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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 4

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, M+, Real Life, 18yo, Domination, Humiliation, Rape, Submission, Consensual
So it starts.
Teacher training college was fun I met a lot some great people and I worked hard as well. One thing I did learn was that tight jeans showed off my bum and I was never short of guys who wanted me to play pool at break times and at lunch. Susan got a job at a local brewery and worked there for years and Hanna was still in love and our home town was still the same, boring. I tried not to get too involved in going out weekends as I promised my father I’d concentrate on college then one day he gave me a little talk about all work and no play and told me to go out and enjoy myself.
Susan and I hit the town that Saturday night, what the hell it was half term anyway after half a dozen pubs and bars a couple we almost didn’t leave as Susan was convinced men were “looking at her” we staggered onto The Cave just before midnight already too drunk for our own good. Susan was off dancing with some man or other and was being bought drinks and dancing with a guy I did know but couldn’t recall why or where from. Susan came up to me towards the end of the night saying somebody she was with was going to take us home but I told her to go and I’d get a taxi from outside the door and off she went. After a few more drinks and a nice bop with him, I found myself being guided towards the exit. Desmond the bouncer was talking to someone and wanted to know if I was OK although I was too drunk to answer I gave him that pathetic smile all drunks have.
I was being guided over to the car park and staggering when I looked up to see where we were going, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d been fucked on that car park. It was then I saw Toby and Steve waiting at the side door of the white van and I started to panic. I was drunk, very drunk and maybe if I hadn’t been I would never have screamed and struggled the way I did to say nothing of kicking out which was hard to do in platform shoes. I was told later that there were five of them, Toby, Steve the guy who was buying me drinks and two others. One of them hit me so hard it knocked me off my feet and before I knew it I was being lifted into the van and sobering up fast. An onlooker, some poor guy out with his girlfriend tried to intervene but was punched and kicked to the floor and booted about for his troubles his girlfriend screaming as loud as I was.
Then things began to change fast there was somebody else there. I could hear him in a very loud and very clear voice although not see him at first he shouted: “Stop that now or pay the price you bastards up to you.” The fight that took place has gone down in the local folk law one person against five others all bigger and stronger than him but as Desmond, my friend the bouncer told me, “They just didn’t stand a chance at all, not a chance in hell and not a snowball chance in hell in fact.” From Desmond’s account, Toby was kicked in the knee and went straight down then and didn’t take any further part. His leg broke instantly and a second kick to his face rendered him unconscious sending his teeth all over the street and crushing his eye socket so badly that later he lost an eye. Steve was punched in the chest as he ran to attack Toby’s assailant, so hard it knocked him backward and brought on a massive heart attack. As he was literately stopped in his tracks a kick between his legs ruptured his scrotum.  As for my dancing partner who had set me up he came screaming like a madman wielding a pickaxe handle he’d got from the van. He suffered a broken nose, fractured skull, broken cheekbone and lost seven teeth from a single punch in the face and several broken ribs from a kick in the chest that sent him flying backward hitting the van and breaking a vertebra in his back. As for the other two, they saw what had happened to the first three and ran with several men and quite a few women chasing them.
I was put in a taxi and two girls I’d never even spoken to before in my life and took me home. The girls explained to my father what had happened how five men had tried to pull me into a van and rape me “When all of a sudden Ian Hughes came out of nowhere and Kung Fu’d them to bits, god it was awesome, I think he killed one of them.” My father was shocked but thanked them and rang the Police while my mother made them some coffee. The Police arrived just at the same time as the family solicitor who lived just a few doors away and who it was the most exciting thing to happen to him for forty years. The Policewoman was very nice and told me that all three of my attackers were in the hospital and one of those in the ICU and was borderline. The other two were in custody at the hospital one with (a student from Durham) what was thought to be part of a woman’s hairbrush embedded in his neck the other with minor injuries, both the result of being caught by the people chasing them.  Indris Hughes was at the local station under arrest. This sent the two girls into hysterics saying he was a hero, not a rapist they both screamed at the policewoman. With the help of Mr. Rice, our solicitor all three of us gave statement back at the Police station and that coupled with at least a dozen other statements about who had done what the who and who was the hero was released. I left a message with the officer who took my statement our phone number at home and asked her to pass it on to my savior and she promised she would.
The next day I slept until 2 pm when we had a visit from the Police around 9 pm telling me that it was up to me if I pressed charges the minimum they could be charged with would be Common Assault or at the other end of the scale attempted Abduction and Rape. However; clearly they wanted this to just go away, no doubt because of pressure from the parents of Toby and Steve a well-known local Solicitor Councillor and both Freemasons. The next afternoon Steve’s father and mother arrived both of who knew my parents (same Masons lodge) and begged me not to press charges. Steve was still in the ICU after having a huge heart attack he may never play rugby again his career was finished they were waiting new if he’d lose a part of his genitals (he did) and if he was charged he life would be in ruins as well. As for his best friend since childhood Toby he’d never walk again without a stick and had lost an eye. The 3rd one, a friend from University, the jaw was so badly broken he would need metal pins and would never be without pain if he isn’t brain damaged as well as he was drifting in and out of a coma. I felt like screaming out for joy I didn’t at all feel anything but deep pleasure at the fact the two “Rugby heroes” would never play the game again. I told the doting parents that this wasn’t the first time those bastards had dragged me into that van and I hoped they got life, in fact, I hoped he died because they were rapist bastard as well. What shocks me even now is for some reason I never did press charges.
I stayed in for the next few weeks months, in fact, it was on the 27th December I was back on the town at The Cave drunk as a lord and getting an ear dashing from some rugby player about being a slut and how two of the finest players in the game were cripples because of me. Then all of a sudden the drunk just walked off and out of the club. I was still wondering why when I heard a voice behind me “Why is it” he asked, “that every time I see you I am getting you out of some scrape or other?” It was my hero I fell on him and gave him a very sloppy kiss full on the mouth. We danced or at least he danced and I sort of moved about a bit trying not to fall over and then at the end of the night he took me home didn’t try it on in the slightest and promised to ring me the next day.
Alison my sister was up and straining her neck to get a look at who I had arrived home with and she wanted as always to know everything. I told her there was nothing to know and to go to sleep, “Was that him, wasn’t it the man who saved you, did he fuck you, is he really a killer?” I didn’t answer all I wanted to do was sleep. Alison climbed into bed with me and I felt her hand go down between my legs which with a mind of their own just opened and again she asked me the same questions but this time I told her the answers between groans.
The next day my little sister announced at the breakfast table that “Susan was brought home by her hero last night and he’s taking her out tonight, Susan’s got a new boyfriend.” I could have killed her, straight away my brothers began to tease me and my mother wanted to meet him however my father didn’t look happy at all he didn’t speak a single word but his face told the story. I was far too hungover to care and the arrival of my grandmother didn’t help my mood so I took myself off back to bed. Only for both Hanna and Susan to arrive and demanded to know all, how disappointed they were when I told them nothing had happened. Susan said that she thought he may be gay because she’d been with him a couple of times and he’d never even tried it on. To which Hanna said that a couple of girls we knew had been with him and he was far from gay, in fact, he was engaged to a girl from our old school that he’d got pregnant or that was the rumour.
The thing was he did ring me and I had half my family standing around me in the hall where the phone was as I talked to him and arranged to meet. I think Alison was more excited than I was as I left the house she waved to me as I got into my father car. All the way to the marketplace which was where we’d arranged to meet my father didn’t speak to me, not a single word and when he stopped the car to let me out he just looked at me and said: “Susan this is not a good idea.” Good idea or not I was there and I was nervous more so than I could remember. Ian was already stood waiting for me, I think this was the first time I’d seen him when I wasn’t either drunk or well on the way to being drunk. I said to myself when he approached me “Oh my god he’s gorgeous” not tall in fact he could be classed as small but he had a body that was hard and legs to match and his hair and eyes were as dark as the night sky.
He was a complete gentleman he never swore or used even a hint of bad language, opened doors for me and even suggested we go for a meal which we did. My parents used to go to the restaurant he took me to on their birthdays or special occasions and the first thing I thought was I hope we can get in. I will always remember that meal mainly because it was the first time anybody not my parents had taken me for one but secondly for the reason that the conversation was so easy with him. He was interested in me as a person and when I brought up Toby and Steve he listened as I explained how that wasn’t the first time and the reasons why including the Polaroid’s they had taken of me.
At one stage I know I was close to tears as I told him I was ashamed of myself but he just reached over the table and took my hands and gave them a little squeeze and told me “Don’t worry about it these things have a way of sorting themselves out.” Somehow I was made to feel better already. Although the conversation was mainly about me I did learn a lot about him. He had been a Royal Marine Commando for three years and he loved the life and was starting his “Specialist” training up in Scotland with another Commando Unit although he didn’t say what it was going to be. He told me that he’d seen my father’s reaction when he dropped me off but he was used to it, he was fully aware he had a bad reputation and he also knew why. I felt sorry for him because I knew he was a nice guy and I told him that as well, again I got my hand squeezed and I liked that.
We went to the pub around the corner not one of the places I normally went it was a little more upmarket more my father’s type than mine it was a place I was about to get to know well. In there the landlord called you “Sir or Miss” if he didn’t know you and by for name once he’d learned it. We sat quietly drinking and talking in a corner table when I could tell that something was happening with the landlord who was talking to a man at the bar kept looking over in our direction. I told Ian and he shrugged his shoulders and told me “What is happening is some kind soul who has never even spoken to me in their life has just told the landlord what psycho I am and how dangerous it is to have me in here. Then the landlord will come over and ask us to leave, worse case the police will arrive and they will ask us or me to go.” The landlord did come over and he was very nervous that was very clear, “Can I say”, he began “I have just been informed what happened the other week outside The Cave and I would like to say to you Sir, well done and please accept this as a little token from a father of three teenage daughters as thanks for making this town a safer place.” He waved his hand and a barmaid brought over a bottle of Champagne in a huge ice bucket, the whole pub then broke into “For he’s a jolly good fellow” and I blushed and so did he.
It was the first and last time I ever saw Ian blush, he was bright red when they gave him “three cheers” he was so red I thought he was going to melt as the landlord told him “Can I add that this drinking establishment will always welcome you as long as my name is above the door.”  I felt quite the celebrity sitting with my hero who wasn’t expecting that at all and was clearly very uncomfortable with the attention. We went on to The Cave and Desmond was pleased to see us and told us that he was pleased to see us together. We left in a taxi about 1 am as he told me he had to be up at 4 am as he was being picked up and taken to Scotland. I invited him in but he declined and I made him promise to ring me and he said he would, I knew he would and I was happy and for once quite sober, well for me anyway.
Hanna and Susan arrived in Hanna’s car about mid-day and invited me out for a drink Sunday and were both amazed to see me up and about. As I dressed they asked me all about the night before and I told them all in detail to which Susan proclaimed “Gay I told you he was gay” which made us all laugh. We went out of town to a country pub next to a well-known landmark with a huge car park right next to it. We sat in the beer garden and drank far too much in the warm sun. By closing time which in those days was 2 pm it was clear that Hanna was in no fit state to drove us anywhere and so she used the pub telephone to ring her boyfriend to come and pick her up neglecting to tell him that she was with both Susan and me, so when he arrived it was in a two-seater sports car. I was spared the discomfort of the boot or the parcel shelf (which Susan wasn’t) by Alan and his Ford Cortina who was also having a Sunday lunch there with some mates.
The trouble was we didn’t make it very far just to the car park and the back seat of his car where he fucked me naked several times. It was odd he just opened the back door of the car and I automatically got in followed by Alan telling me he’s missed me and unbuttoning my top, he just took it for granted I would have sex with him which was something I didn’t think about until much later because I just did. After over two hours in the steamed up car with a few rest bites between recovering from and getting ready for more sex and one short walk across the car park for ice cream (he made me go), he took me home. I remained in the back of the car mainly to recover but also to dress and get myself together. Both my parents saw me being dropped off and there was a look of snug relief on my father’s face when Alan opened the door and kissed me on the cheek and patted my bum as I walked off. I went to my room and fell asleep it had been an interesting weekend.
I waited for the phone call all week and it never came as I had some important exams coming up I decided I’d better get some work done and didn’t go out on the Friday or Saturday night which meant that I was bored as hell by Sunday. As I was being taught to drive by then my father used to give me a driving lesson on a Sunday which involved me driving him to his Golf Club waiting with him as he drank with his cronies and driving him back. I was always the centre of attention and I loved it the offer of drinks would come thick and fast mostly from men older than my father but I was restricted to Coke as I was driving and it got me out of the house. One of the “Golfers” became a good friend of my father his name was something Snow known as Snowy and he was a Police Chief Superintendent at our local station and we used to drive him back with us each Sunday.
It was Snowy who told us that both Toby and Steve would never play Ruby again as Toby had not only lost an eye, his knee was so badly damaged there was a danger he could end up having to have it replaced on top of which he had to have extensive dental work carried out. As for Steve, he was still in the hospital after being fitted with a pacemaker and metal plates placed in his jaw and skull, his genitals were so badly crushed he’d most certainly never father children. I told them both I was glad, however; my father told me that nobody deserved that. Even when I pointed out they were going to gang-rape me he tried to shrug it off saying “We don’t know that do we.” I was literally screaming mad at that I told him that he may have not known it but I certainly did because they had done it before, Snowy interjected saving my pompous fathers embarrassment  saying that “Yes Susan I understand that but this isn’t the time or place and as for their injuries well they had met the wrong man at the wrong time under the wrong set of circumstances.” He continued “Those Royal Marines can be hard cases there no doubt about that but from what I have read about him he was pretty tough before he went in so god knows what they have turned him into after three years.” I told them that Ian was a great guy and he had never started a fight with anybody in his life, only to be told my Snowy “No Susan but he’s finished a lot hasn’t he there’s no doubt about that.” I was close to tears because all I knew was he hadn’t rung me.
On arriving home I stormed up to my room only for one of my brothers to tell me “Your Boyfriend just rung” and he “was coming to pick me up in half an hour.” I hit the wardrobe with glee and choose what I thought was a nice dress and asked Alison how it made me look and then changed it when she made a one word answer, “Desperate” so I put on a flowered summer dress I’d not worn since I was 15 but apart from being tight around the boobs and a little short I thought it looked OK. I was applying some fresh make-up when somebody shouted “He’s here” and I looked out of my window only to be deflated like one of last Christmas’s balloons because standing leaning against the bonnet of his car head back wearing cheap Ray Ban knock offs was Alan trying and failing to look like Mr. Cool.
Sunday lunch was in the same country pub as the week before and I had no intention of a repeat of the afternoon spent in his car on the car park and nor did he. This time he told me he wanted to take me for a walk and we headed off to the forest way over on the other side of the town. On the way, he told me that he was glad I was free of those rugby freaks and now we as the pair of us could have a more conventional boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. I wasn’t quite sure what he thought we’d had before so I asked him and he explained that before it was more a casual thing. It had to be that way because of the two “Rugby nutters” who he clearly didn’t want to offend, very brave of him I thought. The walk in the forest which had many paths though it ended with me naked on my hands and knees with him alternating from holes the two at the rear and from time to time he’d move around to the front to let me taste myself as he put it, all the time my cotton dress, knickers, and bra were hung like a flag on one of the trees. On the way home, Alan told me that I needn’t worry about his mother she’d come around he and his sister would work on her, charmed I’m sure.
Later on, in the week Alan rang me and asked me to see him but as I was cramming for my first exams I refused and told him I couldn’t until after the examinations had finished but he said he wouldn’t take no for an answer and he collect me for Sunday lunch. Alison my sister hated Alan by that time and said he looked as if he was gay or should be gay and if he wasn’t, then he was a first-class poser who fancied himself, she told me I’d be better off with Ian whose she called “Sex on legs” who was a real man. I told her he was far from being gay Alan was a randy sod and of course, she wanted details which I was happy to give her including the Vodka enema and his love of fisting. Halfway through the conversation on the fisting the phone rang and as it was after 10.30 at night my father was disgusted plus it was for me which made it worse and he gave me a dirty look when he handed me the phone, telling me it was “Sex on legs.”
I felt weak at the knees when I spoke to him and he explained that he was in a remote part of Scotland on his course and that he’d not forgotten me in fact just the opposite. The course was still ongoing but it had another four weeks to run then he’d have some leave and would I like to meet him again. I have some girly answer which made him laugh and I regretted as soon as I’d made it. He was pleased I wanted to see him again but he had one request of me I didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to it was just a little thing but it was important to him. He’d leave it up to me and if I turned up he’d know I’d done it if I didn’t he’d know I’d didn’t want to do it for him and he’d fully understand, that simple thing was “Save off all my pubic hair” just a small thing to do. The time and place were set and so were the “terms” he doubted he’d be able to ring me again but he said he’d be waiting for me and he hoped I’d be there, in twenty-six days and twenty hours.

Alison was ecstatic when I went back to our room and she asked question after question about it was he back, where was he was I going to see him if so when. I explained about his request and how only prostitutes, sluts and porn stars shave their pubic hair off so no I wasn’t all she said to me was “You will, you know you will” and climbed into my bed with me. I enjoyed Alison’s first fisting of me more than I’d liked Alan's as her hand was a lot smaller and she talked to me the whole way through and when she slid the handle of a hairbrush into my anus she had to put a pillow over my head when I came to drown the noise.

Twice I rang Alan's number to leave a message for him and both times I got his mother who once she realised it was me slammed down the phone so in the end when he arrived at my house and I’d not been able to tell him not to cum, I went with him, much to my parents joy. At the end of the afternoon as I was getting my clothes back on, I told him I wasn’t interested in a formal relationship, I had my career to think about. If I close my eyes I can still see his face and hear the sounds of his laughter I thought to myself “Smug bastard.” Years later I told my then-husband about the Sunday lunches and the car park sex only to be told: “Yes I know that’s why I broke his arms.”

To be continued.....

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