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Cow's Gap Year, Part 1

A Cow's Gap Year series story
Heavy, F+, f, M+, Real Life, Masochism, Pain, Non-Consensual
Finally, the last exam completed, cow's school days came to and end. Her place at a decent university was assured and she had an empty year to fill before she started. Her teachers were very keen on her taking a year off, to escape the constant guilt and pressure of her step-mother Lorna, still in jail for many years to come for the murder of her father. They'd urged her to do something "worthwhile", digging wells for starving children in darkest Africa. But hedonism won, and she decided to follow the well-trodden path to Thailand.

In the week before she left, she finally got the piercings she had dreamed of since her summer with Bob, one in each nipple, one in her tongue, and a tiny one in her clit hood. And she partied, getting herself fucked and abused in every way possible.

Getting There

A few days later, she was on a plane to Bangkok. She was a study in minimalism. Her baggage consisted of one tiny handbag containing her passport, some cash that her guardian - the headmistress of the school - had allowed her to take, a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. She boarded the plane wearing a short white dress, barely concealing her freshly-shaven pussy, and an old pair of plastic flip-flops from when she was younger. She didn't see why she'd need anything else. She planned to live very simply and to fuck for money if and when she needed it. Her bottom was still a mess of bruises from her last weekend with her friends. Her cunt was throbbing in pain from last night's fisting, and her anus was stretched and sore from fucking. She oozed continuously into her dress.

She feel asleep before the plane even moved. She missed the meal service, not that they would have served what she wanted to eat anyway. Her belly still held the remnants of the piss she'd drunk in the morning. When she awoke, it seemed as though every single person was asleep, including the very businesslike lady in the window seat to her left, and the nice looking guy to her right. Her finger strayed under the dress as she thought of the businesswoman squatting over her face, her lips opening to cow's tongue. She came as quietly as she could, her neighbours dozing undisturbed.

Or so she thought, because when she glanced to her left the subject of her fantasy was studying her through half-closed eyes. She looked away as cow turned to her, murmuring, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you."

People on planes mostly try to avoid talking to each other, but cow had broken the ice. Her neighbour was very friendly, and it didn't take her long to turn the conversation to what she'd seen cow doing a few minutes earlier. Soon they were kissing, cow's finger straying to the unexpectedly open zip in her neighbour's trousers. Nobody noticed a thing, not even the gently-snoring guy to her right. cow dropped off to sleep again, her finger under her nose as she savoured the smell of the older woman's pussy.

Next time she stirred, it was because of her other neighbour. She felt him moving, and as she slowly opened her eyes she saw him rubbing himself through his jeans as he surreptitiously gazed at her thighs. She wasn't having that. Gently she moved his hand to one side, then opened his zip and took him in her own hand. He was already hard but soon he was thrusting and about to come. cow was tiny enough to squirm around and get him into her mouth, which rapidly filled with his cum. He started to speak but she silenced him with her cum-filled mouth, leading his hand to her pussy.

While she was awake, she got up and went to the toilet at the back of the plane. She was bursting to pee, and thirsty. With a plastic tumbler that she purloined as she traversed the galley, she satisfied both problems at once. Then she just couldn't resist pushing her fingers into herself, squealing as she tormented her bruised pussy, forcing her whole hand in as her other fingers worked on her clit. She didn't try to control herself when she came - it was so noisy that nobody could possibly hear.

Or so she thought, but when she finally opened the door, the bored stewardess sitting on the crew seat opposite gave her a very knowing look. "Are you alright?" she asked. She was quite pretty, if you could ignore the shapeless uniform, the thick tights and the ugly shoes. cow started chatting with her, and soon they were back in the toilet, cow crouched in the tiny space between her knees, tights around her ankles, cow's tongue pressed up tight against her pussy. Then cow pressed against the door, her tiny dress around neck, as her new friend rubbed her and ran her hands delicately down her back and her bottom. "Someone has given you a good spanking, haven't they?" she said. "I'm sure you deserved it - I'd love to give you another one but it'd make too much noise."

She returned to her seat, and didn't wake up again until the jolt of the landing in Bangkok.


She spent her first two nights in Bangkok in the pampered luxury of the Shangri-La Hotel. As she was shuffling through immigration she was chatting with her seat-mate, and it didn't take much to get an invitation to stay with her. Her name was Pattie, and she was from Sydney - she had some multinational globe-trotting job with a company that cow had never heard of. Her other seat-mate was continuing to Australia, and she never saw her stewardess friend again in the commotion of getting off the plane.

On the first day she barely left the room. In the morning she put her only dress into the hotel laundry - the stains from her leaking holes were becoming a bit obvious. So she had nothing to wear. She was laying on the bed playing with herself, tormenting her nipples and trying the vibrator from Pattie's luggage, when the maid arrived to clean the room. She was very cute. cow just spread her legs even wider and carried on. "You wan' help?" asked the maid, and without even waiting for an answer she knelt on the bed and put her tongue to cow's clit. When cow had finished coming she pulled the maid over her face and licked her. Cum was still dribbling out of her from an earlier room - she obviously made a habit of providing extra services. But it wasn't just for the money - she was really enjoying it and came nearly as noisily as cow had.

Then, cow just couldn't stop herself asking, and a few moments later she was laying on the floor of the bathroom, the maid's sweet, dripping pussy over her face as she pissed into cow's open mouth. cow swallowed greedily as one finger worked on her clit and the other teased her nipples. After she left, generously tipped with the money Pattie had given cow to amuse herself, she stayed there, naked on the cold, hard floor, fingering herself at the memory of the maid's delicious pussy over her face.

Her dress was delivered late in the afternoon. She just had time to explore a little. And to get herself fucked. It was just so easy. She'd just spot a young hunk - and there were plenty about, Australians, Americans, Germans, everything - start a conversation, then rub him through his jeans as she kissed him. The first time was bent over a bin full of rotting vegetable peelings in an alley. The second didn't seem to notice that she was already full of cum, and the third took her in the bottom, at her request.

When she returned she just had time to take a shower and wash away most of the cum that still oozed from her, before Pattie returned. On their first evening they'd both fallen asleep quickly, but tonight was different. cow was waiting for Pattie, her maid and servant and slave. She undressed her slowly, ran her a bath, pampered her, kissing her all over, running her fingertips over her soft flesh, massaging her tired feet.

Afterwards, when they lay relaxed together on the huge, soft bed, Pattie asked about her bruises. She was surprised by the pride in cow's voice as she explained - missing out a lot so as not to shock - how she had come by them. Pattie thought for a while, then said, "Can I spank your bottom then?" And so, when they went to the hotel's palatial restaurant, cow's bottom was deliciously sore.

But all good things come to an end, and Pattie had to leave early the next morning, another day another airport as she said, on her way to Singapore, or maybe it was Tokyo. She checked out but cow could stay in the room all morning. She made herself sore imagining what she could get up to with the maid, lazing on the white quilt, her legs spread wide. Finally the door opened. The maid came straight to her and kneeled on the bed, but cow had another idea. "Do you have a friend?" she asked.

"You wan' my fren' too? Sure," she replied and left again. Soon she returned, with another gorgeous Thai girl. "You wan' pee in mouf again?" she asked, and when cow nodded she said, "Good, I been savin' it up just for you." The three of them passed a very enjoyable half hour before the maid said, "I got go back work" and, slipping on her uniform dress over her nakedness, left with her friend. cow just lay there, reliving the two maid's long squealy orgasms as she sucked and finger-fucked them, and her own as one girl fisted her while the other sucked her nipples. And to help remember them, her belly was now full of their yummy piss.

Temporary Living

At lunchtime, cow gathered her posessions - her one tiny bag - and left, her mouth still filled with the taste of the maids' pussies, her own cunt muscles sore from the work of their tongues as well as all her solo efforts. She walked across the city, getting fucked only a couple of times, until she came to the hostel where she'd originally planned to stay. It was a shabby place in a dubious area, full of strange smells of rotting food and blocked drains. She thought it was just perfect.

As she'd been warned to expect, it was run very strictly by a couple of Dutch missionairies. Men and women were strictly segregated on different floors of the grubby building. Not that cow minded being shut up in a large dormitory with lots of sexy girls - that had been her life for years at her school, and she knew exactly how to make the most of it. There was a small park just behind the hostel, completely overgrown and full of hiding places, for when she wanted a cock inside her.

She quickly made some special friends among the other girls, spending some of the night cuddled tight together in a narrow single bed after lights-out. During the day she started exploring Bangkok, visiting temples and all the well-trodden tourist sites. There was always someone to go with her. One day she hooked up with a group of Australian guys. They got quite drunk and started groping her. She didn't mind at all, but it led to a drunken argument. The winner grabbed her, pushed her down over a chair, and fucked her as though he was trying to kill her. Heaven! The others took turns, one fucking her while another pushed his cock into her mouth. Now this was almost what she wanted! She taunted the loser until he grabbed her, slapping her face, fucking her then spanking her hard - until the fight broke out again.

Some days she just went out on her own, looking for someone with more money and style than the backpackers at the hostel. That way she got to travel in air-conditioned limos, eat interesting Thai food in fancy restaurants, and see some of the more interesting sights of the city, like the tree-lined canals that can be seen only from a small boat. And to make some money.

The money was very handy, because even the super-economical prices of the hostel were eating into her limited funds at an alarming rate. She needed to find something cheaper. She could probably have got one of her wealthy companions to take her on as girlfriend or sex-slave - one had already practically begged her to move to New Zealand with him - but that kind of cozy life was not  at all what she wanted. It was nice having lots of sex, but she craved abuse, pain, humiliation. She heard rumours of backpacker hotels where girls could stay free - as long as they provided the obvious services. So one morning she trekked across town, sweating like a pig in the heat and humidity, her feet sore in her dirty flip-flops. To her delight the rumour was true, and there was a vacancy.

Bangkok Hotel

The owner, a skinny, grizzled East European of indeterminate age, explained.

"You get room and board, you fuck the guests when I tell you, everything is good. During the day you do what you want, but you back here by five or in big trouble. Any hassle, I throw you out. You help Pita" - waving towards a stark-naked young Thai girl, waiting attentively - "with breakfast and dinner, also. Pita's a good girl too, aren't you" - she smiled and nodded - "I charge $5 to fuck Pita, $10 for a Western tart like you, $20 for both of you together. I keep all money. But if you get good tip, you keep half. Generous, that's me. OK?"

cow nodded. It sounded like a perfect arrangement.  "Let me see what you look like". She started to turn, like a model, but he yelled "Clothes off! That's what the customers want, naked."

She pulled the dress over her head.

"Bit skinny, but you'll do. Shame tits so tiny. No panty, that's nice touch. You good whore already, I think." Then he saw her nipple rings. He tugged at them, making her squeal. "Very nice, customers will like. Good. Any more?" She lifted one foot onto the desk, stretching her leg wide and revealing her shaven pussy, and her clit-hood ring just visible inside the folds. He tugged at it, making her squeal again.

"Oh, very nice. The boys they like this." He slipped a finger roughly into her exposed crack and tweaked her clit, then stuck a finger into her. "You very good. We got a deal. Be good friends. Give me your passport, that way you no trouble." He grinned, showing his dirty, gapped teeth. She hadn't been prepared for that, but anyway she slipped it out of her bag and meekly handed it over. He tucked it away in a drawer of his cluttered desk.

"There, you my white slave, now, eh?" He grinned again, then suddenly slapped her hard across the face. "What you gonna do? I got your passport now. Any trouble, you get more of that. And worse. Get it? We got a new tart now. Pita, show her the room." She was always "the tart", the whole time she stayed there. He never even asked her name.

She followed the naked Thai girl down a grubby corridor, up some rickety stairs. The place stunk of stale food and dirty drains. Her cheek stung, and her clit was tingling. This was perfect! Her room, when they got there, was tiny, and had an overpowering smell of stale semen. There was a narrow bed, an ancient and filthy coverlet covered in cum stains, and just enough room to walk round the bed. There was a small window, high up so she could only see the street outside if she stood on tiptoe.

She looked appreciatively at Pita, admiring her typical slender Thai body with hardly any tits, and a neatly-trimmed black bush. The only thing she wore was a heavy black leather dog collar. She'd been caned recently, from the marks on her bottom. cow just couldn't resist. She pushed her down onto the dirty bed and hungrily attacked her pussy, relishing her taste and the stale semen that still oozed from her. She came quickly, shuddering and squealing like the maids at the hotel. "You want?" she said, and as cow lay down she licked and finger-fucked her to a noisy orgasm.

At that moment the door burst open. "At it already girls? That's good," said the proprietor. "I need to test the merchandise. Let's see how good you are at blow jobs." He unzipped his trousers. cow went straight to work, using all the tricks she knew - she wanted to stay! She kept him very close to the brink for a long time, until he shoved her down on her face, yanked up her hips, and fucked her. He took his time, he was testing her, seeing whether she put on a good show. He pulled out of her without coming, to her surprise. The surprise was short-lived though, as he pushed roughly into her anus, only her own juices as lube. He fucked her hard and finally he did come. Then he turned her around again and thrust his soiled cock into her mouth. "Get me hard again, tart, taste your own shit, I like that." She sucked him until he was hard again, savouring her own bitter taste and the last drops of his cum.

"Tour time," he said, pushing the two girls out of the room. "I show you my establishment."

There were about a dozen guest rooms, on two floors. They were all similar to cow's room, a bit bigger - though not much. They were cleaner, and didn't smell as bad. Most of them had little windows looking over a jumbled alleyway. Mostly they were empty, in a couple there were indistinguishable forms sleeping off a hangover. In one there was a young guy sitting on the bed naked, reading a book.

"Ah, you lucky guy," said the owner. "I show new tart my establishment, you get free sample. You want?" He wanted. "Just blow job. For fuck you pay." And cow gave her first professional blowjob in Thailand. The guest went back to his book and they continued their tour.

There were three toilets. The floors were sticky with poorly aimed piss. Nothing else was very clean either. cow looked on, getting wet at the idea of being made to get down on her belly and lick the stale piss from the floor, her bottom in the air being fucked or fisted or whipped, or maybe all three. Her finger drifted to her clit before she felt a hard slap on her bottom. "Enough of that, you save that for the paying customer. You misbehave, I make you clean all up with your whore tongue. You no like that, huh?" She tried to look disgusted, she really did. She could hardly beg him for it. Not yet, anyway.

The third toilet hadn't been flushed, and smelt even worse than the others. "Disgusting. Animals, these men. Pita, clean it up." Pita set to work with a brush and a dirty cloth, leaving cow frustrated and disappointed.

There were a couple of grubby showers, a dining room with a plastic table and a dozen ill-assorted plastic chairs. Behind that was a small kitchen, the cooker and sink covered in grease. "In evening, you help Pita make dinner for guests, OK? You know cooking?"

cow had never cooked anything in her life. At school they'd fed her, and her favourite foods were cheap catfood and left-over slops. Naturally she nodded. She figured she could meet the standard of this place.

She was right. Pita had no more idea than she did, but they mixed some bottled sauces and some meat and came up with dinner for the guests. Just as they were going to serve it, the owner came in with a torn plastic bag which he emptied in front of cow. "You waitress," he said. "You look good for guests in this. Get them sexy, they pay to fuck you then." So she served dinner in a cheap French maid outfit - dirty stockings, stiff with sweat and worse, high heels a couple of sizes too big, a tiny black skirt made of scratchy nylon, and a pinafore cut low to show her tits and her nipple rings.

He introduced her to the table. "New tart, she very good, from England, high class. You want fuck, she give you all you want, just $10. But tonight my friends, special introductory offer, she free. After dinner, she give little show, you want to fuck her, no charge. You test the merchandise while she serve. Very high class, best there is, English tart."

She served the dinner, such as it was. Most of the guys groped her bottom, or her tits, or slipped a finger in her slit. There were a couple of girls and they ran their hands over her bottom too, giggling. Some of the guys made comments... "nice ass", "tits a bit small, but love the rings", "skinny, ain't she?". They all treated her as a sex object, nobody spoke to her or even made eye contact. Which was just perfect.

Once she'd cleared the table, with Pita, he told her to lay down and play with herself. A couple of the guys left, maybe to read their bibles. He had Pita lick her while two guys played with her nipples, he had her lick Pita, her bottom high in the air while another volunteer fucked her with a cucumber. Finally he said, "OK, who want to try?" everyone put their hand, up even the two girls.

"You do it here, OK? In private, you pay. Special introductory offer, everyone watch. Who first?"

Two or three said they'd pay. The others took it in turns to fuck her, kneeling on the table, her mouth feeding greedily on a cock that would soon fuck her, or just had. After the first one he held his hand up, stopping a guy who was waiting, hard cock in hand, to take her.

"Not hygienic, just like that, you animals. She must be clean. Pita." And Pita licked the cum out of her, each time, sometimes sharing it with her in a big cum-filled kiss. The boys cheered each time Pita's nimble tongue went to work on cow, and even more when they kissed. The two girl guests stayed as part of the party too, kissing and fondling each other as they watched cow until finally they pressed their cunts to her mouth.

When nobody could come any more and people had started to drift away, Pita led cow to the shower and washed her in lukewarm water. Then she went to the rooms of the two who wanted to pay for privacy. By now she was exhausted, but there's nothing easier for a girl than opening her legs and letting someone fuck her, and she was still awake enough to enjoy it. Afterwards, she still had to help Pita clean up and wash the dishes. The owner had gone off to bed leaving the two girls.

"You very good, very brave. Boys like you," said Pita. They talked a little - Pita's English was quite good, from her years of being fucked by tourists. Over the weeks cow learned her whole story, especially when they slept together. But that was later.

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