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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 8

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, M, Real Life, Bondage, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masochism, Pain, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Consensual

Week of firsts.

The one thing I learned about married life was that when you first get married you don’t realise how lucky you were living at home with your parents paying for everything. Although I did work part-time and got a grant for Teacher Training College, there were always Bills to pay out. The first time we got our Rates demand I flew into a blind panic I’d not even realised there was such a thing let alone there was one for water as well. I told my mother who said she’d go through my bills and help me work out how to plan better. The simple fact of the matter was we needed more money and to get that either I had to either get a job and leave College, which he wouldn’t hear about. Or alternatively, he’d have to provide the extra income we needed. The one way for this to happen was for him to get more “Stripes” which meant losing some of his mates or as he was a “specialist” he could put his name forward for special assignments which at that time meant more tours of Northern Ireland or more training courses or even worse ship duty. Ship duty meant I knew where he was which was a bonus and I also knew he was relatively safe the downside was he could be away months at a time. The upside was thought that he was also at home with me for more weeks at a time unless there was as he called it a flap on.
My life was interspersed with intense doubts of worry if he was OK and still alive and ever expecting a knock on the door telling me he wasn’t and also doubts of absolute boredom, college, work and only with light relief with trips to see Mentor at the farm. I found it odd at the time that I was actually looking forward to going there, in fact, I used to sit at home wondering when I’d next be summoned there by Mentor or wondering why I hadn’t been. As this was still a working farm all be it a very run down farm, all the same, the extra-curricular activities had to take second place at certain periods. Winter times where the busiest for me at the farm as with the animals fed and locked away for the night Mentor and invited guests male or female could turn their attention to me.
At one of my trips to the farm, I was given over to a Scottish Dom who introduced me to Bondage or Shibari which I really enjoyed once again I don’t know why. I had of course been tied up before or more to the point tied to or down something. This time it was different and although I was used to being naked around the farm and to whoever called there once tied by this Dom (whose name I can’t recall) I felt more exposed and vulnerable. It was also the first time I’d felt disappointed that the person I was serving didn’t fuck me or use me sexually, which I’d come to expect. The pain was also different if there can be distinct types of pain that is. I was tied for over three hours suspended by my hair with one leg straight down toes barely touching the floor, the other leg bent at the knee with rope keeping my calf and back of my thigh together and lifted sideways and up at 45° my hand tied at the forearms behind me.
The pain at first was minimal and then it started to get worse first in my untied leg at it struggled to cope with my weight, then in my tied and uplifted leg. My head was hurting as my hair was supporting all the weight my toes couldn’t even my arms began to ache. An hour was like a day and two hours a lifetime by which time I had given up on shouting for somebody to let me down and towards the end drifted off into a place I’d never been before somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness the pain was there but not hurting, all in all, it was surreal. Sleeping in a sheep pen with no windows and a badly fitting door, naked and in late autumn didn’t help my aching body the next day woken at 6 am to the sound of cows making their way to be milked.
Nor did being suspended naked by the ankles improve my posture and this time from the bucket of a digger attachment on a tractor. This was a weekend of first no sex, Shibari and now the single tail whip. The Scottish Dom told me to “Scream as much as you like Slag because nobody will hear you so feel free this is single tail whip made from kangaroo leather and it is going to fucking hurt.” Scream I did very loudly the first crack struck my arse and the second wrapped itself around the middle of my body as did the rest of them the move I struggled against them the more they came my way no way I could count them and he wasn’t at all interested in that, in fact, all he was interested in was hearing me scream and once his arm was tired he stopped and I was left there hanging and sobbing my tears running down my face into my hair and forming a puddle on the ground.
I stood on the train home later on and soaked in the bath for over two hours I was meant to have a meal with my family but I couldn’t stand the thought of it and I rang to tell my mother I was ill. Later Alison came to check on me and rang home to tell them she’s spending the night with me and asked his somebody could drop off her school Uniform and books my father was more than happy to do so no doubt checking to see if she was there or not. The next day I was too tired and sore to go into college and I lay soaking in the bath trying to ease my aching body much to my sister’s amusement as she sat at the side of the bath drinking in the circular rings of bruises and welts that covered the centre of my body making a comment about the welts on the underside of my tits which she found most interesting. I explained how I got them and she as always wanted to know more but time wasn’t on her side. So after making a phone call home to our mother she left leaving me in bed.

Later just after midday my mother arrived with hot soup and gave my house a “Dam good going over” before she left she told me that “Alison is going to come and look after you for a few days so don’t worry and get some rest you look awful.” I thought thanks mother nice to see you too, she always was a fanatical cleaner which was a trait I’d come to share with her, Alison as well must run in the family I guess. Alison did come around a little later on with a small suitcase telling me our mother had suggested that I stay with them only for father to make a comment about me making my own bed. My own bed was a king-sized double which was lonely all on your own. After my third bath of the day I lay on it naked as Alison applied some ointment she’d bought from the chemist taking genuine pleasure in going over my arse and tits and making me wince each time she found a welt to play with.

By the third day, I was feeling better but still sore and still off college having slept until mid-morning to find Alison had done to the school and also my body still ached but the welts thanks to Alison’s ointment had started to fade. I spent the day reading his letters to me which, as always had all reached me at the same time thanks to BFPO. I loved it when he told me how proud of me he was it made it all worthwhile for some reason and the aches and pains started to lift from me. I didn’t venture out at all mainly due to the state my body was in but mostly because it actually hurt to walk. Alison arrived back with the news that my mother was sending over some cooked food for us with my brother who was also going to bring a TV which was sat in my old bedroom which meant that once I could get it working I could watch it in bed.
The week of firsts continued that night after a great meal provided by my mother and after watching a batch of soaps I took yet another bath and took myself off for another early night. Only for Alison to join me and inform me it was ointment time as she called it. Too tired to argue, much any way I let her rub in the strange smelling white concoction which she did with the same pleasure as the night before. She asked me question after question about how it had happened and what it felt like and how much I screamed and most interestingly of all “Did it make you wet between the legs?” which was a question from her I would get used to answering. I told her I didn’t know (I lied) and she asked me again several times and I kept to my story “I don’t know.”
As she went about her work she paused to take off her school Uniform until we were both naked but always leaving a hand on my skin. Before I realised what had happened I was flat on my stomach my legs apart and with my sister kneeling between my knees rubbing the liquid into my buttocks. Stopping all pretense of rubbing it into my skin and was now playing with my cunt instantly getting the required reaction from me. “You're wet now,” she told me “get on your knees” and I did as she fingered my cunt I groaned, once I was she pushed my head down onto the pillow so my back was arched and I felt her lube my cunt with the white liquid. “You lied to me when you said you didn’t know if the whip made you wet didn’t you?” I had to admit I had but as she was pushing her fingers deeper and deeper inside me I realised she was going to fist me and I was aroused, to say the least. “You should be punished for lying to me shouldn’t you?” As she asked the question the whole of her hand was now inside me and I felt the mixture of pleasure, pain and being full as she formed a small fist inside me.
This wasn’t the first time Alison had fisted me not the last by a long way. I can’t remember if I agreed with her assessment I should be punished or not I expect I did. I do recall that before she removed her hand from my cunt I came to the sound of her calling me names “Slut, whore and even slag.” I also remember her lubricating my arse hole and slipping in some fingers and rubbing them against the hand in my cunt. I was instructed to put my hands on my arse and spread my cheeks which I did automatically and she removed her hand from my cunt much to my irritation. It didn’t last long as she informed me she was going to fist my arse, first two fingers then the third I started to move my body out of the way to be the recipient of a huge slap on the buttocks. The insults came thick and fast as I felt her move her thumb into place and with a sudden sharp push her hand was inside me, I heard myself scream with the shock of it and then panting fighting for breath the pain around my arse only surpassed by the pain in my insides. A hard slap on my backside and the instruction to “Shut up bitch” quieted me and she started to move her hand inside me and slowly back and forth. On her instruction I rubbed myself and as the pain built up so did the pleasure and I gushed all over the bed soaking the sheets. It lasted a quarter of an hour or even less and I lay on the floor recovering as my sister changed the sheets and turned the wet mattress over, a week of first ended with my first anal fisting from my sister she was 14 years old. It was the first time she’d “punished me” which followed the first time she’d thrown insults at me as well. The thing I didn’t realise at the time was, how much I’d enjoyed it or how many verbal insults or even abuse contributed to my please or state of mind.
To be continued...

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