The Next Step by PainSlutLois

Heavy, F, f, M, Work, Bondage, Domination, Masochism, Sadism, Spanking, Blackmail, Reluctant

Heavy, F, f, M, Work, Bondage, Domination, Masochism, Sadism, Spanking, Blackmail, Reluctant
Part 1 of 5

Tanya and Mark had been married for six months when they discovered they had a mutual interest in BDSM stories. Mark had been looking at sites on the internet and had found one particular site appeared quite regularly in the browser history. After further investigation he found that the site contained stories about women being bound, whipped and tortured in all manner of different ways, he eagerly worked his way through the stories and began to get very excited by the idea of these things happening to his wife.

Tanya was a gorgeous young woman, 25 years old, perfectly slim body and full firm breasts, she was proud of her body but had always fantasised about it being abused and tortured, the very thought turned her on. For the last few months, since just before her marriage to Mark she had been reading stories of abuse and torture of woman on a web site. The stories she enjoyed the most, the ones where the most outrageous, humiliating things happened to women, were written by an author known only as Jo.

Mark had confronted Tanya about her internet activity and they had a long discussion about the stories and had since read the stories together. At first they just picked random stories off the site, but after a while they both decided that they preferred the depravity of Jo’s stories and read them together every night, afterwards Mark would take her right in front of the PC. The sex they had after reading the stories was the hardest and most animal either of them had ever had and they loved it. They talked and fantasised about what it would be like for Tanya to be the woman in the stories, her tits roughly bound and beaten, fucked in all of her holes by strangers. They talked about it, but they would never actually go through with it, Tanya thought.

Tuesday night Tanya came home to a very excited Mark, he explained to her that he had contacted the author ‘Jo’ to see if he would write a story specifically about them. The author had agreed and had requested a picture of them both naked. Mark admitted that this was a bit strange but assumed that it was all part of the creative process and sent the pictures off to the stranger. At this point Tanya was furious; she could not believe that he would do such a thing and they had a huge argument about it, resulting in Mark eventually storming out.

After Tanya had calmed down she checked their email and found that Jo had actually already written the story and there it was sitting in their inbox. Although she was still annoyed about the whole thing she couldn’t resist reading the story… was amazing. As she read the words she imagined herself, her tits bound tight and burning a bright purple colour. In the story Tanya had given herself to the abuser and loved the torture she was enduring, she imagined welts forming on her ass and thighs where a cane had struck her and strange, huge cocks forcing their way deep inside her; she came right there and then. When Mark finally came home she was waiting, she had hand cuffed herself to the bed head, naked and blindfolded. There was a sticky note on her stomach that read “Use Me!”

The next day it was Tanya who checked the email first, there was another email from Jo, he wanted to know how they had enjoyed story and if they were ready for the next step. Tanya replied explaining that she had loved the story and was interested in finding out what he meant by “the next step”. Mark looked on, excited by Tanya’s obvious enjoyment of this contact. They both checked the email on Thursday night and found an email from Jo with only one line of text.

“Send Tanya to me, I will show you the next step”

Tanya was astonished by this guy’s arrogance; they didn’t even know who he was or where he lived. Mark on the other hand was excited; he had already found out in their early correspondence that Jo lived in the same city as them; only twenty minute taxi ride away. He knew that Tanya would be sceptical about that idea but he slowly started trying to convince her that it might be interesting and that she could just tell him to stop and walk out at any time.

“It’s not as if we don’t know where he lives, is it honey?”

It had taken two weeks of convincing, but finally Tanya allowed Mark to reply to the author.

“She is ready for you, send your orders”

The reply came within an hour;

“Send her to me Saturday; you will receive a package from me with more instructions tomorrow”

The next day, Friday, Tanya and Mark both took the day off work to wait for the package; it arrived just after 11am. Mark opened the box and took out a note and read it out loud,

“Tanya will come to my address tomorrow night at 7pm, she will come alone in a taxi which will arrive at your house at 6.25pm; she will wear the garments in this package ONLY! There are some other items in the package; Tanya must put them in their proper places NOW! Mark must then take a picture of each of them in place and email the pictures to me immediately. The items are only to be removed for fifteen minutes at any time unless sleeping, Tanya is not to have any physical contact with Mark before tomorrow evening, nor is she to cum”

Tanya was slightly shocked by this and extremely reluctant to even look in the box, never mind follow through with any of this. However she decided to go ahead as it seemed to please Mark and she was curious as to the contents of the box anyway!

Mark pulled out the garment that she would be wearing; it was a very small, white dress that she could see would barely cover her at the top or the bottom! There was no underwear though, the next thing that came out of the box was a pair of black stiletto shoes; they looked higher than anything she owned herself. Mark laid these on the sofa and looked back into the box with a smile!

“What, what is it?!” Tanya asked.

Mark then pulled out a large black butt plug; it was about a half inch wide at its widest point and three inches long. It was greasy and had obviously already been lubricated. Her husband stood it on the coffee table as she looked on, almost shocked by the obscene thing. Mark was already pulling out the next item, a seven inch long, one inch wide black vibrator with remote control, it was lubricated like the butt plug and to Tanya’s eyes it was the biggest penis she had ever seen and it scared her, but not as much as the giddy grin on her husband’s face as he reached back into the box and produced a full chastity belt compete with padlocks but no keys! Two small chains hung from the font of the belt with some kind of clamps on the end of them.

“Come on then, we better get these on you!”

“You’re not seriously expecting me to go through with all this are you?”

“We can’t back out now! It’s all organised! Look, if you don’t like it then come home and that will be that! OK?”

“OK, if you say so”.

Tanya started to remove her clothes and Mark looked on in excitement, his manhood visibly growing in his pants.

Once Tanya was naked, she took hold of the plug,

“I don’t know how I’m going to get this in! I’ve never had anything up my ass before!”

“Just leave it on the table and lower yourself down onto it!” Mark ordered.

She did so and could feel her anus start to expand as the monster invaded her ass. She had about two inches inside her but could not go an further,

“I can’t get it in”

“’Course you can” he said and placed his hands on her shoulders forcefully pushing her down onto the plug before she had time to argue.

She felt her ass expand and then contract as the plug stretched her ass and then plugged her up. She was surprised at how rough Mark had been with her, but quickly forgot about that when he picked up the digital camera and instructed her to bend over; she reluctantly did as he said and heard the click and saw the flash as her embarrassing state was recorded.

Next was the vibrator, she slid it in with some difficulty until you could just see the tip of it between her lips, even turned off it gave her an amazing sensation of fullness and she wondered how she would last for almost two days with it inside her. She didn’t have much choice though; Mark had already taken his snap and was holding out the chastity belt. When she pulled it up her legs she found that it fitted around her body perfectly covering her sex and ass, pushing on the plug and vibrator. She jumped as she felt two metal strips push up against pussy lips. The waist strap buckled perfectly just above her hips; all the fasteners at the front, Mark then slipped the padlock through the loop that would seal the belt around her and with a click there was no turning back.

Tanya could not believe how excited this made Mark; she was slightly insulted that he was getting so horny at the thought that he couldn’t have sex with her! He grabbed the clamps and brought them up to her tits. Roughly grabbing her left nipple he stretched it out; the clamps teeth bit into her tender flesh, she let out a whimper but did not scream; she had always had a high threshold for pain. Mark grabbed the other nipple and repeated the process; this one made Tanya wince and he loved it! With his wife kitted out in some serious bondage gear for the first time, Mark took a lot of shots of her from every angle, “Jo is going to love this”, he thought.

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