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We wake up in the morning after a night of good sleep for both of us, waking up all snuggled together with you lying behind me. I know what my first task is for you this morning. I roll over so I can slide myself down the front of your body, kissing and licking you all over on my way down to your semi hard cock. I gently lick it at first, feeling it grow harder underneath my tongue. Your soft moans tell me that you are enjoying it. As your cock grows harder, I take you in my mouth licking and sucking it giving you so much pleasure as my mouth and tongue bathe your cock. I take it as deep as I can and I feel your hands in my hair now as you fuck my mouth.

"Mmmm baby that feels so good, you say moaning softly."

I continue to lick and suck your cock and play with your balls with my hand, your breathing tells me that you are getting very close to cumming. I keep licking, sucking and playing till I hear you say that youre going to cum as you explode in my mouth. I swallow every drop; yum you taste so good. I make my way back up your body kissing you all over on the way up again. I finally reach your mouth and kiss you deeply and then thank you for letting me have your cum.

"My pet,now its your turn."
"Yes, Master as you wish".
You tell me to roll over on my back and put my hands above my head and I obey your commands. You tie my wrists together and then tie them to the headboard. You tell me to spread my legs apart wide and then you tie both my ankles to the posts on the bottom of the bed and I do. Excitement goes through my body wondering whats going to happen next and of course that thought is starting to make my pussy wet. You tell me to close my eyes and relax, and I do because I trust you. All kinds of thoughts are going through my head and that's getting me even more excited.

I feel the bed move as you get up on it next to me, you tell me how sexy I look like that all tied up and obviously excited.

"Thank you Master, I am here to please you."
"Mmmm and you do little one."
I feel something brush against my arms above my head and the sensation brings goose bumps all over the body causing me to shiver and make my nipples hard. I'm trying to figure out what it is as you stroke it up and down my arms and then I realize that I think that it's a feather. You move it down my shoulder across my neck and across my chest but not touching my breasts yet teasing me with it getting me more and more excited and making my pussy wetter. You start brushing the feather across my belly, which is frustrating for me since you haven't touched my nipples or pussy yet and they are both begging to be touched. Finally, you circle the feather around my nipple making me arch my back and moan, you know that its getting my pussy even wetter. You do the same thing with my other nipple making me arch my back and moan again.
I'm so hot and wet right now that I can't stand it, my whole body is aching, my pussy is soaked, and my clit is throbbing. You bring the feather down my belly, teasing me some more, brushing along the tops of my thighs, you bring it back up my thigh and brush it across my now very wet pussy, I lift my ass up trying to get more contact with the feather as it brushes across me. I hear you giggle; you know how hot and wet you're making me. You stroke the feather down my thigh again and back up the inside of my thigh. I moan more and buck my hips as you bring it up between my legs and across my hard clit hoping for more stimulation. I start to pant and whimper because I'm so hot and turned on.
"Hmmm, I think My pet likes this."
"Oh yes Sir, very much."

My whole body is extremely aroused now, and I need your hard cock inside me very badly. You can obviously tell how hot and wet I am and feel you move on the bed so you're down between my legs.

"Mmmm you have such a pretty pussy baby and it's soo wet, does it need to be touched?"
"Please Master, please touch me fuck me, anything. I need you so bad right now."
You start kissing and licking up my inner thighs, making me whimper, moan and pant more, I'm hoping that you'll get to my throbbing clit soon. But you take your time getting there still teasing me, you finally start licking my pussy, mmm that feels soo good. Lapping up all my juices you work your way up to my clit and lick it, causing me to moan loud and push my pussy up against your mouth. You reach under me and grab my ass holding me so I cant move, licking and sucking my clit. I start to pant and moan louder because I know that I'm going to need to cum soon. You keep licking and sucking my clit and sticking your tongue deep in me.

I feel you stick your fingers in my pussy and fuck me my hips bucking to get your fingers deeper inside me. As you finger fuck my pussy, I feel another finger pressing against my ass and pushing in. You alternate fingers fucking my ass and pussy at the same time, my hips bucking more needing to cum. My breath is coming in pants now as I ask you Master, may I please cum?

At first you dont answer me knowing that I'm very close to cumming and you like teasing me and leaving me on the edge like that, I'm trying my best not to cum but I dont know how much I can hold off now I'm so close. Finally, you tell me that I can cum and I cum moaning loudly. I catch my breath and thank you for letting me cum. My body is soaking wet with sweat and my pussy is dripping, but I feel so good. I feel you come up next to me on the bed. And you tell me that I'm such a good girl and that I can open my eyes now. You untie me and take me in your arms kissing me deeply.
"Yes, My sexy pet?"
"That was awesome, thank you."
"You are very welcome. Hmmm I wonder what we should do today? as you kiss me again."

So, we lay there in bed snuggling for a while trying to plan our day together.


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