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Tanya - Part 2, Revelation

Extreme, F, f, M+, Real Life, Domination, Humiliation, Pain, Rape, Sadism, Scat, Water Sports, Non-Consensual

It was three days later, although she had no idea, when her ordeal in the dungeon ended. A guard came as usual but instead of tormenting her, he untied her wrists from the ring in the wall, yanked her to her feet, and told her to follow him. She tried, but after so long cramped on the floor her legs were weak and she could barely stand, especially in her pretty sandals that she had chosen in another lifetime. She staggered against the wall, taking tiny steps. He punched her in the belly, hard, and she collapsed gasping for breath. He kicked her, and told her to stop screwing about and get on with it. Terrified of being shut up in the cell again if she didn't obey, she somehow dragged herself to her feet and tottered along the corridor behind him. She hadn't eaten in nearly a week, she was dehydrated and thirsty, and the effort of walking made her dizzy.

She managed to stagger through the maze of dark, dank passages in the basement, until they arrived in a big room. It was brightly lit and at first she was so dazzled she could see nothing. Then a voice got her attention. It was the Master.

"Glad to see you back with us, Tanya my dear. Sorry to keep you waiting so long. I hope you were comfortable and well treated."

Well treated? Despite her weakness she exploded in anger. "What the fuck's going on? What do you think you're doing? Have you got any idea how your men have treated me?" And so on. He listened to her for a moment, amused. Then he gestured to the guard who was standing beside her, who punched her in the belly again. She crumpled in an agonised heap on the floor, barely able to breathe.

"I admire a woman with spirit, I really do. But you must learn to listen, and to be polite when people are talking to you. Now stand up properly, don't slouch about on the floor like a spoiled kid." The guard yanked her to her feet again. Her belly hurt and her legs were trembling with the effort of standing after so long cramped in her cell.

"I expect you're wondering why you're here? Well, it's simple really. We're going to teach you a bit of humility, and how to behave yourself properly. Which, from what I hear, you need pretty badly." She started to protest again, but the guard covered her mouth with his big, dirty hand. "Keep quiet, like I told you. It's in your own interest, I'll show you why in a minute. So, we'll teach you some humility. And then we'll keep you here for our amusement, and to punish you for your mistakes and your stupid arrogance. You'll learn what suffering is all about. You'll feel pain that very few people ever feel these days - you should consider yourself lucky. You'll serve as a terrible example to others, and we'll have a lot of pleasure watching you. Eventually, after a few months, you'll be so broken, mentally and physically, that you'll be no use for anything to anyone, not even as a fuck-toy or just to be beaten for fun. Do you understand... you can just nod your head."

She was shocked. She didn't believe what she was hearing. They couldn't possibly get away with this, even in whatever country they were in there must be some kind of laws and police and so on... mustn't there? And what about Carlos? Why had they chosen her for this? She started to protest, but before she'd even opened her mouth she saw the guard clench his fist. She didn't think she could stand another punch like that, so she clamped her lips again, and just nodded meekly. She knew that Carlos would sort these bastards out, she just had to stay strong until then.

"That's better. See, you can behave properly if you try. So, when you're completely broken and useless, then finally we'll put you to death. We'll put you death in a way that is spectacular and unbelievably painful, as a final amusement for us and a final lesson for you. Nobody uses the old ways any more, which is a shame. We're trying to revive them, just like people who enact old festivals and that kind of thing. Except it's much more enjoyable, at least for the audience. Lately we've had a crucifixion, and an impalement, and a dismemberment, a roasting alive... we haven't skinned anyone alive for a while, maybe that'll be your destiny. Or maybe something else, we'll decide nearer the time.

"I know what you're thinking, this can't possibly be true, there must be laws against it. Well, of course there are, but you know, laws don't always work quite the way they're meant to. You're thinking, they can't possibly get away with it. But we do, you see."

The Master was not alone. There were two guards, including the one who had brought her. More surprisingly, there was a beautiful, elegant woman, about the same age as the master. She was wearing tight black leather trousers, black stiletto boots, a simple white silk shirt. What was she doing here, Tanya asked herself. She was used to brutality from men, even if until now it had never been aimed at her, but how could a woman be part of something so evil?

Then another creature appeared. It was the same maid who had served her, all that time ago when she was still a beautiful woman, before her descent into Hell. Now though she was naked, apart from the same painfully high heels. Tanya was shocked to see her body. She was painfully thin, with her ribs and hipbones sticking out, and her flesh was just a mass of bruises and wounds. Blood was oozing from her skin in several places. Her limp had got even worse, and the expression on her distorted face showed that every step was a painful effort for her. Her tits looked more like pulp than human flesh, just a mass of raw, bloody tissue, and blood was trickling down her legs from her cunt. Her face was a mess too. One of her ears was missing, and she was mostly bald with raw patches on her scalp. She hobbled over to where Tanya was standing. The closer she got, the more horrified Tanya was by the state of her body. Where her nipples should be were just open wounds, as if they'd been ripped from her body - which indeed they had. There were fingers missing from both her hands. The Master spoke again.

"Now Tanya, it looks as though you haven't been a very clean girl. In fact, you stink. You'll have to learn to keep better control of yourself. You've already met this lovely maiden, and now she'll help clean you up."

At that, the maid undid Tanya's jeans and pushed them down to her thighs, along with her tights. Suddenly the stink, of rotting shit several days old mixed with rotting piss, was much, much worse. Tanya gagged, and so did the maid, but she didn't pause even for an instant. She took a handful of the putrid mess and plopped it into Tanya's beautiful hair, rubbing it deep into her scalp, just like a hairdresser shampooing her hair. She did this over and over again, taking fresh handfuls. Sometimes her hands slipped around Tanya's face, smearing the filth into her eyes, up her nose and into her mouth. She smeared it on her belly and her tits too, so that soon Tanya was just a dirty brown mess, with a terrible smell. Her elegantly-coiffed hair was now just a thick, heavy, stinking mass.

"There, I'm sure that'll be a lot more comfortable for you. And the colour so suits your eyes, especially now that they're covered in shit too. But your poor maid has got it all over her hands now. You'll have to help her clean them up." And the maid pressed her filth-covered hands to Tanya's mouth. "Lick her hands clean, come on, show some gratitude before we have to punish you again."

Tanya had already learned that it was better to do as she was told, so reluctantly she put her tongue and lips to the maid's dirty, deformed hands. The taste was awful, worse than she could ever have imagined, and she had trouble swallowing, but she did the best she could, and despite gagging and retching several times she did manage to get the worst of it off.

"Now, we can't keep calling you Tanya, can we? We like to personalise all our guests here and give them names that are just between all of us here. Don't we, Chatty?" Tanya had no idea who this meant, but the maid nodded her head. "I think 'Shithead' would be a very appropriate name for you, don't you? Please do tell me if you disagree with me."

By now Tanya was terrified. She was mortified by the name, but she didn't dare disagree. She shook her head and started to weep. Maybe they really could do all they were threatening.

"Good, I'm glad about that. Let's just be sure, though, tell me your new name."

"My name is... Shithead." She started to cry.

"Very good, Shithead, why don't you tell us a few words about yourself, why you think your new name suits you so well."

She tried to speak, she really did, but she was crying so hard and anyway she just couldn't think what to say. For the first time she felt the crop on her tits, hard strokes on one and then the other. She screamed in pain.

"Now come on, don't be shy, it's a lovely name and it suits you so well and we'd love to know more about you. Keith doesn't mind helping you, maybe even prompting you a bit, do you Keith?"

The guard nearest her spoke up. "Come on Shithead, you stupid cunt, tell the Master what he wants to hear before I whack your tits right off." And he gave her another couple of strokes.

"I... my name is Shithead, 'cos my head is covered in shit, it's my new name, I like being called Shithead. I... I shit in my pants, and now my hair is full of my shit, and it stinks... I stink, I'm disgusting, I'm Shithead." That was all between sobs, and each time she hesitated Keith rewarded her with another painful stroke on her tits. But when she got that far she just broke down and couldn't say any more.

"That's very good, Shithead, it's very touching to know more about you and why you like your new name. It would be nice if Chatty told you about her name and where it came from, wouldn't it Chatty? Go on, tell her."

The maid opened her mouth but what came out wasn't a human sound, but a hoarse whisper mixed with a gargling kind of noise. Tanya - or Shithead - was so startled that she looked up, and saw that Chatty's lips weren't moving normally, they were flopping about in a very strange and frightening way. Maybe she was, well, retarded?

"Well, Chatty's a bit shy now, and she doesn't express herself very well. She didn't used to be like that, did you Chatty?" She shook her head miserably, shuffling on her evidently painful feet. "When she first came here she used to chat away all the time, always a bit of lip when she was told what to do, and always nattering on about nothing in particular. In fact that's why she came here in the first place, just yakking too much and saying things she shouldn't. Then one day she just stopped talking, and now she never says anything to anyone, even when I let her. Chatty, show Shithead why you don't talk so much these days, show her everything."

So Chatty the maid stepped closer to Tanya. She opened her mouth wide, and with her shit-covered fingers she held her lips open. With horror Tanya saw that her lips had been cut through, at each corner and then twice at the top and at the bottom. Instead of forming a ring like normal lips, there were just six loose, floppy bits of flesh, that she couldn't control. But it got worse. There was something strange inside her mouth, and when Tanya looked closely, she saw that the poor girl had no tongue, just a little stump at the back of her mouth.

"She just talked so much that we had to help her keep quiet, so we chopped her tongue out and snipped her lips. But she still made a racket, she screamed like nobody's business and kept crying all the time. Drove us all nuts, we like a bit of peace. So we used a long pair of surgical scissors and snipped her vocal cords too. So now all she can do is gargle and whisper. It's much more peaceful for us, and it's better for Chatty too because she doesn't get punished any more for speaking out of turn. Isn't it, Chatty, much nicer for you?"

She nodded miserably. Well, that explained why she hadn't said anything when Tanya spoke to her, and she must have been terrified too. What an awful story, and what an awful thing to happen to this poor, disfigured girl. She could never lead a normal life again. But then Tanya remembered... maybe Chatty would die in here, and maybe she would too.

"It makes it difficult for her to eat, though, that's why you had to lick her hands clean just now. And worst of all, she can't scream any more. It's very satisfying, listening to someone scream as you torture them. Watch." As he finished speaking, a guard grabbed Chatty from behind and pinioned her arms. Then the Master advanced towards her with a lighter in his hand. He lit it, holding it under the bloody remains of her breast. She struggled violently and threw her head back, floppy-lipped mouth open wide, but the only noise was a kind of rasping hiss, not very loud at all. He took the lighter away and her head dropped as she sobbed silently. Then he applied it to the remains of her other breast, and the same thing happened. The guard released her and she fell in a heap to the floor, moaning in her awful hoarse whisper.

"See, nothing at all. Very dull. Hardly worth bothering, it seems sometimes. This is what it should be like." The other guard grabbed Tanya, who started blabbering and pleading, "Please, no, oh my god no, please, don't..." The Master slapped her face hard and said, "Remember what happened to Chatty and never speak out of turn. Remember?"

Then he lit the lighter and held it under her pristine, unblemished, perfectly shaped right breast. The pain was awful, she'd never felt anything like it, but he didn't relent, just let the flame burn her tender flesh. She screamed, from the depths of her throat, an animal noise just like the ones she had heard during her captivity. He held the flame there for a long time, long enough for the burned flesh to start to bubble with fat and to char, then took it away. Her screams subsided quickly, replaced by sobs and whimpers.

"See, much more satisfactory. You'll be doing a lot of that while you're with us, Shithead, in fact you were rather quiet then and I'm sure that we'll make you louder than that. Keith rather enjoys it, don't you Keith?" The guard holding her nodded. His cock was rock hard under his filthy jeans. "He likes fucking girls while they scream. Let's see."

Keith unzipped his jeans and rammed his cock into Tanya's shit-filled cunt, without releasing his grasp of her arms. His thrusts excited her despite everything, but just when he was close to coming, the Master applied the flame to her breast again. Her head flew back and again she screamed, her whole body convulsing with the terrible pain. Quickly the guard came inside her, but only when he'd completely finished was the flame removed from her poor tit. He released her and she too collapsed to the floor, whimpering in agony. Contemptuously the guard kicked her ruined breast, hard, then stood back.

"Did you enjoy that, Keith?" He nodded again - even the guards never spoke unless told to. "Well, I expect you'll be having plenty of fun with Shithead then. Won't he, Shithead?" He too kicked her tit and her bottom, getting a smear of shit on his elegant shoe which he looked at in horror. "You filthy little creature, look what you've done to my shoe. You'd better lick it off quickly before it does any damage."

He held his shoe by her mouth, By now she was really crying, in pain and terror and humiliation. She didn't dare disobey, so she started to lick at the smear of rotten shit, swallowing as quickly as she could so she wouldn't puke.

"Good girl, that's much cleaner now. But I'm forgetting, you must be terribly hungry. It's a long time since you've eaten, and even then you didn't eat everything up, did you? It's terribly important to eat everything on your plate, because you just never know when you'll get a chance to eat again. Especially now you're here. And anyway, it's really quite rude to leave food that your host has gone to the trouble of preparing. We can forgive you this time. Luckily though we saved it for you, so you don't need to go hungry any longer."

Food at Last

Chatty, who had been forced to her feet and sent out, staggered painfully into the room carrying a tray which she placed on the floor

"Now Shithead, stand up and give Chatty a big kiss for being thoughtful enough to save all that good food you so thoughtlessly left. She could so easily have eaten it herself and nobody would have known, but she kept it just for you. Come on, stand up and give her a kiss."

Tanya stood, and pressed her perfect - so far - mouth to Chatty's hideously deformed face. It felt disgusting and yet she was ashamed of her emotions, as she felt the floppy remains of the maid's lips folding between her teeth and Tanya's own lips. Poor girl, what a terrible thing. Without thinking, she pushed her tongue into the broken mouth, feeling the stub of her hacked-off tongue wriggling inside. It made her feel sick but at the same time it made her feel tender towards this poor girl.

"OK Shithead, that's enough, now you can eat. Back down on your knees." Since the food was on the floor and her hands were still tied behind her back, Tanya had no choice but to kneel down and eat with her mouth like a dog. But what was in front of her was absolutely disgusting. There was a bowl of cereal. She hated cereal and milk and had naturally left it, but now the milk had curdled into a stinking lumpy mess. The egg she'd left had turned grey and the yolk was a slimy mess. Her dinner from that long-ago evening was a congealed pile of fat, grease and rotting vegetables, with a centrepiece of the dried-out fat and gristle that she'd so carefully cut from the meat. The fruit from her breakfast had fermented into a pungent, runny mess.

"Now this time Shithead, eat everything, I don't want you to leave any food at all, it's rude and it's not good for you either. Get your face down into it and eat up. Your rump is nicely displayed there, and I'm sure Keith will be happy to encourage you with the lighter on your pretty little cunt if you find it difficult. Won't you Keith?" Keith grinned in pleasure, his half-erect cock still protruding from his flies and hardening again at the idea. "Oh, and one other thing - that food isn't very fresh any more, which is another good reason to eat it all up first time around. If by any chance you should be sick, well that's pretty rude too, puking at your host's table. The only thing to do is to pretend not to notice and eat it all up again, like dogs do sometimes. Don't forget that, will you?"

So she pressed her face to the vile, rotten remains of her delicious meals. She was ravenously hungry after five days of starvation, and when she started with a piece of toast, which was completely dry but was otherwise reasonably wholesome, it was just good to get some food inside her. Even the dish of rancid butter was a welcome change from starvation. But after that it got worse. When she tried to chew a lump of dried-out, rancid gristle, it was too much and she retched. Luckily she didn't bring everything back up, but there was a dribble of puke over the food. Remembering what she'd been told, she licked it up quickly before she could think too much about what she was doing. Even so, her hesitation was enough for the guard to whack his crop into her exposed pussy, making her yelp.

Slowly, she managed to eat it all. Even the disgusting bowl of cereal, which she left until last, she managed to get down, trying to ignore the foul taste and the slimy, lumpy texture. Eventually it was all gone, and she hadn't puked again. Despite the awfulness of it, it was nice not to be starving again. The Master had left, but he returned as she finished. Poor Chatty was still standing painfully in a corner, shifting her weight from one painful leg to the other.

"There, I'm sure that feels better. You'll know for next time, won't you? But you can't just eat old food like that, it isn't good for you. You should have something fresh too." Tanya felt a surge of relief. Even if it wasn't very good, anything would be better than the foul taste which now filled her mouth and her belly. "You two, give both these girls something warm and fresh to eat. They deserve it now."

Whatever Tanya was expecting, it wasn't what happened next. The two guards undid their belts. One squatted in front of her, over the tray she'd just finished eating from, the other in front of Chatty, and they dropped their pants around their ankles. After a wait, each of them grunted and produced a little pile of shit. The stink, a few inches from Tanya's nose, was overwhelming, even worse than when she had shit in her pants. She gagged but managed not to puke.

"There, you couldn't hope for anything fresher than that, could you? And still piping hot, too. But before you tuck into it - and I'm sure you can't wait - it would be polite to clean up your generous servers, wouldn't it? Use your tongues girls - well, Shithead anyway, Chatty will just have to do her best with what she's got - and push them in nice and deep, I'm sure they don't want any mysterious stains on their underwear."

Poor Tanya was doubly horrified, firstly by the pile of shit in front of her, which she realised she would now be expected to eat, and then by the thought of licking her guard clean. But she knew better to hesitate, so she pushed her face into his soiled bottom, and her tongue into the dirty stains. It was horrible, bitter and foul, especially when she pushed her tongue right into his anus. She'd licked a man's anus before, she'd read in Cosmopolitan that it was a way to drive men wild, but that time he had been squeaky clean, straight out of the shower, and didn't taste of anything much at all. He hadn't liked it much, either, so she never tried again. This was different and awful, her tongue slithering round in the foul slimy shit. She choked and gagged but managed to get him clean. He stood up, yanked his trousers up, and kicked her. Then he put his boot on her head and pushed it down into his shit, squelching her mouth and nose into the pile. It went up her nose, into her eyes, and into her mouth. It was horrid beyond any imagination. It was a thousand times more bitter and disgusting even than when she had just licked him. Then the Master spoke again.

"Shithead! Don't be so greedy! I didn't mean you to start wolfing it down straight away! I know you're hungry for some fresh food but don't be such a glutton. Before you tuck in, I want you to watch Chatty eat hers, to see how hard it is for poor Chatty and why you should be careful not to end up the same way. Chatty, eat up!"

She did as she was told, pushing her useless lips into her warm treat. She could take a mouthful using her teeth, but without a tongue she couldn't swallow it. So she had to raise her shit-smeared face until her head was tipped back, shake her head around to make the mouthful go to the back, then with the remains of her tongue she could manage to swallow. She was used to eating shit, after the time she had spent here. When Chatty had swallowed a couple of mouthfuls, the Master told Tanya to carry on, and be sure to eat it all up.

She really tried. She took a mouthful but as she tried to swallow, her throat just refused to obey. She gulped but nothing happened. She tried harder and gagged painfully, but still didn't manage to swallow. Meanwhile the incredible bitterness overwhelmed her senses. She'd always been disgusted by the smell and the idea of shit, just like any normal person, but she had no idea that the reality was so awful. She managed to swallow a tiny bit, but she knew that if she swallowed any more she'd throw up. Then the Master spoke.

"Must be your first time, huh? It's difficult the first time, or so they say - can't say I've ever been tempted to try myself. But my girls here seem to enjoy it, don't they Chatty?" She nodded miserably, as usual. "Just take it slowly, a mouthful at a time, and try not to be sick. Then you'll just have to eat it all up again, and it's much nastier the second time round. Eh, Chatty?"

Gradually the turd softened in her mouth and she was able to swallow a little. Then she tried a bigger gulp, and the inevitable happened. Her guts just refused to take it, and with a painful heave she brought up most of the contents of her stomach, covering the pile of shit with creamy puke, the stink a mixture of the usual shit smell and all the rotten food she had just eaten. She burst into tears.

It took a long, long time before she had finished her extra little treat. When she eventually managed to swallow all her own puke, she still had the worst to deal with, the stinking turd produced by the guard. By taking things slowly, though, she managed to swallow it all. She was allowed to eat slowly but if she hesitated even for a moment, her cunt got another stroke from the crop. By the time she had licked the plate clean, her mouth and throat were burning from the puke and her pussy was on fire. And she felt sicker than she'd ever felt in her life, and miserable with self disgust. Her tit hurt her badly, too, from the burn.

The Master had been waiting patiently, and now he said, "There, that was good, wasn't it? Remember never to leave any food again. I'm glad you took the time to really savour it, though, so many of our guests are so hungry that they just wolf everything down without taking the time to appreciate it. But it's a good job you've finished, because we've still got plenty left to do. You haven't even had a beating yet. I suppose we'd better do that next."

The two guards held her tight over the table, and the Master beat her. Not just a few strokes like she'd had on her tits earlier, but a continuous flogging with a thick cane. The strokes came close together, so close that her muscles hadn't untensed from one before the next one came. She tried to be stoic, to show them they couldn't hurt her, but that only lasted for the first few strokes. After that she was howling and screaming, trying to beg for mercy but interrupted every time by the next stroke that felt like it would cut her in two. She had no idea how many strokes she received, after the first dozen she was aware only of the pain. She struggled terribly, even the two strong guards had trouble holding her steady under the relentless blows of the cane. When it eventually stopped, it took her several seconds to realise and to stop screaming. Her sobs and cries went on for a long time. Her bottom and thighs were just one huge dark red bruise, with blood oozing from the wounds.

"There, you'll be beaten like that all the time from now on, at least every day. And that's if you do behave, if you do all your work and chores perfectly, and quickly, and without messing anything up. Any silly mistakes, or little shows of defiance, and it'll be worse."

But she barely heard him. She hung limply, prevented from crumpling on the floor only by the guards' weight. He waited a while before continuing, until he could see that she was listening.

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