Hypnotising Hayley Part Six by Charles Murray


Moderate, f, M, Real Life, Domination, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

Moderate, f, M, Real Life, Domination, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

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Hayley was 22 and Ryan 23. Hayley’s job was mainly administration, customising standard documents according to the salesmens’ specifications. It was a bit monotonous but on the other hand stress free. It meant she could enjoy a good social life without worrying about how it might affect her job.

She had a slim face with high cheek bones. She had thick, long, waved shoulder length, golden hair, green eyes, a cute button nose and slightly full kissable lips. Her breasts were perhaps 37 though she hid them behind a round full bra. A 25 inch waist, 35 inch hips with a firm butt and reasonable legs. Not beautiful but very attractive.

Ryan is slim, brown haired, works in a warehouse. He has hypnotised Hayley so she cannot say bad things about him and cannot resist anything he wishes to do to her. She can resist anything he tells her to do. Obedience here is enforced through traditional methods.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Eight

Hayley Goes Shopping

It was Friday night and Hayley, as instructed, went straight from work to Ryans bungalow. She had felt very uncomfortable going to work wearing no underwear. She had worn an undervest over a light sweater to hide her breasts and the skirts she wore were not going to reveal anything, but she knew. She also thought some of her colleagues must have noticed the change in her breast shape. They had a softer line and were less prominent. One of her female colleagues had asked her about her change of shape but she had said the old bra had been irritating her recently so she had changed to a more ‘natural’ one. She felt this might have been believed more if she had not coloured up so much as she was explaining it. She was also very aware of her shaven vulva making it seem even more naked than it already was.

What kind of horrible things would he want to do to her today. Wednesday had not seen her beaten, but it had seen her degraded and humiliated into a simple sex toy. A sex object purely existing to titillate and serve Ryan. If she had to wear the clothes he had chosen outdoors she would soon be a sex object titillating everyone.

She rang the bell and Ryan let her in. On the sofa he had arranged the clothes that had arrived. He had draped the tops over some cushions he had found in the wardrobe and the skirts on the sofa seat. The shoes were on the floor below the skirts. This gave her a picture of what the outfits looked like from a third party perspective. It was not good. The micro skirts would show everything she had the moment she bent over or sat down. Ryan had arranged them as follows:

Pastel green light sweater with front zip above the red plaid microskirt. A pale pink sweater with front zip above the light blue plaid microskirt and black four inch heel shoes. The white blouse that was thick enough to hide her nipples, but would clearly show she was braless was draped above the plaid mid thigh miniskirt and red four inch heels. He layed out the yellow and pastel purple short dresses partly over each other. The other dress, red brown, looked perfectly decent from the front, only revealing itself from the back and left side where the laces replaced the material for a six inch backless and curving over the hip and down the side of the leg gap that would clearly show there was no underwear being worn.

“Lift your skirt,” he said to her once she’d had time to absorb the display. Hayley lifted her navy blue four inch above the knee skirt to her waist and Ryan looked approvingly at her naked lower quarters. He motioned with his hand for her to do a circle which she did showing him her plump behind, nice side view and back to the hairless front view. He came up and rubbed his hand along her slit, Hayley parting her legs to allow him access. As he fondled her he asked, “did anyone notice at the office?”

“No. They must have noticed the change in my top shape though. One woman asked me about it but I told her it was for comfort reasons.”

Ryan smiled.

“We’ll give them time to get used to it before we shorten the skirt a bit.” Hayley digested this bad news but said nothing.

“Now we are back here you can call me Master again. I know you like it and it helps you remember your place. You’ll also address me that way all the time we’re in London. Not on the train though. It might embarrass me. Understood?”

“Yes Master,” said Hayley tryng to sound as obedient as possible.

Which of all the terrible outfits would he choose for her to wear on their trip. The backless dress would be too showy. The best outfit was the plaid mini skirt though the red shoes would embarrass her, almost as much as the titillating skirts, for their cheap tastelessness. None of the clothes except the backless number looked worth the money they had paid for them. More accurately that she had paid for them. They all had the quality of something bought in a cheap supermarket. Ryan stopped fondling her, gave her his fingers to suck clean and said, “guess we might as well start.” He liked the way she licked around his fingers as well as sucking showing she appreciated that they were supposed to come out clean.

“We’ll start from the left.”

Ryan slouched into a seat to enjoy the floor show. He already had a beer on a side table and took a swig from the bottle. Hayley let her skirt down, unzipped it and slid it off. She took off the sweater and undervest and walked naked to the pastel blue light sweater with front zip above the red plaid microskirt. She slipped it over her head and then wriggled into the skirt. There were no shoes beneath it so she didn’t put any on.

“Pull the zip down about ten inches. I know you like to display yourself. What do you like to do?”

“I like to display myself Master.” She pulled the zip down showing cleavage like a movie star at a premiere. Ryan fiddled with his phone and club dance music came through the wireless speakers either side of the sideboard.

“Each time you put something on I want you to do two twirls then walk to the door and back twice. Then stand in front of me so I can see how easy it is to feel you up. Then kneel so I can see how easy it is to feel up your tits. Start now.”

Hayley twirled around twice. The red plaid microskirt flared out to show her plump ass and smooth cunt. She half turned to walk towards the door and then walked back. Ryan noted the bouncing tits. Not bouncing a lot as in the cheap thin top he had bought her before but enough to be satisfying with just a hint of nipple bulging through the material. She turned, the skirt flaring up just a little this time and walked back and forth again. This time she walked right up to him. Ryan took a swig from his bottle and leaned forward to push his hand up the skirt and fondle her smooth pubes. He pushed two fingers in and then pulled them out. He nodded and she knelt. He slid the fingers in and out of her mouth for a quick suck and lick then slid his hand inside the sweater to cup and fondle her tit.

“Yup. That seems good enough.”

This ritual was repeated for each of the outfits except the longer dress with the laced gap running down the back and side. The yellow and pastel purple dresses with front zips were as revealing as the top and skirts once the zips had been pulled down satisfactorily though they were probably safer than the skirts as they didn’t flare up so much when she twirled. Hayley felt like what she was, a pure sex object, here to be gawped at and fondled at will. He put her back in the blue plaid micro skirt with the pastel green zipped light sweater and black shoes.

“I think we’ll go with this one. Makes you sexy and available and make any man who looks at you happy, but not shout in everyone’s face. As it’s London it may not even be noticed at all.”

Some hope of that thought Hayley. Every man and boy they passed would be ogling her.

Ryan gave her the dog collar and told her in future he wanted her to wear it everywhere except at work. He pointed out that if she moved the ring clip to behind it would look like a leather choker. He said it was her slave collar and showed she belonged to him and that he would get a dog tag for it. At his urging she looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. The collar did look a bit like a choker. She looked like a teenage boy’s wet dream. After this, still wearing the black shoes with the outfit, she was sent to make dinner.

The evening went fairly normally. They watched the most crass sexy comedy while Ryan periodically groped and necked her. After this he lowered the lights put on some music and they danced for a bit again with lots of groping. Her outfit invited it and Ryan took full advantage to fondle her bum, cunt and tits sliding his hands up her sweater whenever he liked after which they went to bed and he fucked her.

He showed her no consideration of course. He liked squeezing her cunt and tits to make her scream and writhe, fucked her asshole from behind on her side while hurting her tits again then pulled out to come in her cunt. A push on her head sent her down to clean him off. She was beginning to get used to the smell of shit. He cleaned her cunt with his fingers, making her suck the cum and cunt juice off and then they went to sleep. Ryan closed his eyes dreaming of a nice day to come. Hayley closed her eyes in dread of what she knew was going to be an awful time.

Hayley was aware of the stares the moment she reached the train platform. It was a nice summer day for Britain, but all of the females were wearing more than her. Hardly difficult. The plunging neckline that the lowered zip on her pastel green summer sweater created showed a lot of cleavage and breast flesh. The blue plaid skirt showed a lot of leg emphasised by the four inch heels. She had a feeling by the end of the day these were going to be hurting her feet pretty badly. The dog collar/choker red with silvery studs made her look like a whore. If it wasn’t for her tasteful light make up which emphasised her genuine attractiveness she would have been mistaken for a prostitute on her way home after work. That and she appeared to have a boyfriend whom she kept close to.

She had stood hands by her side staring at the floor wishing she could sink into it but Ryan made her lift her head up and occasionally told her to look around. When she did so she saw a lot of eyes that had been staring at her quickly avoid her gaze and pretend to be looking somewhere else. She couldn’t help but think that everyone on the platform and the opposite one, had made her their centre of attention. She had always dressed in a way to avoid sexual attention and now here she was a lust magnet. She’d never been so happy to see a train arrive.

Ryan got on in front of her so she had to tread carefully ascending the train step from the platform and actually kept her right hand over her butt to hold the skirt down. He took a window seat forcing her to sit nearest the corridor so anyone passing and those sitting opposite could admire the curves of her thigh. He had also told her that whenever she sat down she should flick out the back so she was sitting on her naked butt. This emphasised her lack of underwear to her with a vengeance.

London Kings Cross station was busy and she could disappear into the crowd. Luckily there were no seats on the underground so she didn’t have to worry about people looking up her skirt and just had to worry going up the escalator. Ryan insisted on walking up it so she wouldn’t be shielded by anyone in the way she would have been had they been standing in the line of people on the right. She felt sure people following a bit behind must be able to see her nakedness.

Walking around central London was not too bad. She heard some teenagers giggle and look at her, but on the whole felt protected by the sheer numbers of people. Not so when they went into shops. To start with they only went into sex shops in the back alleys around Soho. So much for seeing the sites. The men in the shops looked uncomfortable seeing a woman in the shop but then seeing the way she was dressed relaxed and stared at her from the corners of their eye at every opportunity. Ryan would make a point of having embarrassing conversations. She had realised that yes and no answers were not satisfactory and he expected full sentences that repeated what he had said or something similar.

The first thing he would do in each shop was say, “As you don’t wear panties or bras I don’t think we need to look at the sexy lingerie. Lets go over there.”

Every man in the shop would now start to eye her up. They couldn’t see her naked posterior or pubic area but she now felt they could. They would certainly be imagining it and looking at her breasts to see if they could see any pointy nipples. The embarrassment this caused did in fact make her nipples dilate so there was something for them to see pushing at the fabric of the pastel green sweater.

He would then start a conversation around the various sex toys and outfits insisting on answers agreeing with him and enjoying her flushed face.

“This butt plug looks good Hayley. What do you think?

“I don’t know Master.”

“I ‘m sure you do. What do you think?”

“Yes, I think it looks good Master.”

“Do you think it will stretch you enough? I think perhaps with your asshole you need a bigger one.”

“Yes Master I think I need a bigger one.”

“I think this looks a good size.” He would wave a stupidly large one around.

“Yes Master that looks a good size.”

If only the ground would swallow her. They know she’s near naked. They know she’s a sex slave and they think she takes anal. Maybe I do now she thought grimly. If only she could cry for help but she couldn’t. She couldn’t do anything except continue to play these sick games. Ryan would put a hand up her skirt stroking her butt. A butt everyone in the shop knew was naked and then settle on something else. A few more men would come in. None would leave, enjoying the show.

“Do you think this nurse outfit will show your cunt enough?”

“Yes Master. I think it will.”

He frowned.

“Will what?”

“Will sh, show my cunt enough Master.”

“M,mm,” he passed on to something else.

“I wonder if these nipple clamps are right for you, lets feel your nipple.” He would slide a hand inside her zipper plunged neckline to feel her nipple and then say, “yeh, seems about right.”

By the time they reached the third shop Hayley was tearing up. He’d just lifted her skirt to lightly tap a crop on her ass. It stung, but the humiliation was almost too much for her. Ryan saw the tears appearing in her eyes. He whispered in her ear, “you cry and you’ll really be in trouble.” Somehow she managed to hold it back.

By the time they had finished Hayley had bought nearly a thousand pounds worth of outfits, whips, clamps and other sex paraphernalia on her credit card and was weighed down with unmarked carrier bags though some of the items like crops, canes and leg spreaders stuck out. Ryan suggested a tote bag and they found a shop selling them, bought two and put the stuff inside. Hayley followed him miserably imagining everyone staring at her. Even in central London this was an unusual site. Somehow she had managed to stare fixedly at the floor or Ryan’s back and manage not to cry, though inside she was a waterfall of tears and humiliation.

“Right, that looks better,” Ryan said as the final item was pushed into a bag and for once Hayley could agree with him voluntarily.

“Do you have to humiliate me so much Master?” she asked rather stupidly.

“Of course,” he smiled genially, “thats the fun. Anyway I think you’ve bought me enough now. Lets have a look around some of the sites and then you can buy me a meal to show your appreciation.”

Somehow over the next two hours Hayley got used to how she appeared and the looks she got. To her surprise it was not as many as she had first thought it must be when first getting off the underground station. Perhaps the ordeal in the sex shops had hardened her. Perhaps it was London and people really didn’t look that much.

After eating and a drink in a pub where she kept her legs tightly closed Ryan wanted to go to a disco. They went to one full of tourists near Leicester Square. It was big. The largest either of them had seen, with go go dancers dancing on pillars here and there and a mix of people from all over the world. Hayley could have done with the lighting being more down. Ryan told her if anyone wanted to dance with her she should and she should allow him to do anything he wanted as long as they did not leave the dance floor.

Ryan had a few dances with her and mocked her subdued movements designed to minimise her breast bounce and not show her butt or worse. He tried to make it look like he wasn’t with her to encourage other guys to come in and dance with her. Early on nothing happened. There were other skimpily dressed girls, probably quite a lot of them she thought. Later in the evening though a South American did put his hand up her skirt and on discovering no panties squeezed and groped her for several minutes. He looked down her cleavage suspecting she had no underwear there either and asked if she would like to sit down somewhere. She shook her head and tried to fend him off while not actually refusing to let him do what he wanted.

After a while he got bored, he couldn’t do much with so many people around and went off, however he told his friends. Soon there was a succession of partly drunk South Americans dancing in close and groping her. Some of the more forward ones kissed her with their beery breath while groping her and two managed to get their hands on her cunt. They were restricted by her refusal to move off the floor and would get bored and pass her on. She was deep kissed and groped by at least four men over half an hour and then Ryan who had stayed near enjoying her discomfort and making sure she didn’t get anxious from being too far from him intervened.

“Come on trollop, we’ll miss our train,” he slurred, “yer can’t just give yerself to men all night.”

“One for the road.”

He had three for the road and then went off to piss. Hayley followed him to the toilets and pressed herself to the wall near the door so as to stay as close to him as possible. She felt the hypnosis making her nervous and anxious. Her heart beat uncontrollably and she was hyperventilating. It was the most uncomfortable two minutes she had ever spent and was so glad when he finally emerged she actually hugged him and buried her face into his neck.

“There, there,” he slurred, “maybe we’ll have to make it twelve metres.” He grabbed her hand, collected the bags from the cloakroom and stumbled to the door. The it was her time to pee. He stood next to the toilet door for her and she went in the cubicle nearest the door and forced it out as fast as she could in a state of semi panic so she could get back to him as soon as possible.

The trip back to the station was a nightmare. She had to help him walk holding one of his arms around her shoulders. Every now and then he would swing into her and kiss and grope her. She couldn’t do anything to stop him even when he groped up her skirt against a store front with people walking by pretending not to see. It was the same on the tube. At one stage he pulled her zipper down more, pulled out one of her breasts and started sucking on it. Hayley just bit her lip and endured it. It was such a joke. If he hadn’t put the restrictions on her she could have just left him there and then and gone to the police, but she couldn’t do anything except suffer.

“People are looking Master,” she whispered in his ear.

“So what,” he said with drunken bravado, “fuck ‘em.”

People probably assumed she was a prostitute the way she did nothing to stop him, but being Londoners stared straight ahead or into their phones and tried to ignore them. He wanted to kiss her again at the bottom of the escalator. Her boobs were almost falling out of her sweater and she hadn’t had the courage to zip it up further. His hand was pushing up her skirt revealing her cunt.

“We’ll miss our train Master. We need to hurry.”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t wanna miss the train. Can fuck you when we’re on it.”

Luckily for Hayley he went to sleep after a quick grope and kiss leaving her to sit very relieved. Her mouth tastied of beer but at least they had not got arrested for obscenity. At the other end she helped him into her car, drove back and put him to bed. She didn’t undress him. Fuck him. She also didn’t unpack the bags. She had no wish to be reminded what was inside.

In the end she did undress him as she was scared he might not like it in the morning if she didn’t, but slept without taking her own outfit off. She also kept on the collar just to be on the safe side. Her feet and ankles ached like hell. She actually had a final beer from the fridge herself to try and unwind and collapsed with exhaustion next to him. He moaned and put a drunken arm over her. Hayley fell asleep.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Nine

Sunday morning – Hayley enjoys her shopping

In the morning Ryan woke and gave her a shake. Hayley opened her eyes. For a brief moment she felt normal and cosy, then Ryan said, “why the fuck are you wearing clothes? Take ‘em off and go down and suck my dick.”

After she’d sucked him, swallowed his cum and cleaned him they got up. Hayley was going to go to the bathroom for a shower but Ryan said, “nah, we won’t bother with that. It’s a Sunday. Just go and make us some breakfast.”

Ryan pulled on some pants and a T-shirt and slumped on the couch with a bit of a hangover. Hayley brought the bacon eggs and coffee in naked except for her collar and they ate off the couch watching a game show. After this, perked up a bit, Ryan said, “lets see what you’ve bought then.”

They had bought, and you can assume they were all very short, a sexy soft red riding hood outfit that was open down the front apart from a waist tie; an Alice in Wonderland outfit low at the front and flaring at the bottom; a Japanese maid,s outfit; a french maid’s outfit; some school blouses and skirts which were real school outfits as they had been bought in a normal shop but several sizes too small so the navy blue skirt would be very short and a cheer leader outfit which for some reason had come with panties which Ryan threw away.

They had bought two leg spreaders, various wrist and ankle restraints, gags, a riding crop, a few thin tailed multi whips, nipple clamps and various things designed to hurt her or humiliate her in some way or another. It was a sadists’ dream. Hayley eyed it all with dread. Some of it looked very painful. Ryan couldn’t wait to try some.

“D’you think it might be better in the afternoon Master?” she suggested, somewhat pointlessly trying to put it off, but Ryan had said, “yeah, I have just come but I want to try some of it now. Get on your hands and knees and let’s see what the whips and crops do.”

Hayley got on her hands and knees. Ryan looked at all the different rods. He picked up a medium smooth leather crop and stood horizontal to her.

“Isn’t it a bit boring being an insurance agent?”

He swished the crop up and down a bit. Hayley heard the sound of it whooshing through the air and tensed.

“Not really,” she said, “each case is different and has different problems to solve. I think, Aaaaaaaaagh, eeeeeeee,” she screamed loudly as Ryan interrupted her with a hard down stroke across her ass cheeks. She pulled in some air, made another short scream and fell to the carpet clutching her ass cheeks.

“Sounds boring to me,” he said, looking approvingly at the crop. He liked the weight and the noise it made as it swept down. Hayley writhed on the carpet.

“Uuuh, uuh, uh,” she moaned.

“Come on. Back up.”

Hayley forced herself back to all fours. The crop still had the price tag on.

“Wow. Twenty five pounds this one,” and he brought it down again slightly less hard. Hayley screamed again and bent down and forward but held position. Two red stripes appeared on her behind. Ryan sawed it across the crack of her cunt and then drew it back and swung it in. Hayley tensed and scrunched her teeth together, but it stopped just before her cunt was hit.

“Just teasing. Save that for later. Let’s try another one. Look here’s a thin whippy one.”

He slashed this down. Hayley screamed again and fell to the floor. She felt a burning line of thin pain across both cheeks. She moaned and made some crying sounds from her mouth, “uah,uah, uah.”

Ryan let her gasp for a while then told her to get back up. Getting her moaning under control she got back on all fours.

“Get on your knees. Legs wide, back arched, hands on the back of your head, elbows back.” Her eyes were moist and she looked scared, aware, as was Ryan, of how her tits stood out just waiting for attention.

“Come nearer.”

Maintaining her position she shuffled nearer until he could reach out without effort and fondle them.

“M,mm, so soft. Whatever happens, even if you fall to the floor, keep those hands on the back of your head,” then he lashed the thin whippy whip across them.

Hayley screamed again and bent double, then up, then twisted violently from side to side. Ryan watched her tits swing left and right and enjoyed the sight of the thin angry red line that appeared across them. Eventually she stopped twisting and resumed position, her breathing in short gasps. Her face a picture of vulnerability and fear. He hit her tits with a small crop with a wide bit of leather at the end. He slapped them from right and left enjoying the sound of the slaps as they hit and the tits jiggling left and right as he hit them. Hayley moaned and gasped satisfactorily as he moved to downward hits. Hayley could not avoid twisting and turning and bending forward, but kept her hands on the back of her head and did her best to return to the correct position so he could hit her again.

“Stand up and open your legs. Lets see what this strap does on your cunt.” he had a one and a half foot strap about an inch and a half wide with a wooden handle. Hayley struggled to her feet keeping her hands behind her head and opened her legs. Ryan tapped her inside thighs to make them wider. He looked at her waiting for it. Her tits red all over with the thin angry stripes still showing. She was trembling. He smiled and drew his hand back as if he was going to throw an underarm ball then swung forward and lashed it up between her thighs. There was a loud slap as it hit squarely across the middle of her cunt. Ryan got a satisfying feel from his hand as he felt the impact. Hayley let out a loud, “Aaaaaaaaaaah” very loud and high, went up on tip toes, then bent forward her head nearly touching her knees before falling over and flopping up and down on her back like a fish. Miraculously she had somehow manged to keep her hands clenched on the back of her head even though the elbows had shot forward to nearly touching, her arms squeezing the sides of her head.

“Guess that one hurt then.”

He wasn’t sure if she heard him. She was still flopping and rolling from side to side her legs tight together as if it would somehow stop the terrible pain. After thirty seconds she stopped writhing and just lay on her side moaning piteously, “aaah, aaah, aaah,” repeatedly until Ryan got bored and pulled her back to her feet. He pushed her elbows back and pushed her legs apart again. Her cunt looked very red. He rubbed his hand along it causing her to moan and gasp again not that her moaning had fully stopped. He prepared to have another go. Hayley looked on the verge of panic, her whole body trembled uncontrollably. She shut her eyes and tensed her whole face and jaw but still heard the whoosh as it swung upwards through the air and then the biting pain that started in her cunt but seemed to explode through her whole body. Again it lifted her up and then bent her forward in uncontrollable movements that had her jack knifing on the floor. Her hands pulled on the back of her head so hard it pushed her chin into her chest. Her legs kept coming up and down as she lay sideways on the floor. All she was aware of was her whole body full of pain, but her cunt hurting the most.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she repeated over and over, “oh God. Please. Please.” her shoulders were shaking as if crying though no tears were coming. Ryan was impressed that though she was crying there were no tears and that she had kept her hands in position.

“Yeah, I think that’s enough of that one. Let’s try some of the clamps and things. He grabbed all he could find and put them on the sofa.

“Come on cunt, come over here.” Hayley tried to get herself under control. The pain between her legs was still intense. She struggled to all fours and crawled over to Ryan who, thank God, was now sitting on the sofa. There was a huge bulge inside his jeans.

“You should be proud. Look how big you’ve made my prick and without even touching it. Give it a kiss.” Hayley crawled between his legs and started kissing the bulge. Her body was still shaking and trembling.

“Come and sit across my lap.” Ryan put an arm around her shoulder and kissed her while his hand played with her cunt. Hayley moaned in pain from every touch.

“Wow, it’s really warm,” he said enjoying hurting her as he rubbed it and sliding two fingers between the lips. He tried to slide slid two fingers into her dry hole but they wouldn’t go. He put them in her mouth so she could put some saliva on them. He liked to make her help him abuse her. He slid them in and finger fucked her gently. Deep in, then out. Deep in, then out. It wasn’t gentle for Hayley of course. Every time he pushed in and pushed his hand against her outer lips she moaned in pain from the touch and pressure. He gently kissed her neck enjoying his possession of her. Finally he pulled out and put them in her mouth so she could swirl her tongue around them and suck them clean.

“Good girl,” he said encouragingly, good cunt, now lets try some of the clamps and things.”

He looked at what he had. There was a tit press. He put her tits between the chrome narrow flat plates and tightened the screws at each end. Hayley.s tits flattened. He knew when she was feeling pain from the change in her breathing. When she made her first few ugh sounds he stopped and found a few nipple clamps. Instead of putting them on her nipples he pulled out some of the tit skin and clamped them on that. He had four of them, two for each breast. Hayley’s mouth had distinctly tightened.

“Does that hurt nicely ?”

“Y, yes master,” she managed through gritted teeth.

“Say thank you.”

“Tha, thank you Master.”

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“I’m not sure they hurt as much as they could though. Still these should hurt more,” he said as he picked up some crocodile toothed clamps. He put one on her left nipple and Hayley jerked and screamed. He put the other one on and she jerked and screamed again. Her whole body had gone rigid. He flicked one with a finger and she jerked and screamed immediately. Thinking this was fun Ryan flicked them for a minute or two enjoying Hayley jerking and squirming her naked butt on his dick through the jeans and enjoying the noises she made. By the time he finished Hayley was gasping for breath and her eyes were distinctly moist.

“M.mm, lovely,” he said as he deep kissed her and squeezed her right tit so she could scream into his mouth while he tongued her. His hand was squeezing the compressed tit and clamps making them even more painful. Hayley was sure she was going to black out. She got spots in front of her eyes but stayed conscious. Ryan pulled his lips away and looked to see what he had left. He had some thin narrow ones with a tightening loop you pushed up or down to tighten or loosen them. He attached these to her inner labia until she jerked. She didn’t moan because she was moaning continuously now. There was a slightly differently shaped one which he guessed was for her clit. He put it on.

“Aaah, aaah,” she screamed and her butt jerked up and down to massage his penis some more as she tried to cope with her pinched clitoris. He had some more toothed crocodile clips which he put on her outer labia and then he played and fondled with her cunt causing intense pain. A few tears finally appeared but mainly it was just more forceful moans and screams and writhing around. He seemed to fondle and grope her cunt for ever. Hayley just wanted to pass out. Why couldn’t she pass out. She could beg him to stop yet that might just make him worse.

At last he stopped and looked tenderly into her eyes.

“There there. There there.” He licked the hanging tears from the bottom of her eyes. “Let’s see how you dance with them. We need some bells though.”

He helped her off him, each movement causing her new pain. He got various bells and hung them from the various clamps, bells hanging from the various clamps on her tits and from the ones on her cunt. He put some music on, grabbed the short strap with the handle that had so hurt her cunt and told her to give him a lap dance nice and close up.

Hayley girated her hips a bit and tried to move her body. Every movement caused the clamps to swing and bite into her more. Ryan swiped the strap across her thigh.

“Come on. Move. I want to hear those bells. Move or I’ll put you across my lap and give your ass a good strapping. Shake those tits. Move that ass.”

Hayley tried to dance. She increased her tempo, she bent over and shook her tits in front of him crying out all the time. She pushed her cunt forward and back. She turned around and shook and gyrated her butt for him. He lashed it with the strap. Ryan just kept shouting for more and faster until she was engulfed in pain and tears ran down her cheeks. But how she jingled!

Ten long minutes she danced with the occasional lash from the strap to her torso, thighs or ass until Ryan grabbed her arm and pulled her over his lap.

“No, that was garbage,” he said, “I don’t know what’s got into you today and he began lashing her ass with the strap. Of course really he was just doing it because he felt like it. He actually thought under the circumstances she had done pretty well.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. He brough the strap down over and over until her legs were kicking, her ass was turning from side to side and she was bawling her eyes out. When her ass was red and bruised and his arm was getting tired he was finally ready to fuck her. Roughly he pushed her off his legs so she rolled on the floor a mass of clamped pain, jingling and crying. He rolled her over onto her back. Stay like that he said as he quickly ripped of his clothes, lay on top of her to more screaming as he compressed the clamps and rammed his engorged dick into her hole.

Hayley screamed so much he thought she might break her throat. Every time he rammed forward he caused massive pain to her cunt from the clamps while at the same time he was lying on her tit clamps or squeezing her tits and clamps. He was deep kissing her, possessing her mouth and pushing his tongue down her throat as far as he could mashing her lips against her teeth. She writhed under him like something demented and her cunt muscles were squeezed so tight from the pain it added to his pleasure as he rammed back and forth, back and forth. He could do whatever he wanted with her and he was. He wasn’t just dominating her he was controlling every aspect of her being. Her entire mind was taken up with the sensations he was inflicting on her. No room for anything else but him and what he was doing to her.

He was surprised he lasted five minutes with his continuous violent rutting but then he had come in bed earlier. Five minutes of the greatest most exciting sex he’d ever had.

For Hayley five minutes of the worst hell she had ever known as her body shook and twisted underneath him. She was sure some of the clamps must be doing her permanent damage. She knew her writhing and twisting and uncontrollable muscle spasms were turning him on to be even more violent and animal like but her body was beyond her control. His dick was filling her cunt, jamming in and out, possessing her relentlessly as was his tongue. But she could do nothing about it. Her body had long gone beyond any conscious control. All it could do was jerk and spasm with each new jolt of pain until finally with a particularly hard thrust and grinding against her cunt causing her to scream her loudest so far, as much as the noise could get past his gagging tongue, he felt his cock rippling and spurting into her. He seemed to spurt for ever. How could he have so much in him.

He took his tongue out of her and collapsed on top of her breathing hard into her ear like some panting animal. It felt so good. He had never orgasmed like that before. Perhaps he never would. Her cunt was still squeezed tight around his dick. He didn’t want it to go soft. He wanted this to last for ever. He ground a bit more into her groin getting some more pained noises from his cunt girl. His cunt. His possession. He closed his eyes and drifted off into a restful post coital high. Hayley lay beneath him not moving and slowly her muscles too were able to relax and her vaginal muscles that had been so tensed for so long that they must surely ache afterwards released their vice like grip on his softening tool.

She didn’t know how long Ryan just lay on her. She didn’t care. At least the worst of the pain was over. It was incredible to think the pain she was feeling now, which had felt so bad before, now seemed like a relaxation after the unbelievable torture she had just gone through. However when he had got his breath back and enjoyed that bliss that only comes after a good come, he did roll off her. The two of them remained unmoving.

“Clean,” he eventually said.

Painfully Hayley rolled onto her side and moved down to lick and suck his spent penis clean. A few trickles of blood came from the toothed crocodile clips on her nipples and labia which Ryan later cleaned up with vinegar.

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