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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 3

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, f, M, Real Life, 18yo, Domination, Submission, Consensual

From bad to worse.

I spent a good night out with my two best friends and their respective boyfriends and I was ably escorted by the very nice and fun Alex, who although wasn’t my type being just a couple of years older than myself and quite skinny but he was kind and treated me like a lady. Hanna’s family was large and she had brothers and sisters as old as my parents and Alex was the son of one of those brothers, making her is aunt which I may add she didn’t like anybody to mention.  As Alex didn’t drink, he’d offer to take us out of town into Leicester or Stoke which were equidistant. The plan was working my mind was off the pair of them at least for the time I was out the rest of the time I thought about them all the time and most of all those photos.

The time came of course when the phone did ring and it was fine if Alison or I got to it first which we always tried to do as my mother was to be blunt a nosey old bitch. Neither of us wanted her to stick her nose in our lives any more than could be helped. The pair of them did ring and once I’d gotten over the shock and empty feeling in my stomach I’d say “Oh sorry she isn’t in right now can I take a message” and once I told Toby “Oh I’m sorry Susan’s away for a few days with friends I will ask my mum what day she is coming back” that made me smile to myself. Then one day I answered the phone and it was a women’s voice “Hi can I speak to Susan please?” very bright and cheerful “Susan speaking, I told her who’s this?” The answer I got I didn’t like at all and it made me feel nauseous “You bitch when I fucking ring you fucking answer you cunt” it was Toby his vile tirade was pour filth and although I was so shocked I couldn’t take it in and by the time he’d slammed the phone down I was shaking.

I did go out at all not even to the shop for my mother and I even unscrewed the phone connection at the place it came out of the wall and cut one of the wires and put it back. I told my parents that I wasn’t going out over the holidays to revise so I’d stay in and babysit. My father wasn’t too happy that the phone wasn’t working nor by the fact, nobody could cum and repair it until New Year. I also made certain I was up first to get the post as well but nothing ever turned up, thank god.

New Year’s Eve arrived and so did my Grandmother who had babysat on that night for the last 17 years and she was going to do the same that night. Susan and Hanna turned up and told me that there was a huge party going on at the Rugby Club and the gruesome twosome would be there and that left me with no excuse but to cum out with them. The night was great I was wearing a new dress bought just for its red full length and backless and not one you could wear a bra with I loved the way I looked and for once I knew I would get a lot of attention. Tickets for The Cave cost a small fortune however; mine was bought by Alex bless him ever the gentleman. Hanna told me she thought he’d had a thing for me maybe she told me she could be my “Aunty” as well.

It was great night and The Cave stayed open a couple of hours more and I danced until dawn with Alex who at 4.30 was walking me across the car park to take me home, as I wondered if he was finally going to do something even if it was just to kiss me.

What I should have been worried about was the white Mercedes van parked next to his car, Toby was in the driver’s seat but I didn’t spot him until it was too late. The side door of the van opened and out got Steve and two other men they were clearly drunk. The first thing Steve did was to slap me hard across the face stunning me and knocking me off my feet. I saw Alex trying to fight them off but he had no chance bless him, three big men against a frail little man who left him in a heap and a pool of his own blood. I didn’t see Alex again for some years his face still bore the Roberts of the beating they gave him but he smiled and said his broken nose makes him look like a hard case.
The party at the rugby club had been broken up by the police just after midnight I later found out due to a massive punch-up the four of them still looking for trouble decided to take it out on me, poor Alex had just got in the way. I often ask myself why didn’t I run, why didn’t I scream? The truth is I didn’t do either I just lay there until one of them stopped kicking Toby and threw me into the van by the hair. My dress was ripped off me and I’d never wear it again. They took me to somewhere I don’t know where and if I thought that in the past, they had been rough on me this time they were brutal.

At 7.00 am they threw me out of the van again with a warning of what would happen to me if I opened my mouth to anybody including “Those two slut friends of yours” and I was alone in a place I didn’t know in a dress to shreds that hardly covered me. Luckily a car with some party goers came to my rescue and even luckier for me they were all girls. I told them I’d had a row with my boyfriend and he kicked me out of the car, they didn’t believe me clearly and wanted to take me to a hospital. I didn’t realise until I got home I was black and blue and my lip was cut and swollen. I had to tell my parents that I been in a car accident on the way back from a party to this day I don’t know if they believed me. The broken rib I found I had went some way to persuade them.

Two days later I was in so much pain my father took me to A&E where we waited for hours. During those hours waiting, either Toby or Steve rang my house to speak me only to be told by my brother I was in the hospital after what had happened to me because of New Year’s Eve. That proved to be a blessing in disguise as it must have scared whoever it was because I didn’t get a call from them not for the rest of the holiday or half term or in fact at Easter. However; one day I was getting on the bus for school and a guy I don’t know got out of a car and handed me a package. It was full of photos taken of me on New Year’s Eve it looked as I was in ecstasy instead of the agony I was really in. The guy smiled at me and got back in his car when I managed to look at the photos fully I realised he was in them. I went to school and took my German exam, I failed and it was my best subject.
Hanna and Susan had a great idea, for the summer we’d go away and work at the seaside someplace there would be plenty of fit young guys. We’d work all summer and cum back in September and I’d go off to teacher training college and the other two could get jobs. It thought it was a great idea but my parents didn’t my mother telling me I was too young and my father agreed with her. The package I’d been given made my mind up for me and I told them both I was going if they liked it or not as I was now 18 years old and I also pointed out to my mother it was illegal for her to open my mail, I even got the mailman (who I knew in the biblical sense) to tell her she would be arrested if she did open my mail, I thought my father was going to wet himself laughing when he saw her face but it never stopped her. 
With my A Levels done and dusted the Saturday after my last exam we went to Torquay to try and hunt down a job for the summer. Four of us went including Patricia a girl we went to school with from our village and were still close to. The train to Devon took hours and hours and seemed to stop at everywhere on the way. Susan did her normal thing of thinking every guy that got on was “looking at me” she as ever lived in hope. A group of rather fit (in every sense of the word) men got on telling us they were all Royal Marine Commandos and we're going back from leave. Susan’s ears pricked up telling them that “We know a Royal Marine don’t we do you know him is name is Indris Hughes?” from the look on their faces they knew him alright glancing to each other and back again. However; they said they didn’t and Susan went on to tell them how he’d saved us both from a fate worse than rape, death or even murder (which one pointed out was the same) and then how everybody in the town knew him because he’d killed someone in a fight and he, of course, fancied her, she threw that in just for good measure. I explained the fact he hadn’t killed anybody it wasn’t his fault the guy had, had a heart attack he wasn’t killed by everyone it was just coincidence, that’s all. Again they looked at each other without speaking a word and changed the conversation, at the next stop they got off and changed carriages. 
We booked in at our digs and I asked the landlord if he knew of any summer jobs going and he said “Plenty me flower, start at the Grosvenor they are looking for the staff always are ask for Mrs. Jackson” I thanked him and ask her we would. Beryl Jackson was an elegant woman in her late forties who used to be a model and you could tell graceful and really upmarket. The interview went well and she told us not only would she take all four of us as “Bar staff” she would help us find a flat to rent and would write to our parents to assure them we were in safe hands. As good as her word Mrs Jackson did find us a flat within walking distance of the Hotel which was a Four Star complete with swimming pools and a posh man in a uniform including a top hat to open the front door. The local “talent” wasn’t up to scratch according to Hanna who was already having second thoughts.
We arrived back at home less than a week later all sorted out for the summer and by the time we arrived back Mrs Jackson’s letters were with our parents to who were all a lot happier, her letter wasn’t the only one waiting I had a thick package postmarked Durham I knew what it was and threw it in the bin. I stayed at home to “save money” but in fact to stay out of the way. When a couple of weeks later I left for Torquay I gave Alison strict instructions to get all my mails and keep it for me. My sister promised me she would and she was good for her word, bless her. The day we left it was just Susan and myself the other two having changed their minds, Hanna, because she was in love and Patricia because she’d found a good job at the Co-Op dairy as Susan cruelly, said “She always was a silly Cow” mean but oh so true.

Crazy summer.

If the summer before had been hectic and full with events this one would put that to shame, our landlord wasn’t too pleased only the pair of us had turned up expecting four of us and started going on about his rent and how could we afford to pay with just two wages. It hadn’t entered my mind to tell him before we went. Somehow, we told him we would which we never did because at our first shift as “Bar staff” Tony the head barman told us to go and get our things together he had a flat that would suit us well. “Tony the toupee” as he was known was in his late 40’s small, fat and guy, he was also a great guy and we soon started to like him. On the second night there I met Richard, who told me he was a beach boy, which Tony explained meant he was Deckchair attendant. Although it was only just summer, he was tanned and wore dreadlocks and being warned by Tony that he was a bit of a “bad boy” only made him look better to me.

Richard waited for me to walk me home after my first shift I knew what he wanted and he knew he was going to get it and he did. He was dressing when Susan arrived back leaving me still bent over the bed in a state of utter collapse, she let him out and told me “This looks like it’s going to be a good summer” she was right it was. Susan soon found her feet or maybe I should say found herself off her feet with one of the guys who worked in our bar. I found a friend in a rather nice-looking guy who lived in the same block of flats as us he was Cockney and a very cheeky chappie, I saw in the laundry room and he made some comment about washing my smalls and the next thing I knew he was in them.

Richard wasn’t a regular caller at the hotel at first, Susan didn’t like him telling me “He only comes when he wants a fuck” which I didn’t mind I wasn’t looking for romance just some fun. The thing that cramped his style as he put it was Susan, we worked the same shifts and in the day he worked on the seafront. So if he called in Susan was working as well and if he offered to “Walk me home” she walked with us just to spite him. To be honest my oldest friend was getting on my nerves more than just a little so I asked Mrs Jackson the hotel owner one day if there was a chance of moving bars. “Strangely enough Susan, she told me I was thinking about moving you to another bar you have made a good impression with Tony you should come up to my quarters and we will chat about it, OK let say about nine this evening.”
Like Mrs Jackson herself, her private apartment was very elegant and very expensively decorated plush carpets and furniture straight out of Vogue photographs of her covered the walls which she was only too pleased to show me and tell me about. From one she told me how old she was in the shot and in what year it was taken I worked out that she was 55 years-old adding 10 years to how old I thought she was. The largest picture of her hung over her bed she was naked and with another woman and she looked stunning and I told her so. In return, she told me I was too kind and went on to explain it was, in fact, an “Water colour” commissioned by her late husband from a photograph taken by some famous photographer I should have known but didn’t. It was “Quite an intimate picture, she told me I think captured the essence of our relationship, don’t you?” She asked and I just agreed with a nod of the head not knowing what to say or what she meant either. “Well, Susie and I were lovers for a long time.” It took a while for that last comment to sink in. I still don’t know how I ended up in bed with my employer it seemed quite natural for me and her body was just as beautiful as it was in the photos and pictures hung on the walls.
I didn’t leave her quarters until the next morning well after 10 am and when I did, I needed some sleep because my night had been interrupted by her several times. The staff called Beryl “The snow Queen” but she was far from frosty with me. I learned more from that one night with her than I had in all my encounters with Alison and Susan as well and my drunken play with a woman I didn’t even know who she was. The fisting she gave me unlike the times Alan had done it to me, hers left me feeling I needed to do it again and the from the gentle bites she gave had sent me way off over the edge. I visited her quarters often but not as often as I would have liked but I think she knew that and liked it that way. A few years afterward I visited the hotel as a guest and Beryl told me that “Although the rest of the staff knew we played together you never talked to them about it and I liked that and loved you for it” it wasn’t often people told me they loved me.
I was duly promoted to the “Guests Cocktail Bar” which had a much better clientel so the tips were bigger and also on the plus side the hours were less, so more money for less work. Susan was so jealous as she remained in the public bar all the time we worked there. “Tony the toupee” as head barman also worked the cocktail bar and work wise I learned a lot from him and he also knew I’d slept with the boss, “Doesn’t take a genius to work it out dear she’s a raving dyke and you have an arse to die for,” I asked him, how she could be a dyke if she was married that didn’t make sense at all. To which he told me “Oh my god you are such a little love, if you were a boy, I’d fuck you myself and if you keep wearing those trousers, I may still give your little botty a visit.” That never made sense to me either. There was one golden rule Tony the toupee told me if I wanted to stay in the hotel “Never, ever fuck one of the guests, staff, and drinkers you can fuck as often as you like just don’t get caught doing it on the premises but if they are staying at the hotel keep your hands off because your feet won’t touch the ground.” A good point and well-made not that there was much of a chance to anyway because Tony was in that bar most of the single men were gay and the guests married and with their wives or girlfriends.
For the benefit of the straight and married men Tony told me what to wear and how to act with them because “In that bar, we pool our tips” which was great. Tony told me “As you don’t have a lot in the boobs department which is a shame, you will have to get the nipples going for you sugar so lose the bra you don’t sag which is a plus and buy a couple of silky tops” after thinking about it he also told me, “you have great pins dear so get them on view, Madam doesn’t like short skirts so knee length with slits up the back and a big slits and we will move the optic up a shelf give you an excuse to reach up that should work” and work it did soon I was getting almost double my wages in tips. The only downside was when I went on a break my nipples stood out in the cold staff areas.
One of the Chefs was always making remarks about me thinking I was special and toffee-nosed and if I didn’t say anything he says that proved his point if I did I did say anything he’d say “Well suck my cock then” and make a gesture as if he had it in his hand. The same idiot also used to make penis shaped models out of huge carrots and cucumbers and then wave them about in your face. Although he wasn’t the head chef, he did run the kitchen as the guy who was a head chef was always drunk or asleep. This fat foul-mouthed pig used to run his own card school after work at night which he fancied himself a real card shark and there was no doubt he cheated.

Richard was starting to become a regular in my life and I started staying at his place a few times a week he was fun and Mr Eveready as was “Cockney Colin” in the basement. Wednesday was always our day off and Susan and I would spend it either recovering from men we had in our lives or looking for new ones. It was one of those days that we saw on the beach giving us the eye a couple of young boys. Take into account we were both only eighteen these two were about the same age as my brothers making them a couple of years younger. As we lay on the beach Susan started to rearrange her bikini pants and freed up some of her red pubes either side of her gusset. The likely lads moved to get a better view which was closer to the shoreline below our feet and looking directly up at Susan’s crotch six feet away. We could both hear if not see their reaction as we lay flat on our backs. Not to be outdone I moved the gusset of my bikini panties but this time I gave them both the full look at what they were trying to see. They both groaned their approval I looked down at them and smiled as did Susan once she realised my pussy was on view and spoke just a single word to me “Slut.”

I put the pussy back in its place and they managed to find enough courage to start to speak to us and we encouraged them they bought us an ice cream each and we chatted. It turned out they were best friends from Sunderland both called John but they were known as John and Johnny down for a week’s holiday before they started working back home. They told us that this was their first-time way from Sunderland and they were looking for some fun. Susan asked them if they had girlfriends back home and they were clearly lying when they said they had. After a knowing look between us, I told them “Well John and Johnny you can come back to ours and have some fun if you like” and of course they did like. On the way, we learned that they were both fifteen and once we got them back to the flat it was clear they were both virgins as well.
I stripped off naked and got on the bed with one and Susan in her bed with the other and I sucked my guy's cock and he came in seconds and went all embarrassed on me the good thing was he stayed hard and I dragged him on top of me. He stayed hard and with a little encouragement found his rhythm while Susan was doing her best on the other bed. Job done we rested and I sent mine over to her and hers came over to me and we started again. This time they were both a lot more confident and a lot more verbal which I liked Susan was too busy to care with her new fuck buddy fucking her from behind I wanted some of that and I told my John or whoever he was just that. Over at the other bed, Susan wanted as ever to go further and demanded of him “Fuck me in the arse, do it do it.” He struggled to get it inside her and she stormed off the bed grabbed her handbag took out some KY Jelly and used it. I just smiled at mine and told him to get it and he joined the anal sex club as well. They stayed until 7 pm before they left having done the rounds twice more before they went I was in fact pleased to see them go I was so tired out. I also learned 15 year-olds have great stamina.
That night I was sore when Richard came to call and the room was a mess but he wouldn’t take no for an answer and I was even sorer when he left. Susan was out seeing some guy or other and she looked more of a mess than I did. Laying on the bed she looked at me and said “Come over here and lick my pussy you better you slut” I wasn’t going anywhere and told her if she wanted her pussy licking to bring it over to me but she fell asleep.
Richard never asked me for exclusivity but after a couple of months seeing him every day I started to see him as my “Boyfriend” and even though I was fucking other men I did see myself as being part of a couple. There was no thought in my mind of Toby or Steve and I’d not thought of them since I came down to Torquay not once. I was making good money at the hotel in the best bar that provided the best tips but for some reason I was broke. Susan as she had the habit of doing told me that the reason was I gave it all to Richard who was always broke. I was meant to be saving up for college and I’d worked for two and a half months and had zero saved. The next time he asked me to “lend” him the money I said no and told him why. If I’d known what was going to follow I’d have lent it to him.
I trusted Tony my gay friend from the hotel and I started to give him my tips religiously and made him promise to keep them for me and not to give it back to me until the day I left and he, as always was as good as his word. Richard because of me had become a popular sight in the hotel and the staff areas and he got involved in the card school run by the foul-mouthed chef who he soon ran up a debt with. I was waiting to go one-night mid-week when big mouth wanted his money from Richard. I stood there as they argued back and forth and Richard wasn’t intimidated at all he was a big lad himself and there was no fat on him. I had no money having given it to Tony so the chef wasn’t happy. Then it happened, “I’ll tell you what get Miss Snooty pants here to suck my cock and I will knock you ten pounds of what you owe, fair enough?”
I was outraged and told them both to fuck off and turned to leave, Richard told me to do it and the chef as always said I was to “Up my own arse to do it.” I don’t why and I didn’t know why then either but the next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking the vile man’s cock. As I have said before it’s strange what you remember but I do remember the way he held my head and pushed his cock further down as he came and held it there until he’d jerked himself empty. I got off my knees and turned and left with the foul bastards mocking in my ears. I told myself that would be the last time I ever did that but I knew even then I was lying to myself. When Susan came in she knew all about it everybody knew, I tried to justify it by saying we both sucked cock dozens of times only for her to come back with “Yes I know but not for money, not for the money you stupid cow.”
I was upset about what I’d done and the next day I went downstairs to tell Colin he just smiled and told me to shut up and get naked. I left him about 12ish I wasn’t due at work until the evening shift but I went in all the same and got some lunch. I got chatting to a couple in their mid to late thirties and they seemed nice but I found out staying in the hotel so taking in what I was told about the guests I left them to it. I was spotted by Mrs Jackson who at once invited me to see her in her quarters. She explained to me that she’d “overheard about my little exploit with the chef”, I will point out here that as she was telling me this she was taking off her clothes and she went on to tell me that I was not to worry about it. As told me she sold her body to her late husband for years and the hotel was her reward. I was confused I didn’t know what she meant but then again I didn’t really care as she was now naked and had started to take off my clothes once she had her mouth on my nipples she could have told me anything and I would not have heard a word. The one thing I do remember although she may not have told me at that time was her words on men “All men are shits but some are bastards as well, just remember that.”
One thing that was brought to an end that day was the card school held by the fat chef, Mrs Jackson put an end to that and he wasn’t too pleased about and nor was Richard who blamed me for it. Instead of the staff restroom at the hotel, it moved to Richard’s flat which pleased him no end as the food and drinks they brought with them (stolen for work) meant he didn’t have to feed himself. It also meant I either had to spend time in his bedroom on my own waiting for the game to cum to a late end or not see him at all; I chose the former which was another mistake as I was soon to find out. My now steady boyfriend was as useless at cards as he was as good at sex and he was also both a shit and a bastard. His one-way method of “borrowing” money from me had come to an end thanks to every spare piece of cash I had been given over to the safe hands of Tony. That and the useless way he played cards soon had him deep in debt with the fat chef and other members of the card school.
One night I was asleep in his bed after getting sick and tired of waiting for him and I was woken by a huge argument from the other room. The fat chef was telling Richard in no uncertain terms what he thought of him and he wasted his “Fucking money” or he’d have Richard’s legs broken and he was not “fucking joking” and he screamed he wanted interest as well. I was so angry at the big fat bastard I got out of bed and went into the room and screamed at them all to get out, they all stood and gawked open-mouthed at me I was completely naked. The fat chef walked up to me slapped me hard across the face called me a “Whore” and turned and walked out punching Richard in the stomach leaving fighting for his breath and walked out shouting more threats as he did.
I went over to my boyfriend and tried to lift him up and with the help of the three others who hadn’t left and got him up and onto the sofa. It was only then I realised my state of undress and went off to put on some clothes and calm myself down. When I went back into them the other guys were telling Richard the fat chef wasn’t joking and he’d better come up with some cash at least and his comeback was to ask them to “Lend” him some. However; they all knew that the chances of betting anything they gave him back, was slime and in fact none existent and told him so. His response was to tell them “I will pay you back as soon as I get paid I swear and if I don’t you can fuck Susan you have seen what she looks like you can fuck her, can’t they Susan?” If I’d had any brains at all or any self-respect I would have told all four of them to fuck off and left but I didn’t I just stood there and blushed.

The next day Richard gave fat chef £40 as a down payment on what he owed. First I told Susan who wanted to know who had lent him after I’d told her she lectured me once again about Richard telling me he was never going to pay them back in a million years and add “I don’t know one of them but I’ve fucked the other two a couple of times you will enjoy it with them” I told her it would never happen because Richard would pay them and if he didn’t he could fuck them because I wasn’t going to, we both knew I was lying. The second person I told was Tony who put his arms around me and hugged me his only words were “You silly cow Susan you really fucking stupid.”

Friday payday came for Richard and went so did the deadline for him to settle his debts. The first one came to see me on my break the same day telling me “You know why I’m here” I did and I wanted to tell him what I’d told Susan I was going to say but I just looked at him and nodded. He told me to follow him and I did into an empty storeroom once inside he started to unbuckle is belt and drop his trousers then he turned to me and told me to bend over and I did he lifted my skirt out of his way and after some comments about my arse he pulled my knickers to one side and fucked me grunting as he came pulling me hard back towards him at the same time his hands on my hips. I stayed bent over getting back my breath feeling his cum running my thighs; he made some comment about seeing me again soon and left me.

The next day I was feeling in need of some TLC and as sever I went downstairs to my cockney friends flat and told him why. He gave me his opinion from which I gathered I was the only person on the planet who thought my boyfriend would pay the money back. Colin also told me to go back upstairs and put on the clothes I’d worn the night before and when I asked why he said he wanted to fuck me in the same way, once again I found myself doing something I really didn’t want to do. I went back upstairs and put on the work clothes I’d worn the night before complete with the smell of the bar and going returning to Colin, the sex was great which surprised me and I came very loudly as he called me names like slut and whore.

After spending some time with Colin who wouldn’t let me get undressed but told me to keep my “Prosy” outfit on I went decided I’d go and find Richard and tell him he was dumped. Waiting on my doorstep were the other two guys he was in debt to one was also a chef and the other a waiter at the hotel. I knew what they had cum for and I knew who had given them my address, all the said was “Time to pay up” and gripped me by the arms. From the bottom of the stairs from the cellar flat, I could hear Colin laughing to himself. The chef took me over to Susan’s bed threw me on my back and dropped his trousers to the applaud of the waiter. As he lowered himself onto me I pulled up my skirt and I opened my legs, what went through my mind was “This is the only clean work skirt you have it will be filthy.” The waiter told me he wanted me “Naked this time” the significance of his remark was completely lost on me at the time and I only thought about it a few days later. At the time I was hoping that I’d be able to get away with a “Sponge & press” of the skirt, the waiter for some reason couldn’t rise to the task and blamed me for being a “Stuck up cow” and told me I still owed him a fuck.
I collapsed onto my bed when they left and when Susan woke me after her shift had ended first of all she was angry with me because I had been “Fucking” on her bed, which I had. Then she went on to tell me the pair of them had been in her bar boasting about it to whoever would listen which she said was half the hotel. I found out just how many did know about it when I went into work later for my shift and I was told by the housekeeper Mrs Jackson wanted to see me in her office and gave me a smirk as I asked her if she knew why. Beryl Jackson reminded me that I had been warned about men from her and I hadn’t heeded that warning. At that point, I was expecting to be told I was fired but instead I was told the waiter with the erection problems had been “dismissed” to make an example of him as a warning to others to keep their mouths shut. I didn’t know what to say but if I did it wouldn’t have matted because she told me to go and waved me away with a gesture of her hand. My shift behind the bar appeared to go on forever and I thought that every person who came to the bar knew what I’d done. Tony told me to “Cheer up for god’s sake smile nobody had died” he was right plus he told me the tips were awful, good old Tony he always knew how to make me smile.

My mind was made up I was doing to tell Richard he could find another mug and after my shift which ended at 2 am I made my way to his place. The card school was in full flow and Richard was playing and wouldn’t leave the table to speak to me so I turned to go only to find myself blocked at the door by the now out of work waiter. I was told by him no uncertain terms I still owed him a fuck again in retrospect I should have told him to go and fuck himself or told him he’d not be able to get it up. I should have done but I didn’t after Richard shouted from the table to wait for him in the bedroom I made my way there followed by the waiter.

Worse before better.

We go through life mostly making our own decisions some good others bad, we also allow other people to make decisions for us but in the end, it is up to the individual if they accept them or not. I appeared to be going through life just letting things happen to me. Halfway through the summer, my parents came to stay at the hotel for the weekend with Mrs Jackson making a huge fuss of them both. So much how she invited me to stay in the hotel as well to be closer to them telling me “Susan go home and pack a few clothes and your toothbrush you stay here for a few days I will find you a room and a bed” and so she did, hers. 
I introduced Richard to my parents and my father took an instant dislike to before they had even shaken hands. My mother, on the other hand, liked the look of the young man and told me she was pleased I’d found a steady boyfriend. My steady boyfriend was still paying his debts with my sexual favours, I wonder what she’d have thought if she’d known that. Every other day some guy or other would make himself known to me telling me Richard owed him £20 and once just £5 mainly the same men all members’ of the card school. Things did change for a couple of weeks. The fat chef was in the hospital having been hit by a taxi one night leaving work more than slightly drunk, in his absence Richards luck had changed at cards and for a few weeks he had money.
It was during this period Susan and I went home for her sister’s wedding and for me to sort out my place in Teacher Training College for September, making the same long train journey this time in reverse. Getting back on Friday night we arranged to meet Hanna for a drink and a bop at The Pit. Susan cried off the dink and told me she’s meet Hanna and me at The Pit later on. Hanna picked me up and we did the rounds of several pubs and bars the conversation as was mostly about her boyfriend who was a teacher and how much in love they were I thought she had finally gone mad we were eighteen for goodness sake. About 10.30 we made our way to The Cave where Desmond the bouncer made me very welcome telling me how stunning I was looking. There was no sign of Susan ever the less Hanna and I started the serious process of having a good time. After returning from one of our trips to the dance floor back to the bar we spotted Susan and she was deep in conversation with Indris Hughes who looked very uninterested in what she had to say.
Later on, I danced with him for a couple of records and he thanked me and left. Later Susan told me that she thought he must be gay or something because she made it clear as far as she was concerned, she was available. I left with a guy who I’d known for a while, I knew that he was engaged but as he didn’t care I didn’t either. I’d done it in the back of a Ford Cortina before but I didn’t remember it being as good as it was that night. I arrived home at 5.30 much to the annoyance of my parents who made their thoughts clear the next day.
The wedding was a dull affair with June, Susan’s sister marrying a local farmer in what her mother called a “good match.” Hanna told us she should have married the younger brother as his cock was bigger, huge in fact. Susan smiled and said she already knew that and laughed as did I as I told them that they were “Such a pair of sluts” but wondered how huge was huge and made a mental note to find out. Wedding breakfast in the local pub and an evening “do” at the village hall wasn’t all that exciting coupled with the fact it all ended at 11 pm wasn’t our idea of fun. So still in our best wedding outfit including Susan in her bridesmaid dress we made our way to The Pit. Rather more drunk than was good for me I decided to leave before I fell over and at 2.30 I got a taxi which lined up outside the door and told the driver my address, as he used the car to turn his car around, I noticed the white van I’d spent many a miserable time in drawing up and park in the space Toby used so he could watch for me coming out of the club. The driver of the taxi drove past the van just as Steve and half a dozen other men got out of the side sliding door. I was too scared to look over my shoulder at them and realised I had a lucky escape. 
For the rest of the week I stayed in and apart from attending an interview at a Leicester college I didn’t leave the house and the following Thursday Susan and I made our way back to Torquay. I called at Richard’s place to find he wasn’t there so leaving Susan at our flat I made my way to the hotel to see if he was there. I didn’t find him I did find Beryl Jackson or I should say she found me and invited me up to her quarters. It seemed natural as she reached out to me and kissed me full on the mouth pulling open my shirt and squeezing my tits hard which was always a thing that would stir my interests and what followed was my introduction to strap-on toys I was more than a little shocked which was much to her amusement and she made no effort at all to hide it from me calling me “little sausage” and telling me it was her “Leather pleaser” and stepping back she took off her dress leaving her naked telling me to do the same which I did. Once she strapped it on which she did with practiced ease and it stuck out in front of her flat stomach for about a foot and was twice as thick as any man or anything else I’d ever seen before.
Not certain what I should do I just stared at her and she told me to “Get on all fours little sausage and point that lovely bottom up for me” and as I did just that she came up behind me like so many men had before and fed her leather pleaser inside me. It was one of the most memorable things I’d ever experienced slowly at first when then just a little faster and deeper over a period of time. As she went deeper and harder I could hear her breathing getting more laboured and faster. All of a sudden she stopped with most of the leather cock buried inside me. She gently stroked my back with one hand telling how beautiful I was and how lucky the men I “serviced” were. At the same time she was reaching behind her for something and I felt the familiar touch of something cold around the other hole that men liked to fuck. “I have always liked KY Jelly much better than Vaseline for some reason I find it more civilised,” she told pushing two fingers into me.
She pulled the leather cock out of me and told me to “Take a deep breath sausage and blow it out slowly when I tell you to, it’s for the best you’ll see.”  I did as I was asked and on instruction, I blew out the air in my lungs and she inserted the leather monster into my anus. I screamed and tried to move forward but she gripped my hips and started to talk to me gently. At first, I didn’t realise what she was saying to me all I wanted was to get away. I felt full and in pain, I’d lost count of the number of cocks that had been up there mostly in the back of that white van, this well this was different. Gradually I managed to stop myself from screaming and struggling as I heard the sound of her voice and felt her grip on my hips relax until he was holding me with one hand and stroking the length of my back with the other. “Quiet little one, relax don’t struggle, breath and relax” I found her soft voice almost comforting. As she spoke she started to move the leather cock slowly backward and then forwards talking to me softly as she did.
“Is this the first time you have had your little bottom fucked sausage?” I wasn’t able to speak so I just shook my head and she pushed into me a little deeper which made me scream out in pain, clearly she didn’t like the answer. “How many boys have fucked your tight little bottom?” and again I couldn’t answer her so she pulled back the leather cock and pushed it back and asked me again. I told her I didn’t know scarcely able to get the words out. “Take an educated guess, 1, 5, 12 give me a number?” again I was slow to answer and again I suffered from a thrust of her hips she had me screaming out “I don’t know 12 maybe, 12” I’m not sure” what I was sure of, however; was the fact she was now rubbing my clitoris and building up a rhythm with the huge leather cock inside me. “Do you like men using your bottom sausage do they make you cum?” she asked me. I told her no I hated it which was true I did. “Do they make you cum when they fuck your little bottom sausage?" no told her “You are going to now aren’t you” as she asked she was rubbing me harder and faster and was ramming me deeper, “Yes I’m coming. I’m coming” and I did squirting it all over her and she collapsed on top of me as I came and my arms and legs gave way.        
I left her the next morning or I should say she left me as I woke in her bed with her gone I helped myself to breakfast with the rest of the staff and went back to bed at our flat, Susan wasn’t there. I slept until midday and decided to call on Colin in the basement who wasn’t there. I ended up using the launderette around the corner and I got into a conversation with an older guy who was in his 50’s I’d say who he told me lived in a rather nice old house at the bottom of the street which was a little rundown and had seen better days but you could tell that not too long ago had been something to look at. He was a nice guy and a fun type I thought he made comments about the size of my knickers say the really were small, “smalls” which in hindsight could have taken as just a little strange.
 Susan had seen my bag of dirty clothes had gone decided to join me with hers and I introduced her to my new fiends Derrick, who we then found out was a widower for the last few years and lived on his own in that massive house. With no children or family to speak to, I could see Susan felt sorry for him. Derrick told us that his house was the only one in the area not divided into either holiday lets, bed and breakfasts or flats. He also invited us to have a look around which we both agreed would be nice, however; as I had a missing boyfriend to track down I left Susan and him chatting about her smalls which weren’t so small.
My shift at the hotel lasted from 6 pm until 2 am but it was a quiet night and Tony said I could go at 1 am and I left and went off to Richards flat. I arrived there with a card school going on a full swing but without Richard at the table. Instead, he was in some state walking about and biting his nails and talking to himself. The first thing he did was to grab me by the arm pull me into the bedroom and demand any money I had which was less than five pounds and all in coins. Just for a second, I thought he was going to hit me as he raised his hand up and behind his head but he didn’t just call me “a stupid slut” and stormed out. His “lucky streak” had clearly ended.
I was frightened I really was scared of what was going to happen, he’d never been like that before and I wanted to leave. The trouble was he was in the other room and so was the only way out. I put my ear to the door as they talked about his losing streak returning and it was the fat chef whose return had triggered it, even I could see that and the only card game I’d ever played was snap. It was the fat chef who told him “Why don’t you just go and fuck your little slut and leave the power to the real men pal?” His answer made me stand up in horror “Why don’t you go in there and fuck her, tell you what give me 20 quid and you can fuck her or for 30 quid you can fuck her up the arse if you want.” The fat chef as it turned out was gay (I didn’t find out for ages afterward when Tony told me) and wasn’t interested but one of the others was and one who’d lent money to Richard and had me before. “Tell you what Dick, you get her to serve the drinks naked for the rest of the night and I will fuck her but not £30 for £15 that’s all.” The next voice I heard was Richards “£20 and it’s a deal OK” and for the guy it was OK.
I don’t know why I allowed myself to be talked into it maybe it was because Richard told me it made him proud seeing the other men ogling me and as he said it would make him even prouder if he saw them fucking me, crazy I know. I stripped naked and he looked me up and down and told me to put my hair up and put my shoes back on telling me I looked better in heels, I put them back on put my hair up and walked past him into the other room to the cheers of the men there. I served them beer and snacks all night or I should say the very early hours of the morning as naked as the day I was born and I can still hear their comments some good I also remember their hands were everywhere. The fat chef called for a break and the man who had given my so-called boyfriend his money for a fuck announced he was going to collect and told me to go into the bedroom, well in fact all he said was “Bedroom” to me and with just a look over to the none responsive Richard I went. My poor anus was still sore from the leather cock it had recently accommodated and it hurt when he pushed his cock up it, this he took as a sign of his prowess and rammed into me even harder, this time there was no stimulation of my clitoris and no orgasm just 90 seconds of pain which ended in his grunting loudly to the cheer of his “mates” as he emptied his balls into me. 

The routine was always the same Richard would be short of money and he’d send me a “guest” I’d also be his waitress at his “Card Nights” sometimes naked other times just topless but always available. The worst time I had with him was a trip to see his parents in Wolverhampton for me it was like stepping into a different world. The terraced house they lived in was small and had an outside toilet it wasn’t that of the sleeping arrangements as I had to sleep on the floor in his sisters’ room and him on the sofa in the “Parlour.” It was down to the fact the whole house smelt and from the look of it nobody had bothered to clean it for what could easily have been years.

As I was only an hour away by train from my own parents I wanted to go and be with them and I told Richard that only to be told to “Shut the fuck up you stupid little whore” and for the second time he raised his hand to hit me this time he didn’t stop himself hitting with the back of his hand across the face. The lowest I got with Richard was the next day which was a Sunday and we were due to leave to go back to Torquay that evening. We spent the entire afternoon in his local and for the first time I saw him drinking pint after pint with his friends as if he was trying to prove something to them or maybe himself, or it may have just been the culture of the place. First came the question I had learned to dread “How much money do you have?” I had less than five pounds so I knew what to expect. He got up walked over to an ugly fat middle aged man and gestured towards me. In turn, the ugly man pointed me out to another equally gross man both of whom were wearing donkey jackets and even though we were inside complete a flat caps complete with greasy grey hair sticking out of the side and back of them.
There was a nod of the head and money was exchanged and Richard walked over to me and told me “These are my friends go with them and make me proud, adding you better be good” he didn’t have to add the “or else” but he did anyway. Gross man number one was the first he took me outside into the alleyway between the back of the pub and back of the row of terraced houses pinned me up against the wall and kicked my feet apart pulling the gusset of my knickers to one side he hooked my leg up with one hand unzipped with the other and fucked me, god he stunk. In the 30 seconds it took for him to cum I truly believed I was going to vomit, he gave two little jerks and commented: “You liked that didn’t you girlie.”
Gross man number two was next no knee trembler for him he wanted me knickerless skirt pulled up over my waist and my top and bra undone and my “Tits out” I was bent over a commercial dustbin and he fucked me hard going from hole to hole. His grip on each of my breasts in turn first one then the other was so hard you could see the Roberts from his nails and the bruises in the shape of his fingers for two weeks afterward. I told myself as he fucked me that at least I don’t have to smell him or look at his face. As he pounded into me and pounded is the right description he told me what he thought of me, I was a “Slut and a fucking whore, a fuck pig and cunt and piece of dick shit” he came finally just before I was going to, I just didn’t get there.
The last few weeks in Torquay I lied to Richard telling him I wasn’t going home with Susan, I was staying there with him and I even moved some of my clothes there being careful not to take those I wanted to keep. Most of my free time was now spent at his flat or at the hotel, he kept track on me 24/7 and towards the end, I would receive up to 10 “visitors” a day and then a few later if he had a card school. Tony bless him had been as good as his word and didn’t give me a single penny of my tips or the money from my wages and by the end of the season, I had saved over three thousand pounds which he wrote a cheque for and sent it to my father. Susan and I spent our last night staying at the hotel her in a staff bedroom and me with Mrs Jackson and her leather friend. The next day we left this time Mrs Jackson drove us to Exeter in her car she kissed me goodbye and Susan came out with “You know Susan I’m sure she’s a lesbian” classic.

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