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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 13

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, f, M+, Real Life, Domination, Masochism, Pain, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Water Sports, Consensual

Merry go round.

Working part time in a shoe shop with a huge mortgage to pay each month as well as two small children to clothe and feed isn’t all fun. As he was away a lot of the time I hardly saw him and one of the reason he was away was simple he got more pay on tour or on secondment. Something had to be done and I had to get a better paid job which first of all meant working Saturdays if I could get my Mother or sister to have the children. This also spelt the end of my weekly trips to Stoke for BBC which didn’t go down well with the Franklins either but at least I saved money on the rail fares which helped.

I had already started an austerity programme and missed the odd meal here and there to make certain my children didn’t go without. When I was younger I bought myself new clothes weekly and often more if I wanted something or got bored at collage. I hadn’t bought myself anything new for well over a year and would save money by not wearing tights or stockings even in winter. I also used to have my mum pick up the kids and take them home picking them up after she had fed them, myself going without. The dog was fed the cheapest food I could get and often left overs and was looking decidedly skinny at one stage.

On leave at this time he was shocked and a little angry with himself he’d let us get to this stage and even asked me to return to married quarters at least for the time being. This was something I didn’t want and I told him I’d rather starve to death in Leicestershire than be with those so called women in Dorset they were monsters which I am sure they weren’t. I am glad to say that even as he was planning the move back to Dorset I had a bit of good luck. Months before I had applied for a part time in an Estate Agent in the town centre and didn’t get the job as the firm had just been taken over. However; the manager a guy in his thirties was now in the position to offer me weekend work and a half day on Wednesday and it tripled what I was getting in the shoe shop plus there were no smelly feet either. There was also the promise that once my daughter had started school I could go full time there. This was just enough for him to put on hold our return to Dorset and thank god.

That was the good news but the bad news was that he’d taken a one year secondment in the USA with the US Marine Corp and he’d only be back once at Christmas and we could go over and see him once as well all expenses paid by US Government. His reasoning for this was simple first of all he’d be paid US Service rates (double the UK rate) +25% for being on active service even if he wasn’t. Secondly he’d be promoted to the equivalent of Sergeant Major giving him more pay while he was out there and on his return. I told him that I’d been without him so long I was getting used to it at least he wasn’t in Ulster, well not for the time being anyway.

Life began on my own for the next six months started with me black and blue from almost head to foot as on his last day but one he took me to see his Mentor, just to see how much I’d remembered from my visits there. The truth was that I’d not forgotten the rules I’d just got out of the habit of following them if the truth be told. Nevertheless the rules weren’t followed and I was punished for it several times the last one was to be hung upside down from the bucket of a digger my hands anchored to the ground and my head in a black cotton bag and then Mentor or somebody used a single tail whip on me. Just like in outer space, on a farm in the middle of nowhere, nobody can hear you scream. My tits took a lot of punishment and one of my nipples coursed me a lot of worry and took months to recover and once it did it was inverted.

My new job in the estate agents started with me in pain every time I sat down and it was a good job the Uniform was calve length because if it wasn’t they would soon be able to see what I was really into. Or maybe I should say what my husband was into hard to judge really. I worked there Wednesday afternoon 10 am to 4pm Saturday and the same on Sunday. It was part of a large chain based in the North West and ours was a regional office as well. The manager was a young guy about my age maybe a little younger straight out of University who insisted in calling me “Sunday Girl” for reasons best know to himself. I got on well with the staff and a lot of the clients as well, with my father sending people he knew to see me and making an effort to find some we sent to him mortgages if we couldn’t.

The trouble was that interest rates kept going up as did council rates and all the other household bills inflation was in double figures. With him “stateside” he was paying UK and US taxes which would be sorted out but not for months, so if anything I was worse off. I was told I could claim for this claim for that and if I stopped work I could claim a lot more and live off the Social” which was never going to happen. To make matter even worse the estate agents were taken over again and my hours cut to just weekends although the Uniform did get shorter to knee length which is the only good thing I can say about that time.

As we had our loft converted into a “Studio” my now brother-in-law Robert would be a frequent visitor to use it and even converted the back part of our loft into a “darkroom” to they could develop their own films. I hardly if ever ventured into the loft but Alison was clearly as you’d expect his regular model and from time to time they’d bring another girl or woman with them. They had their own key and I always got a phone call before they arrived just in case it was not convenient, which it never was. Still a member of the Camera Club Robert suggested I let them use the “studio” but I didn’t like the idea not with two little children.

The routine of getting my children picked up by my mother carried on as did letting my brother take them for a burger once a week and my parents sat them while I worked. My father resisted telling me “I told you so” which he clearly wanted too so badly but thought better of it.  I got the odd shift in the pub from time to time but the trouble was getting a sitter. One time I managed to get my youngest brother to sit for me and I left the house in a hurry leaving my shoes on the bathroom floor. He was very quiet when I got back telling me he’d walk the two miles home instead of me paying for a taxi. At the weekend he used his savings to buy me some new shoes as he saw the only other pair I owned apart from those I wore, had cardboard  blocking a huge hole in the soles, his gesture made me cry.

I waited for him to ring me from the US and told him about our situation and he told me that he’d try to do something but he was still paying twin taxes. The next day he want to see his Commanding Officer and informed him that unless the mess some bureaucrat had put him and his family in he’s have to leave even if it meant putting in his papers and leave his beloved Royal Marines. From what he told me about this meeting the Officer was outraged that a decorated Marine and a veteran at that should be treated in such a way it took until his next pay day at the month end but it was sorted out for him.  It took a couple of months to trickle through and by the time it did a lot of bills were late and I managed to avoid having the gas and electric cut off by hours having to show the people who came to disconnect us the paid bills paid just hours before.

One Wednesday afternoon I was in the supermarket adding up the cost of the shopping as I went along as the week before I didn’t have enough money to pay for all of it and had the embarrassment of having to put some food back and I couldn’t face that again. I was in the act of rechecking how much money I had in my purse in the forlorn hope that somehow it had grown since I’d left the house it hadn’t. My wishful thinking was disturbed by a familiar voice it was Gerald out shopping with as always with his Mother, not a lot changed there then was there. Mummy was quite the chatterbox telling how lovely I was looking and how slim  and as she spoke I remember thinking to myself “Silly cow I looked a mess, which I did and also she’d be thin if she ate as much as I did” I smiled back at her instead of saying anything. She went on to tell me that I was missed at the Camera Club and how the members would love to see me at the model nights. It had been eight years and a couple of children since I posed for them and I pointed that out. Gerald told me that Robert had informed him we had our own studio in the loft and even a darkroom and asked if I’d ever modelled in it?

I told him I had for my husband but the truth was that it was hardly used at all and when it was used it was Robert who used it as all the equipment in it the flash units and light as well as all the props where his. Gerald thought that was a shame as good studios were hard to find and asked if he could come and take a look at it? I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t want him and his mother there all hours of the night and day. So I told them the next time my husband was home I’d get him to invite Gerald up to see it. Mummy thanked me and asked me if I knew Gerald was branching out and was building quite a client base for his photography since he’d decided to turn professional. I congratulated him and asked if he found it hard to leave his council job with its security and pension, only to be told that he still worked there. All the same he gave me a card and asked me to ring him if I ever felt like “Modelling” again adding that “Of course I would pay you the going rate I’m not expecting you to do it for nothing.” I thanked him and said I’d be in touch telling myself that I must change my supermarket in the near future.

At the weekend I was at work when my Mother brought my children in to see me I looked at my little boy and my daughter and I was so proud of them both. I thought to myself that I may not be the best dressed or presented person in the town but my children looked great and wanted for nothing. I was given an early lunch break and my mother suggested we take the children to the same Café we used to go to when I was younger, she’d pay so why not. Walking up the stairs I smiled to myself knowing that when I walked into the café itself I be able to say “I have had sex over every table in the place” I thought better of mentioning it all the same.

Changes at the estate agents meant that we now had working in our office a “Regional Director” who although he lived in the town had never worked in it, so he was local but didn’t know Robert locally. Not a looker in anyway although he wasn’t fat and did look after himself even if he did sport a long grey ponytail, never a good look even for a man in his fifties and it earned him the nick name “Jolly Rodger.” We all raised our game when he was in the office as we didn’t know him and I took a dislike to him when he asked me “What happened to that psychopath you married I hear he’s deserted you?” I told him in no uncertain turns that “A my husband isn’t a psychopath and when he was back from his tour with the Royal Marines I will invite him in to ask him why he wasn’t with me himself if he wanted to.” He didn’t and hardly spoke to me for some time.

I thought I was going to get the sack but I didn’t but still it preyed on my mind for some time. With that in mind I’d starting looking for a new job but part time jobs fitting in two young children one preschool age were few and far between. The following weekend at work I was pretty tense because Jolly Rodger the “Regional Director” wasn’t in that weekend. Susan reminded me that he drank in the same pub we’d worked in although I barely remembered him at all she reassured me that he was OK there would be no way he’d sack me, although I wasn’t so sure. The times I was out on a Friday night had long gone or so it appeared I just didn’t have the money nor the baby sitters on hand, not that I wanted to leave my children anyway. The times I’d get on a train to Stafford to Oak Farm or to Stoke-on-Trent to see the Franklin’s looked as if was years ago not just a few months. I’d even stopped shaving my pubic hair because what was the point nobody saw it anyway shave or not and it shave on shaving cream and razor blades.

I was waiting for the bus one day in the pouring rain when a car drew up and the driver asked me if he could give me a lift. At first I couldn’t see who it was so looking into the small green car with wood on the sides I saw Gerald and so I got in. He took me straight home and reminded me if I wanted to make some “pocket money” to ring him. I made light of it smiling I said “That depends on how much you pay” and got out. Why the hell did I say that and did he think I was some kind of tart, hell I was so stupid. The next morning I was stopped by one of the teachers at the school who told me that as my daughter would be starting at the school soon she was able to offer her a place in the nursery. There would be a charge of course but it wasn’t very much but she needed to know straight away. I of course said yes and didn’t think about the cost maybe I could sell something?

I lay in the bath once the children were in bed, what would it cost? How would I find the money? What if I did get the sack? I went down and sat watching the television or at least it was on. The dog sat watching me because the sight of me in that dressing gown meant just one thing to it but there wasn’t a snowballs chance in hell of that, at least not that night his luck was out. I sprang to my feet ran upstairs flung off the dressing gown and looked at myself naked in the mirror, my tits were smaller now than they were when I was 16 a quick try of an old bra told me I was 34A and the A may have been an A- if that. My waist was 22” not bad at all and my hips still 34” and although I did have the odd stretch Robert they were hardly visible at all and I didn’t have a fat belly plus even though I said say so myself I had great legs. So what the hell after searching high and low I found the card and rang Gerald.

The following evening after he’d eaten his evening meal both Gerald and his Mother came to my house to take a look at the “Studio” with the old lady struggling to get up the loft ladder and at one stage I thought he’d have to push her up by her rear end. The verdict was that he was impressed good as was and it being his way he pointed out how a few improvements could be made. I’d made some phone calls to Studios advertising in a stack of his camera mags including a couple in Leicester and at the time the going rate was £25 an hour for the studio and dependent on what was required between £10 and £50 an hour for the model. One studio owner told me the £50 was for “Continental Poses” which included “Inserts” but for £45 you got “Magazine” or “Open leg” poses. Gerald offered me £5 an hour which I laughed at and told him if he wanted to be silly to forget it. This wasn’t expected by him or me either for that matter I even shocked myself. A fee of £15 an hour was agreed including “studio hire” and model fee he’d ring me once he had a spare hour and with that we started the painful process of getting Mother down the loft ladder.

I didn’t have to wait long because the very next day he rang me afternoon telling me he could fit me in at 2 pm for an hour maybe two. As this would take me over the time I had to pick my children up I told him I could only do two hours if he started at either 12.30 or 1 pm. I was taken aback and still putting on makeup when he arrived at 12.15 carrying a huge camera bag. He apologised for not bringing his Mother as a chaperone but she found the stairs difficult and he promised not to attack me which he thought funny. I told him the last person who had attacked me my husband had half killed, which he didn’t think was funny as he also knew it was true.

I’d put up a huge clock from the kitchen in the loft just to be able to keep an eye on the clock. That first session was me in a bikini for the first hour and “Daisy Duke” shorts which were my much smaller sisters and a T-shirt the second to most daring thing he asked me to do was take off my bra and he didn’t even get a glance of my flat chest. At the end of the session he thanked me and asked if I was free the following Wednesday and I told him I was and he paid me my £30 which was more than I got in the estate agents for two days and I was happy. On the way back from the school I treated my children to some chocolate and booked myself into the hairdressers, oh deep joy.

The next day I got a package in the Post all the way from Fort Worth Texas inside was $10,000 from my loving husband won in a shooting competition. The note said he loved me was missing me and ended “This is all yours spend it on yourself more to follow” and there was the following week came another package this time with $5,000. The look on my father’s face when I walked into his office and put $15,000 on his desk and asked him to put it into a savings account for me was worth more than all the money. The money in the bank I wasn’t going to touch but my father told me it didn’t make sense and to use it to pay off a chunk of my mortgage as the interest I was paying on that was more than I’d get in a savings account, so down came the house loan by £10,500.

I’d forgotten Gerald was due for his second session and he was waiting for me when I arrived home from the bank sitting in his car. I told him I was sorry and let him in and he went straight to the studio to get ready. I asked him what he’d like to take today and he asked me if I minded doing some more glamour work and when I asked him what he meant he told me “Underwear stockings that sort of thing” to which I told him I didn’t have any only to see the disappointment on his face. I felt guilty for some reason although why I should I don’t know and told him I do have a suspender belt and a matching bra but no stockings. I didn’t however have a pair of knickers to match them so more disappointment. I did two hours for Gerald that day and ended up again in the Daisy Dukes but this time because I felt I owed him something I pulled off my T-shirt for half a dozen topless shots, not that my tits were anything to shout about but at least they weren’t covered in bruise or bites.

Strange how events have a habit of repeating themselves eight years before I’d modelled for the Camera Club a shy newlywed all bashful and awkward. Now two children and eight years later her I was flashing my tits to one of the same men and the only things different was I was doing it in my own home and his mother wasn’t there, plus I was getting paid for this is a crazy world. At the end of the session still feeling a little guilty I changed from the Daisy Dukes right in front of him as he put his mountain of equipment away. He looked on as I put in a pair of knickers and then a dress. I was thinking to myself I bet that was the first time he’d seen naked woman since the last time I posed at the Camera Club.

As I changed he asked me if I was ready to do some “figure word” which was photo speak for nude. I said I was sure but I’d want to be paid more pointing out once again the fee’s studios charged in Leicester. After a bit of too and throw it was agreed £20 an hour but next week he’d like to book me for three hours, no problem.


A Mature Woman.

By the time we’d been together eight years we had two lovely children I had a husband I hardly saw but who I worshipped and I knew loved me deeply. He was also eight thousand miles away in the USA and our proposed visit to see him in the US never came about. That said he was home as promised at Christmas for three weeks and he’d fucked me as much in that time as he’d done before or maybe since. I was getting his cock 10-12 times a day and got I’d forgotten how good he was. He brought with him another $20,000 made up of prize money and his share of the side bets his fellow Marines had made when he won. It appeared that nobody expected a guy from the UK to be able to shoot, let alone as well as he could and his men made a killing and gave him a cut. Later a few weeks after his return to the USA he sent me another $15,000 which enabled me to pay off another £17,000 altogether off our mortgage. I also bought at his suggestion a new “Chesterfield Sofa” for the bay window in the living room leaving me with the old one.

Robert suggested moving it into the studio and one day he arrived with Alison to help me with it. It was a struggle but between the three of us we managed to get it up there. once in place Alison commented on the way the studio was looking including the stockings hanging from the modesty screen. I explained that I’d done a couple as in just the two modelling sessions for Gerald and the stockings were for the next session. Although they had been there waiting for a few months as he’d not been in touch since the last and that maybe I’d scared him off. Then Robert suggested I pose for him and even perhaps together with Alison what did I think. I didn’t think it would be a good idea and I said I was too shy which made my younger sister who was now twenty-three years-old laugh out loud. My brother-in-law soon pointed out that he’d seen me naked dozens of time and Alison pointed out she was disappointed I’d pose for Gerald but not for her husband who was family.

I had to agree it didn’t sound very good even perhaps shows a lack of respect to Robert and even maybe Alison as well. So I agreed that I’d pose for him but not then as she wanted but some other time as I had to walk the dog to the school and collect the children. Later once the children were fed bathed read to and in bed I thought about why I’d not heard from Gerald and looking at the dog thinking to myself maybe I will give him and myself a little treat when the phone rang. It was Alison asking me if I was Ok with what was talked about me posing for Robert and with her and as I was in a relaxed mood I said I was of course. Little sister was pleased and she told me they’d like to come over now if that was alright and set the studio up as Robert wanted to take some shots of her. There was no need for me to do anything they just wanted to use the studio, so I said fine come up.

A quarter of an hour later they arrived Robert carrying some new lighting units and he went straight upstairs to install them. I made them both a coffee as they asked for and took them up and left them to it. There session was taking its time but it normally did and after an hour or so Robert shouted down asking if there was a chance of more coffee, which I made and took up. I must say that my sister is beautiful her figure although petite she only being 5 feet tall was perfect. I’d seen her naked thousands of times seeing her in the studio being photographed clearly having taken a lot of time on her makeup legs wide open made me think of her in a different way. Alison didn’t make or make any attempt to close her legs and turned to me and asked “Is this how you pose for Gerald Susan?” and I blushed and snapped “NO I don’t” and left them to it.

I did notice that now Alison was shaved well at least trimmed and shaped at the top but completely shaved between the legs. I’d gone unshaved since my husband had gone back to the US months ago and had something of a spiky growth maybe ½ of an inch long perhaps a little longer. It was quite long before that as I’d not bothered to shave when he was away. The next time I took a bath I shaved it all and even burnt away some with a candle in those hard to reach places a trick I was given by somebody we had swapped with at some point.

At the Estate Agents I was getting on great with the staff there including Jolly Rodger and I was offered more time there and now found myself working Fridays to Sundays for the time being the pressure was off me financially the extra work and of course income coupled with a lower mortgage payment helped me a lot. Or at least it took the pressure off plus the amount of his wages being paid into our account had also doubled. Who knows I told myself soon I may be able to treat myself. I was settling in one Friday night when I got a visit from Alison who I’d not spoken to since I snapped at her, she waved a bottle of Wine at me through the window and presented me with a box of chocolates.

Robert was away she told me he’d gone to see a friend and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. We had a drunken girlie chat and she said she’d stay the night and lifting her skirt and opening her legs she told me to “Come here and lick my cunt you slag.” I smiled at her and did what she asked. This was the first time she’d called me a slag it didn’t ring any bells at the time. I found us another bottle of wine to open while she went to her car and brought in her overnight bag. Putting the bag down on the table she opened it and produced a hair brush telling me to get on my knees and then proceeded to hit me with it across my buttocks, it felt nice and it made me feel like a naughty girl.

Saturday morning she took the children for me and dropped me off at work. I was tired out before I got there and Jolly Rodger brought over a coffee and asked if I’d had a “Bad night“ and I said I’d had my sister stay over and we’d drank a couple of bottles. To which he told he’d “I’ll have to join us the next time.” Only to be told by me he’d never last the pace, which brought a tongue in cheek threat of going over his knee. This was a common response by Jolly Rodger or Edward as his real name was he said it to all the women staff it was just a saying.

One of the girls who worked with me had an 18 year-old daughter called Alice who for the princely amount of £3 an hour would baby sit and if that went over midnight raised to £5 an hour with the added cash I had I thought why the hell not and booked her for Friday nights. The Cave was still going but god had it gone rough I dragged Susan out to it once and we never went back. Instead we found a new venue in a converted Church which was names incredibly The Church as opposed to yet another club in a converted bank called, you guessed it The Bank. The more things change the more they stay the same in either club you could see old faces from The Cave only the clothes and the music had changed. Susan still thought everybody was looking at her and the same old people thought that if they bought me a drink or two or maybe half a dozen they would get a fuck from me. When I got a taxi home even the driver told me “I’ve not seen you for ages how you keeping not the same anymore this job I used to rank up at The Cave and take you home, do you remember we had a couple of stops on the way, you still got a nice bum?” I didn’t remember and I told him so mind you he may have fucked me lots did but I didn’t remember that.

The next day at work it was the same routine Jolly Rodger would place a coffee in front of me and ask “Bad night?” when I told him I was on The Church with Susan he smiled and ask “Either of you pull?” to which all he got was dirty look. Two things happened that day first Alison came in and placed her latest house on the Robertet and started to look for another. Jolly Rodger took a great interest in Alison and told me afterwards he’d “Love to get to know her better” I told him “I bet you would, I bet you would” and got one more threat of going over his knee.

Later in the day in walked Gerald and of course his Mum just to tell me he’d not been in touch as a few months ago he’d lost his father and it had affected him badly and I gave them both my condolences. He (Gerald) didn’t want me to think he’d forgotten about me and he’d be in touch and off he went carrying a little shopping bag arm in arm with his Mum. It is amazing how eating regularly and not missing meals allows the body to catch up and in just a couple of months I went up a complete Bra Cup size to a 34B not a lot but better than a 34B and I could afford to buy new bras as well.

As good as his word Gerald was in touch and asked me if I was available for a three hour session of “figure work” one day that week and I thought why the hell not so I agreed. He arrived at 12pm in the afternoon and said he had to set up the session would start at 12.30 and end at 3.30 giving me enough time to dress and walk down for the children. “I was meaning to ask you on the phone the other night when I rang” he told me and continued “For figure work I prefer the model to be shaved” he was blushing “I noticed that when you modelled for the Camera Club you were but at the last session you weren’t, too late now I expect if you’re not.”  I had in fact just finished drying my hair after taking a bath and in fact I was completely shaved and as I was just wearing my old dressing gown I opened it up and held it open showing him my hairless body, I thought he was going to die of embarrassment.

I asked him how he’d like me to dress and he handed me a plastic shopping bag telling me he’d brought a few things for me. Inside were a nice lace deep line suspender belt and matching briefs as well as lace top stockings all in black, they must have been expensive as the store they came from wasn’t exactly cheap. “Do you have any black high heels?” he asked and I told him I did 5” ones cutesy of one Franklyn Franklin although it took me a while to find them. I asked him if he’d like me to wear anything else as well and he didn’t so I started off topless only to be asked “Have you put weight on?” a girl can’t win can she.

The Chesterfield Sofa was very popular as were the new lighting system Robert had put in and the more powerful flash units. Gerald spent half the session going on about the new changes all of which was Greek to me. I answered his question on other studio’s and their fee’s and I realised he’d not contacted any of them. I suggested he did not that I wanted to lose any of his custom but just so he’d realise what a bargain he was getting. I also pointed out that he could just hire the studio if he wanted to I expected he’d get tired of shooting me any time soon. Soon off came the knickers that said he took maybe 10-12 photographs every hour as he was quite exact in what he wanted with his Hasselblad camera and stopped constantly to change the lighting and check the flash meter.

There was nothing crude with Gerald and at no point did I feel threatened at all by him, after all I could have told his Mummy if he was naughty. His main interest was to try and recreate modern reproductions of old black & white or sepia photographs or so he said anyway and who was I to disbelieve him. I ended the session completely naked of course and for the last hours I moved this way and that for him and I didn’t feel once that he was getting a cheap thrill and if he did see anything that was between my legs it wasn’t planned. I didn’t see much point going behind the screen to dress after all I’d been naked or semi naked in front of his lenses for three hours. He told me he’d not be using me the following week as he’s decided to take my advice and check out the Leicester studio’s as he had a couple of days off the following week. I put the lingerie back in its bag and held it out to him only to be told it was for me and I thanked him for it.

I didn’t expect him to contact me the following week after he’d told me he was going into Leicester on Tuesday to check the studios out. However; Tuesday night I got a call from him asking if I was available Wednesday or Friday for a couple of hours? I wasn’t on Friday’s as I had work in the estate agents so we settled for the next day which was Wednesday. I chatted with him for half an hour and it turned out he’d booked a model for a couple of hours at a cost of £50 for the studio and £100 for the model but he didn’t think he’d got value for money and she was and I quote “A slip of a girl and I prefer a more mature woman Susan like you.” Mature I was 26 years old the cheeky bastard I thought.

I think he arrived half an hour earlier each time he came to the studio but this time he was an hour and came into contact with my mother who being the nosey cow she is wanted to know who he was and what he was doing there. Lucky for me he told her he was the Secretary of the Camera Club and an old friend he’d come to take some photographs of the children. He’d come to drop off his gear in the studio, perhaps she had time to pose herself? She liked that but said her posing days were over best leave it to the younger generation. I think that with just a little more flattery she would have been up those loft ladders in a shot.

The “Shoot” went the same way as the previous week and once more I was presented with more lingerie and the black lace dress I’d worn years before that belonged to his mother it was beautiful and I couldn’t wait to put it on, not that is stayed on for long. Before we started he showed me some of the shots he taken at the last shoot, he may have been a middle aged mummy’s boy but he knew his way around a camera.  He also showed me some he wanted replicate of a woman in the black lace dress she wore an 50’s style deep line corset/suspender belt just like the one he’d brought me that day and seamed black stockings. The photographs were taken some time ago even if they had been printed recently and although they started off just a little “risky” for the times by the end there were to say the least soft, maybe very soft porn. On closer examination of the shaved model I realised it was Gerald’s mother saucy old trollop it thought and it brought a huge smile to my face.

Looking at him I asked him “You want me to pose with my legs wide open Gerald?” he took the photographs off me and selected a few and without looking at me told me “If you don’t mind yes if you’re not too uncomfortable with it, yes I would.” Then he added “Of course I will pay you the extra for the Magazine style I don’t want to fiddle you should be say £75 for the two hours?” I looked at him and thought in for a penny and told him “No Gerald we will call it £90 for the two hours and you can take as many photos of me as you like and I will open my legs as wide as you want me to OK?” yes it was OK and for the rest of the shoot my legs were hardly closed.

At the end of the shoot he told me I could keep the dress if I promised to wear it again for him but only for him he didn’t want to see it in any other photos and I agreed. I also got to keep the lingerie as well all in all a profitable couple of hours, not bad for a mature woman.

To be continued....

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