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A Night With John

Extreme, f, M, Bondage, Domination, Enema, Humiliation, Masochism, Pain, Rape, Sadism, Scat, Sex Toys, Submission, Water Sports, Blackmail, Non-Consensual

Whipped.  Bruised. Pierced.  Burned.  Her skin ripped and chafed.  Her nose broken.  Her throat drilled.  Her pussy brutalized.  Her ass torn open.  Maya could no longer differentiate between all her different pains.  Every part of her body, inside and out, cried for attention, and it all blended together into a deafening roar of agony.

She would have collapsed, but the way he'd tied her up wouldn't let her.  She would have screamed, but that too was a privilege he'd denied her.  He hadn't done anything to stop her from crying though, and that she did.  She cried in great heaving sobs, the tears running in tracks down her abused body.

She cried because of the pain.  She cried because of the humiliation.  She cried at the knowledge that a few short hours had been enough to break her, to turn into a whimpering animal.  But most of all, she cried because the night wasn't over yet.

A few hours earlier...

John followed Maya from the airport.  He'd been parked there for about an hour before her flight arrived, and watched as she got into a cab.  As he'd expected, it had taken her to an upper class hotel, the same one she always stayed at when she was in the area.

He entered the hotel a few minutes after she had, and paid for a room with cash.  As he headed to the elevator, he nodded subtly at a passing bellhop.  The attendant was part of the plan, and the whole reason he'd chosen this location: a long time customer of his who had agreed to assist him in exchange for a future discount.  John stayed in his room for about an hour, anticipation growing, until the bellhop finally passed a key under the door, along with a note listing her room number.

John quietly slipped inside her room, carrying his suitcase with him.  He crept along the short corridor between the door and the bedroom until he saw her.  His timing couldn't have been more perfect; she'd just gotten out of the shower, and had only a towel wrapped around her.  Her lustrous black hair fell wetly around her shoulders, and the towel did little to hide the smooth curves of her body.  Even half naked, she projected a natural grace, the assured air of a confident, beautiful woman.  She was facing away from him, rummaging through her own suitcase on the bed, no doubt looking for something to wear.

As he drew closer, he noticed too late the mirror in the corner.  His reflection caught Maya's eye and she whirled to face him.  She opened her mouth to scream, but he was too fast for her.  Before she'd even finished turning around, he'd dropped the suitcase and lunged at her.  His left hand darted out and plunged into her mouth, reducing her yell to a harmless gurgle.  She gagged and bit down, hard enough to draw blood, but he only forced his hand in deeper, scraping his fingers against her teeth.  His fingers found the back of her throat and she couldn't stop herself from retching.

Vomit leaked out of the corners of her mouth, and for a few seconds her upheaving stomach was given all her attention.  That was enough time to grab her head with his other hand and force her face down onto the bed.  The towel had already fallen to the floor, and her naked body squirmed beneath him, but he had his knee squarely down on the small of her back.

While Maya was doing her best to chew his fingers off, John reached into his pocket with his free hand and took a ringed leather collar and wrapped it around her neck.  A quick tug momentarily choked her and got her to release his left hand from her bite.

Instead of immediately pulling his hand out as she gasped for air, he fished around for her tongue.  He'd already taken the clamp out of his pocket.  It was a small but vicious piece of equipment, a simple vee shape with a line of pins all along the top piece that pointed down.  When he forced it onto her tongue, droplets of blood welled up where the pins skewered her flesh.  They went all the way through her tongue and snapped into place when they reached the corresponding holes in the bottom section of the clamp.  The top part then detached with a simple twist, leaving only the studs of the pins showing.  In a matter of seconds, she'd suddenly acquired half a dozen tongue piercings.

The bottom part of the clamp, now locked to her tongue via the embedded pins, had a small silver chain dangling from it.  This he pulled out and attached to the front of her collar, leaving her tongue sticking out.  She tried to scream again, but now it just came out as a low keening moan.  Nothing that would be heard outside the room.

It was child's play after that.  Two pairs of handcuffs trapped her arms behind her back, wrist to elbow, and another locked her ankles together.  He rolled her onto her back and straddled her, finally getting a good look at her face.  She didn't disappoint.  Her features were full and soft, the rich brown of her skin and eyes reflecting her Latina blood and giving her a slight air of exotic beauty.

"Miss Maya Santiago", he said, "I want to make sure you understand what's going on here.  Please try to calm down."  She glared at him, but realized that struggling was getting her nowhere and reluctantly stopped, panting for breath.

The encounter had left him slightly winded too, and he took a minute to lay next to her and recover.  Maya continued to glare, the expression marred somewhat by her obscenely stretched tongue.

"You and I are going to spend the rest of the night in this room," John continued.  "I am going to pass the time by hurting you very badly.  In between torturing you, and during, I plan to rape you in all three holes, probably multiple times.  I took some Viagra while I was waiting in my room, so I should be able to keep going all night."

She stared at him with growing horror, not just at his words but at his casual, almost passionless tone, as if he was describing what the weather would be like tomorrow.

"Before we begin, Miss Santiago, I have to ask if you're on any medication or have any serious allergies I should know about.  I may be giving you certain drugs later, and if you have a bad reaction, it could be fatal.  Neither one of us wants that, I can assure you.  I have no interest in hurting or fucking a corpse."

She just continued to stare at him, and he sighed, then gripped the chain connecting tongue to collar and tugged it from side to side, forcing her to bob her head back and forth to stop her tongue from being ripped out.  "Please try to focus, Miss Santiago.  Shake or nod your head to let me know if you are on any medication or have any serious allergies."

He released the chain, and she slowly shook her head.  "That's good," he told her.  "It means I'll be able to hurt you more."  A soft mewling sound came out of her mouth as she struggled to speak.  He laid a single finger on her open lips to signal that she should be quiet.

"It's very important to me that you understand why I'm going to torture and rape you this evening.  I want you to know that I bear you no grudge, nor am I attempting to interrogate you for information.  In fact, there is nothing you could say or do that would convince me to stop what I'm doing or go easy on you."

He shifted on the bed until her head was about even with his crotch, and then grabbed her hair.  She tried to squirm out of his grip, but he easily controlled her.  With his other hand he unzipped his pants and let his cock stand free.   He pulled her head close enough to feel her breath on him.  "This is why," he told her.  "All the agony and humiliation you're about to go through?  It's for this."  He slowly stroked himself.  "To get me off.  That's all.  As far as I'm concerned you're just a piece of meat, a toy that will cry and moan when I hurt it, and that will make my dick feel good when I stick it in.  To you, this will probably be the worst experience of your life.  For me, it's just a nice alternative to jerking off."

He wiped away a bit of blood from her chin.  "Do you like your new jewelry?" he asked.  "I've been meaning to try that clamp out on someone for a while now.  I've heard the studs feel quite good during blowjobs.  Shall we test them out?"  She growled her dissent, but was helpless to do anything more.  He rubbed her tongue against his cock, forcing her to give it several long licks.

"Oh yes," John said.  "That's going to feel wonderful when I'm fucking your face.  I think I'll get on that right now.  I recommend you just relax and enjoy it.  Most of what you'll be doing tonight will be a lot worse than a little dick sucking."

He forced Maya's head down and over his cock.  Her mouth twitched as she longed to bite him, but she couldn't do that without biting off her own tongue.  Her throat was still slick from vomiting, and his head had no trouble popping into it.  The intrusion made her gag again, her whole body spasming like a fish out of water.  She tried to pull back, but his grip was steady, and his cock only burrowed deeper into her gullet.

"That's it," he breathed.  "A nice bit of cock gobbling to start off the night.  Just a little something to take the edge off before we get down to business."

Once her throat had been adequately stretched out, he began to bounce her head against his crotch like it was a basketball.    Her fucked her throat with wild abandon, no finesse or hesitation in it.  He knew that he was probably doing lasting damage, that she would be hoarse for days, have a sore throat for weeks.  The thought of it only made him fuck her harder, jerking her head up and down so quickly that she began to grow dizzy.

After about five minutes she threw up again.  The bile was pinkish this time, tinged with blood.  Some of it trickled out of her mouth around his cock, but most of it shot out of her nose, coating her features.  He didn't even slow down.  Sloppy wet noises emanated from his groin as her teary face slapped against the pooling vomit over and over.

As John felt his orgasm approaching, he sped up, beating Mayas head against his groin until he could see bruises beginning to form.  She was choking now, her mouth too full of bile and cock to draw breath.  Finally he forced her head all the way down, grinding her against his crotch, trying to drive his cock as deep as possible.  He heard a crunching noise and guessed he'd managed to break her nose.

His orgasm reached him, and he began to spurt, semen shooting down into her stomach.  He let her throat milk his cock and drain the cum out of it.  Finally spent, he lay there like that for a time.  She tried to move her head, and he firmly forced it back down, waiting until his cock softened enough to be completely out of her throat.

When he was ready, he pushed her away and got up, then pulled her off the bed and onto the floor in a heap.  He looked up at the ceiling beams.  They were obviously fake, and completely at odds with the rest of the decor, but they would work for what he wanted.

"It's time for you to get me hard again," he told her.  "Unfortunately for you, this is where the torture comes in."  He undid the cuffs around her ankles, and she squealed as he grabbed her nipples and used them to lift her up into a sitting position, on her ass with her freed legs at her sides.  A mask of drying vomit, blood, and cum covered most of her features, one of her eyes was nearly swollen shut, and her nose was indeed broken, though the crack was minor.  None of that hid the look of disgust on her face as he continued to fondle her chest for a long moment.

"You really have some perfect tits," he said.  "I'm not talking about size, though there's nothing wrong there either.  No freckles, no stretch marks, no blemishes, just two flawless handfuls of flesh.  I almost don't want to damage them."  He sighed.  "But c'est la vie."

He withdrew a cordless hand drill from his bag, and Maya flinched away in terror, falling over onto her side.  A long stream of desperate noises came out of her mouth as she did her best to scream for help.  Unable to get back up with her arms bound, she began desperately wiggling her way across the room, trying to at least reach the door.

John just rolled his eyes.  “Theres no need for such melodrama," he said mildly.  "It's not for you."  He reached up and drilled two small holes in the ceiling beams, then put the tool away.  "See?"

He grabbed her squirming body by the foot and dragged her back, arranging her in the same sitting position as before.  "Stay still," he ordered, "or I'll nail you into place first."  She stayed still.

Two long lengths of rough twine came out of his suitcase next. He took one and wrapped part of it around the base of her left breast several times, until the flesh was squeezed so tight it began to discolor.  He lifted the other end of the twine and fed it through one of the holes in the beams, then brought it back down and tied it securely to her big left toe.  He repeated the process with the other piece of twine and her right side.

She was left sitting on the floor in a vee position, her legs pointing up at the ceiling.  The ropes formed a primitive pulley, which he demonstrated by putting a hand on both legs and pushing down.  The twine around her breasts squeezed tighter, scraping against her delicate skin, and she was lifted a couple inches into the air.  It felt as if the ropes were trying to tear the tits off her, and she moaned in discomfort.  He took his hands off and let her drop back on her butt.

"Yes, I'm sure it hurts being suspended like that," he said.  "But the real question is, does it hurt more than this?"  He took a flat white object with a few dials and a dangling electrical cord from his luggage and showed it to her expectantly.  She just stared at it without comprehension.

"Really?" he asked, a little surprised.  "You don't know what this is?  Well, I suppose you'll find out soon enough."  He took the object and placed it under her ass.  Its stubby legs were tied to a leg of the bed to keep it in place, then he plugged it into a nearby outlet and switched the thing on.  For a few seconds she felt nothing, followed by a pleasant warmth that was almost soothing.

Then the hot plate began to live up to its name.

She shrieked as it started searing her flesh.  Tied in place as she was, there was only one way to escape the heat, and she took it, pushing her legs down and lifting herself into the air.  Once again her breasts felt like they were being mauled, and her toes began to throb with pain, but it was better than the plate.

John watched her suffer for a long time.  Keeping herself in the air put a tremendous strain on her legs, and after just a few minutes they were already threatening to fail.  While he waited for her strength to run out, he played with her nipples, rolling them around with his fingers.

"Do you know what I like best about this position?" he asked her in a conversational tone.  "The way your lower holes are going to be red and swollen after a little bit of roasting."  Her legs began to wobble uncontrollably.  "It'll make them feel even better when they're busy satisfying my dick."

When John judged that she was nearly about to fall, he returned to his suitcase, and her eyes widened as he took out a long needle and two small silver rings.  "I'm going to need your nipples pierced for later," he said, "and this seems like the best time to get it done."  He stroked her quivering leg with one hand.  "I know it's hard, but you'll need to stay absolutely still for this.  Otherwise I might rip your nipples in two."

John brought the needle to her shaking teats, and she desperately pushed with her legs, giving them everything she had to keep level in the air.  He pinched her nipple in his fingers and stretched it as far as he could.  Then he brought the needle to the base of the nipple and pushed it in almost gently, drawing a choked gasp from Maya.  He worked it in slowly, taking his time, pumping the needle in and out of the hole as though he were fucking her with it.

Finally, the bloody needle popped out the other side.  He thrust it back and forth through her new hole a few more times before pulling it out and replacing it with one of the silver rings.  He repeated the process with her other nipple, then gave each ring a quick tug to test them.  "Yes, these will do nicely later."  He stood back to watch the real fun begin.

Bare seconds after the piercing was done, Maya let out a frustrated groan of defeat as her legs finally gave out on her.  She dropped onto the plate and it gave her a fiery kiss.  She kept trying to lift herself back up, but could only manage a few seconds before her cheeks were back on the fryer.  "That's it," John told her.  "Warm those holes up for me."

She eventually developed a jerky, uneven rhythm.  A little suspension, a little burning, a little more suspension, and on and on.  John adored the way her butt bounced and jiggled throughout the ordeal.  It was in a state of constant motion, as though she was trying to shake off the heat.  "Right now, I'm fantasizing about fucking your ass, Miss Santiago," he said.  "I believe I'm going to really enjoy it."

Maya closed her eyes, overcome by despair.  While she was in the air, her legs and breasts were in agony.  While she was on the hot plate, her bottom fried.  It was all too clear that her only real choice was what kind of torture she felt.  And all she had to look forward to was being raped afterward.

John's cock was already painfully hard by now, and he was tempted to just empty his balls onto her scrunched up face, but he resisted the urge.  Even with the Viagra, he could only cum so many times in one night, and he wanted to make each one count.

"Let's make this interesting," he said, long after she'd completely worn herself out.  "If you can stay suspended for... thirty seconds, I'll let you go."  Her tired legs could barely support her for five by that point, but she tried her best.  She didn't think anything he'd do to her later could be worse than this.  Her ass was so tender that it felt like it was on fire even when it wasn't touching the hotplate, and her breasts had already gone purple from the bondage and ached fiercely.  The twine around them was slick with blood.

She nearly made it.  She was so focused on ignoring her pain that she didn't even notice him getting out the whip, not until it bit into her stomach around the twenty second mark.  The unexpected agony made her control waver, and she flopped back on to the plate.  She stared at him in surprised dismay while her ass sizzled.

"You didn't think I'd make it that easy, did you?" he asked.  The next time she lifted herself to try again, he didn't wait to start using the whip.  Her stomach was soon a patchwork of red lines.

It took another fifteen minutes before she managed to stay up long enough.  Along the way, she felt something give in her legs, and realized she'd pulled something in both of them, but that pain still wasn't as bad as the searing heat she was fighting to escape.

True to his word, he turned off the hotplate when she'd succeeded.  He untied her breasts, then rolled her over onto her stomach and inspected her ass for any serious injury. She whined as her whipped belly and pierced nipples pressed into the rough carpet, but made no attempt to get away.  Her ass was glowing a bright red all over, and she'd have trouble sitting for weeks, but it was nothing time wouldn't heal.  He rubbed her singed cheeks and smiled.  "As planned, watching you suffer has made me hard again.  Now let's put this erection to good use."

She waited in quiet, terrified confusion for several minutes as he calmly braided her hair into a ponytail.  When he was satisfied with his work, he took both free ends of the twine, the other ends of which were still wrapped around her toes, and began pulling on them.  She groaned as she was once again lifted into the air.  As she hung upside down with her feet near the ceiling and her head and shoulders still on the floor, he tied the other ends of the twines to a bed post.  Then he went back and used plenty of duct tape to fasten the twines to the ceiling beam.

Now that the lines were secured, he untied them from the bed post and knotted them around Maya's new ponytail instead.  She was left suspended upside down, with her feet up high and her head near the ground, wrenched back by the twine so that she was staring forward at the wall.  Her body was bowed, her breasts just barely scraping the carpet.  The position was far from comfortable, and she squirmed weakly, but exhaustion soon had her still again.

There was a full length mirror in one corner of the room, the same one that shed first spotted him in, and John moved it directly in front of her so she could see herself.  The sight of her ravaged face and injured body made her moan, but she didn't really start to cry until he brought the hotplate back out and put it beneath her, the undersides of her breasts squashed flat against the cooling metal.  She tried to wiggle and get off it, but her bonds allowed her no leverage.  He finished his preparations by taking two lengths of fishing line and knotting each around one of her nipple rings.  He held the other ends in one hand, while the other positioned his cock at her suspended cunt.

John was very pleased to confirm that his catch wasn't a masochist: her pussy was sweaty but otherwise dry.  He drove himself into her slowly, inch by inch, until she was fully impaled on him.  This new pain wasn't as bad as some of her other ones, but it was intensely humiliating.  Maya had never been much for kink.  Having sex doggy style was about as extreme as she usually cared to go.  But now she'd already been face fucked and tortured, and the most intimate part of her body was about to be forced into pleasing the man who'd done it to her.

He turned the hotplate on with his foot, and she whimpered as she felt it beginning to warm up again.  "This is going to require some cooperation," he told her.  "You don't want to get burned, and I want a good fuck.  So here's how it works.  You're going to squeeze my cock as hard as you can, and I'm going to lift you off the plate with these lines,  Every time you stop squeezing, your tits get roasted."

The plate was already uncomfortably hot, and she reluctantly tightened herself around him.  He obligingly tugged on the fishing lines, and she let out a choked gasp as she was lifted by her nipple rings.  She kept it up as long she could, praying that he would cum quickly, but eventually her muscles gave out, and he let her fall back onto the plate.

It had become searing hot by now, and her body immediately bucked, managing to lift herself up for a brief moment.  That only made it hurt worse when her chest slammed back down.  She desperately squeezed his cock again, and once more the burning receded.

Maya wiggled her hips, hoping he would just start fucking her and get it over with, but he was happy to stand there for a time and let her do all the work.  Her own hopeless expression stared back at her in the mirror, watching her suffer and humiliate herself.  It took ten minutes before the sight and feel of her pain wracked body was too much for John, and he dropped the fishing lines and gave her what she'd asked for, pounding her in deep strokes.

If not for the tongue chain, her howling as her breasts were cooked would've woken up the entire hotel.  Each thrust would lift them off the plate for less than a second before they flopped back down.  She tried to squeeze down on him again, pleading that it would earn her a respite, but John ignored her.

It took an eternity before he finally came.  As his jism squirted into her, he pushed down on her back, forcing her tits against the hot metal and enjoying the way she writhed beneath him.  He kept her pinned like that until her flailing body squeezed the last drops of cum out of him.  Sated, he turned off the plate, untied the fishing line from her rings and checked that her tits were no worse off than her ass, then rested on the bed for a few minutes.

Maya lay exhausted in her suspension.  It still hurt like hell, but compared to whatever was probably going to happen next, she welcomed it.  She stared dully at her reflection, trying to figure out where the confident woman she was used to seeing there had gone, and how she'd been replaced with this crying and broken little girl.

All too soon, John stood up to begin preparing her next torture.  He cut the twine holding her up and she fell to the floor with a thud, the jarring impact breathing new life into her many injuries.  She had no energy to resist as he maneuvered her onto her back and pulled her legs up until she was nearly doubled over.  With a few strips of duct tape, he taped her feet to the bedposts, preventing her from putting her legs back down and leaving her staring at her own crotch.  He showed her a small butt plug, and she watched helplessly as he worked it into her asshole.  She'd never had anything back there, and the foreign intrusion felt awful.

Then he returned to his suitcase and took out four big jars and an enema syringe.  "Since I'm going to be fucking your ass in a few minutes," he said, "I thought an enema would be appropriate first."  Three of the jars held a white liquid, and even in her bone weary state, she immediately recognized what they were.  He unsealed the first, and began pouring its contents into the syringe.  "Some of my friends were hoping to be here too," he said, "but unfortunately their schedules didn't allow them.  So they decided that instead they would each pass on a token of their affection."

He unfolded a small note.  "This first one is from David.  He writes that for the last week, he's had his two favorite whores hold on to the condoms used by their johns.  He estimates that this jar holds the contributions of more than a hundred different men, all of them quite prestigious, including a senator, a major league baseball player, and several well-known actors.  He hopes that you enjoy such high quality semen, and that one day soon you'll have the chance to meet some of its donors."

He unscrewed the protruding base of the butt plug, then stuck the tip of the syringe in and slowly pushed down on the plunger.  Maya squirmed as the slime went through the plug and down into her bowels.  In a matter of seconds, her virgin ass became home to dozens of loads of cum.  She could feel it inside her, a sticky, gooey mess.  Once he had emptied out the syringe, she tried to push the semen back out, the shame of defecating in front of someone completely overwhelmed by the need to get that disgusting filth out of her.  But John had the plug closed back up as soon as the syringe was out, and she couldn't make the thing budge.

The next container had a slightly darker color.  "Sean sends you his best wishes.   He'd like you to know that this particular batch of sperm has already been proven asshole-friendly.  His slave Bunny spent many hours collecting it for you via an anal only gangbang session.  He's confident that you will appreciate the aged quality it's acquired from spending so much time fermenting in her rectum."

Maya felt uncomfortably full by the end of the second cum injection, and her insides started to cramp from the pressure.  The semen audibly sloshed around inside of her every time she moved.

The third container had a green and yellowish tinge.  "Mitch writes 'Took Holly out for a field trip to the stables the other day, where she got to become special friends with all the horses.  On the way home, the ungrateful bitch threw up almost everything she'd sucked out of them.  I managed to catch most of it in a doggy bag, and immediately thought of you.  Waste not, want not.'"

Maya's stomach was visibly bulging after the third injection, and she was certain she would die if she didn't get to expel the contents of her ass soon.  She was relieved to see that the fourth container held no liquid, just a long flexible piece of tubing.

John looked the note.  "Lastly, a gift from my client, the man who hired me to play with you."  She looked at him, startled.  He'd been hired?  "All he has to say is 'fuck you, cunt'.  Short but effective, I suppose."  He opened the plug again, and inserted several inches of the tube into it.  With one hand, he took hold of her pony tail and pulled it back, until she was forced to open her mouth as wide as she could to prevent her tongue chain from hurting her.  His other hand pointed the free end of the tube at her stretched lips.

He lifted one foot and rested it on her swollen belly.  Even as distracted as she was by her internal and external pains, she realized what he was about to do, and whimpered softly.  John only smiled and slowly pressed his foot down.

Maya convulsed as semen came bubbling up the tube and squirted into her gaping mouth.  She sputtered and gagged, swallowing on reflex.  She tried to turn her head away, but the tongue chain prevented her from moving it more than an inch or two.  John's foot continued to push on her stomach, forcing more cum out of her ass and into her throat.  She managed to stop herself from swallowing, and her mouth began to fill up with semen.  John lifted his foot back up before it could start to overflow out of her.

"Swallow," he ordered.  She hesitated.  "Swallow," he repeated, "or I'll make you lick up every spilled drop."  Maya shuddered and reluctantly swallowed.  John pushed his foot back down, and she meekly gulped down the cum as it poured into her.

After several minutes the flow of semen petered out, though she still felt grossly full.  At least the horrible pressure was gone.  She couldn't stop herself from picturing her insides, the cum of strangers and animals that was now pooled in her stomach, and all that must still be coating her intestines, there to stay until it was absorbed into her body, and had to fight to keep from being sick.

"Well, that was entertaining," John said.  "I hope you enjoyed your late night snack, because it's time to get back to business."  He took out the butt plug and untaped her legs, then forced her to straddle the bed, tying a rope from one ankle and running it under the bed to another.  She just flopped forward at first, but he tied another rope to her ponytail and connected it to the ceiling fan, forcing her to remain upright.

The next part of the night wouldn't work so well if she was exhausted, but he'd planned ahead.  She didn't resist as he put some uppers in her mouth, and swallowed obediently when he tilted a glass of water to her lips.
He put his bag on the bed where it would be in easy reach and then scooted beneath her, until she was straddling him.  She let out a faint sob when he sank his cock into her sore cunt.  "Don't worry," he told her.  "Just giving my cock a place to stay for a minute."  He wormed an index finger into her asshole.  Even after the enemas it was a tight squeeze, but he planned to make it even tighter.

John took his finger out and wiped it clean on her tongue, then started fishing through his bag to find what he needed: a strip of sandpaper.  He wrapped it around his middle and index finger, and then forced them up her asshole.

Maya whimpered as the sandpaper shredded the sensitive walls of her rectum.  He scrubbed her vigorously, until he could see a steady trickle of blood running down his hand.  He slid his fingers out and lifted her up and off his cock, positioning it at her anal ring instead.  Her virgin rosebud was gaping and bloody by now, and it easily gave way.

His head popped into the tight confines of her asshole.  Her insides were abraded in a hundred different places, the blood making her chute hot and sticky, and wet enough to let him force his cock in deeper.  He grabbed her hips and sharply pulled her down on to him, bottoming out.

Maya could acutely feel every vein and bump on his cock as it throbbed within her, scraping against her raw flesh, and the sheer agony of it made her start wailing nonstop.  Her trapped tongue kept the volume down, so he let her go at it.  After all, the real torture hadn't even begun yet.

Now that John was firmly entrenched in her ass, he could feel her chafed rectum swelling up, closing tight around his cock.  He wasn't sure if he could even pull out anymore.  But that was alright; he wouldn't have to.

He reached into his bag and pulled out a small bullet-shaped vibrator, about three inches long with a half-inch diameter.   A long fishing line was connected to the base.  He brought the dildo up to her mouth and began feeding it to her.  Even after it disappeared down her throat, he kept pushing his fingers in after it, forcing it further, until he was confident it had been completely swallowed and was in her stomach.

He repeated this with an identical vibrator, and then another, and so on, until six lines dangled from her mouth.  "What good is a fishing line without a hook?" he asked her cheerfully, showing her two barbed fishing hooks.  "Can you guess where these are going to go?"

Maya could, and struggled to twist away from him, but between the rope around her hair and his cock up her ass, she was stuck.  John drove the first hook into her left breast, just behind the nipple.  He wiggled it a bit to make sure it was secure, and then did the same thing with the other hook and her right breast.  She winced at the pain and did her best to minimize it by keeping still.

It took her completely by surprise when he began to stroke her clit.  His movement was gentle, even tender, and despite the various aches in her body, she couldn't help feeling a heat begin to rise.  He patiently teased her for several long minutes, until an orgasm began to approach.  Just before it could crest over her, he rammed a third fishing hook directly through her stiffened clit.

The searing pain brought her down to Earth and wiped away any pleasure she'd been feeling.  John chuckled at her hurt expression.  "My girls don't get to cum," he told her.  "If they enjoy what I'm doing, I must be doing it wrong."

He started tying the fishing lines to the hooks, two to each, cutting them along the way to leave as little slack as possible.  When he was done, he took out a remote control, a simple black instrument with a dial, and showed it to her.   "Ready?" he asked with a smile.

Maya shook her head desperately, knowing what was going to happen next.  She gave a pitiful moan, the meaning of which was easy to understand.  She wanted him to have mercy on her, to convince him that he didn't need to hurt her anymore.  But they both knew by now just how much he enjoyed hurting her, and that her wordless pleading was only adding fuel to the fire.

Before he began, he took a moment to admire his handiwork.  She didn't look nearly as pretty as when he'd started.  Patches of dried cum and vomit did little to hide her swollen eye or broken nose or the bruises all over her face, all mementos of the earlier throatfuck.  Her lips were cracked and bleeding, and her tongue still lolled out of her mouth, attached via chain to her collar.  The line of studs piercing it had been clean when he'd put them on, but like the rest of her tongue were now streaked with cum, vomit, blood, and shit.  Her tongue was probably too dry for her to taste any of it by now, so he helpfully spat on his fingers and rubbed it for a few seconds to moisten it.

Her whole body was slick with sweat, and stank of fear and sex.  Her legs were currently in a painfully wide split that had to be agony on her pulled muscles.  The rope that kept her upright strained her neck and pulled nearly hard enough to rip her hair out.

Her arms were trapped behind her, wrists handcuffed to elbows.  This had the pleasant (for him) side effect of pushing her tits up and showing them off to him.  Her chest was a far cry from the smooth, unblemished curves he'd admired earlier.  Angry red rope burns circled the base of each breast, and burns of a different sort covered their undersides.  Two silver rings glinted off her bloodied nipples, and right below them were the large fish hooks buried in her flesh.  He tested the tautness of the fishing lines by flicking them with a finger, and they gave a reassuring twang.  Beneath her tits, he imagined he could see the outlines of the vibrators they were connected to filling her stomach, waiting to contribute to her torment.

The outside of her stomach was little better, with deep red whip marks all across it.  He traced one with a finger, and she squirmed to avoid his touch.  She was doing a lot of squirming, actually.  The uppers had already started to kick in, and she couldn't stop herself from twitching, even though it only made all her pains worse, especially when her seared and tender ass cheeks scraped against his hairy crotch.

And finally, her asshole, skinned with sandpaper, the hot, swollen flesh embracing his cock tighter than any other hole he'd known.  That asshole was about to give him a very good time.  He held the remote control in front of her eyes, and they both watched him turn it to the highest setting.

All six vibrators buzzed to life inside her.  They rattled against themselves and her stomach, sloshing around in the pool of swallowed cum, twisting this way and that.  On the outside of her body, this caused the embedded fish hooks to dance about wildly.  Each one jerked around, worrying at her wounds and ripping open flesh.

Despite all Maya's efforts to keep still, instinct immediately overwhelmed her, and her body began to buck and thrash, trying to get away from the biting agony.  But there was no escape to be had, not from the hooks tearing away at her flesh, not from the vibrators chafing her very insides, and not from his rock hard cock in her ass, which felt like a red hot poker by now.  She helplessly jerked and bounced in place, knowing it was only providing him more pleasure.

John was in heaven.  Her squirming, clenching asshole was working his cock from every angle, and in less than a minute it literally wrung the cum out of him.  When Maya felt his hot seed pouring into her bowels, she entertained the fleeting hope that it meant the end, but he was content to lay back and let her spasming chute gradually milk him back to hardness.

It was too much.  Every part of her body was screaming at her, and the drugs left her hypersensitive to all of it.  She'd never imagined it was possible to feel this much pain, and yet it grew worse every second.  "Pleath'" she mumbled around the tongue chain.  "Juth kihl mee..."

"Not until I get tired of you," John told her, smiling.  This was always his favorite part: breaking a girl so badly she'd do anything just for a respite of pain, and then denying them.  He loved the look on their faces when they realized that he'd been telling the truth from the beginning, that there was no escape.  He was going to keep torturing them until he was ready to quit, and there was nothing they could do about it.  Maya didn't disappoint, and her sobbing despair was one of the most beautiful things he'd ever seen.

He'd whipped her.  Bruised her. Pierced her.  Burned her.  Ripped and chafed her skin.  Broken her nose.  Drilled her throat.  Brutalized her pussy.  Torn open her ass.  And best of all, the night wasn't over yet.

He kept the vibrators going.  For half an hour she writhed on top of him, half mad with pain, longing for death.  He came one more time, again cumming deep inside her ass.  When he finally turned the vibrators off, she slumped forward as far as her bonds would allow, completely exhausted.

She barely noticed the hot liquid filling her ass until it began to burn, scalding the tender flesh of her rectum.  "Just a little piss break," John told her, and she was surprised to find that she could still be disgusted.  She waited for this new degradation to end, and then to her horror he picked up the remote control again.

Urgent moans and whimpers leaped out of her mouth, a rushing nonstop litany.   He didn't need words to understand any of it.  No please god no I'll do anything oh god oh god it hurts so much please have mercy no more oh god.  He just smiled even wider and turned the vibrators back on.

Another hour of buggery.  Two more loads of cum deposited in her bowels.  Maya couldn't believe she was still alive when it was over.  Her breasts were covered in blood, with deep gashes below her nipples.  Even worse was her clit, which had been nearly ripped in two.  Her head swam and she was barely conscious of what was going on as he pulled his softened cock out of her burning rectum and cut the ropes binding her.  She flopped down.

He dragged her until her head hung off the foot of the bed, and lashed her wrists and ankles to the bed posts.  She was left face down and spread-eagled, exposing her backside.  Aside from her burned cheeks and the bloody ruin of her asshole, it had been left untouched so far.

He unclipped her tongue chain from her collar, but kept a firm hold on it.  "Before you get any ideas about making noise," he told her softly, "I want you to think about how easily and quickly I could yank this chain and rip your tongue right out of your mouth.  Think about the chances that you'd manage to wake anyone up and that they'd actually bother to investigate.  Think about whether or not you'd like to see me in a bad mood."

He released the chain, and her tongue disappeared back into her mouth.  The chain dangled out of her lips, and prevented her from closing her mouth completely, but it was still a blessed relief.  The thought of screaming for help flashed through her mind and was immediately dismissed.  She really didn't want to make him angry.  "Please," she croaked, "I'll do anything..."

"Quiet now," John said.  "I didn't restore your tongue because I wanted to hear you talk.  It's got work to do.   He cupped her chin and brought her head up to his groin.  His cock was a disgusting mess of their bodily fluids: cum, blood, shit, piss, and vomit.  There was so much smeared filth that in some places his flesh couldn't even be seen.

"Here's what happens now," he said.  "You're going to give my cock a thorough tongue bath, until it's as clean as a cat's whiskers.  Then I want a solid, enthusiastic blowjob.  Given how grimy my dick is, and how many times I've already cum tonight, both those tasks are going to take quite a while, so I'm going to provide some motivation to help both of us along."  He held up the belt in his right hand.  "Until my next load of semen is sitting in your stomach, I'm going to beat you with this."

John let go of her head and it dropped back down.  A second later, a line of fire cut across her back, followed by another, and another.  Maya opened her mouth to scream, and thought better of it.  Instead she lifted her head up and urgently sought out his crotch.  She had to strain her neck just to reach it, but ignored that minor pain and immediately began slobbering all over it as best she could. 

It was the foulest thing Maya had ever tasted, and nausea welled up in her, but her back was already crisscrossed with welts and he wasn't slowing down.  So she went at it with as much haste as she could manage, her tongue running all along his slimy dick.  Bit by bit the filth on it went down her throat.  She felt her ministrations making his cock harden, and prayed it wouldn't take much more to get him off.  At last his cock was covered by nothing but her spit and tears, and he looked down on it approvingly.

"That's it for bath time," he said.  "Now show me what a good cocksucker you can be."

And she did.  She was desperate to please him, to show him how cooperative she could be if he would only give her the chance.  She pulled out every trick she knew.  She tongued his balls, teased his head, took his shaft as deep into her throat as she could.  Her entire back felt like it was on fire, and she transformed that pain and all the many others into a frenzy of action as she debased herself for her rapist and torturer.

Weary relief ran through her when she felt his cock swell in her mouth and start spurting.  She had enough presence of mind to swallow, and opened wide afterward to show him.  The rhythmic strokes of the belt finally stopped.  Without prompting, she dutifully cleaned his cock again, licking up the traces of sperm.

Line after line of red welts covered her back, and there was barely any unmarked skin left to be seen.  "You're just pretty as picture now, aren't you?" he remarked, and that gave him an idea.  He went into his bag again and pulled out a black marker and a camera.
Above her ass and just below where the marks of the belt began, he wrote in large letters "TIED UP, TORTURED, RAPED, AND LOVED EVERY SECOND".  On her left ass cheek he wrote "I NEED YOU IN MY ASS", on the other "PUMP YOUR JIZZ INTO MY GUTS."

John snapped a few pictures and then untied her arms and legs to roll her over.  Her burned and bloody tits were soon adorned with the words "PAIN SLUT' and "FUCKTOY."  Above her navel, he wrote "IF YOU WANT ME, JUST PUSH ME DOWN AND TAKE ME."  Below it, he wrote "YES, THAT MEANS YOU.  MAKE ME SCREAM!"  He took some more pictures.

Once he had enough shots, he looked down at his cock.  It was still soft and more than a little sore, and he had a feeling he was done for the night.  Well, it had been a good run.  She was still just staring blankly at the ceiling when he sat down on the bed and rubbed her leg.  "It's time we had a talk about your future.  There are two ways that this night can end.  The first is that I take you home with me."

He smiled at the sudden surge of fear in her eyes.  "You may think you know what pain is by now, but I can assure you that you have no idea.  I've been careful not to do anything permanent to you tonight, nothing that won't heal in a few weeks.  But if you go back with me, you're going there to stay, and I won't have to keep holding back.

"The other option," he continued, "is that I leave and you go home.  Obviously, I like that one a whole lot less."

She stared at him, waiting for the catch, and he obliged.  "Of course, just because you'll be home doesn't mean you'll be done.  You'll be expected to occasionally entertain me and my friends.  None of them are quite as vicious as I am, but they still know how to show a girl a good time.  In other words, you'll be our slave."

It was an easy choice.  "I want to go home," she begged.  "I'll do whatever you want, just let me go home."  A faint hope rose in her.  If he really her go, she had him.  She wasn't going to be one of those women who were too ashamed to report being attacked.  There was DNA evidence all over her body, and inside it.  She'd talk to the DA, call in every favor she had, and soon this guy would be in prison finding out what sodomy felt like from the other side.

John sighed.  They always picked the second option.  "It's not quite so simple.  See, there's still a problem to deal with.  If I let you go, what's to stop you from going to the authorities?"

Her eyes widened.  "I won't!  I swear!  I'll never tell anyone about any of this!"

"I don't believe you," he said flatly.  "I think you'll say anything to get away from me, and the second you think you're safe, you'll do everything in your power to get back at me.  You'll call the cops, or maybe just buy a gun so you can try to shoot me the next time we cross paths."

She opened her mouth to protest her loyalty, but he raised a hand to stop her.  "I'm going to give you a chance to prove yourself.  We've got another couple hours before I have to get going.  You're going to spend that time coming up with ways to make me trust you."  He pulled a voice recorder out of his pocked and turned it on.  "I want every dirty secret, every skeleton in your closet, anything and everything that gives me a hold on you.  Rest assured, all that knowledge will be passed on to my good friends for safe keeping.  And if even a single piece of it turns out to be false, you'll wish you'd just chosen to go home with me.

"In two hours, if I don't think I could destroy you with a snap of my fingers, then I take you with me.  That's the real choice here, Miss Santiago: either my friends and I own you for the rest of your life, or the rest of your life will be short and painful."

Inwardly, John hoped that she'd have nothing to offer him, that she'd turn out to be squeaky clean with no real weaknesses to exploit.  It had been a long time since he'd gotten to have a slave that was all his.  They always died off so quickly, and everyone would get angry about the wasted investment.  But he'd do his best to make this one last.  He had an empty cage in the basement that she would fit into perfectly, and so many toys down there that he hadn't tried out yet.  He wouldn't let this one die until he'd gotten to play with all of them.

Maya hesitated for only a moment, and then the words started rushing out, everything she could think of.  For the next two hours she gave him the keys to her life and everything he'd need to ruin it.  Her faint hope died within her.  She knew she couldn't go to the DA now.  She couldn't go to anyone.

John untied her while she talked.  Her confessions were occasionally interrupted by short breaks to pull another vibrator out of her stomach.  Each one was dripping with cum, and she had to lick them clean and dry them with her hair before he was satisfied.

"I believe that's more than enough for me to work with," he said when she was done talking, patting her head like a dog that had performed a trick.  There was only the mildest note of disappointment in his tone.  "I'll admit, we had no idea of your... personal activities.  You will make a fascinating toy.  There are just two more things to take care of before I leave you alone.  First, I like the way these look."  He traced a finger over the writing on her stomach.  "Sometime in the next few days, I want you to find a tattoo parlor and get them to make all of these permanent.  If you don't have it done by the next time we meet, I'll take a knife and do it myself."

She shuddered.  She'd get them, she knew, but the tattoos would mean the end of her social life.  She'd never be able to date anyone, and she'd have to wear modest clothing all year around.  More importantly, it meant that every time she looked in the mirror, she'd be reminded of what had happened to her.  This night would remain fresh in her mind forever.  She hadn't thought she had any tears left, but a few more managed to leak out.

"Second," he said.  "I believe you're currently representing a Cindi Fisher in court?"

Maya blinked.  It was true; she was representing Cindi, a young woman suing her boss for sexual harassment.  It had seemed like a simple, open-shut case for her client when she'd picked it up a few weeks ago, and had barely given it any thought.  "How do you... I mean, yes, I am."

"You're going to drop her case.  Immediately.  And you're going to do everything you can to see that no one else picks it up.  Cindi's a lost cause, and anyone who touches her is going to get dragged down with her.  Just like you did."

"Y-You mean," she said, picking up on what he was saying, "everything you did to me... everything you're going to do, is just because I'm some girl's lawyer?"

John smiled at her.  "Not at all.  The only thing I was hired to do was convince you to drop the case.  Like I told you at the start, the rape, the tortures, your enslavement, that's all just for fun."  Morning light was trickling through the closed blinds as he got off the bed and slapped her ass.  "I'll be by your house to visit you soon, so keep the doors unlocked and don't dawdle on getting those tattoos."

He quickly got dressed, as she lay there unmoving.  He put a hand on the door and stopped.  "By the way, a bellhop and some of his friends should be coming along shortly.  I told him that if you hadn't already left with me, you'd be here ready to do anything they wanted, so you might want to clear your schedule for the rest of the day.  Don't even think of leaving before they get here or refusing them in any way, or I will be quite cross.

"Oh, and I'm taking your wallet."  He held it up for her to see.  "I expect you'll have to do a bit of negotiating with the hotel manager later, what with you having no money and the room being kind of a mess.  I recommend giving him a blowjob.  You're an excellent cocksucker."

And then he was out the door and gone.

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