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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 10

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, f, M+, Real Life, Bondage, Domination, Humiliation, Masochism, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Consensual


The weeks pass slowly when you spend most of your time on your own. True I did see people at college and at night working in the pub but I don’t hesitate to say that a lot of the time I felt lonely with only a couple of letters a week from him at the most. My sister Alison had a new love interest who she was besotted with as was Susan with hers. It went that way with Susan she’d find a new man and if she didn’t scare him off straight away, he’d be Mr. Right, the real thing nevertheless I missed her and Alison’s company. It was after telling him this in a letter he told me to get a phone installed, still, a big thing back then when the “Post Office” still controlled the phones and after a six-week wait it arrived.

The woman who lived next door to us an old hag in her forties (Oh to be forty again) soon realised I we had a phone and would “pop” round most nights to use it spending an hour on it and leaving me with 10 pence to pay for it. To make matter worse she gave our number out and people would ring for her all times of day and night. I had my mother to thank for putting a stop to it after she presented the old hag with the itemised bill for a small fortune, she didn’t speak to us after that nor did she ever ask to use the phone good old mum.

We’d been married now for two years maybe a little more and together with two and a half and it was on one of his home leaves he spotted the copy of Rendezvous and at first, he didn’t remember where I’d got it from. After reminding him he read it cover to cover and only commented that it was out of date. This was a sixteen-week leave and he told me he wanted me to himself for a change which made me more than happy.  My father’s hostility towards him hadn’t wavered in the slightest and the fact he’d reiterated his disappointment “his daughter hadn’t done better” didn’t do anything to make things different. I think it was a case of this contributing to us moving from our small terraced house with no debts to a semi on the other side of the town together with a mortgage secured against his navy pay. I think this was an “I will show you thing” aimed at my father. A bigger house meant more furniture to start with together with higher bills for just about everything. All this bit into what little savings we had which went on things like another bed and carpets and was the start of a long period without money which never seemed to end and went on for years.
For a short period, he was stationed in Barrow guarding some submarines being built there which meant we saw each other most weekends which was great. Although this didn’t last too long and coincided with my final exams and teaching practice and I was a fully qualified School teacher something that made my parents very proud indeed as it did for my husband as well of course. I would soon with my father’s contacts get my first teachers job and our mounting money problems started to ease a little but only a little.

This was the time we placed our first advertisement in the couples section of Rendezvous which read;

“Leicestershire. A married couple she slim, shaved, bi and very willing to please, good “O” & “A” levels he straight dark and demanding seek other couples where she is compliant, no single men.”
The add included a photograph of me legs open in crude legs open pose which made me look like a slut, which was what it was meant to do. The responses were great each day we got a dozen or more new ones each enclosing an SAE and with photos just a crude as mine. The magic words in our advertisement weren’t “willing to please” which was code for “submissive” but the  “O & A” levels which of course meant sucked cock and did anal sex. I’d sit at home at night reading through the replies being careful not to mix them up. More than half were from single men who either couldn’t read or just thought a photo of their erect cocks would make us change our minds about no single men. One reply was from a couple I’d known for all of my life claiming to be in their 40’s you could add another 20 years onto that. Our first “Wife swapping” just didn’t happen as they didn’t turn up at the place we’d arranged to meet them nor did the second couple. We often found out that one or the other partners would bottle it at the last minute which would leave us high and dry. Another thing over the years I often ask myself when Wife Swapping became Swinging?
The third meeting was set up with a couple a lot older than us by about ten years and photos exchanged theirs more explicit than ours clearly showed they wouldn’t bottle it. So time and date were set and we started to get prepared for it. A few days before I’d started to feel a little ill and light-headed I’d also started to put on a little weight and took myself off to see the Doctor who had looked after me since I came into the world twenty years before, he took a little blood and sent me on my way telling me to relax. It was on the Friday after a week of hard work at school and our first “Wife swapping” session hours away he rang me to congratulate me, I was pregnant.
All kinds of things came into my mind first and foremost was who the father was and when was my last period? For a second I asked myself if it was going to be black? Also what the hell would he say about it? I soon found out as he arrived home less than an hour later surprised to see me sat in the dark on the bed. I told him and he was as they say “Over the Moon” and when I explained why I was worried he told me “Nobody has touched you for three months apart from me so why are you even thinking about that?” The one thing he did say was that after this baby is born we will have to change your contraception methods.
We went on with meeting the couple after a drink in their local pub we followed them to their house. His name I think was Brian hers was most definitely Sue, small about 5’ tall short blond with huge tits (DD) all her own and she had pierced nipples. Being asked if I wanted to go to separate rooms with him by Sue threw me a little and I didn’t know what to say. She started to ask me again but was interrupted and was told “Don’t ask Susan anything it confuses her, just tell her what you want and she will do it, turning to me he said, won’t you Slag?” to which I replied, “Yes Master.”  The smile Sue gave him was huge looking over at me she said “Oh I want to play” and plays she did only breaking off to let my husband fuck her or hers me. Over the next few years, I’d form quite a good relationship with Sue and would see her off and on with this or her next husband and I can say it was always a pleasure.
I was as we found out ten weeks pregnant a couple of days and a few tests later. I continued to work until I was seven months mainly well just because we needed the money I also liked the attention I got as well. All types of play and meeting other people went on the back boiler after I’d started to show around the 5 months but in the meantime, we’d met and swapped with a dozen couples and gone to five or six parties. I was popular mainly because of my “A” levels needless to say not those I obtained at Grammar School. Visits to Oak Farm stopped altogether and I didn’t see Mentor for over a year which wasn’t a hardship to me. Towards the end I looked like a battleship I was huge putting on a huge 65 pounds in weight I was hardly able to walk let alone do much more.  I was able to pose while in this state for my ever keen photographer husband.
At the age of twenty-one, I gave birth to my first child who came into the world kicking and screaming and three weeks late at a bouncing 9 pounds 11 ounces and I have never seen his father looking more proud.
To be continued.....

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