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Sally's Downfall, Part 5 - The Finance Meeting, Day 1

A Sally's Downfall series story
Heavy, F+, F, M+, Real Life, Humiliation, Pain, Sadism, Scat, Water Sports, Reluctant
Four times a year the organisation holds a financial summit meeting. All of the senior finance people from the company and its susbidiaries and sister companies all around the world attend, along with other senior management. It used to be the highlight of Sally's professional life. It is generally held in an exotic location: Hawaii, Bali and the Maldives have been recent destinations, Sally invariably travelling in style on one of the company jets. It is a huge event, taking weeks of planning by Sally and her team. Sally, as the group CFO, was the star of the event, giving the opening speech, presiding at the gourmet dinners, chairing the plenary session. She was the Queen of the event, treated with respect and deference by everyone present, even - or especially - those who she graciously allowed to fuck her during her spare moments.

There was a meeting immediately after her downfall, where it was announced that she was unwell. All the participants were very disappointed that they would miss their quarterly opportunity to suck up to her, hoping for favours in the months to come. It was left to her team to do their best.

There was no question of her missing the next meeting. It was just that her participation was to be a little different.


The meeting was, unusually, held in a country retreat just a few hours by road from the office. People arrived during the course of the previous day, some after a drive or a short flight, some after a flight from the other side of the world. The custom was that in the afternoon they were free to mingle, while Sally held court, deigning to spend a few minutes with each new arrival - and quietly deciding who would receive her more personal favours during the meeting. This time they were disappointed that she wasn't present, though they were reassured to be told she would arrive later in the day.

To help people relax after their journey, it was a tradition to provide a few girls to mingle with the reception crowd. They were easily recognised in their high heels, short skirts, hotpants or tight jeans and their generous breasts. Guests could slip off to their rooms for a half hour, or just go to one of the side rooms for a quickie. The girls were very popular, and lately were supplemented with a man as well for those who preferred that. This time one of them was really extreme. Her tits were enormous inflated globes, her tiny skirt revealed her pussy and the rings dangling from it, and her heels were impossibly high. Her face was covered with a black latex mask. Only her mouth, eyes, and a heavy septum ring were visible, the latter with a heavy chain hanging from it.

The other girls mingled with the crowd, making suggestive small talk, but she made direct approaches. She would walk up to someone and with no introduction say "Would you like to fuck me?" or "Please let me suck your cock". If people were surprised, it didn't stop them accepting her offer. The two of them walked off and a few minutes later were back. She bent herself over a table, spreading her legs and displaying her cunt and the stripes and bruises from recent and older beatings. Lazily she pushed her fingers into it, retreiving the cum and licking it from her fingers, playing with her clit, inviting another fuck. Several times men just opened their flies and took her, in full view of everyone else.

When one of the other girls returned from a tryst, she pushed her over a table, pushed up her skirt, and lapped the cum from the exposed cunt, her tongue straying to the girl's clit. These quick fucks gave no time for the girls' pleasure, so a warm, experienced tongue was very welcome, and soon she was crying out in pleasure.


The crowd gradually thinned as the guests went off to their rooms to prepare for the evening, some taking a girl with them. They reappeared in time for the traditional formal cocktail party starting around seven. For this the girls were dressed as caricature serving wenches, in black stockings, a tiny black dress, and modest black heels, carrying trays of champagne, cocktails and nibbles. Once again there was one who was much more spectacular. She wore even higher black heels, stockings, and a pointlessly short skirt. Her monster tits were completely exposed, looking more like fleshy footballs stuck onto her chest, a little bell suspended from each of the heavy nipple rings.. Her arms were pinioned behind her back, the tray fastened around her belly and suspended by a chain from her steel collar. Her face was still covered by the latex hood, but now her mouth was completely filled by a huge red ball gag, her jaws stretched impossibly wide open. She tottered around the party, barely able to balance, collecting empty glasses and dirty plates. People couldn't resist fondling her giant tits, squeezing them to see how they felt, tugging and twisting at her nipple rings. When her tray was empty she was pushed over a table and fucked, unable to do anything to resist even if she had wanted to, so for the rest of the party cum oozed down her thighs as she stumbled in her heels.

The guests were still disappointed that their CFO had not yet arrived. Normally she gave a little introductory speech at the end of the cocktail party, a pep-talk that also outlined the main topics for the meeting. This time though her place was taken by her boss, one of the group's very senior management. He gave a typical talk that Sally would have given, then switched to a different topic.

"I know you're all wondering where Sally is, after her disappointing illness at our last gathering. I'm pleased to tell you that she is here now, and in fact she has been among us all afternoon."

Fuck Toy tottered into the room, looking exactly as she had before except that the latex hood was removed and her face was visible. Her arms were still bound behind her, her cunt still revealed by her skirt, she was still wearing her impossible heels. There were gasps of shock and horror. Could this really be their CFO? A porn star, who they had spent all afternoon fucking and teasing? How could it be? She started to speak, as fluently and articulately as ever, her voice commanding attention and respect.

"Some of you will be surprised to see me like this, though others know the story. A few months ago I did something very, very bad to our company. Mercifully, I was spared the ultimate penalty. But my punishment is to become the inhuman, extreme bimbo and fuck toy you see before you. I'm not a human being any more, I have no rights or dignity. I'm to be fucked as often and as hard as possible, in my cunt, in my ass, in my mouth. I'm to be an object of curiosity and ridicule, which is why I have these absurd tits, the ring through my nose, my puffed up bee-sting lips. If you already fucked me, don't worry, you did your job. If you haven't fucked me yet, please do, as soon and as often as you can manage. Sally doesn't exist any more, in fact I heard she came to a sorry end in some mystical eastern country. I haven't just become a fuck toy, that is my new name - Fuck Toy."

She lifted her skirt, revealing her name tattooed in large block letters on her belly.

"It's not just about sex. I'm to be physically punished hard, constantly. I'm beaten frequently, as you'll see soon. I'm to be humiliated, degraded and made ridiculous in every way possible, to be denied every possible pleasure in life. That is the only path that was offered to me, that or to die hideously and immediately. I must accept everything with good grace. When you shit in my mouth or spit half-chewed food into it, I must thank you. If I hesitate even for a second at even the most ridiculous order, from anyone, I will be savagely punished. It has already happened many times. I beg you to feed me your piss, your shit, to make me lick you clean when you shit. Ladies, if any of you are having your period, please feed me your used tampons. The more revolting and humiliating, the better. If you want to spank me, or beat me until I scream, or make me lick your shoes, I beg you to ask. If you have ideas of your own, I beg you to use them. I have no rights, no dignity. I am no longer human, I am to be abused in every possible way.

"Some of you may be wondering what I think of this. The answer is simple: I no longer have the right to any feelings, I am no longer a person or a human being. I am Fuck Toy. Thank you for listening."

People were shocked, not only at what she said, but at her perfect delivery of such a horrifying speech. They didn't know how to react, a few started to applaud but quickly stopped. They didn't have long to think. As she finished her speech, two burly guards surrounded her and held her tight. One punched her hard in the stomach and she doubled over in pain. They straightened her up while her boss slapped her face hard, a dozen times, her head jerking from side to side. Then he took a vicious thin cane and laid it into her naked bottom, over and over. At first she remained stoically quiet. Then she started to cry out and to scream. Only when her screams had turned to exhausted sobs did he stop. But still he hadn't finished. He picked up a strange looking object, a stick, much thicker at one end and covered in cruel spikes. Once everyone had seen it, he pushed it hard into her exposed cunt, thrusting and twisting it as once agan she screamed, until blood trickled down her thighs, mingled with the cum from earlier.

Finally she was yanked upright again. She had been wearing makeup, a rare treat for her now, and it had streaked down her face. Once she had recovered her breath she spoke again.

"Thank you. Thank you for giving me the punishment I deserve. I..."


Her final speech went unfinished, interrupted by another violent punch to her belly. She was dragged to a table and bound in place with heavy leather straps, her legs wide apart, her holes completely exposed. Her face was over a metal bowl. Beside her prostrate body were a variety of implements for punishing and torturing her - canes, whips, paddles, dildos of various sizes and unpleasantness. Esmé, the head of HR and Fuck Toy's tormentress in chief, spoke briefly. She explained that it was not only a right but a duty of all those present to contribute to the punishment. They could use the tools, they could use their cocks, and they could use her mouth as a toilet.

Most people were reluctant but Esmé led showed the way, squatting over the bowl and releasing a flood of runny shit, then pushing Fuck Toy's face down into it until she had swallowed it. Finally she held her head up so she could be licked clean. Meanwhile there was already a cock enthusiastically thrusting into her anus. The girls had been chosen for their willingness to join in, and thoroughly briefed. One of them followed Esmé, lifting her skirt and squatting directly over Fuck Toy's head. Slowly she pushed out an enormous turd, oozing out of her in one long, continuous piece that piled up in a spiral on top of her head, following it with a bladder full of strong yellow piss that slowly washed the pile of shit into the bowl. When she had finished she sat down hard, pinning Fuck Toy's head in the semi-liquid filth and crushing her nose ring against her lips as she struggled desperately to swallow enough to be able to breathe. Another attached a huge strap-on dildo, covered in spikes and ridges, that she thrust into her cunt as soon as she could take her place. The third took a particularly nasty paddle, a solid piece of plastic with holes and bumps to intensify the pain, and applied it vigorously to her bottom. Fuck Toy couldn't scream because her mouth was busy gobbling down the girl's shit and slurping up her piss, but her agonised convulsions made her pain obvious.

The party quickly divided into two. The smaller group clustered around the victim, fascinated by her torment or actively taking part in it. One pulled out his cock and started to wank. Esmé pushed him in front of Fuck Toy's face, saying, "If you're going to to wank, come in her face, cover her in cum, she deserves it." Soon her head was covered in shit, she was half-drowning in the foul contents of the bowl, and her face was a dripping mess of cum. Meanwhile her cunt and anus were being used energetically.

The larger part of the party was as far as away as possible at the other end of the room, avoiding the sights, the stink of shit and the constant sobs and screams. Nobody dared speak out loud the horror and revulsion they felt, both at Fuck Toy's current horrific torment and at her dehumanisation. Whatever she had done, surely it could not justify this level of brutality and punishment? For all of them she was her their boss, or a highly respected business partner and colleague. It was just unimaginable that this could really be happening, in a civilsed country in the 21st century.

All but one of the women in the party had chosen the smaller group. Two of them were actively involved in tormenting Fuck Toy, and the others were watching with great interest. One of them had her hand inside her trousers, unable to resist her own arousal.

Once Esmé was satisfied that her victim was being taken care of, she went and spoke to the other group.

"You can't just huddle up here pretending nothing is happening. You're part of the company too. You have a duty. We want Fuck Toy's miserable life to be as unpleasant as possible, and you're all part of it. You're not here just for free booze and food and a chance to gossip with your mates. Get down there and fuck her, beat her, shit on her, wank in her face, whatever you want, but get on with it or you might just end up the same way yourself."

Slowly they started to drift to the other end of the room. A few started a discussion with her but were rapidly silenced by their colleagues, fearful of the consequences. Only one persisted. He started to raise his voice, using words like "unacceptable". Esmé listened politely for a short while, before signalling to the guards who took him away, still protesting.

Fuck Toy's torments continued. Gradually Esmé coerced every single participant into doing something to her, with a mixture of pleasant encouragement and barely hidden threats. Some had done the bare minimum, like pissing into her bowl or giving her a few timid smacks. Others had finally entered into the spirit of things, caning her hard, fucking her or wanking into the sticky mess that covered her face.


A major part of these meetings was the formal dinner on the evening before. A lot of thought and preparation went into this. The girls were included, part of a carefully arranged seating plan that placed everyone close to people who could prove useful to them. Pride of place went, naturally, to Sally, whose seat was in the middle at the top of the U-shaped table where she could see everyone and talk to as many as possible.

Tonight, though, as the seats filled, Sally's remained conspicuously empty. Finally all the seats were occupied except three: Sally's, Esmé's and one other. As the guests chattered over their first glass of excellent wine, Esmé entered the room. Behind her, tugged along on a leash attached to her nose ring, was Fuck Toy. She squirmed awkwardly on her belly, her wrists and ankles bound behind her back, her monster tits crushed against the floor and their rings constantly catching on the carpet, tearing at her tender nipples. Each painful wriggle moved her forward by a few inches, Esmé constantly tugging at her nose.

"I expect you were wondering whether our CFO would be joining us tonight. She will, indeed she is here with me, but she won't be taking her usual place at the head of the table. Instead she'll be on her belly under the table, constantly on the move to thank you for accepting her despite all the bad things she has done. She has orders to kiss your shoes and lick any dirt off them as she squirms around under the table. Her belly is already full from your generous gifts earlier, but you should feel free to throw her food scraps when you feel her near you. Nothing too good, we wouldn't want her to get bad habits, but if you have some morsels you don't want I'm sure she'll appreciate them. Or you could spit out a chewed mouthful and throw it to her. She'll eat everything she gets, unless she wants another thrashing."

With that, she took her seat and Fuck Toy squirmed her way under the table. From time to time each guest would feel her rubbing against their legs, maybe feel the slight pressure as she applied her lips and tongue to each of their shoes, kissing and licking as though it was the bare flesh of her favourite lover. Some threw food to her, a small piece of meat or vegetable. A few took Esmé's hint and chewed a mouthful before spitting it out and dropping it by their feet. No matter what she was thrown, she squirmed her way to it and took it into her mouth just like a tame dog. When she finished swallowing, if they listened carefully against the background of well-lubricated chatter, they would hear her thank them gracefully.

Unseen under the table, sometimes she paused for a moment in her humiliating wriggling. She wept, at the bitter humiliation. For her this was far, far worse than the pain of being beaten or of being fucked with a spiked dildo until she bled, worse even than eating shit as it slithered down from her scalp to her mouth. This dinner was the highlight of her professional life, when she reigned over her empire of sycophantic subordinates, carefully feeding their hopes and aspirations for the months to come. To spend it quite literally grovelling at their feet, pathetically accepting lumps of half-chewed food, was truly more than she could bear - except that she had no choice. At times like this she even regretted that she had chosen to stay alive. The last few weeks of unimaginable pain and suffering would long since be over, and could surely not have been worse than this prolonged pain and humiliation.


Towards the end of the dinner Esmé left, tugging Fuck Toy along by her nose ring. Once again there were three empty seats. A little later, when the party was enjoying its first cognac and a cigar, the two of them returned. Fuck Toy was walking again, staggering along on impossible heels, her arms still pinned behind her back. She was naked apart from her black stockings, now torn and laddered from the time she had spent crawling around in them. Her face was still covered in shit, dried piss and sticky cum, her scalp matted with it. The tattoo on her belly, saying Fuck Toy in large black block letters, was clearly visible.

She walked up to where her empty chair was waiting for her and stood behind it, teetering on her heels. Her body was covered in bruises, from her monster tits to her legs. Her thighs were smeared with blood and cum. She stood still for long enough for the party to take a good luck at her miserable condition. Then she spoke.

"It has been our practice for me to give a short talk at the end of our dinner, to thank our hosts for providing us with such an excellent meal, and to set your thoughts for the formal meeting tomorrow. I'm afraid that tonight I cannot really speak from experience though. My experience of the meal was quite limited."

A few people started to laugh but it was not meant as a joke. She continued.

"I'll leave it to others to talk about the meeting. I have been given permission to talk to you a little about what my feelings would be, if I was allowed to have any. Apparently there are several of you who think that this is all some kind of act. I'm not really being beaten until my bruised skin oozes blood, or my cunt tortured until the blood flows down my legs. I'm not really being made to eat shit and drink piss, or being constantly fucked by random strangers. I didn't just spend the evening crawling round on my belly. I haven't been transformed into a monstrous parody of a bimbo. No, it's all some kind of very complicated conjuring trick. Or maybe it's just good old Sally having a bit of a funny turn, looking for a bit of BDSM as she gets into her mature years.

"Really, some of you seem to think that. Raise your hand if that all sounds a bit familiar. Come on, we know who you are, no need to be shy."

Slowly a few hands went up, and then some more, until about a third of the guests had their hands raised. Esmé picked a few of them and brought them to feel Fuck Toy's bruised and broken skin, caress her ridiculous tits, examine closely her tortured cunt. Then they were given a cane and each told to give her a few strokes, as hard as they could. The first couple were very timid, like a playful session with a girlfriend. Esmé gave them a practical lesson by using the cane on them. Even through clothes it made them scream in pain. They got the idea, though their strokes were still pathetic and barely made their victim wince. Esmé made up for that with half a dozen serious strokes once the queue had dissipated. Then Fuck Toy spoke again.

"See, no faking there. It hurts. Being caned is like nothing most of you will ever experience. It cuts you in half and sets your flesh on fire. Still it's nothing compared to being fucked with a punishment dildo. And what about eating shit? Have any of you ever tasted it? Felt it? Smelled it up close? Probably not. It's the most disgusting thing you can ever imagine. Everything about it is horrible, the stink, the texture, the feel of it in your mouth, the aftertaste. Maybe we can arrange a little tasting while we're all here.

"But none of that, not being beaten, not being fucked and torn apart inside my cunt, not eating shit or sucking used tampons - yes, I do that too - is the worst. You all have people who work for you, who you hope respect you. Imagine being made to crawl around onthe floor kissing their scruffy shoes, eating scraps of food they throw to you eating their shit - how do you think that would feel? The constant humiliation and degradation is by far the worst thing, much worse than anything physical."

As she continued speaking, describing the horror of her new life, tears started to roll down her besmirched face. Gradually she started crying, until soon she was just sobbing, unable to speak. Esmé let her cry for a while, which just humiliated her even more. Then she punched her in the mouth and told her to shut up.

"That's enough stupid crying, you stupid worthless cunt."

As she spoke she took a thick black pen and wrote the same words across her belly.

"Now tell us what you are, tell everyone, nice and loud."

She hesitated, getting the words out in hardly more than a whisper, "I'm a stupid worthless cunt."

Esmé used a sharp metal bar to hit her tits, hard, one stroke after another until finally she repeated the same words out loud, for everyone to hear. She told her to carry on saying it until everyone understood.

Only after about thirty cries of "I'm a stupid worthless cunt", accompanied by frequent painful blows to her swollen tits with the metal bar, did Esmé shut her up with another punch to the mouth. She turned to the crowd.

"What is she? Tell her!"

The silence was complete, everyone shocked at the sudden transition from the articulate Sally they all knew to this poor wretch. Esmé tried again, and was again met with silence. She turned to Fuck Toy and said something inaudible.

"Please, please, tell me that I'm a stupid worthless cunt," she begged, close to tears again.

After a short pause one of the hired girls called out, "You're a stupid worthless cunt."

Esmé encouraged the crowd some more. Finally they were nearly all chanting, "You're a stupid worthless cunt," to a person who until the previous day they had all held in the highest respect. A few refused to join in or just mouthed the words. Esmé stepped behind the closest of them and smacked him hard across the back of the head, and again until he joined in. The others got the message and joined in.

After a couple of minutes she stopped them. Turning again to Fuck Toy, she asked, "What is your favourite food?"

Hesitatingly, she replied, "My favourite food is shit. I like to eat shit."

With encouragement again from the metal bar on her tits, she called out over and over, "My favourite food is shit" until Esmeé stopped her again.

"We get the message, you stupid worthless cunt. You like to eat shit. What a disgusting excuse for a human being, to eat shit. Now everyone, we can help her, can't we? When you get back to your rooms, you'll find that the toilets have been sealed. There's a potty in your bathroom instead, and that's what you're to use. That will give this stupid cunt something tasty to eat for the next few days. You'll enjoy that, won't you? she said turning back to Fuck Toy with a big smile.

Night Time

She spent the night tied over a table, her huge bruised tits squashed painfully against its surface. Her legs were spread apart giving easy access to her holes. There was a selection of dildos, from enjoyable to seriously painful, canes and whips that could be used to torment her during the night. A black rubber hood covered her eyes but left her mouth available ready to consume whatever piss, shit or other offerings the guests would give her.

Spending the night in bondage was nothing new. Since her downfall she hadn't spend a single night in freedom or on a comfortable bed. She slept, fitfully as always. Tonight's humiliation had been horrible for her, calling herself a stupid worthless cunt in front of everyone, crawling round on her belly slurping up food scraps. At least physical torments and tortures stopped when they stopped. Sometimes as she lay there, unable to move her legs, her arms or her body, she wept silently to herself, tears accumulating under the thick rubber. She was used several times. Usually the first she knew was a hard cock sliding into her cunt or just once into her anus, thrusting for a couple of minutes until it emptied into her then withdrawing. She had no idea whose cock it was. Just one person used a dildo to fuck her, quite a gentle one which she rather enjoyed. Several people pissed into her bowl, forcing her to drink quickly so she could breathe, and two people shit into it as well. She ate it as quickly as she could but it was very hard for her, on top of all the other humiliations.

Just once during the night, she felt gentle lips first on her bottom, tracing the wounds, then on her pussy. A tongue licked her gently, two fingers slowly and carefully pushed into her poor bruised cunt, caressing her as the tongue slowly but surely brought her to a gentle but delicious orgasm. Moment later the same lips touched her mouth, indifferent to the piss and shit it had been bathed in, gently kissed her lips, the same tongue pushing into her mouth.

Then suddenly she was in agony, screaming. A thin cane fell hard, across her bottom. It felt like it was cutting her in two. The strokes came rapidly. After the sixth they stopped. Again she felt those soft delicious lips, this time against her fresh wounds, the tongue caressing her bruised and bleeding flesh, tracing the lines left by the cane, so, so gently. Despite the pain she was aroused again, she felt her cunt opening up, starting to thrust. Then the tongue was on her clit, the lips teasing her labia. Very slowly she became fully aroused again, the caresses to her clit pausing every time she was close to orgasm to push inside her. Finally she came again, screaming this time in pleasure. And again the same lips kissed her mouth, longer this time, lingering in pleasure.

It was a woman, she was quite sure, but who could it be? One of the girls perhaps? She could never know.

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