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School Mascot

Extreme, F, F+, f, M, m, High School, Bestiality, CBT, Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Interracial, Latex, Modification, Pain, Scat, Non-Consensual

This story is fantasy! It is pretty hard. It contains nonconsensual incest, body modification, and scat – shit play. This story contains sex that is definitely not safe.

I am looking for a woman or women to play with in the Portland, Oregon area. To that end I am writing this story to explain some of the things I’m interested in.

Again, please keep in mind that this story is a fantasy, and while I like to play hard, I enjoy playing soft just as much.

School Mascot

Chapter 1

A New School

Billy was excited. He’d just turned eighteen and, while he had not been completely sheltered by his parents, he had been home schooled his entire life. He’d always wished he’d been able to spend more time with kids his own age.

Billy’s parents, Doctors Elizabeth and Franklyn Knut, were researchers and the CEO and CFO respectively of a large medical device corporation. They were also large contributors to Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow High School. The school was no longer affiliated with the church. While some boys were allowed to attend as day students, it remained a year round all-girls boarding school. In addition, his sister attended the school.

Last evening his parents explained that in order to ‘round out’ his education, they were going to have him join his older sister, Virginia at OLPS for the final nine months before she went off to college.

Billy had always loved his sister and enjoyed hanging out and playing with her. For the past two years, Virginia had spent most of her time at the school. Therefore, Billy was looking forward to not only spending time with Virginia, but also getting a chance to meet more girls.

As soon as Billy got off the bus he spotted his sister among the crowd of girls in front of the school. My god!  He thought, It must be a requirement for girls to be at least an eight to go to this school! Putting those thoughts from his head, he hurried to meet his sister.

Virginia was tall, blond, and well proportioned. She had the lithe, trim body of a gymnast. As Billy ran up the steps toward her, Billy thought Are her tits bigger than the last time I saw her? Damn boy, she’s your sister! Ya gotta stop thinking like that!

Once at the top of the stairs, Virginia launched herself at Billy. Catching her, Billy swung her around declaring, “Damn, it’s good to see you Sis!”

“Me too, Bro! I’m going to have so much fun with you.”

After hugging for a short while, Virginia said, “Hey, I’m supposed to take you to Ms. Stewart. She’s the head dyke Nazi around here.”

Billy was surprised. Virginia had never used language like that around him before. “Dyke Nazi?” he asked.

“Never mind,” she answered. “Just pay attention to what she tells you. She makes up all kinds of rules, and anyone who breaks one is in for a hell of a bad time.”

Billy chuckled, “Okay, Sis, I’ll pay attention.”

“I mean it Billy. She means business.”

As Virginia walked Billy to the office, Billy noticed that many of the girls looked at him with interest. This might be even more fun than I expected,” he thought.

Once at the office, one of the secretaries dismissed Virginia and told Billy to have a seat. After a couple of minutes he heard a loud smacking noise followed by a sharp yelp from behind a door marked ‘Ms. Metzger, Vice-Principal’. Two more reports followed the first. Billy heard a slightly muffled “Go out and wait for your mentor, slut.”

The door opened and an Asian girl with the most beautiful tear stained face walked out and sat across from Billy. As she made her way to the chair opposite Billy, he could not fail to notice that her skirt barely extended below her waist.  Fuck, he thought, if she sits down, I’ll be able to see her panties.

She sat, and surprisingly, Billy could not see her panties - because she wasn’t wearing any! The girl splayed her legs wide causing her skirt to ride up so that he could see that her pussy was free from hair. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he could see dew drops of moisture clinging to her pussy lips.

The girl looked at Billy, smiled, and then reached down to cup her pussy with her hand. As she started to poke her middle finger into her slit, a voice filled the office, “Ms. Kim, would you like to spend a week in solitary?” The girl frowned and placed her hands in her lap.

This is definitely going to be fun! Thought Billy. His cock was, of course, rock hard.

The door to the Principal’s office opened, and a tall middle aged woman said, “Dr. Franklyn, please come in.”

As he entered Ms. Stewart was perched on her desk facing Billy. “As you just heard young man, unlike public schools, here at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, we believe in corporal punishment. Ms. Kim has been acting and dressing inappropriately.” Billy stood in front of Ms. Stewart.

Billy was caught in surprise as the principal smacked his hard-on through his pants. “You will control your pecker! I will not have you walking around my school with such a brazen lack of self-restraint!”

She took her seat behind her desk. “I am against this idea of having a live-in male attend our school. However, the situation requires that I must give you a chance.” She handed Billy a thick booklet. “Here is a copy of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow’s rules and regulations. You are to read it and become familiar with all of them tonight. Any infractions shall be dealt with by the most extreme punishment allowed. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” replied Billy.

“You will refer to students here as Miss, and teachers and staff as Mistress, do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very good. Are you a virgin?”


As Ms. Stewart rose, she said, “Keep your feet were they are, bend over, and put your hands on my desk.”

“Ma’am,” stuttered Billy.


“Yes, Ma’am.”

Ms, Stewart crossed behind Billy picked up a paddle, and without warning, struck him HARD on the ass with it.

“Ouch! Fuck!” Screamed Billy.

“How are you supposed to address me?” Smack!


“Very good, I guess you were paying attention.” Smack!

“Ouch! Fuck!”

“A gentleman should not swear, and you will NOT swear in my school.” Smack!

“Yes, Mistress,” Billy managed to eek out. He started to cry.

“Now, answer the question. Are you a virgin?” Smack!

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress, what?” Smack!

“Yes, Mistress, I am a virgin.”

“Very good, boy. Stand up.” She sat back down.

“All of our students are virgins, and they shall remain so during their tenure here. This is the most important rule. If you break this rule, there will be severe consequences. Do you understand young man?”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

She placed some forms on the desk. “These forms are required for you to attend Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrows. The first is your application, the second states that you will follow all of the rules and regulations; and that you will obey all orders and instructions given to you. You should read them before you sign them.”

Billy quickly scanned and signed the forms.

“Very well. Until you are given permission, while at school, you will be escorted at all times by your mentor. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

“After I dismiss you, you will take a seat in the office and wait for your mentor. She will escort you from the building. You will then go home and read the rules and regulations. Your mentor will be waiting for you at the front door at 5 AM tomorrow morning. She will administer a test covering the rules and regulations, and then start your orientation. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress, I understand.”

“You will, of course, follow any orders your mentor gives you to the letter, and you shall her treat with utmost respect.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy. You are dismissed.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Billy turned and left the Principal’s office. He gingerly sat on a chair in the office. Most of the staff looked at him with smirks on their faces. Fuck ‘em, thought Billy.

After about five minutes, a beautiful chocolate skinned African-American woman entered to office and held out her hand to Billy. “Good morning, my name is Yolanda, and I’ll be your mentor. Please follow me.” Billy stood and followed her out of the office. “There are too many ears in the office. I heard you ran afoul of the Nazi. Don’t worry; I don’t think anyone’s made it out of their initial interview without at least one swat. How many did she give you?”


“Ouch! Six? You musta really pissed her off. She give you the ‘virgin’ lecture?”


“Don’t let her scare you. While a hundred percent of the girls entering OLPS may be virgins, more than half are well fucked by the time they graduate! I image you’ll be totally fucked before long.”

"Thanks, I think,” said Billy.

They’d made it to the front door. “I’ll see you in the morning. Be sure you’re early.”

“Thank you, Miss.”

Yolanda kissed him. “That’s sweet. It’s Yolanda, not miss. See you in the morning, Billy.”

“Goodbye!” Called Billy, as he walked down the stairs towards his bus.

Chapter 2


Being professionals, Billy’s parents couldn’t spend as much time with him as he grew up. Billy was raised by Sapphire. She was his wet nurse and nanny while he was a baby, and she had become his teacher and companion once he was old enough to start school.

Sapphire was a good looking, charcoal black, French-Canadian woman. Billy thought of her as a second older sister. She always seemed to wear loose fitting clothing, so he never really thought of her as pretty.

Once in the front door Billy heard a distant “Billy?”


“Please come up to my room.”

Billy was a little surprised. Sapphire’s room had always been her personal domain – her private sanctuary. He couldn’t remember the last time he been in it. He knocked on her door.

“Come in.”

Billy opened the door and froze in surprise. Sapphire stood fully clothed in a bright white latex body suit. The contrast between the suit and her black head, hands and feet was stunningly stark. A brass key hung on a silver chain around her neck. Black, horizontal zippers spanned her breasts, and another ran down from her navel. He assumed it continued to the small of her back.

The suit fit so tightly that he could see the outline of her nipples along with the rings that pierced them. His eyes trolled her body, stopping at her crotch. He could see the outline of a padlock threaded through the dozen or so rings that pierced her pussy lips.

“I just love latex, don’t you?” She crooned.

Speechless, Billy could only nod.

“Come here, baby. I’ve been waiting for this day for years.”

The ‘virgin’ rule completely forgotten, Billy walked to where Sapphire stood. She took his head in her hands and kissed him on the lips. She gently pushed her tongue into his mouth. As she explored his mouth with her tongue, he could feel several balls secured to the surface of her tongue.

She broke the kiss and placed the chain holding the key around Billy’s neck. “I’m all yours tonight. This is your only chance to fuck, so let’s make the best of it.”

She must mean our only chance to fuck. In any case, you bet I’m going to make the best of it!

She unbuckled his pants and pushed them to the floor. She knelt and pulled his briefs down, releasing his rampant cock. “Very nice,” she said.

She licked the full ten inch length and thrust the ¼” ball that pierced the tip of her tongue into Billy’s piss hole. Billy shivered. “Do you like my new piercing?” She purred.

“Oh yes! My god, that feels great!”

She took the three inch thick cock into her mouth, swirling it with her tongue.

“Fuck! Those piercings feel wonderful!”

She pulled her mouth away from his cock. “Yes, I have five barbells piercing my tongue. Usually I wear clear studs so you can’t tell I have piercings.”

Sapphire took his cock back into her mouth.

All too soon, Billy tensed and called out “Fuck! Fuck! No! No! I’m cumming.”

Sapphire placed her mouth at the end of Billy’s cock and sucked. Billy’s cum quickly filled her mouth. She swallowed quickly to make room as his cock continued to pump jizz into her mouth.

After Sapphire finished draining Billy’s balls, she pushed him gently away. Looking down, Billy saw a thin white stream of jizz leak from her mouth.

She used her tongue to lick his cum from her chin. “Don’t worry baby, we have all night. You taste good!”

“Thanks, you look so sexy! I had no idea you’re so hot!”

“Thanks baby!” She moved to her bed and lay on her back. “Unzip my tits, lover.”

Billy happily obliged. He was soon gently sucking on her ringed nipples. “You don’t remember nursing from me, do you?” She asked.

Billy continued to suck as he hummed no.

“Twist the other ring, Billy.”

He started to twist and pull the ring in her other nipple.

“Mmmmmm, bite my nipple, Baby. I like it rough!”

Billy was happy to oblige. After about five minutes, she shivered in a mini orgasm. He continued to worship Sapphire’s tits for almost an hour. During that time, she came several more times.

Finally, she tried to push Billy away from her tits. “No,“ he moaned.

“Unlock my pussy, Billy. Lick me, Billy. Suck my clit.”

Billy moved to her waist. He slowly pilled the zipper down, exposing both her pussy and her ass. He was amazed at the sight of the lock threaded through the rings which pierced her pussy lips. He took a ring and gently pulled and twisted it. “One.”

He pulled and twisted each ring as he counted them, “Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven.” The eleventh pierced the mons above her clit.

Sapphire squirmed and moaned in delight. Billy took the key from his neck and released the padlock. He slowly removed the lock’s shackle from the rings. As he set the lock aside, Sapphire took his head between her hands and moved it to her pussy.

“Lick my outer lips, Baby.” Billy started licking her pussy lips. “Mmmmmmmmm.”

Ten minutes later she said, “Now the inner lips.”

After another ten minutes, “Aww fuck! You sure do eat a mean pussy, baby. Fuck me with your tongue.”

Billy thrust his extended tongue in the sopping slit awaiting his attention. Sapphire trembled in her strongest orgasm yet. As she squirted pussy juice in Billy’s mouth, she grabbed his head and ground her pussy into it.

“Yeah Baby, I’m a squirter. You like that Baby? You like the taste of my nectar?”

Billy moaned in pleasure. He spent almost an hour licking and sucking Sapphire’s luscious pussy. Sapphire lost count of how many times she came. Finally she pushed him away from her pussy.

“You’ve worn me out, Baby. I need to recharge before we fuck. You wanna fuck me, don’t you baby?”

“My God, yes! You are amazing Sapphire.” He pointed to his cock, which was, once again, rock hard. “I can’t believe I’m hard again.”

They lay entwined on the bed. “I’m starving. Let’s get a snack,” said Billy.

“I’m sorry, Baby. It’s important that you don’t have anything to eat tonight. You can have as much water that you want, but nothing else. Sorry, Baby.”


“Didn’t they tell you? They’re going to give you a physical tomorrow. You have to fast tonight.” She rose and brought a pitcher of water and two glasses.

After quenching their thirst and resting for about fifteen minutes, Sapphire pushed Billy onto his back. She straddled him, took his raging hard-on in her hand, aimed it at her pussy, then impaled herself on it.

“Oh my God!” screamed Billy. This time Billy lasted much longer.

After many hours of sucking and fucking, Sapphire and Billy fell into a much deserved sleep.

“Billy . . . Billy . . . it’s time to wake up. You need to get ready for school.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm. What time is it?”

“It’s 3 o’clock. You need to take a shower and get dressed.”

“Oh my God, I haven’t packed!”

“Don’t worry, Billy. I’ll send over everything you need.”

Finally waking up, Billy saw Sapphire standing naked over him. “My God, you are so beautiful. I’m in love with you.”

Sapphire chuckled and said, “No Billy, you’re in lust with me. I do believe, however, that you care for me a great deal. I do love you, and I know that you’ll remember last night as the best night of you entire life.”

“I’m sure I will. I do love you, though!”

Billy climbed out of bed and quickly shaved and showered. He took his time getting dressed making sure that he looked sharp. Once finished he joined Sapphire in the kitchen. Taking her in his arms, he kissed her passionately.

Pushing him away, she said, “I’ve called you a cab. It’s paid for; just give him a $20 tip. Don’t forget that I love you, Billy.”

“That sounds so final, Sapphire. I will never forget you. I’ll visit as often as I can, trust me.”

Sapphire pushed him out the door, “Sure, Billy. See you soon.” There were tears in her eyes.

Chapter 3

Billy’s First Day in School

Even though the cab delivered Billy to the school forty-five minutes early, Yolanda was waiting for him at the top of the stairs. She was stunning. She wore a very tight blood red leather skirt and a white leather halter top. Black boots extended to her mid thighs.

“Good morning Billy.”

“Good morning Yolanda. You look amazing!”

“Thank you Billy. You are in good spirits this morning.” They entered the school and walked down the hallway. “First stop, the nurse’s office. Did you study the rules and regulations?”

Of course, Billy had not read the rules. “Errr . . . sure . . . ,” replied Billy. They approached a door marked ‘Nurses Office’.

They entered the door. The room looked like a typical doctor’s office. There was a desk, exam table, several glass fronted cabinet and stainless steel tables; and a wheelchair. A closed door was labeled ‘Nurse’.

Yolanda motioned to Billy to sit in the chair on one side of the desk, and she sat on the other side. “Just a couple of forms for you, the first is a release for your physical, and the second states that you acknowledge that you’ve read, understand, and will abide by the rules and regulations of Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow School.”

Billy quickly signed them without reading them.

Yolanda chuckled as she placed one last form in front of Billy. “This one is kind of humorous, As you found out yesterday, the administration of OLPS believes in corporal punishment. This form states that if you break any of the rules, you agree to any punishment that the school administration or students feel is appropriate.”

“Any punishment?” asked Billy.

“Yeah, it’s pretty much a formality. They don’t want you claiming abuse.”

“The students can be involved in punishment?”

“Once in a while, for a particularly egregious infraction, the student body may have the perpetrator write an article for the school paper, or something like that. No big deal.”

Billy signed the form with some apprehension.

“Okay. That’s done,” said Yolanda. “The patient is ready, nurse.”

The door to the nurse’s office opened and the most frightening woman Billy had ever seen appeared. She was Asian, tall, and husky. Not fat, BIG - so big that she filled the entire doorway.

The outfit she wore looked like a costume from the movie Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS! If fact, her name is Ilsa. She wore a bright white blouse which was unbuttoned except for the bottom two buttons. While her nipples were covered, Billy could see the rest of her huge breasts. Her waist was encircled with a wide red belt.

She wore a black, micro mini leather skirt. The stays of her garter belt extended to the middle of her thighs where they were attached to what look like authentic silk stockings. Her feet were shod in black leather riding boots. She wore a Nazi peaked visor cap, and she was even holding a riding crop in her black leather gloved hands.

I though nurses wore white, not black, thought Billy.

“Stand up!” Barked the Amazon.

Billy jumped to his feet.


Billy’s eyes flew to Yolanda. She had an amused look on her face. “But . . . but . . . but . . . ,” I stuttered.

“I said strip, boy!” Repeated the nurse.

While Billy hurried to remove his clothes, Yolanda put rubber gloves on. He was soon standing in the chilly room with his hands covering his flaccid cock.

“Hands at your side!” Once again, he obeyed instantly.

Yolanda stood, picked up his clothes, and threw them into the garbage can.

“But you can’t . . .” Billy’s protest was cut short by a stroke of the riding crop across his bare butt.

"Silence! Do not speak unless you’re asked a direct question,” shouted the nurse. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She walked close and said, “You are a filthy worm.” She used her riding crop to lift his lifeless cock. “This proves to me that you are useless as a male. For some reason, some women like to use a male’s filthy cock for pleasure. This limp cock is useless.”

She smacked his ass with her crop. “It’s time for your medication. Bend over, place your hands on the desk, spread your legs, and do not move!”

“Yes, Mistress.” following her orders to the letter.

Yolanda had returned to the chair opposite him. “Take a look at your medication, boy.” She was holding what looked like a huge white bratwurst in her hands. It was several inches in diameter, and almost nine inches long. “As you can see, we like to use suppositories to deliver our medications.”

“But . . . “ Smack! Another swipe of the riding crop. “I said silence boy!”

Yolanda walked around the desk with the suppository and picked up a tube of lube. “Behave yourself, little boy, or I won’t use any lube. Believe me when I tell you, you don’t want that.”

Billy felt the cool gel when Yolanda squirted in onto his asshole.

Billy jumped a little as Yolanda used her finger to spread the lube around his ass. He tensed his ass when she slowly pushed her finger into his ass.

“Relax, boy. It’s only my finger. This will go a lot easier, and much less painful, I might add, if you relax.”

She removed her finger and placed the end of the torpedo at his asshole. Almost immediately Billy started to rise up so he could try to escape. The nurse, forgotten until now, grabbed his balls in one hand, and started to squeeze.

“Aaaaaaa . . . ,“ Billy screamed.

“Stand still boy.” She continued to increase the pressure on his balls. “That suppository will end up in your ass. You will shut up and remain silent.”

Billy forced his hands back onto the desk in front of him. He squirmed as he tried to relax his asshole and still remain in position.

“I know you can do this Billy,” consoled Yolanda. “I’m told your cock is bigger than this torpedo. Just think of butt fucking some poor lass’ ass with your cock. She’d feel the same thing and she’d enjoy it. Relax, and learn to enjoy getting butt fucked, Billy. I guarantee you this is only the first of many things that will soon be fucking your ass.”

Not in your lifetime, thought Billy. I’m outta here the first chance I get. Billy had no idea how wrong he was.

With steady pressure, Yolanda finally forced the cudgel past Billy’s shrieking sphincter. Even the pain from having his balls crushed couldn’t keep him from squirming.

Finally, after several minutes of steady progress, the other end of the sausage finally slipped past Billy’s sphincter. He actually felt relief from the tearing of his most sensitive membrane.

“There, that’s in,” remarked Yolanda.

The nurse released Billy’s balls. “Stand up, close you legs. Stand there quietly and do not move.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Billy quickly followed the orders. Moving helped relieve the pain a little.

“Do not let that suppository out of your filthy asshole.”                  

“Yes, Mistress.”

As the nurse moved towards the exam table she said, “Before long you will become sleepy. When you do, let me know.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The nurse adjusted the stirrups and then hopped onto the exam table. She placed her boot covered feet into the stirrups and splayed her knees wide. Billy could see her hairy, wide open pussy.

“God, this makes me so horny. Slave, get your tongue over here!”

Yolanda’s face brightened even more as she said, “With pleasure, Mistress.”

After about five minutes of watching Yolanda worship the nurse’s pussy, Billy said, “Mistress, I’m starting to feel a little sleepy.”

“Okay, boy, sit down in the wheelchair.”

Billy did so, and was soon asleep.

Chapter 4

The Operation

Billy woke to the sound of hundreds of girl’s voices. He was laying supine on a hard surface. His feet were in stirrups which left his cock exposed. He tried to move, and found that he could not move his arms or legs.

“What the fuck?” He said softly.

Ilsa moved into view. “Language young man.” She moved a flat screen TV into his view. “Can you see this okay?”

“Yes, Madam,” he replied.

“The patient is ready, doctors.”

Watching the display, Billy saw his parents walk towards him. “Mom, dad? What’s going on?”

His parents moved into view.

“You couldn’t keep your pecker in your pants, could you son?” Asked his father. “One simple rule.”

His mother turned and faced away for him. “Girls, what is the first rule for male students attending Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow?”

All 350 female students of OLPS recited, “As a male, I will remain celibate during my tenure at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow School.”

“Very good,” His mother turned and asked him, “Are you a virgin, son?”

“Er . . . “ Stuttered Billy.

“Don’t bother to answer, Billy. Watch.”

To Billy’s horror the monitor displayed clips of Sapphire both giving and receiving head, the two of them fucking with Sapphire on top, and on the bottom, and Billy fucking Sapphire doggy style.

“Let me explain what is going to happen, Billy. You are now restrained to an operating table in the school’s cafetorium. You are receiving an infusion of several drugs. The first is a muscle relaxation which insures that you cannot move. The second is a stimulant which enhances sensations. We will be operating on you without an anesthetic. The stimulant will increase the pain you’ll feel and keep you from blacking out. Nurse?”

Ilsa took a Wartenberg wheel, which is a pinwheel attached to a handle, and ran it down his body.

“Feel that, son?” Asked his mother.

“Yes,” replied Billy.

His mother pushed a button on a small remote. An electric shock coursed through Billy’s body.

“What are you to call the staff of the school?”

“Ouch!! Mistress! I’m sorry, Mistress,” he replied.

“Very good. Now before we start the operation, we have a score to settle with pain slut Sapphire.”

Suddenly the screen was filled with the image of Sapphire. She was restrained nude, spread eagled, lying down. Yolanda was standing next to her.

“As you can see, Sapphire is at a remote location,” said Billy’s father. “Can you hear me, slut?”

Billy, and the other students heard Sapphire answer, “Yes, Sir.”

“We gave you a simple task, didn’t we?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And what was that task?”

“I was to see if Billy could resist being seduced into having oral sex with me,” answered Sapphire.

“What was the one restriction did we place upon you?”

“I was not to let him fuck me.”

“Why did you disobey that order?”

“I felt that Billy should be able to fuck a woman at least once.”

“Well, slut, you are going to pay a terrible price for your rebellion.”

Yolanda buckled a penis gag into Sapphire’s mouth. A clear plastic tube led from the gag. The other end of the tube was connected to a Foley catheter. Yolanda then knelt and quickly threaded the end of the catheter down Sapphire’s urethra into her bladder. She then inflated the balloon which holds the catheter in place. The tube turned yellow as Sapphire’s piss flowed towards the gag. The bound woman soon had no choice but to drink her own piss.

The monitor first turned black, then the picture returned with a green tinge.

“As you can see from the night vision camera, Sapphire is now in the dark, and she can no longer hear me,” explained Billy’s father to the audience. “However, she can hear you.”

Yolanda knelt between Sapphire’s legs and gently sucked on her clit. Sapphire was soon moaning in pleasure.

“Sapphire is a little pain slut. We are going to make sure that what will happen to her will, in fact, punish her and not reward her.”

“All of you know about GMO or genetically modified organisms. GMO foods are banned from the cafeteria. We’ve genetically modified a strain of fire ants to increase their size, and to increase the pain while reducing toxicity of their venom.”

Yolanda uses a small brush to coat Sapphire’s clit with honey. She then takes the cap off of a test tube and shakes a large ant onto her captive’s toe.

“One reason that we cathed Sapphire, of course, is so that she has no choice but to drink her own piss. Sapphire is a clean freak, so she really doesn’t enjoy drinking piss, especially her own. However, the most important reason is that urine can help to neutralize fire ant toxins which would reduce the pain from the bites, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

The student body replies, “No, we wouldn’t”

Sapphire starts to twist and turn as much as her bonds allow her. “No! no! What the fuck’s that? Get it off of me!” Her screams are muffled by the gag in her mouth.

“As you can tell, Sapphire suffers from entomophobia, or fear of insects,” explained Dr. Franklyn.

While Billy watched in silent terror, the assembled girls cheered the ant towards Sapphire’s love button. Sapphire continued shaking in order to try to knock the ant off of her.

The ant singlehandedly continued his course, reaching his goal after about five minutes. While Sapphire had forgotten the attention that Yolanda had given her clit, she was reminded once the ant closed his pincher around her tender clit and injected its venom.

“Aaaaaa ffuuccckkkk nnooooooooooooooo!!!!!” Again, Sapphire’s screams were muffled by the gag.

“Well that’s a good start,” remarked Dr. Elizabeth.

Yolanda coats a finger with honey and wipes Sapphire’s pussy lips with the viscous sugar. After dipping four fingers into the honey jar, she starts to fuck the bound woman’s pussy.

“No! Oh my God, no! Please, no, no, no, nnnooooo,” screams Sapphire into the gag.

“How many times have I fucked you like this, love? Usually you beg me for more. What’s wrong love?”

After about five minutes, she starts to draw trails of honey on Sapphire's tits. Yolanda moves to a sink where she washes her hands. Soon a line of ants can be seen crawling up Sapphire’s foot to begin their journey to her honey pot.

Billy could not stand any more. “Please, do what you want to me, but don’t hurt Sapphire any more! Please, stop!”

“Shut up, son,” ordered his father.

“We don’t want to ignore those beautiful titties, do we?” Asks Dr. Elizabeth.

“No!” Yells the student body in return.

“God, no, not her tits. Please no more,” screamed Billy.

“Shut up, or I’ll gag you,” exclaimed his mother.

Now that Sapphire knew what was happening, the lights were turned back on. Yolanda could be seen on the screen brushing a pattern of honey onto Sapphire’s breasts.

“I don’t care, stop it!” Yelled Billy.

“Red gag, red gag . . . ,” chanted the girls.

“Very well,” said Billy’s mother. “The student body wants you red gagged.”

The monitor screen was now split to show both the ants approaching Sapphire’s tits, and Dr. Elizabeth putting on rubber gloves. She then lifted her skirt and pulled a sopping bloody oversized tampon from her pussy.

Realizing what was about to happen, Billy clamped his mouth shut. A shock coursed through his body causing him to open his mouth, “Aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!”

Then shock continued as his mother stuffed the foul sponge into his mouth. “You will soon learn that it is no use to fight the superior sex, Billy.”

Nurse Ilsa wrapped an elastic bandage around Billy’s head, trapping the bloody tampon in his mouth.

All action on the stage halted while everyone watched enthralled as the ants began to munch on Sapphire’s pussy lips. Ants could be seen disappearing into her pussy. Sapphire’s jitters seemed to increase. Before long the ants could be seen hanging on to Sapphire’s once pristine breasts with their pincers as she tried to shake them off.

Sapphire’s ordeal was so fascinating that everyone watched as the ants tortured the bound woman. Everyone was amazed that Sapphire had enough stamina to endure so much pain without fainting.

After about half an hour, Dr. Elizabeth called attention back to the school’s new mascot. “That is an amazing display of the punishment that a human body can endure. However, we are here today to make my son a better person so that he will fit in here at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow.”

“Dr. Franklyn and I will soon be operating on Billy. During the past twenty years, and especially with the advent of microelectronics, our firm has been in the forefront of developing ways to enhance sexual performance. Of course, progress involves making mistakes, so we have the ability to also degrade sexual performance.”

“Nurse Ilsa, would you please remove the gag. Even though Billy’s stomach is empty, we want to avoid any chance that our patient might throw up.”

Ilsa removed the bandage, and Billy spit out the tampon and screamed, “I can’t believe you actually put your filthy tampon into my mouth!”

Without hesitation, Ilsa slapped Billy as hard as she could. “Don’t you ever talk to your mother like that! You should be honored that she was willing to share her bodily fluids with you! Keep your mouth shut!”

Dr. Elizabeth continued as if nothing happened, “As I said before, we will be operating on Billy without anesthetic. Nurse Ilsa’s medical play class will be assisting us during the operation. Nurse . . .”

Ilsa supervised Yolanda, who had joined the party, as she and her classmates shaved Billy’s crotch. Once the hair was gone, the entire area was swabbed in disinfectant.

“Now we are ready to begin,” announced Dr. Franklyn.

“Okay, okay, the joke’s over. I give up, ha, ha,” Billy jokes, hoping that this was all a scheme to make him behave.

“No joke, Billy. This is the real thing,” Nurse Ilsa says as she takes a large syringe in one hand, and Billy’s cock in the other.

Billy felt a sharp sting as Ilsa pushed the tip of the needle under his skin of his cock. “Ouch! Fuck!”

“Don’t be such a big baby, Billy,” said Dr. Elizabeth. “Nurse is just injecting Caverject under the skin of your dick. We’re just getting your cock ready for the next step.”

Next step? Wondered Billy as nurse injected his cock several more times. That’s not that bad.

Sure enough, after about ten minutes, Billy’s cock was hard. Dr. Elizabeth takes a scalpel in her hand and reaches towards Billy’s cock.

“No, no, don’t cut my cock off! My God, no.”

Dr. Elizabeth chuckles, and says “No, Billy, we’re not going to cut anything off. We’re just making some improvements.”

That said, she makes a small incision on Billy’s cock.

“Ouch, Jesus!” yells Billy.

“That’s more like it, Billy. I expect that does hurt a little,” she says as she uses a pair of tweezers to place something under the skin. “I think you’ll enjoy this, Billy.”

Now she takes a needle with a suture attached, pushes it through the skin, and quickly ties it in a knot.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, that hurts,” screams Billy.

“Poor boy, I guess you don’t like it so much, do you. No worries, one down, one hundred and three to go.”

One hundred and three, Jesus Christ! Fuck I’ll die, he thought. Unfortunately, he did not die. He did, however, feel every incision and suture.

After about fifteen minutes, Dr. Franklyn remarks, “I do love to hear a patient squeal in pain. However, we are approaching the most delicate part of the operation, and his screams are becoming distracting, so Nurse . . . “

Ilsa takes what looks like an asthma inhaler and sprays a drug into Billy’s mouth. Even though he continues to protest, the volume of his screams diminish over several minutes until they can no longer be heard.

“Don’t worry; we’ve just anesthetized Billy’s vocal cords so that he’s not so annoying.”

Since this part of Billy’s procedure was fairly simple, after the first dozen implants, some of the students were allowed to perform the operation. Because they we less skilled, they tended to cause more pain.

It took more than three hours for all one hundred and four incisions, eight rows of thirteen to be made. During that time, everyone on the surgical team had taken a break, or even had lunch. Billy, however, was conscious and alert to everything that happened.

Dr. Franklyn finished the last suture. “Done at last. Phase one over, now onto phase two.” Turning to his wife, he said, “Dear?”

Dr. Elizabeth takes a scalpel in her hand and reaches towards Billy’s scrotum. She then expertly makes several incisions, peals the skin back exposing the inner working of Billy’s reproduction system.

A communal groan is heard from the students, and Billy, finding his voice, goes apeshit. “Noooooooooooooo! Fuck nooooooooooooo! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Billy’s parents continue to operate on him, and he continues to protest.

The operation continues for several hours. While Billy and the other students watched in HD TV, exactly what was being done to him was not explained. That would be revealed once he’d recuperated.

Billy had endured so much pain, he’d screamed himself out. Hi mother leaned down, wiped his brow with a damp cloth, and said, “There Billy, all done. Are you in a lot of pain, dear?”

Billy managed to croak a silent, “Yes.”

“Good,” answered his mother as she fiddled with an IV drip. “I wish we could keep you like this, however, maintaining you in this much pain would hinder your recovery. Therefore, we are inducing a coma for a couple of days. Don’t worry; when you wake up in four days, while you’ll remember everything we did in explicit detail, you’ll be healed enough that we’ll be able to continue your education.”

Billy thankfully slipped into oblivion . . .

Chapter 5

Billy’s Education Begins in Earnest

“Billy . . . Billy . . . Wake up . . . Billy?”

Billy thought he was hearing an angel, then he realized it was his sister. “Virginia?”

“Billy. Are you awake? How are you feeling?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m awake.” He took stock of his body. There was a dull ache in his crotch, and, after testing his extremities, he found he was restrained in his bed. “I think I’m okay. Sis, mom and dad fucking cut me open! It was horrible!”

Virginia took a cool cloth and wiped Billy’s head. “I know, Bro, ssshhhh . . . quiet, relax, and rest.”

“What’s going on, Sis? I can’t believe they cut me up just because I had sex with Sapphire.”

“I know, Billy, but you did break the rules.”

Is she taking their side? Though Billy, “Yeah, but breaking the rules doesn’t give them the right to castrate me!”

“Don’t worry, Billy, you still have your balls. Did you sign the form agreeing to any punishment for breaking the rules?”

“Jesus, yes! But that doesn’t give them the right to cut me open!”

Virginia, ignoring his protests, takes a large glass of ice water and drinks it down.

“Damn, I’m thirsty, and hungry. Could you get me something to eat?” Billy asked.

“You haven’t had real food for almost a week, you must be starving. I can’t give you any food right now, but I can give you a drink.”

“Thanks, Sis, that’d be great.”

Virginia surprises Billy by going to the end of his bed and turning the crank which lowered his head. “What are you doing, Sis?” He asked.

“I don’t want you gag.”

“Gag? What are you talking about?”

“This, Billy.” Virginia dropped her skirt to the floor, exposing her bald pussy. As she climbs onto the bed, she explains, “Billy, everyone attending OLPS is required to have a sponsor. Yolanda is your mentor, and I’m your sponsor.” Virginia is now straddling Billy’s head. Her pussy is directly over Billy’s mouth. “Open wide, Billy.”

Billy clamps his mouth shut, and shakes his head no.

“Billy, mom and dad and I have been waiting for this day since you were born. We knew you wouldn’t be able to keep that beautiful cock of your in your pants. Now open up and drink my piss, like a good brother should . . . “

Billy shook his head no. Suddenly his body was wracked by an electrical shock so strong that he almost bucked his sister off. “Damn, four is too strong. You know I think ten might kill you. I’ll have to make a note of that,” Virginia said absentmindedly. “Now, you better open your mouth and, for your own good, try to drink as much of my piss as you can. You’re going to be laying in any of it you miss.”

Bowing to the inevitable, Billy opened his mouth, and his sister started pissing into it. “Good boy. Like the taste, Billy?”

Billy grunted no.

“Oh Billy, I’m told my piss is very sweet. Just like I’m told Nurse Ilsa’s piss is super nasty. You’ll have to let me know if that’s true, baby.” Finished, Virginia climbed off the bed.

“Sis . . .”

Virginia slapped Billy – hard. “Listen, boy, you will call me Mistress, not Sis, not Virginia, only Mistress. Do you understand, boy?”

Stunned, Billy answered, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Very good. The doctors will be in soon. If they give you a clean bill of health, we’ll start your classes today.” Virginia left the room.

Billy actually began to cry.

About an hour later, Billy’s parents, along with Virginia and Yolanda, entered the room. “Good morning, Billy,” said his mother.

Feeling betrayed Billy remained silent.

“Don’t be that way, Billy. You’ve been destined to be a masochistic sex slave from your first breath. You might as well embrace your destiny.”

Billy remained quiet.

The doctors quickly examined Billy. Elizabeth turned to the students, and said, “We’re releasing Billy to your care. Billy's cock needs to heal. No one, including Billy, is allowed to touch his cock or balls. Everything else is fair game.”

Virginia giggled and said, “Thanks, mom!” She then hugged and kissed her mother. Billy could see that the kiss was sensual, and the two were soon fondling each other’s breasts.

Yolanda was kissing Billy’s father, who had his hand down her pants.

Elizabeth pushed Virginia away. “Fuck, you take my breath away. Okay, you two have work to do. We’ll see you later today.”

Billy’s watched in horror as his father pulled his hand from under Yolanda’s skirt and extended his middle finger to Virginia. Virginia sucked his finger sensually. After a minute or so, she turned to her friend and said, “Damn, I think you have the best tasting pussy in school.”

Billy’s parents left, and Virginia and Yolanda started to remove his restraints. They helped him out of bed, and into a chair at a desk. Yolanda handed him a sheet of paper.

“These are your new rules. There aren’t many, so you should be able to learn them quickly. As before, if you don’t follow them to the letter, you will be punished. You know we can shock you. Believe me when I say that shocks are the least of your worries. There are much worse things we can do to you. Now read these aloud so that we know you understand them. This is your chance to ask any questions.”

Billy took the paper from Yolanda and started to read:

Rules for Billy

1.  My position as school mascot for Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow is lower than dog shit. I will follow any directions and all orders given to me by anyone.

2.  I will be polite to everyone I meet. I will address everyone as Master or Mistress, unless otherwise ordered.

3.  I will answer all questions honestly.

4.  Unless spoken to directly, I will remain silent at all times. If I feel that I need to talk, I will ask permission to speak by giving a low bark.

5.  If someone talks to me, or if I am introduced to someone, I will wish them good morning, etc., and then ask them “How may I serve you?”

6.  Unless given permission, I will remain on all fours at all times.

7.  Unless restrained, I will sniff the ass of anyone I meet. If that ass is bare, I will attempt to lick it.

“No, no, I will not sniff butt, and I will not ever lick assholes!”

“Billy, you are now our new school mascot. You are nothing but a dog to us,” Virginia explained. She started to laugh. “In fact, you are our mascot's apprentice.” She laughed and added, “As you know Rex, is our mascot. You will be working under him.” Yolanda joined in the laughter. Billy didn’t understand the joke, but, to his horror, he would soon find out.

Virginia continued, “You will sniff butt, Billy. You will also not only lick ass, which many slaves find quite erotic, but your diet now consists of shit and piss.”

Billy couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “I will not eat shit, much less drink piss.”

Both girls laughed. “Billy, you have no choice in the matter,” explained Yolanda. “The only choice is whether you’re going to do this the easy way, or the hard way. Most of time, it’s easier and more fun for both you and us if you cooperate and we can leave you unrestrained.”

Taking Billy by the arm, Virginia helped him to his feet.

“You’re lucky I don’t have any energy after my operation,” Billy mumbled as they led him from the room.

“You’re correct, of course,” answered Virginia. “However, don’t fool yourself by thinking that even if you were 100% fit, you’d be able to resist us.”

They led Billy down the hall to a class room. As they entered, Billy was horrified that the room held about 35 girls. Nurse Ilsa was at the desk at the front of the classroom.

“Our patient is finally here,” remarked Ilsa as Yolanda and Virginia led Billy to an old style barber’s chair. “We pride ourselves in having no more than 15 students in our classes. however, there is so much interest in your case we’ve combined two classes and allowed a few extra students to attend. The classes are Medical Play and X-Rated Video Production.”

Looking around Billy saw that two students were using handheld video cameras to record the action. “Wait, you can’t record me.”

Tout au contraire, little brother. One of the forms you signed was a release that allows OLPS to videotape and distribute XXX rated videos of you. In addition, you’ve released editorial control, along with any financial interest in said videos,” recited Virginia.

Billy was now sitting in the barber’s chair and leather belts were being used to restrain his arms and legs.

A couple of girls started to attach a flaccid lifelike dildo to his cover his bandaged penis. “You’re being fitted with a bionic cock for your first video,” explained Ilsa. “Because your little boy penis must remain bandaged, and since we want you to appear to become excited when you eat my ass,” the class erupted in laughter, “by using this prosthetic we can make sure our audience knows how much you enjoy shit play.”

Billy was devastated. Three girls approached and stood by his head. “Janet and I are going to give you some lovely piercings. After your operation the other day, you should hardly feel most of them.”

Most of them? Thought Billy. One of the girls took Billy’s head and pulled it back against the headrest. Billy was now looking at the ceiling.

“Comfortable?” Asked the first girl. “I don’t really care, and it doesn’t matter.”

The other two girls worked around his nose, and suddenly he heard a snap followed by a sharp pain in his septum. “Ouch! Fuck! I thought you said that wouldn’t hurt?”

“Oh come on, Billy. That really wasn’t that bad, was it?” Asked the second girl.

As the girls threaded a quarter-inch thick, two inch diameter brass ring in his nose, the first girl explained, “Normally we’d pierce your tongue now, but since you’re in an accelerated shit eating plan, we’ll wait for that a while. We wouldn’t want your tongue to become infected, would we?”

When they were finished, Billy was horrified to feel that the ring hung below his lower lip. The girls moved the attention to his nipples. As they started to swab his left nipple Billy started to squirm, “Hey wait, not my nipples. That’s too gay.”

Once again the class laughed. “So you think that having a large diameter ring in your nose isn’t ‘too gay’, but nipple rings are?” asked Yolanda. “Don’t worry Billy, regardless of your sexual orientation, after your first couple of films, everyone is going to know that you’re a bisexual, cock sucking, shit eating, pain slut.”

Billy remained silent as the girls pierced and placed medium sized silver rings in each of his nipples.

“You barely felt those, did you young man?” Asked Nurse Ilsa. She pulled the rings – hard. Billy arched his body from the chair to try to relive the pain.

Ilsa continued, “The problem with nipple rings like this is that it doesn’t take much to pull them through the surrounding tissue.” Just when he thought that Ilsa would rip the rings from his body, she released them.

“Well you better prepare yourself, boy; the girls are going to pierce your tiny little tits further back with antique bone needles so that we can really give your tits a workout!”

One of the girls showed Billy, and the class, the needles. They were each about six inches long, and tapered from a dull point to about three-eighths of an inch thick. She placed the tapered end of one on his arm and pushed in more than a quarter inch without breaking the skin, showing that it was very dull.

The other girl took a pair of forceps which end’s terminated in small loops and grasped Billy’s left nipple.

“Ouch, that hurts!”

As she used the instrument to pull his nipple, she said, “You ain’t felt nothing yet.” 

She pulled until his nipple was about an inch and a half from his chest. Then the second girl slowly pushed the dull needle horizontally through Billy’s breast meat.

“Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nnnnnnooooooooooooo!”

Finally, it was through. Billy’s face had broken out in a sweat. “Fuck that hurts!”

Ignoring his protests, his second nipple was soon pierced horizontally by the other ivory bone needle.

“Well done!” Exclaimed Ilsa, “Is the bionic cock ready?”

One of the girls at his waist answered, “Yes, Mistress, look.”

Billy looked down and saw that makeup had been applied so that the fake cock looked like it was part of him. As he watched, the prosthetic cock slowly grew thick and long. Then it quickly shriveled to about the size of his little finger.

“It can even drip precum and ejaculate.” 

“That’s amazing, girls!” Observed Ilsa. “Now, let’s get down to business.”

The straps holding Billy were quickly released and two girls led him to what looked like a white leather ottoman. The girls had Billy kneel. As they pushed him face down onto the device, he saw that, thankfully, there were holes for him to place his pierced nipples.

“This is our new training horse,” explained Virginia as other girls attached restraints to his wrists and ankles. “While we’d rather have his hands and legs totally free, today we’re only going to allow Billy enough rope to struggle, so to speak, but not enough for him to get away.”

Billy found that there were handles for his hands and feet. He felt the horse rise. “The horse can be adjusted up and down, of course.”

A girl fiddled with something beneath him and Billy felt a gentle tug on his bone piercings. “Lisa is attaching springs to Billy’s piercings. Motors are attached to the springs so that the tension can be adjusted. We’re using springs, of course, to make things interesting if Billy tries to get away.”

The girls all moved away. Suddenly Billy’s body was rocked by an electrical shock. Billy unconsciously pushed away with his arms and legs causing him to stretch his tits. “Aw FUCK! No fair! That fucking hurts!” He screamed as he fell back onto the horse.

“We’ll allow you that one outburst, boy,” said Ilsa. “Any more swearing like that, and you’ll find out what real pain feels like.”

Billy had no intention of finding out what might be worse than what just happened.

Ilsa continued, “It looks like everyone ready. Virginia, you may start . . . “

Billy gasped in surprise as Virginia walked in front of him. She was nude and an eighteen inch long, bright white dildo jutted from her crotch. “As you can see Billy, I’m wearing a strap-on. This is the first of many dildos that you will become intimate with. This one has been specially designed for training a shit eater like you.”

“As you can see, the mushroom head is oversized. In addition, it sports a dozen ridges. Both of these features are designed to catch as much shit as possible. In addition, it’s cast from semi-permeable latex, so it will absorb shitty liquid. This will help you become accustomed to both sucking shitty cocks, and eating shit.”

A pillow was placed on the desk, and Yolanda bent over and put her chest on it. Virginia flipped her friend’s skirt up, exposing Yolanda’s bare ass. The horse was pushed into position and adjusted so that Billy’s mouth was about six inches from her asshole.

“Normally, I’d fuck you with my strap-on, and then have you lick it clean. However, because of your operation, you haven’t had anything to eat for a week. Therefore, you’re shitless! Consequently, I’m going to fuck Yolanda with my cock, and you’ll clean it for me. In order to get my cock as shitty as possible, we won’t use any lube. So you will lube Yolanda’s ass with your tongue.”

“No way,” said Billy. “I’m not going to put my tongue anywhere near that bitch’s ass.”

“That’s no way to talk, Billy,” said Virginia as she pushed Billy until his nose was in Yolanda’s ass crack. “I’m told that Yolanda’s ass, and shit, tastes very succulent. Would you rather eat a nasty ass like Nurse Ilsa’s?”

Billy remained silent.

“Okay then. Mom?” Virginia asked.

Unseen to Billy, Dr. Elizabeth had entered the room. She flipped up her skirt exposing a small, long, black dildo.

One of the students asked, “You going fuck him with that little pecker? He won’t even feel that!”

Dr. Elizabeth answered, “Yes, I know, but his ass will soon be well used, so we want to work our way up gradually so we don’t wreck his sphincter.” She took a tube of white gel and liberally lubed her cock.

Billy felt the blunt end of his mother's cock at his sphincter. As Dr. Elizabeth pushed steadily. Because her cock was relatively small and well lubed, she was able to slowly push it up his intestines with little effort. Billy’s ass stared to itch. The itch grew into a pain, and then his ass was on fire. He started to squirm.

“What the fuck? My ass is on fire! Help! Stop!”

“Oh, Billy,” said his mother, “I forgot to tell you that I used capsicum to lube my cock. Capsicum is the active ingredient in chili peppers. I’m sorry – no, not really - but there is nothing I can do to quench the fire. You’ll just have to wait it out. However, the sooner you start worshipping that beautiful ass in front of you, the sooner I’ll stop fucking you, and the sooner your ass will cool down.”

Billy gave into the inevitable and stuck his tongue out to touch the asshole in front of him.

“You can do better than that, Billy,” said Yolanda. “Lick it like you mean it, Billy. Stick your tongue in my ass. Get it wet for me, Billy.”

Billy found that Yolanda’s ass did taste pretty good. It was actually a little kinky. Billy was soon trying, with some success, to use the ambrosia from her ass to mask the pain in ass with.

“Suck it now, Billy . . . suck my asshole.”

Without hesitation, Billy placed his lips on the asshole in front of him and started to suck. At the same time, he started to try and fuck her ass with his tongue. Yolanda’s sphincter remained tightly closed until suddenly it parted and a bite sized chunk of shit flew out of her colon.

It happened so fast that Billy sucked it into his mouth and swallowed it. “Fuck, fuck! That is so wrong. You just shit in my mouth, bitch!”

“Now, now, son, that’s no way to talk,” said Dr. Elizabeth as she buried her cock deep into Billy’s ass. Keeping it there, she swung the horse around so that she and Billy were off to the side.

Virginia positioned her cock at Yolanda’s ass. She placed her hands on the soft brown ass cheeks and gently spread them. Suddenly a small flow of soft shit erupted from Yolanda’s ass. “I see you’ve been getting plenty of fiber in your diet,” remarked Virginia.

Virginia thrust her cock up Yolanda’s crack, liberally coating her cock with shit. Her once white cock was now stained brown. She then positioned it, and steadily pushed her shit lubed cock home.

”Mmmmmmmmm,” purred Yolanda. “That sure feels good, lover. Fuck me, fuck me good!”

After a couple of minutes, Virginia pulled her cock from Yolanda, turned, and presented it to Billy. “Okay, Billy. Clean my cock. I want it spotless.”

Billy’s mom was still pounding his burning ass with her cock. He realized that he had no choice. If he didn’t clean his sister’s cock, they would just shock him or pull his tits. He knew he wouldn’t be able to endure that, so he opened his mouth.

“Beg me Billy. Beg me to let you clean my cock.”

Totally humiliated, Billy said, “Please, Virginia, let me suck your cock.”

“That’s pretty lame, son,” said Dr. Elizabeth. “Put some enthusiasm into it. Tell us what you really want.”

“Please, Virginia, let me suck your cock. Let me lick that delicious shit off of your cock. Please, I need some cock.”

Virginia shoved about two inches of cock into Billy’s mouth. He reluctantly started to lick and suck her cock clean. With the cock filling his mouth, he had no choice but to swallow everything.

“Which tastes better, Billy,” asked Dr. Elizabeth, “Yolanda’s shit, or my bloody menses?”

Billy was gagging as his sister tried to get as much of her cock down his throat as possible.

Dr. Elizabeth laughed, “Can’t decide? Don’t worry son, you’ll have much more to sample in the coming days. Take your time and let me know later.”

“Fuck me, lover,” moaned Yolanda. “Please fuck me until I cum”

“Sure, baby. Sure,” said Virginia as she pulled her cock out of Billy’s mouth. She returned her attention to fucking Yolanda’s ass.

Dr. Franklyn entered, walked to Elizabeth, and gave her a deep kiss. After they broke, she whispered into his ear. He grinned and nodded in agreement. He then gave his daughter a long French kiss, and told her what was planned.

Yolanda started to buck in orgasm. Virginia kept thrusting into her plastic cock into the Black girl's ass for a couple more minutes, then buried her cock. Leaving it planted, she unstrapped it from her waist.

“Hey baby, how about having Billy clean my cock?” she asked Yolanda. “Daddy and I have a little surprise for him.”

Fuck, that does not sound good, thought Billy.

“Sure,” answered Yolanda. She pulled the phallus from her ass, strapped it around her waist, and started to feed her shit impregnated cock to Billy.

Billy was dumbfounded as his sister dropped to knees in front of their father. She unbuckled his pants, then pulled them down exposing a nice long, thick cock. Virginia took his cock into her mouth and started to suck. It was obvious to Billy that his sister was an expert cock sucker.

“Get my cock nice and wet for me, slut” ordered her father.

After several minutes, Virginia pushed her father away, and took Yolanda’s place on the pillow. Franklyn placed his cock at her asshole and, without hesitation, buried about three inches of his rock hard cock into her ass.

“Fuck! That always hurts when you do that. God, more, please! Fuck me harder!”

Dr. Franklyn was happy to oblige his daughter.

Suddenly Elizabeth stopped fucking Billy. “Fuck, I’m tired.” She walked to Billy and placed a chair in front of him. She removed her cock and sat down, scooting close. Billy’s vision was obscured by his mother’s hairy pussy. Her snatch reeked.

“Butt fucking a boy pussy always makes me horny!” She thrust her pussy against Billy’s face. “Eat me, Billy. Eat me good!”

Again, Billy had no choice but to lick his mother’s pussy. He tried, with some success, to put the fact that he was giving head to his own mother out of his mind. He started to enjoy eating his mother’s pussy.

Billy was brought back to the present when his father asked, “Billy, remember when you wrote that essay about family values last year?”

Elizabeth was humping Billy’s face, so he could not answer.

“I really wanted to tell you then that your mother and I believe that the family that fucks together, stays together.”

Billy’s mother and sister took that moment to orgasm together. Franklyn left an inch or so of his cock in Virginia’s ass and started to cum, and cum, and cum. He then jacked his cock to get all of his cum into his daughter’s ass.

“Excuse me, mother,” he said to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth stood and moved the chair away from Billy. Franklyn took her place at Billy’s closed mouth. “Face it son, each of us have a place in life. Some of us give the orders. Your mother and I are the Masters of your world.”

“On the other hand, some of us are meant to follow the Master’s orders. Some of us, like you for instance, are meant to be shit eating cock suckers. Take your place in the world and lick my cock clean, bitch.”

Bowing to the inevitable, Billy took his father’s cock into his mouth and sucked. As he sucked, the students released Billy from his restraints. Once Dr. Franklyn was felt his cock was sufficiently clean, he ordered Billy onto the floor, on his back.

“Okay Billy, open your mouth, and keep it open. If you close it before you’re ordered you will be severely punished.”

“Yes, Master,” replied Billy, lying down and opening his mouth.

Virginia straddled Billy’s head. Billy watched in horror as his sister’s ass pulsed a little, then opened enough to dribble his father’s cum into his mouth. He struggled mentally, knowing that this was the sickest, lewdest, most degrading act possible.

He couldn’t believe that his father had deposited so much cum into his sister’s ass. The cum, which at first was first pearly white, gradually turned grey, then brown. It quickly filled his mouth, then started to leak out.

“Okay, cocksucker, swallow,” ordered his father.

Billy forced himself to swallow the foul liquid. A second mouthful followed. His mouth was half full when the last of the brew dribbled from his sister’s ass. “Swallow,” ordered Virginia. “I’ll bet that never in your wildest dreams you every thought you’d be drinking daddy’s cum out of my ass, did you?”

No I never did, thought Billy, as he swallowed.

“Keep your mouth open, Billy,” demanded his sister as she let go of a long, loud fart.

Billy’s situation was so new to him; he didn’t expect what happened next. With his mouth open, Virginia’s asshole pulsed once and suddenly a thick, brown, stinking log of shit quickly emerged from her ass. He was so transfixed by the sight that he didn’t close his mouth. Within seconds, the end of the turd touched the back of his throat. After pinching the end of the log off, Virginia stood and looked at Billy lying there with four inches of her shit sticking out of his mouth.

“You look ridiculous, shithead! Don’t just lie there, eat my shit! Make sure you chew it at least twenty times before you swallow.”

As Billy took his first bite, the end sticking out of his mouth fell to the floor.

“Do not throw up, Billy,” ordered his mother.

Chewing his sister’s shit was bad enough, but swallowing it was unthinkable. Finally his sister ordered him to swallow, and he did. His stomach was instantly in turmoil.

“Don’t waste your food, Billy. Eat the rest,” ordered Franklyn.

To his disgust, Billy turned his head and slurped the remaining shit into his mouth. After swallowing, Virginia repositioned herself over his mouth. Billy opened his mouth without being ordered.

“My, how quickly you’ve become an eager little shit eater!” Virginia started to fill his mouth again. This time, after about six inches protruded from his mouth, she sat on his face.  Shit was rammed down his throat and up his nose. He started to buck wildly trying to clear his airway.

After a few seconds, Virginia stood, allowing Billy to roll over and spit her shit out of his mouth. Unable to control himself, the vile contents of his stomach followed.

“You get one pass, Billy,” recited his mother. “From now on, if you throw up without permission, you will eat the mess. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The final bell of the day rang. “On your hands and knees, Billy,” ordered nurse Ilsa. She clipped a leash onto his nose ring and led him out of the classroom and down the hall into the women’s bathroom. She led him to a chain that had been attached to the floor in large tiled area. There was a waste pipe in the center of the floor. She removed the lead from his ring and replaced it with the end of the chain.

Close by was a toilet seat on four legs, and a large glass bowl. “It’s Friday afternoon. You have until Monday morning to become comfortable eating shit and drinking piss. You will spend the weekend consuming the waste of anyone who sits on this throne.”

“If you cannot eat it all as they shit, you may spit it into the bowl to eat later,” continued Ilsa. “Everyone will, however, shit into your mouth. You may puke, piss, or shit down the waste pipe in the floor. Do you understand, Toilet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you have any questions, Toilet?”

“No, Mistress.”

“As covered in your rules, you will great everyone by asking, ‘How may I serve you?’ You will also do whatever they ask of you. Do you understand, Toilet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you have any questions, Toilet?”

“No, Mistress.”

With that, Ilsa shucked her skirt and sat on the throne.

“How may I serve you,” Billy asked.

“You can eat my shit, Toilet.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Billy crawled under Ilsa and started to suck her ass. Almost immediately, shit emerged from her ass. As soon as her filth filled his mouth, he lowered his head to the floor. Billy tried to eat as fast as she shat, but there was no way he could keep up. Ilsa’s shit continued to flow from her ass.  Her shit coiled around covering his nose and, eventually, his eyes.

“Lie still, toilet. Don’t move,“ ordered Ilsa as the flow of shit slowed to a halt. “I haven’t shit that much in months. I wanna get a photo of this.”

To Billy’s dismay, the nurse stood and took several photos with her cell phone.

“Okay, start eating. Oh by the way, your sister wants to know if her shit tastes better than mine?”

Without hesitating, Billy nodded yes.

Chapter 6

Billy’s New Master

Over the weekend, Billy learned a great deal about shit. The consistency ranged from very firm to diarrhea which was only slightly more viscous that water. While most shit smelled bad, some almost smelled good, and all too much of it smelled absolutely abominable.

There was also a wide range of tastes. Billy found that shit that smelled good tasted much better than shit that smelled bad. Younger girl’s shit tended to taste better than older girls, and men’s tasted just plain nasty.

There was almost a steady stream of people who used him as their toilet. Often there were people waiting, so Billy had to spit most of their shit into the bowl so he could eat it later.

Billy was proud that he was soon able to eat shit without getting sick. He did, however, find himself throwing up in order to empty his stomach for more shit.

Most people shat into his mouth silently, and left. Some people teased him as they used him. Some people were downright pleasant. He later learned that a person couldn’t live on shit alone, so a couple of people would bring him ‘real’ food to round out his diet.

Billy was pleasantly surprised when several times a day, one of the students would come in and rinse him and his cubicle off with hose. Even though they used cold water, the baths were very refreshing.

Very early Sunday morning, Billy was woken by a beautiful shy girl. “How may I serve you, Mistress?” He asked.

“Stay on your back, Billy.” Billy had been used hard over the past couple of hours, and his face was covered in shit. She positioned herself over his filthy head. “Take my shit in your mouth. Do not chew or swallow it.”

Once she filled his mouth with her shit, she placed her pussy at Billy’s mouth. “Push it into my pussy.” They repeated the foul exercise until Billy could force no more shit into her pussy.

The girl filled his mouth again, then laid on top of him. “Feed me my own shit, Billy,” she ordered as she kissed him.

Billy and the girl chewed her shit as they pushed it back and forth between their mouths. “Let me be you shit whore, Billy,” she cooed as she ground her pussy into his crotch.

Once the two of them had finished emptying her colon, the girl positioned her shitty pussy at Billy’s mouth. Without being told, Billy worshipped the girl’s pussy as he sucked her shit from it. Billy was proud that he felt her cum at least a dozen times.

Finally she stood and used the hose to clean them off. “Thanks Billy. That was fun. Like me, you’ve become quite the shit whore,” she said as she left.

Billy wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

Monday morning finally arrived. Virginia and Yolanda entered and, after feeding Billy their shit, they washed him thoroughly. They led him on all fours back into the classroom, where they escorted him to a chair in the front row.

As Billy waited for class to start, he was entertained by teenage, high school girl chatter. Being home schooled, he’d never heard the daily concerns of adolescent girls.

Nurse Ilsa entered, and the class became silent. “Over the weekend three teams each edited videos of our new mascot. I think we have enough time before this morning’s assembly to view each of the videos.”

Billy was impressed with the quality of both the videos and the editing that had been accomplished over the weekend. He was also horrified at the subject matter.

Each of the three videos was edited in a way portraying him as an accomplished shit eater who was enjoying his favorite pastime. One of them even portrayed him as a pedophile who was taking advantage of his much younger sister.

The students spent the class critiquing the videos and giving suggestions on how to improve them. The bell rang, and Virginia led him the wings of the stage. “We’re to wait here,” she explained. “I’ll be preparing you to meet your new Master.”

Billy spirits fell when he saw that the barber chair had been moved from the classroom to the middle of the stage. He cheered up, however, when a nude Sapphire was led into the chair.

Noticing the smile on Billy’s face, Virginia asked, “She’s really hot, isn’t she?”

“Yes she is,” he answered.

“She licks a mean pussy, too,” remarked his sister.

The staff entered the stage, and the assembled students quieted. Principal Stewart began, “Good morning, students. As I’m sure you all remember, last week the first part of Sapphire’s punishment took place.”

First part, thought Billy. Oh my God, there’s more?

“Today the second part will take place. But first Vice-Principal Metzger will conduct a short interview of the prisoner.”

“Tell me about your ordeal, slut,” Ms. Metzger ordered.

“I didn’t know what to expect, Ma’am. When Mistress Yolanda cathed me, I thought that maybe I would only be made to drink my piss, which I’ve always found to be revolting.”

“I was so worked up that I didn’t realize that Ms. Yolanda had brushed my clit with honey. I was horrified when the first ant started crawling on me. I had no idea what it was, or what was going to happen. When the first ant bit my clit, I though the pain would kill me. Of course the pain just kept increasing and getting worse. The only good thing is that the ants don’t eat the skin, they ‘only’ pinch it and inject their venom.”

“How are you feeling now?” Asked the vise-principal. “Have you recovered?”

“Yes Ma’am. There’s still some residual itching, but all in all, I’m feeling much better.”

“You know that your infraction was very serious, and that we must make an example of you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I understand.”

“Do you regret what you did?”

“No, Ma’am. I felt that Billy should have been given a chance to cum at least once ‘normally’.”

“You know, however, that was not your decision to make?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I know.”

Ms. Metzger turned and addressed the assembly, “This afternoon, we will be demonstrating the use of our new ‘punishment’ style horse. The horse we used on Billy is designed to be comfortable. This horse serves the same function, however it is designed to be uncomfortable enough to become part of the punishment.”

A metal plank about four feet long and eight inches wide was brought and given to Sapphire. “Hold it in position on your tits, slut.” It was obvious that the holes in the plank were meant for her tits. Sapphire easily held in position.

Two girls started to swab disinfectant onto Sapphire’s perfect breasts. “Unlike Billy, slut here has nice, big, firm tits,” remarked the vice-principal. She held up a metal skewer “Perfect for more conventional barbeque skewers.”

A chill coursed through Sapphire’s body.

“You’ve never enjoyed heavy breast torture, have you, dear?” Asked her tormentor.

“No, Ma’am.”

Ms. Metzger placed the projectile about mid tit, and slowly pushed it horizontally through the girl’s beautiful breast.

“Nnnnnoooooooo! God help me, NO!” Screamed Sapphire.

Billy was amazed that his friend was able to sit holding the plank unrestrained, while being subjected to such pain.

Ms. Metzger prided herself in being able to draw out procedures like this one as long as possible. It took her a full twenty-five minutes to pierce each of the beautiful Black woman’s tits with two skewers at right angles to each other.

Once finished, Ms. Metzger ordered Sapphire to sit still. She then cuffed Sapphire's hands behind her back. Then she grabbed the ends of the plank and pulled away from her ‘patient’, “The purpose of the skewers should be obvious.”  The skewers halted the progress of the plank. As the vice-principal continued to pull, the skewers pulled the breasts away from the girl.


Still pulling, Ms. Metzger ordered, “Follow me.”

Sapphire jumped up and followed her captor to two posts that were fixed to the floor. Two girls helped Ms. Metzger place the plank onto the posts, then padlocked it into place. Her hands were freed.

Sapphire was now bent over, kneeling. “This horse forces slut into the perfect position. While she can move her legs and even partially stand. Also, her hands are free, however, she cannot escape,” explained Ms. Metzger.

While she was pointing out the advantages of the horse, her assistant clipped sleigh bells onto each of the rings in Sapphire’s pussy and nipple rings. Then the girls first clipped a six inch chain onto each of the bound girl’s nipple rings, followed by a ten pound weight to the end of the chain.

Ms. Metzger picked up one of the weights so that it was level with the bound girl’s eyes. “We want to keep things interesting.”

She dropped the weight causing both the bells to ring melodically, along with Sapphire’s scream of, “Jesus! Fuck!!”

Ms. Stewart addressed the assembly, “Now the slut is ready to be royally fucked.”

“Woof!” A huge Great Dane bounded onto the stage, pulling his handler along behind him.

Realizing what was in store for her, Sapphire yelled, “No! My God, please no! Not Rex! No, no, no!”

When the dog was about two feet from Sapphire, Ms. Stewart said firmly, ”Stop, Rex.” The dog stopped. “Stay!”

Still out of sight, Virginia whispered, “Billy, meet your new Master. Rex is our current mascot, and you are now his apprentice. Rex is a well-trained example of a fine animal. He will be your role model.”

On stage the principal pointed at Sapphire’s face and ordered, “Lick!”

The dog immediately started to lick the bound girl’s face.

“Some of you new students may not be aware of Rex’s modifications,” said Ms. Stewart. “A radio receiver and special microchips have been implanted in his haunches so that we can control his cock. Watch as his cock first becomes erect, and then flaccid.”

Sure enough, the dog’s cock hardened. It was a full twelve inches long, and three inches in diameter. “We can stop at any point, of course, and we can control his knot in the same way.”

Precum leaked from the beast’s cock. “As you can see, dogs tend to leak cum continuously while they fuck. We, however, control both when and how much he ejaculates.”

“As you will soon see, Rex will be happy to fuck for hours without ejaculating. That’s because, first, he just loves to fuck. Second, we only control his ejaculations, not his orgasms. He will climax several times an hour.”

Turning her attention back to Sapphire, she continued, “Slut, your task this morning is actually quite simple.” Yolanda sprayed Sapphire’s ass with a liquid, then used her finger to coat the inside of her ass with the fluid.

“First you will suck Rex off until we feel that he is ‘in the mood’. You will then allow him to fuck you. I’m pretty sure that you’ll want him to fuck your pussy, and not your ass. Rex would tear that tight little ass of yours apart.”

“Just to make things interesting, Yolanda has coated your ass with a bitch’s heat scent. You will have to really work at keeping him out of your ass and into your pussy.”

“Slut, do you know Rex’s commands?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Okay, the sooner you get fucked, the sooner you’ll be done.”

Sapphire first pointed to her back, ”Rex, mount.” Then her mouth, “Suck.”

Rex was well trained. First, he jumped onto Sapphire’s back, then scooted towards her ass until his sheathed cock was at her mouth.

Sapphire took the sheath in hand and started to frig it. The pink tip emerged, and she reluctantly started to lick it. In order to both make her ‘work for it’ and to increase her humiliation, whoever was controlling Rex’s cock made it grow slowly.

After about ten minutes, the dog’s cock completely filled the Black girl’s mouth. The primal beast started fucking Sapphire’s mouth in earnest. His cock was soon long enough that he could only force about half of it down the struggling girl’s throat.

Sapphire gagged and struggled as she tried her best to accommodate the beast’s huge prick. Rex was so unyielding in his determination to force as much cock down the bound girl’s throat that there was nothing she could do but to try and relax and accommodate the fucking. In fact, she was having trouble breathing so she began to concentrate on keeping calm, because she knew if she started to panic, things could turn really bad.

The worst part for Sapphire was that while she’d ordered Rex to fuck her, with her mouth filled by the canine’s cock, there was no way she could order him to stop. She knew that the dog had enough stamina to fuck her for hours.

After about fifteen minutes of sheer terror, Sapphire thankfully heard the command ‘Rex, stop!’ followed by ‘Dismount’.  She gratefully sucked wonderfully clean air into her lungs.

“Rex, rear!” Commanded Ms. Stewart. Once again, Rex displayed how well trained he was by immediately moving to Sapphire’s ass. Being a dog, he started to sniff the ass which smelled like a bitch in heat.

Sapphire knew that she was supposed to humiliate herself by ordering the dog to fuck her. However, she decided to take a few minutes to gather her strength.

The principal had a different idea. Unseen to Sapphire, Yolanda had moved to Rex, and taken his cock in hand. The cock was about an inch in diameter – just right for an ass fucking.

“Rex, fuck!” Commanded Ms. Stewart.

Rex quickly bound onto his ‘bitch’ and, with Yolanda’s help, thrust about six inches of his cock into Sapphire’s ass.

“Nnnnnnnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!!” Screamed the girl. “God no! Please no!”

Ms. Stewart then gave Rex a command Sapphire had never heard before, “Rex, free!”

Rex’s rapidly growing cock reminded Sapphire that she could also give commands to the beast. “Rex, stop!” Rex continued fucking her. “Rex, stop!”

Sapphire's ass felt like it was being split apart by the dog’s huge intruder. While the beast was unable to bury his cock in Sapphire’s mouth, he had no problem sinking it into her ass.  Her colon was rebelling from the almost foot long cock being forced up her ass.

“Rex, stop,” commanded Sapphire again.

Ms. Metzger leaned close and whispered, “Sapphire, dear, that won’t work. The ‘free’ command forces Rex to keep fucking you until he is given a release word. You are truly fucked, my dear.”

Sapphire’s humiliation was now complete. The worst part of being face fucked was having to fight so hard just to breathe. Now, while she could breathe, the pain from being ass fucked so brutally was unbearable.

Yet she had no option but to submit to the fucking for about twenty minutes. Rex was starting to tire a little, and his powerful thrusts started to slow. After he buried his cock in her ass with a particularly powerful thrust, his knot suddenly grew to the size of a softball, trapping his cock in her ass.

“OH MY GOD, NOOOOOOOO!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!  NO, NO, NO, . . . “ shouted the tortured girl.

Rex took his situation in stride and just rested. He was quite content to have his cock buried in his bitch’s ass.

Billy had watched transfixed while his friend was raped by his ‘Master.”

Virginia put what looked like a hearing aid into his ear. “Billy, Sapphire has one of these radios in her ear also. I need to help Yolanda. You will do everything you are ordered to do without hesitation. Remember that we can literally shock the shit out of you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Billy.

Virginia joined Yolanda on stage. They moved to Sapphire’s tits and they each pulled two skewers from her breasts, releasing her from the frame.

Yolanda took command of Rex by ordering, “Rex, fun!” Followed by, “Rex, drag!”

Knowing that she would be no match for the giant dog, Sapphire protested, “Nnnnnnnoooooooo!!!!!!!” She also knew that since Rex’s knot was controlled by radio, she could do nothing to get his cock out of her ass.

Rex flopped off of her back, turned around, and started to drag the mortified girl around the stage by his cock.

Ms. Stewart turned to the assembly and announced, “I think it’s time for our little slut’s lover to join us.”

A voice suddenly filled his ear, “Okay, Billy, crawl out to Ms. Stewart.” As Billy started out, he was reminded, “Remember to sniff her ass.”

The girls in the audience laughed and yelled catcalls as he crawled out. He moved directly to Ms. Stewart’s ass and started sniffing her ass through her skirt. Her ass smelled so strong of shit, he figured, correctly, that she was not wearing panties, and that she had not wiped her ass the last time she’d shat.

“Bad boy,” said Ms. Stewart as she swiped at Billy’s head. She turned and pointed at the floor in front of him, “Stay.”

“Bark,” ordered the voice in his ear.


“Rex, here,” ordered Ms. Stewart.

Sapphire tried keep up with Rex as he dragged her towards Ms. Stewart.

“Well, little Billy, I don’t suppose you like the way we’ve treated your whore, do you?” Asked Mrs. Stewart.

“No, Mistress,” he answered.

“Even if she’s the minx that seduced you into losing your virginity?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Even though she’s the reason you spent the weekend eating shit?”

“No, Mistress.”

“I just bet you’re willing to do ‘anything’ to keep Slut from enduring any more punishment?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“We’ll see.”

Unseen to the audience, Rex’s knot and cock suddenly began to shrink rapidly, causing Sapphire to slip off of it onto the floor.

“Billy, who’s your Master?”

“Rex is my Master.”

“What are you supposed to do when you meet someone?”

“I’m supposed to sniff their ass, and lick it, if it’s exposed.”

“Well . . . ?”

Billy slowly moved to Rex’s ass. Rex had been trained to lift his tail when someone, either canine or human sniffed his ass. He did not disappoint his trainers.

“Sniff Billy, take a couple of nice, big sniffs of dog ass,” said the voice.

Billy moved close to the dog’s ass and took a tentative sniff.

“Remember, Billy, it’s either Sapphire or you. Show some enthusiasm.”

Billy took a couple of deep sniffs.

“Does it smell better or worse than my ass, Billy?” Asked Ms. Stewart.

“It smells worse, Mistress,” he answered honestly.

“Now lick it, Billy, lick Rex's asshole,” ordered the voice. Billy started to lick the dog’s ass. And I thought human ass tasted bad, he thought.

“Hold him still and start to suck dog ass, Billy.” Billy grabbed Rex’s haunches, leaned into the dog, and stuck his tongue up the dog’s ass. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Dog ass is the worst! I can’t believe I’m sucking a dog's ass!

Seeming to read his mind, Ms. Metzger asked him, “Did you, in your wildest imagination, ever think that you’d be worshipping a dog’s asshole in front of 350 high school girls?”

Billy shook his head no.

“Keep sucking Billy,” As Billy licked the most disgusting asshole he’d tasted, Rex’s cock slowly started to grow. Sapphire used the time to try and recuperate as best she could.

After about ten minutes, Ms. Stewart ordered, “Suck off your Master.”

Billy hesitated because he wasn’t sure how to proceed. The voice in his ear said, “Take Rex’s cock and pull it back to your mouth.”

Rex’s cock was now so long, Billy had to back up a little in order to start sucking it. “Now lick along the entire length . . . now start sucking . . . ,“ the voice continued to tutor Billy on sucking the dog’s prick.

The voice in Sapphire’s ear ordered, “Move under Billy on your back, with your head under his.” Knowing what they wanted her to do, once she was in position under Billy, she opened her mouth.

After about fifteen minutes, the voice ordered Billy, “Once your mouth is full of cum, you are to take about five seconds to drizzle it into your whore’s mouth. Keep your master’s cock pointed at your face.”

Rex’s cock pulsed, and started to spew dog cum into his mouth. Once full, Billy removed his mouth from the cock, and dribbled the hound’s cum into Sapphire’s open mouth. Cum continued to squirt from Rex’s cock. Most landed in Billy face.

Using the microelectronics buried in Rex’s scrotum, Rex’s masters had been able to enable the beast to store a vast quantity of jizz. So much, in fact, that Rex continued to spew cum for more than two minutes. Billy finally drained the last of the dog’s foul jizz from his balls.

“Let go of the cock and start licking your whore clean,” ordered Billy’s voice. Billy lowered his head, stuck his tongue out, and started to lick Rex’s viscous seed from Sapphire’s face.

Ms. Stewart pointed at the floor and ordered, “Rex, here!” Once he was in position, she ordered simply, “Shit.”

Rex assumed the funny position that dogs execute when they shit and followed his orders. Once again, Rex showed that he was an exceptional beast. The first several feet of firm shit was followed by at least a gallon of softer, chocolate pudding. However, even the first couple of rows of students could tell from the smell that Rex’s shit was not chocolate flavored.

Once Ms. Stewart was satisfied that Rex was finished, she led him several feet away. “Good boy, very good boy,” she said sincerely.

“Stop what you’re doing and sit on your haunches,” ordered Billy’s voice.

The voice in Sapphire’s ear ordered, “Stand behind Rex’s gift, face the audience, sit in Rex’s shit, and spread it all around your crotch and tits. Take the firmest turd you can find and stuff it up your snatch. Leave as much sticking out as you can.”

Sapphire had been humiliated beyond her wildest imagination. Enough was enough. She couldn’t take any more. She gently shook her head no.

Expecting a reprimand, she was surprised when the voice in her ear said, “Okay. No problem.”

Then Sapphire received the shock of her life. “Your daughter is now, what, eighteen years old? Do you know that she’s been attending OLPS for the past three years?”

Sapphire was stunned. She’d been pregnant when the Knuts hired her as Billy’s wet nurse. At the time, she felt she couldn’t give her child and adequate upbringing, so she’d allowed the Knuts to arrange for her daughter to be adopted at birth. While Sapphire never really regretted giving her daughter up, she’d often wondered how she’d turned out.

The voice brought Sapphire out of her revere, “Well, if you’re not going play, we’ll need to find someone else.”

Recognizing the veiled threat, Sapphire stood, walked to the foul smelling heap, and plopped down into the middle of it. As she spread the shit over her crotch she fought to keep from throwing up. When she started to cover her breasts, she almost lost the battle.

Once she’d covered her body with as much dog shit as she could, she picked up the first eighteen inches of shit that had emerged from Rex’s ass. It was firm enough that she was able to force about six inches of one end of it into her womb.

Billy watched on all fours as his friend debased herself. He was disgusted by the sight of what looked like a twelve inch cock jutting from his girlfriend’s crotch.

“Okay, cocksucker, get your ass over there and suck some cock. Once you’re done, clean the bitch up until she’s spotless,” ordered Billy’s voice.

Billy crawled to Sapphire. As he lowered his head to her cock, she whispered, “I’m sorry, Billy, I had no choice.”

While that eased Billy’s mind a little, it did nothing to reduce the humiliation of taking Sapphire’s  dog shit cock in his mouth and sucking it. Almost immediately Billy started to gag.

“Don’t puke, Billy. If you do, you’ll have to clean it up, boy,” said the voice. “If you need to, pull your mouth off and spit onto cunt.”

Billy did as the voice suggested, and found that it helped calm his stomach.

“Face fuck the dog, cunt,” ordered Sapphire’s voice. “Make sure he’s surprised.”

Afraid of what might happen to her daughter; Sapphire planted her feet firmly on the floor, took Billy’s head in her hands, waited until Billy had a couple of inches of dog shit in his mouth, and then thrust her cock into his mouth.

Billy was, indeed, surprised. Sapphire’s actions not only smashed Rex’s shit down his throat, but up his nose, and over his face. He tried to pull away in order to clear his airway.

“Keep his head in close,” Sapphire’s voice said.

Sapphire held Billy’s head close to her crotch. To the girls watching, it appeared that Billy was happily smearing his head with dog shit.

After several minutes, Billy was able to get enough air to calm down and start licking Rex’s dog shit from Sapphire’s thighs.

I’m in hell, thought Billy. Little did he know that things were only going to get worse.

After only about ten minutes Ms. Stewart announced, “Okay, students, it’s time to get back to work. You’re dismissed to your fourth period classes.”

“Okay, you two,” said Virginia, “You’re in for a treat – a nice hot shower!”

That sounds grand, thought Billy.

“You may stand, Billy. The two of you may go to the girl’s locker room and take a shower. Try to get as much of that stinking dog shit off as you can.”

Billy helped Sapphire to her feet and they quickly walked to the shower and lingered under the hottest water they could stand. Suddenly a girl’s voice called out, “Okay you two. Time to quit fucking around! Slut, you’re needed at the facility lounge. Your tongue is in for a workout. Billy, you’re off to the classroom. You each have five minutes!”

They turned off the water and dried off. “Sapphire, do you know what’s going to happen to me?”

“No, Billy, I don’t. But I’m afraid that things will soon be much worse for you.”

They kissed one last time before heading off.

Billy entered the classroom on all fours. Virginia tapped on what looked like an oversized exam table. “Up here, Billy. This is a special motorized bondage bed. It allows the videographers access to get really great shots. This enables us to create superior videos by making them easier to shoot.”

Billy climbed onto the bed, and placed his feet in the stirrups. It seemed like the entire bed was motorized. It rose and dropped. The stirrups swung wide and moved his feet closer and further from his body. His head angled back, and then tilted forward.

Nurse Ilsa said, “Okay, play time is over, let’s get to work. Girls?”

A video monitor was positioned so that Billy could see what was happening to him. Yolanda explained, “As before, this will be streamed live to a select audience, and it will be used in films.”

Yolanda and Virginia quickly worked to remove all of the bandages from Billy’s crotch. Dr. Elizabeth moved close and inspected his cock and balls. While the entire area looked redder than the surrounding region, only the stitches looked out of the ordinary.

“Billy’s cock seems to have healed quit well. You may remove the stitches and proceed.”

While several of the girls from the Medical Play class took turns snipping and removing the sutures, Virginia asked Billy, “When was the last time you’ve had an erection?”

“During the operation, Mistress.”

“We’ll be fixing that soon. You see, during the operation, a micro chip was implanted that now controls your erections. That is why you haven’t had an erection. Now that you’re healed and your stitches have been removed, we’ll remove these stainless steel cables.”

With that, Virginia took a pair of forceps and clipped onto a cable protruding near the root of Billy’s cock. She pulled, and the silver cable slowly emerged from Billy’s body. “This cable was looped around a device that we implanted near Billy’s urethra.”

While the motion of the cable felt weird, it was not painful. The cable was about eighteen inches long when Virginia pulled it free. Yolanda pulled a second cable from the other side of Billy’s cock. As soon as the second cable pulled free, Billy’s cock began to swell.

“Removing the second cable activated the chip,” explained Yolanda. “Do you know what a priapism is Billy?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Merriam Webster defines a priapism as an abnormal, often painful, persistent erection of the penis. Your cock will soon be rock hard, and it will remain hard for the rest of your life.”

While Yolanda was explaining, Billy’s sister removed her blouse and skirt revealing her naked body. She then hopped onto the bed and straddled Billy. After Yolanda gently aimed Billy’s rock hard cock at Virginia’s pussy, she impaled herself on it.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!” Screamed Billy in pain.

“Oh my God Billy,” yelled Virginia in ecstasy. “What a magnificent cock you have!!”

Billy screamed hysterically as Virginia continued to fuck herself with his cock.

“As you saw during the operation, Billy’s cock now sports one hundred and four tiny irregular shaped crystals under the skin of his cock,” Yolanda explained to the audience. “These crystals are helping to increase Virginia’s pleasure, while causing Billy pain.” Billy’s cries had diminished to a whimper. “What does it feel like, Billy?”

“Fuck! It feels like someone is frigging my cock with sandpaper. It’s horrible. I can’t stand it.”

Au contraire, Billy, you have no choice but to endure it. I get you next, and I’m going to fuck my ass with your cock. I can’t wait to see how you react when my tight little ass engulfs your cock. In addition, we’ve given you another little gift. You will never cum again. No matter how aroused you become, you will not cum.”

Not being able to cum was the least of Billy’s worried. His cock felt like it was being rubbed raw which, in fact, was actually happening in a small way. The tiny crystals were being drawn back and forth over the tissues beneath the skin of Billy’s cock.

Virginia had lost count of how many times she’d cum while riding Billy. After fifteen minutes, she moaned, “Fuck! One more orgasm and I’m calling it quits. Billy, you are now every girl’s wet dream. A girl can ride you for as long as she wants to, and you’ll never disappoint her. Aaaaaaaaaaa fuck! That’s too much,” she screamed as she collapsed onto Billy, his cock still entrapped by her pussy.

Yolanda helped her off of the bed. “Roll over, Billy. Get on your hands and knees.” Billy rolled over without too much difficulty. He was in so much pain that Yolanda quickly and efficiently slipped a tube up his ass without him hardly noticing.

“Okay. Billy, I like it doggy style. Get off the bed and stand up,” ordered Yolanda.

“No, I can’t. I’m in too much pain. Please let me rest a little,” begged Billy. First a shock besieged his balls, and then they felt so hot he thought they’d explode. Billy involuntarily jumped two feet above the bed and then landed on his feet on the floor. He’d thought he’d screamed his voice out. “JESUS H CHRIST FUCK HELP ME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!”

“What did that feel like, Billy,” asked his sister.

Billy had to struggle for several moments to control his breathing. Finally, he answered, “It felt like my balls were about to explode.”

“Well, that worked better than we expected, and that’s at only two. We may need to scale that down,” said Yolanda. “We also implanted a ‘punishment’ chip that is connected to probes that are inserted into your balls. While we’d rather not use it, you need to realize that it is there, and we won’t hesitate to use it if we need to.”

She leaned on the edge of the bed, pointed in front of her, and ordered, here, Billy. Once in position, she took a tube of lube, squirted the contents on Billy’s cock, and started to massage. “Just rubbing your cock with my hands feels amazing! I can’t wait for you to fuck me with it!”

Almost immediately, Billy started to squirm. While Virginia’s pussy had gripped and massaged his cock uniformly, Yolanda’s hands tended to exert pressure on certain areas, causing even more localized pain!

Finally Yolanda stood up, turned, bent over the bed and flipped up her skirt. “Now, Billy, fuck my ass.”

Billy felt that while the pain in his cock might push him over the edge, he knew that another shock might actually damage his balls beyond repair. As he moved into position, the bed moved so the Yolanda’s asshole was level with his still erect cock.

Billy was well aware that most men would be drooling at the chance to fuck such an eager teenager. He also knew that this was going to cause him a great deal of pain. In the hope of causing this minx some pain of her own, he placed his hands on the smooth ass in front of him, placed his cock at her sphincter, and shoved it in as far as he could.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” purred Yolanda. “I just love a nice, firm cock up my tight ass!”

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghghh!!!” Screamed Billy. Yolanda’s ass was much tighter than his sister’s pussy. He reflexively pulled his cock most of the way out. His motion was halted when he bumped into his sister, who was now standing behind him.

“Now, now, Billy. Don’t try to run away. Yolanda’s been really bitchy lately. She needs a good fucking. She’s even begging for it.” She placed her hands on Billy’s waist and pushed – hard. “You better give it to her, bro.”

Billy really did not want to be shocked again, but his cock felt like it would only last a couple more strokes. It actually helped to have his sister’s hands pushing him forward. Billy gritted his teeth and continued to fuck his mentor.

Since Billy was doing all the work, Yolanda was able to relax and enjoy the pounding Billy was giving her. Billy, on the other hand, was becoming more and more apprehensive that his cock would be torn apart.

After about fifteen minutes, the pain in Billy’s cock was growing so large that his enthusiasm started to flag. All of a sudden Billy started to feel something in his ass. At first it was just a feeling of fullness. But it gradually grew to a feeling of something expanding in his ass. The pain became more and more excruciating.

“What the fuck’s happening?” he asked no one in particular.

“I slipped a punishment balloon into your ass, Billy. It’s slowly being inflated with water. Once you pick up the pace, we’ll stop filling it.”

Billy did as ordered, and the pain remained constant. He fucked Yolanda’s ass for almost an hour.

During the final fifteen minutes, Billy heard a bell ring several times.

“Stop, Billy, I just can’t take any more.” Thankfully, Billy pulled out. “Jesus, Billy, I think I’ve cum more times since you’ve started fucking me than I’ve ever cum in my life, and believe me, that’s a lot!” Billy felt the balloon in his ass quickly deflate.

The bell rang again. “Hear that bell, Billy?” Asked Nurse Ilsa.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you feel like you need to pee?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Get back onto the bed. When the girls pulled the long wires from your scrotum, they released an O-ring that closed off your urethra. For the rest of your life, you will need to be catheterized in order to pee.”

Once Billy’s feet were in the stirrups, Virginia and Yolanda used ropes to restrain him in place.

Nurse took a long latex tube in hand, and explained to the class, “This is a Foley catheter. We will thread it down Billy’s urethra into his bladder to allow him to pee. It’s very important to lube the catheter generously, otherwise you’ll cause the patient a great deal of pain. In fact, you probably won’t be able to get it very far down his cock. I’ll demonstrate.”

Nurse took Billy’s cock in one hand, and she used her other hand to force the catheter down Billy’s pee hole.

“Ouch, fuck, stop, you’re tearing me apart!” Yelled Billy.

Nurse removed the tip from Bill. “See, it should go in nice and easy. Now I’d like each of you to see how it feels when you don’t lube the catheter.”

“No, no, that’s sick. Please don’t . . .” Billy protested as one of the girls copied Nurse’s actions. “Fuck! No! Fuck! Jesus! Stop, please stop . . . “

The girls continued to practice. Some were hesitant and only advanced it an inch or so. Others were more aggressive, and were able to get more in before giving up.”

One of the students asked, “Nurse, he’s very distracting. May I gag him?”

“Certainly, Nancy,” replied Ilsa.

“Yes! Thank you, Nurse. I’ve been marinating a gag for almost two days,” Exclaimed the girl. She walked to Billy’s head, put on rubber gloves, lowered her designer jeans to her knees, and pulled a really nasty tampon from her cunt.

“No, please no! That tastes worse than shit. Please no!”

Ignoring Billy’s pleas, she pinched his nose with her bloody fingers until he opened his mouth to take a breath of air. She stuffed her filthy tampon into his mouth. A second girl sealed his mouth with an elastic bandage.

After all the girls tried inserting the catheter dry, they each threaded it using lube. After an hour, Billy was finally allowed to drain his bladder.

Billy spent the rest of the day fucking numerous students and staff. About 7 PM, his parents entered the class room. For obvious reasons, doggy style was the favorite style of being fucked. However, Billy could no longer stand and thrust. Therefore, he was supine on the bed, and a senior was repeatedly impaling herself on Billy’s cock.

As his father clipped a leash onto Billy’s nose ring, his mother removed the tampon from his mouth. To the girl, Dr. Elizabeth said, “Take your time dear, but we need to get Billy to the bathroom.”

“Thanks, Doctor,” the girl said breathlessly. “I’m almost dooonnnneeeee!!! Fuck he’s fun!” The girl slid off of Billy.

Tugging on the lease, Dr. Franklyn said, “Come along, Billy.”

Billy followed his parents to the bathroom where he’d spent his first night at OLPS. “On your back, Billy,” said his father as he attached his nose ring to the chain.

“I’m envious of you son. You’ll be spending most days in one of the classrooms servicing girls. You’ll be spending most night’s here.”

His mother lowered herself on Billy’s cock. “Aw, fuck! Mom that’s disgusting. This just isn’t right, mom.”

“No son,” said his father, “This is disgusting. Open up.” He squatted over Billy’s head, farted several times, and quickly filled Billy’s mouth with his shit.                              

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