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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 18

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
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Things move on.

Still, without an income of his own after over a year, his money saved over the years was swiftly getting depleted, however; his determination to make something for himself hadn’t. First, he took a job as a taxi driver which took him out of the house for one hundred hours a week and earned him a pittance. Through his work in his taxi, he made contact with a few people he told me would be useful to him however; he never told me exactly how. It was one of those contacts who told him about a job with a company looking for salespeople, he applied and with a recommendation from his taxi passenger he got the job at the age of thirty-nine he became a Junior Sales Representative. The move for him wasn’t an easy one but he proved that after a fractious start to be by all accounts a good salesman even though his “Sales Manager” was some whiz kid of twenty-two.   
As for myself after yet another move at work provided me with more money and without him knowing I paid off a whole load of bills including some that I’d hidden from him. Things had started to look up for us. Even my parents told me they were proud of me, well to be more accurate my Mother told me they were.  Although my father told me that he could see a newfound confidence in me telling me I was radiant these days. Maybe it was found at my job which was giving me this radiance or the money that it brought me or it could have been that I had worked it out that I was in fact somebody other than a “dog fucking wilful whore” or it could have been the look on the faces of the men who had me when Alan took me dogging, lay on my back stocking clad legs wide open ankles tied to the hinges of the Volvos boot.
As he’d never made requests of other members of The Circle even though I had been and was once again very popular and visited some of them on a regular basis, I was shocked when he told me he planned to widen his own experience. As he was now away from home midweek three out of four weeks it gave him a lot of scope. Thinking about it I didn’t feel threatened by this, after all, the pair of us were the youngest members by decades hence the reason I was so popular. As it happened, he was just as popular as I was with “Owners’ as they were only too happy to demonstrate their own prowess with whatever specialty they had and as I was finding out myself each had their little eccentricities.
At one point in time, I did think we would drift apart just for a few very short moments maybe a few days at the most and that worried me so much it actually made me feel physically sick. The thought was so repulsive to me I couldn’t eat or sleep worrying about it. The truth was I was worrying about something that would never happen or at least only if I did something stupid.

It was his job as a sales rep that enabled us to meet people from further afield one such couple weren’t that far from us but we met via a Circle member who put him in contact with them. They like us were a married couple and we were the same ages as well. He was a GP by profession and also in his thirties she a busty little blond housewife with delusions of grandeur whose Yorkshire accent had been replaced by one from Surrey very BBC if only Radio Two. Their names were Dr Charles Harris and his wife Deborah who didn’t like to be called Debs or anything else but Deborah unless that was Mrs Harris of course.

They lived in 18th Century farmhouse overlooking the M62 Motorway close to the junction for Halifax and if you knew where to look you could see it from the Motorway. Getting to it wasn’t that easy as it was pretty remote which made it ideal for BDSM play as it couldn’t be overlooked itself as it was on top of a hill and with huge cellars and outbuildings and like in outer space “Nobody can hear you scream.” Most of the play took place in one of the outbuildings the first time we went it struck me (as well as some other things) that I’d spent a lot of time in remote farms, it wasn’t something that was going to stop anytime soon if it ever stopped which it hasn’t. Charles was into suspension and needle play and being a Doctor gave him unlimited access to hypodermic ones of all sizes. It also gave him access all kinds of medical and surgical things which included half a dozen very long and very sharp stainless steel pins ranging from six inches to two feet long at the pointed end they were as sharp as a hypodermic needle and at the other about as thick as a pencil.

The first time I visited him Charles that is; he was instructing my Master on the use of smaller needles using both Deborah and myself I wasn’t a stranger to them having experienced them with other Dom/Domes’. Several of them would place them just under my skin leaving the point sticking out along with the plastic funnel end at the other end, some I may add with more skill than others. I hated it the very first time as the person inflicting it on me and that is what it was, had very little talents for it and left my bruised as well as punctured as he pinched the skin to insert the needles. The next time it caused me a lot of pain but was most satisfying as the pain was deliberate sounds crazy but nevertheless it was true.

Both Deborah and I had leg spreaders attached to our ankles and then those were tied to rings placed in the stone floor. With ropes tied to wrist straps, we were both lifted off our feet by a hoist and we hung side by side hopeless unable to move and utterly exposed and absolutely vulnerable. Deborah was several inches smaller than me and a couple of dress sizes bigger unlike me she wasn’t shaved and had bright red pubes that reminded me of my oldest friend Susan. Contrasting with both Susan and myself Deborah’s tits put us both to shame as she was a natural 34DD they were heavy and full as was her backside as a few Dom’s I’d met would say “Right for a caning.” The contrast between the two of us couldn’t have been more so as I was tall and thin and she was small and bumpy that said I would have swapped my tits for hers any day of the week later when I told her that she said it was a deal if she could have my arse.
The purpose of this first visit was to instruct my Master in the art of needle play and although he had done some before this was at a whole new level. Charles would first of all place a needle on or in me and then my Master would do the same on Deborah. The point being that Charles was, of course, a lot more experienced than my Master and a lack of experience equal increased pain for the person who was the “victim” in this case, Deborah. Before this, I had only had needles pushed through soft skin on my tits, thighs and my back this time Charles started off pushing them through my nipples. The pain wasn’t as bad as I was expecting or I should say not for me, however; for Deborah, it was worse.
I think it was at that session that I realised that as far as pain was concerned I was almost a novice, of course, I had experienced a lot of it and had even grown to like some of it and endure most of the other type. It was true to say I even developed a taste for some types of play and the pain it brought mostly breast play and being spanked, hard. Deborah was in a whole different ballpark to me it was clear that she was relishing the pain she was in actual fact getting off on it, she wanted the pain, and she needed the pain.
After an hour of being hung my arms were aching I had a dozen or more hypodermic needles through my nipples and the same about through my cunt lips. Small droplets of blood leaked out of me and fell onto the floor they were trivial but they were still there. Next, to me Deborah was leaking four times the amount and had ceased groaning which she had done before when each needle was pushed through her.
Charles and my Master discussed their work my head was down eyes fixed on the floor when I noticed that between Deborah’s feet was a small but obvious wet patch and although some were blood most of it wasn’t. As I looked at the pool I realised that Charles was cleaning something two very long and very shinny it was a two-foot-long stainless steel pin. Pulling Deborah’s face up by her hair to show her the pins she looked at them and I swear she smiled.
Taking hold of her right breast complete with a dozen hypodermic needles slowly he started to push the pin into the side of it. Instantly the groaning from Deborah started afresh. The slower he pushed it the more it hurt her and the louder she moaned. Halfway through my Master started to rub her clitoris and I was jealous. My head was facing the same way as hers so I was unable to see what was going on clearly but as I listened and from the tone of her groaning I gathered that the pin had gone completely through right breast puncturing the skin on the inside as it was pushed out and towards her left breast. Still slowly Charles continued driving the pin slowly into her left breast as she groaned and whimpered like a whipped puppy.
Once completely through I could see if I struggled the sharp point of the pin as it stuck out of the outside of her left breast. I could see less as her Master and husband started to insert the second pin this time through her left breast. I would have been expecting a scream from her but it never came just a soft low whimper that turned into a series of groans as her body was invaded by the steel. As the second pin burst it was out of her right breast she reached a massive orgasm if that was from the pain or her clitoris being rubbed by my Master, I expect it was from both.

I had the needles removed one by one and it hurt more than when they were put injected/punctured into me. Then I was lowered and released from the hoist and my legs buckled and my arms felt as if they would drop off while Deborah was still hanging there. As I was helped over to a table and placed face down my torso resting on the table, I walked through a puddle of cum and blood that had gushed and dripped out of my fellow slave.

I watched her from the table just able to lift my head off the table look at her as her husband fucked both my holes from behind. After Charles had fucked me he calmly walked over to Deborah and slapped her hard across the face taking her out of the trance-like state she was in clearly in. Then after talking to my Master, he took two smaller pins about a foot in length wiped them and slowly began to insert them vertically down into the top of her right breast and then all the way through until it appeared on the underside. Taking the second smaller pin he proceeded to insert it down into her left breast, the groaning and whimpering from Deborah started again this time even lower but nevertheless audible.

As he pushed the second slowly into her I felt a hard pain striking into my buttocks looking over my shoulder my Master was stood behind me cane in hand and told me “Watch the show Slag and count” and count I did. As he caned me and as I arrive at twenty-five I had a massive orgasm as it coincided with the pin appearing on the underside bottom of her breast as it forced itself out of her skin.

We left before Deborah was let down from being hung but after all the pins and needles had been removed first the multiple hypodermic ones from all over her body. Then the vertical smaller pins then the large horizontal ones all the time she omitted a low groaning sound. The reason we had to leave was unlike our hosts we had children we had to get back to and as I wiped myself down and dressed the two masters chatted to each other and laughed as Deborah was still hanging where she’d been for the last three hours. After I dressed and we left as I got into the car still aching all over I could clearly hear Deborah screaming as she was being whipped as I turned and looked in through the window I could see he (Charles) was flogging her with a cat-of-nine tail striking her across her bleeding breasts. A shudder went down my spine as if somebody had walked over my grave.

As we drove the sixty or so miles home my body ached all over from the soles of my feet to the top of my head. When he asked me how was I feeling that was what I told him which made him smile and to tell me “Imagine how Deborah is feeling right now?” I tried too I really did but she was in a whole different place to where she was at and I doubted then as I doubt now I would ever go there.

I met up with Deborah a few days later as I drove to work-related conference strangely enough in the same hotel I gone to with Jolly Rodger a few years before. We met for lunch at a motorway service station. Unlike the last time, we met her cut class accent had returned and so had her air of self-approval. It would be true to say that Deborah thought of herself as a cut above me in every respect and she made that very clear to me from the moment she spoke to me. Instantly I decided I didn’t like her in the slightest. She wanted to know everything about me but she in her own mind was a step better. I went to a local grammar school; she went to a small Private school, I had a high-level position (which I did) and she’d retired from one. I had served two dozen (it was more) Dom Masters and she had served three dozen.
I did agree with her was that she liked the pain a lot better than I did, telling me that the harder she was beaten the better she liked it and would often cum. I was surprised to find out that it was, in fact, her that introduced Charles to BDSM and not the other way around when she was far more experienced than he was having first submitted to a Dom when she was only fifteen-years-old. The Dom she told me was her eldest sister’s husband who she had “Obeyed” for over ten years taking a beating from him on a weekly basis and looking forward to every one of them from the very first time. Going on to tell me how she’d had to introduce Charles to BDSM and even oral and anal sex when they had met and although he’d told her he wasn’t virgin when they met she didn’t believe him.
Listing to her made me realise what different paths we had traveled to get to the same place. Both middle-class girls from good homes although she liked to think of herself as upper-middle class. I’d arrived there via the back of a white van and in back alleys up against a wall and treated it as an extension of sex or fucking if you like. Deborah had arrived at it kicking and screaming (only for the first time) and for her, it was about the pain and not the sex. I sat and chatted to her as she told me that she didn’t have sex for well over a year and was, in fact, sixteen before her brother-in-law fucked her and only then after she’d begged him to. In return, she had to fuck whoever she was told to although she told me there had only been six or seven men and only two women. Soon she told me she liked the sex almost as much as the pain but after asking me about myself she told me “Clearly I don’t like cock as much as you do, Slag.” Her sister was the same as she was she told me, it was of course genetic. I didn’t agree and I didn’t disagree and at the time I’d never thought much about it, how times have changed.
On the drive to the conference, I thought about her and her love of “the pain” and how she had invited me to inspect her body in a toilet cubical at the service station. It was covered in puncture marks large and small and crisscrossed with whip marks some had been so deep they had broken the skin and scabbed over. The look on my face gave me away and she asked me what I thought about her appearance I told her I was shocked as I’d never seen so many welts or so many holes. Her response was “You will the next time you visit you will see a lot more and they won’t just be on me Slag.” 
To be continued...

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