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                                  THE DEAN'S DAUGHTER

       I had only just met this girl in the college library twenty minutes before, and here I was with my hand up under her skirt beneath the long table where we sat side by side pretending to study. There weren't a hell of a lot of people around, thank god, but there were some, and the way she was squirming around and kind of moaning and whimpering under her breath had me kind of worried. But not enough to stop what I was doing with my hand between her soft smooth thighs. I leaned over so I could talk into her ear. "Want to come to my dorm?" I whispered.

       "God yes," she said. She was panting. Her hand was on my dick too, under the table, and I was hard as hell and ready to burst. I didn't even know this girl's name. I had almost bumped into her at the shelves when we both reached for the same book. I got it first, and of course once I got a good look at her I suggested that we sit together so we could both make use of it. She was wearing a snug pullover sweater and a pretty short skirt. No stockings or pantyhose. She was kind of petite but very curvy, with long dark hair and a very sexy-looking mouth. I was kind of surprised when she agreed to my suggestion, but that was nothing to how surprised I was when I felt her rubbing her leg against me not long after we sat down. Well I took the hint all right, and the minute I put my hand on her knee she swung her legs apart. My hand traveled up her warm smooth bare thigh to her panties, and then underneath them, as I felt her own hand on my crotch. We played with each other for a while, until like I said, I was afraid that her squirming and the little noises she made were starting to attract attention.

       "Let's go," I said. I had to hold my books down in front of me as we walked out to keep my boner from being too conspicuous. I couldn't believe this was happening to me, but I wasn't about to question her about it.

       "What's your name?" I asked her as we headed for the front exit.

       "You don't need to know that," the girl said.

       "You're not going to tell me your name?" I said.

       "You want to know my name," she said, "or you want to fuck me? Which?"

       "Jesus," I said. "Does it have to be one or the other? I want both."

       We were almost to the door now, passing some stacks of shelves. She suddenly grabbed my arm and pulled me toward them, leading me deep between two stacks to where they ended at a far wall, then around in back of them. There was no one back there, and no one was likely to see us. She pushed me up against the wall and moved up against me, pushing my books out of the way and plastering her whole body against mine. Then she kissed me, putting her tongue in my mouth. I could feel her body moving on mine, her breasts digging into my chest and her crotch squirming over my hard-on. All I could do was hold on to her and kiss her back. I was afraid I might come right then and there. Her lips were soft and firm at the same time, and her tongue was incredible. When she pulled back her head, her body still pressing into me, I was panting like a racehorse.

       "You don't need to know my name," she said then. "Do you?"

       I just shook my head.

       "Come on," she said.

       Luckily my dorm was not far away. I wasn't sure if my roommate would be there or not, but if he was I sure as hell meant to toss him out. But he wasn't. We had talked about setting up some kind of signal just in case one of us ever had a girl in the room, but we'd never gotten around to it. But I couldn't worry about that now. I was still trying to get my head around what was happening. Maybe it was all a joke. Maybe it was a trick. Maybe she was just a tease, and would back out at the last minute and run off, laughing at me.

       But as soon as we were in the room and I closed the door she pulled off her sweater, and she wasn't wearing a bra. I almost fainted. Her breasts were high and full, and the nipples were hard. I reached for them.

       "God, I'm a whore," the girl said.

       I didn't say anything. I had my hands on her breasts. They felt fantastic.

       "I'm such a slut," she said.

       "You're beautiful," I said. My voice was hoarse.

       "I'm a really bad girl." Her hand went to my fly and pulled down my zipper. My cock popped out with no help whatsoever.

       "You should punish me," she said.

       "What?" My head was spinning. I slid a hand down, trying to locate the fastening of her skirt.

       "You should punish me," she said again. "I deserve to be punished."

       "Come on," I said. I found a catch, but couldn't figure out how to unfasten it.

       She backed away from me. "I mean it. I'm a bad girl. I'm going to fuck you. Punish me."

       "I don't want to punish you," I said.

       "You want to fuck me, don't you?" she said.

       "Christ," I said.

       "You can fuck me all you want," she said. "I'll do anything you want. I'm going to screw you silly. I'm going to suck your dick. I'm a dirty fucking slut. You have to punish me."

       "Later," I said, moving toward her. She backed away again, until she was against the wall.

       "Now," she said. And then she said, "Please."

       I moved up to her and put my hands on her breasts again. "I'll punish you with my dick," I told her. "Take your skirt off."

       "No," she said. "You have to hurt me." Her nipples were like little spikes under my hands. "It'll be better if you hurt me." She was breathing hard now, almost panting. "It'll be the best you ever had. I swear it. I'm such a whore. Hit me."

       "Jesus," I said. I sounded pretty breathless myself. "I'm not gonna hit you. Let's just--" I moved my hands over her breasts.

       "You like my tits?" she said then.

       "I love your tits. I love them. Take your--"

       "Squeeze them," she said.

       I squeezed them gently. They felt fantastic.

       "Hard," she said.

       I squeezed them a little more.

       "No, hard, damn you!" she said. "Really hard. Hurt them."


       "Do it, you pussy bastard! Do it!"

       I was getting really pissed now, and I was frustrated. In a surge of temper I clamped my hands hard around those globes, digging my fingers in. She threw her head back and gave a small cry.

       "More," she gasped. "Harder!"

       I hesitated, and she moved her hips forward, thrusting her lower body against me. "Harder, motherfucker!" she ground her crotch against my hard-on. "Harder!"

       I squeezed as hard as I could. She cried out again, then began to moan. She was still rubbing her loins against me. I was afraid I was going to shoot in my pants. I let go of her breasts and stepped back.

       "Hit them," she panted.

       "What? Damn it," I said. "No." I reached for her skirt again, but she slid away from my hands.

       "Hit them. Come on. Hit them and I'll fuck you. Hit them hard."

       For a minute I thought I might actually do it, but I couldn't. I lunged for her but she kept moving away. And right then the door opened and Ray, my roommate, came in.

       "Holy fucking shit!" was what Ray said. He was carrying a couple of books, but they dropped from his hands as he stared at us. Especially at her.

       "Get the fuck out of here, Ray," I said, but Ray didn't move.

       "Wait," the girl said. She wasn't trying to cover herself up or anything, she just stood there with her breasts going up and down with her panting breath. She was looking at Ray.

       "He'll do it," she said then. She looked at me, then back at him. "You'll do it, won't you?" she said to him.

       "Do what?" Ray said. He still looked a bit startled, but he was recovering fast. Nothing surprised Ray for too long.

       "Hit me," the girl said. She walked up to him then, walked right past me and stood in front of him. "Hit my tits," she said. "You'll do that, won't you?"

       Ray blinked. His eyes were devouring those tits, very obviously. "Hell, I will if you want," Ray said. "I'd never say no to a girl like you. But wouldn't it hurt?"

       "I want it to hurt." She was looking him straight in the eyes, even though his were mostly on her breasts. "I need to be hurt. I need to be punished, because I am going to fuck this guy. I'll fuck you too," she said then.

       "Damn, I should hope so!" Ray said. "But why would you want--"

       "Do it," the girl said. "Hit them. Hit them hard."

       Ray shrugged. "What the hell, baby," he said. "It's your funeral." Then, more quickly than I could have expected, he raised his right hand, drew it back, and swung it forward with a force that astonished me, slapping the girl's left breast with a sound like the crack of a pistol.

       She gave a high, shrill scream and staggered back, her hands going instinctively to her breast. The scream was followed by a series of diminishing gasps.

       "That what you want?" Ray said.

        She made a little sound. Then she straightened up, dropped her hands and stepped toward him again. I could see the red marks of his fingers on the side of her breast.

       "Again," she breathed.

       "You sure?" Ray said.

       "Please," she panted. "Please."

       "Okay." He used his left hand this time, hitting her other breast, but the blow seemed just as hard, just as forceful as the first one, if not more so. Her scream was louder, and again she fell back, bending over a little as she cradled herself.

       "You want more?" Ray said.

       "No," I said. "That's enough, Jesus."

       "Yes," the girl said. She was gasping. She dropped he hands again. "More."

       "You're gonna fuck me, right?" Ray said.

       "Yes. I am. I will."

       Ray hit her left breast again. She screamed.

       "Get naked," Ray said.

       The girl opened her skirt and let it drop. Then she pushed her panties down and stepped out of them, lifting one leg at a time to pull them off. She did it very quickly, and she was naked. She had a triangle of dark hair at her crotch, and her legs were very shapely. Ray now started to undress as well.

       "Hey, what about me?" I said.

       The girl turned to me. "Hit me." Her breasts rose and fell with her heavy panting.

       I tried. I actually raised my arm, but I couldn't bring myself to hit her. Her eyes flashed at me with something like contempt for a moment, and then she turned back to Ray. He stopped stripping himself off long enough to hit her again with his left hand. "Yes!" she yelled, and then she was upon him, frantically helping him pull off the rest of his clothes.

       He grinned over at me. "I guess you get sloppy seconds, buddy," he said.

       His cock was very hard. It was big and hard, and the girl went down on her knees and opened her moaning mouth to take it in, but Ray took hold of her hair and pulled her head back sharply, bringing a cry from her. He held her that way, looking down into her twisted face. "Jeez, girl, you really do like it rough, don't you?" he panted.

       She looked right back at him. "Yes," she hissed, and there was a kind of defiance in her voice, along with the pain. "I do," she said. And then she said, "And so do you."

       Ray just looked at her for a moment, and then grinned again. "Yeah, I do, actually," he said. Then he pulled her up by her hair, pulled her to her feet and pulled her in the same way across the room to his bed. He let go of her hair then and pushed her roughly down onto her back, and without another word flung himself on top of her.

       There were no preliminaries, no kissing, no fondling, no exploration. Her legs opened, and she made a loud keening sound as he rammed himself inside her with one hard thrust. She wrapped those legs around him, and he arms too, and then they were fucking, and it was wild. I mean I guess I've seen as many porn flicks as the next guy, but even then I'd never seen anybody go at it like that. He was really hammering at her, and she was meeting him stroke for stroke, and she was twisting and bucking and squirming like I couldn't believe, and yelling really loud. I was pretty sure guys in some of the other dorm rooms could hear her, and I could only hope they would mind their own business.

       She really screamed when she came, which was pretty quick, and after that she quieted down a little, though she was still moaning and making loud whimpering sounds, and she continued to fuck Ray back. Ray never stopped, never paused, just went on battering at her, and the harder he thrust the more intensely she responded, until they were going at it as crazily as before. My cock was so hard I couldn't stand it, and I started taking my clothes off as I watched them. I guess I was pissed at Ray for horning in and taking over this girl who I had originally found, and also pissed at her for fucking him instead of me, but right then I wasn't thinking too clearly about any of that. I was just hot as hell and crazy to get off. When I was naked I found myself moving toward the bed. I guess I figured Ray would be finished pretty soon and it would be my turn. I'm not a big fan of sloppy seconds, but at that point I didn't care.

       The girl came again. She gave a shrill cry and her body arched so hard off the bed that she almost threw Ray off. But he stayed with her, and just kept right on pumping. I envied him his stamina, but I wished he would just finish already and let me at her. He looked over at me as I approached the bed, my cock sticking out in front of me, and he grinned. "Man, this cunt is one great fuck!" he panted, not breaking his rhythm. "She really loves taking the cock, right, baby?"

       The girl just kept moaning and fucking him back. Her eyes were closed. Ray with startling swiftness, brought up his right hand and slapped her viciously across the face. Her eyes flew open and she gasped loudly. I almost thought she was going to come again. "I asked you a question, bitch," Ray said hoarsely. "You love it, right?"

       "Yes," she groaned, moving harder. "Yes. Oh god yes..."

       My head was spinning. "You gonna be done soon?" I asked him.

       That grin again. "Not if I can help it," Ray said. "But hey, you want to fuck her mouth, be my guest."

       The girl moaned. I moved closer to the bed, up toward her face. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I leaned over the bed, and when I couldn't get close enough I knelt up on the mattress, shoving my cock toward her face. Her eyes were closed again, and she gave no sign that she knew I was there.

       "Suck that dick, baby," Ray said to her.

       Her eyes opened, but they were glazed, as if she was getting ready to come again. Her moans were louder. Ray reached up with both hands, tangled his fingers in her hair and with both hands turned her head so she was facing me. She cried out. "Suck that fucking dick," Ray gritted

       The way he was holding her hair she couldn't move her head, but her mouth opened wide, and I stuck my cock into it. She closed it around me and then I was fucking that mouth and fucking it hard. I wasn't trying to hurt her, but I was carried away by lust, and the whole situation was making me crazy. She was moaning and gasping around my cock, and I fucked her hard and deep. Ray was moving her head back and forth with his hands in her hair as he banged away at her, grunting loudly, and her lips were sliding up and down around me, and I could feel her tongue. I couldn't hold myself back. I fucked that mouth as deeply as I could and I heard her gagging a little as my cock pushed into her throat, but her head kept moving and her muffled moans kept getting louder and her legs were still wrapped around Ray's body as she bucked underneath him, and all too soon I was shooting into her mouth, shooting down her throat and I heard myself shouting as she swallowed and swallowed and gagged and swallowed.

       When I pulled myself out of her mouth Ray let go of her hair, and she threw her head back and started coming again. This time her body bucked so hard that Ray couldn't hold out any more, and he gave one last mighty thrust and emptied himself inside her. Then he fell on top of her and they clung to each other, both of them gasping like crazy until they caught their breath. I was gasping too, but I wasn't clinging to anybody, just sitting there on the side of the bed.

       Ray finally pulled himself up and sat back, between the girl's outspread legs. "Jesus Christ!" he said, still panting a little. "You're a freak, but you're a hell of a lay, baby. What's your name anyway?"

       "You don't need to know that," the girl said.

       "That's what she told me too," I said.

       "Yeah, I do," Ray said. "I do need to know that. Because I want to know it. Tell me your damn name or I'll slap it out of you."

       "Slap it out of me," the girl said.

       For a minute I thought he was going to do it, but then he shrugged. "Nah, you'd like it too much," Ray said. "You won't tell us your name, I'll just call you freak, how's that?"

       The girl said nothing.

       "You a freshman, freak?" Ray asked her. "You in a dorm or what? What's your story?"

       "What the hell do you care?" the girl said. "Like you said, I'm a hell of a lay. That's all you need to know."

       "Yeah, well, you're such a good lay we might want to find you again," Ray said. "How we gonna do that if we don't know who you are, you know?
       "Don't worry about it," the girl said. "I'll find you. If I want to." She sat up then, and started to get off the bed, but Ray caught her arm.

       "Whoa, hold on there, freak," Ray said. "I don't think I'm done with you yet. I don't think Tommy's done with you either. Right, Tom?"

       "I--I don't--" I stammered. I didn't know what to say to that.

       "I have to go," the girl said.

       "No you don't." Ray was holding her wrist, and now he pulled her arm behind her back and pushed it up. She gave a cry of pain and her upper body arched sharply, pushing her breasts out. Ray took hold of a nipple with his free hand and twisted it hard. She cried out again, and then she began to pant, rapidly and loudly.

       "You don't have to go anyplace," Ray said, grinning at her. "And you don't want to, do you, freak?"

       "Ray, for god's sake..." I said.

       Ray twisted harder. "You don't, do you?" he asked her.

       The girl made a yipping sound and arched herself still more. Then she was shaking her head. "No," she gasped out. "No. Oh dear god. No."

       "You want us to fuck you again, don't you, freak?" Ray said, and pushed her arm up further behind her back.

       This time she shrieked. "Yes!" she cried shrilly. "Yes!"

       Ray let go of her then. I saw that his cock was hard again. So was mine, actually. "Get on your hands and knees," Ray said. "Like a fucking dog."

       She did so, moaning.

       Ray looked over at me. "You want to fuck her this way?" he said. "I wouldn't mind trying out that mouth myself."

       "Jesus," I said. Part of me was repulsed by this whole thing. But I couldn't deny that I was turned on in spite of myself, and like they say, when the cock gets hard the brain gets soft. I moved around behind her and got into position, while Ray placed himself on his back in front of her. He reached up and grabbed her hair with one hand, pulling her face down to his crotch, and she went down on her elbows and took him into her mouth as I stuck my cock into her wet pussy.

       This time I lasted longer. At first I was a little put off by the sloppy seconds thing, but her tight warm squirmy pussy soon put that out of my mind. I made myself go slow, wanting to savor the sweetness of it, but it wasn't easy to hold myself back. She was rocking back and forth against me and making whimpering noises around Ray's cock. I could see her taking it all the way into her mouth. Ray wasn't holding her hair any more, he was just lying there, letting her do it. I slid my hands under her and grasped her breasts, feeling the hard nipples against my palms. After a minute she raised her head. "Squeeze them," she said breathlessly.

       So I did. I hesitated at first, but not for long. Her body was rocking against me and her snug pussy was clasping my dick as it moved back and forth, and I thought of how she had reacted when I had squeezed those breasts earlier, and maybe hurting her wasn't really my thing but it was definitely her thing, and Ray was looking at me with his eyes telling me not to be a pussy. So I squeezed them. I squeezed them hard, and then harder, and the girl cried out and jammed her mouth down on Ray's dick again, and her body was squirming now, bucking and writhing, and I squeezed her breasts as hard as I could and she went wild, and I twisted them in my hands and she was yelling around Ray's cock, and then she came, and so did I.

       The girl raised her head again as she gasped out her climax, but Ray again grabbed her hair and pulled her down to him, and she took him into her panting moaning mouth and finished him off.

       "You gonna tell us your name now, freak?" Ray said to her as she swallowed down his jism.        

       The girl shook her head.

       "Yeah, you are," Ray said. "'Cause you're not getting out of here until you do."

       "I'm going now," the girl said. She started to get off the bed, but as before, Ray grabbed her arm. She tried to pull away, but she couldn't.

       "Ray, let her go, for Christ sake," I said.

       "Why?" Ray said.

       "Because we can't just keep her here if she wants to go."

       "Why not?:" Ray said.

       I stared at him. "Come on," I said. "What if she starts screaming or something? You'll get us kicked out of school, for god's sake. Or worse."

       "I don't hear her screaming," Ray said. "You gonna scream, freak?"

       "Let me go," the girl said.

       "Say please," Ray said.

       "Please," she said.

       "No," Ray said.


       "Shut up, Tom. We got something going here. We can keep this girl here as long as we want. Tie her up so she can't get out. Do anything we want to her. Anything. Right, freak?"

       The girl didn't say anything.

       "Bet you'd like that, wouldn't you, freak?" Ray said.

       There was a strange look in her eyes. And she was breathing a little harder. I couldn't believe this.

       "Tied up?" she said softly.

       "All the time," Ray said. "Tight. Helpless. Gagged too, if necessary."

       I could see her swallow.

       "Ray, for god's sake!" I said again. "This is crazy! People would come looking for her, even if--"

       "Who knows she's here?" Ray said. "You picked her up at the library, right?" He turned to the girl. "Anybody know you're here, freak?"

       She shook her head.

       "But if she goes missing they'll be looking all over," I said. "Jesus Christ, Ray, have you gone off your rocker? Just let her go. I think she'll be back all right. She seems to like what you do to her."        "Nobody's gonna find her," Ray said.

       "I won't let you do this," I said. "I'll report it, I'll--"

       "No you won't," Ray said. "'Cause you'd be in as much trouble as me. Specially the way I'd tell the story. And little freak here will back me up. Won't you, freak?" With the hand that wasn't holding her wrist he took hold of one of her nipples and twisted it. She cried out.

       "Yes," she said.


       So we had a prisoner. She seemed to be a willing prisoner, but Ray didn't treat her that way. He got hold of a pair of handcuffs someplace and cuffed her hands behind her back--not tightly, but securely enough. He tied a rope to the chain between the cuffs and fastened the other end of it to one of the posts of his bed, out of her reach. The rope was long enough to let her move around some, to get to the bathroom--and to my bed--but not to the door. He kept her that way during the day. And he kept her naked. At night he would tie her down on his bed, usually with her legs apart, so he could fuck her whenever he wanted. Sometimes he would tie her in different ways, just for fun, like bent over a desk, and play with her that way. When we were both going to be out of the room he would gag her, stuffing a washcloth in her mouth and tying it with a towel, just in case she decided to yell for help, he said, though she never tried to do so in our presence. He didn't gag her when we were there, so her mouth would always be available for fucking, he said. He fucked her a lot, Ray. And yes, I did too.

       I was scared as hell, and I was sure that we were going to end up in big trouble, maybe go to jail, certainly get expelled from school. I kept trying to get Ray to let her go, but he wouldn't. But all my fear and worry didn't seem to affect my cock very much, at least not after the first day or so. I mean, when you have a gorgeous naked girl in your room all the time, completely available to you in any way you want--except when your roommate is boinking her--it's hard not to take advantage. And being restrained or tied up seemed to keep her hot all the time. Still, she always put up a fuss at first, tried to fight us off, even though she couldn't do much the way she was, but she only did that so we would hurt her. Ray had no problem with that. He would swat her a few times or twist her tits or pull her hair so hard I thought he'd rip it out, and he seemed to enjoy it almost as much as she did. I didn't, but I would do what I had to do because then she would not only do what I wanted, she  would do it with such eagerness and wild abandon that each time seemed better than the time before, and I had never known any sensation in the world to equal it.

       The strange thing was that even after a few days had passed, nobody seemed to be looking for her. There was nothing posted anywhere about a missing girl, no announcements, no news in the paper. Nothing. I couldn't understand it. Ray kept trying to get her to tell us who she was, but she wouldn't, no matter how much he hurt her. She seemed to absorb all his punishment like a sponge, and the only effect it had was to make her hot. Both of them would get so turned on that Ray would give up and just fuck her again.

       After about a week even Ray started getting a little uncomfortable with the situation, and for the first time he admitted that we couldn't keep her there forever, and would have to let her go. But not quite yet. "Hey, I've got an idea," he said. "We could make a little money off her before we get rid of her. You know?"

       "What are you talking about?" I said.

       "Hell, think of how many guys would love to screw this crazy chick. We could charge them, what? Fifty? A hundred bucks? Shit, I bet just about every guy on this campus who's not gay would shell out to get a crack at her. We could clean up!"

       I couldn't believe he was serious. "Oh yeah, right," I said. "Start bringing guys in here, it'll be all over the campus in about ten minutes. You'll be the richest guy in the prison."

       "Well, maybe just guys we know," Ray said. "Guys we can trust, you know? Swear them to secrecy. Even if it's just a few guys, we could make--"

       "Ray, for god's sake! You'd could never keep it secret, and you know it  Let's just--"

       "Or, I know, we don't tell them she's a prisoner or anything, just like she's doing this on her own, you know? It doesn't even have to be here, she can go to them. Like a call girl or something. We tell her not to say anything about why she's doing it or anything. Then she comes back here and gives us the money."

       "Christ, Ray, you're out of your head! You think you can control her that much? Especially once she's out of here?"

       "Hell, yeah," Ray said. "Control is what she's all about, man. Play it right, we could keep whoring her out for the rest of the term, I bet. But hey, if you don't want to be part of it, I'll do it all by myself. No problem."

       The girl had been in the bathroom at the start of this conversation, and when she came out Ray told her about his latest plan. She just stared at him. "No fucking way," she said then.

       "Way," Ray said.

       "Fuck you, you asshole," the girl said. "You're not making me whore for you. Forget it.'

       "Yeah, I am," Ray said. "You want me to persuade you?"

       "Knock yourself out," the girl said. "I'm not doing that. Period."

       Ray stood up and took off his belt.

       The girl backed up as far as her tethering rope would allow. Her hands, as usual, were cuffed behind her, and of course she was naked. "What do you think you're going to do?" she said. Her voice was still defiant, but I thought I saw a kind of glitter in her eyes.

       "I'm going to persuade you," Ray said. He held the belt by the buckle and let it dangle from his hand. Then he moved toward her. The girl moved away, but she could only go as far as the rope would let her. She tried to get back into the bathroom, but Ray cut her off and she moved the other way. But she couldn't escape. Ray came after her, raising the belt, and then he swung it at her. It hit her sharply across her breasts and she cried out, turning her back to him and scrambling away. He came after her and swung again. The belt whipped into her back. She squalled loudly and went down to her knees, trying to huddle up, but though she was able to protect her breasts she was too easy a target that way, and she was soon up again, straining at the rope as she darted around the room, with Ray keeping after her, slashing away with the belt, hitting her all over. Finally she stopped moving and stood where she was, panting and moaning. Her nipples were hard and pointy, and though her face was twisted with pain I could see that the glitter in her eyes was stronger now. She stood there and looked at Ray with her breasts heaving, and Ray deliberately raised the belt and slashed it across them. She screamed. Then she moved to where his bed was and pressed herself against one of the posts at the foot, her back to him now. She stood that way, waiting. Ray hit her across the back. She didn't move.

       "You want more?" Ray said. His voice was hoarse.

       She didn't answer.

       He hit her again, lower. She cried out but didn't move. "Do you?" Ray demanded.

       "Yes," she gasped.

       "I can't hear you," Ray said.


       Ray whipped her ass. "You gonna do what I tell you now?"


       He hit her again. "What?"


       He slashed the belt over her thighs. "You'll whore for us?"

       Her ass again. "You'll fuck who we tell you to."


       Her back. "Anybody, any time."

       "Yes! Yes!"

       Ray glanced over at me. "Told you," he said. Then to the girl: "Turn around."

       She gave a low moan and turned to face him.

       "You fucking freak," Ray said, and whipped the belt across her breasts as hard as he could. The girl screamed and fell down to her knees.

       "Fuck me," she gasped out. She was sobbing now, but she started to crawl toward him. Ray unzipped himself and took out his dick, which was very stiff. I watched her moving toward him on her knees, with her hands behind her, her disordered hair falling around her face, her whip-marked breasts bobbling slightly. Christ. My cock was as hard as Ray's, if not harder.

       Ray let her come to him. When she got there he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. "Fuck me!" she begged again.

       "Fuck this," Ray said, and jammed his dick into her mouth. He rammed it all the way to the base with one stroke, and the girl gagged and began to choke before he let up slightly. Then he fucked her sobbing moaning mouth with hard vicious thrusts, holding on to her hair all the time. He came quickly and she choked again, but managed to swallow it down.

       When Ray pulled away from her she looked over at me. I was sitting in a chair, halfway across the room. "Fuck me!" she panted. "Please, oh god, please!"

       "Come over here," I said. She started to get up, but I said, "No. On your knees." I wanted to see her crawl some more. I wondered if I was getting like Ray. All I knew was that the sight of her like that was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I stood up and took my clothes off as she moved slowly toward me, and by the time she reached me I was naked.

       "Turn around," I said. "I want to fuck your ass."

       Ray had fucked her ass before, but I hadn't. Now I did.



       Ray set it up. Her first customer. He was a guy named Fleming. He came from a wealthy family and lived in a apartment off campus, but he was kind of a geek. Ray had a class with him, and figured he would be ripe for a proposition like this, and he was right. He told Fleming he knew this beautiful sexy girl who was not exactly a pro but who needed money and would fuck his brains out for a hundred bucks. He showed him a picture of the girl that he'd taken with his cell phone, and Fleming jumped at it. They made an appointment for her to go to his place the next night.

       When he told her, the girl said, "How much do I get?"

       "You don't get anything," Ray said. "You're doing this to make money for us, not you."

       "Fuck you," she said. "If I'm gonna be a whore I'm gonna get something out of it."

       Ray slapped her. "You're not a whore," he said. "You're a slave. You're doing this because we tell you to, and for no other reason. You got that, freak?"

       "What if I don't come back?" the girl said.

       That's what I was thinking too.

       He slapped her again, harder. "You'll come back," he said. "Because you're a fucking slave." He slapped her breast, his hand making a loud cracking sound. "That's all you are." He backhanded her across the other breast. "That's all you'll ever be." Whap! across the face again. "That's what you want to be." Crack! back across the face. "That's what you need." He spat in her face then. "And you know it." She was making whimpering noises, but not moving, not trying to get away from him. And then he punched her in the stomach, hard, and she went down to her knees, retching as she tried to catch her breath.

       "Any more questions?" Ray said.

       She shook her head.


       She wore the same clothes she had worn that first night, since they were all she had. I pleaded with Ray up to the last minute to call it off, but he wouldn't. I begged him to at least go with her and bring her back afterwards, or to let me do it, but he said that would just freak Fleming out. He just kept telling me not to worry, and that everything would be fine. I worried. I was sure she would tell somebody the whole story first chance she got. Maybe Fleming. More probably the cops. Or maybe--and this was the best-case scenario--she would just take the money and run off and we would never see her again. Actually, I was kind of hoping that's what would happen. Part of me was anyway.

       But it didn't.         

       It was around three in the morning when she came back. Her hair was a mess and she was obviously exhausted but she still looked sexy as hell. The first thing she did was to reach into her skirt pocket and pull out some money, which she tossed in Ray's direction. It fell to the floor and I picked it up and counted it. It came to four hundred and fifty dollars.

       "Holy shit!" I said. "Where did this come from?"

       But all Ray said was, "Take off your clothes, freak. You don't wear clothes when you're in here."

       She took her clothes off. Ray then cuffed her wrists behind her back and attached the long rope to them, as before. Then he said, "Now tell us about the money."

       She shrugged. "He fucked himself out pretty quick, so I asked him if he had any friends he wanted me to fuck also. I mean if I'm gonna be a whore I might as well go all the way, right?"

       "You fucking bitch," Ray said. "You're only a whore when we tell you to be, you got that? You do what we say, and nothing else. I should fucking punish you for that, only you'd enjoy it too much. Anyway, I didn't think that nerdy creep had any friends."

       "Well he does," the girl said. "They're all weirdos, and they're cheap fucking bastards, but they coughed up three-fifty among them after he called them up and told them about me. I mean, I know you charged him a hundred, but that was all I could get from the rest of them."

       "How many were there?" I asked.

       She shrugged. "About a dozen, I guess."

       I stared at her. "You fucked a dozen guys?" I said.

       "And this is all you got?" Ray demanded.

       "Yeah. Yeah, I fucked them all. And sucked them off. And then they--"

       "Fuck this!" Ray said. "Fuck this to hell. No more, freak, you fuck who we tell you and nobody else, you got that?"

       "Wait," I said to Ray. "All those guys know now. This Fleming guy knows who you are, and the whole thing is gonna blow up. We have to let her go, damn it. This is insane! We're already--"

       "Oh, quit being a pussy," Ray said. "We got a goddam gold mine here. Just a few more days, we could make--"

       "No!" I said. "It's over. We're letting her go right now. Give me the key to the cuffs."

       "Fuck you," Ray said.

       The two of us were about the same size, and I didn't know if I could take him in a fight, but I was ready to try. But then the girl spoke up.

       "I'm not leaving," she said.


       "I'm not going anyplace. I like it here. You guys try to throw me out, then you'll be in trouble all right. I'll tell everybody. I'll tell them you kept me here against my will and raped me and tortured me and made me into a whore and everything, and who do you think they're gonna believe? You guys are stuck with me, so you might as well go right on taking advantage of it."

       We were both staring at her now. Then Ray started laughing. But I didn't think it was funny. l was sure we were both going to prison no matter what happened, but I wasn't going to be part of it anymore. "Well, you can do what you want, both of you," I said. "But I'm leaving. I'm moving out of here first thing tomorrow."

       "Well, great," Ray said. "Then I can have this freak all to myself. Or are you thinking of going to the cops or something? 'Cause you're in this as deep as me, you know."

       "Yeah, I know." Actually I didn't know what I was planning on doing. I wasn't planning anything. I just wanted to get out. "Don't worry," I said. "I'm not about to tell anybody. It'll all come down soon enough."

       The fact was I thought Ray was truly happy to have me out of the picture so he could monopolize the girl. He even asked me if I wanted to give her a farewell fuck, since it was my last night, but I said no. She had just been worked over by a dozen guys, and she looked it. It didn't phase Ray, though; in fact I guess it turned him on, because I didn't get much sleep that night listening to him fucking her over and over, making her scream and squeal and groan with the rough treatment they both enjoyed so much.

       The next morning I went to the Administration building to request a change of dorms. The Housing Division clerk consulted her records, and then looked up at me with a frown. "You are currently rooming with a Raymond Consanto, is that correct?" she asked me.

       My stomach sank. "Yes," I said, as calmly as I could. "Why?"

       "I believe Dr . Pruett would like to speak to you," she said.

       "Dr. Pruett? Why?"        

       Dr. Pruett was the Dean of the college. I had never met him; I'd hardly even seen him, except at the beginning of the term, when he had given a brief formal address to the incoming class.

       "I have no idea," the clerk said. "There is a note here requesting either Mr. Consanto or his roommate to see the Dean as soon as possible. I'd advise you to do that now."

       "I don't understand. If the Dean wanted to see us why didn't he just--I mean why would he--"

       "Dr. Pruett has his own ways of doing things," the clerk said. "I will call his office for you." She picked up the phone. I wanted to stop her, but it was too late. She was already talking to the Dean's office and telling someone that I was on the way to see Dr. Pruett. Then she hung up. "They are expecting you," she told me.

       I was confused. And I was scared. But there was nothing for it but to proceed up to the Dean's office. When I got there I was shown directly into Dr. Pruett's inner sanctum. I expected to find him behind his desk, but he was standing over by a window, watering some plants on the windowsill. He was a tall and thin, probably in his late fifties, I thought, with a lot of white hair. He didn't give any sign that he knew I was there.

       "You wanted to see me, sir?" I said.

       "Hm?" He didn't stop watering the plants. "No, not particularly," he said. "Who might you be?"

       "I'm Thomas Galen, sir. I--my roommate is Raymond Consanto. The--the lady down in Housing had a note saying you wanted to see us."

       "Ah. Hm. Yes." He put the watering can down then, and turned to me, though I still wasn't sure he saw me. He wandered over to his desk, but he didn't sit down. "Yes," he said again. "You are a dormitory resident, I believe."

       "Yes, sir" I said. "The Smithson dorms, in the new dormitory block."

       "Hm. Yes. Ugly building. Hideous. Pull it down, I say. Architecture gone to pot these days."

       I didn't say anything. I was waiting for the axe to fall.

       "Still," the Dean said. "Must put you somewhere, I suppose. All you new students. Keep coming every year. Not sure why."

       "Um...well, sir, this school provides a quality education, so naturally..." I was trying to butter him up, though I didn't really think it would help much.

       "Hm. Matter of opinion," he said. "Still. Yes. Um. Why are you here again?"

       "You wanted to see me, sir. My roommate and me? The woman in Housing--"

       "Ah. Yes. You. The dorm. Yes. You have a visitor there, I'm told."

       This was it. I had to swallow. "Sir, I can explain--"

       "Yes. A female visitor. As I'm told."

       "Yes sir, but you see--"

       "Of course. Way it is, isn't it? All this talk of homosexuality nowadays. Gay liberation, all that. Bunch of nonsense. Don't see much of that around here. Be a lot less problems if you did. Girls getting pregnant. Dropping out. Complaining of harassment. All because of sex, you know. Boys want girls. That simple. How it is. Human nature."

       "Um...yes sir, but--"

       "Yes. So. This visitor. Female. Of course. You know her name?"

       I was surprised that he asked it that way. "Well...well, actually, sir, I don't. She--"

       "No. Didn't think so. I do."

       "You--" I had to swallow again. "You do?"

       "Yes. Pretty girl. Dark hair. Body. A slut. Yes?"

       "Um...well...yes, that does sound--"

       "Of course. Thought so. Her mother worries."

       "Her--You know her mother?"

       "Hm. Ought to. Married to her twenty years."

       Jesus. I nearly fell down. I really thought I was going to faint, like a girl. But I didn't. "You--" my voice was a croak. "You mean--sir--this girl--she's--"

       "My daughter. Yes. Slut daughter. Little bitch, actually. Does this all the time. No controlling her. Going on for years. Since puberty. Not a good thing. Puberty. Anyway. Her mother, you see. Worries. I say throw her out. Throw the bitch out. But her mother. Well. Can't tell her everything, you know. Can't do that to her. Anyway. Send her back. All right? That's the thing, you know. Send her back."

       My head was still spinning. "Well, sir...I'd like to do that, all right, but the thing is...she doesn't want to go. And my roommate...well, the two of them--"        

       "She's a stubborn bitch," Dr. Pruett said. "Wicked stubborn bitch. Things she does. Can't tell her mother. Not all of it. Anyway. Did what I could. Can't do more. Goodbye."

       "That--that's it?" I croaked.

       "Can't help you, son. Women, you know. All this gay liberation talk. Nonsense. Women. Lots of problems." He went back to the window and started watering the plants again.

       I left.


       Instead of returning to the Housing Division I went back to the dorm. I was in this now whether I wanted to be or not, and it was getting worse. The Dean's daughter! On the other hand, Pruett didn't seem to be ready to file charges or anything. I didn't know where we were at really, but I knew more than ever that we had to get that girl out of there.

       She was sucking Ray's cock when I got there. He was lying naked on his bed, and the girl--I still didn't know her first name, though I now sure as hell knew her last--was kneeling on the floor at the foot, bent over, her upper body lying between his legs and her mouth moving up and down on his dick. She was naked too, of course, with her hands, as usual, cuffed behind her and attached to the long rope. Ray had his belt in his hand, doubled up, and every once in a while he would bring it down hard across her ass or her back. She would moan or cry out around his dick and take it deeper and faster. Both of them seemed to be having a great time.

       Ray looked over at me as I came in. "Find another place yet, dickhead?" he asked me.

       "No," I said. "Listen, Ray. This is bad. We're in worse trouble than ever. You know who this girl is?"

       "Hell, no, how should I? She won't tell us her damn name. Right, freak?" He slashed the belt down over her ass. The girl gave another cry, but this time she took her mouth off him and turned her eyes to me. I didn't like what I saw in them.

       "Well, I know her damn name," I said. "The last one anyway. It's Pruett. That mean anything to you?"

       "Pruett?" Ray said. "What--you mean like the Dean?"

       "Yeah, like the Dean. She's his daughter."

       Ray stared at me for a moment, then laughed. "Yeah, right. What else you got, shithead?"

       "It's true," I said. "I was just talking to him. He wants us to let her go. At least I think that's what he wants. I'm not too sure, I think he's maybe even nuttier than she is."

       Ray looked at the girl. Then he grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted her head back. She cried out again. "Is this true, bitch?" he demanded. When she didn't answer he raised the belt and slashed it down harder than before, bringing a shriek from her. "Is it?"

       "So fucking what?" the girl said then. "Big fucking deal. What do you think he's gonna do, shoot you at sunrise? Frankly, I don't think the old fart gives a shit. Probably my bitch mother making him do it."

       "Jesus Christ," Ray said. "The Dean's daughter." Then he started to laugh again. He was still holding her hair, and now he used it to pull her face down to his crotch again. "Finish sucking me off, Dean's daughter," he demanded. "Never had a Dean's daughter swallow my spunk before."        

"Well, I'm glad you find it so amusing," I said, as the girl took him into her mouth again. "But we've got to get rid of her, damn it. Maybe if we do it now we can still get away with it, but if we keep her here after--"

       Ray's yell drowned out my words as he shot into the girl's mouth. He yelled several times, and each time he whipped her ass with the belt. The girl moaned and choked and swallowed, moaned and choked and swallowed, again and again. When Ray subsided she slowly pulled her mouth off his dick, then looked at me again. "I'm not going anyplace," she said clearly. "I told you that. I like it here."

       I wanted to hit her. But I didn't want to give her the satisfaction. "Your father knows where you are," I told her. "Sooner or later--"

       "I told you, don't worry about him," the girl said. "He'd love it if he never saw me again. All he has to do is stand up to that bitch he's married to. She's the one you should be worrying about."

       "Oh, great," I said. "That makes me feel a lot better. So it'll be your mother who'll send us to prison. Shit."

       "Maybe she won't," the girl said. "It all depends. She's a whore, you know."

       "You're mother's a whore?" Ray said.

       "Runs in the family," the girl said. "Not a real whore, though. I mean, she doesn't do it for money." She grinned. "I do, though, don't I? No, but she's kind of a nypho," she went on. "She'll fuck anything that moves. If she's in the mood."

       "Runs in the family too," Ray said. "She a pain freak too, like you?"

       "No, I get that from someplace else," the girl said. "But Emily is pretty twisted too, in her own way."
       "You call your mother Emily?" I said.

       "Not to her face," she said. "I call her cunt to her face."

       "Bet she loves that," I said. "And what about you? What's your first name?"

       "None of your damn business," the girl said.

       Ray laughed, and hit her with the belt. "Suck him off too, freak," he told her.

       The girl got herself onto her feet--it wasn't that easy with her hands cuffed behind her, but she'd had lots of practice by now--and moved toward me. I backed away. "Never mind that," I said. (If anyone had told me two weeks earlier that I would be turning down a free blow job from a gorgeous naked girl with her hands tied, I would have said they were crazy. But now it seemed that everyone was crazy, including me.) "We're getting you out of here whether you like it or not," I told her.

       She kept moving toward me, and I kept backing away. When the knock came at the door she was the closest to it. I froze in my tracks. I felt panic. I glanced over at Ray, who looked kind of startled himself. For a long minute nobody moved. Then I saw that the girl was grinning.

       "I bet it's the cunt," she said. "She doesn't waste any time."

       She was close enough to the door for her voice to be heard through it. I didn't know what to do. I cleared my throat and called out, "Who is it?"

       "It's Emily Pruett," a woman's voice said clearly. "I believe you have my daughter in there."

       My first instinct was to jump out the window. My second was to get the girl out of sight, or at least cover her up. But I didn't have a chance. Before I could move she had stepped to the door, turned around so that her hand could grasp and turn the knob, and pulled the door open.

       I couldn't move. Ray barely had time to hastily pull the bedsheet over himself before Emily Pruett stepped into the room.

       I later figured out that she had to be in her late thirties, but she looked at least ten years younger. She was taller than her daughter, and her body was thinner, though it filled out in the right places. Her hair was lighter, a lustrous brown, and shorter. Her face was unlined and quite attractive. She was wearing a green print dress which showed off her figure and stopped at mid-thigh. It might have seemed too young for her if she had looked her age, but as I say, she didn't.

       The girl shut the door behind her as she came in. She took a quick, sharp look around. She didn't seem a bit surprised to see her daughter standing naked, cuffed and tethered to a rope. Or to see two guys with her, one of them obviously naked under a bedsheet. She nodded once, as if she had been expecting to see exactly what she saw. The expression on her face was one of mild annoyance.

       "So your father was right," she said to the girl. "I never know whether to believe him these days. But you're at it again, you filthy slut." She turned to glance again at Ray, then at me. "I hope you boys have been having fun with her," she said. "It seems that's all she's good for."

       "What do you want, cunt?" the girl said. "You can't control me anymore, you know. I'm well over eighteen now. So get the fuck out of here, okay?"

       "Control you?" The woman gave a brief laugh. "When could we ever do that? Other people can do that. Oh, you love it when other people do it." She turned to me again. "Do you know how twisted this little bitch is?" she asked. "Oh, but of course you do. Well, playtime is over, kiddies. I'll be taking her back now."

       "Fuck you will," the girl said.

       "From what your father tells me," Emily said, "you're a real whore now. Literally, I mean. You fuck strangers for money. That's going pretty far, even for you. Have you no shame at all?"

       The girl laughed. "Look who's talking," she said. "You do it for nothing, cunt."

       "And these boys--" Indicating Ray and me--"are your pimps, I take it. So they get it for free."

       "Yeah," the girl said. "They're pretty good too. Especially Ray--he's the one in the bed. Tommy isn't bad either, but he's a bit of a wimp. Nice dick though. You want to try them out, cunt?"

       "Oh darling," Emily said. "If I did that it would spoil them for you forever. They'd never be satisfied with you again."

       "Really?" the girl said. "You might want to check with Daddy about that."

       Without warning Emily stepped up to her daughter and slapped her hard across the mouth. The girl did not react the way she did when Ray slapped her. Her eyes blazed for a moment, and then she spat directly into her mother's face.

       Emily slapped her again, harder than before. Then she stepped back, pulled a tissue from a pocket of her dress and wiped her face. "Your father thinks I don't know what went on between you and him," she said, her voice nearly as calm as before. "He thinks it would hurt me too much. He thinks I might divorce him. He thinks he's sparing me. But I know. I know it all. You filthy tramp."

       "I bet you don't," the girl said. "I bet you don't know the half of it. Maybe I'll tell you some day. Really give you something to be jealous of, cunt."

       "Jealous?" her mother said. "Of you?" She laughed. "You may be a whore, but you're still an amateur, darling. I can fuck rings around you any day. You think just because you're young and juicy, that makes you sexy? Oh, I know you've had a lot of experience in your short life, but you still have a hell of a lot to learn. And besides, my body is still every bit as good as yours, if not better." The girl made a derisive noise. Emily glared at her, then turned to Ray and me. Facing halfway between us, she put her hands on her hips, standing very straight, taking a deep breath and holding her head high. Her dress pulled tight against her breasts and clung nicely to the rest of her curves

       "What do you say, boys?" she said. "Is this body as good as my slut daughter's? Tell the truth now."

       Now Ray spoke up from the bed. "Well, it looks good, all right," he said. "But we can't really compare. I mean, she's naked, you know?"

       "Yes, I can see that," Emily said dryly. "It seems to be her condition of preference these days." She sighed. "Oh, very well. If thats what it will take to convince you." She then moved to where I was standing and turned her back to me. "Would you unzip my dress, please?" she  said.

       I was stunned, and for a moment I did nothing. "Oh, for Christ sake, Mother," the girl said. "Must you? Really?"

       "What's the matter, Polly?" her mother replied. "Afraid of a little competition, are we?"

       "Polly?" Ray piped up. "Her name is Polly?"

       "What did you think it was?" Emily asked. "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm?"

       "She wouldn't tell us her name," Ray said. "It was this big dark secret. Polly Pruett, Jesus."

       "Well, now you know," Emily said. "Young man," she added, addressing me, "I asked you to unzip my dress. If you don't wish to comply, I'm sure your friend over there wouldn't mind."

       "Hell, no," Ray said, grinning. "Bring it over, honey."

       "I'll do it," I said. I was kind of surprised to hear myself say it. I knew this could only lead to more trouble. But whatever crazy shit was happening, I obviously wasn't going to be able to stop it, and I had to admit I was kind of excited at the thought of seeing this woman's body, especially alongside that of her naked daughter. I raised my hands to the back of her neck, undid the little clasp there, then pulled the zipper down to her waist, which was as far as it went.

       "Thank you," Emily said. She stepped away and turned around so that she was facing both of us again. Then she slipped the top of the dress off her shoulders and, without pausing, wiggled the garment down over her hips and let it fall. She stepped out of it and stood there in her white bra and panties, looking from Ray to me and back again as we gazed at her in obvious admiration. "Not bad, huh?" she said, smiling.

       It wasn't bad at all. Her figure was every bit as good as it had looked in the dress, if not better. Her flesh was smooth and unblemished, her legs were shapely all the way up, her breasts stood out proudly. I could just make out the shapes of her nipples thrusting against the clinging bra.

       "Jesus, don't stop!" Ray said then.

       "All right, that's enough, cunt!" Polly exclaimed. "Go peddle it on the street or something. We're busy here."

       "I think you're outvoted, Polly," Emily said. "Isn't she, boys?"

       "Damn right," Ray said. Emily looked at me. I nodded.

       "You see?" she said. And with that she reached behind her and unhooked her bra, then pulled it off. Again she struck a pose for us, sticking out her chest. "Are these boobs every bit as good as this slut's or what?" she demanded.

       And in their own way, they certainly were. They were not as large and rounded as Polly's, but they were plenty big enough for her slimmer figure, and they didn't sag at all; they were high and firm and seemed to burst with life, with long red nipples which, as I had suspected, were fully erect. For a moment I wondered if those breasts were real, and Emily seemed to read my mind.

       "All natural," she said proudly. "Never had a lick of surgery in my life. Want to feel them?

       I did. I couldn't stop myself. I moved to her and put my hands on them. Emily moaned. They felt natural all right. They felt just fine. I felt them for a while, as she stood there smiling at me. Then Ray spoke up. "Hey, what about me? Don't I get a feel too?"

       "Why not?" Emily said. "Come on over."

       "Jesus Christ," Polly said disgustedly.

       Ray didn't hesitate. He threw back the bedsheet and got up. His cock was pretty hard, in spite of the fact that Polly had sucked him off just a few minutes before. Emily didn't seem a bit surprised. I saw her eyeing him with appreciation as he ambled over to us. He put his arms around her body from behind, his hands pushing mine out of the way as he wrapped them around her breasts. She gave another little moan and pressed her body back against his. She didn't make any protest as I bent and pulled down her panties. Her pussy was shaved bare, unlike her daughter's. I wanted to kiss it, but I just straightened up again.

       "Yeah, not bad," Ray said. "Not as much of them as old Polly's got, but pretty nice." His fingers tightened around them then, squeezing.

       "Hey!" Emily said sharply. She pulled away from him forcefully, dislodging his hands. "Easy there, guy," she said then. "I'm not a pain freak, like this twisted bitch"--indicating Polly. "Hurting me is not going to do it for you, okay?"

       "Okay," Ray said, grinning but holding up his hands as if in surrender. "So what is gonna do it then?"

       She looked at me. "I bet he knows," she said, smiling again. "These strong silent types often have hidden depths." She stepped closer to me, and I could feel her nipples through my shirt. "Why don't you show him?" she said.

       I didn't know what to do, so I did the only thing I could think of. I kissed her. As soon as my mouth met hers she came up against me, her arms went around me and her mouth opened under mine. Her tongue slid between my lips, and I met it with mine. I put my arms around her and slid my hands down over her ass as she moaned into my mouth. My cock was hard in my pants now, and she felt it and squirmed against it. I could have kissed her forever, but after a while she pulled slowly away. She was panting slightly. So was I.

       "Good boy," she said, patting me as if I was a dog. "Now why don't you take your clothes off while I take care of this big brute right here." She reached back to stroke Ray's still erect cock, and then turned around and went down to her knees in front of him.

       "You fucking cunt!" Polly piped up. "I'll fucking kill you one of these days, I swear to god!"

       "I give better blow jobs than she does, too," Emily said. "You be the judge." And with that she took Ray's cock into her mouth. She took it slowly but she took it all the way, sliding her lips down over the length of it and just never stopping until she had the whole thing in her mouth. I don't know how she did it, but she never even gagged. Then Ray was moaning and gasping as that mouth began to move up and down. Meanwhile I did as she'd said and took my clothes off.

       "Damn it, Tom!" Polly said. She came over to me then, pulling her rope behind her. "Don't do this," she said, almost pleadingly. "I'll do anything you want. You know how good I am. I'm younger than her, and I can take anything you give me. Anything." And she dropped down to her knees and tried almost frantically to capture my stiff cock with her mouth. I pulled away, but she followed, propelling herself on her knees, and although the erection I was sporting had been inspired by her mother, I was now so aroused that I was on the point of giving in. Until Emily raised her head.        "Oh, stop it, you sick little cow," she said. "The boy obviously wants to stick that thing into me, not you. And who could blame him? Come on, Tom. Don't be shy." And she raised herself on her knees and spread them apart, crouching now on knees and elbows, her ass sticking up and her pussy on display. Then she lowered her mouth to Ray's dick again.

       I had to practically push Polly out of the way to get to her mother, but I got down behind her and lined my cock up with her pussy. She was already nice and juicy, and she moaned around Ray's prick as I pushed into her. She pushed back, and within seconds I was all the way inside her. L was surprised at how tight she was, and I wanted to stay there for a few moments to savor the sensation, but Emily started moving back and forth, fucking me with a slow rhythmic motion while her head moved up and down on Ray's cock. God, she was good. Her hips twisted a little as we pumped at each other, and soon all three of us were moaning and gasping. I could hear Polly saying something in the background, but I was to busy enjoying myself to listen.

       And then there was a knock on the door.

       I froze, but Emily just kept moving. I could see that Ray wasn't about to pull his dick out of her mouth for anything. I tried to think whether the door was locked. Probably not. Polly had let her mother in. . .

       "Polly?" came a man's voice from outside the door. "You in there? Emily?"
       Oh Christ. It was the Dean. I wanted to hide, I wanted to die, but I couldn't move.

       Then Polly was on her feet. "It's Daddy!" she cried, and started for the door. "No!" I yelled, but it was too late. Before she even got there she called, "Come in, Daddy!" And a moment later the door opened and he did.

       I was completely paralyzed, except for my dick, which refused to die as Emily's pussy continued to slide back and forth around it while her mouth moved up and down on Ray's cock. So the first thing Dr. Pruett saw when he came in was his voluptuous young daughter, stark naked, with her hands manacled behind her and fastened to a long rope; and the second thing he saw was his wife, also naked, crouching on all fours on the floor, being fucked in her mouth and her pussy by two naked students, one of whom he had never seen before.

       "Thought you'd be in here," Dr. Pruett said. He walked over to the window and looked out. "Ugly building," he said. "Rip it down, I say. Architecture going to pot these days."

       Polly moved to him and pressed herself against him. He didn't move away. "Look, Daddy," she said, her mouth close to his. "Look what your whore wife is doing. Look at her!"

       "Runs in the family," Pruett said. "Two whores. Two sluts."

       "Yes, Daddy," Polly said, and she kissed him. Again he didn't move, and then he was kissing her back, their mouths open, their tongues working, Polly's body squirming against him. When the kiss ended she slid down along his body to her knees. Her mouth scrabbled at the front of his trousers, as though trying to get at his dick through his pants. She gave a little moan and actually tried to pull his zipper down with her teeth, but she couldn't get a good enough grip.

       By this time I had recovered a little bit from my shock, enough at least to pull away from Emily. My throbbing cock looked awfully big and conspicuous, and I tried unsuccessfully to hide it somehow.

       "Don't stop on my account, son," Dr. Pruett said. "Unhealthy. Not good for you. Coitus interruptus. Unnatural. Better put it back."

       "You heard him," Emily said breathlessly, raising her mouth from Ray. "Put it back, damn you."

       I wanted to just disappear from this whole crazy mess, but I wanted to keep fucking her even more. So I put it back. Emily gave a happy cry and resumed sucking Ray's prick.

       "Grounds for divorce," Pruett said. "Too late now. Women, that's what it is. All this gay liberation stuff. Nonsense."

       "Give me your cock, Daddy," Polly begged. "Let me suck you. You can punish me, Daddy. I'm a bad girl."

       "You're a bitch," Pruett said. "Throw you out, I say. But your mother. Another whore. Twenty years. Punish you?"

       "You know you like to do that, Daddy," Polly said. "Because I'm such a bitch. Hurt me. Make me scream for you. Anything you want, Daddy."        

       "Little slut," Pruett said. "Like it too much. Not like your mother."

       Ray's groans had been getting louder, and now it was pretty obvious that he was close to coming down Emily's throat. His body went all stiff and he arched his hips, jamming his crotch against her mouth.

       At that point Pruett surprised the hell out of me. Brushing past his kneeling daughter he moved swiftly over to where we were and, reaching down, grabbed a handful of Emily's hair and pulled her head up sharply, tearing her mouth off Ray's dick and making her cry out with the sudden pain.

       "In her face," Pruett said to Ray, holding her head still by her hair. "Shoot in her face. All over her face."        

       And Ray did. He had a lot of spunk, and it came out in half a dozen strong spurts, covering her face, her eyes, her mouth, some getting into her hair. Emily cried out several times, but she couldn't move away. When Ray finished coming Pruett let go of her hair and she nearly collapsed, but it had all been too much for me, and I kept her on her knees as I emptied my own importunate sperm deep into her squirming pussy.

       Pruett now moved back to Polly, still on her knees, and unzipped his fly. "Now," he said to her, pulling out his cock. "Now, slut." His dick was long, thin and semi-hard, and Polly, with an eager cry, wrapped her lips around it and slurped it in as though it was a strand of spaghetti.

       "My slut daughter," Pruett said. "Doing this since she was fifteen. Tried to stop her. Doesn't do any good. Makes it worse. Things she does. Can't tell her mother. Not everything. Grounds for divorce. Little bitch. Little sucking bitch."         

       Emily had collapsed to the floor after I pulled away from her, and now she slowly got herself up on her knees, and then onto her feet. Her face was running with Ray's jism, some of it dripping onto her naked breasts, but she didn't bother to wipe it off. Nor did she attempt to cover herself up. "You stupid old pervert," she said to her husband. "You think she wants your shriveled old dick? You think that's what she wants?" She laughed. "I'll show you what she wants," she said. She looked around and spied Ray's discarded belt lying on his bed, the one he had been hitting Polly with before she came in. She moved to it and picked it up, then crossed the room to her daughter, already swinging the belt over her head.

       "This is what she wants," Emily said, whipping the belt down hard across the kneeling, sucking girl's upper back. Polly squalled around her father's cock, but did not stop sucking it. "This!" Emily said, raising the belt and bringing it down again. "This is what the filthy cunt wants. This! This! This! This!" Again and again she slashed the belt down onto Polly's twisting body with all her strength. The girl's screams were muffled by the dick in her mouth, but they were loud and shrill nonetheless. But she never pulled her mouth away or interrupted the rapid bobbing of her head.

       "Stop," Pruett said then, but his wife did not stop until he pulled away from Polly and moved to grab her arm. She tried to twist away from him, but he was surprisingly strong, and finally she dropped the belt.

       "You think I don't know that?" Pruett said. "Punished her for years. Did everything. Made it worse. Bitch loves it. Can't get enough. Women. Always problems. Couldn't stop. Years. Years."

       "Yes, because you love it too, you filthy pervert," Emily panted. "Hurting her. Fucking her. Doing all those filthy things, all those twisted games, you think I don't know? You think I don't know it all? You're as sick as she is, you're sicker, you rotten sadistic bastard."

       "Know that too," Pruett said. "Throw her out, I say. Put her on the street. Too old for this. You too. Two whores. Women. Nothing but problems. Punished her for years. Makes it worse. Worse for her. Worse for me. Can't tell you everything. You whore."

       "Punish her, Daddy," Polly piped up. She was still on her knees where Pruett had left her. "Whip the hell out of her too. That's what she needs."

       Emily laughed. "He doesn't have the balls," she said contemptuously. "And if he did I'd cut them right off."

       "No balls," Pruett said. "You bitch. Twenty years. No wonder. Women." Then with a sudden movement he bent down to pick up the belt Emily had dropped. Without pausing he raised his arm and whipped out at her with it. She jumped back, but the belt caught her a smart lick in the side. She cried out.

       "Damn you!" she yelled. "I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!"

       Pruett whipped the belt at her again. It hit her in the flank. "Stop that!" she squalled, and as he raised the strap again she moved quickly away. But he followed her, swinging the belt wildly, while she ran around the room to avoid it. She moved faster than he did, and most of his swings missed, but he kept after her, while she yelled out threats and obscenities and demands for him to stop. Finally he ran out of breath and paused in the middle of the room, panting heavily.

       "Hold her down," he gasped out. It wasn't clear who he was talking to, but as Ray and I were the only ones in the room capable of doing that right then, I had to suppose it was us. We looked at each other, but neither of us moved.

       "Fuck you, you bastard!" Emily said. She moved quickly to where she had dropped her dress and picked it up. Pruett moved too. He went over to the door and stood in front of it.

       "Hold her down," he said again, this time looking at Ray, and then at me. When we still didn't move, he glanced over at his daughter. "You boys," he said. "Big trouble here. Dean's daughter. Kidnapping. Rape. Procuring. Big trouble. Expulsion. Prison. All up to me. Hold her down."

       Emily, still in the process of getting into her dress, moved to the door. "Let me out of here, you fucking piece of shit" she spat out, but Pruett didn't budge.

       "Do it," he said. "Big trouble. Do it."

       "Jesus," Ray said. "We better do it." And he moved toward Emily.

       "Don't you touch me!" Emily said, but Ray grabbed her dress and easily pulled it away from her, then caught her wrists and started pulling her toward his bed as she struggled and tried to kick at him.

       "Damn it, help me!" Ray yelled at me. "Come on, Tom, Jesus!" 

       I didn't know what to do, but obviously I had to do something. I don't remember making a rational decision; I guess I just went with my gut. Or whatever. Anyway, the next thing I knew I was over there grabbing for Emily's feet, and together Ray and I carried her to his bed, squirming and yelling like hell. We laid her down on her back, and Ray pulled her arms over her head and pinned her wrists with his hands, while I held on to her ankles. It wasn't easy to hold her that way, as she was twisting and struggling with all her might, but we managed. Pruett came over then, still holding Ray's belt in his hand.

       "No!" Emily shouted. "No, damn you! I'll kill you!"

       I was thinking that if he was going to whip her we should at least turn her over, but that didn't seem to be in the cards. Her stretched out position flattened her breasts a little, but it pulled them up to expose their entire surface, and they still made enticing little mounds, with her red nipples sticking up right in the middle.

       "No balls," Pruett said. "No wonder." And he raised the belt high and brought it down hard, right across her breasts.

       Emily screamed really loud, and her body bucked so hard I nearly lost my grip on her ankles. She continued to twist and yell, but Pruett only  did it again, this time hitting her directly on the nipples. Her scream was even louder and shriller, and her struggles were frantic, but she was quickly wearing herself out. Pruett was panting again, but it didn't seem to affect his arm; he kept bringing that belt up and slashing it down over his wife's tits, again and again. Emily was sobbing now between screams, and then she started begging him to stop, but I wasn't sure Pruett even heard her; his eyes were kind of glassy and he just went on hitting her until he finally couldn't anymore.

       "Don't stop, Daddy!" Polly cried. She came over to the bed and pressed her body against her father's back. His cock was as she had left it, still sticking out of his open fly, and it was quite hard now. "Don't stop, Daddy, give her more, whip the bitch to ribbons. Then you can do it to me, Daddy."

       "Whore," Pruett panted. Then he turned his head and whispered something in her ear.

       Polly's face lit up. "Oh, yes!" she cried. "Watch me, Daddy. Don't let her go, guys." She then approached the bed and got herself on to it. It wasn't easy in her position, but her father steadied her by one arm as she got a knee on the mattress and pulled herself up, then swung the other leg over her mother's body so that she was straddling it, facing away from her. She then crawled backwards until her crotch was hovering above Emily's face. Then she sat down on it.

       Emily, who was still sobbing, now gave a cry of outrage and a kind of horror, but it was muffled by her daughter's pussy. "Oh yeah!" Polly exclaimed. "Lick it, cunt! Eat your whore daughters pussy, momma bitch!"

       Emily tried to shake her head, but she couldn't. She tried to say something, but her angry words were incoherent as Polly pressed down on her. Pruett seemed to have found more strength now. He raised the belt and whipped Emily's breasts with it again. Emily gave a stifled scream.

       "Do it," Pruett said. "Gay liberation. All the rage. Bunch of nonsense. Do it, damn you." And the belt slashed her tits again. It made a loud cracking sound. Emily screamed again, and then her muffled sobs got louder as Polly's eyes went wide and her body stiffened.

       "Oh, yes!" she gasped. "Oh Christ, she's doing it, oh yeah, momma cunt, that's it. Oh Jesus, yes, do it, eat my pussy, do it. . ."

       And Emily did it. Crying all the time, but she did it, and whenever she slackened off Polly complained, and Pruett would whip her breasts again to spur her on. Polly started begging him to whip her too, but I think he was saving his strength for his wife. Finally Polly began to gasp loudly and arch herself, her body quivering with tension. Then her head went back and she screamed out her climax before falling forward to sprawl over her mother's body.

       Pruett now stepped right up to the bed and reached out to grab his wife's hair, pulling her head to his projecting dick. Ray was still holding onto her wrists, and it was a strain for her, but Pruett pulled her over and stuck his cock into her sobbing, panting, moaning mouth and proceeded to fuck it that way, until he came inside it and let her go, choking and gagging and trying to swallow. Some of his come dribbled out and ran over her cheek and chin, adding to Ray's jism still drying on her face.

       "Grounds for divorce," Pruett said.

       "Fuck you," Emily gasped out.

       "Sweet little whore," Pruett said. "Fuck them too."

       "I already fucked them," Emily said.

       "Do it again. Any objection, boys? Big trouble here."

       "No problem for me," Ray said. "Can I have her ass?"

       "Anything she's got," Pruett said. "Right, whore?"

       "Anything I've got," Emily said breathlessly.

       "And Polly goes," Pruett said.

       There was a brief pause. "She's your daughter," Emily said then.

       "I know what she is. You know what she is. She goes."                Emily closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them again. "All right," she whispered.

       Polly made a sound. I didn't know what it meant.

       "What will you do without her, you pervert?" Emily said.

       "I'll have you," Pruett said. He turned to Ray. "This slut is yours now," he said, indicating Polly. "Get her off my wife."

       Ray released Emily's wrists, I let go of her ankles, and together we pulled her bound daughter off her body and then off the bed. Polly ended up on her knees on the floor, and immediately tried once more to take her father's now limp penis in her mouth. Pruett paid no attention to her. He moved to a chair and sat down. Polly followed him on her knees. She crawled between his legs and dropped her mouth to his crotch again. Pruett let her do it but showed no reaction.                 

       Ray crouched over Emily's face and stuck his cock in her mouth. He told her to get it wet so he could stick it up he ass, and she did so. Then he told her to turn over. She rolled slowly over onto her front, but gave a cry of pain as her tender whipped breasts were crushed beneath her. She pulled herself up to her knees and elbows, and at Ray's next order turned around on the bed so that her upthrust ass was facing him.

       Ray didn't waste any time. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, then brought his dick to her small rear opening. He grunted as he started to work it into her, and she gave a whimper of pain, but she didn't pull away; in fact, she began to push back at him as he inched his way inside her with short little strokes. It took a while, but finally he overcame whatever inner resistance she presented and sank slowly into her with a groan. "Yes!" Emily cried out. "God yes, fuck me hard!"

       "Two sluts," Pruett said. "Runs in the family. Her mother too."

       As Ray began to fuck her happily his hands slid around her body and moved up to her whip-reddened breasts. "No!" she protested, but he paid no attention, clutching the tender mounds tightly and holding on to them as he pumped strongly back and forth inside her. Emily made squalling noises, her body twisting and bucking with the combination of the pain in her tits and the sensation of Ray's dick pounding her tight asshole.

       "You too, son," Pruett said, looking at me. "Big trouble here. No holding back. No gay liberation nonsense. Both of you fucking the bitch."

       What could I do? My dick was hard, her mouth was there in front of me, and all I had to do was grab her hair and pull her face down to my crotch. So I did. She took me in without hesitation, and then her squalls and moans and gasps were muffled around my cock as she slid her lips all the way down, just as she had with Ray, and proceeded to give me the most glorious blow job I could remember. She was right; she was even better at that than her daughter, and that was going some!

       As both of us had come inside her just a little while ago, we were able to last for awhile. It was Ray who finally suggested we trade places. I was kind of reluctant to give up that wonderful mouth, but I was also curious about her ass, so I agreed. We pulled out of her and got her to turn around on the bed, but Ray held back as I made my way slowly into her ass. It was tight, but Ray's dick had loosened it enough for me to slide all the way into that snug passage without much trouble. Emily moaned and lowered her head to Ray's crotch without any urging, but Ray had other ideas.

       "I haven't tried her pussy yet," he said, and he lay down on his back and slid himself beneath her crouching body. "Let's double team her and really show her what it's all about."

       A moan came from Emily; I wasn't sure if it was apprehension or anticipation, though I suspected the latter. I also heard a sound from Pruett. I didn't know what that meant either, though when I glanced over there I saw that Polly still had her head in his lap.

       Ray and I had done this with Polly several times, so we'd had some experience. I pulled my cock most of the way out of Emily's ass so that Ray could more easily get his into her pussy. When he was in place she sank down onto him with a cry. Once he was firmly lodged, he pulled out and I pushed in. Another cry.

       Then we proceeded to double-fuck her. Slowly at first, very slowly, one of us pulling back as the other pushed in, until Emily was begging us to go faster, trying to direct us with the movement of her body. But we held her in place between us, and I reinforced the message by sliding my arms around her and holding on to her breasts, squeezing them warningly when she moved too fast. She quickly got the idea and adjusted herself to our desires.

       Gradually, very gradually, Ray and I speeded up the tempo, taking our cues from each other, moving steadily faster and harder. Emily was moaning rhythmically, still urging us on, until the urging became unnecessary as the tempo grew wild and we began to pound at her body, both of us panting hard, whipsawing her between us as we pile-drove into her with all our strength. She was screaming as I finally filled her ass with my jism, and she screamed louder and convulsed in climax just as Ray shot his third load of the day into her pussy.        

       "Good going," Pruett said. "Sure she enjoyed that. Does it all the time. Students keep coming. Don't know why. Have to put them someplace." Polly's head was bobbing up and down in his lap now. "Slut daughter," the Dean said. "Last time. Throw you out. Too distracting. Can't get anything done. Stay here forever. Ah." With that he stiffened a little, but showed no further reaction as he evidently came into his daughter's mouth.

       Polly slid her mouth off him, then raised her head and and tilted it back so that we could all clearly see her swallowing her father's come. "Punish me, Daddy," she panted. "I'm such a bad girl. Punish me one last time. Whip me, Daddy."

       "Too tired," Pruett said.

       "Burn me then," Polly said. "Make me scream for you."

       "Gave up smoking," Pruett said.     

       "Please, Daddy. Hurt your wicked slut daughter. Stick pins in me, Daddy."

       "Haven't got pins," Pruett said.

       "How about darts?" Ray said.

       We all looked at him.

       "We got darts," Ray said. "The guy from last term left them here, along with the board." He nodded toward the closet door. There was indeed a dartboard hanging there, but we had been in the habit of covering it with pictures of people we thought it appropriate to skewer. The current picture was of Dick Cheney. "Should have thought of this before," Ray said. "We just hang old Polly up there where the board is, and she can be the target. What do you think?"        I heard Polly catch her breath. Emily laughed. She was still lying between Ray and me. "I think our Polly may have finally found her ideal mate," she said. "But I'm afraid we can't linger to enjoy that spectacle, delicious as it sounds. The Dean and I are having a dinner party tonight. So if you boys will dislodge yourselves, we'll be on our way."

       Somewhat reluctantly, I pulled my limp dick from Emily's snug asshole, and she raised herself off Ray's body and slid off the bed. Finding her dress again, she quickly slipped it on, along with her shoes. Then she turned to her husband. "Well?" she said. "Are you coming, or has the thought of your bitch daughter writhing under a hail of darts paralyzed your brain?"

       Pruett turned his head slowly to look at her. "Emily," he said.

       "Yes," Emily said.

       "On your knees," Pruett said.

       "No," Emily said.

       "On your knees," Pruett said.

       Emily went down on her knees.

       "A dinner party tonight?" Pruett said.

       "Yes," Emily said.

       "How many guests?"


       "How many men?"


       "How many will you fuck?"
       "I hadn't planned that far ahead," Emily said.

       "You'll fuck them all," Pruett said.

       "I may,"         Emily said

       "You will."

       "All right. I will."

       "Because you're a whore," Pruett said.        

       "Yes," Emily said.

       "A filthy slut."


       "A worthless tramp."


       "Like your daughter," Pruett said.

       "Not like her," Emily said.

       "Close enough," Pruett said.

       "Yes," Emily said. "Close enough."


       Well, that was it. They left, and Polly stayed. She stayed for the rest of the term, and through the next term, and then it was time for me to graduate. I don't know how I did it, because it wasn't easy to study with Polly providing constant distraction, but I managed, and even though I knew I would miss having sex whenever I wanted to, I was eager to get back home and start living a real life.

       Not Ray, though. He said he was never going to leave that dorm if he could help it, and he somehow actually got himself into graduate school, so he's still there. With Polly. She makes him a lot of money, and she keeps him happy, and herself too. I talk to him on the phone once in a while, and he keeps telling me I should come out for a reunion visit. I have to admit it's tempting, but so far I've resisted.

       He also tells me that the Dean comes around to visit now and then. I don't know if his wife is aware of this. The Dean always comments about how ugly the building is. They play the dart game with Polly, and then they do other things with her. I think about that a lot, and I guess I  probably will be accepting Ray's invitation one of these days. 

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