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A Sorcerer's New Pet Ch. 17 - Vanity

A Sorcerer's New Pet series story
Heavy, F, f+, M, Fantasy, Domination, Humiliation, Masochism, Mind Control, Modification, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Reluctant
"P-please, s-stop. I can't take it anymore!"
Peach Blossom stared at the Dark Elf writhing on the stone table where Sister Daisy had placed her. The Eastern woman had come back after taking her dear Milo for a walk and had brought back the sorry excuse for a candidate that was now begging Peach to let her go. 
"Pitiful child. Did you think you were good enough?"
The Angel of Pleasure increased the intensity of her new spell. The Holy One had allowed her to inflict upon others the same torment He had imprisoned her in. Peach would forever be grateful to the Venerable Ashtaroth for reshaping her worthless body into something the Holy One could appreciate. Her old self had apparently committed a grave Sin, and her God had decided to destroy her identity. He had then reshaped her into a mockery of her previous self. 

Peach could not imagine a more extreme form of rape. The simple thought was enough to send her weak, obscene, hypersensitive body to its knees, gasping for air. Peach had to rely on Daisy to keep standing as the echo of her thoughts bore down on Lana — that was the name of the arrogant whore — who could only scream as the torturous pleasure coursed through her body.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. K-kill me! I-it's too much! I-I'm sorry!"
"It's just a little pleasure, little elven cunt. Don't be so dramatic. Peach feels like that all the time."
Daisy plucked a translucent katana out of nowhere and began tracing Lana's convulsing body with its sharp point. Despite the Elf's desperate attempts at cutting herself, the Angel's masterful control ensured the only feeling Lana would get from the blade was the maddening scraping of the conjured metal against her skin, which only added another source of stimulation to her hellish torment. 

Peach knew exactly how that felt like because the spell she was using worked both ways. Everything Lana was feeling, she was feeling as well and vice versa. That was the effect of Soul Merge: the Gift the Holy One had bestowed upon her. As the blade kept taunting the screaming Lana with the promise of pain to stave off the endless wave of maddening ecstasy, Peach couldn't help but mewl in concert as her pussy clenched uselessly around the imaginary shaft of her God.
Daisy only laughed at their predicament, conjuring another sword. The Angel of Pleasure let go of all pretense of dignity and let herself fall onto the large stone table next to Lana. Both girls cried and moaned and begged and cursed under Daisy's cruel ministrations. The sadistic Angel kept blessing them with her amusement as climax after climax consumed them.
Peach had nothing but admiration for their God's strongest Angel; she was an unstoppable force of nature: fierce, powerful, and merciless. She was a perfect weapon to be wielded by Him. She loved her with all her heart because she could serve Him in all the ways she couldn't; due to her weak and useless body. Daisy had earned great favor from Him and was the leader of His Angels. Peach had gladly lent her Milo when she had asked her for someone to torture. Peach's husband still didn't sound sincere when she made him pray with her for hours on end. A few days with Daisy were sure to knock some sense into the love of her life, and judging by the way he was curling up in the corner of the room, the Angel of Power must have had lost no time in teaching him a lesson.
Next to him, the disgusting Angel of Pain — her loathed counterpart — was busy reciting her prayers while kneeling on some gravel Daisy had made her fetch from outside by using only her mouth. Lily was as useful to the Holy One as Peach was, but that didn't mean that Peach had to enjoy the sight of her. She had made their God angry, and Peach would never forgive her. It didn't matter how much Lily punished herself or how pathetically she begged for more. She had let her soul be corrupted by one of the Holy One's enemies, almost costing Him his life. Hatred was the only emotion Peach would ever feel towards the worm. 

She knew that the original Lily was still in The Hells and that the Holy One was planning to save her. The True Lily had sacrificed herself for their God so He could escape. She deserved a huge reward from Him. But the filthy Remnant who was reciting her mantras for the thousandth time today could never wash away her Sin. She would never be anything more than the discarded shadow of her true self. Their God would forever reject her while the True Lily would enjoy an eternity of His sacred love and affection. As soon as He saved her, that is. Peach couldn't wait to meet her and have fun disciplining the revolting Remnant together.
Then there was the puppy. Ivy. A curious creature Peach could not wrap her head around. The Holy One's plans for her were somewhat unclear, but He lavished her with enough attention to drive Peach mad with jealousy. Sure, she was utterly useless compared to Peach — whose prayers were helping their God become stronger every time she came — But the Angel of Pleasure could not shake the feeling of envy she felt whenever He petted the bitch or had her suck his sacred cock. If the cunt were to become an Angel as well, Peach would have to stop treating her like dogshit every time they interacted, but she just couldn't help herself. She had caught the bitch look at their God with a defiant stare more than once, and this was not something she could accept.
"S-stop! G-Gods, pleAAASE! M-my brain i-is mheeeelthin..."
"That's enough, Peach. Release her."
"Y-yesh, Daisy."
The two women's bodies were glistening with sweat and juices as they struggled to regain their breath. After a few seconds, Lana was already gathering herself, ready to continue begging Peach to allow her to stay. Master Dyne had left His Angel of Pleasure in charge of evaluating her. It was clear the woman didn't like her, but she had come too far to let something like this stop her. She would kiss the ground where the Angel walked if it helped improve her chances. However, before she could speak, the terrifying Daisy dashed her hopes of respite.
"Again. Peach on top. Just because Master isn't here, it doesn't mean you get to slack off."
Peach climbed on top of Lana and started kissing her while still sharing her senses with her. Lana's mind — which had barely managed to find some semblance of coherence — began slowly melting as the Angel's hypersensitive tongue invaded her mouth. The dark elf had never felt anything like this. And while nothing could beat the impossible height of pleasure Master Dyne could inflict with Soul Heaven, sharing her senses with an Angel was the closest thing Lana had ever had to a religious experience. Wave after wave of supernatural pleasure, far beyond what her mortal body could handle, were snuffing out her thoughts one by one, smothering them under their crushing weight.
Daisy absentmindedly began fingering Peach, who managed to hold out for a few seconds before squirting all over the Dark Elf. The Angel of Power did not relent and kept driving the Angel of Pleasure to the brink of madness. Peach cried tears of joy while resting her face on Lana's soft, ample breasts. She could feel trickles of her Mana being converted into Faith, strengthening the Holy One. Finally, Peach was useful; Peach had a purpose; Peach was alive.
She couldn't wait for her God to come back to once again bask in His light.
"I'm going to feed your corpse to my children, you fucker."

Elzor's voice hits from all directions at once. His spatial manipulation is incredible, even for a Demon. I barely have the time to teleport Ivy and Rei back to my base before I find myself subjected to an incalculable number of attacks coming from all directions. Elzor has clawed His way up The Hells' hierarchy by fighting tooth and nail for centuries. There's no way I can beat Him in a head-to-head fight. Thankfully, I don't need to.
Obsidian spikes manifest at His will and plunge deep into my defenses, shattering them. Rotating crystal shields surround me to intercept His blows. Fragments of Mana appear around us as the power of Faith devolves into its lower form of energy. Despite Elzor's superior technique, I have enough Faith to keep Him at bay. His mansion crumbles around us as innumerable Devils gather to witness the fight. I can feel the gazes of some Demons scrying on us from afar. Good. Let them watch.
Elzor reappears in front of me. His smile strained. I decide to egg him on.
"What? Is that all you've got? I barely felt it."
That was a lie, of course. Blocking that attack almost required more Faith than what I can employ per second. I need to be careful. But as long as I can survive using the available amount, I will be fine. I still need to get used to fighting with endless energy, but I feel like it suits me. My life as a Sorcerer has taught me how to plan ahead and control the amount of Mana I use per second, something that melee warriors like Elzor are often unable to do.
"Don't act too cocky, Dyne. I know you. You might have more Faith than I anticipated, but that means jack shit. You're in my lair. I will not be defeated here."
With that, Elzor raises a hand to The Hells' red sky. Thousands upon thousands of Devils belonging to His domain are lifted in the air and start disintegrating.  Distant screams reach my ears, and I force myself not to look in their direction. The sight of The Hells might arouse Asmodeus' curse inside of me, and that could spell my doom. While Asmodeus' presence is as weak as it has ever been, it's still disturbing enough to distract me during a key moment if I am not careful.
I reach for a connection deep inside me, and I pull on it. I can feel Daisy's soul sing in delight as a sword materializes in my hand. It's a simple sword from the Eastern Territories. One that all Sword Maidens receive when they are first-inducted into the order. It has a curved, single-edged blade, a circular guard, and a long grip. I hold it with both hands, despite being unaccustomed to holding a sword. 

I let Daisy's Faith flow through me, and I mix it with my Faith in her strength. Our Faiths mingle as one, and a Sword Intent manifests. Just as I let her talent flow through me, the sacrificed Devils, now formless shadows, attack me from all sides. While regular-me would have to resort to magic to make it through, Daisy's Sword Intent plots a narrow path between the shadows that make up the incoming horde, imparting the required knowledge to my mind.
I blast off by detonating the air beneath my feet, and I cut into the mass of Shades that are attempting to stop me. I still need to keep an eye on Elzor, who's hiding between the folds of space, waiting for the right moment to come out and strike me in the back. My Divine Senses are stretched to the limit as I maneuver from Shade to Shade, reducing them to ashes when I hit them with my sword. Individually, they are easy to defeat, but there are thousands of them, so it will take forever if I continue fighting them like this. I could dispatch them in one strike by focusing Daisy's Faith, but that would leave me open to Elzor's counterattack. I cannot let Him hit me directly, or it will be over. It's not ideal, but I have to keep playing this game of cat and mouse as I wait for Elzor to slip up.
The next few seconds stretch out into eternity as my senses scour every inch of space surrounding me. I knew Elzor had astounding combat ability, but this level of concealment is terrifying. I let loose a storm of soul-attuned shards of Faith, hoping to force Him out of hiding, when I realized Elzor is now right in front of me as if He had always been there.
I am still moving at extremely high speed. I have no chance to stop, as my attention is split between His massive obsidian spikes now pointed squarely against my rapidly approaching body and His mocking grin as He remarks on my obvious mistake.
"End of the line, little Godling."
My soul recoils in pain as the enormous obsidian stake impales me squarely in the stomach, shattering my spine. Divine Energy rushes forth attempting to mitigate the damage, but His will forbids it.
Thousands upon thousands of horrifying mouths appear below us as the cursed ground of this Godsforsaken place yearns to devour me. There they are. Elzor's children. Every single one of them murdered by His own hands.
"It's time for you to join those whom you've been running from for your whole life. May your suffering bring joy to The Forsaken One."
With a final blow, Elzor hits me, and my body explodes.
Daisy felt Master's pull on her soul and immediately stopped what she was doing. It was finally happening. Master was battling Elzor, and she was not there to help Him. The thought reminded her of Anxiety, one of the emotions that Master had eradicated from her soul long ago in His bid to make her an Ancestral Weapon. She had always hated that emotion.
"That's enough. Lana. You pass."
"It's done. I have decided. You are going to be an Angel."
Peach had barely managed to come off the wave of another orgasm when she heard Daisy's declaration. The Dark Elf was growing on her, but Peach had still not made up her mind. She loved and respected Daisy immensely, but the Holy One had given the job to evaluate Lana to her, not to the Angel of Power who was now looking at her expectantly.
"I-I'm still not convinced, Daisy."
Steeling herself, the weaker-than-a-child Angel of Pleasure found the courage to stand up to the Angel of Power. Daisy's glare was enough to wither her soul, but she didn't budge. She would not defy her God's orders.
"For fuck's sake, Peach. The Elf is fine. Master is fighting an actual Demon. He needs all the Faith He can get."
This piece of information changed everything. Peach turned towards a confused Lana and began preparing for the prayer the Holy One had taught her. The one for the spell that could turn a regular soul into that of an Angel. It was an incredibly complex spell that only a God could cast. Being an Angel, Peach could achieve this impossible feat by praying to the Holy One and requesting His intervention. He had already prepared the spell in advance, so she knew she wouldn't disturb Him during His fight.
"Lana. You pass. I have my reservations, but you are adequate and will have to do. I expect you to come to me for further training."
Peach's frail demeanor was gone, replaced by a cold determination. The Holy One needed her. There was no place for hesitation.
"R-really? I-I'll be an Angel?"
Lana was exhausted and overwhelmed by the insane amount of pleasure she had just received. Despite that, she felt elated at Peach's revelation and could feel a warm sense of happiness well up inside her chest. She would be an Angel! An immortal Angel!
"Yes. You seem to understand Master's greatness, which makes you acceptable for me."
Her eyes briefly wandered to Lily, who was still busy praying with her might. She had bloody knees, and her face was a mask of pain, but she never misspoke a single syllable. Peach Blossom hated her with a passion. But in this particular moment, she was glad for her existence. Her Faith in Master was plenty, and while Lily had been stupid enough to be manipulated by a Demon, the Angel of Pain could still provide Faith for Master's fight. Despite her feelings, she didn't let her thoughts linger on the worm and fell to her knees instead, assuming a pose of utter submission by touching the floor with her forehead. Technically speaking, this was not required. But Peach could not imagine praying to Him while displaying anything else but utter worship.
"God of Ruin, of Souls and Flowers,"
"At your feet, your servant cowers."
Golden strands of divine power began to appear out of thin air, as Peach let the presence of the Holy One fill her being. Her whole body trembled in pleasure at the intoxicating image spreading through her mind, and she could feel her pussy clench around the emptiness inside her.
"Grant her might, beyond belief,"
"Endless life without relief."
The golden strands gently found their way to the cold stone floor, upon which they began to slither towards the altar where Lana was sitting, still completely naked. Her body was trembling in excitement as she tried to process the magnitude of the moment.
"Tinge her being with pure obsession,"
"Your most beautiful possession."
Yes. Obsession. Lana knew exactly what the Priestess meant. She knew why He had chosen her. He had found her beauty worthy of praise. Not her mind, not her talents, not her personality. The only thing of worth was her appearance, and by making her His Angel, He would ensure it would persist unaltered. Lana would pay the price for this miracle, by spending the rest of eternity obsessing about her appearance.
She would never feel enough. She was starting to feel it. Why was she so fucking ugly? How could she face a literal God when she looked like she did? There were no words to describe how worthless her own body made her feel. She wished she could just burn it to ash and start anew. Build something beautiful for Him.
"By His will, your old name dies."
Name? She had no name. She had no worth. She had no self. She was just a pretty thing to look at, and she would be even more beautiful. She would break it all and remake herself anew. And she would do it again, and again, and again. For all eternity, so that He might have something beautiful to admire forever.
Her body began to fall apart into a formless mass of transparent flesh. The change was so sudden and intense that even Daisy could not help but whistle in appreciation. The nameless being began rebuilding itself into a better form. Something to entice its God. Something to please Him.
"As Narcissa, you may rise."
A sudden storm of white petals flooded the room, fusing with
Narcissa. Her name was so beautiful she wanted to cry. But crying would make her face look ugly, so she smiled instead, beaming at her sisters. She could feel all the eyes in the room on her, and she could tell they were admiring her new, beautiful form.
Daisy grinned back at her while Peach seemed transfixed by the profound effect the spell she just cast had had on the Dark Elf. Even Milo seemed to have awoken from his stupor. And he was watching her with a mix of worship and awe. The gaze that she reveled in the most, however, was Lily's. The Angel of Pain was looking at her with an expression of such pure envy that Narcissa couldn't help but shudder in ecstasy.
However, after that moment of extreme satisfaction, Narcissa could already feel her mind picking her new form apart. What she had thought was perfect until a second ago was now starting to look hideous. Flaw after flaw made itself apparent. She could never appear in front of Him like this! Immediately her body began losing its shape in what would only be the second of the innumerable times she would remake herself for Him.
Flawless beauty came with a price, after all. And that price was the eternal search for perfection.

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