Hypnotising Hayley Part Nine Working by Charles Murray


Heavy, Moderate, f, M, Real Life, Domination, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

Heavy, Moderate, f, M, Real Life, Domination, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

For those who have not read previous chapters

Hayley was 22 and Ryan 23. Hayley’s job was mainly administration. Customising standard documents according to the salesmens’ specifications. It was a bit monotonous but on the other hand stress free. It meant she could enjoy a good social life without worrying about how it might affect her job.

She had a slim face with high cheek bones. She had thick, long, waved shoulder length, golden hair, green eyes, a cute button nose and slightly full kissable lips. Her breasts were perhaps 37 though she hid them behind a round full bra. A 25 inch waist, 35 inch hips with a firm butt and reasonable legs. Not beautiful but very attractive.

Ryan is slim, brown haired, lazy, works in a warehouse. He has hypnotised Hayley so she cannot say bad things about him and cannot resist anything he wishes to do to her. She can resist anything he tells her to do. Obedience here is enforced through traditional methods.

It is an evolving story and if you have the patience I recommend starting from or at least skim reading part three. You can access earlier parts by clicking on the bust icon to the left of the read icon or do a search.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter 16

(This was actually the end of the original book)

That evening Hayley sat naked on the sofa. Any kind of clothing hurt the welts all over her body and still created an itching from some of the more severe nettle stings. Ryan was explaining to her how she was to live from now on. Hayley had cooked them a nice meal, naked, and he was feeling affable and relaxed.

“You’ve put cameras in your house so that I can control your actions throughout the day,” he was saying.

“I want you to sleep naked. In the morning when you get up you will do what you normally do except before showering you’ll do the bendy exercises in the living room. When you go to the toilet I want you to keep your legs open pointing towards the low camera near the door opposite the toilet. That way if I am watching I will always be able to see your cunt. You’ll do this whenever you go to the toilet, pissing or shitting. Whenever you piss I want you to piss into a jug.“

“What do you have for breakfast?”

“Toast and coffee master.”

“I want you to add a wine glass of piss, warm from the jug. Brush your teeth before breakfast. You’ve been a good fuck cunt so far, now I want you to be a good piss cunt.”

“After you get home from work you will take your clothes off as soon as you’ve closed the door. You can take them to the closet and then put whatever costume comes next on the left of the row of sexy clothes. Remember you are taking them from the left and putting them back on the right so you cycle through them.”

“Do whatever you want until you have cooked dinner. Eat it with another glass of piss drunk as if it were wine with the meal. After that the evening is yours until bedtime. Take your clothes off and do the exercises before going to bed. On the bed lie on your back, legs open towards the camera in the ceiling corner. Masturbate using a bottle to screw yourself and the left hand to play with your clit. After you have come show the bottle to the camera to show you have juiced over it and then suck it clean. Suck your fingers clean and then go to sleep.”

“See. A simple routine, but it’ll help to remind you you’re my slave. You have speakers in each room so I may tell you to do things if I feel like some entertainment or I may text or phone you. Everything clear?”

“Yes master,” Hayley said disconsolately, then added, “do you really think I can live like this?”

Ryan looked surprised.

“It’s not much. After the first few days you’ll get used to it and it will become almost normal. You wait and see.”

“How long are you going to keep me for?”

Ryan decided to overlook her dropping of the Master. She was hardly in a state for more punishment.

“I don’t know. It depends. Don’t worry it won’t be for ever though. And afterwards, if you like, I can change your memories so you don’t remember all of it. If you think remebering it is likely to upset you. Meanwhile, you know, just accept you’re going to be my slave for a while.”

“Thank you. I think changing my memories afterwards might be a good idea Master.”

So Hayley’s life was to change even more. Controlled and watched 24/7 she would never be free of Ryan. And she guessed Ryan had lots more plans for her…

In fact he used her credit card that evening to buy some dungeon equipment for the spare bedroom.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter 17

Hayley had called in sick on the Monday. Her arse, as she was forced to think of it, hurt too much to spend a day sitting on a hard office chair. She sat naked except for her red dog collar, wide legged on the toilet in case Ryan was watching and peed into her clear glass cooking jug, poured some of it into a wine glass and put the rest in the fridge. Staying naked she made some toast and drank the piss. Now she had to exercise. Lieing on her back she did the sit ups. Each touching of her toes hurt her arse, each fall back hurt her back which still had some sore welts from the whipping. Rolling left and right made her gasp out loud as her behind was lifted off the ground and then pushed back onto it. The standing exercises were less painful. She made sure she faced the living room camera for the squats and star bursts and had her back to it for the forward bends. She felt like a cam girl showing off for an audience.

She went to the wardrobe to see what she would be wearing for the day. It was a white see through dress that showed a lot of cleavage, stopped four inches below her cunt and was cleverly hitched at the back so her arse was naked. Under the circumstances she supposed this might be a good thing. She spent the day sitting on cushions and reading her insurance exam books. She pissed in the jug at lunch time and at dinner time drank another wine glass of piss with her meal. Before going to bed she moaned through her exercises again sure Ryan would be watching and then went to bed. She lay on her back to masturbate and fuck herself with the bottle, sucking it clean and then went to sleep.

She supposed this was a routine she could live with. It was Wednesday she was dreading. She was sure her arse would still not be back to normal. As it happened Ryan was working overtime on the Wednesday so she did not need to see him till the Saturday.

She was following one of these routines Friday evening, peeing in the toilet legs open and pointed towards a camera mounted near the door, when Ryan had rung her mobile. She was wearing a short black dress that was supposed to be worn with a sweater. As she did not have one it left her topless.

“Hi, how you doing?”

“Okay Master.”

“Having a piss.”

“Yes Master.”

“I’ve zoomed the camera in. Can see it really clearly.”

Hayley said nothing. She imagined the brown hair, bony face and angular body of the twenty three year old staring into his computer screen in his bungalow, hands manipulating the mouse and keyboard to look at her cunt and the piss streaming out. Probably had his friend Denny, from the DIY warehouse where he humped things around, looking as well. Normally she wouldn’t have given Ryan a second look, but she had been tricked into being hypnotised by him and now had no choice.

“I’ll wait till you finish,” he said in his fifty miles North of London, slight Midlands accent.

Hayley entertained him for a further ten seconds. The stream of piss from her slightly opened cunt became a dribble, then a few drips. Ryan had insisted she always dry herself with her fingers. She rubbed her two middle fingers along her slit and slipped them into her mouth to suck them clean. She did this three times till the taste of piss had gone.

“Good cunt,” said Ryan.

Hayley said nothing. She was now drinking and tasting piss so often it meant little to her.

Ryan zoomed back a bit to get her face as well as cunt in the picture and told her why he had rung.

“I thought you’d like to know the dungeon equipment has arrived. Good job you paid extra for them to assemble it. I’m sure I couldn’t have done it. Anyway it’ll all be ready for you when you come over tomorrow. We can have a play with it. Might be even better than Goldilocks.1 I just thought you’d like to know. Are you going out with your friends?”

“No, I’ve got some back essays to do for my course so I’m staying in Master.”

“Oh well, have fun. See you tomorrow usual time.”

“Yes. Thank you for letting me know Master.”

She terminated the call. Bastard. She knew he’d only rung her up so she could worry about what bad things he was going to do to her next. She went over every Saturday at 11.00am so he wasn’t ringing her to confirm that. She had to put it out of her mind though. She had to study.

So Saturday at one o’clock Hayley found herself naked except for her dog collar and bell spreadeagled upright in a square wooden frame in the spare, until then empty, second bedroom of the bungalow. The adjustable leather cuffs attached to the square by chains held her wrists out and up towards the corners. Similar ankle cuffs and chains spread her legs. The whole contraption rested on a heavy wooden base with wheels.

Hayley felt stretched and vulnerable in the frame. A naked, helpless target for whatever Ryan was going to do to her next. Ahead of her slightly to the left was a black leather couch affair. It had arm and leg rests that could be pulled out to put her in a number of different horizontal positions.

Ryan brought a light whip down on her back. She heard the swish and let out a suitable anguished gasp as it struck.

“Good isn’t it?” said Ryan.

Hayley looked to the left at cheap new single bed under a window. The two windows on the long left hand wall had roller blinds that had been rolled down to cut out the summer light. Instead the room was lit from a cheap dirty chandelier that hung from the ceiling.

He lashed her again to create a second red line on her smooth white skin.

“You can hardly move can you?”

Hayley was stretched painfully tight.

“I might loosen it some so you can twist and turn a bit.”

He gave her another lash to keep her going and fiddled with some handled wheels that the chains wound round. Hayley’s arms fell to a more comfortable position, elbows level with her shoulders. The ankle chains were also loosened a little. He went back behind her and lashed her hard, waving the whip back well behind his shoulder to bring it whistling down with a crack.

Hayley felt a line of fire erupt diagonally across her right shoulder to the middle of her back and screamed through clenched teeth.


Her body contorted and twisted from side to side. The chains jangled then jangled more as her arms pulled up and down in an involuntarily attempt to escape. She rocked back then swung forward to return to her original position. The jingling from the bell on her collar was hardly noticed next to the sound of the chains. Her breath became a series of short gasps.

Ryan grinned. He waited for her to calm down.

“That’s better. You’re really able to move now!”

He put the whip in his jean’s belt and moved onto the raised wooden base to stand behind her. He press against her back and put his hands round to cup her tits. His fingers sank into the soft pliable flesh. He nuzzled and kissed into her neck. The red collar got in his way but that was okay. She wore it all the time except at work. Even with friends where she’d had to pass it off as a choker and was allowed to remove the bell and turn the ring to the back under her golden hair. She smelt so good. He lowered a hand to cup her naked mound and push a finger between the front of her cunt lips and down to her clitoris.

Hayley relaxed into the moment and moaned a little to encourage him. The longer he did this the less time he would be hitting her. Perhaps it just prolonged it and made no difference to the number of strokes or the amount of pain he inflicted. She mentally shrugged. Moments of gentleness like this had been rare during ‘play’ sessions. This one was brief. Ryan quickly returned to his position and started aiming lashes at the back of her calves and thighs. The loosened chains meant she could lift her feet about four inches off the ground and move them around a little. She danced for him appropriately with each strike. The red lines mounted.

He paused, giving her another hug and groping. Her tits felt so good today. He wasn’t even squeezing them to hurt her. Yet.

Ryan was in a good mood. He moved round to her front and squeezing her cunt with his right hand cupped her head with his left and deep kissed her. He liked to dig his nails into her cunt lips and hear her moan and scream into his mouth as he kissed her. It was a pleasure he never tired of. To get pleasure from her pain. Her job was just to open her mouth as wide as possible so he could push his tongue in to the back of her throat and fill her, possess her, with his kiss. Like his cock possessed her cunt or ass so, at these moments, his tongue possessed her mouth.

He pulled away and went to a second hand chest of drawers he had brought in. He’d have Hayley paint it black tomorrow. His very own dungeon! He was so pleased. He had invited Denny round so they could play with Hayley together as they had a few weeks ago. He had put all the BDSM toys in it that he and Hayley had bought during an embarrassing, for her, shopping trip round the sex shops in London a few weeks ago. He pulled out a light Cat of Nine Tails. Thanks to Hayley’s credit card he now had a selection of whips from slightly painful ones that just stung a lot to ones that really hurt. But this was just a fun session to try out things.

He stood in front of her.

“This thing makes you taller than me,” he grinned, “all the better to whip your cunt I guess. I thought we’d try this one,” he swished the Cat up and down a few times, “we haven’t tried this one.”

He swept it hard across her belly right and left, forehand and backhand. Hayley gasped a little and moved slightly back and forth. She didn’t trust him. She remembered the Maid game where it had seemed light until the sheer number of strokes, one on top of another, had made it excruciating.

Ryan tried some forehands and backhands across and down on her tits. He whacked a few underarms into her cunt which hurt. She jerked and let out small cries with each of the three strokes. He’d only been going to do two but her movements and cries were so good he couldn’t resist doing a third.

He moved back to her tits and watched them jiggle and bounce and turn red under the repeated lashings. Hayley twisted and jerked. Her “eeee’s” and “aaaah’s” got louder as he went on. He stepped up on the platform to bite and suck her tits and do some more finger fucking. He would bite her tit till she screamed really loud, then stop, wait a bit and then bite the other one. The square certainly made her more accessible than tieing her to the kitchen table or sideboard had.

The doorbell rang. Hayley suddenly looked alarmed. Everything they did was just between Ryan and her. Outside of that she had been able to maintain a normal life. Nobody knew, she had been hypnotised to ensure nobody knew, what happened between them.

“Oh, I forgot, Denny’s coming round.”

Hayley’s heart sank. Denny was Ryan’s friend from the warehouse. He was thirty two with a broken nose and a scar down the side of his left eye. He had got both in fights because he spent most of his time drinking. Ryan had invited him round once before for an evening of “playing” with her. She had hoped it was just the once. She knew he had been told not to tell any of Ryan’s other friends. Now he was to see her naked and helpless again.

Ryan left the room, closing the door. She heard him cross the living room and open the front door. There was a conversation of some sort and Denny, it was presumably him, came in. Denny had seen her naked and fucked her, yet splayed out on a bondage frame made Hayley feel a whole new wave of embarrassment and humiliation. Like she was some prostitute who had been set up for some customer to come in and ogle her, use her. Hayley looked at the door helplessly waiting for it to open.

Ryan had taken him into the kitchen. She could hear them chatter and open some bottles of beer. They went into the living room and sat down, drinking and chatting. There was a burst of laughter then Ryan said, “well I guess you’d better come in.”

They came in. Stocky Denny and angular Ryan. Denny walked in a few paces and stared at her lewdly. He shook his head.

“Yeah, she sure is one good looking cunt,” he said.

Denny did not know the relationship between Ryan and Hayley. He thought she was a masochist who liked what she did and was made to do. He wasn’t sure he’d share her if she belonged to him. Still each to his own.

Hayley felt like she was a present being unveiled. ‘here Denny look what I got you for your birthday.’ A woman displayed in her helplessness. His to do what he wanted with. She couldn’t tell him she was here under duress. She couldn’t tell anyone. If she tried the words would not get past her throat. Her mouth would move like some gasping goldfish but Ryan’s embedded commands would stop anything coming out.

Ryan had told him she liked to be called cunt and other names and Denny was happy to oblige. Happy to oblige in making some posh cunt who liked a bit of rough suffer.

He went up to her and grabbed her parted cunt, roughly pushing his middle finger into her fuck hole. Hayley involuntarily tried to close her legs to prevent the rough intrusion. The chains rattled and her feet moved a few inches inwards. Denny smiled.

“Don’t like your cunt on display?” asked Denny, revealing his yellowing teeth. She smelt his bad breath through the beer.

“Guess you’ll have to get used to it eh?”

He gave her a squeeze then pulled away to look round the room. Ryan was grinning like a cheshire cat.

“And she paid for all this?”

“Couldn’t afford it myself,” said Ryan, “come and look at this table.”

Hayley hung from her chains as the two of them looked at the black leather bondage table.

At first it looked like a leather table but as Ryan enthusiastically demonstrated it, Denny saw the lower part consisted of two parts that could be seperated outwards. The top was similar converting the whole thing into a horizontal St Andrews Cross. There were two parts at the top and head that slid out to make the central resting area longer or shorter to accommodate different sizes or have the head resting or hanging. There were of course lots of leather restraints that closed using velcro or buckles.

“Isn’t it great?”

Denny had to nod his head in amazed agreement.

“Must have cost a pretty penny,” he said giving it a shake and feeling how sturdy it was. Hayley viewed from her square, though Ryan had already shown it to her.

“I’ve put all the toys in here,” he said pulling out one of the five drawers that made up the chest of drawers. Last time Denny had come it had all been in a heap on the living room floor or still in shopping bags.

“Well, let’s get started,” he said reaching for a chrome chain with two alligator clips attached.

Hayley’s eyes widened with fear as she saw him approaching. The alligator clips were the most painful. She was lucky Denny didn’t know how to adjust them or he would probably make them even more painful.

“These can be adjusted,” said Ryan keen to show off all his new possessions. Hayley’s mood dropped as all she could do was passively watch.

“Can they?”

“Yeah. See the screws at the end. You turn them and they get tighter or looser. Clockwise makes it tighter and the other way round.

“Wow,” said Denny giving Hayley a malicious smile. Holding them in front of her face he let her watch as he tightened them.

“Now lets see what they do.”

He clipped the left one on Hayley’s left nipple.

“Aaaaaah! Eeeeeeh!” Hayley screamed and shook left and right. Four sharp biting teeth bit into her right nipple.

Denny laughed at her frantic attempts to shake it off. As soon as she had calmed down, rocking back and forth slightly and breathing through clenched teeth, he put the other one on. Once again Hayley screamed.

“Eeeeeeh! Aaaaaaah!”

Once again she twisted left and right as the four pointed teeth bit into her left nipple. The connecting chain flipped left and right. The bell on her collar tinkled. The chains jangled. Her eyes watered, her breathing became short painful gasps through her clenched teeth as her struggles abated and she hung there moaning and limp.

Ryan laughed and slapped her tits sideways left and right getting more howls from the poor tortured girl. Ryan could see how dangerously addictive it could become to make someone scream and struggle. Filled with a sadistic glee he went back to the drawers to find things for her cunt.

This play was more vicious than Ryan had intended, but he didn’t want to look like a spoil sport so early in the proceedings, though he could see Hayley was visibly suffering. They’ll have to come off in ten minutes anyway he thought in case they caused permanent damage.

Denny returned to wave some cunt alligater clips at Hayley, who unable to close her legs could only scream and shake again as Denny clipped them on her outer labia. Luckily for Hayley Ryan had not bought weights to attach to any of these things. He was worried he might pull her out of shape. Denny hung a few bells instead. There were some long thin inner labia clamps with bells already attached which he put on her ears. He stood back to briefly admire his handiwork and to look at Hayley’s pain contorted face. He went back to the drawer. Hayley watched him with fear and dread.

He came back with a small single whip, went behind her and started whipping her ass. Nasty red stripes appeared on the milky white globes. Hayley shook and twisted and turned and screamed. How she screamed. Again and again. Music to Denny’s ears. Ryan liked hurting her as an act of control. Denny did it because he could. Ryan liked to see her defeated and broken and at his mercy at the end. Denny just liked hurting her.

Each time the whip cracked on her ass Denny felt a thrill run through him. Seeing the globes shake, indent and come back out, see the ripple from the point of impact spread out to each cheek circumference, hear her cries and see her body twisting from the pain.

Ryan watched, his own cock rigidly hard. He was watching from the front. He saw how her body went rigid as the stroke struck before contorting and twisting every way. He saw the agony in her eyes and her mouth open wide to scream. He saw her body droop forward in her chains just prior to the next stroke hitting. He watched as the process repeated.





Until at last he thought he had better bring it to an end. Hayley looked close to collapse. Ryan signalled to him to stop. Denny went up behind her, dropped his pants and rammed his cock into her arsehole that Ryan had greased earlier. Hayley let out a cry and then, “mmph, mmph, mmph,” as he pushed hard in and out of her stretched hole, violating and possessing her. His hands went round to squeeze the underside of her tits and hold her in position. She hissed from the extra pain this caused from the clamps. The bells on her red collar, tits and cunt jingled. The chains jangled. She felt completely at his mercy and she was.

Denny pulled out of her ass without coming and put his dick back in his pants. He walked over to Ryan and offered him the whip.

“D’you want a go?”

“No,” said Ryan, “maybe she needs a break. Lets try out the table.”

He went over to the drooping exhausted Hayley and took off her nipple clamps. Hayley was suddenly infused with life again as the pain of the blood returning to her abused nipples cut in. Her body went straight and once again she was screaming and rocking her body back and forth.

Ryan took off the ear clamps and she hissed through clenched teeth. He took them off her labia.

“Hmm, sssssssh, hmmm, sssssssh,” she moaned.

Ryan gave her cunt some rubs to help it return to normal and rubbed her tits a bit. He released her ankle cuffs and chains. Wearily she pulled her aching stretched legs back to a normal standing position. He released her arms. She stood, dazed that she was free again.

“Crawl to the table,” Ryan said, giving her something to focus her woolly mind on.

Being on all fours was almost a relief after the standing and shaking. She pulled herself together enough to move her tired limbs and body towards the next torture device. Her collar bell jingled and her long wavy golden hair hung down hiding her energy drained face. The air seemed cool on the fiery stripes of pain across her ass cheeks. They both watched her crawl to the device silently enjoying the sight of her. The hanging, swinging boobs, the undulating butt and of course the red lines criss crossing every aspect of that butt. Her pussy was good to look at too.

“Get on your back on it,” Ryan said.

Hayley pulled herself up and lay on the table legs straight and arms by her sides her green eyes looking at the ceiling. At least her arse wasn’t going to get any more punishment. She wasn’ sure she could have borne that. It still hurt terribly. Ryan started fitting the velcroed cuffs around her ankles and a belt across her stomach evidently enjoying his first use of the new toy. Next he pulled the lower portions apart to open her legs and fiddled with some mechanisms below the table to fix them in position. He adjusted the length so her head fell down at the end, her hair hanging nearly to the floor. and opened the arm pieces like the leg pieces. He put her arms resting upwards and fitted the cuffs. She was now once again in an X position. Once again at anyone’s mercy who chose to violate her. Denny came and looked down at her face.

“Let’s get another beer,” said Ryan, “it’s exhausting watching you wielding that whip.”

Denny laughed.

“It’s exhausting wielding it,” he replied, “but lets give her a quick fucking first.”

Denny stepped round to her hanging head and dropped his pants. His erect penis jumped out. He gave Hayley a hard slap on her right cheek and spat on her upside down hanging face.

“Open up fuck cunt.”

Hayley opened her mouth and was taken by surprise as he jammed it right to the back of her throat. His balls flopped against her nose. At the other end Ryan had dropped his pants and was pushing into her cunt.

“Tighten it slave.” She tightened her muscles to add to his pleasure as she had been taught.

Denny pulled out, slapped Hayley’s other cheek and as Hayley was breathing in he forced it to the back of her throat again. This time he held it there, pushing as if there was more to get in. Hayley choked and gagged around him adding to his pleasure.

Hayley was panicking. Her mouth and throat were completely filled with this normal sized but monstrous cock. It still had a taste of shit from when he had buggered her earlier. His smelly balls were over her nose, but she couldn’t breathe in through her nose anyway because he was so far down her throat. She tried to move her head from side to side but he was jammed in too much for this either and her body tensed and jerked but was heavily restrained by the cuffs and belly strap. She clenched and unclenched her hands.

Denny saw her face going red and pulled out. Hayley choked as saliva came out and ran down her cheeks and temples into her hair. She desperately pulled in air into her gasping lungs. Denny lent forward, pushing his balls into her eyes and the stem of his cock against her nose and released the belly belt. Velcro was so convenient. He let her take a few more breaths and pushed in again. His cock was even more engorged than the first time. He gave a few rapid thrusts and then pushed in and held it again.

“Hey, this is so good,” he said to Ryan as Hayley choked beneath him and her eyes began to bulge, “you can get right to the back of her throat. Is it doing anything to her cunt?”

“It’s making it get tighter and spasm when you hold it in.”

“Yeah, it’s great this end. She’s really spasming on my cock head and hey, look at her body.”

Hayley was now effectively thrashing, her back was arching and falling down repeatedly as her body jerked desperately while her hands clenched and unclenched and her arms and legs pulled desperately against the restraints. Similarly her cunt was tightening and relaxing frenetically to match her body.

Denny pulled out. He would have liked to slap the gasping twenty two year old’s face but saliva was running down it into her hair making it too wet. Hayley hoarsely gasped in air. She couldn’t talk even to futiley ask him to stop because her whole being was concentrating on filling and emptying her oxygen starved lungs. She had nearly succeeded when he pushed it in again.

This time he just face fucked her hard. Pushing to the back of her throat, pulling back to her lips and pushing it back in again, giving the momentum for his groin to smash into her chin and his balls against her nose. Then he started playing with her nipples.

“Let’s see what this does,” he said to Ryan, “and twisted her nipples cruelly. Hayley’s mouth tightened around his cock, made stifled pain noises and her body thrust up and down. Her cunt squeezed Ryan’s dick hard. Denny pulled out so she could catch her breath and then in again and more nipple twisting. He squeezed as hard as he could and twisted them as far as he could. Hayley’s body thrashed and she screamed against his cock which came out as, “mmm, mmm, mmm,” but her wide open, pupil distended eyes showed the pain she was in.

Denny smiled viciously, pulled out to let her breathe and repeated the process. Excited by her thrashing and noises Ryan was pumping hard. Denny too was getting into the moment and began face fucking her in earnest while continuing to hurt her tit buds as much as he could to keep her thrashing. It was not so much torture as violent rape. Denny came first flooding her throat with gob after gob of thick semen. He pulled back slightly still spurting to fill her mouth. Hayley was choking on the thick globules sliding slowly down her throat. She swallowed desperately trying to stop it going down her lungs as she pulled in breath. Denny withdrew all together and wiped the tip against her lips. He noticed her wide eyes and swallowing. Her cheeks were covered in saliva.

“Can’t get enough of it eh?”

Denny having let go of her tits Ryan leaned forward to squeeze and maul them and let her gasps of new pain carry him over the edge filling her cunt with his spunk.

“Wow,” they said almost together, “that was so good.”

A half hour later they were leaning back on the sofa watching some YouTube pranks. Hayley was kneeling slightly off from them legs apart and hands behind her head faced in their direction in classical slave posture.

“You should get her a treadmill,” observed Denny, “give her something to do while you’re not using her. Stop her getting fat.”

“H’m, I don’t know. Her credit card’s pretty up now.”

“They don’t cost much. A couple of hundred tops. She can’t just sit around being lazy all day.”

“What do you think Hayley?” Ryan asked.

Hayley knew that anything bad suggested to her she had to agree with and appear grateful.

“I think that would be a good idea Master. You could watch me tire myself out getting fitter for you.”

Ryan cocked his head. Yeah, he’d do it. He was about to let her sit cross legged to avoid harming her knees when Denny spoke.

“Hey, fucktoy, come over here.”

Hayley crawled over to him. He positioned her sideways and a little away from him and then rested his feet on her.

“Meanwhile she might as well be doing something useful.”


Ryan pulled her a little his way so he could rest his feet on her too and they returned to watching.

When they realised they were hungry they had her make them each a sandwich and she spent the rest of the afternoon being a stool with an occasional interruption if one of them wanted his cock sucked for a bit.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Eighteen

At about seven, after they had digested the dinner that Hayley had made, both agreeing she was a much better cook than them, they discussed what to do next.

Hayley was on her knees horizontal to Denny, ass in the air sucking his toes. Each toe was taken into her mouth and carefully sucked and caressed with her tongue. Between toes she made sure her tongue fully cleaned in between each toe. She was doing the best and most sensuous job she could do. She knew Ryan expected her to do everything with Denny as well as she would for him. He would probably check later that she had. Denny was very impressed and enjoying it a lot though of course he didn’t show it.

“Open your legs more you stupid slut so I can slap your cunt.”

Hayley spread her legs as wide as she could and was rewarded with a stinging slap to her cunt. She h’rmphed and opened her mouth slightly, but continued to give maximum pleasure to his toes. He gave her another and then another. It hurt a lot, but Hayley continued to give him maximum pleasure. He felt a tear squeezed from the corner of her eye drop on him and smiled. He jammed a few fingers in her fuck hole and pushed them in and out as hard as he could. It wasn’t being done for her pleasure. When he was bored of that he slapped her ass a few times and then lent back to let her continue pleasuring him.

“I’m bored with whipping her,” he said to Ryan further along the sofa, “we need to get her to entertain us.”

Denny pulled her off his toes and had her kneeling before him. He pulled her head back.

“Open your mouth.”

She did. Denny spat in it and gave her a slight slap.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Denny.”

“Damn right. Open again and keep it open.”

This time he formed a large globule and let it drop into her mouth. He did two or three more watching his saliva build up on her tongue, spread to around her teeth and work it’s way towards her throat. He looked down at the open mouthed girl. He did two more spits. Hayley was trying to fight a gagging or cough reflex as it slid to her throat. Denny smiled. He slapped her left cheek.

“Okay swallow it if you’re going to keep up that coughing noise. “

Hayley closed her mouth to swallow then opened it again for the game to continue. Denny, not stopping his making and dropping of large globules of spit in her mouth began playing with her nipples twisting them left and right to make her squirm and cry out. The game was that she had to keep her mouth in position for his big lumps of spit despite the pain making her swing her body around and move up and down as he pulled.

“Guess it’s what tits are for,” he said giving a particularly vicious twist that made her cry out. What do you think slut. What are you here for?” He stopped dropping saliva balls so she could answer.

Hayley knew what was expected of her. She saw Ryan take an interest in her answer.

“My nipples are for twisting and hurting and pulling and making me scream for your pleasure. The only thing that matters is your pleasure. I am here to do anything that brings you pleasure and have done to me anything that gives you pleasure. If the sound of my screams makes you happy then you should make me scream. If you like watching my body writhe and jerk in pain then that is what you should do and I should want. I should want anything you want no matter how much I hate it. You should ram your cock deep down my throat and make me gag because it adds extra feeling to your cock.

“I’m also here to be taught my place. To be your subservient plaything. Please Denny teach me my place. Force any pride out of me. Teach me how nothing I am and how godlike you are.”

Denny pulled her up by her hair and deep kissed her. He lapped her mouth and pushed his tongue down her throat as hard as he could. His lips smashed her own against her teeth and his right hand twisted and squeezed her breast so she screamed into his mouth. He pulled back and slapped her abused tit as hard as he could then he pushed her forcibly backwards with his foot so she went sprawling.

“Damn that was good,” he said referring to both her speech and the kiss, “now dance for us while we find things to hurt you with.”

Hayley crawled to her feet and began swaying her hips and moving her arms.

“Would you like music master?” she asked.

“He’d like the music these clamps are going to give us,” said Denny fixing two vicious toothed clamps with bells to her nipples.

“And these.” He fixed four to her inner and outer labia.

Ryan meanwhile had started some music for her to move to.

Hayley wasn’t a natural sex dancer. She lacked the confidence and exhibitionism. She waved her arms around ad jiggled her tits and swayed her hips. Occasionally she bent her knees to get lower to the ground.

Denny made discouraging remarks and told her to shake the bells more.

“Rub your cunt and your tits more with your hands. Hating every moment of it and in pain from the swinging clamps Hayley began caressing her breasts and rubbing and pushing forward her slit. Ryan had moved to one side of her with a small whip and suddenly whipped her thigh. Hayley let out a yelp and lifted her leg at the same time giving Denny a quick flash of her labia.

“Hey, yeah that’s helping her Ry.”

Ryan slashed at her other thigh. Another yelp and lifting of the leg, another flash of half open cunt.

Alternating legs and whipping sometimes thighs and sometimes calves Ryan soon had Hayley yelping and hopping.

“Yeah now that’s what I call dancing.”

Hayleys face contorted with the swinging clamps as her breasts bounced and swung. The bells on the pinch clamps on her four labia swung. The bells jingled merrily non stop.

“Ah. Ow. Ah. Ow Ah. Ow. Ah. Ow.”

It was almost like poetry.

Swish, thwat. Swish thwat. Ah. Ow. Ah. Ow.

Ryan tried to get it into a rhythm. He almost succeeded, but the constant jumping and twisting were taking it out of his slave. She was sweating and breathing heavily. After a while she was gasping for breath, pulling air deep into her lungs between the yelps. Her mouth had begun to sag and her eyes go glassy with the effort. She still tried to dance scared into it by Ryan’s constant shouting of “dance, dance.”

She tried to circle her hips between the hopping and somehow manged to keep waving her arms though they could scarcely be said to be moving with the music anymore. As for her breasts they were just swinging and jumping all over the place.

After five minutes she began to slow down.

“Faster, faster,” Ryan shouted, “dance, dance,” but he could see she couldn’t. After two more minutes he returned to his chair. Hayley had sweat dripping off her face into her eyes and onto her breasts. Her hair was matted around her cheeks. Her breathing was hard and laboured. She looked as if she would fall down at any moment.

“Okay, stop,” said Ryan, “ come and do my feet.”

Hayley fell to the floor and crawled over to him, immediately starting to lick his feet. A lot of the licking was licking off her own sweat as it dripped on them. Her legs were covered in thin red lines. But Ryan knew these would stop stinging and disappear pretty soon. She was still moaning a bit from the clamps.

“Maybe she should dry herself off and then do a saucy dance for us,” suggested Denny.

“A saucy dance?”

“Yeah, tabasco saucy or chilli saucy. She looks a bit hot maybe she needs a bit of chilli-ing down.”

He laughed. Hayley had recovered enough to start sucking on Ryan’s big toe. Denny went behind her upturned ass, pulled his pants down and pushed his penis into her. He moved in and out in a leisurely fashion while she worked her way across Ryan’s toes. Hayley wondered if she would ever get used to this. After all she had done, or been made to do, you would have thought she would, yet every time it humiliated and shamed her again. Being used as just a casual fuck while they thought of new ways to use her. Still she squeezed her cunt muscles tight to give him the best casual fuck. She couldn’t afford to relax. There was still the frame waiting…..

When Denny was satisfied he pulled out still erect. He slapped her ass cheek. She looked up at Ryan who nodded and she turned round to suck and clean him.

“Take your clamps off, put them away and then clean yourself up with a damp cloth,” said Ryan.

She finished cleaning Denny who put his dick away and gingerly took off her tit clamps. She breathed out, emptying her lungs as she cried out as the pain hit.

“Haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaa,” she moaned for half a minute before she was able to take off the other one.

““Haaaaa, haaaaa, haaaa, aaaaaaaa.”

She wasn’t allowed to rub them and had to shake them from side to side to try and get the blood back into them and ease the pain.

Then her cunt lips and more pain and clasping of thighs together and bending over an agonised look on her face.

“The toy that keeps on giving,” said Denny smiling at Ryan, “you can’t beat a good clamp.”

With the last one finally off, Hayley carefully put them away in their drawer and went to the bathroom to wipe herself down.

When she emerged the boys had settled themselves onto the sofa with some beers, some more on side tables and a bottle of tabasco sauce and some chilli powder. Hayley eyed it warily. The stinging had gone from her legs and for what she suspected would be for a short time only she was free of pain. Feeling guilty she wished they would shame and humiliate her for a while to give her a rest.

At first this looked how it might pan out. Ryan announced he wanted to piss and told her to get a chin bowl. She returned with a cereal bowl and knelt in front of him as he stood up and pulled his flaccid cock out. She opened her mouth wide and put the bowl under her chin as he pissed into her mouth. She opened her throat, a bit like when deep throating and swallowed hard to take it all in. Inevitably some spilt down her chin into the bowl. When he finished she sucked the tip of his cock clean, rubbed her wet chin with the back of her hand which she also licked clean and then gulped down the piss that had gone into the bowl.

“Thank you master.”

Ryan put his relieved dick away and sat down again to take another swig of his beer. Hayley couldn’t help but continue to eye the tabasco and chilli nervously.

Denny clicked his fingers and she walked on her knees to where he had also stood up. She repeated the piss drinking routine with him. She was sure his piss tasted worse but she guessed it was just her imagination as she struggled to swallow. She drained the overflow that had gone into the bowl and cleaned him. He too put his dick back and sat down again.

“We thought your dancing wasn’t really that saucy,” Denny said, “so we thought we’d give you a chance to try again.”

This was alright Hayley thought. Just some more dancing and light whipping probably close in front of them like she had done before.

She was told to pull their pants and underwear off and then table dance well enough to make their dicks hard. She saw the two short whips they both held and began her stripper type routine that Ryan frequently made her do. If he wasn’t whipping her she actually didn’t think it was that bad.

They sat on the sofa about a foot apart. She’d have to be carefull not to knock the side tables each had a little further out. Ryan started some music and she began sliding her hips back and forth, she bent her knees to show them her gaping cunt and she wriggled her tits as strippers did. Of course this performance wasn’t going to turn on hardened sadists like them, though they enjoyed looking at her.

Ryan threw her a dildo which she turned on and began running over her body and between her legs. Soon it was going between her legs and up her gaping tube.

“Hayley,” said Ryan, prefacing the sentence with her name that would make it a hypnotic command, “feel yourself get more and more excited until you come.”

The nice thing about these commands were that she was not aware immediately he stopped talking that he had said it so thought she was really doing whatever he commanded under her own volition. In the case of coming it never ceased to confuse and humiliate her.

She started rubbing her breasts and using the vibrator more while becoming visibly aroused and moaning. Denny of course did not know the power of Ryan’s command and thought this was just part of her being the masochistic slut that she was.

Hayley was caught up in her own arousal. Ryan leant forward to whip her across the hip and ass cheek. He twizzled his finger to indicate for her to turn around. She turned and stuck her ass out moving it round and round while pushing the vibrator in and out of herself. Ryan and Denny lashed her ass to put a few stripes on it before she turned around again and then bent to wave her tits in front of them which they also gave a few whippings to. This didn’t seem to put her off and even when Ryan drained his bottle and gave it to her to push up her ass she was soon gyrating her hips and fucking herself with the vibrator up and down in her cunt, the bottle in and out of her ass and cries of pleasure escaping from her only heightened when they gave her the occasional lash.

It took only a few more moments before she ascended to climax. The vibrator and bottle pistoned in and out of her gyrating hips as she still tried to dance and gyrate to give them a full view and for once her gasps and moans were of pleasure. She began crying out and her cunt started spasming. Her whole body shook.

“Hayley come. Hayley come strongly now.”

“Oh. Oh. Ooooooh!”

Her whole body was convulsed with electric shocks. Her clitoris, her nipples, her fuck tube, her arse rim was exploding with tingling and pleasure.

“Oh wow,” said Denny, “wow.”

For almost half a minute she shivered and vibrated and moaned with lust. At the end her whole body went rigid. The vibrator and bottle were fully impaled in her and then she went limp, gasping, eyes watering, shame flooding her, not sure what to with the two implements she had pushed so hard into herself.

How could such a shocking exhibition have made her come? She was mortified and overcome with embarrassment and humiliation and done with a semi stranger present.

Ryan’s cock had risen slightly. He had seen it before. Caused it before. Denny’s cock was rigid.

She stood slightly bent over, recovering.

“Come on then slut,” said Ryan, “it’s us you’re supposed to be entertaining, not yourself.”

“Get that ass gyrating above Denny’s cock.”

Hayley, beetroot red, tried to pull herself together. She pulled the vibrator out of her hole with a slurping sound. The bottle emerged with a plop. Ryan mimed sucking it to her. Trying to turn her mind off she started fellating the dirty smelly thing in her mouth. She was trying to be sexy but the revulsion on her face was obvious. Ryan began to get harder. She obviously didn’t know what to do with the vibrator but Ryan held his hand out and she was able to pass it to him still vibrating. He smiled smugly, turned it off and put it beside him. Then he gave her a lash across her left tit. These kinds of marks didn’t last but they were nice to see while they were there.

He mimed wiggling her tits at him. She leant forward to wave them in front of him and simultaneously Ryan did a hard horizontal swipe catching them both and Denny swiped in across her thigh and lower ass. Hayley cried out. Ryan had hit her harder than expected and it stung badly. He had done it to bring her down from her cum and get her back into her role of fuck whore. He nodded towards Denny.

She saw Denny’s hard on and moved to straddle him and let her cunt take in just the tip of his cock, teasing up and down, keeping her movements as if she was dancing. Her tits were in front of his face.

“Dirtier than a real stripper eh Ryan?”

“Oh yeh, no touching them. Let alone them fucking you.”

Hayley tried to turn her mind off while the two guys made lewd comments to embarrass her and of course commenting on every part of her body.

After teasing his prick while he fondled and licked her boobs Hayley gave her legs a rest by bending over and teasing him with her mouth, still moving the rest of herself with the music. A couple of times Denny couldn’t resist just pushing her head down so his dick went to her throat and briefly gagged her. When her legs had recovered from the up and down movement of her earlier straddling she turned around to repeat the cock teasing with her gyrating ass. While her back was turned Ryan passed Denny the tabasco sauce.

Suddenly Denny turned her around and with his hand smeared with the sauce he pushed it between her spread labia and smeared it from the back of her slit through to her clitoris.

For a moment she thought it was a lubricant. Then it began burning.

“Oh. Oh.” She straightened up, then let out a percing scream, “YEEEEEEEE!”

Her hands shot to her cunt, her body doubled up.


She fell screaming to the ground on her back her hands desperately rubbing at her burning slit and clitoris. Her body jerked alarmingly and she went into what looked like an epileptic fit.

Ryan jumped to his feet in alarm. He had never seen her like this.

“Get it off. Get it off,” she began screaming holding her cunt and spasming.

“Get it off yourself you dumb cunt,” said Denny.

Ryan didn’t want to lose face but he didn’t want his girlfriend seriously damaged either. He compromised by walking quickly to the kitchen to fill the earlier ceral bowl with water. In the background he could hear her body thumping up and down and her screaming. He returned with the bowl and a cloth and gave it to her.

“Hayley I want you to feel only half the pain. Hayley I want you to feel only half the pain for the next minute while you wash yourself.”

This hypnotic suggestion to lessen the pain, but not stop it, which would make Denny suspicious, reduced her wild screaming to mild screaming while she frantically wiped herself, still jerking wildly, with the cloth. It was several minutes and a change of water before she calmed down. She was about to erupt into an angry shouting fit when Ryan headed her off by whispering in her ear, “Hayley I want you to feel no anger. HayleyI want you to put it behind you. Hayley I want you to be submissive.”

He had never had to use so much suggestion on her since the first few days when he had got her.

“Suck my cock. Suck my cock now.”

Denny was also taken aback and for a moment stood back and let Ryan deal with it. He knew the cunt. It had looked like she was about to have a go at both of them and storm off, but Ryan had whispered something to her and she had calmed down. Gd knows what he had said. He watched as she suddenly turned submissive again and began sucking Ryan’s cock.

“That’s it,” coaxed Ryan, “you be a good fuck slave. You want to be a good fuck slave don’t you?”

She pulled off his shaft enough to say “yes master” and resumed her sucking, sucking his cock like a baby might suck a bottle for comfort.

It didn’t last long. Having regained control Ryan pushed her off his erect dick and slapped her face, “now you need to be punished for your bad behaviour.”

Hayley was confused. What was happening. They had gone too far and she’d been about to tell him to fuck off no matter what the consequences and then suddenly she was allowing him control again and letting him blame her! There was something going on she didn’t know about. However another stinging slap to the cheek jolted her back to her fuck slut condition as she was dragged over the table and Ryan and Denny started laying into her ass with a cane.

Now her mind was once again only filled with pain and fear.

“Dumb slut. Ruining our enjoyment,” said Denny as he whistled the cane down hard. The flesh bent in and a ripple of fat went through the fat from the point of flattening contact out to the end of her ass cheeks. Hayley screamed and cried and begged for mercy. Her body twisted from side to side. Her legs kicked up and down and splayed out. Her arms flailed helplessly against the floor and into space.

“You’re for entertainment, cooking and fucking, just remember that,” said Ryan as he brought his cane down, “and don’t you dare fall off this table or else the flogging you get on the frame will be ten times worse than last time.”

Somehow Hayley managed to stay on the table even though it felt like her arse was being completely destroyed. She screamed and kicked and grunted and “aaah’ed and she cried. She cried buckets.

“Please, please,” she cried, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” her legs kicked, her body thrashed from side to side and up and down. Her belly and breasts thumped on the table as she rose and fell. It was amazing she didn’t break her neck as her head jerked back again and again from the pain of each new cut. Her ass changed colour from welted to red to brown bruises and then blue bruises.

When a little blood began to come out as stroke fell on top of stroke they turned her over and began caning her front. Somehow she managed to keep her arms hanging down above her head mainly from the force of the shear fear she was feeling while they caned her stomach and midriff and tits and thighs until she thought she was going to pass out. Her screams had got less because of her throat wearing out and her cries for mercy had subsided into an almost mindless mumbling of “mercy, mercy, mercy,” or “please, please, please.”

Ryan and Denny had almost convinced themselves that it was her fault and felt almost real anger as they punished her. As their arms began to ache they slowed down and the strokes became weaker.

Ryan’s arm began to ache and he threw the cane down.

“Time for her to do her fucking job,” said Denny pulling her splayed legs towards him and ramming his rampant dick into her red sore cunt hole. Hayley, in a haze of pain was scarcely aware of what was happening apart from being vaguely aware she was being possessed again.

Demmy rammed her hard and savagely. Each stroke pushed her back along the table and he had to pull her forward again by her spread thighs to pull out and drive it in again. Each thrust didn’t just hurt her oh so sore slit. It hurt her horribly bruised ass. When he got fed up with pulling her back by her thighs he leaned forward and began mauling her tits and pulling her back by them. Hayley had pain everywhere. Lines of burning pain across her tits and the front and back of her thighs, aching and excruciating welts across her torso. Demmy bucked back and forth pulling on her tits to drag her down for each new painful entry, fucking her as if he was trying to bruise her mound or clit as much as he had bruised her ass. He started releasing her tits to slap her on alternate cheeks before pulling her back again and shouting, “fuck me bitch. Tighten that cunt you fun breaking cow.”

And Hayley actually tried. So well trained, so defeated and brain-numb she actually tried to squeeze her cunt muscles for him, but she couldn’t. She was physically exhausted. She was incapable of carrying out his command though she still made a few pathetic efforts.

She was fucked like a rag doll. Jerking and moaning with each hard contact from his groin against her burnt cunt. Sliding up the table, being pulled back by her tits which also got occasional slaps to match her stinging face cheeks, blinded by the water forming and running out of her eyes and then the last defeat.

As Ryan saw Demmy was about to come he whispered into Hayley’s ear, “Hayley I want you to come. Hayley I want you to come now.” As Demmy jerked straight, squeezed her tits and shot load after load of his thick spunk into her she too came. Her poor, exhausted, raggedy body, jerked and spasmed, her muscles tightened and she too orgasmed.

Demmy smiled in triumph and elation. He had conquered her body and her mind.

“You see bitch, I knew I could make you come.”

Hayley stared at him, broken and defeated. She couldn’t ignore how badly she had been treated. How mercilessly and brutally fucked. She couldn’t ignore that she had just come. She was too exhausted to move her pain ridden body by its own volition and yet she had come.

She was too exhausted to even cry, but water welled up in her eyes and trickled down her temples and over her ears to puddle on the table.

Demmy withdrew his victorious dick, now softening slightly and went round to push it in her mouth. She could make only a token effort to move her head to the side and open her mouth. Her tongue could barely move as he pushed the slimy member in. The water in her eyes rolled in a different direction. Demmy pulled out and wiped it in her hair.

Ryan took his place at her cunt but didn’t want Demmy’s spunk all over him so he raised her legs and pushed into her ass hole. Hayley lay and let him take his pleasure moaning and grunting until he too showed his possession of her and rippled and shot into her bowls, except once again Ryan said, “Hayley I want you to come,” and she orgasmed again in time with each gob, or imagined gob, that Ryan shot into her bowels. It was much reduced from the previous one. Her body was played out, yet it rippled through her anyway and she moaned as it reached her head, as her clit and her anal ring and her bowels and her head became connected as one.

Ryan pulled out and pulled her off the table. She slid down but collapsed in a softly crying heap on the floor. Crying not from the all over pain but from the coming, the orgasm, while she was being fucked up the arse.

Ryan and Demmy dressed and fell back on the sofas and continued drinking. They talked about an upcoming football match and about some mutual friends. At eleven Demmy said he had to go.

“Thanks for a good night,” he said at the door, “had a great time.”

“My pleasure,” said Ryan.

Hayley still lay on the floor where she had fallen, she was still intermittently crying. White liquid slowly leaked out of her ass and cunt.


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