouse. Surely being touched by the horrid old man wasnt causing it! Oh God no! Please!     

          “Id rather you didnt…please dont,” she said attempting to twist away and tottering dangerously on the high heels, but the grip was firm allowing no chance of escape.

          “I asked you a question girl.”

          “I dont…I never…I…I really think…please!” she gasped, continuing to squirm as the hand rudely explored the curves of her bottom.

          “Im only asking because my husband here is extremely well endowed and if youve had no experience of a cock like his…” Helen Wellington paused and rolled her eyes,

          “…well youre going to find his attentions, how shall I say, rather interesting!” Her wicked laughter sent a shiver down Dianas spine.


            “Kneel.” It was a command. Unbelievably Diana found herself obeying even though inside her head she was screaming in protest. Once down on her knees she couldnt bring herself to look up at the grinning couple. Her face was crimson, the shame of being forced to submit to them, having no choice because of the stupid “Agreement”, was making her feel faint. The tops of her thighs were plainly in view, the skirt only just hiding the bulge of her pussy, but there was nothing she could do to cover herself…and then the severity of the embarrassment that shed felt up to that point suddenly meant nothing. What happened next forced her to dip her toe into a sea of humiliation that she knew was undoubtedly going to become much deeper. Aware that the woman was reaching through the front of her husbands robe Diana couldnt help gawping as his semi-erect penis was pulled into the light. She was horrified! It was huge, even in its partially flaccid state! As thick as her own wrist and easily ten inches long it looked like something youd see hanging beneath a stallion! However it wasnt just the things sheer size that appalled her but its appearance. Covering the whole of its length was a tracery of pronounced bluish veins but it was its end that really made her shudder. The old man had been circumcised so the glans was revealed in all its ghastly glory. Looking like some sort of monstrous over-ripe plum it was deep purple and twice the width of the shaft. Unable to drag her eyes away from the terrible sight Diana could see that the awful appendage was growing thicker, dwarfing the hand that was holding it. Oh my God!

          And then the hand began to move, slipping back and forth along the thick bar, skilfully teasing the massive cock into a full erection. As she watched it grow Diana started to feel incredibly hot and faint, shivering with dread as Doctor Arthur Wellington began to pant, his breath rasping loudly in the quiet room. Unable to contain her revulsion any longer she finally managed to force her gaze onto the carpet between her knees, at the same time trying her best to block out the increasingly excited sounds that were filling her ears.

          “Dont you think its pretty? Mmmm?” Helen Wellington asked teasingly.

          “Youre dying to touch it arent you? I can tell, and I bet that hot little pussy of yours is getting nice and wet.” The couples laughter made Dianas cheeks erupt with heat. She couldnt believe that David had gotten her into this terrible situation! What the hell was she going to do? Her worries were quickly replaced by a sudden dose of horrific, cold reality.

          “I think to start with well see how good you are at sucking. Arthur does so enjoy a “nice” prolonged session to get him “nice” and hard, dont you dear?” The outrageous suggestion caused Diana to look up in alarm. She immediately wished she hadnt! God No! Please No! She couldnt she really couldnt! The now fully engorged penis was swaying only inches from her face. To her absolute disgust drops of clear fluid were starting to leak from the hole in the centre of its bloated head. She watched in horror as they dribbled down the shiny curved surface before dripping onto the carpet.

          “Well?” asked the old man sharply, “Im waiting!” Diana dragged her eyes from the hideous sight and looked up pleadingly into the Doctors cold eyes.  She was feeling horribly nauseous.

          “I…I…I cant!” It was said with conviction…but then she found herself almost involuntarily saying,

          “Please dont make me!”

          “Are you trying to make us angry? Is that what youre doing?” Helen Wellingtons voice was laced with menace. She stepped forwards and lifted the kneeling womans chin so that Diana had no choice but look directly into her eyes.

          “You do realise what will happen to your husband if you fail to please us dont you? Or maybe you need a more personal demonstration of what will happen to you if you dont do as youre told.” With that Diana found herself being roughly dragged to her feet and pulled towards an ornate straight backed chair that sat to one side of the doorway. She squealed both with anger and shame as she was tipped unceremoniously over the older womans knees.

          “We should have done this to start with!”

          Diana shrieked with rage as her short skirt was lifted and then clumsily rolled up to her waist before the black silk knickers were swiftly pulled down her thighs. She kicked and struggled and blushed as her bum cheeks were bared in front of the chuckling old man, but it was useless. The older woman had a leg firmly clamped over her wriggling subject and within seconds her surprisingly strong grip had Dianas wrists pinned together in the small of her back. She was helpless!

          “I think shes enjoying showing you her pussy dear!” The unblemished mounds suddenly clenched desperately together, their owners groan of humiliation filling the room as the elderly physician  and his wife both chuckled. Unfortunately for Diana her efforts had little effect. Her tormentors could both still see the plump mound bulging between the backs of her smooth thighs, its central slit and delicate lips glistening under the bright lights. To her absolute mortification she knew that the evidence of her unwanted arousal was now being shamefully revealed! 


          “SMACK!” The first impact made Diana squeal, not with pain but with outrage. It didnt particularly hurt but the shock of feeling the womans hand actually slap against her bum cheek filled her with stunned disbelief. She was being spanked like a naughty schoolgirl!

          “SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!” The blows kept coming, a steady rhythm that alternated between one wobbling buttock and the other. And as they continued so the stinging increased until it started to hurt, the intensity of the pain quickly overtaking the intensity of the anger that Diana was feeling. Soon she was gasping and then, to her absolute shame, she started to cry! The whole surreal situation was already overpowering on so many levels but this latest humiliation was just too much to bear. Gradually her wriggling to escape grew more and more frantic as the burning in her bottom became unbearable and then she heard herself start to beg…beg for it to stop for a moment, just for a moment, just for a second. To pleeeeeeease stop! Shed do as she was told, shed do as they wanted but please make it stop! Tears were pouring down her cheeks and she was sobbing wretchedly by the time the older woman paused to examine her handiwork.

          “Are you going to do as youre told?” she asked, as she casually ran her hand over the now crimson and extremely hot curves. Bright red hand prints covered the whole of the clenching posterior. Diana, her head only inches from the carpet, shuddered and writhed on the womans lap, the contact from the perfectly manicured hand sending prickles of excruciating heat through her abused skin.

          “Y…Y…Yes Mrs Wellington,” she gasped brokenly as the hand continued to slide over her soft globes, cupping and squeezing as it went. She suddenly shrieked and groaned urgently as inquisitive fingers roughly parted her labial folds before plunging fully into the tight hole beneath her belly. Loud moans echoed around the book-filled walls as Dianas intimate opening was thoroughly and unhurriedly explored.  

          “Just as we thought,” Helen Wellington said to her grinning husband holding her fingers up for him to see, “the little tarts dripping wet.”

          Standing on wobbling legs Diana felt unable to offer any further resistance as the older woman began to undress her. Her bottom was far too painful to risk any more punishment. First her blouse was quickly unbuttoned by the nimble fingers. It slid from her shoulders leaving her naked above the waist. Her nipples, already swollen and hard, immediately grew thicker, tingling almost painfully in the open air whilst her face bloomed bright red under the combined gaze of her two tormentors. Next the skirt was unzipped. It swiftly joined her blouse on the back of the chair. When told to do so she obediently stepped out of the wisp of black silk that had come to rest around one of her ankles. Now without her knickers she was totally nude except for the hold-up stockings and stiletto heels. The embarrassment was awful. Involuntarily she found herself covering her pussy with one hand whilst trying to hide her breasts with the other. The Wellingtons laughed at her modesty.

          “Bit late for shyness now! Stand up straight and put your hands on your head. Hurry up!” Diana slowly obeyed, she had no choice, she realised at that moment that she really was their plaything, that they intended to use her in any way they wished and that shed really have to do whatever she was told. Up to now it had all seemed like a terrible dream but suddenly it felt devastatingly real!

          “Open your legs girl we want to have a proper look at you.” Dreadfully aware that her neatly trimmed bush and lower lips were now fully on show Diana couldnt help watching Doctor Arthur Wellington as he walked slowly around behind her. Her eyes were glued to the huge erect member as, with every step, it bounced and swayed obscenely in front of the horrid old man. She cringed and began to tremble violently when he stepped closer and stood directly behind her. Momentarily his hands rested on her hips before sliding up her exposed front. She gasped, but almost immediately started to moan and writhe as he cruelly pinched and pulled on the engorged dark pink tips that were sticking rudely out in front of her. At the same time she felt the head of the massively thick cock slide across her bum cheeks. It left a wet trail but suddenly she found herself rising up onto her toes as she felt him angle the abnormally large appendage downwards beneath her bottom. Before she had time to fully realise what he intended it sprang upwards coming to rest snugly between the tops of her thighs, its bloated purple head jutting forwards into the room as a stream of sticky clear fluid oozed continuously from its central opening. The old man thrust forwards slightly before pulling back and Diana found herself wetly riding a rock hard rail, her vulval folds split wide apart by the stiff gnarled bar. Consumed by shame she gritted her teeth but couldnt stop herself mewing with pleasure when her engorged clitoral knob was rubbed by the loathsome thing. Waves of guilty excitement flooded through her pussy. OH GOD! Noooooooooooo! She was soooo wet and slippery and…and ashamed!

          “Please stop! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh!” she whinnied loudly.

          “O…o…o…oooooooooh!” Trapped by her rising arousal she could do nothing but quiver and moan helplessly, held in place by the Doctors hard rod as it slid relentlessly back and forth. The Wellingtons smiled at each other.

          “Youd better stop or the little bitch is going to come all over the place,” said Helen Wellington, obvious amusement in her voice.

          Diana watched in horror as the engorged head of the monstrous erection drew closer. Shed been forced to kneel on all fours on the surface of the marble coffee table. Totally nude except for the black hold-up stockings and high heels she felt totally exposed and totally powerless. Her knees were splayed wide apart and beneath each a cushion had been carefully placed. The position meant that, to her absolute shame, every detail of both of her intimate openings was being obscenely displayed between the spread cheeks of her freshly spanked bottom, and try as she might she couldnt stop the burning halves from clenching and rolling suggestively from side to side. As a final insult to her already tattered pride she could feel that the lips of her pussy were gaping wetly whilst her swollen clitoris continued to pulse with unwanted excitement. She couldnt take her eyes off the Doctors huge appendage as it swayed directly in front of her face and then to her dismay it suddenly touched her skin. Slowly the old man slid the end of his throbbing penis across the helpless face leaving a thick shiny trail of precum smeared from one crimson cheek to the other.

          “Open your mouth,” he said smugly.

          “P…please…I…I cant!” Diana stuttered, looking up imploringly at the smiling couple as the bloated glans continued to coat her face with sticky lubricant.

          “Do you want to go back over my knee?” asked the middle-aged woman teasingly.

          “Is that what youre saying?” The threat caused Dianas hot bum cheeks to clench frantically and her face to bloom with shame. Noooooooo! Not again! She wouldnt be able to stand it! Her wrists were secured by thin leather straps to the tables thick legs so she had no way of stopping what was about to happen. Unable to contain a whimper of defeat she submissively parted her lips and closed her eyes. Arthur Wellington glanced knowingly at his wife as he placed the tip of his erection against the waiting mouth before pushing forwards. It took all of Dianas concentration not to gag as her lips were stretched apart before sliding around the engorged cock head, her jaws having to open achingly wide to accommodate the abnormal girth. For a moment she panicked, unable to breathe, before managing to desperately suck air in through her nostrils and snort it out as the elderly man began to rock back and forth. Helen Wellington leant over, her face close to Dianas, and watched gleefully as the helpless mouth was abused, its owner struggling to cope as her husbands huge member began to hit the back of her throat.

          “I suggest you use your tongue and make Arthur come as quickly as you can…or youll find him growing more forceful, and I really dont think youd like that.” Her eyes wide with fear and overcome by disgust Diana knew she had no choice but to pleasure the horrid old man and try and get the terrible deed over and done with as quickly as possible.

          Dianas ears filled with the sounds of her own slurping and snorting as she licked and sucked the swollen glans, her tongue sliding and slipping around its flared edge and along the things horribly meaty shaft. Slowly but surely she managed to regain her composure, controlling her fear and concentrating her efforts on stimulating the awful erection that was sliding in and out of her mouth. She had to make the old man come. She had to do it. There was no choice. But as she continued she gradually became aware of another sound. A low moaning and keening that seemed to be all around and then it suddenly hit her! It was coming from her! Oh my god! Nooooooo! As she suckled on the disgusting penis she was mewing with pleasure! Her face burned with shame.

          “Sounds like the little slut is starting to enjoy herself dear,” said Helen Wellington as she walked around behind Diana.

          “And my goodness it certainly looks like it!” The middle-aged woman stared at the helplessly exposed vaginal slit. It was swollen and shiny with secretions, secretions that revealed the obviously very excited state of their toy. As she watched clear fluid slowly oozed from between the delicate lips.

          A sudden increase in the volume of the sounds issuing from the cock-filled mouth indicated to the Doctor exactly what his wife had started to do. He smiled affectionately at her over the top of the pinioned womans bobbing head. Diana gurgled her dismay. A host of urgent muffled pleas and squeals and whinnies filling the air as she suddenly choked on the engorged flesh. It felt like it was getting thicker! The old man curved his hands behind her head, took a firm hold and started to pump himself back and forth more forcefully in the deliciously tight mouth.

          “Does it feel good? Mmmmmmmm? Are you going to come for me?” asked Helen Wellington. The teasing tone hardly registered to Diana, her world was suddenly filled with conflicting sensations. Shame and gratification and stinging pain were combining to overwhelm her. The three fingers that were now sliding deeply in and out of her pussy were sending waves of guilty pleasure pulsing through her belly. Each time they withdrew the older woman turned her hand over, tormenting the hard clitoral button for several moments before sliding her fingers back into the slippery opening and down its opposite wall.  The unbearably intense sensations flowing through Diana made her toes curl and her buttocks clench desperately against the older womans wrist. Tingling heat flared across her spanked globes with every fleeting contact of skin on skin. Grinning at her husband Helen Wellington mercilessly massaged the sensitive area over the squirming womans G-spot.

          “Nnnnnnnnnnnn! Gggggggguuuuuu! Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Diana managed to splutter around the thick fleshy gag as she was driven closer and closer to orgasm. And then everything happened at once…

          She almost passed out as she came! It was the most intense orgasm shed ever experienced in her life, and for the first time she felt her pussy actually squirting! But the delicious heart-stopping sensations were mingled with shameful embarrassment as the digits, that were continuing to delve deeply inside her, were gripped tightly by the rhythmical contractions of her pulsing hole. Amazingly the humiliation only seemed to add to her arousal! Her whole body went into spasm, every muscle tightening and clenching as the waves of pleasure poured through her. At the same time Arthur Wellington threw his head back and growled at the ceiling, his cock jerking and rearing in the helpless mouth as gouts of creamy fluid erupted from its throbbing end. Almost delirious Diana suddenly realised that she needed to swallow! Or shed suffocate! There was no choice!          


          With her shoulders slumped down and her head resting on the cool marble Diana felt more exhausted than at any time that she could  ever remember. She so wanted to sleep! But the taste of the old mans come was filling her mouth and she shivered with disgust. Smears of his thick sperm were coating her lips but she couldnt bring herself to lick them clean. Oh God she was so so ashamed! Coming in front of them and squirting! Oh God! She suddenly jumped and gasped as fingers began to once again explore her gaping, and incredibly wet, pussy.

          “Did you enjoy sucking me my dear?” the doctor asked, with apparent curiosity, as he casually penetrated the slippery pink entrance with a fingertip bringing a groan of anguish from the naked woman.

          “I think its time for you to show Helen what an obedient girl you can be. Would you like that?” Whatever anger Diana had been feeling towards her husband David, for getting her into this terrible predicament, it was all his fault after all, had all but evaporated as she found herself submissively raising her head.

          Standing directly in front of her was Mrs Wellington. To her horror the woman was beginning to unzip her skirt and after a slight wriggle of her hips it fell to the floor. Beneath was a perfectly proportioned pair of legs, lightly tanned with thighs that a woman twenty years younger would have been proud of. The many hours spent in the gym had certainly paid dividends. It took only seconds for the French silk knickers to follow the skirt and then Diana found herself staring directly at Helen Wellingtons plump vulval mound. It was totally devoid of hair, shaved and waxed until completely smooth, with its thick lipped slit shamelessly revealed. The older woman turned proudly back and forth, her eyes sparkling with excitement, as, naked from the waist down she sensuously displayed herself to their captive toy. Diana felt her own hips starting to roll, a groan forced from her lips, as the old mans fingers suddenly slid more deeply, his intimate explorations urging her arousal levels to rise once more. A few moments later and to her utter shame she moaned, not with embarrassment but with disappointment, when the same fingers were removed. What was happening to her? Was she really a slut?

          She watched nervously as the now fully nude Doctor, having discarded his robe, strode across the room and picked up the chair that shed been spanked over only half an hour earlier. Her eyes were inexorably drawn to his penis. Now only semi-rigid it was still enormous, the bell shaped head swinging from side to side as he walked. He noticed her staring and smiled.

          “Dont worry itll be getting hard again soon!” he said sarcastically, as he and his wife burst into laughter. Dianas cheeks bloomed with heat, her mortification clear for them both to see. Once the old man had put the chair down in front of her she realised that the seat was perfectly level with her chin and it was then that she guessed what she was going to have to do. NoNoNo! Noooooooooo! Shed never touched a woman before! Please no! As she knelt on the coffee table unable to move the couple gazed down at her and smiled warmly. Horrified she watched as Helen Wellington reached out and started to stroke her husbands partially erect appendage. Amazingly it began to swell, but hed only come a few minutes ago, growing stiffer and thicker as it rose in front of Dianas face.

          “Now youre going to lick me,” said the woman huskily, “and youll do it properly or youll be sorry. Arthur can be gentle with you or cruel. In truth he prefers girls that cant behave and Im sure hed enjoy teaching you a lesson.” Diana was once more transfixed by the huge cock as it became fully erect. The thought of what it could do to her was terrifying enough, without the threat of its owner being angry and using it to teach her a lesson!

          “Arthur is going to fuck you whilst your tongue is inside me,” said Helen Wellington as she sat down and opened her legs.

          “If you please me youll enjoy it, if you dont…well its up to you!”

          Diana had never been so close to another womans private parts before. She could smell Mrs Wellingtons musky aroma as she stared at the wide open labia that were only inches in front of her face. They looked wet and shiny and she could see the swollen clitoris poking out, and the pink vaginal hole beneath. Shaking and drowning in shame she found her cheeks suddenly enclosed by the warm thighs and her mouth pushed against the slippery folds as the doctors wife shuffled her chair slightly forwards.

          “Off you go,” she said patronisingly. Diana tentatively licked, first with the tip but then with the whole of her tongue, as the fear of the Doctors abnormally large weapon, for thats what it literally was, soon made her overcome her revulsion at what she was being forced to do. Again, there was no choice! It didnt take long before Helen Wellington began to groan and pant and wriggle her hips as the intimate licking continued. Dianas face became coated with feminine lubricant as the womans excitement grew. Watching the powerless girl trying to cope with sucking Arthurs cock had already turned her on enormously! She was soaking wet before the little slut had even started to lick her! As the tingling sensations deep within her belly intensified she looked into her husbands eyes and then at his splendid erection. She could see that it was pulsing with anticipation, the rope-like blue veins standing proud from the thick shaft, a shiny trail of precum running down from the magnificent head. She squirmed as the deliciously rude sight added to her growing arousal.

          “Mmmmmmmmmm now let me feel your tongue, thats it, right inside, right up inside me,” she said croakily.

          Diana did her best, pushing her tongue as far as she could into the slippery hole. Surprisingly it didnt taste as disgusting as she thought it would! Suddenly she jerked as the old mans hands slid underneath her, his fingers pulling and pinching at her thorn-like nipples. She shuddered and moaned as she felt something huge and hard nudging against her wide open and vulnerable pussy. She knew exactly what it was and couldnt help feeling terrified! It was enormous…but her clit was throbbing with need and she was wetter than she could ever remember! Oh God! She shouldnt be soooo turned on but she couldnt help herself, couldnt help being a slut! And then her eyes bulged and she desperately tried to say “No”, to say “Please Stop”, “Please dont” but her pleas and panic were lost, muffled by the vaginal folds enclosing her face. The furiously stiff penis pushed forward stretching Dianas delicate lips until they formed a perfect pink circle that gripped the engorged glans tightly. She groaned in protest as the pressure increased.

          “Shes going to be wonderfully tight,” said Arthur Wellington, exchanging a knowing smile with his panting wife, who at that moment gripped the struggling womans head and rubbed herself more forcefully against the helpless face. Diana couldnt stop the writhing and rocking of her hips nor the clenching of her bum cheeks as she was overcome by a fusion of conflicting sensations. Shame and humiliation poured through her but at the same time she had no control of her spiralling arousal. And luckily, because of that arousal, that had caused her pussy to swell and ooze sticky fluid continuously since the beginning of her ordeal, she managed to escape the worst of the pain that being penetrated by the Doctors over-sized cock would have caused her.

          With her mouth firmly pressed into Helen Wellingtons vulval slit and her tongue deep inside the squirming womans hole Dianas squealing and frantic protests were barely audible to the older couple. She jerked as the swollen head suddenly slipped fully inside her. Immediately her whole body went rigid as the walls of her vaginal tunnel were stretched further than shed ever experienced before. Pinned like a butterfly she could do nothing but sob and gasp as the thick shaft penetrated her. Her eyes bulged as the Doctor slowly inserted his pulsing member, until finally his belly rested against her sore bum cheeks. At that moment she was overcome by the twin feelings of being stretched and filled more fully than she would ever have thought possible. Gurgling and panting, but somehow managing to continue her vigorous tonguing of Helen Wellingtons vagina, she felt her pussy, almost lovingly squeezing the monstrous erection as it withdrew. Amazingly she heard herself mewing with disappointment, her tight hole desperately gripping the thick shaft, wanting it back inside her, wanting to feel its size again, wanting to feel stretched and full! And then…she was lost.

          Grunting and groaning Arthur Wellington began to ride the writhing woman with a ruthless disregard for her comfort or feelings. The huge cock ploughed the tight entrance, distending and widening the delicate opening and its slippery tunnel with every forceful thrust. Diana squirmed and wriggled, lost in the delicious sensations that were flooding her belly. With each penetration she felt herself completely filled, completely plugged, gurgling and groaning her discomfort yet almost passing out with the overwhelming pleasure that the engorged rod was producing. And as it withdrew she keened with uncontrollably lust, craving its return, wriggling her hips wantonly, trying to urge its elderly owner to fuck her harder, to fuck her until she could bear it no longer!


          And suddenly she was forced over the edge, falling and writhing and squealing as the orgasm crashed through her, colours exploding behind her eyes as her pussy pulsed and squeezed the glorious cock that was pounding relentlessly into her belly. As Diana screamed into the labial folds covering her face Helen Wellington looked into her husbands eyes and gripped the younger womans head more tightly. A lecherous smile passed between them before she threw her head back, rubbing herself furiously against the helpless face. Her shriek of ecstatic release bounced from the walls as her own orgasm tore through her. OH YES! Yyyyyyeeeeesssss! YYYYYEEESSSSSS! The sight and sound of his wife coming proved the final trigger for the Doctor who erupted seconds later, roaring at the ceiling once more as his erection swelled, jerking and spurting deep within the squirming female that had been so delightfully and submissively proffered for his entertainment.

          Crimson cheeked, but offering no resistance, Diana was compelled to clean the thick, but now softened, penis with her tongue. She licked and swallowed and suckled on the Doctors appendage until, after several long minutes he pulled away, apparently satisfied with her oral ministrations. Dazed and lightheaded, but still extremely aware of her nudity, she found herself being released from the leather straps before being led, on wobbly legs, through a cleverly concealed door, hidden behind a hinged section of shelving, into an adjoining bathroom cubicle. Once inside the tiny room Helen Wellington quickly stripped off her remaining clothes before pushing her nude plaything into the spacious shower stall in front of them. To Dianas utter mortification she couldnt stop herself moaning and wriggling as she was thoroughly and intimately soaped and rinsed by the older woman, her hands slapped away each time she tried to self-consciously cover herself.

          Back in the study the Doctor and his wife were now fully dressed whilst to add to Dianas embarrassment shed been forced to remain naked, allowed just her stockings and high heels, which only seemed to accentuate the shameful exposure of her private parts. She stood in front of them, as instructed, with her hands clasped firmly together at the back of her neck and her legs spread a shoulder width apart. She knew better than to risk defying her tormentors again, the memory of being so painfully spanked only an hour or so earlier was still far too fresh in her mind.

          “Stand up straight and push your hips forward more, dont slouch.” The tone of Arthur Wellingtons voice was patronizing but also laced with menace. Dianas face burned as they both ran their eyes unhurriedly up and down her nudity. Between her spread thighs she knew they had a perfect view of her gaping pussy. It felt horribly swollen, the lips thick and pulsing, whilst her engorged clitoris was sticking straight out! And just like her painfully stiff nipples it too felt excruciatingly sensitive! A knock on the study door made her jump and look around worriedly, her hands immediately dropping to hide her nudity from whoever was waiting outside in the corridor.

          “GET BACK IN POSITION AND DONT YOU DARE TRY AND COVER YOURSELF!” yelled Helen Wellington at the top of her voice. The shock of being shouted at instantly added to the almost overwhelming humiliation that Diana was feeling and made her start to shake uncontrollably. Unbelievably she found herself immediately obeying and doing as she was told. And then the shame suddenly increased to an unbearable degree as the haughty young maid, who shed met earlier, came into the room carrying a tray of tea. An enormous smirk appeared on the girls face as soon as she saw the helplessly exposed and trembling woman. Her eyes roved slowly over the blatantly displayed sex and the engorged nipples as she placed the tray on the table. Dianas cheeks turned an even darker shade of red as the young girl sniggered and chuckled under her breath.

          “Thank you Alice,” said the Doctor, and then with a certain relish in his voice, “could you ask Brad to come and join us please.” At the mention of the chauffers name Dianas blood ran cold. Oh please God No! Surely he wasnt going to be allowed to see her like this! Shed never be able to forgive David, never!

          Helen Wellingtons cold smile chilled Diana almost as much as what she was saying.

          “Weve a group of friends who Im sure will enjoy meeting you the next time you come to visit. And I think the next time well also invite your husband David. Hell be more than a little surprised at your behaviour Im sure.” She paused.

          “And maybe we could even have him lick that big stiff clitty of yours whilst Arthur sticks his cock up you. Mmmmmm? Do you think youd like that?” The look of absolute mortification on Dianas face caused the Wellingtons to laugh uproariously as they calmly sipped their tea.

          Whatever awful thing that Diana had been imaging would happen when the chauffeur arrived didnt prepare her for just how embarrassing it proved to be. Just as shed been forced to blatantly display herself in front of the sniggering maid so she was forced to do in front of him, but this time Mrs Wellington was stood at her side, one hand pressing firmly against her helpless bottom whilst delivering a series of sharp pinches. The effect was to make Diana gasp and jerk and push her pussy forwards so that it gaped and bulged obscenely in front of the watching servant. With an arrogant sneer on his lips he sat and watched and enjoyed every humiliating moment. 

          “What do you think of her Brad?” asked the old man as his wife continued to torment the squirming naked woman.

          “Yeah nice and slim, looks like her pussys dripping and her clits good and hard.” Dianas face felt like it was on fire as the awful mans eyes roamed wherever he wanted. His condescending look made her shrivel with shame inside but incredibly through it all her pussy was throbbing with need! It felt as if her clitoral knob was poking right out and literally begging for his attention!

          “Stick it out for him you little slut,” said Helen Wellington as she continued to pinch and then push her fingers between Dianas clenching bum cheeks.

          “Ask Brad here to examine you,” she said wickedly, as she looked into Dianas anxiety filled eyes, whilst her own glittered with cruel excitement. 

          The invitation was mumbled and interrupted by dry sobs as Diana was forced to ask the grinning chauffeur to touch her. Immediately she jumped and moaned as his hands started to run greedily over her stomach and then up to squeeze and pinch at her sensitive nipples. She couldnt stop herself begging him to be gentle, to stop, to please not hurt her but he ignored all of her whimpering and complaints. The Wellingtons watched with interest as he made the trembling woman part her thighs before turning her to stand sideways in front of him. Then one hand started to explore the space between the churning buttocks whilst the other opened the slippery folds of her pussy. Unable to control herself Diana was soon groaning loudly and pumping her hips back and forth as the fingers penetrated her sensitive holes, her gurgling rising in pitch as her throbbing clitoris was teased and squeezed. He delved more deeply opening the delicate lips wide before driving two and then three fingers into the tight pink hole. Within minutes the intimate and forceful penetrations had her teetering on the edge of an orgasm.

          “Would you like Brad to make you come? Mmmmmmmm?” asked Helen Wellington teasingly. Diana was no longer able to resist the rising pleasure.

          “Yyyyyyyes! Oh yes! P…p…p…please!”she panted. The last thing she wanted to do was come in front of them, for their entertainment, or give the horrible chauffeur the satisfaction of making her do it because it would be soooooo embarrassing but she couldnt stop herself! A slight nod from the older woman and the massaging fingertips grew instantly more demanding. Diana rose onto the very tips of her toes, squealing and gurgling and frantically rolling her hips as the orgasm hit. Losing all control her hands dropped from her neck and she held tightly onto the male arms that were pinioning her from both front and back. Then as the intoxicating waves began to subside the delicious fingers were removed and as she sank slowly to her knees he held them up so that her smiling tormentors could see that they were running with her juices. Her cheeks burned with shame.  

          “Now thank him,” said the Doctor sternly.

          Diana stared at the countryside as it skimmed past the limousines windows, her mind in an absolute turmoil. Oh my God, she really was a slut! In the end shed actually enjoyed it! And the knowledge that she was going to have to do it again, to suck and lick and fuck, in front of, and probably even with, a group of strangers, was making her pussy throb uncontrollably. Shed enjoyed it! The shame, the humiliation, the feelings that came from being truly helpless and under somebody elses control had turned her on so completely that shed no longer cared what theyd wanted her to do. Frighteningly she knew that shed have done, literally, anything! She looked at the back of the chauffeurs thick neck and blushed. Having to suck his stiff cock, especially in front of the Doctor and his wife, had turned her on soooo much! His thing hadnt been anywhere near as huge as the Doctors, but it had been big enough and hard! Hard like iron, and incredibly hot! And after shed licked and sucked him for several minutes hed spurted into her mouth and shed greedily swallowed every drop! Every last delicious drop!  Even licking his cock when it grew soft so she could find every last trace of his sticky come! And shed done it without being told! She couldnt believe what an absolute slut shed turned out to be! And it was all Davids fault, all of it…shed never be able to forgive him, never…she blushed again…but then, maybe, she didnt really want to…

The End

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PaganWriter on 2023-07-10 18:54:18Z
I liked it.
Daisy_Medusa on 2023-02-27 16:45:52Z
She got examined by the chauffeur!!! Hehehehe … and knows that as bad or rather good it all was next time she’ll doing it all again with a bunch of strangers
Red2Purple on 2023-01-16 00:43:12Z
Very good read! The 3some scenes of Diane licking his wife while Arthur rode her were simply amazing. The poor poor lady!
XXXXXX on 2022-12-16 03:05:42Z
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