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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 15

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, f, M+, Real Life, Bondage, Domination, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masochism, Sadism, Submission, Consensual

The Circle.

With my husband back once more in the UK and promoted yet again we once more able to see each other most weekends plus his leave were longer and more frequent. At this time I was fucking Jolly Rodger and by now various people we met as a couple plus from time to time Tony and soon a few other “male models” so all in all I wasn’t going short.

Another thing that had been resumed where my trips to Oak Farm now nine years after I’d first been taken there but my first for about three years maybe a little less but if it was less not by much. The difference was this time it wasn’t weekly and now I had two small children in tow, not that they ever saw anything happening other than having a great time in the day, they slept like logs all night. Mentor now 73 years old (to my 27) and now a widower his wife “Cow” having passed away organised frequent visitors to use me and continue my education. I limited the visits (or tried to) to just once a month as I didn’t want to put an end to my modeling career so I needed to be marks free. I also needed to be welt free for my affair with Jolly Rodger of course. This was taking a turn from just the odd fuck in the office to accompanying him to house viewings and lunch at his house as well as the odd “work-related course” in hotels. Plus regular Friday nights out often straight from work with most of the other staff.
However; it was on a visit together with my husband to Oak Farm that we met a Leicester based Dom called “Doctor Savage” (where on earth do they get these names from?) who was accompanied by a slave who belonged, so to he told my “Owner,” to yet another Master and she was I’d say in her middle 40’s. Doc, as he was soon to be known, was like Mentor an older man ( he was 72) and like him, he had also lost his own wife/slave they had also in common a wealth of experience. Unlike Mentor who lived in a rundown farm in the middle of the Staffordshire countryside, Doc clearly had money and I later found that meant millions. I doubt he’d be impressed with our four bedrooms detached house on 1980’s development. As ever at the end of our weekend visit and with no children running around I was “punished” for some misdemeanor or other this time it was Doc who had the honour of administering it.
Hung by my arms with a leg spreader to keep my legs wide open at first I was gagged and on my tormenters insistence, this was removed. The look on the other slave's faces told me she was just a little relieved she wasn’t in my position. I was expecting a beating from a cat-o-nine tail, cane, crop or maybe a single tail but I was wrong and soon I’d find out that that would have been better. As with most Dom’s, I had found that most of them liked to hear a “confession” in which the slave about to be punished has to tell the Dom and the audience how low on the food chain she/he was and how deserving of punishment they were. This was inherently followed by an inspection of the slave no doubt meant to humiliate the slave and heighten the sexual arousal of the Dom.
I always hoped and still do that I won’t be found to be “wet” once they get to the part they inspect my cunt but 99 times out of 100 I was and this was no exception and as always this was pointed out to those present. As they talked about me and my status as slag and my “training” my mind was drifting to how long the marks would last and how I’d hide them. I needn’t have bothered to even think about it because there were to be no marks. Going over to his medical bag Doc took out a pair of latex medical gloves and put them on. Then from the same bag, he took out a tube of something I couldn’t see what and holding it up he told my Master “You can buy this from any chemist I get mine from Boots.” The cream from the tube was cool and he rubbed it onto my cunt lips and clitoris and clitoris hood before using two fingers to put more inside my cunt.
As he fingered me he spoke softly to me telling me how beautiful I was and how it was a shame I was such a slut and a whore and making me agree with him and finishing every reply with the mandatory “Sir.” Standing back pleased with his work he told my Master and Mentor “I have left her arse hole-free you will need something to fuck, of course, still I’d wear a condom for a couple of days the pain should be stopped by Wednesday” it was Sunday. The pain wasn’t much at first just warm feeling but after a short time it was burning me like hell and I was in real pain inside and all around my cunt. The tube contained a balm for the relief of muscular pain called Deep Heat and god did it live up to its name. First came the heat and then came the pain and more pain endless non-ending pain.

The scream I was hearing after half an hour were my own, the tears were running down my face and onto my body. I was screaming out for it to stop for Doctor Savage to take the pain and burning away and I begged my Master and Mentor for the same. I begged and pleaded there was no stopping the pain, no relief and no sympathy from any of them. I hung there in tears and screaming out in unbridled deep pain as my Master and both Doc and Mentor fucked and bugged the other slave and then caned her all the time ignoring me, oh how I wished I could have changed places with her. Walking back to our car was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life and once home all I wanted to do was take a bath, which didn’t help in the slightest.

The pain didn’t go away for a few days it only got less intense after a day and taking a pee was also painful. At work, I even turned Jolly Rodger down for an over the desk fuck as well as a fuck on our Friday night out not that I didn’t want a “seeing to” as he put it but I was scared how much pain it would cause. The following Friday he was home on leave and there was no saying any to him for whatever reason luckily for me there was no reaction and no pain either much to his disappointment.
Over the course of the weekend, he explained to me that Doc was a member of a small “circle” of “Likeminded” people mostly Dom men with submissive wives like ourselves. Membership of this circle was by invitation only and had to be agreed by several members before anybody got to join. I was also told that he wanted to be a member and Doc had set the ball rolling to make it happen. With this in mind we’d (he’d) been invited to go to a “small get together” at Doc’s house the following weekend and that it was to be a dinner party other than that he didn’t know what to expect but he told me to go out and buy a nice dress, result.
The time I spent shopping for a new dress was a waste of my time and money as halfway through the week Doc rang me and when I told him I’d bought one I was told “Oh you won’t need a dress my dear as you’ll be naked or at best-wearing stockings or something” bummer. As I worked Saturdays I didn’t have much time to get the kids fed and taken to my brothers for the night and get ready myself. In fact, I was still applying my makeup as we drove there. As requested all I wore were heels and a long line suspender belt and stockings all black of course, over which I had just an overcoat. He was dressed in an evening suit white dress shirt and dickey bow, quite a contrast.

I was expecting a huge mansion in the middle of the countryside and although it was a huge house it was almost in the centre of Bolton. Later we were told it was built for a Mill owner in the 1790’s and was complete with servant’s quarters and an impressive looking basement which ran the full footprint of the building. Ushered inside by Doc who kissed me on the cheek and asked me for my coat, blushing I handed it to him and stood there my eyes cast down as Doc congratulated my Master on having such a wonderful looking “whore” and ran his hands all over me pinching each nipple in turn before running the flat of his hand down my belly. Instinctively I open my legs and move my feet apart before he reaches my cunt and once more I hear the all too familiar “She’s wet” and lifting my head up with a hand under my chin he looked at my face and asked me if my cunt had recovered from my punishment the other week and I answered him “Yes Sir” remembering not to look him in the face. Another naked woman came to the hallway and was told to “take Slag to the kitchen and put her to use” and she took me by the arm and led me away.

In the kitchen, a man was cooking and the woman who didn’t speak to me at all told him I was to be put to use Dr. Savage’s orders. Also in the kitchen were two other women both naked stood hands on head in a corner. I would guess their ages as being between 45-55 and I remember telling myself my body was better than theirs at least. I also remember that I was the only one there without pierced nipples or for that matter a pierced cunt as they all had a ring there as well. Being put to work consisted of me also standing with my hands on my head in a corner for almost two hours.
Later once the meal was ready four of us took up the starters up to the dining room. Sat around an impressive table was three other men as well as Doc and of course my Master all in dinner suits. As I put the food down in front of them each of them excluding my Master took the opportunity to grope me in one way or another. I was asked to stay or told to stay once the food was served and stand on a chair so they could take a good look at me. They didn’t speak to me at all other than to turn this way or that or open myself up instead they asked questions about me from my Master. “Is she on the pill, do you allow bareback, does she take anal, does she swallow, she take pain well, has she been bred, I hear she does K-9, you wish for her to do other animals?”
Also, they had suggestions, he should “Get her pierced, tattooed, have her head shaved, branded, breed her to a black give her a black child to raise” The last one was a slight ironic taking into account I could have easily done so not long before that. For the rest of the meal, I was stood on a stool and from time to time one of them would walk over and grope me I remember one used to make me open my mouth so he could examine my teeth which I thought was odd.
At the end of the meal, I and the other three slaves/subs cleared the table and cleared the kitchen loaded the dishwasher and sat about waiting to be called. I didn’t like any of them none of them spoke to me if anything I thought they were old and rude. The cook had left his work done I was expecting to see him upstairs but I didn’t see him again until the next “Dinner Party” which was a few months later. Once the summons to go upstairs I together with the other three were told by the host (Doc) who they would serve first and off they went leaving me on my own with two of the men as my Master and Doc plus one other had taken the other women to the basement.
The two others both men in their sixties scrutinized me and in one quick pull of my hair I was bent over the dining table and I heard the telltale noise of a zip being pulled and a cock at my cunt lips. The things they said about me made me feel humiliated and at the same time as horny as hell. Clearly they also knew a lot about me because they threw things at me and made me admit I was a “Filthy slut, dirty whore, a dog fucking bitch” making me say “Yes Sir I’m a filthy slut, Yes Sir I’m a dirty whore, Yes Sir I’m a dog fucking bitch.” Whatever they wanted me to say I agreed with knowing it was all true anyway. The fucking they both gave me lasted over two hours as they took it in turns using all three holes and taking short breaks while having me masturbate and beg for more cock.
I was taken to the basement into one of the three dungeons there and bent over a vaulting horse and they then took turns in beating and whipping me interspersed with more fucking if other people joining in to do the same. One of the other slaves was instructed to lick the copious amounts of cum from my holes and off my legs and then as her reward, she was instructed to “Fist the slag’s arse for her, it’s a little tight for my liking.” Whoever it was going about her work with gusto as she rammed her hand into my arse hole with no thought of how painful it was going to be for me. Unlike my sister Alison this bitch had hands like a navvy and soon had me screaming for her to take it out and for mercy, she didn’t show me any.
We arrived home about 4 am and I was tired, Marked, and sore and my whole body ached and I slept until 11 and woke up feeling like a train wreck. The kids were full of it when they came back from my brothers who’d taken them to watch some Sunday morning football after collecting the dog. At 1 pm I was due in at work and I even thought about ringing in sick until I realised I was the only one in the office so I didn’t have a choice. As was his habit Jolly Rodger made an appearance at 4.30 no doubt looking for a fuck once the office had closed at 5 pm. I told him once he’d invited me to the upper office that I wasn’t in the mood but he didn’t want to take no for an answer. I told him I had a bad stomach (which wasn’t a lie thanks to the fisting) and offered to give him a blow job his response was “You going to swallow?” to which I told him “Of course, don’t I always?” to which he smiled and took his cock out.

A few weeks later we were invited by one of the other guests to another Dinner Party this time in Stafford which was much a repeat of the first. This time it was held in the splendid house of the Dom who took such an interest in my teeth who it turned out was a Dentist. His house was not far from Oak Farm although I did hear him telling my Master he didn’t know Mentor which surprised us both.

The pattern went on the next was at a married couples house over near Halifax set on a hill overlooking the town that was owned by a Doctor called Francis and his wife/slave Deborah a couple we’d get to know very well. The one after that a “Businessman” in his mid-50’s from Sheffield and his house just as impressive as the others and he has two sub/slaves one male the other female and a married couple. I heard her Master telling mine that “I had her bred to a black man; she has a little brown girl running around somewhere or another little reminder who is in charge around here. You should breed the slag” my Master made no comment at that time.
Finally, we were invited to a Dinner party at a huge house in Leicestershire only 5 miles from our own house but a million miles away. This was and still is the home of Sir Stuart Gibbons MBE who was in his mid-50’s and had made his money owning cotton mills inherited from his family and property development. His slave was his wife Alice who was tiny and never spoke a word proffering to just nodding her head slightly younger than Sir Stuart, Lady Gibbons married him on her 16th birthday and had never known anything other than a life as a slave to him. I have met a lot of men who liked to be called “Sir” but Sir Stuart is a real Knight of the Realm a gentleman and a complete sadist and one who I’d get to know exceptionally well over a long period of time.
Unlike all the other dinner parties we’d been to over the last few weeks I served at the table naked but I was invited to stay and eat with the men although they were all wearing dinner suits and I was naked. Although I must say I was treated like a lady by the ten male diners and called Susan and not Slag. If it wasn’t for the fact I was naked and they were dressed and the conversation was about my sexual and submissive nature and sexual experiences. I was asked things like “Tell me, Susan, when you are being anally fisted are you sexually aroused or just doing it to please, I mean do you get pleasure from the act physical pleasure I mean?” This was a matter of fact as if he was asking “Do you take sugar, Susan?”
At the end of the meal when the other slaves had been in and cleared the tables and all the men were sat about drinking Brandy and smoking cigars the host of the night Sir Stuart banged the table and asked for silence. Once the diners had gone silent he stood up like a Master of Ceremonies and made a little speech telling the room that he’d heard a lot about us as a couple and that he looked forward sampling my delights afterward. He went on to formally invite us both to join the Circle which brought a huge smile to my Master's face. The rules were simple each member must share their slave/sub with the others at the time all the member's slaves/subs were available to my Master or as he was known in the Circle as an “Owner” so now I had a Master and an Owner lucky for me it was the same person.
The rules for the submissive/slave were also simple “Serve the other Owners as if it was your own and accept their control over you and their punishment.” For the Owner, the rule was “You are able to request the service of another Owners property however; if it was not available no meant no. If you set limits for your own property, those were the limits for all property coming to you. In other words, if anal was a limit set by you for your property when you are not allowed to take anal from anybody else’s.” Are details would be circulated and he had no doubt we would be contacted or I should say he would be as all contact straight to the property directly.  

The rest of the night went past very quickly for me I was beaten, buggered, fucked and slapped about until 3 am when he took me the short trip home telling me how proud of me he was and all the pain went from my body before we reached home.

In the meantime.

In the few months that it took to become a member of the Circle, other things had happened although I’d had to restrict my posing as my body was marked from the dinner parties I had started to pose for other people. It was my husband’s idea to put an advert in a men mag and I chose Escort “Attractive 22 (a lie) Model 34-22-35 size 10 shaved, will pose for those hard to get photos Leicester/Leicestershire” the use of a box number meant I could keep my identity a secret. This still being the days of the News of the World Sunday morning exposures and I didn’t want to end up there.
At the time I also realised my husband was feeding Robert information about my status as his slave and my modeling and as I already knew he was desperate to fuck me and had been for a few years. I had posed open legs for him even pulling myself open for “flap shots” once he’d never tried anything on with me since, not even so much as touch my hand. I was fully aware as my husband told me everything he was now desperate to fuck me. My husband who had been fucking my sister for some years used to delight in the facts that Robert didn’t have a clue and that Alison was giving him access to all three holes and only one to her husband. During one conversation it was suggested to Robert he talked to Alison about swapping me for her. If she agreed he could come over to our house and my husband could go in the opposite direction. Of course, Alison was told of this and knew Robert was trying to find the courage to bring it up.
One evening Robert arrived complete with his camera bag just after I’d settled down with a glass of red wine. He was he told me expecting a girl he’d met to come and model for him and went up to the loft studio. I could hear him setting up and hoped he didn’t wake my children up. An hour later Alison arrived but no model. Although she did turn up 24hours later, a busty little blonde with fat legs. Alison went straight upstairs and a couple of hours later Robert came down telling me Alison was getting dressed after posing for him and he was going to take a shower which was fine by me. A short while later just seconds after Alison came into the room in my dressing gown took it off she was naked, lay back on the sofa opened her legs wide smiled and told me “come over here and lick my cunt.” I did just that and as I did I tasted Robert’s cum for the first time and there was a lot it was a taste I’d be getting used to.
On his next leave my husband told me that Robert had asked Alison but she’d refused, however; he’d encouraged Robert to get me posing for him some more and to use some toys or have me use them on myself. I protested saying I didn’t want to, only to be told to do as I was told, and he’d also told Alison to starve him of sex for a few weeks which she was happy to do. The suggested posing session with Robert duly arrived and he touched me for the very first time as he pushed a vibrator into me from behind. I almost came right there and then which was a massive shock to me. He had to ask me several times if I wanted to turn it on and it took me several moments to answer him back “Did he want me to?” was all I could think of, yes.
He asked me question after question and I answered them all without hesitation ”Have I posed with toys before Susan?” Yes (just about stopping myself from using the word Sir) “Did you have it turned on as well?” Sometimes “Did it turn you on, Susan?” Sometimes “Is it turning on now?” Yes “Are you wet Susan? Yes “You ever slip it up to your bum hole for them Susan?” Yes “Are you going to put one in today for me Susan?” Yes if you want. With that, he came back to me once more and I thought he was going to take the vibrator out of me and push it into my arse. I was wrong instead he pushed a smaller one into my arse filling both holes and he turned them both fully up and moved in with his camera encouraging me to push them in and out. Then I moved to my front taking more photos telling to go for it “I want you to look as if you are cuming Susan” there was no need to try because I was coming. Thank god, I thought he didn’t realise that but the only person I was fooling was me.
The last few shots he wanted were of me lay with my head over the bed hair hanging down cleaning the vibrators with my mouth. He walked over and I expected to taste his cock but he just took some photos and I wasn’t certain if I was disappointed or not. I put a gown on and left him to clear his gear away and went down to talk to Alison who asked me “Did he fuck you, Susan? He wants to he’s told me.” I was all indignant and barked “No he did not” but we both knew I would have if he pushed it.

The following weekend I was triggered by my Master and told that in an hour Robert would be coming to fuck me it had been arranged. I was shocked and my face told him as much which made him laugh he went on to say Alison knew what was happening but Robert didn’t know that his wife did and he didn’t want her to know. So to save face I was to be tied down and blindfolded on an oversized saw bench Robert had made. My brother-in-law would come in not speak and use me he will have all my holes and leave. I was not to speak unless I was told to and answer any questions that he (my Master) would ask me. I was tied down stomach over the length of it legs and arms tied secured by four rings close to the foot of each post with my head over one end and my two other holes offering free access at the other.

I was nervous and at the same time excited about what was going to happen. The due time arrived the doorbell rang and just for a second I wanted to back out but my nerves held. The first thing I heard was my Master “Tell our guest what you are” I’m a slag Sir, “Tell him what else you are Slag” I’m dirty whore, Sir, “Tell him how many holes you have Slag and what they are for” I have three holes and they are for fucking Sir. “Invite our guest to use you Slag” Please fuck me Sir use me like a dirty whore Sir use me fuck me please Sir fuck me, Sir. Fuck me he did but first, he licked me for ages and I loved it god he was good at it and brought me to the brink and then stopped. I didn’t need lube for the anal my cunt provided that and all I wanted was for it not to end and he made me cum over and over. I wondered after he’d left as his cum leaked out of me was that incest or didn’t it count but then again seeing the look of pride on my Masters face I didn’t care at all.
That was the beginning of my semi submission to my brother-in-law he never mentioned the fact he’d fucked me mainly because he didn’t want me to know it was him. The reason was that he didn’t want Alison to find out either as she’d refused to “swap” with us. Sunday nights visits continued for a long, long period always the same tied to the saw bench and then after a few visits still blindfolded I would wait hands-on head dressed as he requested. Never hear the sound of his voice just being pulled this way or that to accommodate his wishes but always with the same result lots of cum from him and floods of orgasms for me.
Gerald brought a guest photographer once to a shoot as well as a “Male Model” who was no Fireman I can tell you. Middle-aged, fat-bellied, bald and had a face only a mother could love I took one look at him and the other photographer and I wanted to know what Gerald was playing at and asked him what he expected of me today. What he expected was for me to “pose” with this “model” the same way I had with Tony, after all, he was paying me and he’d found a market for his work. I could see he was quite taken aback I was objecting to this new man and told me that “Of course pay me extra and that his colleague would also be paying as well” and that was that. The session lasted the full two hours and the bald potbellied man had me in more positions than I can remember and finished the shoot with the classical face shot. The amount of cum on my less than impressed face was deemed inadequate for I had to suffer the equally ugly guest photographer to wank off over me until he added his to cum which took a surprising time.
One interesting shoot I did was in a garage which came from a reply to my advert in Escort I posed for the guy who owned the business while his mechanics watched and made rude comments. It was all tits and bums stuff and I ended up a Calendar Girl. Later I did another shoot in the same place and ended up with oily handprints all over me. Tony the Fireman got me some work in Leicester in the studios he worked in and in fact had opened his own. I posed with Tony a couple of times including a video with him and a few more with other men for him. I continued to model from home as well for a couple of years until it just petered out. One of the last sessions I ever did was for Gerald who showed me at the end a huge book of photographs he’d taken of me as a teenager at the Camera Club to soft then very hard porn. In all that time he’d never touched me and now that his mother had passed away he was going to sell her house and move away. I did the shoot for him and asked him if he wanted me to give him just one more facial shot and I wanked him off over my face, I think that was the first time a woman had touched it.

To be continued.......

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