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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 1

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, f, M, Real Life, 18yo, Domination, Humiliation, Mind Control, Rape, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Consensual

In the beginning.

When I was sixteen and just before my seventeenth birthday my father was promoted to Branch Manager a much bigger “flagship” branch but still local and we left our little village for a bigger house on a new suburban estate just a few miles away. Just a mile and a half from the town centre and two from the village I’d lived in since I was born. This new house was huge in size each of my brothers had a room of their own and my sister Alison who is five years younger than me shared a huge bedroom with its own on suite. This I may add was a considerable lot better than bunk beds at our old house. The promotion allowed my father to move in “better” circles and he joined a better golf club and became a Freemason and enjoy holidays abroad.

My sister Alison for all her lack of years was more streetwise than I was at her age or my age come to that and had more than a passing interest in my love life. Which I may add hadn’t got any better over the months since my visit to the local tip with a drunken Scotsman who I later found out was married. My little sister wanted chapter and verse on my now only weekly trips into town. Which I was hesitant to share but it was easier to tell her than try and shut her up. I must have been just one of the few girls in 6th Form still a virgin and although Alison although five years younger than me lost her virginity before I did.

If I took after my father being tall and thin, Alison took after our mother who was petite and far more pretty than I was. Personality wise it was the other way around I had my mother’s more placid nature and Alison my father’s more powerful one. Not for her doubts about if boys liked her or not or if they would like her body, she knew they did. The night she did it for her first time she told me that for girls it was easy to have sex if they wanted it to, all they had to do was say “yes” and that was all she had said when somebody had her in the back of his van when she was asked “Do you want it?” and she said “yes” and so started her sex life in the back of a builders van at the age of twelve still in her school uniform.

Two weeks after my seventeenth birthday Hanna rang me and asked me to go into Leicester with her (half an hour away on the train) shopping and I agreed. By this time Hanna was driving as she was six months older than me and as she picked me up, she told me she’d have to call in to see her boyfriend. I waited in the car for half an hour before Hanna came to the door and beckoned me in; she just had to do something and asked me to wait in the living room. I sat on the sofa when in walked her boyfriends “best mate” who he told me was called Toby he wasn’t a looker in any way shape or form about 5’11” stocky build and a little overweight. He told me that he and Steve, (Hanna’s boyfriend) were at University and were home to play Ruby for the local club, I wasn’t impressed which I could see didn’t impress him at all.

As he was telling me how good they were and how the pair of them played not only for the University team but had played Under 19, 20 and 21 Rugby for England and he believed they were both on the verge of the full team. It was then the tell-tale noise of bed spring and the low moaning followed by louder moans and groans that told me the thing that Hanna had to do, was fucking her boyfriend. Toby looked at me and smiled a smirk like a smile and asked me “Is it true you are a little virgin? Steve said you were, are you?” I blushed a deep red and told him “no of course not” the red face told him I was a liar.
He got up walked over to me and looking directly into my eyes told me to “Prove it” I remembering what Alison had said to me “all they had to say was yes” and so I did. The romantic notion of first-time sex was gone and seconds later I was on my back on the floor with him on top of me taking his already stiff cock out with one hand and pulling up my dress with the other. There was no foreplay, no kissing even nothing. Once his cock was out, he just pulled the gusset of my knickers to one side telling me to, “Open your fucking legs bitch” which I did my calves and thighs flat on the ground. He struggled to get it inside me and hooked his arm behind my left knee and brought it up with a grunt he pushed himself inside me. The pain was awful and it didn’t get any better as my best friends and my sister said it would and I wanted it to stop but it didn’t. My groans of pain he clearly took as a sign of his superior sexual technique as good he thought it was and it encouraged him to pound into me which in turn made me groan louder in pain, not pleasure.
“You love this don’t you slut, you fucking love this you slut bitch” the truth was I didn’t but the words came out “Yes I love it” why I don’t know, I didn’t know then and I don’t know how either. My first sexual experience, well sexual intercourse lasted ninety seconds the last two or three thrust as he came inside me really hurt and brought loud screams, looking down at me he smiled his awkward smile and looked at the results of his performance as it started to seep out of me and said “Slut” and got off me and left. I reached down and pulled my gusset back into place and started to worry. I worried about being pregnant, about if people would be able to tell I wasn’t a virgin anymore but most of all I was worried if he thought I was hopeless and really was a slut?
What I should really be worried about was the tell-tale sign of the blood on the floor because when Hanna and her boyfriend walked into the room after being told “Well if she was a virgin she isn’t any more” the red stain on the white carpet was the first thing they saw. Steve went ballistic and started to call me all the names under the sun telling us that his parents would go “ape shit” when they came home. Hanna leaped to my defense telling the man who had just been fucking her to “Grow up and shut his foul mouth” she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the house telling him he was dumped as we left.
Hanna bless her drove me to her sisters who were away or at work I don’t recall and cleaned the dress taking great care to clean the blood from the back of it and put it in the tumble dryer. Then she sent me upstairs for a soak in the bath. I didn’t feel any different just sore in a place I’d never felt sore before. Hanna wanted chapter and verse of course which I gave her and she was less than impressed saying that Toby was a pig and Steve wasn’t any better even though he was fit she’d not see him again and warned me not to either if I had any sense.
That night I stayed at home telling my mother I was tired of shopping and hoping she couldn’t tell I’d had sex earlier. As it was a Saturday night she decided for once to go out with my father and leave me to babysit my younger siblings. After my second and third soak in the bath that day I took myself off to bed early leaving my two oldest brothers watching football on TV. Alison who was already in bed asked me what had happened because she realised something had or I’d be out and not in bed by 10 pm. I explained to her what had happened and she also wanted a blow by blow account which I was reluctant to give but I did.

Once in bed Alison came over to me and got in with me asking me if I was sore and I told her I was. I was comforted by her warm body close to me and she gently kissed me in the side of my neck. She continued to ask me question after question and was she did I answered and she stroked my hair. As she talked to me telling me that the next time it would be better and after a couple of times, I’d really love it she did. Taking advice on sex from my 12-year-old sister sounds crazy to me now but hell she was more experienced than I was even though she was five years younger.

As she asked me more and more questions, I felt her hand on my breast and she squeezed it and then my nipple asking “Do you like that?” I did, it felt so strange on so many levels but on the same hand so nice. I also liked the feel of her hand as it traveled down my body and between my legs but gave a small wince as she reached my sore pussy. I felt her other hand on mine and she told me “Your turn” and guided my hand between her legs and I moved onto my side at the same time she moved so her back was flat on the bed and her legs opened. I rubbed her clitoris under her instructions and then slipped a finger into her following her request. Another first for me that day and also for the second time somebody else had an orgasm all be it under a lot of pleasant circumstances.
The following day was a Sunday and very unspectacular as most Sundays went at our house apart from one event and that was, I got a phone call and from a boy. It was Toby who it turned out had got my number from Susan who he’d told some fairy tale about having developed “feelings” for me, mostly in the trouser department I’d bet. At first, he’d tried Hanna who had quickly told where to go and how to get there. However; ever to romantic Susan had given it to him but mainly because she didn’t know when to keep her big mouth closed a lesson she’s never learned. It was Alison who answered the phone but if anybody else in the family had, my life could have been very different as the others would have listened to me when I told them I didn’t want to speak to him. Alison insisted I do and he managed to spin me a yarn and ask me to meet him and was told I’d think about it.
 I did meet him the following Saturday night and all went well he said he was sorry for the way it went at Steve’s house and he really wasn’t like that at all and hoped I’d forgive him. As it was a holiday the following week, I was allowed out later and he took me to the local Nightclub and dropped me off outside my house at gone 2 am after a grope and being the second person to get his fingers inside me. He’d paid me compliments all night telling me what a great body I had and what a fantastic arse and by the end of the night I was feeling good about him and about myself a little more totally forgetting Hanna’s warning.
After several phone calls Sunday and Monday and I agreed to go to his house as his parents would be away, we would have the place to ourselves. I knew that he’d want to fuck me and I was a little nervous about it at the time but then again, he was my boyfriend. Toby saw I was nervous and gave me a drink to help me get over them and then another and then a third. We started off on the sofa and before he suggested we go up the stairs I was minus my top, knickers, and bra by then. He had me on the bed as opposed to under the sheets this time for the first time I was completely naked and I liked what was happening to me. If there was any foreplay, I just cannot remember I doubt if so, it was fleeting at most. This time I drew my own knees up without being told something Hanna has said they always liked and I hoped he was going to enjoy it because I wanted him to.
There was a pain but there was also a pleasure I’d not felt before coupled with the knowledge I was at least “doing it right for him” which I could clearly see on his face and the sweat which was rolling off him and down onto me. As he speeded up towards his climax, he asked me “Are you on the pill?” to which I told him “No” as that was all I could manage to say. Hooking his arms behind my knees he used them to almost fold me in half as he pounded into me. That hurt me sending sharp shooting pain through my body; it was a pain and I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Then he said “No, then tough” and with a huge grunt and several huge pounds into he came. As he pulled out of me, he was looking over his shoulder and before getting off me altogether he told me to stay still and pulled me to the end of the bed so my crotch was on the edge. “Keep your legs open keep your knees apart and pull them up,” he told me as I relaxed and my breath started to return to normal, I smiled at him and lifted my head to see what he was doing. My smile soon went as standing there at the door was Steve his best friend and Hanna’s ex.
Panic soon hit home and I started to get up and Toby moved to stop me telling me that I was “A slut and a slag” and that “now Steve was going to have a go a ride on the little fuck toy” gone was the nice Toby and I’d never see him again ever. I made an attempt to grab my clothes and get the hell out. A huge hand grabbed my hair and another slapped my face hard. I was then flung onto the bed and one of them slapped me again and then again when I didn’t open my legs quick enough. Through the sound of my own sobbing, I heard Steve saying he didn’t want sloppy seconds and I was dragged over onto my stomach face down on the bed and one of them (Steve) climbed onto of me his fingers groping at my pussy and I felt fingers at my bum hole. As hard as I tried and tried, I did couldn’t get him off me and then he punched me at the back of the head and I almost passed out. My body went limp and my head was spinning and I felt a different sensation one a lot less pleasant he was fucking me in the arse, bumming me, arse fucking me, sodomizing; the second cock that I’d taken was fucking me in the arse.

The pain was quite dreadful and deep in my stomach the comments and demands they shouted at me and the way they laughed at me I will never forget. “She is fucking loving this, fuck the slag, make her squeal” I was also called a whore, pig fuck, slut and on and on. He fucked me harder and harder and put his arms under my own and onto the top of my shoulders from the front pulling me down onto his cock as Toby pulled my legs open by my ankles. The final insult was after he’d cum and lay panting still inside me he lifted my hair from the back of my neck and bite me hard leaving teeth Roberts and demanded that I repeat his words “Thank you for bumming me” which I managed to do but only just as by then the tears were flowing freely.

After he’d pulled out of me one of then told me to get on my knees and I struggled to gain the strength to do it pain deep in the pit of my stomach. I felt hands pulling my cheeks apart and for a second I thought it was going to happen again. I was told to “Shut up bitch” and get on my hands and knees. Steve who had just fucked me told me to open my mouth, I didn’t and I was slapped again for my defiance and I opened my mouth and he put his still hard cock into it and told me to suck it and clean him like a good dog. After he had had enough, he moved away and Toby replaced him and taking a grip on the back of my head and then changing to gripping me by the hair slowly at first, he fucked my mouth and became the first cum inside my mouth. I spat his cum out as I wasn’t expecting it or experienced it before and I was trying not to vomit, I received the hardest slap across my face and was told “Don’t spit my jizz out you cunt swallow it you useless twat” and I again began to sob this time even louder.

It was only after as I saw Steve dressing, I comprehended that it was all over and for the first time I realized they had been taking Polaroid’s and dozens of them. I was still sat on the bed naked and trying to cover myself with my arms and legs firmly crossed. Steve who told me that I was a slut and the photos showed what a slut I was and that if I told anybody or didn’t do what I was told by them when I was told, then those photos would be sent to my family my Dad’s Bank and left in every pub in the town, then everybody would know what slag I was. He then told me to get dressed and “Get the fuck out and cum back here at 3 in the afternoon on Wednesday” and after being given a few more insults, I dressed and left. It was then I remembered I’d left my knickers and bra in the living room when I went to get them, I was told they were keeping them as souvenirs and so I had to walk home with no underwear on.
The walk home I will never forget the wind blew and I was constantly pushing my short dress down and at the same time trying to hold my arm across my chest. As the wind blew, I could feel not one but two loads of cum as it leaked out of me, I didn’t want cry but I didn’t not until I found myself home and alone.

No choice.

I didn’t tell Susan or Hanna about what had happened to me, in fact, I worried what Hanna would say knowing that one I “been with” her ex. Crazy I know looking back at it I could have or should have gone to the Police but I was seventeen and naive, to say the least. My sister was another thing altogether as I wanted to tell her. We lay in our separate beds and she at different ends of the room I told her what happened and answered her questions. “How did it feel like? How did you feel when that happened? Why didn’t you do this, say that?” I didn’t know the answer to any of the questions, none of them I just cried.

Alison had told me her boyfriend had tried to get her to let him “bum” her and she told him to “fuck off” she’d sucked him off a few times but she wouldn’t let him cum in her mouth, he’d done it the first time and she hated it so she wouldn’t be doing that again. I was sore my body ached and I had an awful stomach ache and just wanted to sleep, Alison called me to her opening the cover to her bed and I walked over and got in. She took my hand and guided it between her legs placing my fingers on her clitoris she whimpered softly as I rubbed her it made me feel better for some reason as she gasped as she came.

The following day I didn’t want to speak to anybody and told my Mother I had stomach pains she took for period pains and ordered the rest of the family to leave me alone, which they did. Again, Alison called me to her bed and once more I went, she told me she’d had a little surprise for me and told me to lock the door. When I turned back to her, she was on her back nightie pulled up and legs wide open knees drawn up, “take a look at my pussy” she told me and put her head back on the pillow. “Can you see his spunk leaking out of me he fucked me just 15 minutes ago?” I looked and yes, I could see his spunk and told her I did. Her response was to give a little giggle and she looked at me straight in the eye and said in a low voice “Clean it for me, lick it out of me” the memory I have of my first experience of cunnilingus with my 12-year-old sister was how much she enjoyed it.
Wednesday was the day the local paper came out and as normal my Dad would sit and read it cover to cover followed by my bothers. I sat at the breakfast table engaging in meaningless conversation which normally consisted of how poor one of my brothers’ table manners and the noises he made eating. I looked at the back page of the paper as it was held up by my Dad and there smiling back at me was a photo of Toby and Steve under the headline “Local Ruby heroes’ edge closer to the Three Lions shirts” a shiver went down my spine. I spent the rest on the morning revising for the exams I had over the next couple of weeks but I found concentrating difficult.

I was determined not to go to meet them I told myself that no way would they send photos of me to my parents, no way but what if they did? There was no chance on god’s earth I was seeing either of those two again even if it meant staying at home until I was old and grey. The phone rang twice and both times my heart sank when I was told it was for me, it wasn’t. First Hanna then Susan rang for me to try and arrange things for the weekend and both times I told them I wasn’t well and I didn’t know what I’d be doing, both of them knew something was wrong and asked I couldn’t tell them and just said nothing.

By midday I was soaking in the bath with the house to myself, by 1 pm I was dying my hair and ironing my clothes, at 2 PM I was putting my makeup on then putting them on and walking out the door. By 3 pm I was knocking on the door of Toby’s house, if you can tell me why I was I’d like to know because I don’t know. It was clear that they had just got back from the pub I could smell it on their breath. One of them I don’t recall which looked me up and down and said something to the effect that, he knew I was a fucking “Cock hound” and other insults. I was told to “Take your fucking clothes off and get over here and suck my cock, bitch” again it didn’t matter which one it was because they both treated me like the whore, they said I was. They again took turns fucking me one of them used Vaseline to lube my bum hole, not for my sake but to save their cock from getting sore I hated to feel and taste of the lube they used but I was to get used to it. Having agreed not to cum in my pussy or bum my mouth took that they shot into me, they rested and drunk more taking their time and making open my legs or get on all fours pulling my cheeks apart for more Polaroid’s. One would take the photos while the other fucked me making me move this way or that, one of them came on my face wanking himself off and I had to stay still so the other got the photo.
They threw me out at 10.30 as Toby’s parents were due home and he didn’t want them to see a “dog” like me, again minus my bra and knickers. They had both fucked me more times than I can remember and slapped me if I didn’t react fast enough. My body ached, my pussy and bum hole had been used in equal measure by both of them and my jaw and throat made me feel as if I’d gone ten rounds with Muhammad Ali. I didn’t hear from them the rest of the week and at the weekend I was out with Susan although I said I wouldn’t be. It was the same old, same old meet at 8.30 and go to a couple of pubs and off to the only club in the town a converted cinema called The Cave, popularly known as The Cave. Dance and have a few drinks and share a taxi home. This night I didn’t get a taxi although I was queuing for one when a van I was destined to know well drew up, it was Toby and Steve. The side door opened and Steve shouted at me to “Get the fuck in bitch” and in I got, I was on my own as Susan had “pulled” some guy. I wasn’t alone in the van as with Steve (Toby was driving) where two other guys I didn’t know.
They left me about a mile from my house at about 6 am the morning and I got home at the same time as the milk arrived on the doorstep. I was tired sore and my breasts covered in bites that being Steve’s “thing” and the number of men I’d had sex with had doubled. Every single man who had fucked me in that short time had sex in all three of my holes. They had “Spit-roasted” me in pairs and I’d swallowed every drop of it, I had learned my lesson. In less than ten days I’d gone from a virgin to a slut and a three-hole slut at that. I let myself in quietly and crept up the stairs to bed and slept until the afternoon.
Sunday night I normally caught up with my school work and got ready for the next week's work. This Sunday was different; my youngest brother shouted up to me that my “Boyfriend” was on the phone. It was Toby who told me to be outside at the top of the road next to the telephone box at 8.30. I told him I couldn’t because I had schoolwork to do and his response was to remind me the last post for delivery the next day was 10.30 from the sorting office, not a very veiled threat. I wasn’t going to go but my nerves got the better of me and I told my parents I was “Going to get some homework from a friend” and at 8.30. I was there and the van pulled up.
Steve wasn’t there but the other two from last night and two others were making five altogether and they were all looking at me as if I was their prey which I was of course. One of them from the night before yelled at me to “Get in your little stupid bitch” I have no idea what his name was, or why I did but I got in. Before the van had reached the end of the road I was being pulled onto my back and for the first time, I decided to fight back and started to kick and scream. It made little difference at it had become a joke to them. From the driver’s seat, Toby shouted “Slap the bitch she loves it” and slap me one of them did and hard straight across the face. I co-operated after that as my trousers and top came off. “What a slag she’s gagging for it no knickers and no fucking bra and her fucking tits are covered in love bites” I’d decided to wear underwear, as I never got home with any so what was the point? They drove to just outside the town next to the local playing fields and before we even got there one of them from the night before had produced a pot of Vaseline telling the rest “We are going to fucking need this, this slags arse is so tight my cock hurt this morning” the rest cheered as he applied it. They fucked me two at a time, one using either of the holes between my legs and one my mouth. I was pushed this way and that bent over on my back and at one stage taken outside the van and fucked over the bonnet. I was a “Slag, slut, pig, cock bitch, gagging for it, loves it up her arse, swallows like a whore” the insults came thick and fast but my arse was awesome even if my tits weren’t that good.

Toby gave me back my trousers and top and left me to walk home about 3 miles, my makeup was a mess my hair looked as if I’d been pulled through a hedge backward, it was dark, cold and I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. Before he’d driven off the night before Toby had told me he and Steve were going back to University but they would be back a lot and I was their “Fuck meat” and they still had my photos “So if we ring you fucking cum running, like a good little bitch” was this to be my life from now on?

It was 12.30 when I got home and everybody was in bed and my father had locked the door. Lucky for me Alison had crept down the stairs and unlocked the back door and waved to me to go around the back as I came down the drive. In our bedroom, she told me that our parents thought I was already in bed going straight there earlier on. As always, she wanted to know what had happened and once more told me to “Cum to me” I stood at her bedside and she asked me to take off my clothes. She ran her fingers through my matted pubic hair and looked at me “Slut” she said and smiled.
Hanna met me at the school gates the next day and was dying to tell me something, “I think I’m pregnant” she told me. The thing was Hanna always thought she was pregnant and had done at least fifty times since she first “Did it” and I reminded her of that. Then it was my turn to tell her what I had been doing she’s not seen for two weeks the whole of half term. What could I tell her “Oh I fucked six different men let them bum me and sucked their cocks, oh yes one more thing one was your ex Steve”, never going to happen was it? I did, however; tell her I’d met Toby at The Cave and we’d done it in his van. Something I may add which gave her a huge amount of pleasure and she commented “We will have to stop calling you St Susan from now on won’t we” if only she knew.
Susan, on the other hand, wasn’t too pleased with me at all having been told that I was seen getting into a van full of men outside The Cave and she knew who was driving. I told her he’d dropped the others off and taken me to a lay-by and done it to me in the back of the van, which was almost true. I lied to my two best friends and in the course of just two weekends I had passed the number of men Susan had, had sex with but I suspect I was still some way behind Hanna, but not for long.
To be continued….

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