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Family Surprise, Part 2

A Family Surprise series story
Heavy, F, f, Real Life, Incest, Scat, Water Sports, Consensual
I woke up quite early. Mum had to get to her job, and although I wasn't in a particular hurry to get back to London, I wasn't going to hang around her place on my own. I was in that lovely not-quite-awake state where the bed is warm and cozy and welcoming, reliving our threesome last night, especially the bit where Linda, my own mother, pissed in my mouth. That was just so kinky and weird and disgusting, remembering her taste in my mouth, and I started rubbing myself and it was very pleasant. I wondered what it would be like to have her shit in my mouth, to lay under her with my mouth wide open while a long slippery turd slid down my throat, or a big mass of soggy shit squelched out into me, oozing out around my lips. That was really gross, it made even me feel quite sick. And so I was very nearly coming, squirming and thrusting under the quilt, when the door opened. Without even knocking, there was my mum, stark naked, showing off her sexy slim body with her cute little tits and her perfect bum.

"Funny, that bed squeaks exactly the same way it did when you lived here. I could always tell when you were enjoying yourself." Oh no, another thing I thought I'd managed to keep secret. "It used to get me quite hot too, listening to you. Still does, so it seems. So what are you thinking about? Big hot turds sliding down your throat? Being strung up by your thumbs and raped with a red-hot poker?" (Actually I think that second one was Sue, not me. But the first one is pretty close to the mark). "Here, let me help".

And she climbed up onto the bed and dropped her cunt down over my face, carefully positioning her urethra just over my mouth - which I opened immediately when I realised what she was up to. So as I rubbed myself she carefully filled my mouth with her hot, strong morning piss. She'd clearly had more practice than she let on, because she paused from time to time to let me swallow without spilling anything onto the sheets. She stopped while I came too, pressing herself hard down onto my face so I couldn't breathe as my body writhed in pleasure and my lungs tried to scream. Once I'd recovered and I'd drunk the rest of her delicious piss, I tilted my head and applied my tongue to her delicate little anus, licking around and then pushing it deep inside, trying to taste her morning shit that was undoubtedly buried inside there somewhere. But it was no good, my tongue wasn't long enough. I was stimulating things, though, and I could feel her anus starting to pucker and push. Maybe if I was patient...

But she shifted position, bringing her hard little clit over my mouth, and said, "Oh no, not yet. Try this instead." What exactly did she mean by "not yet", I wondered? Anyway, like a dutiful daughter, I put my tongue to work, teasing her until eventually she cried out in pleasure, squeezing my left breast with one hand and her own cute little right breast with the other. Then she snuggled down beside me in the narrow bed, hugging me and kissing the cunt and piss tastes off my mouth. It was quite sweet really, the last time I shared a bed with my mum was when I was about seven. I enjoyed that too, although not quite in the same way. We cuddled for a little while, but I was really bursting for a pee myself so I excused myself. She followed me out to the bathroom. (Whatever you might think, when I'm visiting other "normal" people, I just use the toilet the same way anyone else does, well, mostly anyway). As I started to piss, she cupped her hands under me, took a handful, then held it to her mouth and slurped it up, some running down on her chin and dripping onto her tits and tummy.

"Hmm, tasty. I quite like the taste of piss, it's a bit bitter, maybe a drop of gin would improve it."

"Galliano's better," I replied, without thinking. Then shock set in - this is my mother casually drinking my piss and making gastronomical suggestions about it. I was so surprised that I forgot to control my bowels, and let out a long fart followed by a huge gloopy dump of shit. "Sorry mum, I mean Linda," I say, though really I'm not at all sure I'm sorry. She wrinkles her nose, then wipes me with her finger, picking up a small dollop of shit. She holds it to her nose, sniffs thoughtfully, wrinkles her nose again, then holds it up to me. I lick it off straight away, turn it around inside my mouth, relishing the taste (besides, I'm hungry - we were so busy last night, we skipped dinner), then swallow it. She pulls a face, then takes another dollop. This time, after sniffing it, she puts it in her mouth, tastes it, tries to swallow, and immediately gags hard, spitting it out and just managing not to puke.

"Yuck, that's awful, it's so bitter, how on earth can you just eat it like that?"

"Practice, mum, lots and lots of practice. Nearly everyone gags when they first try to eat it. Even now I do sometimes if it's very strong or I try to eat too much in one mouthful... well, you know..." I blush a bit and remember again that it's not really normal to discuss with your mother the finer points of how to eat shit.

"But why on earth did you want to? What made you start? Why did you keep trying when you realised how awful it was?"

I told her how turned on I was at the idea in the very beginning, how even when I did puke (which I did) I just got even more turned on. I encouraged her to try again, but to swallow quickly without letting it linger at the back of her mouth, and to my amazement she did as I said, and managed to swallow.

"See, that's not so hard, is it? A bit more practice and you'll be able to swallow a whole tasty dump in one go, just like me! Watch!" I reached down into the toilet and picked out a big handful of shit, which luckily had stayed in one gloopy piece, and pushed it into my mouth, filling it. I rolled the shit round inside my mouth, feeling the variations in texture and taste, little hard bits, bits of vegetable peel, really soft places, gradually swallowing it.

But maybe I shouldn't have done that, because that really did make her throw up, all over my thighs and pussy. She hadn't eaten for over twelve hours, just like me, so it was just a little thin, watery puke, a little bit discoloured by the tiny morsel of shit she'd swallowed. She looked up at me, licking a dribble of puke from her lips.

"That's awful, how can you do that?" I didn't answer, just bent down and kissed her on the lips. My mouth was still lined with shit but even so I could taste the rancid acidity of her puke as I licked inside her mouth. She tried to turn her head away but I held her close, smearing shit over her naked body, and forced a deep french kiss onto her. Despite her obvious revulsion she started to react, and soon I felt her tongue inside my mouth, gingerly at first, probing a bit, then starting to lick at the little bits of shit and stuff still in there.

Our kiss went on for a long time. When it finally finished, I wiped her puke from my thighs and licked it off my hand, mingled with the shit from earlier. She started to look disgusted again, but I said to stay quite still. Then I reached down again and took what was left of my shit and rubbed it on my pussy, giving myself a lovely shit rub, pushing it between my labia, rubbing my hard little clit, really starting to enjoy myself. She watched me, horror and arousal showing equally on her face.

Then it was time for another shock for me. As I started to get really excited she got up on her knees, grabbed my wrist, and put my shitty hand over her own pussy, pressing on it and making me rub her. The oily smoothness of the shit felt just as good against her soft flesh as it had against mine. I felt her clit harden, her breaths getting shorter and faster, but to my surprise and disappointment she pulled my hand off her.

"Later. Like I told you, I can't come all day long, I have to save myself up."

My disappointment didn't last long though, and was quickly replaced by another surprise. Linda - my own mother, as I had to keep reminding myself - pressed her face to my shit-covered cunt and started lapping at me. She gagged and choked a couple of times but it didn't stop her from doing an excellent job, smearing the shit around my pussy with her tongue, teasing my clit ring with her teeth, and eventually I was allowed to come. When I just couldn't come any more, she pressed her mouth to mine and I licked my own shit from her lips and face, a very slight hint of my cunt taste mixing with the bitterness.

After that we cleaned ourselves up, taking a shower together. I think we were both a bit shocked by the whole experience. We soaped each other's bodies, I love her pert little tits and tight little bottom, and she was obviously enjoying my very ample breasts too. But we did this in silence, saving the talking for later.


So we found ourselves at her breakfast table in her little kitchen. It was completely surreal after what had just happened. I still had the taste of my shit in my belly and lingering in my mouth, I could still feel Linda's tongue working on my pussy through a thick layer of shit, and there we were eating toast and strawberry jam and drinking a nice cup of tea. It was her turn for a bit of explanation.

"I found your site in the first place because one of my regulars wanted me to do scat play with him. I was really disgusted at the idea, but he sent me a bunch of web pages and yours was one of them, the one where you explain how to train a man to beg to eat your shit. Then I surfed around your site and read more of it. It made me really sick, the 'toilet slave' stuff for instance, I had no idea that anyone did that, or wanted to do it. But the thing is, you just write so well [honest, I'm not making this up], and I couldn't resist reading everything. Then it finally dawned on me who was writing this stuff. I couldn't believe it at first, my own daughter, but it kind of fitted with the odd suspicions I'd had when you still lived here."

"But if you're so disgusted just at the idea, how come... I mean, what you did this morning, you didn't seem that disgusted!"

"After I'd read and re-read your stuff, I just couldn't resist trying something. The idea is so horrible and disgusting, and yet you manage to make it look sexy, as sexy as a nice bit of pussy-licking. So I couldn't resist, I tried shitting and then playing with it. Oh, this is so embarrassing, how can we just sit here and talk about it?" She went bright red but I encouraged her to go on.

"It took me a while to get over the smell, I mean it isn't very nice, is it?" Well, of course I disagree, but I understand what she means, that's most people's first reaction. "But then I plucked up the courage to play with it, and, well, it's like you say, warm and kind of sensual and disgusting and filthy all at the same time. So I've already tried, what do you call it, shit wanking... it feels good, but afterwards I just feel really disgusted and filthy and I can't wait to get myself clean again and get rid of the smell. But then a week or two goes by and... well, it gets tempting again."

So I've trained my own mother in shit play, and I never even knew it! I asked her how long she'd been playing with it, and whether she'd tried tasting it before?

"It's probably about six months now. I wouldn't dare tell anyone, well, except you of course, when I'm with a friend or even a client and I say to myself, 'Linda, you dirty slut, here you are at a nice dinner and last night you smeared your tits with shit and then rubbed yourself with a shitty finger until you came, that's not normal!'. I've tried tasting it a few times, but it's just so bitter and strong, I've never been able to bring myself to... well, you know".

She was going through all the normal stages in getting used to the idea, and I told her so. She seemed a bit reassured, as she poured me another nice cup of tea and served some more toast. "Is strawberry jam alright with that, I mean it's not your favourite, is it?"

"Oh, Mum!" I said, and I blushed. "It's just not normal, you and me talking like this, is it?" She knew of course that my very favourite breakfast is nice crunchy toast, cooked just right so it's nearly burned but not quite, smeared with a thick layer of Anna's gorgeously disgusting fresh shit. I can come just thinking about it, the delicious contrast of the sharp toast crumbs, the bitter taste, the mysterious chewy bits of undigested food, all mixed up together in the slippery sliminess of shit. Yum. (Actually I did just come. Sorry about that. If you've never tried it, you really should).

Truth to tell, I was driving myself crazy imagining Linda's - my mother's - bottom over my face, my mouth gaping open and a fresh hot turd sliding into me. But I wasn't ready to ask her, after all she'd said she wasn't ready yet, whatever that meant. How could I get her to do it? I had an idea...

"Your guy that put you onto all this, is he still around? Would he still be interested?"

"Oh yes, no hard feelings and all that, we still see each other, he still kind of drops hints about it. The last time I saw him I wondered whether I should admit what I've been up to, but I couldn't quite bring myself to." Then she paused and raised her eyebrows. "Oh Pauline, you're not going to suggest another threesome?"

"Well... I could just do it on my own if you don't want to. We don't need to tell him who I am or anything, I can just be someone you've been introduced to."

"Pauline... you are not stealing my customers. If we do this then we're in it together." Oh good, that's what I was hoping she'd say.

"Well, when can we do it? Why don't you give him a call?"

"I know he's pretty busy, and I think he's away at the moment, America I think. So you'll have to come here specially for it, when I can arrange it."

That was fine by me. We chatted for a little while about arrangements and things. Then I said, "You know, we need to practice a bit first. I mean, suppose it really grosses you out? You wouldn't want to find out in front of a client, would you? I think we need to give it a try..." I'd been thinking about it, thinking about that turd slithering down my throat, and I was so wet that it felt like I'd pissed myself. Please...

"Pauline, you crafty little bitch. Come on then. But I am not shitting in your pretty little mouth, got it? That's just too much for me." I'd have been disappointed, except I was sure she would, in the end. I was beginning to understand this new person, my mother who I'd known all my life, sexy Linda who I met for the first time just yesterday.

Back to the Bathroom

So we were soon in her bathroom again. It would be better in a bedroom but she didn't have all the gear we'd need, rubber and plastic sheets and so on. She hadn't used the toilet at all today, except to piss in my mouth (yum... that was an extra-specially disgusting moment, it made me wet just thinking about it). So she must be bursting. And the breakfast had got my own bowels moving again, too. I had her lay down on the cold floor and squatted over her belly. After a little pushing I let out a small pile of gloopy shit, my favourite kind. She wrinkled her nose again but let me spread it out over her. I smeared it on her belly and paid special attention to her tits, caressing them with the gritty shit, rubbing it into her nipples, feeling her starting to squirm despite the face she was pulling. I took a little piece from my unwiped bottom and used it on her clit, rubbing delicately. As I rubbed her I licked her belly and tits, tasting my own bitterness as I left tracks on her soft flesh - a heart, a ♀. When she was really excited I stopped and looked her squarely in the face.

"What's up, why have you stopped, I was beginning to enjoy that."

"My turn," I replied, with an evil little smile. "Just like we'll do it for your guy, straight into a waiting mouth, a nice hot turd slipping into a waiting throat."

"Pauline, I just don't think I can. I'm not ready for that. Maybe I could do it to him, one day, but not yet. And to you, well that would be..." I was rubbing myself as she spoke, using a little more of the warm oozing shit to make it extremely pleasant. Suddenly she sat up, pushed me down on the floor hard and squatted over me, saying "Fuck it, if that's what you want, you filthy slut..."

I barely had time to open my mouth and get in the right place before her bowels burst open. Luckily it was just the right consistency, not so soft that it made a big squelchy mess, and not too hard. My cheeks were bulging, the turd pushed into the back of my throat until I gagged from the sheer physical sensation. My God, this was just so disgusting, the vile, bitter shit from my own mother filling my mouth. Words can't describe how disgusted I felt, physically sick not only from the filth in my mouth but from my disgust at the idea, the vilest thing I'd ever done. And so, of course, I was turned on like crazy, my cunt tingling, my hips thrusting. I put a finger to my clit and started rubbing, but my hand was snatched away. I was desperately trying to chew and to swallow - which is very hard when your mouth is completely full.

I was thrusting my hips, trying desperately to create some friction down there, when suddenly I felt my cunt explode in pain. She'd grabbed my clit ring and dug her nails into my poor little pleasure button, and at the same time she had shoved her other hand deep into me. I screamed, or tried to through the mass of shit filling my mouth, spraying bits of shit everywhere. My whole body was twisting in agony, my back thumping up and down on the hard, cold bathroom floor. Then she released her grip and just caressed my bruised clit with her fingers, thrusting her fingers in and out of me. I came instantly, with a violence and intensity that I'm sure was the strongest I'd ever felt. As my screams and contortions quietened down she pressed her dirty bottom on my face, smearing her shit everywhere and stopping me breathing, and caressed me harder until I came again, struggling desperately for breath but unable to resist my treacherous little clit.

By the time I finished, my cunt muscles were hurting me and my clit felt like someone had held a cigarette to her. My mouth was still full of partly-dissolved shit - I'd managed to swallow quite a bit and plenty more had sprayed around as I gasped and screamed with pleasure. Linda turned herself around so she was sitting on my tummy. She had an evil look on her face, and I could see she was excited as hell.

"Come on bitch, finish swallowing or I'll torture your little clit again." As she spoke she grabbed my erect nipples and twisted them. I tried desperately to swallow but my mouth was too dry. I told her so and asked her to help, and obligingly she turned around again. Still tweaking my nipples, she pissed into my waiting mouth, making a deliciously disgusting piss-and-shit soup. I swallowed ravenously, gagging on its special bitterness, feeling my exhausted cunt start to wake up again. But then she moved again. After a long smelly fart, she dumped a big pile of soft shit neatly between my tits, then sat down and squelched it over my tits and belly of course her own bottom and cunt. Then she was over my face again and I was left in no doubt what she wanted. I sucked at her shit-covered clit and pussy as her hands rubbed shit around my tits and tummy. She humped and thrusted over my face, taking a long while before she cried out and collapsed onto me, her thighs trembling.

It was another long while before she stopped gasping for breath, her whole body shaking. We changed places, her lying on the floor on her back, her front now covered in her own shit as well as mine, and me sitting over her tummy. I found one little piece of intact shit and held it to her lips.

"Come on, your turn now."

"Oh Pauline, this is is just so disgusting. You're sick. Well, so am I, I suppose. No, I can't eat it, I just can't, it's too horrid".

Luckily my last little meal had got my bowels moving again. "We'll see about that," I said, lifting myself up a bit from her body. I managed to squeeze out another soft little turd, curled up delicately on her flat tummy. Before she realised what I was doing, I scooped it up and pressed it down into her mouth. She struggled and protested - "No, please Pauline, I can't, it's disgusting, please don't make me". But, instantly transformed into Pauline the Bitch Mistress, I wasn't going to show her any mercy. I covered her mouth with my hand, pushing my fresh shit in, and pinched her nose so she couldn't breathe. She was really struggling and quite obviously didn't want this. Just like my male slaves when I first introduce them to shit, and I don't take any nonsense from them.

"Swallow, bitch," I ordered her. Eventually she did, gagging and choking. I took my hand away and tweaked her shitty nipples, not too hard since I knew she wasn't yet ready for that (despite what she'd done to my poor little clit). She sat up, still spluttering.

"That was awful. You horrible bitch, I feel awful. I think that's what they mean by 'defiled'". She wasn't really that coherent, she was coughing and choking and trying to make all the nastiness go away, I could tell. I wasn't going to make it that easy for her, though. I rubbed her tired little clit then laid down again.

"Come on, lick all your shit off my tits now. It's no good complaining about being defiled, you're just another shit slut now. Come on, show me what a shit slut does best. Lick me clean, slut." It felt really sexy, bossing my mother-turned-shit-slave round like that. She looked a bit surprised, but I told her again and she bent down and started licking the shit from my tits in long lascivious slurps, lifting my heavy tits with her tongue to reach under them.

But then something went wrong, she must have found something nasty - it often happens, especially with novices, they're fine with actual shit but they find a piece of unchewed food or a little hard bit or something and they can't take it. So suddenly there was a fountain of puke all over my tits and belly, rich brown shit puke mixed up with her breakfast. She puked over and over again until nothing was coming out, the shit puke dribbling down her chin. She sat down and started crying - the first time I've ever seen her cry in all my years.

"I'm sorry Pauline, I'm sorry, it's just too disgusting. I'm not cut out for this, I just can't do it. Look what a terrible mess I've made. I was really trying, I really wanted to be a good... well, shit slut, like you say, but it's no good, it's just too horrible".

I sat up myself and took her in my arms - smearing shit puke all over both of us. I held her tight and kissed her vomit-covered face, pushed my tongue into her mouth licking out the shit puke from all the corners, my hands caressing her back.

"It's like that for everyone at first. You know, even now it sometimes makes me puke, and I must have eaten tons of the stuff!" I reassured her. She stopped crying.

"I suppose now you expect me to eat all my own vomit, like you make your slaves do. But I can't, I just can't. I don't know how they do it, not that. Please don't make me!"

I couldn't actually make her do it anyway, even with slaves it only works because they're willing to be told what to do. The only real power I have over a slave is that if he really refuses to obey me, then he will be banished from my world forever. That has always been enough to make them do even the most horrific and degrading things when I tell them to. But it wouldn't really work for Linda, my own mother! And anyway, to be truthful, I was getting quite excited about stealing this particular mess for myself. So instead of answering her, I just started slurping it up off her tits where it had smeared all over her, keeping my eyes fixed on her face as I did it. It was wonderful stuff - a mixture of her breakfast, her shit and mine, all turned into a rich, acid puke. Yum. I could easily find little bits of her breakfast, and bits from our lunch yesterday as well. That's one of the most excitingly disgusting things about shit, when you can pick out identifiable little bits of food. And this stuff was super, extra disgusting because of whose it was.

As my tongue worked on Linda's body, slurping up the puke and licking at her nipples and tits, I could see that despite herself she was starting to get aroused again. I started gently rubbing her clit as I licked her clean, feeling her react under the teasing. With my other hand I started to wipe up the shit puke from my own body, licking the coffee-coloured slime from my hand. It was just sooo vile and disgusting. Since I didn't have a third hand to deal with my own clit, I pulled Linda's hand to me. She quickly got the idea and started rubbing me. I was in slut heaven, my mouth and belly full of shit puke and my cunt on fire. I fell onto my back again, my legs spread wantonly wide, and begged her, "Please, fist me, hard, like you did before, but really, really hard."

She catches on quickly, my staid old mum. In an instant she had her arm inside me, her clenched fist tearing me apart as she thrust in and out of me, my finger desperately working on my clit. I'd come so much and so hard in the last couple of hours that even I was beginning to slow down a bit. As I screamed out loud in disgust and pain and pleasure, Linda forgot about her disgust and turned round so she could slurp at the filth that still covered my belly and tits. Through my ecstasy I noticed that she pulled a bit of a face, but she kept going. Then just as I was finally ready to come, she spat a mouthful into my own open mouth, then attacked my clit with her nails just like before.

Afterwards Linda told me that she was seriously afraid that I would hurt myself. My back was arching then slamming back down onto the floor, my cunt muscles pulling so tight that I actually bruised her hand. I screamed so loud that my throat was sore for days. Even my earlier orgasm was nothing compared to this. As I lay there semi-conscious, unable to move, she stood up and pissed over me, then started running the shower.


It was a long time before I had the strength to get myself cleaned up, and then we had to work on the bathroom too, which was in a shocking state. Luckily my screams hadn't attracted any attention! By then it was nearly lunchtime, so I suggested that we go out and eat somewhere nice. It always adds a little kinky edge, sitting in a fancy restaurant surrounded by ordinary people, knowing that your belly is full of disgusting filth that you can still taste, kissing a partner whose belly has your shit and puke in it while waiters bring you elegant dishes and glasses of fine wine.

We went to quite a fancy place in a nearby town, where nobody would know either of us. My cunt was throbbing painfully from the fisting and from the effort of all those orgasms, and my poor little clit was hurting too. I felt a bit sick, not really surprising, and could still taste the shit puke which I slurped off Linda's body. It would have been fun to dress up for the restaurant but I didn't have anything suitable. Something in rubber or leather would have been perfect, but all I had was jeans and a shirt, although I did wear my teenage stilettos. Just to keep me a bit excited, under my jeans I'd twisted my cunt rings around and tied them together with some cotton, so every movement in the chair tugged at them. Linda looked ravishing in a very correct but very sexy white dress. Underneath she wore nothing at all - with her cute tits she doesn't need a bra. It was nice knowing how naked she was.

Somewhere along the way I asked her why she wasn't at work.

"Oh, I called them at breakfast time and said I wasn't feeling too good. Which actually I'm not, must be something I ate," she said with a big smile. "Anyway I've decided to quit, I'll give them a couple of weeks and then I'm through with working - well, that kind anyway. There's no reason any more, I don't need the money, I've got nothing to hide from you... there are loads of things I want to do, I've always dreamed of travelling to loads of places for a start."

We talked about all sorts of things over lunch, her plans for the future and things I'd done and things she'd done. It was wonderful now we actually had things in common to talk about. It was surreal, in that very prim and proper restaurant, surrounded by provincial ladies lunching, talking about toilet slaves and ball torture and such, my belly still deliciously full of shit and puke. I was still incredibly aroused, even without the constant stimulus of my twisted cunt rings and my bruised vagina. Our waiter was really gorgeous, dark haired and slim with a very mysterious eastern European accent. It didn't take much to get him alone for a moment. His cock was lovely, big and rock hard and none too clean, and he came within seconds of me putting my lips round him. Linda gave me an "oh no, not again" look when I came back, but before she could say anything I gave her a big kiss on the lips and spat his cum into her mouth. That turned a few heads too, two women kissing mouth-to-mouth in a dull place like that, but we stopped quickly before anyone could get too offended.

"You really are a shameless hussy, aren't you?" she said, a laugh in her eyes. But I had one more trick in store. While we were waiting for desert I went to the ladies' room. My timing was perfect, my chocolate mousse had just arrived, and quickly I added the little hard turd that I'd managed to produce, pushing it down into the rich brown mixture. I dug my spoon in and took a mouthful, a little piece of turd surrounded by chocolate. Yum! I rolled it round my mouth, savouring the mixture of tastes and textures. Then I took a spoonful and offered it to Linda - after all, what is more natural than tasting each other's meals? She hesitated, an oh-yuck-not-again look on her face, then she relented and opened her pretty lipsticked lips.

"It's delicious," I told her, loud enough to be heard at the next table. "Make sure you really make the most of it, don't just gulp it down, it'd be a waste". And to her credit, she did as I said, pulling a little bit of a face. I could see her tongue rolling this treat round inside her mouth before she eventually did swallow. Then we kissed again, and under the table I gave her clit a little rub. I was getting all wet again and was very glad when - soon - we left the restaurant. Outside, I went round a corner, dropped my jeans and rubbed myself to a gentle little orgasm, tugging at my tied-up rings and squealing, while Linda - my mum - stood and watched. Then I had a lovely long piss, soaking my jeans that were still between my legs.

After lunch I had to get back to London, for a client who was visiting in the evening. My jeans were still clammy from my piss, and the smell filled the car. My cunt was still hurting, it took a couple of days for that to stop, and my clit still stung. I could still taste the shit and puke in my belly. Half way home I shat in my jeans too, so I finished the journey driving through the London traffic, squelching round in my own shit and piss. Luckily, I wasn't stopped for anything!

What a weekend! I was just so amazed when I discovered my staid old mum was a whore, then even more amazed to discover that thanks to me she was already a knowledgeable, if inexperienced, shit slut. As you'd expect, we've done quite a few things together since. We did a threesome with her guy who got her into all this in the first place, which was disgustingly wonderful. She has been to my place and met Anna and Bianca, and some of my other friends. She has helped me with some of my slaves, and even been to Irma's for a weekend. I hope I'll find time to write about more of our mother-and-daughter adventures together, soon.

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