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Sally's Downfall, Part 6 - The Finance Meeting, Day 2

Heavy, F+, f, M+, Work, Bondage, Domination, Humiliation, Pain, Sadism, Scat, Water Sports, Non-Consensual

She knew morning was approaching because more people came to fuck her. Some were lazy, half awake, others were violent, thrusting hard into her like in a porn movie. Others pissed in her bowl until it overflowed despite her efforts to lap up the strong morning piss.

It was officially morning when Esmé pulled the rubber hood off her head and released her bonds. She slapped her hard across the cheeks, saying, "Come on, worthless cunt, got to get you ready for your big day."

An hour later she was prepared for her meeting. In the meantime she had eaten breakfast with the others. The difference was that they had been sitting comfortably at tables, eating tasty eggs and bacon, or healthy cereals and toast. Fuck Toy had been on her belly in a corner of the room, slurping from a metal dog bowl a mixture of kitchen waste and leftover slops from last night, some shit, and some garden dirt to make it especially unpleasant to eat.

The Meeting

Finally it was time for the quarterly group finance meeting, the reason all these people had assembled together, to start. Despite her non-human status, Fuck Toy was still responsible for the group's finances.

The tradition was for Sally to stand at the door of the main meeting room to greet all the delegates as they arrived, welcoming them, thanking them, and always with some personal recollection as a human touch. This time she welcomed them too. She was at the door on her belly, her hands and feet bound behind her back, her huge tits squashed painfully under her weight. Each of them paused before her allowing her to kiss their shoes, then look up and thank them gracefully.

The meeting was ready to start. Everyone was seated around the large U-shaped table. She sat at the centre of the top table, her trusted assistants on either side. Her monster tits were completely exposed, sticking out in front of her like missiles. Underneath on her belly the words "stupid worthless cunt" were still visible where they were written last night. A weight hung from her nose ring by a short chain, swinging as she moved or spoke. Normally she was permitted a wig when working, but today her own hair was own display, hacked short, shaved bald in places, and dyed in random colours. She was wearing a surprisingly modest skirt of thin, flowing latex, down past her knees. But at the back a large opening revealed her bottom and provided easy access to her cunt and anus. While everyone else was sitting on ostentatiously expensive leather chairs, she had the stool from her office, a big spiked dildo filling her cunt and sharp metal spikes tormenting her bruised flesh as she sat. All the participants had a large bottle of a fancy brand of mineral water, in case the first-class coffee they were served was not enough to slake their thirst. She too had a large bottle, but full of brownish fluid of obvious origin.

Usually she was the first to address the meeting, but this time it was another senior manager who stood up.

"As you all know, this very important meeting is run by our CFO. In the past that was Sally, who would normally be the first to speak. But Sally is no longer with us, she has been transformed into the beautiful if eccentric Fuck Toy who we have with us today."

He looked down and smiled at her.

"As you learned yesterday, Fuck Toy lives up to her name. She is a non-human plaything, to be humiliated, degraded and physically punished at every opportunity. You can fuck her, beat her, piss and shit in her mouth or over her, tell her to kiss your shoes, absolutely anything. You're not just allowed to, you're very strongly encouraged. I hope that all of you will have done some of those things to her before you leave. And if she refuses, or even hesitates for a fraction of a second, report her and she will be severely punished. Like this."

He reached down and smacked her across the face, hard, half a dozen times, her head jerking with the shock each time.

"But, and this is very important, she is still our - your - CFO. She still directs the finances of our organisation. We haven't found anyone to comes even close to her ability to do that, and believe me we have looked. So even though she's a worthless piece of shit, when it comes to finance, you listen to what she says and you do what she tells you."

He sat down, and Fuck Toy stood, carefully extricating her cunt from the punishment dildo.

"Thank you for the introduction and for punishing me. I want you to forget that there ever was anyone called Sally. She doesn't exist any more. Your CFO is me, Fuck Toy. Please do as you have been asked. Abuse me, humiliate me, fuck me, torture, make me your toilet. It is far more than I deserve, and I beg you to make my worthless life as unpleasant as possible.

"My name is Fuck Toy, but for this meeting I have been given special permission to use another name, the one written across my belly. For today I am Stupid Worthless Cunt, but as that's a bit of a mouthful, you can just call me Stupid. There will be a special session this afternoon for anyone who calls me Sally, and it will not be enjoyable, so please do make an effort."

From that she went straight into her usual presentation of the company's financial situation, objectives and plans. For neary an hour she spoke, clearly and with her great understanding of everything financial. She hesitated only for a fraction of a second when Esmé, crouched behind her, pushed a huge brush into her cunt, twisting it around inside her. Occasionally she paused to take a mouthful of the disgusting fluid from the bottle in front of her, grimacing at the foul taste.

When she finished some people started to applaud, but they were quickly silenced with a gesture from the senior manager. A muscular hunk of a man appeared behind her. He grabbed her by the neck and punched her in the belly. As she gasped in pain he pushed her hard down onto the table, smacking her face into the hard wood, and pushed his huge, hard cock into her, thrusting rapidly, her body twisting in discomfort and pain from the giant intruder in her bruised cunt. When he had come she turned around onto her knees and took his softening cock into her mouth, sucking every last of drop of cum and her own juices. She stood again to face the delegates, using one hand to wipe his cum from her cunt and licking it as she started to speak.

"Thank you for fucking me. That is how I beg you all to treat me."

She sat down again, wincing in pain as she eased the spiked dildo into her cunt. From then on, the meeting ran normally, apart from Fuck Toy's monster tits on display, and her occasional grimaces of pain as the dildo tore into her bruised cunt. She listened carefully when people spoke, replied with knowledge and conviction, and professionally speaking was indistinguishable from the old Sally.


The meeting broke for lunch. Plenty of time was allowed for this important part of the proceedings, when people could chat informally amongst themselves and with their CFO. But this time, she had other duties and was absent for the first part. First she had to go around all the guest rooms collecting the contents of the potties. She tottered from room to room carrying two huge buckets, one for the potty content and one for the used toilet paper. Her companion opened the rooms and made sure that she did the job perfectly. That meant not only emptying the putrid contents of each potty and bin into the buckets, but also leaving them spotlessly clean. That could only be done with her tongue, licking the congealed remains of shit and dried-on piss stains and swallowing them, trying not to gag on the foulness of it all.

Some of the guests, especially the women, had really entered into the spirit of making her task even more unpleasant. Some hadn't bothered to use the potty, just leaving a pile of partly-dried shit on the bathroom floor. There was only one way to transfer it to the bucket, picking it up in her mouth then spitting it out, her mouth lined with the foul taste of decaying shit. One had stepped into the pile then delicately left a ring of footprints on the bathroom floor. She to get down on her belly and lick them up, rubbing at the dried, flaking filth with her tongue and teeth. The very worst was a woman who had left a stinking puddle of nearly-liquid stuff in the middle of the bathroom. Her companion decided that she would have to swallow it all, right now, instead of putting it in her bucket. Licking the potties clean was humiliating and disgusting, but this was a million times worse. She took her first mouthful but just could not force her body to swallow it, kneeling in front of the puddle and repeatedly gagging as she tried. Her companion pushed her face down into the puddle, holding it there so she couldn't breathe. Finally she managed to swallow first one mouthful and then the next, liquid shit dripping from her chin and nose. But at the third mouthful her body rebelled. She gagged repeatedly before vomiting, a dribble of puke running down her chin into the stinking puddle. She started to sob, from humiliation at her failure as well as the horror of her situation.

Her companion was merciless. She used the crop she had taken for just this kind of situation and laid viciously into Fuck Toy's naked back, her sobs turning to screams as the crop tore at her flesh. Slowly she managed to get the whole of the foul puddle into her belly. Then she had to crawl around licking up the splashes that dotted the floor.

Finally she finished this awful task, tottering back with the two heavy buckets, her face still smeared with shit, the horrible taste filling her mouth and nose. She was rewarded by being made to eat some of it, and suck some of the used toilet paper. Then her face was wiped clean, or at least a little cleaner, though a careful look would reveal lines of dried shit around her nose and under her eyes. Her breath stinking, she was led into the dining room where everyone else was just starting on their deliciously prepared dessert.

Unusually, she sat on a normal chair. The luxurious leather felt cold against her bare flesh, exposed through the large opening at the back of her skirt. Quickly it became slippery with the mucus and blood oozing from her bruised cunt and her stretched anus. She felt nauseous from the vile filth that now filled her stomach, made worse when she looked around the table, seeing the people whose waste she had been forced consume now eating delicious cuisine.

Esmé had been thoughtful though. She'd reminded the guests that their CFO would be missing out on lunch. She'd passed a large metal bowl around the table, and instructed everyone that they had to contribute to her meal by taking a large mouthful, chewing it thoroughly, then spitting it into the bowl as it passed around the table. It was now in its final place in front of Fuck Toy, though since they had fastened her arms behind her back again, she could not reach it. One of her assistants took care of that, feeding it to her spoonful by spoonful. If she hesitated for even a moment before taking into her mouth, a cruel cane fell across her exposed tits. Each mouthful was not only physically disgusting but viciously humiliating, as the donors looked on. Some were embarrassed, some were disgusted themselves, but others laughed at her and mocked her as she grimaced at the horrible meal she was being forced to consume. After each mouthful she turned to her feeder and said "Thank you" with a forced smile on her face.

She finally managed to eat the last mouthful, and as a further degradation licked the bowl clean, ingesting globs of saliva and partly-dried food. She lifted her head to the guests and said gracefully, "Thank you for my delicious lunch, and a special thanks to Esmé for organising it for me."

From then on she participated in the discussions as though nothing had happened, chatting with her neighbours and taking questions from people all around the table.


Eventually people started to drift away, to use the time before the meeting started again to go for a walk or just to chat with colleagues. One of the last to leave approached Fuck Toy. She knew who the woman was, Ludmilla, a Russian working in one of the something-stan offices, and the source of the putrid diarrhoea that now filled her belly. Seeing her approach brought back the horror of licking the filth from the floor, its foul taste and disgusting texture. Her stomach turned, it took great effort not to puke. The woman grabbed her nose ring and twisted it hard, making her yelp in pain.

"Well shit bitch, I hope you enjoyed my little present."

"Thank you, it was delicious. It was very generous of you to give me such a nice present". She had been well trained, she had spent hours with a cattle prod pressed against her cervix, ensuring that she instinctively thanked people gracefully and sincerely for the most painful or degrading things they could do to her.

"Good, because there's plenty more where that came from. I promise I'll let you have it, all of it." She climbed onto the table, lifting her skirt and presenting her bottom to Fuck Toy.

"Get your tongue in my arsehole and get things moving."

She did as commanded, pressing her face between Ludmilla's flabby cheeks and pushing her tongue into the unwashed orifice, teasing her as she pushed deeper and deeper. Soon her tormentress released a noisy, stinking fart. Reflexively Fuck Toy withdrew her tongue.

"Get that tongue in there, shit bitch. My farts are just for you."

It was not long before her mouth was filled with a wave of foul runny shit. Overcoming her instinct to gag and retch she swallowed it, to be quickly followed by another and then another. She gulped the filth down into her belly, licking the dribbles that escaped her mouth and oozed down towards Ludmilla's cunt. On cue, the Russian changed position, pressed her cunt and clit into Fuck Toy's mouth.

"Lick me, make me come while you're full of my disgusting shit, you worthlesss bitch."

And she did. Soon Ludmilla's fat thighs were shaking, her cries of pleasure loud enough to be heard in the next room.

The Minister

The afternoon meeting went normally, everyone pretending very hard not to notice that it was being led by a huge pair of tits and grotesquely swollen lips, attached to the woman they used to think of as their CFO. She was trying very hard not to think of the foul taste of the filth that filled her belly, or of her endless humiliation. When she was thirsty she sipped from a glass in front of her, like everyone else, except that hers was filled with stinking brown-yellow liquid that made her retch every time she tried to swallow it.

Around 5 the day's work was over. The attendees went off to relax, have an early drink, go for a walk, or just chat with each other. Not so easy for Fuck Toy though. They had an important visitor, the Minister of Finance from one of the lesser-known former USSR states. He could be extremely useful to them - it is much easier to launder money in large quantities with the help of a sovereign state, even if they do take a substantial percentage to assuage their consciences. They had met once before, when she was still Sally. He was surprised to see her new image, even a little flustered. He quickly recovered, saying "You look ravishing my dear, even prettier than last time we met!". Then they got down to business, the details of how money could be moved around, who would take which cuts when, all the details that she mastered so well.

The previous time they had arranged for him to have company for the night. His tastes were pretty extreme, and the two girls had emerged in the morning shocked, bruised and a little bloody, but happy enough with their very generous payment for the night. Back home, his friend the chief of police kept him supplied with young woman whose actual or supposed misdeeds had made them completely disposable. With them he could amuse himself without restraint, until eventually their bloody, abused remains were taken away discreetly. In a foreign country he had to be more careful.

He was even more surprised when, after the meeting, Fuck Toy appeared in his room, preceded by her monster tits. She was wearing a strappy dress that covered nothing at all, clear plastic stripper shoes with a high platform and even higher heels, and nothing else. A blonde wig covered her messed-up hair. Her face was heavily made up, her grotesque swollen lips covered in bright red lipstick that distracted from the heavy ring through her nose. She fell to her knees, begging him to abuse her, to hurt her, to satisfy himself in any way he wanted. He had already been told that with this girl, he must stop short of doing her permanent harm or stopping her doing her job. Still, what a pleasure it would be to put this haughty, arrogant beauty in her place. He started by pushing his healthy-sized cock into her mouth and down her throat, holding her head tight until she started to shudder from lack of breath. Slowly he withdrew his cock, allowed to take a few desperate breaths, then started again. He kept this up for a dozen times, ramming his cock down her throat and holding it there. Finally he could resist no longer and filled her with his cum. She gasped and choked, retching cum and her own drool that dribbled between her huge tits. As soon as she had enough breath she thanked him, for the gift of his cum, for fucking her throat, for torments and humiliations yet to come.

From an elegant leather case he took a thin rod and beat her tits, each stroke leaving a thin line with blood oozing in places. She screamed, and screamed even more when he attached vicious metal clips to her pierced nipples. He took dildos from his case and pushed them into her, the sharp spikes tearing at her delicate cunt and anus. He amused himself with tehse for a while, then pushed her onto the floor with the plugs strapped inside her. Her wrists and ankles were fastened behind her with painfully tight plastic straps. Then he made her squirm around the hotel room floor, her monster tits crushed, the clips tearing at her nipples.

She was still on the floor, wriggling around to his commands, kissing his shoes and licking the floor where he had walked, when it was time for dinner. Tradition was that the second night was informal, people seating themselves at tables for a dozen or so. Informal maybe, but the competition to be on the CFO's table, to have the chance to perform in front of her, was fierce. Tonight they would be disappointed. The Minister had dinner served in his room. He amused himself by throwing morsels to far corners and sending Fuck Toy squirming across the floor to get them, then spitting half-chewed food at his feet for her to return and lick up.

Once dinner was over he took out his collection of toys and torture devices and used them until she screamed and sobbed in pain. Her tits, her bottom, her whole body was covered in bruises and seeping wounds. Blood dripped from her tortured cunt and anus. Finally he removed the last of the torture instruments from her, after some vigorous fucking, and fucked her himself, thrusting his cock deep into her damaged vagina until he came. Afterwards he relaxed on the bed, but first he used more plastic ties to attach her to the foot of the bed, her legs spread wide, her cunt and anus once again painfully plugged and stretched. A leather hood covered her head, blindfolding her, a huge gag strapped into her mouth and stretching her joys. Then he laid on the bed, enjoying her whimperings of pain and fear, stroking his soft cock.

He tortured and tormented her through the evening and long into the night. Finally around 4 in the morning he released her bonds, following his briefing, and allowed her to curl up and sleep on the bathroom floor. After all she needed some rest considering the importance of her job the next day.

Day Two

When the meeting started at 9.30, Fuck Toy was already sitting in her chair at the end of the table. Unseen, a huge, studded plug filled her bruised cunt. She'd been retrieved from the Minister's room at 7, in time for her promised breakfast of Ludmilla's stinking runny shit. Then she had been on her belly at the entrance to the breakfast room, her wrists and ankles pinioned tightly behind her back, kissing and licking the shoes and feet of the delegates as they arrived. Unseen and unheard, she wept with shame and self-disgust, and from the pain of her bruised, tortured cunt and her bleeding, beaten flesh.

As always she opened the meeting with a short speech, explaining the objectives for the morning and summarizing the events of the previous day. She ended by thanking the Minister, who was at the other end of the table, for attending the meeting and for abusing and punishing her as she deserved. Just as she was finishing, a guard pushed behind her, thrust her head noisily down onto the table, and fucked her without mercy. When he had come, grinding her face into the hard wooden table, he quickly withdrew from her then pushed the fucking stick deep into her, ramming it in and yanking it out, twisting it until she was screaming and sobbing in front of all the delegates. When he stopped she stood again and said sweetly, "Thank you for fucking me, for punishing my cunt. I deserve it so much." She stooped and kissed his cock, and the blood-covered dildo as well.

Then it was time for work. To watch her you would never imagine what she had gone through. Her huge tits stretched the skimpy dress that she had worn to entertain the minister, now damp with smelly, drying piss. He bruised cunt was filled with the punishment dildo, her arms bound tight behind her back. But still she spoke articulately, convincing people of her point of view, responding to questions with her deep understanding of the organization's finances, directing the discussion.

She joined the others for lunch, amid fierce competition to share her table despite her disgrace and humiliation. It was for them to decide whether it was worth the nauseating horror of watching her eat her own special lunch, a plate of solid turds looking just like three sausages. She stooped to nibble at them with her lips , since her hands were still bound behind her. Nobody left the table; they knew that despite everything she was still as influential as ever.

The afternoon session was short, ending at the coffee break. Delegates were free to leave though nearly all stayed a little longer. There was one more humiliation in store for Fuck Toy. She was led to the wide double door of the dining room, standing in her heels. Then the tight leather strap which had been holding a giant plug deep inside her anus was loosened. Her bowels hadn't emptied in a long while. The plug shot out , following by a flood of runny, especially foul shit. It dribbled down her thighs into a pool at her feet. The guests were shocked as they tried to pretend nothing was happening. Standing there surrounded by her own stinking filth, she began to weep, then to cry, then to sob from the bottom of her heart at her constant punishment and humiliation. Quickly a guard pulled a plastic dustbin bag down over head. She was pushed roughly over a table and beaten with an especially cruel rod, thin fibreglass wrapped in a loose spiral of wire that concentrated the force of the blows in a few tiny places. Each stroke split open her skin, blood running round her cheeks and down her thighs to mingle with the shit. By the twentieth stroke she was desperately trying to scream, each attempt at a breath drawing the plastic into her mouth. Even when the beating stopped, the punishment didn't. A particularly vicious fucking stick was rammed into her cunt and thrust in and out, tearing at the bruised flesh. Despite the bag she howled in agony.

The bag was ripped from her head as she was pushed down into the stinking puddle at her feet, her monster tits rubbing the shit into her flesh, and then her face too, wiping the shit around into her eyes and up her nose.

They left her kneeling by the door, covered in her own especially foul shit. Despite her agony and shame, she gave a little speech. She thanked the delegates for taking the time to attend, continuing,

"I want to thank all of you for the abuse and punishment I have received. I deserve it all, and more. I beg you to hurt me, to humiliate me, to feed me your shit and piss, to spit in my face, to beat me, to honour me with the pain and humiliation that I so richly deserve."

She was very close to bursting into tears again. Despite her cloyingly sincere voice, she hated every moment of what was happening to her. From her heart she wished she had accepted the option of being tortured slowly to death instead of this living death. But she didn't dare show it.

Now the general exodus began. The delegates walked past her, one by one, and she thanked each of them individually. Many were just horribly embarrassed and looked the other way, but others took her at her word and spat at her or lashed out at her with one of the available canes. A couple even slapped at her shit-covered face.


Once everyone had left, she was bundled into a tiny cage, still covered in her own shit, the fucking stick still deep inside her for the long and painful journey back to the office and the terrifying unpleasantness of her daily life. They left her cramped in the cage, barely able to move, until it was time for her to resume her normal duties the following morning. Her first global finance meeting as Fuck Toy, her first humiliation in front of so many people, was over. Until the next time.

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