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A Middle-class Girl's Journey - Part 20

A Middle-class Girl's Journey series story
Heavy, f+, M+, Real Life, Bondage, Domination, Humiliation, Lingerie, Pain, Sadism, Spanking, Submission, Consensual

Into the Fire.

I didn’t see Malcolm Healy for a couple weeks after that last appearance in my office as the following weekend my husband made a surprise visit and took us all to Florida having made certain my calendar was free with my PA. I must admit spending half term in the sun was much preferable to spending it at home in the rain. I even had tan lines where my shorts were and I thought to myself that my face, legs and arms were quite brown. In fact, I didn’t even think about Malcolm Healy from the second I saw my husband in the hallway of our house telling me to pack some clothes while he got the Passports organised, until the moment I saw him in the Café in my building at work a two weeks later.

I guess it was out site out of mind, well if it was it wasn’t out of mind now. The things was, with Healy I could never tell if he was watching me or not which was another thing that made me interested in him and once again I found that interest enthused. This time it was he who ignored me as I walked so close to him, he couldn’t help but notice me. For the rest of the week I looked out for him but didn’t see him. Friday night I was out on the town with Susan who knowing me just too well it took her less than half an hour to work out why I was looking this way and that.  Looking me straight in the eye she told me “Susan you are fucking crazy if you start playing around again this time, he’ll fucking kill you when he finds out and he will find out believe me and I don’t want anything to do with it.” My best friend then stormed out of the pub without a backward glance and I followed her if only to placate her which I tried and failed to do. As we drove off in a taxi Malcolm Healy drove in to the pub car park and Susan saw him and gave him a two-finger wave, clearly my best friend had more sense than I did.

When it happened, it happened quickly so fast I didn’t realise it had until it was too late. I had not seen him to speak to since before my half term trip to Florida and I was a little surprised to see him stood at the doorframe of my office one Wednesday just before lunch and I was up to my ears in work. As I glanced up, he spoke straight away to me “That wasn’t very nice of Susan to give me two fingers like that I take it she doesn’t like me” it was more a statement than a question. I didn’t answer I just told him I was too busy and as much as I’d love to talk to him, I just didn’t have the time. He invited me for lunch with him but yet again I told him I didn’t have time. “In that case meet me outside the lift on U1 this building at 1.30 and I will show you something.” I gestured for him to get out and he went.

The buildings at the company had floor numbers all in the same way and the lifts went from U1 or underground floor 1 up to F10 or floor 10 if there were 15 floors above ground then the top floor would be F15. Our building had two underground floors however; the lift didn’t go to the lowest level as I was soon about to find out. I wasn’t going to meet him at 1.30 just like I had no intention of going back to meet Toby and Steve for the second time or shave my pubic hair off for my second meeting with my husband no way.

When I walked out of the lift and onto Underground Floor 1 he was standing there with a smug smile on his face. He reached out and took my hand and as I was about to speak he put his finger onto his lips in a gesture as if to tell me to be quiet and he led me in silence towards a staircase which led to the unused Underground Floor 2. The whole floor smelt like damp concrete and he led me underneath the stairwell and pulled me to him. He kissed me full on the mouth and I didn’t protest nor did I speak. I felt his hand going up my skirt and automatically opened my legs which by this time it was instinctive for me. Breaking away from kissing me he smiled as he reached my stocking tops and using his body to push me against the wall one hand finding the gusset of my knickers the other unbuttoning my blouse. Soon his fingers were inside me and his lips sucking on my exposed nipples first one then the other.

Then he stopped pulled his fingers out of my cunt turned me around and pushed me towards the back of the stairwell bending me over so I had to grip the rail to stop falling. He lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers to one side and rammed into me and fucked me hard squeezing each of my tits, in turn, changing hands as he did. No finesse or technique just hard savage fucking that is all it was and I was coming almost straight away. The power and aggression were remarkable and I was soon coming a second and then a third time before he gripped me by the hips and grunted as he jerked his cock deep into me as he came.
The only thing I could hear was my own deep breathing still bent over gripping the rails his hands still gripping me by the hips and I didn’t have the strength to speak or to move. After quite a few minutes he spoke to me his cock still inside me. “Stockings and a shaved pussy I wasn’t expecting that” then “You like your cock don’t you?” I gave a little giggle and nodded my head. It was then he started to fuck me again slowly at first and then faster and harder until I was coming over and over. Again he came inside me, in the same way, pulling me hardback by the hips as his cock was deep inside me.
He made a couple of comments I can’t remember if I ever took them in if the first place. Finally, he pulled out of me and I stood up straight. It was then I noticed the size of his cock not quite in the Franklin Franklyn league but the boy was hung and he saw me admiring it. “You like?” and I nodded. Putting his hand on my shoulders he said: “Then why don’t you get down on your knees and suck it for a while?” I did just that tasting myself and his come as I sucked and licked it on my knees. Once he’d had enough, he told me to get up. He told me that he had some work to do it was 2.15 but he should be finished at 4 so he told me to meet him there in the same place at 4.15. I told him I was far too busy but he just smiled at me. In the lift he told, “I know you will be there at 4.15 and not only will you be there you will leave your knickers and bra off as well, in fact, you will bring them with you and hand them to me, OK?” I didn’t answer him I just got out of the lift at my floor and walked out without looking at him.
Before going back to my office I went to the ladies toilets and took stock of myself. My skirt and blouse were crinkled my blouse was misbuttoned, clearly, I was in a hurry to fasten it up and my lipstick was a mess. I quickly repaired as much as I could and went back to my office closed the door and put up an “In a teleconference” sign and then I sat down and felt the damp patch as his cum leaked into my gusset.
Hanna one of my longest friends once told me that “If you fuck somebody who is married or with somebody else once that is a mistake but if you fuck them twice that is stupid and if you fuck them three times that is an affair.” I had pondered if what had just happened was a mistake or stupid and he’d fucked me twice but did it count as just one? I didn’t feel guilty at all which was surprising or was it as I’d not felt it either with Jolly Rodger or Clive De Freitas for that matter. At 4 pm I looked at the clock on the wall and again at 4.10. I moved in my chair took off my knickers and put them in my jacket pocket. I then unclipped my bra at the back slid my arms out of it and slid it off and out. I then stood up put some more lipstick on squirted some breath freshener into my mouth and walked out of my office to start my third affair.

It felt exciting going down in the lift to U1 but when the door opened, he wasn’t there. Remembering that he said to meet him there which was on U2 I walked down the stairs to the unused floor but again he wasn’t there just the evidence of our last meeting in the form of spots of his cum dried in the dust on the concrete floor where it had dripped out of me. It turned 4.30 and I was about to leave with a sense of inconvenience when the door to the stairs opened and he strolled through it. Without speaking he walked up to me and put his hand straight up my skirt and instinctively my legs parted and his fingers found my cunt.

He smiled at me and called me a “Good girl” as a comment on me having taken off my knickers. I put my hand in my pocket and held them up and he took them off me and put them in his. I stood back from him and unbuttoned my blouse and he smiled to see I was braless and held out his hand for my bra which he put in his pocket as well one-handed as his other hand never left my cunt. I pulled up my shirt and gestured over to the place he’d fucked me a couple of hours earlier and he took his fingers out of me and followed me over where I bent and gripped the same railings as before.
The reason he was late he told me was that he had to go to his car and get something and as I felt the too-familiar cold touch of Vaseline being applied to my arse hole. I tried to protest I didn’t want anal I wanted it in my cunt I wanted to feel good. It was then he hit me for the first time a hard slap on my backside and he told me not to be stupid and that slap was as hard as any I’d experienced. He worked his finger deep into my arse first one then another then a third and made the comment “I know guys who have fucked you in the arse bitch and I can tell your no stranger to be arse fucked, you slut” of course he was correct on both counts. I groaned as he fucked me slowly at first holding me down with one hand and rubbing my clit with the other. As he speeded up and pushed deeper into my arse he rubbed harder and faster and I came like an express train. He kept on fucking me but stopped rubbing me telling me to “Rub your clit you slut” which I was happy to do and I came twice before he emptied himself into me and stepped back to admire his efforts.

I hate the taste of Vaseline or maybe I should say the feel of it most of all in my mouth which was exactly where, like a lot of men, he put his cock straight after “bumming” me. After I cleaned him he told me that he was going to keep the underwear as his trophy and that he had to go but he’d see me tomorrow and that he thought he’d be able to teach me a thing or two and I’d enjoy it and with that he smiled at me and told me to “Wear something shorter tomorrow.” As I walked to the ladies once more, I could feel his cum once more leaking out of me and down my leg, it made me feel good.

The next day I arrived at work having dropped off my children wearing the shortest skirt I thought I could get away with. It was so short I had to wear hold-ups instead of stockings and suspenders I also wore a baggy jumper to hide the fact I was braless although a modest 34b I still didn’t want to be talked about. Looking back this was a totally stupid thing after all if I moved to fast, you’d see my knickers so worrying about my tits was utterly ridiculous. Which getting into this situation in the first place wasn’t the only thing.

I waited at my desk like a schoolgirl by the phone waiting for him to make an appearance or ring me which he didn’t. Then almost when I’d forgotten about him (almost) in the internal mail I got a message from him all it said was the number of a building completely at the opposite end of the site and the words “2 pm use the back door. Take off your knickers. Walk there, no coat.” I looked out of the window it was not raining that was one thing but it was winter and bloody cold and that building were almost a mile away and the wind was blowing half the site would get a flash of my arse. With this in mind, I thought to myself why the hell should I and I sent it back with a message telling if he wanted to see me come to my building U2 at 2.30pm. I was waiting for him at 2.20 and until 3.20 and he didn’t show and so I went back to my office and went home early.
The next day after a bad night sleep I went to work in the same routine and parked in the same place with my car registration painted on the floor and walked through the same door into the same office and without asking my PA brought me a coffee white no sugar just like she always did. I had a team leadership meeting at 11 am so I was dressed for it in a classic two-piece Dior suit with a tight knee-length skirt. It was going to be a busy day for me and I wouldn’t see my office again until I was about to go home.
When I did see my office I grabbed my coat and left it was 4 pm and I was tired out as I got to my car there was a note under the wiper it was from Malcolm Healy it said “Tonight The Bellows at 9 dress like a slut not like Mrs Business lady, last chance” I thought the cheeky bastard last chance indeed. The Bellows is a well-known pub in the next town it had gone from being a nice place to being a little rough, to say the least and back in these times to be a trendy place to go and eat. However; at this period, it was at its roughest which I was about to find out.   

 I had intended to go out with Susan and Tina and I fully intended to do so right up until I was getting dressed to go out. I had taken a bath and shaved my cunts just in case Susan was in a playful mood. I lay some clothes out on the bed and looked down at them and then I remembered the way I used to dress for BBC and I changed my mind and rang Susan and told her I wasn’t very well, she didn’t believe me she knew what I was up to but didn’t say a word.

I arrived outside The Bellows and sat in my car until 8.55 before I had the courage to get out and go inside. I walked in and looked around for him in all three bars and he wasn’t in any of them and there I was in a strange rough pub dressed like a slut complete with fishnet stockings and a see-through top my tits clearly on view. The Armani bag was my one consolation to myself I went to the bar and asked for a drink sod the driving my nerves were on edge. At 9.30 I said to myself Susan time to get out as a fight started in one of the other bars and I was getting just a little too much attention from some of the drinkers.

Just as I was ready to go Malcolm Healy walked in with another man, I didn’t know who looked like a little Ferret or some film bad man’s sidekick even before he spoke I took a dislike to him as his eyes went straight to my tits and didn’t leave there. He made no apology for being late or even mentioned it he just sat down and handed me a £5 note and told me to get him and his friend a beer and to hurry up. At the bar, I could feel his (Malcolm) and the man I’d come to call Ferret eyes all over me and for that matter most of the bar as well.

When I got back to them, I was introduced to Ferret whose real name was Arthur but liked to be called Tony and he told Ferret that I was his “office fuck” and told me that Ferret has seen me in action with Susan fucking in a pub years ago. I actually blushed when Ferret said he remembered it well because I had a shaved fanny only to be told “She still does the slut” they both laughed. Then Malcolm asked the Ferret something that shocked and embarrassed me “You ever fuck Susan Tony?” Tony the Ferret looked at me and shook his head and I didn’t know to be relieved or not because let’s face it back in those days I could have done and never remembered doing it. Then the Ferret said something along the lines of “I never got to her but I have fucked her mate Susan a couple of times she is great fuck” and then Malcolm told him “Well you never know I may let you fuck Susan one day.” I wasn’t too pleased with that comment and told him so asking him “Who the hell do you think you are?” and got up to walk out. He stopped me by grabbing my arm and shouted at me to “Sit the fuck down you bitch” and I did.

The thought of this being some type of romantic exciting and mutually beneficial affair was quickly disappearing although I was just too stupid to realise that or that there had ever been a chance. I have said before that we women are brought up with some strange notion of finding Mr Right and living happily ever after, maybe I was still looking for that but I wasn’t going to get it not from Malcolm Healy. So why did I start this affair and why did I continue it as a lot of things I had done I didn’t, maybe if you have a reason, you’d let me know.
 That first night on my own with him without Susan or Tina in tow ended with me driving him to his house from the rough pub I’d met him in. Tony the Ferret lived next door to him with his teenage daughter who was out enjoying herself. The Ferret was a single parent whose wife had left him a few years before leaving him with the daughter to bring up on his own. I was to learn that the ex-wife was, in fact, somebody I’d gone to school with all be it she was a few years ahead of me, clearly, her bad taste in men was something that got better with age.
Malcolm told the Ferret that he was going to take me upstairs and fuck me but he was welcome to stay and have a few beers if he wanted and with that he got hold of my wrist and pulled me upstairs, with the Ferret standing at the bottom of the stairs getting a cheap thrill from seeing my naked arse and whatever else he could get an eyeful of. The sex that first night was rough hard, downright dirty and awesome. He was a powerful man with a big cock and he was as fit as a butcher’s dog plus he knew how to use it. I learned something that first time and that was and that was he’d always want three-hole sex and I’d end up leaking his cum out of my arse.


The pattern was soon developed I’d drop the children off at school then drive to his house for the first sex of the day. Without any foreplay often without saying a single word he’d bend me over the kitchen table kick my feet apart lift up my skirt or dress if I hadn’t myself and fuck me in the cunt and then the arse, either wiping his cock on the inside of my dress or making me suck it clean. The second helping of sex was at 11 am dependent on if he was busy or not and it would take place under the stairwell in my building on floor U2. The third would be at his house which was only a quarter of an hour from work and again it would involve the kitchen table.

The fourth would be after work again at his house this time we’d go to his bedroom and he’d have me naked apart from my stockings and fuck me on the bed, before sending home to my children as he liked to put it. Then on a Friday night, he’d make me go to his house before I went out with Susan to fuck me and send me out dripping his cum from my arse. If he got fed upon his night out, he’d ring me and I’d have to make an excuse and leave Susan to go to him. He liked doing that as he thought it would ruin her night which it did.
It was interesting that he was obsessed with Susan and me fucking in the pub all those years before and used to call me his “little lesbian” which I told him I wasn’t at all it was just a one-off. He didn’t believe it of course mainly because he chose not to and he preferred to think of me as his little lesbian. So, obsessed that he began asking me and then telling me to get Susan to fuck with me which I told him was so unlikely that hell would freeze over before that happened. Mainly because Susan hated him because she thought that he was going to be bad for me and secondly, she liked people to forget that ever happened. I neglected to say that we’d repeated it hundreds of times since and we’d be doing it for years to come.

His remedy for this was to watch me with other women the first one he had in mind was his ex-wife who he still saw from time to time. This would happen he told me but it may take some time to get her to agree but she would in the end. The second was the girl who lived next door his friends Ferret Tony’s daughter who was seventeen years-old. The secret he told me was the fact that he was “Fucking the pair of them” and “had a hold on them” again this proved to be very true.

Hanna the daughter of the Ferret was a slight little girl who he told me he’d been “doing” for about 18 months and I was to find out he was also “doing” her mother for a few years before she left Ferret which was a much longer-term arrangement. The one thing about Malcolm Healy was that he never held back anything about himself if anything he liked bragging about his conquests saying he only fucked married women or teenagers. He also went on to say he’d be more interested in Susan if she was still married, fucking other men’s wives he told him made him feel good because he didn’t have to put up with them if they got on his nerves.

His ego I thought wasn’t unattractive at all I saw it as self-confidence which I actually liked in him. He’d often tell me how he’d fucked this woman or that including a couple I knew giving me intimate details of their performance and of course his. The downside of this was he also wanted to know about my sexual history and once gave me a piece of paper and a pen and told me to list the men who’d fucked me. I had to lie about it missing out years of my life and any mention of S&M or BBC although I did make the mistake of telling I’d posed for people at my home. He knew all about Clive De Freitas as they had been friends at one point. He also knew about my two tormenters Toby and Steve and what had happened to them both which he pointed out to me “If your husband thinks he can do the same to me as he did to those two losers he’d better think again.” I didn’t like to think about it at all.
I met Hanna one night when I was summoned to go to his house on one of the rare occasions, he rang my home phone number telling me to get to his house right away. Not knowing what to expect I made an excuse to my son and left him to look after his sleeping sister. When I got to his place, he was wearing a dressing gown and nothing else and Hanna was sat in a pair of knickers and a T-shirt clearly, he’d just been fucking her and I was so, so jealous. He introduced Hanna as his “little girl fuck slut” which made her giggle and me as his “Office fuck and married slut Susan” to which she said “hi Susan” and waved I just nodded not knowing what to say. Hanna was a slip of a girl tiny just under 5’ tall and could have easily been mistaken for twelve or thirteen-years-old.

He went on to tell me that Hanna had agreed to “put on a little lezzy show with you and I thought it would be good if we got to know each other better, right away.” In other words, he wanted me to leave my kids on their own and come and perform a lesbian act with a girl I didn’t know and when I asked him that he looked at me as if I was stark raving mad and nodded and said to me “Well?” I wanted to tell him to fuck off and turn around and storm out but all I could do was timidly say “Now?” it was less of a question and more a plea not to do it but all he did was to scream at me “Now bitch” and took a step towards me menacingly I quivered and Hanna giggled.

He looked at me and then took me by my hair and swung me around and down on the floor shouting at me to “get fucking stripped bitch” I took one glance at him and the look on his face and pulled my top off and then my jogging bottoms and stood there naked head bowed. Hanna was giggling like the little schoolgirl she was as I was soon to find out. I stood there naked I didn’t know what to do I was stone clod sober as well and normally Susan or the other woman took the lead, I felt stupid and that is what he screamed at me “Stupid bitch, lick her out.” I walked over to Hanna who was on the sofa and reach down and pulled her gusset to one side and pushed her legs open not looking once at her face. Reaching down she took her gusset away from me holding it off her cunt and I went down on her and licked at her cunt.

She smelt of sweat and cum, hers and his and clearly, I was right he had been fucking her, I licked and she started to groan. I felt her hands on my head holding me down to her it wasn’t something I was a stranger to as both Alison and Susan used to do it to me. I wasn’t enjoying this as much as I did with either of them. When he told us to stop I was relieved although she still held me by the hair and in place until he told her to “get your fucking clothes off” once naked which took her seconds he ordered us to give him a full show he wanted “kissing, tit sucking fingering and fucking the fucking lot” he didn’t just want it he demanded it. The trouble was my experience was with women were I’d always taken the placid role and she was inexperienced but following his instructions he got what he wanted and he fucked us both before telling me to “Fuck off back to your kids.” He told me the next day at his house that I’d better get used to Hanna as I’d be seeing a lot more of her.

The first time he really hit me was at work slapping hard across the face it was down in the basement under the stairwell on U2. I don’t remember why he slapped me but it bruised my face and made me cry instantly he was shouting at me and my ears were ringing so much I couldn’t hear him properly. I think it was the shock more than anything he left me there crying and walked off I didn’t know what to do and it took me over an hour to compose myself. When I did manage to dress (he’d taken to stripping me naked as it added to the risk) and clean myself up and walk up the stairs to the lift on U1. Then when I got to my floor, I found I’d been missing for a couple of hours and people were searching for me. I had to make some excuse up and go home and I didn’t go into work the next day or the day after that.

He didn’t contact me at all no phone calls on my mobile, work or house phone no text messages nothing. The more I thought about it my feelings changed at first, I was shocked and then I was angry but in the end, I felt ashamed for some reason, yes I felt ashamed. That is a true description of it I felt ashamed and ashamed of myself and I’d never let that happen to me again.  I was off work with flu and as a lot of my co-workers would be on the town Friday night, I persuaded Susan and Tina to come to my house rather than being seen and out of the blue Alison, my sister joined us. She’d had a huge row with her husband and wanted a shoulder to cry on all three of them notice my bruised face not one of them spoke about it.
Monday morning still bruised but not as shaken I took myself off to work, I threw myself into catching up on what I’d missed and I closed my door to stop unwanted guests. My face was still sore but the makeup was covering the bruise. I was as nervous as a kitten all day and I expected him to try and walk into my office at any time and I had my PA ready to stop anybody who tried but he didn’t. As I climbed into my car later that day and sat behind the wheel, I saw his note under the wiper blade. I drove off with it still there hoping it would blow away, it didn’t of course and at home, I took it off and threw it unread into the bin.
Later that night after being nervous all night I wanted to know what was in the note, in fact, I was desperate to know and at 11.30pm I found myself in my dressing gown outside going through the bin. It took me a while wading through the rest of the rubbish and I had the dog sniffing around me wanting to know what the fuss was about. When I found it I took it inside and out of its envelope all it said was “Be in U2 at 11 tomorrow if you want my big cock up you” I ripped the note up but I knew I’d be there because I did want his big cock up me and we both knew I did.
The fucking he gave me the next day was mind-blowing in its savagery and longevity lasting almost an hour and when he’d finished, I could hardly stand and my holes ached as did my back and arms even my hands as I held onto the rail of the stairwell. As I looked down still holding onto the rail, I could see his cum mixed with mine on the floor as well as feel it leaking out of me. He didn’t mention hitting me and he never would but I knew it was going to happen again; perhaps I deserved it for being a slag or The Slag.

The next day I was back knocking on his back door at 8.15 the same as I had almost since this affair had started. This time the door was answered by Hanna and she was naked and I was instantly jealous. He had clearly just finished fucking her and was dressing to go to work he just gave me a look more a smirk than a smile and I turned and left them too it. All the same I was waiting for him at U2 just as he knew I’d be and I even considered stripping naked which was fortunate I didn’t because a security guy came in asking me what I was doing there and I told him I was waiting to be shown around the floor to see if it was useful to my department he didn’t believe me and Malcolm Healy never turned up.

However; he did ring on my mobile telling me he wanted to see me at his house at 9 that evening and when I told him I’d not be able to get a sitter he was not too pleased. I rang everybody I knew but I couldn’t get a sitter and again I had to trust my son to sit and left them at 8.45 knowing that they would be perfectly safe, which they were and made my way to my lover's house.
When I called at Malcolm’s house I always parked at the back and made my way on foot to his back door. That was so nobody could see me going in or out for obvious reasons the main one being I had a brother who lived a short distance away on the same road. This time I wasn’t able to park in my normal place and so I had to park some distance away and just about managed to be knocking on his back door at 9 pm. As normal he opened the locked door himself let me in and the locked it again as he always did as he was paranoid about unwanted guests.
In the living room, I found out why it was full of men looking around I counted five of them one of which was the Ferret I thought to myself it was going to be a gangbang but Malcolm told me to go upstairs. Hanna was in the bedroom dressed in cheap underwear out of some mail-order catalogue minus knickers her unkempt brush on view but complete with a peep-hole bra the nipples of her tiny tits sticking through the holes. She was nervous which made me nervous and I asked her what was going on to which she told me “We are going to put a show on for Malcolm’s friends together” she looked at me and then said “Hadn’t you better get ready?” to say I was shocked was a understatement I just stood there dumbfounded.
It was a state I wasn’t in for long and when I told Malcolm I wasn't doing it I again saw the look in his eyes I’d seen before prior to him hitting me. Hanna saw it too and told him I wasn’t dressed for it because he’d not told me about it. The look went and he told me to “Get fucking naked then you stupid bitch” I did and quickly. He went and shouted up the stairs when he wanted his “show” he shouted up the stairs for us. I was nervous but little Hanna was visibly shaking the poor little thing she looked so small and tiny.
The jeers and cheers that greeted us her dressed in her cheap underwear and me naked, almost brought her to tears. Although totally naked I felt as if I had to protect the girl and so I turned around and pulled her to me and kissed on the mouth and kicked her legs apart to get her bushy cunt just as so many men had done to me. Unlike me, she wasn’t wet and so I lowered her to the makeshift mattress made from blankets and bed quilts on the floor in front of our audience and lowered my head to her cunt. She stopped trembling as I parted her lips and licked her cunt, slowly I heard her groan and then her hands reached down and gripped my head.
Our performance lasted about three-quarters of an hour there was the odd time a hand reached out and groped one of us and there were plenty of comments. One kind soul handed Hanna his empty beer bottle and told her to “Fuck the bald bitch with it” she looked at me and I opened my legs for her and faked an orgasm as she pushed it into me. That brought an end to it and I took Hanna by the hand and led her away and back upstairs. Without being told to I dressed back into my jeans and T-shirt and told Hanna to do the same but she told me she was staying the night.
First, the Ferret came into the room and made some comment about nice to see me licking cunt again. I asked him if he got a cheap thrill at seeing his daughter having sex with another woman? Only for him to look at her and tell me “Yes it does as a matter of fact” and I hated him even more. Then Healy came in and asked what was going on and I told him I was off as I had children and no baby sitter. I could see he wasn’t happy but I was still going and he was less pleased when I asked Hanna “Don’t you have school in the morning?” I was told by the Ferret to mind my own business and Malcolm told me to fuck off to my kids and her to go downstairs and entertain his friends. As for me he’d see me in the morning and gave me a smile.
The fucking he gave me the next morning was great as was the rest of the fucking he gave me the rest of the times he fucked me. In fact, the sex was always great and it was all I could think about the sex and to a point the adventure plus to some point I suspect I was flattered as well that he was interested in me. They say that hindsight is always a good thing but the trouble is at the time you don’t have a magic mirror to tell you what to do and this was the time that if they existed that I needed one.

To be continued......

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