Hypnotising Hayley Part 10 by Charles Murray


Heavy, Light, f+, M, Real Life, 18yo, Domination, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

Heavy, Light, f+, M, Real Life, 18yo, Domination, Humiliation, Mind Control, Pain, Sadism, Submission, Non-Consensual

For those who have not read previous chapters

Hayley was 22 and Ryan 23. Hayley’s job was mainly administration. Customising standard documents according to the salesmens’ specifications. It was a bit monotonous but on the other hand stress free. It meant she could enjoy a good social life without worrying about how it might affect her job.

She had a slim face with high cheek bones. She had thick, long, waved shoulder length, golden hair, green eyes, a cute button nose and slightly full kissable lips. Her breasts were perhaps 37 though she hid them behind a round full bra. A 25 inch waist, 35 inch hips with a firm butt and reasonable legs. Not beautiful but very attractive.

Ryan is slim, brown haired, lazy, works in a warehouse. He has hypnotised Hayley so she cannot say bad things about him and cannot resist anything he wishes to do to her. She can resist anything he tells her to do. Obedience here is enforced through traditional methods.

It is an evolving story and if you have the patience I recommend starting from or at least skim reading part three. You can access earlier parts by clicking on the bust icon to the left of the read icon or do a search.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Nineteen

Hayley had an eighteen year old sister Susan, known as Sue. Like Hayley she had thick, long wavy blonde hair and green eyes. Their father Stephen had light brown hair and brown eyes, their mother blonde hair with brown eyes. The chances of both their children having green eyes was therefore remote, but they both had.

Stephen and Angela lived in a pretty, detached house with a large well looked after garden in a pretty village in Shropshire. Stephen was an accountant and worked two days a week at home and three days a week from an office in Shrewsbury about forty miles away. Angela worked as a wages clerk in a local business. They were very proud of their two daughters.

Hayley had not had good ‘A’ level results but she had got them and they were proud of how she had then gone to Birmingham on her own initiative to find a good job and was now studying to advance her career. A career they thought had good possibilities. They trusted their daughter not to go astray and had been proud that she did not sleep around like some they could have mentioned.

Sue seemed to be following in her sister’s footsteps. She was a bit shorter than Hayley, five foot eight to Hayley’s five ten and a little chubby, but in a cute way. A little rather than a lot. Puppy fat her parents called it, though not to her face. She was a bright, bouncy, good hearted child.

A few weeks after the Saturday with Denny Hayley told Ryan she was due home for her mother’s birthday. She would be forty five. Ryan said no problem, he would come along. Hayley had suggested he might be bored.

“They’re very villagey,” she said, “into walking, gardening, classical music, that kind of thing. I’m sure you’d be bored Master.”

“I could meet your sister,” he almost leered.

She was not sure if he was joking or not. He’d said he liked her because she wasn’t young like all his previous girlfriends. Was he changing his mind?

“She’s only just eighteen. You might find her a bit young Master.”

It was obligatory for her to keep calling him Master to make anything she said sound submissive. She also had instructions to make it sound submissive. At the moment she was sitting across his lap wearing a bright blue pantyless microskirt which in that position hid nothing and a matching crop top pushed above her breasts. Ryan had an arm around fondling one breast while the other played with her cunt. They were watching an historical movie which he had let her choose “as long as it wasn’t a romance.” Later he was thinking they could watch a BDSM porn movie. He liked the way they made her squirm.

“I like my sister and she’s only just eighteen,” said Ryan.

“What does she do?”

“She’s studying to be a hairdresser. After I meet yours I could invite mine to come up for the weekend, give you a chance to meet her.”

He started slowly finger fucking her.

“I really don’t think you’d like it Master.”

“That’s settled then. I’ll come.”

Hayley was worried. She was scared Ryan would trick Sue into being hypnotised the way he had with her. Filling her head with embedded commands so he could completely control her. She nuzzled into Ryan’s neck and kissed him, trying to put him in a good mood. Pretending she really liked him, despite what he did to her, was part of her long term plan to escape from him. At this moment she really wanted to dissuade him from visiting her home though.

After the film Ryan felt like some entertainment.

“Strip and crawl around the floor for me.”

Hayley took off the top that was above her tits anyway and the blue microskirt that covered nothing and began crawling around the floor. Her collar bell jingled to remind her of her position, if these days she needed reminding. Ryan watched her breasts sway and admired her buttocks and nice smooth cunt, the inner labia hidden inside the outer. He liked her puckered ass. He didn’t know why people rammed huge objects into their slaves. Surely you wanted their holes to stay tight.

“Now come here and tell me what you are.”

Hayley knelt in front of him legs apart arms behind her back, tits out and told him the things he liked to hear. The problem with repeating things so much and being constantly ordered around was that you risked becoming the thing they called you.

“I’m a horny slut Master, who likes nothing more than having a big cock inside me. I’m a cunt whose only place is in the kitchen or fucking. I’m a dumb slut who can’t do anything unless I’m told and have it explained to me. I’m a whore who will do anything you tell me, anywhere, anytime. I’m only good for serving men. This is why fate led me to you so that I could be taught to behave the way a dumb slut like me should. I’m just a fuck cunt and fuck toy here for your pleasure Master.”

She looked at him to see if she had said enough.

Ryan stood up and gave her a push with his foot which sent her sprawling to the ground.

“That’s right. You’re just a dumb cunt here to do anything I want. How should I treat a dumb cunt like you?”

“You should treat me any way you like Master and punish me hard if I displease you even if it’s only in a very small way.”

“Kneel up and present your face for slapping”

Hayley got herself up and knelt in front of him face up. She brushed her wavy hair behind her ears to reveal her cheeks for slapping and looked him in the face, her own green eyes wide. She still didn’t understand how he could be relatively nice if domineering one moment and then turn into a sudden sadist the next.


He hit her right cheek. Her head jerked back before she returned it to the same position for the next slap.

Slap! He hit the left cheek

Her head jerked right. Tears formed in her eyes. She turned back to face forward and up to him. Her cheeks stung and seemed bigger than they were.

He slapped her again.

“You need this kind of treatment to remind you of your position, don’t you cunt?”

“Yes Master. I need constant slapping and punishing to remind me I am only here to serve you Master.” She said by now the often rehearsed phrase.

He delivered another stinging slap and the water welling in her eyes overflowed and began trickling down her cheeks like silent tears.

“That’s right, because we don’t want you getting uppity like those Saudi women who think they should be allowed to drive. We want you to know your place.”

“Yes Master, thank you for constantly teaching me my place and treating me the way I deserve.”

“So why are you only here?”

“I’m only here to please you Master.”

“Does that include hitting you?”

“Of course Master. You should hit me as much as you want and torture me as much as you want if it gives you pleasure. It’s what I am for. I’m just a fuck toy after all Master.”

Ryan smiled. He pulled her up by her hair and deep kissed her while putting his other hand between her legs to painfully squeeze her cunt. He liked the way it always made her go on tiptoes to lessen the pain. It didn’t of course.

“Get me a beer and let’s see you go through your exercises,” he said returning to the sofa. Hayley dropped to all fours to crawl to the kitchen and bring him back a bottle of beer. Ryan liked bottled beer, mainly because it could be used to fuck cunts with afterwards, even though he seldom did.

Hayley went through the exercise routine Ryan had imposed on her. She normally did it in her living room at 10.00pm on the dot not knowing if Ryan was watching or not through the cameras.

The exercises were more to show off her body than make much difference to her fitness though it did make her more “bendy” as Ryan put it. She went through the four push ups, four sit ups, the three rolls to left and right, the standing position moves, four arms from the sides to above her head, turn her back to him to touch her toes six times, turn to face him and do four slow squats holding the squat position for three seconds and finally on all fours doing abdominal lifts which made her look like she was fucking something invisible behind her.

Sometimes Ryan wandered round her doing pseudo corrections with a crop or her dog leash. This time he was intending to encourage her on the treadmill he had bought at Denny’s suggestion. Or rather Hayley had bought on her credit card.

“Guess now it’s the treadmill.”

Hayley’s heart sank. How she hated that Denny. She was not able to hate Ryan, she could only sink into despair, but she could hate Denny. That bastard liked hurting her. And he liked it because she was better than him and he could get his revenge.

She went over to the machine and turned it on. Ryan had a remote control. Why a treadmill needed a remote control she didn’t know, but she cursed the man who thought of the idea. She was sure it was a man. She held the two side arms and began walking. It had been placed in the living room in front and to the right of the sideboard. During week days it was kept in the spare bedroom/dungeon room. It was diagonally front on so that anyone sitting on the sofa could see her side and some of the front.

Ryan turned on the TV and every couple of minutes turned the speed up a notch. Soon Hayley was briskly walking, then fast walking with an occasional run to keep position. Her tits bobbed up and down painfully, though at least as she was naked there was nothing for her nipples to rub on.

Ryan went and got an electric wand. When he returned he stood near her and clicked the button near her ass. A small electric arc went from the wand to her left ass cheek.


She speeded up a bit. Ryan put the speed up. She began running.

“Every time you fall past this mark,” he said, though there was no mark to be seen, “I’ll prod you with this to perform better.”

As she couldn’t possibly keep running very long Hayley’s ass cheek got another shock. She jumped and ran faster. She was sweating and it was running into her eyes. Her hair was damp and stuck to her cheeks and forehead. There was a thin sheen of perspiration over all of her skin.

“Ow! Ow!” Ryan gave her two shocks one for each side of her ass.

“Come on you lazy cow, make that bell jingle.”

This gave Ryan an idea and he turned the machine off leaving her gasping while he went to get some nipple clamps and small cow bells. This’ll help us judge how much effort you’re putting in. Lets keep these things jingling.”

He attached one to each nipple and turned the machine on again. He started from the beginning again but went through the stages faster. Every minute. By five minutes Hayley was once again sweating and gasping to pull in enough air to keep going. Ryan was shocking her about every ten seconds making her jump. It made her tense and nervy. Her legs were aching and her lungs were like sand paper. She wasn’t going to keep it up much longer. The shocks were coming faster now as she kept slipping back. Ryan poked one up between her legs for fun.

“Aaaaah,” she jumped in the air and had trouble landing, nearly falling forwards. Ryan did it again.

“Please Master,” she managed to gasp out, “I think this is all I can do Master.”

Ryan could see she was in dire straits. Her face nad body were red, sweat was poring down her forehead and cheeks and dripping off her nose, her breathing was ragged, she was barely lifting her bare feet off the moving floor. Any moment she would probably collapse. He gave her a few more prods but she was too exhausted to increase or even maintain pace. Her feet were falling back and she was getting more and more horizontal. Ryan gave her some more.

Bleep. Bleep. Bleep. The shocks kept coming. Hayley let out whimpering sounds between her gasping and then finally fell down. The travelator carried her to the end and she lay half on and half off. Her hands held up the front of her body to protect it from the moving rubber, her legs were splayed on the carpet, her ass hanging against the metal platform.

Ryan rushed to the sideboard to pull out a short one tailed whip and ran back to start striking her ass with it.

“You lazy cow,” he said, “barely half an hour and already you’re giving up.




Hayley lay as she had fallen and been taken by the treadmill. She could only flinch as each new blow landed.




Ryan lashed into her fast.

“A lazy slut is no good to herself or her Master.”




“You’d better do a hell of a lot better next time you lazy cunt.”




After a short while he stopped. Hayley was too exhausted to respond and whipping someone who did not react beyond pitiful whimpers at each stroke was no fun. He wanted to see her body move.

“Okay slut. Go and dry yourself off with a towel then come back here. Maybe we can find something you can do. Like do some fucking with that cunt of yours. Go,on, be quick.” He prodded her with his foot.

Hayley, dimly aware the punishment had stopped crawled off the treadmill, forced herself to all fours and rasping badly crawled unsteadily towards the bathroom. She rested a moment, got her breath back and dried herself off with the towel, including under her breasts which ached a bit from where they joined her torso from all the bouncing, between her legs and the crack of her ass. She brushed her hair and quickly crawled back into the living room. That fucking treadmill. That fucking Denny.

Ryan was reclining on the sofa feet out and hands behind his head looking smug.

“Took your time,” he said, though she had in fact been remarkably quick.

Hayley took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry Master.”

“And so you should be. My cock’s been kept waiting.”

He stood up.

“Undress me.” She stood up to pull his Tee Shirt off then knelt to undo his belt and pull his pants and underwear down. She kissed the stem of his upright cock. Finally she removed his socks. Ryan went to the sideboard for a short whippy cane then lay on his back on the floor and said, “you can fuck me now.”

“Thank you Master.”

Sometimes they had long conversations, but during “sessions” her conversation wasn’t really wanted.

She straddled him facing forward. She put some saliva on her hand and sensuously rubbed it over his stem and bulbous head. She did it in a way that was like a slow start to a masturbation. She aligned the tip of his cock with her cunt, tightened her vaginal muscles and slid it slowly in. Ryan felt the head gently enveloped. He felt it slide up the smooth enveloping tube. Then the stem tightly clenched.

She loosened and rose up. Her thighs ached and her ass was covered in stinging stripes. He had the whippy cane. She knew he would soon be adding stripes to her tits too. She tightened her cunt muscles and slowly came down again giving his cock the best possible sensation. It wouldn’t help her, but there would be punishment if he didn’t think she was giving it her all.

Ryan moaned in pleasure. Hayley slowly rose and fell, up and down. He could see the strain in her green eyes from the effort of moving those tired legs. He felt her cunt working to its utmost to please him. He slashed the cane vertically against her left tit. She jerked and let out a little moan but maintained her rhythm. Maintained putting her all into pleasing him.

He whipped the other tit. She jerked. A spasm of pain crossed her face. Her cunt muscles contracted as she lowered herself slowly down. He slashed the other tit. A cry and pain on her face. Her cunt muscles relaxed as she slowly rose. Her face tensed from the efforts of moving her tired thighs. He whipped the other tit, taking it in turns to inflict pain as she concentrated on giving him maximum pleasure.

He loved to hear her cry out in pain. Loved the contrast of pain and pleasure in their sex. Her pain. His pleasure. He whipped her again. Soon her tits were covered in stinging vertical lines. To match the horizontal ones on her ass.

He signalled her to turn around. Wearily she let his penis come out of her so that she could turn around and then start the same rhythm. Clenching and loosening. Clenching and loosening.

He could watch his cock come out of her and then go back into her now. See her distended fuck hole and cunt lips as they went up and down. See her striped bottom rising and falling. The welts were not so angry now but plainly visible. He added a few more with the short whippy cane. It wasn’t bamboo. It was some more pliant, thinner wood. Perhaps hazel or willow.

Hayley could rest her hands on his thighs to help her with the movement now. It took some of the muscle effort off her thighs. She let out little cries and jerked as he whipped her with the cane. It was like halfway between a whip and a cane. She moved very slightly faster. She would be punished if she moved too fast. He liked her to make it last. He would tell her when to speed up.

He pushed her long flowing hair to one side to whip her back. Just six or so strokes to give it some decoration.

“Now your ass.”

She lifted higher so his cock came out of her cunt and aligned it with her asshole. Her second fuck hole as Ryan called it. She came down and pushed hard for it to go in. She continued to go up and down. Ryan watched it come out and go in to her distended anus.

She had come a long way she thought bitterly. Before Ryan she had never had anal sex. Now she had it regularly and sucked the smell off the cock afterwards. She smiled ironically, bitterly, remembering that first time when she had refused to clean it afterwards and the terrible punishment she had received only to be made to do it anyway. She still didn’t like it. It was still uncomfortable. She came down pushing it deep into her bowels, lifted high till it was almost out and then down again. Slowly. Sensuously. Concentrating on pleasing him. Feeling the stinging lines on her body parts.

“Back round cunt.”

She eased him out, turned round and eased him back in.

“Now quicker.”

Using her last reserves of strength Hayley began speeding up. Ryan made a few noises. He lashed her tits a couple more times then pulled her head down to kiss her. She opened her mouth for his tongue to fill her and his lips to maul her lips. She kept her haunches moving up and down.

Suddenly Ryan pushed her sideways. They rolled over so he was on top and thrusting into her now. He squeezed her tits and rammed in and out of her. He was about to come. He slapped her back and forth and then fell on her his lower body still ramming in and out and then a final hard thrust in. She felt him ripple and the warm slugs of semen shoot into her. And again. And again. And again. And then it was over. He fell on top of her not worrying about squashing her.

Hayley lay with her arms lightly over his back as he liked her to do, feeling used as she always did, but hadn’t he made her say what she was. His fuck cunt. His fuck toy. There to be used. She had fulfilled her function.

He breathed heavily into her ear feeling good. Satisfactorily spent. When he pulled out she would lick and suck him clean, clean her own cunt with her fingers, sucking and licking them clean and then they would go to bed. She smelt of sweat, but that was okay.

Later in bed when she was hugging him from behind, trying to draw consolation from a false sense of hugging comforting, she asked him not to hurt Sue. She was her sister. She knew he could do what he liked, but please she couldn’t bear it if he did bad things to her sister. It might even break the conditioning she hinted at the last when Ryan had said nothing.

Ryan could see this might be a small risk, but he did not wish to dominate her sister the same way he dominated her. He would hypnotise her sister to like anything he did to her and forget about it afterwards or only remember it with pleasure and with no desire to share knowledge of it with anyone else.

“I won’t hurt her,” he said. He imagined having the two of them making love to him in bed together and drifted off to sleep.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Twenty

Hayley spent the Sunday and the next Wednesday trying to persuade Ryan not visit her parents with her. Ryan was not to be dissuaded. He would not hurt her sister he promised. He had never ill treated an eighteen year old he lied. Most of his girlfriends had been eighteen.

Hayley told him they would have to go shopping Friday evening to get him some suitable clothes.

“You’ll need something classier Master.”

“Okay,” said Ryan. It wasn’t as if he was paying. After a bit of negotiation it was agreed she would wear her ‘little black dress’ which showed a little cleavage and was short enough to keep her worried if she sat down but long enough to be decent and a turquoise party dress that cupped her breasts with a small V between them and a largely cut out back with wide criss cross straps going over the shoulder. It flaired and was short enough for her not to twirl round too quickly if she didn’t want to show the nothing underneath. The important thing was that neither of them would show her nipples. Ryan could feel her tits by sliding his hands in from the top, or the cupped one from top or side. Her mum and dad might find it odd but they were just acceptable.

They arrived at about 12.00am on the Saturday. It would be a family affair so no need to cope with guests. It was a nice day and they ate at a white wrought iron table in the garden.

“And this is Susan,” said her mother.

“Nice to meet you,” said Ryan, “I see you have green eyes the same as your sister.”

“I wish they were blue. Blue is much prettier. And people don’t stare at you.”

“Do they stare at you?”

“She’s at that age,” said Angela, “you know teenagers and all that. Always think people are staring at them.”

Ryan smiled in knowing agreement but managed to send a sympathetic look to Sue as well.

Hayley had been sent under using her keyword “Altimera” so that she could move further than ten metres away from Ryan without a panic attack, but not leave the property without him.

“Why are you wearing a dress?” Sue asked her sister. She herself was wearing tight jeans and a loose sleeveless top with fully concealing bra.

“Why not?”

The conversation moved on.

The girls went indoors to chat and Ryan was left trying to make conversation with her father. It was like sitting with a top manager or something. There was not a lot in common. Stephen showed Ryan the flowers and flower beds, discussed the type of soil, the weather they got etc. Ryan pretended an interest though had to admit he had not done much with his own garden.

“Maybe I’ll have to start,” he joked.

There was a semi formal dinner around the dining table with a starter, duck and a crepe and cream desert. Ryan had a martini starter drink as it was the only starter drink he knew. When asked what liqueur he would like with the coffee he settled for “the same as you is fine”.

The evening seemed to go well. Ryan was carefull not to drink too much wine and they seemed genuinely interested in his life on a housing estate when young and what he did in the warehouse.

Sue had worn a typical teenage dress for the dinner, covering her top well but very short. Ryan liked her more rounded face and slightly more pronounced nose than her sister. For her age she was remarkably clear of spots with beautiful smooth glowing skin. Her waist was slightly too wide and her thighs a bit wider than normal but Ryan found this cute. Her stomach was flat and her boobs seemd good.

He tried to talk to her about school. She was taking three ‘A’ Levels, played the violin, because her “parent’s liked it,” she said. They smiled indulgently. Talked about a few pop bands. The radio played all day at Ryan’s place of work so he could talk reasonably knowledgeably.

At 11.30 it was time to ‘turn in’. Hayley was put in her old room and Ryan in the guest bedroom.

They left next morning after another garden lunch.

During the morning each of Hayley’s family had expressed surprise at her choice of boyfriend.

“And that dress is a funny thing to come in. Are you wearing a bra?” asked her mother. Hayley said she’d passed in view of the weather.

“H’mph,” her mother snorted, “you’ll be wearing no panties next.” Hayley managed to keep her blush to a faint pink.

Her sister was more forthright.

“What on earth are you doing with him Hay. He’s not your type.”

“He may seem a bit rough,” she said, “but you’d be surprised how many good points he has.”

“He works in a warehouse and as far as I can see he knows nothing about anything other than pop music and drinking and I’m not that sure about the pop. I thought in Birmingham you’d meet some nice manager type or professional. There must be better people than him in the local wine bar.”

Hayley coloured up and tried to defend him as she hypnotically had to.

“You’d be surprised Sue. He’s got a good heart and wants to improve himself. I’m going to help him study.”

“He doesn’t look like the studious type to me,” she snorted.

“He’s very genuine too and likes me for myself not just my looks.”

The conversation continued a bit. Susan was not convinced.

Before they left Ryan managed to get Hayley on her own. He had her hold up her dress so he could grope her cunt and said “Hayley I really want you to invite Susan up for a weekend shopping trip, using the opening phrase she could not ignore. To Hayley’s dismay Susan was duly invited and it was agreed she would come to Birmingham and stay with her sister the following weekend.

“He’s not going to be there is he?”

“He’ll be around, burt it’ll be okay. I doubt he’ll want to come shopping with us.”

Sue nodded.

So that’s how it was that on the Friday evening Susan sat in Hayley’s flat sipping a coke while Hayley sipped wine and Ryan drank beer from a glass and they talked. The two sisters were mainly talking girl talk and clothes and it was difficult moving the conversation around to hypnotism. He had programmed Hayley to raise the subject when he gave her a special command word. Finally the conversation seemed to reach a natural pause and he said, “kamitar.”

Hayley said, “Sue did you know Ryan is a hypnotist?”

“A hypnotist?”

“Yes. You’re always saying life in the village is boring. Ryan could show you how to hypnotise yourself and go to places like fun parks or fairs and have fun just as if it was real.”

“Like virtual reality you mean?”

“Yes.” Inside herself Hayley was trying to fight this conversation. She had not been aware what Ryan had done. Ryan had set this up in her but she had to resist. She had to protect her innocent, village protected, almost child like sister.

“I’ve done it and it’s great. I expect he could show you if you liked.”

“U.uh, I don’t know. He could make me do anything.”

“No, I’ll be here and he can’t make you do things you don’t want to.” Shut up. Just keep your mouth shut so you can’t talk. But Hayley couldn’t. She couldn’t do anything. She wanted to scream and cry but all she could do was watch from inside her head as she bubbled brightly, telling her sister how great it would be to be hypnotised by her crazy, inconsiderate, sadistic boyfriend.

“Tell you what,” said Ryan coming into the conversation, “I’ll do it so you remember everything and just do it for ten minutes. Most people really like it. And there’s not much else to do at the moment.”

“Yes, you do it Sue. I wouldn’t lie to you would I?”

Oh God, oh god. What was she doing. If she lifted her ‘little black dress’ dress and showed Sue she was wearing nothing underneath that would break the flow. It might get Sue asking awkward questions. She might get free! She reached her hands down but couldn’t do it.

“Okay,” said Sue brightly, “worth a try I suppose. Be something new anyway.”

Sue woke up half an hour later a new person. Her round bubbly face was alight with pleasure and her eyes glowed. Ryan had found she was susceptible enough and had sent her to a fun fair as he promised. He had even conjured up her best friend Lucy to go with her. He took them on the rides and they had fun on the stalls, they even ate food from the stalls. It was better than a real fun fair. The rides were even better, the food tasted great and their moods were wonderful.

This was what she was going to remember. What she was not going to remember was what else Ryan spent a lot of time repeating to get in her head and the keyword he had implanted to return her to trance in an instant moment.

“The fun fair is running down now. Lucy has gone home and you are sitting on a bench near a river with Ryan. The moon is out and there is a warm breeze. You really like Ryan. You notice the moonlight reflected in his eyes. You notice his lips. Why would you notice them? You feel attracted. You feel very attracted to Ryan. You feel you would do anything for him. You love him and you want him to love you.”

This continued for some time. She would not remember it when she woke up, but it would remain in her sub-conscious. Sue would remember only the fun fair and what fun she had. If he said the word “abracadabra” and only if he said it, she would immediately drop into deep trance. Like Hayley if he preceded a sentence with “Susan I would really like you to...” she would have to do it. He had programmed her so that nothing that happened in the flat would seem abnormal. No matter how strange or odd or even frightening she would just take it as nothing out of the ordinary. Just something normal for that particular situation.

He woke her up. Her green eyes shone in her round face.

“Wow! That was fantastic.”

“Told you,” said Ryan.

Hayley sat saying nothing. She suspected she couldn’t react, but didn’t know how to react anyway. She should have told him he couldn’t visit her home while Sue was there. Yet even if she had not broken under punishment he would have made her do it hypnotically.

Ryan really wanted to see Sue strip off. See what was underneath that C cup bra. See her take off her skinny trousers and see what nestled secretly between her thighs. He wanted to do it more subtly than with Hayley though. He wanted to seduce her in front of her sister and then put Sue in control of her sister. Create a bit of sisterly jealousy.

Sue was seeing Ryan through new eyes. She understood why her sister was attracted to him. He was gorgeous. She didn’t question her feelings. They just were.

Ryan suggested some dancing. He danced with them both for a while. He saw the worry and fear in Hayley’s eyes as they danced. Ryan pulled her head towards him and gave her a long deep kiss while groping her ass through her short dress. Hayley just saw it as a gesture of ownership. He could do what he liked whenever he liked. Sue felt jealousy. It should be her he was kissing.

He held both their hands and Sue trembled with the contact. He bumped hips or bottoms together with them both and again Sue revelled in the brief contact with this boy/man she was so overwhelmed by.

“Rum and coke,” Ryan suggested.

He poured as much rum in as he thought he could without it burning her stomach. Sue keen to appear grown up danced and sipped at the same pace as Ryan. By the time Ryan changed the music to something slower she was feeling pretty relaxed. He did a slow dance with Hayley while Sue sat and watched and then a slow dance with Sue while Hayley swayed nearby.

Sue was in heaven. Ryan kissed her. She soared up wanting more.

“Tell you what why doesn’t Hayley take you into the bedroom and let you borrow one of her mini skirts and tops. No need for bras. Hayley you wear a red plaid micro skirt and the pink front zipped top.”

The girls went out. Sue wasn’t sure about removing her bra, but hell Hayley was wearing nothing underneath! She didn’t question her about it though. She felt she would go with the flow. It wasn’t that unusual was it her hypnotised brain told her. Hayley was his girlfriend.

When they came back Sue was a picture of sexy cuteness. She had a long sleeved pale green top with zip done up to the neck and a pale blue mini skirt. If you looked closely you might just notice her nipples at the apex of what looked like two very firm young breasts. She wore some black two inch heels she had brought with her. Her face, eyes bright, looked excited if a little unsure. Ryan thought her lips looked adorably kissable.

Hayley was in the red plaid micro skirt with a pink quarter sleeved top. Her zip was pulled down level to the bottom of her tits to show her full cleavage. She looked tarty.

They all had another round of drinks. It was as if they were in a night club with subdued but brighter lighting. Now and then they sat down and chatted before dancing some more. Ryan had been gently moving the conversation in a Hayley critical direction. Encouraging Sue to tell bad stories of their childhood where Hayley had done something to her she hadn’t liked or done things Sue had not approved of. Being a little bit drunk and with strong feelings of jealousy, why should Hayley have Ryan instead of her, Ryan encouraged her to be more and more spiteful until he said, “D’you think Hayley looks a bit like a whore with those tits hanging out.”

“Yeah I think she does,” said Sue.

“Maybe we should make her dance topless. Show us what a whore she is.”

They all got up.

“Take your top off slut.”

Hayley hesitated. She had seen what he was doing and knew where this was going. She desperately wanted to end it. She desperately wanted not to humiliate herself in front of her sister. Yet she knew trying to disobey him would only lead to punishment and he would use that hateful phrase that would make her do it anyway. Mortified and going beetroot red, after a second of punishable hesitation Hayley pulled the zip to the bottom and took off the top.

“And she’s wearing nothing under her skirt,” Sue blurted out.

“Yeah she really is a whore isn’t she,” said Ryan, “not like you.”

He put his arm around Sue’s young waist and they danced slightly together, slightly apart watching Hayley continue dancing topless. Her tits swung up and down and from side to side. She wished the ground would swallow her. Why was her sister being so nasty to her. They had always gotten on. It was Ryan implanting things in her. Tears of shame and hurt welled in her eyes.

“What do you think of her tits?”

“I think they’re too big and floppy,” said Sue nastily.

Ryan pulled her closer and they started kissing in front of Hayley. Ryan’s hand slid up Sue’s short skirt. He threw a triumphant grin at the melancholy Hayley as he discovered Sue was wearing a thong and he was able to put his hand direct on her ass. The kissing got very passionate before Ryan finally pulled away from her cute little sister and beckoned Hayley over.

Now he kissed her, but instead of groping her ass stuck his hand between her legs and squeezed her cunt. This made Hayley grown in pain into his mouth. To Sue though it looked as if they were moans of pleasure. What a whore her sister had become.

Ryan returned to Sue, kissing her deeply and now playing with one of her breasts through the pink top. For no reason except that they both wanted the same man, Sue felt a malicious spite for her sister. She let Ryan kiss her deeply and deliberately pushed herself against him to show her sister she could be as sexy with Ryan as Hayley could.

Ryan lowered the music and changed it to soft romantic tracks and led them both into the bedroom. Normally Sue would have resisted this. But tonight she was in competition with her slutty sister, slightly drunk, and felt such strong attraction to Ryan. Stronger than anything she’d ever known. She felt he could ask her anything and she would do it. Hayley followed reluctantly behind in deep despair.

Ryan and Sue lay back on the pillows. Hayley stood topless at the bottom of the bed not sure what she should do.

“Take of that skirt slut. It doesn’t cover anything anyway. Then join me on the other side.”

He turned to cradle Sue’s head and they got back to some kissing. Ryan slid the zip of her pale green top down and slid a hand inside. He could feel his cock straining against his pants. Her breast was so firm. It stood out from her chest like a flattened gelatine orb, a small areola and nipple. The nipple was hardening under his touch. He couldn’t resist lower his mouth to suck on her nipple and finally see this girl’s tits which he had been waiting all evening for. Sue lay back eyes closed running her hands through his hair.

“Take my pants off slut,” he growled quietly to Hayley, “and lick my arse.”

Hayley hesitated again. She could be punished just for that. If she didn’t do it he would just do it himself and beat her mercilessly later. She pulled them down and off and tears dripping from her eyes pulled his cheeks apart and began unenthusiastically licking his ass hole.

Sue was reaching a climax of excitement and Ryan knew this was the time. He lifted her bottom while nibbling her lips and slid her thong down. He motioned to Hayley to slide it the rest of the way down and pull them off. Hayley slid them down her sisters calves and feet and off, looking up to see her sister’s furry mound. Her sisters blonde, innocent furry mound. Then it was covered by Ryan’s hands. He slid a finger between the outer lips and rubbed it up and down exciting Sue’s clitoris. Sue moaned in pleasure, the hypnotism and the alcohol working together to lead her to ecstasy with this wonderful, wonderful guy.

When she was ready, her skirt up by her waist, her top completely unzipped to show both of those pert breasts he told Hayley to put his cock in Sue’s labia. But Hayley’s misery filled face said it all. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. She couldn’t participate in her own innocent sister’s violation.

“No,” she whispered. It was a word she hadn’t used since that first time when he told her to suck his shit covered cock after he had first buggered her.

“What?” said Ryan, softly sliding a finger in and out of Sue’s juicing cunt.

“No. I can’t.” Hayley knelt naked between the calves of the two lovers, “I can’t” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I’ll punish you later.”

He kicked out with his foot and Hayley fell backwards towards the bottom of the bed. Ryan could now roll over onto Sue. He lined up his cock himself and placed it just inside Sue’s inner lips. Sue moaned. She knew what was happening. She was going to lose her virginity and she wanted it. Ryan pushed an inch into her hole and then pushed it all in. He felt the hymen break. Sue gasped. And he was in. Her tight virgin tube was clasping him like nothing he could remember. Maybe it was because she was smaller than Hayley. Maybe it was because this was the first cock that had ever been there.

“Oh God,” moaned Ryan.

“Oh God,” Sue cried out feeling a slight pain but then overcome with pleasure. Then the slow pumping began. In and out. In and out. Until soon, all too soon for both, Ryan came, flooding her with his sperm. As she felt his sperm shooting into her, Sue came with little whimpers.

Behind them Hayley burst into tears.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Twenty One

In the morning Ryan woke up with a naked girl either side of him. Hayley naked except for her collar. Sue was curled into him on his right and Hayley had her back turned on his left. The beautiful twenty year old and cute eighteen year old.

Ryan grinned happily. He slapped Hayley’s ass and told her to put some clothes on and make them all breakfast. Hayley put on a plain blue top and mini skirt and went to obey his command. She was still very miserable. Her sister had come under Ryan’s spell and lost her virginity and she was going to get some terrible punishment for saying no she wouldn’t put his cock into her virgin sister. After which she’d be made to do it again. He might not punish her while her sister was here though. He seemed to be treading carefully with Sue. That just made the wait longer.

Sue was feeling a bit embarrassed but at the same time warm, cosy and in love.

“You okay Hayley’s sister?”

She opened her green eyes, big and round from her round face framed by the same thick, wavy blonde hair as her sister..

“I’m happy to be with you. I’m worried about Hayley though.”

“Don’t worry about her. Hayley understands. You see, she’ll be happy. You’re happy and you are happy she’s happy. I’ll date both of you. Then neither of you will need to feel guilty.”

Sue wasn’t sure how she felt about this, but accepted it as a temporary solution.

Later they all went shopping. Hayley wore a zipped dress and Sue wore one of her sister’s tops and mini skirt. She was persuaded not to wear a bra, but allowed her thong. This gave her a sense of adult daring without being too much. They bought two outfits that Sue could show to her parents and three sexy ones. Sue chattered away excitedly. Hayley was on the quiet side.

Saturday evening they went out for a meal. Hayley looked like a tart in a short white skirt, halter top and the red high heels, while Sue looked like a young slut. Normally Sue would be embarrased wearing a leather waistcoat with only the three middle buttons done up and a short leather skirt and thong, yet when she was with Ryan it didn’t seem to matter. All that mattered was that was the way he liked her to be.

Over dinner Ryan explained the relationship between himself and Hayley. It was a consensual dom/sub relationship he said. Hayley liked to be dominated and he liked to dominate. It was actually a quite common form of relationship.

“Sometimes she might be punished if she doesn’t please me, but I’m sure you’d agree that’s only right.”

Yes, she should be,” said Sue, “severely. I would always act to please you.”

Ryan was pleased to see the hypnotism had worked so well. Sue was seeing nothing odd in their odd relationship and fully agreed a girl should strive to please her boyfriend in all ways.

“One day I might put you to the test on that,” Ryan grinned.

“You can test me any way you like,” said Sue, “I won’t fail.”

“Well your sister failed,” he said, “I was thinking of punishing her tonight. Do you want to watch?”

“Yes,” said Sue fascinated by the thought of her sister being punished, “what did she do?”

“We won’t go into details but I asked her to do something and she said no.”

Sue looked suitably shocked.

“She should definitely be punished for that,” she said, thinking this would get her closer in with Ryan and Hayley pushed further away. Hayley said nothing, aware Ryan was doing everything he could to turn her sister away from her but unable to do anything about it. If she tried to argue in front of Sue it would only make matters worse. She couldn’t tell Sue her relationship with Ryan was not consensual because she couldn’t tell anyone anything bad about her relationship with him. She was shocked at how easily he had subverted her young sister, yet at the same time knew the power of his hypnosis and how many years he had been practicing.

At the flat later Hayley changed into her pale blue plaid micro skirt and nothing else, except for the collar which she always wore and made dinner. Sue and Ryan talked and giggled and watched some YouTube together. Ryan pretended to like the same things as Sue.

Hayley was excused from the usual slave positions and speaking rules. She put the dinner on the dining table but Ryan said they would eat watching YouTube. She brought their plates over. Her tits hung down and swayed as she bent to give them their plates. Ryan gave her cunt a routine grope. She brought in her own and sat the other side of Ryan. She wondered why he was watching such inane young girl stuff, but pleased Sue was enjoying herself. She seemed to treat Hayley’s slavery as a matter of course. It was not to last. They watched a comedy programme after YouTube and then Hayley did the washing up, Ryan asked her to do it by hand rather than put it in the machine. Ryan then thought it was time for her punishment.

“Perhaps we should give her an obedience test to see if she’s better now.”

“Yes, an obedience test. An obedience test,” cried Sue bouncing up and down, her firm tits hardly bouncing at all through the material of the top.

“H’mm, what could we ask her to do?”

Sue suggested she could go and stand in the corner for an hour.

“Good idea, but perhaps we could do that after.@

“She could do star jumps and running on the spot,” suggested Sue returning to malicious mode and raise her status with Ryan and lower her sister’s.

Ryan was thinking what he could do that would not be too sexual for Sue. A game of fetch would show Hayley’s cunt too much and he’d have to cut out the slapping and caning. In the end he settled for Hayley crawling up and down horizontally in front of them . Hayley was always thinking she couldn’t sink lower, yet Ryan was always finding a way. She had of course been told to remove her skirt and was now crawling slowly back and forth while her sister and Ryan watched.

Next he had her kneel like a begging dog, knees closed for once and Ryan and Sue tossed peanuts at her. She was supposed to catch them in her mouth. If she missed, because of course everything would be her fault not theirs, she would bend or crawl quickly to pick it up with her mouth.

She could sniff and lick your butt,” suggested Ryan, keeping with the dog theme.

Susie jumped to her feet, pulled her thong down, held her short skirt up and said, “come on doggy. You want to sniff and lick?”

Hayley crawled forward and pretending to be a dog, which of course by now she’d had a lot of practice in, sniffed and nuzzled Sue’s butt and butt hole and then gave her some big licks. At least Sue kept a cleaner butt than Ryan. She had to put Sue’s bad behaviour down to Ryan. He was twisting her mind. But could he twist it if there wasn’t already something there to twist?

This led her to herself and she discontinued the line of thought. She had to remain strong. It was him not her.

Ryan clapped and Sue pulled her thong back up and returned to the couch.

For a final task Ryan had her do forward rolls horizontally back and forth.

“See you couldn’t do that if you didn’t do your daily exercises,” he said when he finally let her stop five minutes later. Anyway time for the punishment. Put a skirt on and cover that cunt of yours and put on the red heels.”

Hayley then bent over topless touching her toes still sideways to them while they discussed the merits of her different performances from the sofa. Ryan concluded, “she seems pretty obedient now. I think we should just give her thirty strokes instead of sixty.”

Sue, who had never been caned in her life or seen anyone caned thought this seemed fair and so they began. Ryan stood to the right of her and Sue stood back a little behind her. There was the familiar swish and thwack. Hayley’s fingers came up slightly from her toes. Ryan waited for the double pink line to come.

Sweeeeh. Crack!

The ass cheeks indent under the impact and a ripple spreads out. Another double tram line. A slight gasp from Hayley. Her fingers once again lift, a little further this time. Another strike, another gasp, another lift of the fingers.

“And ten.”

Sweeeeh. Crack! Ten double red lines. Nine gasps and now a cry of pain. The fingers are coming up a good ten centimetres on each stroke. Tears are welling in Hayley’s eyes. Yet again her ass is on fire. You’d think she would get used to it, yet how can you get used to such pain.

“Would you like a go?” Ryan asked an entranced Sue.

“I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Of course you do. That’s what she wants. And that’s the point isn’t it?”

“Well, okay.”

Swish, Thwack. Hayley jerked. A thin line appeared.

“A bit harder than that.”

“Swish. Crack!” Hayley gasped. A slightly angrier line appeared.

“See how high you can make her lift her hands, though she’s supposed to stay in position. You don’t have much muscle you don’t have to hold back.”

Sue lifted the cane higher and brought it down with a screeching sound through the air. Hayley knew it was going to hurt before it landed.


The stroke was hard and landed across one that was there already. Hayley uttered a shriek and shot up straight. Her hands involuntarily went to her behind. She rocked rigidly forward and backward from the waste. Some tears dropped from her eyes onto her breasts and then rolled down to drop on the floor.

“Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaah.! Uuuh. Uuuh. Uuuh.”

Sue jumped herself and nearly dropped the cane.

“Oh God, I’ve hurt her!”

“Nah, she’s alright. I think it was just shock because the others were so gentle. Get back in position slut,” he said to the groaning Hayley. Hayley steeled herself and bent forward again.

“Have another go, perhaps somewhere in-between in strength.”

“I think I’d better leave it to you.” Sue handed him the cane.

“Tell you what. Let’s do one together.”

Ryan held Sue’s hand which had the cane in it, lifted it up and brought it down. He did a medium hit on the still juddering Hayley. She let out a cry and her hands lifted ten centimetres.

“Guess that was okay,” said Sue, “but I’d rather you do it.”


Ryan administered the remaining strokes. He joked to Sue about how high he could get her to lift her hands.

“Let’s try for twenty centimetres,” he would say or “lets aim for thirty centimetres.”

Sue got quite involved in the game suggesting heights to aim for.


“Aaaaah!” Thirty centimetres.

Swish. Splat!

Uuuh! Ten centimetres.

“Eeeeee…..Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah!” Fifty centimetres and several tear drops.

During the last six Hayley’s knees were beginning to buckle at each stroke. Every stroke now landed on a previous one. Every one was intensely painful. Hayley was openly crying. This should have been shocking to Sue, but somehow she assumed that if you were caned you cried and it was just part of it and her round face and green eyes were bright and excited. She hadn’t noticed but it had actually made her juice a little.

The final stroke came down. Hayley’s ass burned and throbbed. Tears flowed freely from her eyes to the laminated floor. Ryan made her get on all fours and lick up the puddle and splashes of her tears. He hugged and kissed Sue while they watched her control her crying and lick up her own tears.

“Now go and stand in the corner, legs apart, hands on your head,” Ryan ordered.

Hayley walked slowly and painfully towards the corner and took her place. Ryan and Sue went to the sofa. Through her painful misery and humiliation Hayley heard them laughing and joking, some of it about her.

“I guessed she’d go thirty but she actually went about fifty.” Sue.

“I aimed for her to go thirty and she only went twenty,” laughed Ryan.

“Her butt was so red!” Sue.

“Not as red as it will be when she’s really punished,” and they both laughed.

Hayley heard them fall backwards on the sofa and heard them kissing. Her ass throbbed and throbbed and if she moved slightly some of the lines of pain would intensify. She listened to them giggling, fondling and groping for a while. She heard Sue begin moaning. Ryan called her over. She turned round to see Sue topless and flushed, her waistcoat on the floor. Ryan was also topless and pointed her to the floor next to them. His right hand was inside Sue’s thong playing with her between the legs. He went back to kissing her right breast and she moaned. The nipples were fully erect. Hayley crawled over so her face was directly next to Ryan’s groping hand. He lifted his mouth off Sues firm breast to say, “take her thong off.”

There was no point not doing it. Hayley knelt and put a hand on each side of the waist band. Sue lifted her bottom and Hayley slid the thong down her legs exposing her blonde mound and soft cunt. Ryan moved his right hand to take possession of it. He cupped it, parted her lips and slid two fingers into her exposed hole. Hayley slid the thong over the feet and dropped it onto the floor.

“Now me,” said Ryan, “your sister’s not very experienced.”

Hayley reached forward to undo his belt, pull the zip down and then manhandle the pants and underwear down his legs and off. While she was doing this he continued to grope and kiss Sue who in turn caressed the back of his head and shoulders. Ryan’s cock was fully erect.

“Now put it in. Unless you want two punishments.”

With a sigh of despair Hayley held his cock carefully in one hand and directed it towards her sisters once virgin vagina. Ryan moved forward a little and told her to use her other hand to part Sue’s cunt lips. His cock stem was resting along the slit. Hayley pulled it back to align it with the wet hole and then watched as he pushed it in. Tears came to her eyes again. Ryan pushed it in the rest of the way. He told Hayley to watch as he pushed it in and out. Sue moaned with pleasure.

When Ryan was bored with making Hayley watch her own young sister being fucked he waved her back to her corner. Legs parted, hands on head, she gently cried while listening to Ryan and Sue fuck and come.

“Wow, you’re one good fuck,” Ryan said to Sue after they both came. Sue took it as a compliment.

Sue and Ryan rested a little and then declared they were off to bed. Ryan gave Hayley his phone with a one hour timer set and told her to stay in the same position till it went off. She could then join them in bed.

Hayley, staring into the wall, heard them leave for the bedroom and settle down in bed. She stood as she was. She could not risk going into the bedroom early in case they were still awake and she was not sure she wanted to. She could not risk moving at all because of the cameras. Ryan was bound to have set it on record so he could review it fast forward next day. So she stood there ass still hurting and soon legs and arms aching, thinking sad thoughts about her lot.

At last the timer vibrated. Ryan had set it to silent to not wake him or Sue. Wearily and bitterly she sat on the sofa to take off her six inch heels, took off her ribbon of a skirt, adjusted her collar and went to join them. Tomorrow was another day they said. It was not one Hayley could say she was looking forward to.

Hypnotising Hayley Chapter Twenty Two

In the morning Ryan woke up first thinking how many men would like to be in his position. After that he had a threesome. Hayley played with his cock while Sue massaged his balls, then vice versa. He kissed one, then he kissed the other. Hayley mounted him and used her vaginal muscle clenching to full effect. Then Sue mounted him. What she lacked in finesse she gained through how tight and clasping her younger vagina was.

Sue sucked him while he lay on his side so that Hayley could lick and kiss his ass hole. They swapped around. If his ass hole had been smelly it was gone by the time Hayley finished so Sue had no problems swapping positions with her sister.

He had them with their cunts up in the air and took turns with each, swapping back and forth every few minutes. He would have liked to bugger Sue, but she was not ready for it. Hayley’s ass hole looked slightly open, asking for a cock to be put in it, but Sue’s was tight shut. He put cunt juice from each onto his middle fingers and slowly finger fucked each ass hole, while continuing to slide in and out of their cunts in turn.

Then on his back for more alternate fucking and sucking from them before coming in Sue, but letting Hayley clean him and lick the dribbling sperm from her sister’s cunt.

“So you both get some,” he said magnanimously.

The morning went by in a leisurely fashion as Sunday mornings do. Hayley wore a mini dress with front zip, Sue one of the new respectable outfits her sister had bought her. Ryan had a brief word with Sue in private after saying abracadabra to drop her into trance. He told Hayley he had fixed her memories about how badly she had treated her so she was left with just good memories. Hayley drove her to the train station and saw her off.

Sue must have remembered most of what had happened, but Ryan had put a twist on it as it did not seem to worry her. She apologised to Hayley for hurting her. Hayley said it was alright and they parted with a hug on good terms.

She asked Sue not to tell anyone about her and Ryan. It was really better than she had seen. Sue replied that was okay. Ryan had explained everything and she really didn’t feel the need to tell anyone about it.

“I can’t wait to come back!” She bounced off to catch the train carrying her jeans and the other respectable clothes in her small suitcase.

Hayley smiled. There was a warm glow in her heart. She was pleased her little sister was okay and as happy as ever. Pleased Ryan had fixed her memories and she supposed he could have done worse things to her.

This warm glow did not last. She had to return to her flat. She had hesitated at least twice and even said no. She went for a coffee to steel herself and then returned to Ryan.

Ryan was relaxing, his feet on her coffee table, watching TV in a good mood.

“Hey, Hayley. Come and sit here and have some cuddles.” He pulled her zip down to her sternum but otherwise didn’t molest her. He was watching a cookery and chat show. He put an arm round her and they watched together.

Later he suggested they had better go to his place for her punishment.

“I’m not mad at you. I had a good weekend, but if you disobey punishment has to be automatic.”

“I understand Master. You don’t want to punish me but you must to ensure my obedience to you, no matter what, in the future.”

He gave her a hug.

“Yeah, I knew you’d understand.”

Hayley didn’t understand at all and all the way to his bungalow she was trembling with growing dread and fear.

When they arrived Hayley was put in the square frame she’d paid for, arms and legs slightly loose as before to allow her some limited movement. Ryan put chained clamps on her breasts and hung two bells from the chain. Hayley’s mouth went tight. He put two clamps on her outer labia and two on her inner and attached small bells to those too. He put a bell on her collar. He pushed a dildo up her ass. He put clamps on each ear like ear rings and two more bells. He began humming “Jingle Bells” to himself. He generously lubricated a remote control ball vibrator and pushed it up her cunt.

He selected a medium whip and started on her back.

Hayley, screamed and shrieked and howled. Her wrists chaffed against the leather cuffs. Her body shuddered, shivered, twisted and fought against its restraints. Her breasts were flung in every direction. Her knees buckled at points and she was hanging from her arms. At other times her whole body was rigid.

The whistling sound as the whip cut through the air.




No time to think. No time to fear. No time to emote. Only time to scream and feel. Screech in agony, burning lines of agony, bells ringing like crazy the sounds dwarfed by the noises coming out of her mouth and the frenzied rattling of the chains.




He stopped to come up behind her and press his T shirt against her flaming back causing more moans of terrible pain. His arms cupped her around her waist.

“There, there. There, there,” he consoled her, “you’ll thank me in the end. When you’re a more obedient slave and you don’t think about what is right or wrong, but just do it, because I have ordered you to. Don’t care about degradation, embarrassment, morals. Just do it. Unflinchingly, without hesitation, without thinking. Without thinking.”

Her back had hardly a white patch on it. Angry welt lay next to angry welt. Bright red thick lines criss crossed each other. There were patches where the skin had broken from several strokes intersecting and a few beads of blood had risen to the surface. He stepped back and began on her ass.

The first line crossed her creamy, white ass. The mounds of flesh rippled and flattened and jumped around as if the fat had a life of its own. The whip did not crack as it had on her back. It made some deformed splat sound as it sunk into the soft flesh only to rebound back. Some strokes whipped around to inflict their hideous pain on her sides or lower belly or thigh front. The ones that hit her thigh front hurt the most. Ryan was striking hard.

Her cheeks seemed to move in different directions from the same stroke. Flying apart to then slam back into each other. Twisting, juddering, writhing, bottom flesh. The smooth, creamy skin dissapeared, replaced by thick angry lines of fiery torment. It didn’t sting. It hurt like blazing bands of fire and left marks that felt like hot curving wire was attached to her skin. Her legs buckled and straightened. She was losing control of her lower body, only upright by hanging from her arms. The strain on those arms.

Ryan approached her again. She became vaguely aware through the shock of her blank mind that something was buzzing. At some stage he had turned on the vibrator deep in her womb. It was just another physical action against her body.

This time he had his cock out and pushed it into her arse hole, cupping her around the waist. The various clamps swung too and fro increasing the pain where they clamped her.

“There, there,” he consoled her again, slowly sawing his cock in and out of her tight ass hole, “there, there. No gain without pain.”

He moved in and out of her for several minutes, enjoying the tight feel on his cock and the sense of possession penetrating her always gave him. He put a hand up to her mouth and pushed two fingers in. Her moth was filled. Her ass was filled. A vibrating ball was occupying her womb. The skin on her back and ass hurt from what he had inflicted on her. Truly, she thought, I am his. Then he moved to her front.

Searing white hot pain erupted across her stomach. Then there was a break and he put a blindfold on her. Her eyes had been shut anyway. Perhaps he didn’t like the way they were screwed up, refusing to watch the pain coming. The whipping continued.

Once again she screamed and shrieked. The long leather whip hit her belly, her sides, the tops of her thighs and mound. Again her body twisted and turned, was jerked up by the convulsive movement of her arms and then down as her legs jerked and shook. Her toes hurt because with each blow they contracted and released. Every part of her moved. Every clamp twisted and twirled and flew out as if even they wanted to escape. The ones on her tits looked like demented tassels on the swollen red nipples.

He changed to a rubber electric lead for her breasts. It hurt even more than the whip or cane. The blows were more spread out. He had to pause between strokes to let the wildly gyrating, jumping tits settle down enough to get another downward horizontal slash in. He managed to get both nipples at the same time.

She jerked up on tip toes. She let out the highest pitched, loudest shriek yet. Her whole body seemed to do a frozen star jump without the feet leaving the ground. Then down and a frantic twisting left and right as if she was trying to jerk her breasts right off her chest as they flew left and right, to swing back into the middle and then out again. He brought another sweeping stroke in across the top of her mounds to calm her down. He wasn’t sure it worked. Strangely it just seemed to make her gyrate even more. He did a few strokes between her legs. Her paroxysms increased. Her screams got even higher. He stopped whipping her cunt with the lead. He was scared she would break her voice. A few more to the tits and then he stopped.

He was breathing heavily. Hayley hung by her arms going, “Oh, oh, oh,” repeatedly. He looked at her body criss crossed with angry thick red lines where ever you looked. It tapered off a little down her thighs. Guess she won’t forget this for a while he thought.

His cock was aching and he could not resist going behind and pulling her back enough to take out the still vibrating ball and replace it with his cock. It was so big. At maximum erection. He slid it in and out a few times revelling in the feeling of her juicy tube. This wasn’t going to be a long fuck though. He was too excited. Had held it back for too long. He changed to her arse and quickly increased pace until her was pummelling her in and out. Hayley jerked forwad and back like a rag doll, moaning her pain. Any contact with her skin was causing massive pain and he was banging against her ass and pushing against her back and his hands were pressing the welts on her stomach. It was like being tortured all over again. He slammed hard for a few minutes and came. She felt the sperm gushing into her and then him pulling out. He wiped it against her ass crack and put it back in his pants.

Ryan went into the living room to leave her alone for a while.

Hayley hung from her arms too tired to stand. Every muscle ached from the violent movements she had been making. Every part of her hurt. The pain of one line blurred into the pain of another. She wasn’t even aware of the sounds she was making through her mouth. The sounds of the agony and hurt she was in. The ball had been replaced in her and vibrated in her womb. Some last reminder of the physicality that had been imposed on her.

Hayley hung for some time aware only of the pain enveloping and filling her. Tears fell from her eyes, though she wasn’t crying. Perhaps her body was too exhausted to shake shoulders and make the chest movements necessary to cry.

Her mind was blank. There was no room for anything but the suffering. The torment. The regret.The blanket of agony that was her body. Her throat hurt from the screaming. Her lungs hurt from the way the air had been gasped in and forcibly expelled as each blow hit, to be gasped in again quickly before the next one came.

Her ragged breathing slowly calmed. Her legs got back a little strength though she was still reliant on her arms for support. Thoughts and feeling began to return to her brain. Now she knew, that despite the suffering and pain, she would still say no again. It had made no difference to her sister losing her virginity to a monster wanting only to use and abuse her, but at least she had not been complicit in it. She had not helped. Knowing there would be consequences and feeling those consequences now, she had said no to helping him in the fucking of her own sister. The pain would go away. The guilt if she had betrayed Sue would have stayed for ever.

Hayley hung then stood in the square for half an hour. The worst of the pain receded to severe stinging. The clamps on her nipples and labia produced a dull ache. Her back and ass felt like they had some sore patches. Her muscles all ached without exception. Her eyes felt dry and sore from the tears that had dropped from them. Her wrists and ankles felt sore from the chafing against the restraints and hurt each time she moved them.

Ryan came in smiling.

“How you doing?”

It was a rhetorical question.

“You look like you’re recovering.”

He removed the clamps from her nipples. Hayley screamed as each one was taken off and the blood returned with an excruciatingly painful rush. He gave her tits a wobble around with his hand as he had seen them do in videos. Hayley gasped in pain from the contact on her welts. He removed the clamps from her labia. Two more screams. He removed the clamps from her ears and wondered why he had not put one on her nose. He undid the ankle straps and she could pull her feet together to better support her weight. Finally he removed the wrists restraints. Her hands fell down to her sides and she nearly fell forward. Ryan helped her down and put an arm around her to help her walk to the living room. His arm rubbing on the lines on her back was painful. With an effort she got herself together to talk and to talk to him as he expected despite what he had just done to her.

“Please, I think I can walk on my own now. Contact is painful Master.”

@If it’s painful then it’s good for you, you disobedient slut.”

Ryan removed his arm and the naked girl, but for her collar which still had the jingling bell on it, shakily walked into the living room and carefully, so carefully, with many winces and “ow’s”, sat down and lay back. There were more “ow’s” as her back touched the sofa, but she needed the support. God knows how she was going to go to work tomorrow. Her wrists and ankles had two inch red marks around them.

After ten minutes Ryan told her to go and make them some chicken nuggets and chips. Somehow, shakily, she walked slowly and painfully to the kitchen.

They watched a cartoon eating the chicken nuggets, chips and beans and then a BDSM movie where a woman had her tits and labia nailed to surfaces and was then paddled and fucked.

“Shame we don’t have a wooden table,” said Ryan, “but I don’t think I’m finished with you yet.@

Hayley, still hurting terribly was still too shaken to even react. Ryan told her to get on her knees to suck him and handcuffed her hands behind her back.

“The problem is I’m too kind to you. Maybe this time you’ll learn your place is to obey not question. Do whatever you’re told and not have thoughts of your own. You’re here to serve.”

He waved her dog leash at her.

“Now suck me and you’d better make it good.”

Hayley leant forward and took his rampant cock into her mouth. At the same time he brought her leash down hard on her back. She pushed down to stifle the pain but brought it down again and again in quick succession. The welts went over the whip lines, it hit over already broken or bruised skin. She couldn’t suck. It was all she could do to keep her mouth over him while her body twisted and contorted and gurgled sounds came out of her cock gagged mouth.

“I said suck bitch, suck,” he shouted as he strapped her.

Hayley heard him but could do nothing. The pain was unbearable and seemed to go on forever before he grabbed her hair, pushed her head up and down on his cock, spewed his spunk into her mouth and kicked her away from him to sprawl, hands still cuffed behind her back, mewling on the floor. He knelt next to her to rub his spunk wet cock over her face.

“Who do you belong to cow?”

“You Ryan,” she managed to gasp out between her mewling noises.

“Are you sorry?”

“Y,yes, I, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what cunt?”

“Sorry for not obeying you as I should.”

“And what should I do with you for it?”

“Anything you want. You should do anything you want to me.” Hayley’s head fell to the floor as she resumed her mewling and groaning.

“Damn right,” said Ryan.

He walked off for a moment but then returned with clamps again but this time the crocodile clamps and a small box.

“Maybe this will teach you, stick out your tits.”

Hayley pushed herself up from her sprawling position to her knees, made difficult by her hands being behind her back. She somehow fought through the pain and tiredness to push her red lined tits forward. She screamed and shook as Ryan put the clips on very tight. It was more than she could bear. She kept screaming but Ryan ignored her and put two on her cunt lips as well.

Hayley knelt shaking violently.

“Eeeeeeh. Eeeeeeh. Eeeeeeh.”

She kept up a continuous wailing. Suddenly he was pushing thick pins into her like the ones she had seen in some of the movies he’d made her watch. She hadn’t even known he had them or where he got them from. Now he was pushing them into her tits and then her labia. Then he was lashing her back and thighs with her dog leash again.

She screamed and fell on the floor. He kept lashing her and as she rolled around and screamed the pins were pushed further into her or pushed back and forth. Finally he pushed her to her knees, arse in the air and rammed his once again rampant prick into her arse.

This time he fucked her long and hard and kept one hand free to lash her arse cheeks with the leash.

Hayley cried and moaned and screamed.

“Who do you belong to bitch? Who do you belong to?”

“You Ryan. You master,” she screamed out in her agony.

“What are you?”

“A cunt. A cunt. A disobedient cunt,” she screamed and she continued to scream from the pain of the clamps and the lashings until he came into her arse. Until she felt his cock ripple and his possessing spunk splash into her bowels again and again to show her who she was and Ryan pulled out and fell backwards exhausted himself. She fell forward still moaning piteously from the pain from the clamps.

And yet Ryan still wasn’t finished with her. He took off the clamps but now put the telescopic spreader bar on her. She lay on her back moaning, covered in lines and welts, pins sticking out of her cunt and tits, some halfway in, some deep, some wonky, her wrists hurting from the metal cuufs digging into her as she lay on them.

He pulled the pins out of her cunt lips but then pulled the belt from his discarded pants and began hitting it.

Hayley couldn’t believe she still had the power to scream and shout with pain as her cunt was beaten and bruised until it felt three times its size and Ryan, unbelievably, big again, rammed into her cunt. He fell on her tits and she screamed as the pins were pushed in. He rammed in and out of her bruised cunt, every forward thrust an agony against the terrible bruising he had inflicted. He mauled her tits causing indescribable pain on the pins and welts and lines and then he began slapping her face. He told her to open her mouth and spat in it repeatedly before slapping her again.

“What are you bitch? What are you?”

“Yours. Yours Ryan.”

“And will you obey me in future?”

“Yes,” she screamed, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“And can I fuck and do whatever I want to your sister?”

“Yes. You can do whatever you want. Whatever you want. To me or my sister.” She had said it. She had given in.

“Or to your mother or your father?”

“Yes. Or to my mother or father.”

He slapped her some more. Her face was feeling as swollen as her cunt which he was still banging against.

“Make me come cunt. Use those muscles.”

Somehow through all the pain and haze Hayley used her cunt muscles as she was supposed to when being fucked. Used them as the dutiful cunt fuck she was until Ryan, her boyfriend, her master came for a third time and filled her cunt with his spunk as he had filled her mouth and her arse and he collapsed on her, hurting her poor tits more as he lay on her and in her feeling that feeling of domination and power that could only come from fucking her to defeat.

Hayley was in too much of a world of pain to feel anything.

Charles Murray 2019

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