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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 23

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, F, M, Real Life, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masochism, Pain, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Consensual

New start?

Having rung my office and spoken to my boss he’d explained that I had been in a car accident and would be taking some time off work. It was strange being at home for the first ten months and my daughter was just as pleased to see me as my son was disapproving. Sleeping on my own in one of the spare rooms wasn’t nice but it was a lot better than being chained to the floor in a kitchen all night. My husband’s clear look of disdain didn’t hide the fact he was far from pleased to have me back. That said I also knew how better off I was no matter what.
I was unable to drive myself to work or anywhere and my husband hired a driver for the time my arm took to heal and I’d proved medically fit to drive. I thought I recognised the driver and asked him if we’d met only to find out, we had, as he was a onetime Marine from my husband’s Commando Unit. He was the first of a very long line of former Marines I’d meet and clearly not a man to annoy as was his employer and onetime Sergeant Major. My new driver was also a man of few words and insisted on calling me “Madam” which annoyed me no end. Still, I knew I was safe and for the first time in a long time and it felt good.

Healy wasn’t taking my leaving him very well and once back at work the calls and the threats started. The main one being “How will Michael (my brother) feel once he finds out you sucked his cock half a dozen times?” What he wanted was simple he wanted me and he wanted me to join his stable of whores as the man was now a pimp at least in his own head and Hanna and his ex-wife were the only women in his group.

My choices were simple I could either tell Michael myself and risk both his marriage and my family or I could leave my home, children and husband once more or the third choice I could tell the only man I knew who was more violent than Healy and by a million per cent. So that evening when the children were in bed I went to his sitting room and told him everything. He listened his eyes fixed on me and all he said was “OK Susan leave this with me I will deal with it and it won’t be a problem so forget about it and please close the door on your way out.” I thanked him but his face was unmoved and he told me, “I’m not doing this for you Susan or for your pompous brother, I’m doing it for my children.”
The next time I saw Healy I was out shopping for food with my daughter and Alison who was once again speaking to me although be it in a strained manner. As we walked out of the supermarket Healy cut us off as we walked pushing a trolley to the car. Grabbing me by my broken arm he threatened brake the other one if I didn’t go with him. He knew I’d be shopping at that store he also knew I’d be with my sister or daughter or both and he knew I’d be scared they would get hurt. However; what he didn’t know was that I was being driven by a six-foot four former Royal Marine whose first act was to punch him in the kidneys sending him to his knees before punching in the face sending him to “sleep” before taking us home. My daughter asked me “Who was that man mummy?” but before I could answer Kendrick (the drive) told her “Timeshare tout darling, they can be very aggressive you have to be firm with them nothing to worry about I dealt with the rude little man.”
Healy didn’t tell Michael anything in fact after I’d returned home and after the supermarket incident, I didn’t see him at all until my husband’s trial for attacking him a year before. The charges had been dropped from Attempted Murder to Grievous Bodily Harm which could bring a ten-year sentence maybe more as my husband was trained as his said Barrister “to kill people” but he told us not to worry. On the upside all charges related to all the Policemen to say nothing of their dog had been dropped.
The trial lasted three days and I was called to give evidence for the prosecution and I was painted by the defence as “a slut at the least” something I was happy to put up with. The defence barrister was flown up from London and was recommended by and paid for by one of my husband’s clients. He cost a fortune and in fact, he wasn’t a very nice man by all accounts. That said he made mincemeat out of Healy who was made to look stupid and once his criminal record was made known to the jury via a lot of questions to him, I felt a lot happier. In his summing up the Judge told the jury to look at the facts Healy was a big man with a record of violence and the defendant was a much smaller man of good character a father and a forgiving husband they had to decide if it was it an attack or was it as the defence claimed self-defence. The jury said it was self-defence, I was told later that Healy flew into a rage and wrecked his own house.
It was a month later my husband was away on a trip with a client in Dubai when Healy was found beaten half to death hanging upside-down from a lamppost with a bag over his head and his house and that of Ferret had been ransacked and personal belongings (photographs and tapes) taken. The Police told me that this was known in Northern Ireland as a punishment beating and had also been used by the military and was last seen used on a doorman in the town himself a former soldier. I told them I didn’t know what that meant as I’d never been there (Northern Ireland) and my husband was out of the country and gave him the name of the client. They didn’t ring him as after checking him out he turned out to be a Crown Prince and would need Foreign Office permission which would not be forthcoming.
The next time I saw Healy he was being helped into his car unable to get into it on his own. I noticed as he was driven off that the car had a disability sticker on the windows. That was over ten years after he’d smashed my face in and my arm and from the look of him, I doubt he’d be able to do that again to anybody, the bastard. A couple of years after that I met Hanna who was now in her late twenties but still looked a teenager. I didn’t ask about Healy but she volunteered the fact he wasn’t a well man and has suffered trips in and out of mental institutes after the attack on him he was literally a broken man and half the man he was before that having lost a testicle and had his cock damaged. Now she told he thought that any day the men who did it to him would come back and castrate him as they had threatened to. As for her, she left the town when her mother made contact with her and went on to University instead for being a prostitute for Healy which she told me was on the cards, “So at least something good came out of the kicking he got” her words not mine.
The months that followed my returned home I went back to work with a fresh perspective on life and once again I began to climb up the corporate ladder. With my bank account back in my own hands and a gift of well over £10,000 in £20 notes from my husband which he told me “You earned that so you keep it” I restocked my wardrobe or at least I made a hole in it. I was still sleeping in a spare bedroom but at least that was a start I told myself. My mind was even more relaxed when one day out of the blue a brand new BWM 5 series arrived on the drive, just for me.
Six months passed and I was even asked by Susan and Tina to come out on a Friday night like old times. It was something I thought I’d better say no to which I did. Instead, the pair of them arrived on Friday night making me laugh as a saw them at the gate on the CCTV. I let them in and asked them “Where’s the wine girls” holding out my hands only to be told by Tina “Der wine cellar” and she pointed to the stairs that led to it. My husband was home but soon left after giving Susan a less than warm welcome and slapping Tina playfully on the backside.
It wasn’t too long before our conversation turned to men and who Susan was seeing a guy who she’d know for a while but he was married and there was no future in it she could see. Tina wanted to know who it was but all Susan would say was “He’s a really kinky sod I can tell you that but that is all I am going to tell you.” No amount of probing or insisting would get it out of her and when Tina asked her if we knew him she said yes we did which brought a huge cheer from us both. Tina dropped a bombshell on me by telling my youngest brother’s wife was also “Seeing a married man as well” and when I asked her how she knew “she told me” was the answer. Susan asked her if she ever “played away” and as we were on our third bottle of wine, she admitted she had but only with one guy who as it happens was also married and it was a casual thing and not serious.
I was amazed and told them both that they were a pair of hussies which made them both scream out loud, that was rich coming from me they told me. As we’d established two of my sisters-in-laws were sluts and their husbands boring as hell, which was true and we all knew it. Tina went on to say “You can’t blame her Susan after all David is like Michael isn’t he, they are both boring bastards even you can see that” and I had to agree they were not that either spoke to me at all and if Healy opened his big mouth nor would anybody else in the family.   We had a good night and we were really drunk when he got home about 1 am and he volunteered to drive them both home, one of the advantages of a husband who doesn’t drink. Susan said she didn’t have anybody at home so she’d stay if that was OK but Tina was happy for him to take her home. I finished the last of the 4th bottle of wine with Susan and found her a bedroom for the night she wanted to know if we’d be “sharing a bed with him when he got back servicing Tina on the way to her house?” We both burst out laughing and I sent her into hysterics when I told her “If he’s going to fuck anybody it was going to be me and she could fuck off” and I staggered to my room and fell asleep fully clothed on the bed.

I woke a couple of hours later undressed and in bed and drifted off back to that well drunken sleep 90% sleeping 5% in a dream world and 5% awake but too drunk to know it. It was in that state I heard Susan groaning and whimpering in a way that I’d heard so many times before, she was being fucked and she was enjoying it. I tried to get out of bed to investigate but my legs and the fact the room was going around stopped me and I fell back into bed. Later the next day I asked him if he’d enjoyed fucking Susan and he smiled and told me “Yes it’s always a pleasure, not a great fuck but always enthusiastic” I asked him who else he’d been fucking while I was away, he took a step towards me and told me bluntly “Whoever I fucking felt like, OK?” I felt so low at that point and burst into tears and he walked out of the room leaving me to it.

Slowly as I got my life back I realised just how lucky I’d been for him to take me back after all Healy wasn’t my first “affair” nor the only one that had ended in disaster so to speak. People who knew me well mainly from work and a few older friends like Hanna told me I was a changed woman, less outgoing and more introverted none of them approved. Later my sister Alison told me bluntly that she’d been “screwing” my husband and as often as he’d felt like screwing her, asking me “Did you expect him to become a Monk while you fucked half the town?” I didn’t answer her. When I asked her if her husband knew she told me “No he doesn’t and I hope that’s not a threat?” I told her it wasn’t and she continued “I know exactly how many he’s (Robert) fucked you though Susan” I was shocked “We both know what you are Susan, you’re a slag and you have proved it over and over haven’t you?” I wanted to say something but I couldn’t and smirking she continued “The best thing for you is to realise we know what you are and admit it to yourself, that way you may not end up walking the streets for some twat like your last protagonist, what was his name, Malcolm Healy?”
If ever there was a wakeup call that was it. I realised the thing was not about to get back to the same place they had been before Healy. Not for a long time and if ever and I was there under suffrage, still I thought to myself he must still feel something for me or I’d be like Alison had said: “walking the streets for Healy then for some other twat” or maybe even dead. My mind was all over the place not knowing what to think and questioning everything including what was my status wife, mother what? The only thing I had worked out was that I lower down on any kind of pecking order than my sister or my friend Susan.
That night I asked my husband if there was any way back for me or was I always going to be treated like dirt for the rest of my life or was there even a small chance I could do something to make him believe me when I said I was sorry and that I loved him and would never do it again? I was trembling when I asked him at the start and in floods of tears at the end and then as he walked away and out of the room without answering me or speaking a single word, I was sobbing my heart out. A week later and I still didn’t have any response to my question even though I’d asked him twice more and told him I’d take any punishment he wanted me to but still no response. When he told me he’d be out of the country for a couple of weeks I was truly upset just in the same way I used to be when I first married I really didn’t want to see him leave.
My mother was more or less a permanent fixture at our house coming each day to tidy the house and see the children. Since my father died, she’d become a lot more mellow in her thoughts towards her son-in-law my husband. All of a sudden, he could do no wrong which was a direct contradiction from when my father was about when he couldn’t do anything right. As for me, well I was still a “stupid girl” as was my sister, however; as always, my brothers could do no wrong no matter what happened. It wasn’t a shock to me to be told by my mother that she was “shocked he took you back after what you did to him!” what could I say to that as so was I. It was, in fact, my mother who out of the blue one day when I arrived home from work early who gave me some words of advice telling me “You are a lucky girl you have a good job and a nice house two lovely children and a man who clearly loves you. If I was you, my girl, I’d do anything I could and I mean anything to put things right with them, anything.”
In the time he was away which was over a month I missed him more than ever which was a shock to me as we’d spent half our married life apart. A couple of drunken Friday nights with Susan and Tina helped take the edge off it although I still wouldn’t venture out into town. It was on one of those wine sodden nights I told Susan I knew she’d been fucking my husband while I was with Healy. My long-time friend didn’t even bother to deny it and just laughed out loud saying “Well we both shared your bed with him before and it was a pity to let that cock go to waste” Tina was mortified in what she heard. Susan wasn’t going to be stopped and told my sister-in-law all about threesomes with him and other people and I was too drunk to say otherwise. This conversation was to set the template for future conversation once Susan got drunk, she established a habit of telling whoever wanted to listen or not, what sluts the pair of us were when we were younger if only she knew.
As I didn’t protest too loudly one of them I don’t recall which changed the subject to Healy and what the attraction was for me. Before I could answer it Tina demanded to know if he “had a massive cock?” my answer sent them and me into a huge fit of the giggles when I told them “Fucking huge and he knew how to use it.” The question came thick and fast from both of them “Was he a kinky bastard? Yes, he was. Did you have a threesome with him” Yes I did? Who with? Not saying. Did he fuck you in the arse with it? (Susan asked) Yes, always he did he liked it better there.” Susan said she wouldn’t like to take a big cock in her arse but she didn’t mind doing it to which Tina said “I like it to be honest not that I get it often because Malcolm thinks it’s dirty” more fits of giggles which got even louder when Susan said “So your still getting your arse fucked then?” which brought a loud “No comment” from Tina. It was 4 am before they both left in a taxi with Tina telling me that she was off home to demand “Dirty sex from your boring brother” maybe he wasn’t as boring as she thought I told myself.

It took me all the next day and part of Sunday before I got rid of my hangover and I expect both Susan and Tina would be the same, I made a mental note to replace the wine in the cellar. It had been arranged for Alison and Robert to have Sunday lunch with us something that would be something of a tradition over the next few years and one that I’d come to hate. It was surreal that I’d cooked a meal and sat and ate it together with my children now both teenagers, together with Robert who knew he’d been fucking me and was under the impression I didn’t know it was him and my sister who also knew I had but her husband was unaware of the fact she knew. Sounds complicated and almost funny now that I am writing it down but it wasn’t at the time, believe me.

Once the meal was finished and the kids wanted to either go to their room or go to visit the riding stable in my daughter’s case, Alison helped me clear the table and load the dishwasher. It was all very civilised there was no talk of me and her husband or me and for that matter being lucky I wasn’t walking the streets for Healy or some other low life. In fact, it was all very polite and when they left I was surprised to find myself strangely on edge as I just wasn’t expecting that at all. I couldn’t sleep that night as I lay and thought about the events of the afternoon and tried to think just what was going on in the mind of my sister and her husband, I guessed I’d soon find out one way or the other.
On his return for his trip I picked him up from the airport it was on a Sunday evening as always I was pleased to see him and for the first time since my return home, I saw he was just a little happy to see me and I even got a kiss on the cheek. On the way back to our house he asked about the children my Mother and even the dog I did notice he didn’t ask “How are you Susan?” still I had the kiss on the cheek even though I still slept alone.
My career work-wise was going well and I moved to a new position and a new office in a new building, one in fact that Healy had been working on during his last ever contract there, he wasn’t missed. I think it was the fact that I was so focused on my job and had given up and form of social life at all and that I was seen as “frosty stuck up bitch or even as a ball-buster” how times had changed and in such a short period. Still, even though I knew that was the case I didn’t care at all and I may have been even flattered by the fact. In the meantime at home I was more or less treated as the “housekeeper” and not as a mother and a wife, still, all the same, I wasn’t walking the streets was I which was something I couldn’t get out of my mind.
One Friday a couple of months after his return I took a call in the hall of our house expecting it to be Susan however; it was Alan our old dogging companion who we’d not heard of since his late wife funeral well over a year before maybe even two. Unaware of what had been happening in our lives Alan who is truly one of the nicest people I have ever met chatted away to me and I was too thrown by his call to tell him things had changed. Instead, I put him onto my husband who took his call in his office a call that lasted well over an hour. I took our daughter for a sleepover at her friends and dropped off our son at Alison and Roberts house for the same. When I got back he was still on the phone to Alan.
At the end of his conversation, he told me that Alan had told him that he was trying to get his life back after the death of his wife and that the purpose of his call was to see if we wanted to visit him. I didn’t say anything half hoping that he’d agreed we would do. Instead, he told Alan that things had changed and we were not “active” at that stage but he didn’t say what he’d told him the reason for that was. However; he did tell me that Alan had asked if we’d be interested in going dogging that Sunday and was told that he (my husband) wasn’t at all but he’d have no objection if I wanted to go which I found amazing. It was an offer I thought I’d better decline unless he wanted me to go with Alan. All he said was it was up to me and that he didn’t have a view one way or another but Alan as my friend as well as his and he (Alan) was trying to get his life together, I told him I’d think about it.
Sunday lunchtime Alison and Robert came as usual as did my Mother who insisted on cooking which was a pity because she wasn’t a great cook. I felt like a stranger in my own house and after lunch, I decided to take the dog for a long walk which he enjoyed and it gave me time away from them all. It was when I got back Alison told me that somebody had rung for me and spoken to our mother who had taken his number, it was Alan. When I rang him back he told me my mother had given him the third degree which he thought was funny. The call was to see if I wanted to go dogging that evening as my “Master” had no objection to it but he thought he’d ask me, I didn’t know what to say. I told Alan that I’d talk it over with him and asked him to ring me back later.
As my husband was out running my Mother back to her house and went on to see one of his guys who had just got back into the country, I didn’t get a chance to speak to him. When Alan rang back at the appointed time he’d just got back into the house and it was him not me who answered the phone. As I walked to answer the phone he picked it up and I stood just inside the kitchen and listened to what he said to Alan. It was all very nice and matter of fact he laughed at what Alan was saying and wrote something down. That turned out to be a time and a place to meet Alan, it would appear I was going dogging after all. Handing me the piece of paper he told me “I thought you’d like to get out of the house for a while and Alan needs some fun so go and give him some” I took it and looked at it. Then he asked told me “You better get a move on you only have an hour before you meet him and you’d better shave.” As I took the note from him he added: “You won’t need any clothes just a pair of shoes and some hold-ups under a coat.”
An hour later I had bathed, shaved off months of pubic growth and driven to the place Alan had wanted to meet me and waited. It was almost an hour before he turned up and I was about to leave when an apologetic Alan arrived in his Volvo estate car. I got out of my BMW taking great care to hit the button twice to activate the alarm and went to get into the front seat only to find it occupied and a woman sat in it so I opened up the back door and got in. there on the back seat was the partner of the woman sat in the front. Alan introduced them as Peter and Dawn and as fellow doggers and swingers.  The drive was going to take 40-50 minutes or so and our driver suggested we “got to know each other before we got there” which Peter took as a signal to grope me. When I asked him indignantly “do you mind” when he reached inside my coat to grab my breast his reply was “No I don’t mind at all” it dawned on me that this was the first sexual contact I had had for eight months.
Alan told me to “behave and to be a good girl” I took this as the Dom’s command to submit and I let Peter grope away feeling like a naughty little girl. At a set of lights Dawn got out of the front seat and got into the back with me in the middle, she was a big girl all-around a size 18 to my size 10 and as he was no lightweight either it was a good job the Volvo had a big back seat. It was odd having my tits sucked at the same time one by him the other by his wife as they held my legs open and pushed fat fingers into my cunt, it wasn’t long before I felt myself cum for the first time in months.
Once we reached the place Alan had chosen Peter was the first to get out and open the tailgate and I was simply placed on my back my coat removed and legs opened and he mounted me and as it was still quite bright a crowd soon gathered. In the meantime Dawn was bent over the bonnet (hood) of the car getting hers. Once Peter had finished his “rutting” as he a called it another man took his place and then another after him and so it went on. I don’t recall how many fucked me but unlike the time I had secretly stayed on the pill to avoid insemination by the two brothers I wasn’t on the pill then and I’d taken at least a dozen loads of cum, only time would tell if I was unlucky.
The next day I was at work as normal and it was just like any other day but once the day was over things changed forever. As I sat watching the TV he came into the room and switched it off. He reminded me that I’d asked if there was a way back and he told me he’d thought about it and this was what he gave me it was take it or leave it. In the past, he had given me his trust and I had betrayed that trust not once but several times and even though I had been warned of the consequences. He went on to tell me that he felt betrayed and the reason was he had been betrayed but I was still his wife and the mother of his children. He pointed out that I had also been his slave but now because of my betrayal he’d lost interest in me in that respect as well. However; I had proved to be a natural submissive and he told me that my betrayal was partly due to that fact so he was giving me the opportunity to use my submission to redeem myself.
I had as he said served other Masters and Mistresses as and when requested by him and in the fact I had made him proud. My natural submission and my fondness of cock no matter whose or what species for that matter and all this had made me very popular with others which he had decided would be my one and the only way back if I wanted to take it. I had to agree to the following and once I had proved to him that I was loyal and obedient which he pointed out would take a long time maybe years; he’d take me back as his wife and slave.

If I agreed I would become a 24/7 slave and I would serve whoever I was told to serve whenever I was told to without hesitation as if they were him. I would take whatever degradation, humiliation or pain they wanted to inflict on me, within limits of course which he’d set. That said I also had bridges to build in our vanilla life and if I agreed to this we would appear to all in that side of our life as a happily married couple even though half the town thought of him as either weak or stupid because of my behaviour and as always we would keep our family and vanilla life very separate and nothing I did with whoever used me as a slave would be allowed to impact on that, this was a warning to me although he didn’t say we both knew it was. I was to make no mistake his interest in me at that time was limited to the happiness of our children and not mine.

He told me that I had three choices I could either:

1.     Take what he was offering and become a 24/7 slave serving whoever and try to get back his affection but with no guarantee, it would be successful, or how long it would take if it did work.

2.     Let things carry on as they were and live with him and my children but separately share the same house but not the same life.

3.     Leave altogether divorce and make a new start and have access to the children but not him. He would not stand in my way and would support me financially to get myself established.

I asked him several questions like who would I have to serve and for how long but he didn’t tell me just reiterating “Whoever you are told to” and I got the same answer when I asked him what would I have to do for them? “Whatever you are told to do and without question.” I was given 24 hours to think about it but I told him I didn’t need it because I was willing to do anything to show him I was so sorry. It was hard for me to tell if he was pleased or not but he did tell me that he’d given me a second chance before and I had let him down badly this was my last chance and although he’s told me that before he’d pointed out the fact he’d never given anybody a third chance before. I was told wait as he’d told my new Dom he’d ring him to come around if I agreed to my new agreement then once the call was made to go and get myself ready as my Dom would be there in half an hour.

I took a quick shower and a razor to my pubic hair not that there was much there only stubble then I put on some make-up hold ups, heels and slipped into a dress which would come off easily and I sat and waited to be called downstairs. I heard the front door open and close and after half an hour I was called down and standing in the room with my husband was my brother-in-law Robert, he was to be my new Dom.
It was hard to tell who was the more nervous him or me we just stared at each other I remember he was, in fact, bright red in colour. It was my husband who broke the short but uneasy silence. Telling me “Susan you know Robert has been fucking you don’t you?” I nodded I did “Well now he going fuck you openly and whenever he feels like it and that is fine with you Susan isn’t it?” Once more I nodded my eyes firmly fixed on the floor. Turning to Robert he told him of my limits:

·       No blood play.

·       No Cutting.

·       No children.

·       No permanent marks.

·       No marks on the face that will last for more than just a few hours.

·       No marks vanillas can see or that cannot be hidden my vanilla clothes.

·       No playing where she is known in her family, work or vanilla areas.

Robert had a lot of questions and was told simply that if it wasn’t on that list it wasn’t a limit and if I failed to please it was up to him to punish me. Robert wanted to know could he let others fuck and use me? Yes, as long they kept the same rules. Could he whore me out? Yes. Public flashing? Yes. Dogs? Yes? Gangbangs? Yes. Could he control what I wore from day today? Yes as long as it didn’t break the set rules. As he asked question after question I could see two things the first was Robert was beginning to annoy my husband and secondly he (Robert) didn’t have clue what he was going to do with or to me. The second thing I didn’t know if it was good or bad however; I was to find out sooner rather than later. Nothing happened that night apart from being made to take off my dress and display myself to my new Dom who didn’t touch me but told me he’d be in touch and left me on all fours head on the floor arse in the air and spreading my own cheeks. I remained there until he’d gone not knowing what to do or say in the end as I was alone I went to my room and the next day I dropped the kids off at school as normal and went to work and waited for the call I knew would becoming.

To be continued...

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