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Down Africa Way: The Continuing Adventures Of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer 5

Extreme, Heavy, F, F+, f, M, M+, Real Life, Sci Fi, Bondage, Domination, Enema, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Interracial, Latex, Leather, Lingerie, Pain, Rape, Rubber, Sadism, Sex Toys, Spanking, Submission, Non-Consensual

(Id like to acknowledge the great work by Trent Wolf in his “Domino” stories for the inspiration to pen this style of story  and a great fan Rollo T for his ideas and inspiration)

The Continuing adventures of Agent Suzzanne Midsummer 5



The black cab pulled to the kerb and the door swung open and an elegant leg followed by another stepped out onto the wet pavement.

“Thanks and keep the change” smiled Suzzanne as she paid the driver.

“Much obliged Miss” nodded the cabby sorry such a gorgeous fare was leaving his cab so soon, he watched for a moment as she tripped up the steps in the building her bottom wiggling enticingly under her pencil skirt. Inside the foyer Suzzanne approached the Security desk.

“Good Morning Miss Midsummer” beamed the elderly security man.

“Good Morning Mr Ford” she replied, Ford she knew was an ex royal marine and his grey hair and chins belied a man who could still handle himself in a fight.

“Ive got an appointment in R&D this morning, can you sign me in?”

“Yes Miss” and he produced a numbered security badge from behind the counter and swiped it through a machine before handing it to her.

“Thanks have a good day” and she turned to head for the lifts, “Oh Mr Ford is Control in yet?”

“Yes Miss, but I have to say he didnt look himself, right peaky he looked”

“Oh dear, perhaps I call on him when R&D have finished with me” and she tapped the lift call button.

A week before she had spent a day in the R&D dept. as they examined the nanotechnology she now carried.  Using the files she had recovered and information from Dr Baxter the inventor they had been able to “communicate” with her nanobots and had downloaded some instructions to them. The Scientists were unsure if it would have any effect but she was now back for further examination to see if they had been successful.

As the lift doors slid open she saw Dr Palmer the Department Head peering into a microscope and she headed for him.

Good Morning Dr Palmer, anything interesting down there?”

He looked up and smiled, “Hello again Agent Midsummer, how are you feeling, anything to report?”

She frowned, “Well I dont feel any different but some of my clothes dont fit anymore but my weight hasnt changed, so Im blaming you” and then her smile returned.

“Hmmmmm, Ok, well Ill tell you what Ill get Dr Dibb to give you a quick examination and then well continue with the physical test”

“Oh” she replied her smile disappearing.

“Whats the matter Agent Midsummer?” queried Palmer.

Dr Dibb was well known amongst the female staff at M.I.7 to the point he was known as “Dribbly Dibbly. A small tubby middle aged man he wore his lank hair in a greasy comb over. His glasses were like bottle bottoms and his touch like a handful of uncooked sausages, and that was the problem, he had an inclination to touch!  Add that to the ever present food stains on his tie, his halitosis and the fact he salivated when he talked you had some idea of how he got his nick name! However he was a brilliant scientist which is why he had survived in government service for so long.

“Oh nothing Dr Palmer, nothing”.

“Good, he is in Lab 2, off you go and Ill see you later”

She spotted Dribbles squat hunched form and he turned as she entered.

Oh, Hmm, yes, Ah Agent Midsummer” he grinned showing his crooked teeth, “Dr Palmer has just rung me, he says you have experienced some changes after we stimulated the err, nanobots”.

She cringed inside as he wiped a line of drool from his chin. “Yes Dr Dibb, some of my clothes dont fit anymore but my weight hasnt changed”

“Really, really, interesting, he snuffled like a greasy mole, “well step behind the err screen and take your, err top clothes off”.

Suzzanne stepped behind the screens and began to undress, slipping off her suit jacket and her blouse before reluctantly letting her skirt slip to the floor.

She stepped out and stood before him in her heels, tan seamed stockings and matching purple lingerie and thought she could see his tiny eyes widen behind the heavy lenses. 

Oh, err goodness, err , well she spluttered, raising his hands as if to touch her then stuffing them back into his pockets.

Even though Suzzanne never considered herself a tall woman, in her heels she stood a full ten inches taller than the Doctor.

“So, err Agent Midsummer, everything looks like it err fits” and he his lips split again showing his teeth and he laugh sounded like a puffing wheeze.

“This is all new Doctor; Ive had to buy some new clothes, bras mainly”

Oh, Oh good, I mean err really, well Id better take a look will you err remove your bra please?”

Grudgingly she reached behind her before allowing the fancy item to slip from her breasts

“Err, umm; yes” slavered Dr Dibb, “indeed so what is the exact problem?”

“Ive gone from a 36D to a 34 F Doctor and my waist is now 26 inches and my hips 36”.

“Right err, Ok, let me see” and she squirmed inside as his cold fingers cupped her boobs and gently squeezed.

“Hmmmm, err nic… err good” he hefted each one a couple of times, squeezing as if testing ripe fruit.

“I err think I need to make some measurements” and he rifled through a drawer pulling out a large pair of callipers. He opened them sliding them around each tit in turn, snuffling to himself as he recorded each measurement. Then the repeated each set of measurements on each nipple.

He mulled over his figures then turned back to her.

“Yes indeed Agent Midsummer your err breasts have err increased in size, Id err better check youre her hips and waist too then, please err slide your panties err down and err place your hands behind your head”

She hesitantly slid her panties over her hips and let them pool around her ankles and for the next 10 minute she endured in silence as his chilled slightly damp hands  roamed around her waist, hips, buttocks and mons.

Finally he stopped and stepped back peering thoughtfully through his glasses at her near perfect form before declaring

“Err yes Agent Midsummer, you err appear to have had a redistribution of err body fat, it err looks too like there has been some err boosting of your err sexual characteristics but I need to check that”

“Check it, what do you mean, youve just examined me, thoroughly may I say!”

“Well err yes but your nipple and areola size and pigmentation have altered and I need to see if the same thing has happened to you clitoris and labia, so just hop up on the couch and Ill her have a peek”

Err Sorry Doctor I dont think so” hurriedly pulling up her panties

“But Agent Midsummer, I err we need to see what changes the nanobots have made, this is most interesting”

“No Doctor, Im going to find Dr Palmer now, now thank you and excuse me” and she gathered up her clothes and almost ran out of the lab.

The remainder of her day was spent with Dr Palmer as he carried out physiological, cardiovascular and blood tests. He had had her cycling, running, breath holding, weight lifting and now clean and showered she sat in his office.

“Well Agent Midsummer you may be interested to know what we have found.”

“What” she laughed “other than my nipples are now like rivets on a battleship”

“Quite, quite” he replied “but its more profound than that, changes that Dr Dibb, reported are just superficial, we instructed the nanobots to try and improve your performance and it appears they did that by affecting you hormones.  From my results today you will find your stamina has improved along with a moderate increase in physical strength, be sure you are not superhuman but activities like climbing, punching, kicking etcetera will all be more robust.  You will be able to hold your breath longer and superficial injuries will heal quicker, we estimate wounds will be totally gone in 12-24 hours depending on size, depth and so on, bruising sooner. Your pain threshold will also be higher, however altering your hormones also affected your secondary sexual characteristics and this is what you have noticed.  There has been a redistribution of some of your body fat to your breast and hips, the pigmentation of your nipples and genitalia has darkened slightly, you also may notice your hair is thicker”.

Suzzanne pondered for a moment then smiling said

“So Im a kick ass babe with a smokin rack and a red hot bod!”   And she laughed.

A short time later Suzzanne knocked on Controls office door.

“Come in” said a familiar voice and she entered, she saw that Control was talking to a younger man in an expensive suit.

“Ah Suzzanne, how did it go with R&D?

Very well Control, seems they have been able to “talk” to my Bots and make me even better” and then thinking for a moment she finished with, “but you can read all the details in their report” and she felt herself blush slightly.

“Indeed” he replied, “Oh excuse me, this is Godfrey Reynolds, Undersecretary for the Foreign Office, Geoffrey this is Agent Suzzanne Midsummer”

The man smiled without showing his teeth, “Yes Agent Midsummer, I heard of you, seems you get into all sorts of scrapes” he drawled as he looked her up and down, “took us a hell of time to sort out the trail of destruction you left across Europe following that Weitzman affair”

She smiled uncomfortably, “Hmmm, yes these things sometimes happen in the field Sir” she countered.

“Yes yes” he continued “but it seems trouble follows you around eh what?  Ive never been comfortable with female field agents myself Midsummer, like politics its one area gels should keep out of!”

She felt herself bristle, chauvinist twat Id knock that silly grin off your face for a penny she thought but said nothing, her lips tight and thin.

“Still Control speaks well of you and hes the boss here right” and he slapped Controls shoulder, “anyway must be going now, see you at my club later and you Midsummer try not to blow anything up what” and he left still laughing at his own humour.

After a moment Control spoke, “Im must apologise for Godfrey, he is old school and his values are not always in line with current thinking but he is good at what he does”

“Quite, its good to know the Government is run by forward thinkers” she replied sarcastically.

“Well anyway” said Control clearly embarrassed and changing the subject, “Ive got a new job for you” and he pushed a pink folder across the table towards her. Reaching forward she picked it up and opened it leafing through, photos, maps and reports.

“I was hoping you had something new on The General Sir?” she probed

“No Im afraid not, weve heard nothing nor have our friends but in the meantime this is top priority. Gorana is a small breakaway African state; their President Samuel Mbowe is looking to get some credibility amongst his neighbours and has started with the anti-western rhetoric.  We know he is looking for a wealthy backer and has made overtures to China and some Eastern European countries and of course he has diamonds!”

“So” enquired Suzzanne “why is he such concern to us, this is not a new scenario?”

Control looked up “he is looking to buy technology, nuclear technology and we need to stop him”

“Go on Sir”

“We need you to infiltrate his inner circle and find out how far he has got and where his weapons program is based and if necessary destroy it, read the dossier and you can collect your equipment and be ready for insertion in 5 days”

“OK Sir, Im on it” she looked at Control, his complexion was pale and his eyes pink and tired, “Are you alright Sir, you dont look great?”

“No its nothing, Ive just been having some headaches, the Doctor thinks its over work, but thank you for asking”.

Gathering up the dossier she left to go “OK Sir Ill get on with this right away”

His head was already down in his work

“Yes thank you Midsummer”


A week later Suzzanne looked out of her hotel window into a busy brightly sunlit street. She had flown into Goranas main airport and booked into a hotel in the capital Matobo. She had travelled under the name Portia Nixon, a representative from a European diamond merchant and today she was about to attend a trade function where President Mbowe was due to be speaking.  She checked herself in the mirror, the dress she had chosen was sufficiently stylish but at the same time the light fabric accentuated her curves and a large cut out at the front showed ample cleavage. It was hot outside so she was bare legged and she slipped on a pair of strappy high heeled sandals, Hmmm she though nowhere to hide a weapon today, hope I dont need one and gathering up her small bag she left locking her room door behind her.  Thirty minutes later she was in the conference room milling round with all the other attendees, she scanned the faces, nobody she recognised and she easily picked out the Presidents security detail, big men in dark suits, buttoned up who scrutinised the crowd distrustfully. Seeing the President, Suzzanne began to work her way gradually towards him. For once she thought someone who looked like the photos in their dossier. He was a tall slim man, around 40 45 years old, his tight curled hair showing flecks of grey at the temples, his skin was dark but not black and his features hinted at some Caucasian influence in the past.

She gathered a drink from one of the passing waiters as she moved closer to her target, she was only a few feet away when a huge dark suited wall materialised in front of her. As the body guard moved to block her approach she skilfully appeared to collide with him and as she did so she emptied the contents of her glass down his front.

“What the fuck!” started the man jumping back the dark stain spreading down his trousers.

“Oh really, Im most terribly sorry” affected Suzzanne, I didnt see you there, please let me get that” and grabbing a napkin she began dabbing at his groin.

“Hey ,hey stop that lady” he growled  trying to fend her off

“Please let me help you, Im most frightfully sorry”

A velvety voice intervened, “Hell be fine Miss dont worry.  Baako go and get yourself cleaned up now”

“Yes Sir replied the bodyguard, moving off quickly at the word of his boss and a moment later Suzzanne stood before President Mbowe, she smiled then thrust out her hand.

“Portia Nixon ,you must let me pay to get his suit cleaned , really”.

The President smiled, taking her manicured hand, “Samuel Mbowe”

“Oh my goodness” she feigned surprise, “youre the President!”

“Yes I am Miss Nixon, or may I call you …Portia? We need to get you another drink, you appear to have spilt yours” and he led her toward to the drinks table.

“So what brings you to my country Portia” he asked handing her another drink.

“Business Mr President” she beamed her eyes fixed on his

“And what business are you in?”

“Diamonds, a girls best friend” she flirted, flicking her hair lazily as she spoke.

He laughed a deep laugh, “and I suppose this, our meeting was all just a coincidence” his eyes twinkling.

“Oh Mr President, what kind of a girl do you think I am?” she gushed, he lips slightly parted, her eyes still no his and she squeezed his arm.

“I dont know Portia but I hope I get to find out”.

She squeezed his arm again, “Mr President!” And she leaned in towards him, and he caught her perfume in his nostrils and he felt himself stiffening.

He laughed again, “Well Miss Nixon, I have to leave shortly but would you do me the honour of having dinner this evening at the presidential palace and maybe I will get to find out, say eight”.

Back at her hotel Suzzanne showered then began to prepare, this would be her one opportunity to get the information she required. At eight sharp her room phone warbled, it was the reception her car was waiting and for the second time that day she was off to meet the President.

Arriving at the palace she was escorted to the Presidential private suite by another bodyguard, who knocked on the ornate carved doors before letting her in.

“Good evening Portia, Im so glad you could come” his voice once again like velvet, he was dressed more casually this time in a colourful dashiki shirt and sandals.

“Come sit down” and he guided her to an opulent sofa, “what can I get you to drink”

“Gin and Tonic please” she answered 

He dress this evening with again fitted in the bodycon style clinging to her curves and he watched her buttocks wiggle beneath the tight fabric as she explored the room. He handed her the drink.

“So Portia you are in diamonds” he asked breaking the silence

“Yes Mr President”

“Samuel, my name is Samuel”

Yes… Samuel, your country is an up and coming producer and my company is keen to be part of that”

“Really” he replied “and you think I can help you”

“I hope so Samuel” and she moved nearer to him and he hand brushed against his chest.  “The question is what you want from me?” she purred as she felt his hand on her hip.

“Father” a voice rang out and heels clicked across the marble floor, Suzzanne turned to see an attractive African girl in her late twenties heading towards them.

“Father, I want to go hunting this weekend can I take some of the guard with me?”, she stopped  “Who  is this?” she questioned

This is Miss Nixon, Portia this is my daughter Monifa”

“Please to meet you” offered Suzzanne

“What is she doing here?” looking Suzzanne up and down contemptuously

“Monifa, she is my guest we are discussing business, now mind your tongue”

“Why is it that Western Companies always send women to do business?” she countered

“Monifa thats enough” his voice rising

“So may I take some guards this weekend” ignoring her Father and Suzzanne

“Yes, yes you may” he sighed  and she turned and left without a word closing the door with a bang.

“Im sorry, she is spoilt, impulsive its my fault I have indulged her too much”

“Dont worry, she is obviously protective of her Father” she said reassuringly “ but how many other woman have you entertained on business Mr President?” she said before cracking a smile.

He looked down at her, flustered until he saw her smile and he smiled too

“None as gorgeous as you Miss Nixon, now where were we?”

“You asked what I wanted from you” and she leaned in to kiss him her hand feeling through the loose fabric of his long shirt to find his hardness.

She pulled away for a moment, “I think you have answered my question” and he pulled her close feeling her big breasts yield against his chest as his hands kneaded her buttocks.

“Shall we skip dinner and go straight to dessert?” He whispered

Two hours later Suzzanne lay silently on her side listening to the Presidents gentle snores.  He had proven to be a considerate but physical lover reminded as she was by the slight tenderness in her breasts and the puffy warmth between her thighs.

Within moments of her affirmation he had slid his hands down her thighs and back up under her dress lifting it over her head in one movement, his hands had roamed her body, squeezing her tits and rolling her nipples, they had slid down the back of her tiny briefs , parting her buttocks and teasing her pussy.

Then he had lifted her in his arms and carried her to the massive bed, as he put  her down she and rolled over and attempted to crawl into the middle, but he had grabbed her ankles and playfully pulled her back , rolling her over and stepping between her spread legs.  His thick dark fingers had stretched the front over her panties across her mound showing everything in relief before pulling them to one side and pushing inside her. She had gasped and arched her back as his fingers pistoned in and out of her wet sex.

Pulling his shirt over his head she saw his thick black cock, almost purple, nodding before he guided it into her, she thought it was never going to stop filling her.

Gently he slid his member in an out making her squeal and pant, all the while the fingers of one hand strummed her clitoris until he felt her stiffen and give a series of noisy cries, her head thrown back.  Easy her gently into the centre of the bed he moved between her spread legs and with one hand shredded her tiny soaked panties, he noted how pink and swollen her sex was topped with just a small growth of trimmed fur. Lifting her legs up to his shoulders her folded her over and guided his fat cock between her s engorged lips, she cried out again as he pounded her to orgasm again.

Moving up alongside her he had guided his throbbing head towards her smeared red lips and he smiled as her small pink tongue darted out to greet it, next thing he knew she was sucking hungrily one hand around the base the other massaging his balls, he tried to hold back unsuccessfully and her eyes rolled up to need his as she felt him pulse rhythmically in her mouth and she swallowed in time. 

Resting next to each other for a while he had rolled onto his back and lifted her astride his hips, she felt his growing organ hardening beneath her and lifting had rolled her hips forward then back until she felt it bump her sex, then she had moved slowly back onto it savouring its length.  Bouncing astride him her had mauled her breasts, squashing and pulling her nipples, then pulling her down onto him he had sucked and chewed on each in turn.

Rolling her off, he manoeuvred her onto her side then lying behind her he had entered her again, pumping against her buttocks as his hands roved up and down her body, assailing her tits, pulling her hair, as he came again he had clamped on of his big hands over her mouth muffling her cries, the other pulled her head back by the hair, she gripped his wrist but was unable to break his hold, she felt helpless and controlled and a familiar warmth spread thought her as she came again.

She now rolled noiselessly off the bed and padded into the lounge to retrieve her handbag. Inside she sort out a small pink cylinder and she returned to the bedroom. Gently she placed the device  under his nose and gave one end a squeeze, he snuffled as he inhaled the vapour then settled. Placing the other end against a vein in his neck she pressed the end and with a sharp click it injected it content cleanly and she sat back to wait.

The M.I.7 boffins had advised to wait at least 10 minutes after to injection but once working it would last minutes and she now shook the President, he groaned a little , “What is it?” he moaned

“Samuel, I need to ask you some questions OK?”

“OK” came the sleepy reply

“Where is your weapons program based”


“What are you developing there”

“A dirty bomb and biological weapons”

“Do you have a nuclear capability?”


“How far is the program along?”

“Eighteen months, Portia darling is that you?” she knew the drug was wearing off.

“Go back to sleep Samuel, you are just dreaming”

“Kiss me” came the reply and she leant down and kisses his cheek and snuggled back beside him to sleep. She would leave in the morning to slip away now would only raise suspicion

They made love twice more when they woke at his insistence, more gently this time before Suzzanne insisted she had to go, she had meetings but her company would be looking to do business with Gorana.  As she left he knew the score, she would not be back, she had done her job but little did he know what her job had actually been.


Suzzanne sat on her bed and keyed in the code on the microwave satellite communicator and waited for the green light to confirm the link. The light blinked a few times then became solid and she began to type.

Contact made and location of base confirmed as Kinjuju.

Program operative for 18 months for biological and radioactive weapons but no nuclear capability”

She waited as he message was converted to digital microwaves and send in a flash burst to the satellite.

Continue mission as planned destroy weapons facility. Agent to then go underground and wait confirmation of extraction.

She puzzled, await confirmation of extraction, that was an unusual request and she typed.

Please repeat last part of message.

The screen flashed

Repeat agent to remain undercover and await confirmation of extraction, message ends.

And the watched the light blink as and turn red as contact ended.  She pondered, what was necessitating a delay in her extraction?  She knew she could hide up in the jungle but there was every chance the Goranians would search for whoever attacked their weapons plant and that would make things much more dangerous, still orders were orders.

Forty eight hours later she lay in thick scrub overlooking a collection of low building basting in the hot sun, they reminded her of the M.I.7. Research facility in the Caribbean. She peered through her binoculars noting the guard and movement of vehicles and was glad the bushes around her provided some shade. 

The weapons facility lay 3 miles outside a ramshackle town, Kinjuju, which lay on the coast and backed onto thick lush jungle.  She had bought cheap car for cash in the capital and used it to drive out to the town. Hiding off a jungle road a few miles out of the town she had hidden some of her equipment and hiked to her vantage point. The base was about set back about a mile from the coast and appeared to have been carved out of dense jungle. She and been there six hours now, arriving at sunrise and now had a pretty good idea of the security arrangements, just few sentries but little else, not even a wire fence, clearly they expected the remote location and jungle to deter visitors. Shuffling backwards she slipped back into greenery to change, check her equipment and get a few hours rest, she would make her attack after dark.

Burying her hiking clothes in the loamy soil at the base of a tree she checked around the clearing she had used as camp.  After a short sleep and some high energy rations she had changed into her assault gear. She was wearing the latest version of M.I.7s “fighting suit”, a form fitting one piece in jungle pattern camouflage. The original had been rip and abrasion resistant, this one had plasti-steel armour built into key parts, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees to protect limbs and flexible plates to protect the wearers kidneys , chest and abdomen. The suit had an integral hood which covered the head and face and to finish she wore gloves and lightweight jungle boots. Around her hips was a broad belt which held her holstered automatic pistol and a large knife both strapped to her thighs. She hefted her rucksack onto her back; it contained the bombs she would use to destroy the base. Everything else, rations, water, GPS and communicators, additional weapons she had hidden and would return to collect it before she went deeper into the jungle.

Returning to her vantage point she waited for it to get dark, making a final mental note of the guards movements. Then moving at a crouch she closed towards the base perimeter using shrubs and rocks as cover. Two of the guard had met and were smoking and she used their complacency to slip into the mass of building unseen. Flattening herself against the building she stayed in the shadows as she checked through the windows. Many of the buildings were in darkness; it seems works stopped early here.  After thirty minutes searching she found a lab, every entrance festooned with radiation warnings. Slipping inside she checked around for places to plant her explosives or maximum damage.  Setting the timer she dropped one down the back of some heavy machinery and another behind a filing cabinet close to the door, enough to more than wreck the building.

Back outside she moved noiselessly towards what looked like offices and trying the door found herself inside. She moved from office to office leaving a deadly package when she found a suitable spot. Suddenly a light clicked on in the main corridor, she crouched down in the darkened office, someone was coming down the corridor. Her hand instinctively moved towards the grip of her knife. She saw a heavy dark figure move past the door, then a door closed at it was quiet again.  Moving back into the corridor she made plan to exit the block when without warning the corridor was filled with light as a door open and a toilet flushed and the big man filled the space ahead of her. The man was clearly surprised to see a small figure entirely clad in green pattern camouflage and he took a moment to find himself. Suzzanne was at him in a second, springing from the floor like a cat, her knife sweeping out of its sheath. But the man was quick to react and as she flew through the air towards him he twisted, his arms outstretched and caught her flipping her over and she crashed down onto her back and slid along the floor.  Then he was on the attack, huge hands grabbed her shoulder and hauled her up before slamming her into a door frame. She kicked back with a booted foot catching him in the knee and she heard him grunt in pain, but he held his grip and spun her around flinging her down the length of the corridor. Picking herself up she saw the huge man barrelling towards her, she gathered herself holding the knife with the blade lying back along her arm ready to sweep up and carve the attacker. She he closed her arm flashed, but he parried taking the strike with his forearm before his not inconsiderable bulk crashed into her slamming her backwards and pinning her to the walls. Trapped in a corner, Suzzanne punched, slashed and kicked but the man deflected many blows and simply absorbed others. His huge hand grabbed her knife wrist in its crushing grip and began to slam her hand against the door frame, at the same time he twisted pinning her with his hip and weight whilst his other hand drove powerful punches into her belly and ribs. 

With a clatter her knife dropped to the floor, her arm numb from the blows and he redoubled his devastating punches now using both hands. Unable to deflect the sheer strength of his blows and realising she was fighting quickly a losing battle, she stopped trying to protect herself and lashed out at his face trying to find a vulnerable area.  Her gloved fingers felt for eyes, ears, anything, one thumb found his eye and hooked into the corner of his mouth, quickly she pressed, pulled twisted and was rewarded with a bellowed of pain as his punches ceased and his hands flew to protect his face.  Still tearing into his face she brought a knee up into his groin, once, twice, three times.  He groaned and staggered back a foot or so, it was all she need, using the corner walls as leverage she lifted both feet and drove her feet into his belly, he lurched backwards and tripped crashing to the floor.

She was on him in a second, she had to strike quickly as she had no hope of pinning him down. Her hand drooped to her boot top and snatched out the razor sharp Spyderco knife, slamming on hand under his chin she forced his head back, his arms flailed reaching for her, with her other hand she drove the small bladed knife into his windpipe and he began to make a wheezing gurgling sound. His hand now fought to protect his throat, but she fended them away whilst driving the knife deeper. Pink froth was now spraying from his mouth and nose with every  dying breath and his struggles became weaker until his arms feel ,and the wheezing , spraying stopped. She climbed off him panting, now aware of the pain in her ribs, he had probably broken one or two. She had to get out , in case their struggle had been heard and wincing she slipped back into the darkness. Crouching between some oil drums she caught her breath and feeling in a belt pouch found a styrette of fast acting, non-opiate pain analgesia. She ripped off the cap and jabbed the needle into her thigh, squeezing in the contents.  She quickly distributed the last of her bombs amongst the drums before slinking back into the jungle. She needed to rest a while, the pain killer jab helped but she needed time to let the nanobots to start healing her ribs, but it was time she didnt have, the bombs would be going off very soon.

Reaching her cache of equipment, she quickly prioritised what she would need to stay alive in the jungle against what she could carry.  She felt her thigh sheath, damn, it was empty she had lost the knife in the fight and her Spyderco was still buried in the mans neck. She checked her MP5 machine pistol and squeezed the Sig P23 in her thigh holster reassuringly; both used the same ammo and would cut down on what she had to carry.  She grimaced as she shouldered her load, despite the injection her ribs ached, then making sure there were no obvious tracks she set off into the dark undergrowth.

She checked her GPS watch, she was heading away from the facility but parallel to the coast, she felt sure any extraction when it came would be from the sea and she didnt want to put too much distance from it or allow herself to be cut off if tracked. In the distance she heard a muffled boom, then another, and another followed by a couple of louder secondary explosions and she knew one job was done but another was just beginning; now she had to stay undiscovered and alive.

A phone rang in the Presidential Palace in Matobo, the Samuel Mbowe picked up the phone

“Yes” and he listened before speaking again his hand tightening on the receiver

“Youre telling me the whole facility has been destroyed?” he waited chewing his bottom lip.

“And you have no idea who is responsible? No?  By god man you will find them, I want them, I want the area around the facility searched  thoroughly  now get on with it , oh and keep me informed, do you understand?” and he slammed down the handset.

He pondered for a moment then rose and moved to his computer, tapping a few keys a video started to run, it was a scene of him and Suzzanne making love, he had been watching it earlier. He studied it for a moment, she was writhing beneath him her legs wrapped around his waist, the muscles in his shoulders flexed as his ebony buttocks pumped up and down, the sound of their passion  clearly audible, pausing he ran the video on. Their love making continued at double speed and then the picture darkened as the lights were switched off, he watched the darkened scene until a figure rose slowly from the bed and left the picture to return a few moments later. He slowed the speed and watched as she leant over his sleeping form and he slowly increased the volume.

“What is it?” he heard himself say, his voice sleepy

“Samuel, I need to ask you some questions OK?” her voice this time

“OK” his voice still thick with sleep

“Where is your weapons program based?”


“What are you developing there?”

“A dirty bomb and biological weapons”

“Do you have a nuclear capability?”


“How far is the program along?”

“Eighteen months, Portia darling is that you?”

“Go back to sleep Samuel, you are just dreaming”

“Kiss me” and he watched her lean in before she slid back under the sheets and lay still.

He slammed his fist on the desk “God Dammit, that fucking scheming whore!”  Then regaining his composure he picked up the phone

“Get me the me the Foreign Minister, Oh and have my daughter sent to me”

The lightweight buildings looked as if they had been shredded by the blasts and fire had consumed what had survived, only the fuel and storage areas where still burning fiercely.  The Security Detail Major swung down from the trucks cab and surveyed the destruction.

“OK men dismount and fall in” he barked and his men spilled from the trucks and lined up in a rag tag fashion.

“Right, listen up, we are going to undertake a jungle search, we dont know who we are looking for but given the covert nature of the attack its likely only to be a small group  possibly even one person, so you will form up into your squads.   We set off in an hours, squad leaders form on me for briefing details, you men take five, check your provisions, ammo and get what you need from the trucks.”

As the Squad leaders gathered round the officer the soldiers began chatting, lighting cigarettes and checking their kit.

After the explosion Suzzanne had picked up her pace but progress was slow, still in pain she had to stick to the jungle tracks and that meant she had to take care for any ambushes or booby traps. Sweating and her breathing laboured she stopped, pulling the suit hood off her face and head, wiping away the sweat with the back of her glove.  She would need to lay up soon and eat something. Slipping off the path into the deeper vegetation she found a spot under some twisted mangrove roots and crawled in.

Briefed the troops had set on their mission.  The Majors plan was to deploy his squads in a semi-circle to the coast sweeping inland to the main road to Kinjuju with the base as it pivot point. He already had road blocks on the main road and troops searching the town for any strangers, patrol boats check the coastline north and south of the base. Each squad had set off by truck or jeep to predetermined points about 10 kilometres from the base; they would then track back towards the base searching the jungle as they did so. At the same time several squads set out from the base to set ambushes and man traps. The Major estimated that any raiding party would not have got any further than a few kilometres and he would drive them back towards the base and into the waiting traps.

Suzzanne awoke with a start, she did not know how long she had slept but despite the humidity her limbs felt stiff and cold. She sat up and listened, just the jungle sounds. She took a drink from bladder build into her back pack and searched her pack from some glucose and salt tablets which she washed down with another drink. Gingerly she felt her ribs, they still felt tender but the sharp stabbing pain she had felt on movement had gone and she smiled to herself.  She from the light she guessed it was afternoon and cautiously she set off down the track, checking her progress with her GPS. Her plan was once she was about 10 plus kilometres from the base she would cut back towards the coast and hole up just inside the tree line until her rescue came. She had made good progress before her stop calculating she was at least six clicks from the base. She considered using her satellite communicator to contact base but decided against it as her pursuers could be monitoring for any transmission even if they couldnt decode them.

She stopped, something had changed, no birds the jungle had gone silent then she heard the distant throb of rotor blades in the hot air, she dived off the track and hid under thick shrub praying it would hide her heat signature from any thermal imaging. A few minutes later the chopper was overhead moving she guessed in a wide circle a couple of times before moving off, then she knew why, voices.

She heard the men before she could see them; they seemed to have no regard for the noise they made. Then she could see them ahead down the track spread out in a skirmishing line, swinging machetes clearing their way forward. Quickly she thought, there was no way she could get through them undetected, she would retreat and try and outflank them and she slid back in to cover and away. She moved away at right angles to her original track for half an hour before resuming a southerly direction but no sooner had she changed direction than she ran into a second party of searchers and she was forced to back track. Realising her path ahead was blocked and her options limited she had no choice but to head back the way she had come and she set off quickly trying to put some distance between her and the soldiers. After an hour she stopped and checked her position, she was about four clicks from the base. She approached a fork in the track warily, the track ahead looked disturbed and she waited a while, then began to move forward, as she drew near to the area of disturbance she carefully put one foot in front of the other, feeling with her foot checking for wires, at once she felt the ground in front of her foot give and she stopped dropping into a crouch. Gingerly she explored with her fingers and felt an edge which she gingerly lifted. It was a reed mat covered with leaves and detritus and she cleared its edge for wires. Underneath it revealed a shallow pit filled with sharp wooden stakes each capable of penetrating a boot or leg.  Replacing the mat she began to circle it moving through the deeper side vegetation avoiding the centre of the track. She felt a tug at her boot and realised too late as she tripped the secondary hidden wire in the deeper grass, before she could react she was caught between the detonation of two stun grenades and her world in a split second dissolved into light, heat and sound.


Despite the ringing in her ears she could hear, deep voices, rumbling voices and movement.

“Shes awake” said a another voice and she was aware of something sharp pricking her buttock, she tried to roll over and get up but found her ankles tied and wrists fastened behind her back, a boot came down on the top of her chest.

“Not so fast Missy” said the owner and she looked up at a big black soldier chewing a cigar. She grunted in derision but said nothing

“Who are you” asked then man. She ignored him trying to look around, two men were crouched searching the contents of her back pack, they had her belt and weapons too. Two men stood over her, one still had his boot pinning her down, a third squatted to the side smiling like a Buddha as he prodded her shapely bottom with his bayonet. She tried to wriggle out of his reach but still stayed silent, he continued to smile and just moved back in range jabbing her buttock spitefully.

“Tell Fuckwit to stop poking me or Ill bust his face” she spat.

The big man laughed “Really” he said Im not sure you are in a position to make threats” he said with the air of a man confident numbers where on his side.

She snorted, “Well dont say I didnt warn him”

With a lightning fast twist of her body she slipped from under his boot and barged her shoulder into his knee knocking him off balance and sprawling, then almost in the same movement she drew back up her knees before kicking out both feet hitting the crouching man full in the face, cannoning him onto his back, she swung round on her bottom and tried to sweep the third mans legs from under him but by now surprise had gone and the other were on her and unceremoniously she was grabbed and slammed face down  several knees pinning her back and legs. The first man was up now still laughing dusting himself off, the other man was rolling on the ground moaning blood streaming from his spit lip and smashed nose.

“Very good” said their leader “Now what else have you got?”

“Fuck off!” she hissed her face pressed into the ground.

“Hmmmm” he pondered “OK you can stay quiet for the time being if you like, were in no hurry” then addressing the men.

“It will be dark soon, no point in trying to get back to base tonight, well camp here, tell base we have caught one and we will bring her in tomorrow, get some tent pegs and para-cord too”

Suzzanne struggled, “Get off me you bastards”

The man ignored her “two in there and two more there, cut the cord in to four length oh and get some tape” he gestured and one of the soldiers began to drive the stake into the jungle floor.  “Get her boots off” and Suzzanne felt her pinioned legs begin bent up and tried to resist.

“Get the fuck of me” but she could feel her boots loosening and in a seconds they were tossed aside along with her socks.  The soldier had now finished fixing the stakes and had created a rectangle two and half by one and a half metres as instructed.

“Ok get her up” and Suzzanne was dragged into a sitting position, three of the men holding her resisting form. The leader now tore a wide strip of tape and approached the captive spy. One of her guards grabbed her hair and pulled her head back

“NO! Fuck off No! .Mmmm Mmmmpphh!!” as he slapped the tape across her mouth followed by another and another reducing her sounds to muffled protestations. 

“Ok over here” he indicated the space inside the stakes; “Careful shes a firebrand” he laughed as she was dumped into the ground.

One man straddled her knees preventing her from twisting whilst the other two locked her arms, the leader now cut the zip ties holding her wrists and she tried unsuccessfully to wriggle free.  He stood back giving instructions.

Ok, get her top down, keep hold of her arms; shell claw your eyes out boys”.

Suzzanne fought as the man straddling her leered gleefully as he unzipped the front of her suit. Quickly the other two dragged it down her arms and off, always keeping a strong grip on her limbs. She could feel the eyes of the men on her now unfettered breasts, bouncing and jiggling as she struggled, sweat glistening in her cleavage.

“Get the cord, get her down, arms out” and she was forced onto her back and she felt her arms being pulled above her head, something wrapped around her wrists and then tightened and the men released her and automatically she tried to pull her arms down but found them fixed, she twisted to look and saw each wrist had been securely bound to an embedded stake.

“Right legs now, nearly down” he goaded.

The two men now grabbed a leg each as her ankle fastening were cut, the third man now grabbed her suit and began to tug it down over her hips. Her eyes wide she tried to kick and struggle twisting her body but soon it was down over her knees and finally tossed with her boots.  Aware of what to do next the men pulled each leg out straight before spreading them as the other two men deftly bound them to the stakes. They stood back looking at the struggling woman virtually naked, spread-eagled before them.

“Good job boys that will hold her till morning now lets get set up for the night”

Suzzanne twisted each wrist and ankle in turn, testing the bonds and she glared at their leader who stood over her, he down smiled gloating.

“Dont waste your energy Missy, youre going nowhere tonight” and he turned and moved back to his men and addressed them.

“Right listen up you skanks, nobody touches her tonight am I  clear, Once the Major has got what he wants from her Im sure we will all get a piece but until leave her alone”  She could hear the men objecting  and the leader spoke once more

“AM I CLEAR?” and the grumbling stopped.

Suzzanne had stopped struggling and lay still for a moment but within seconds small flies landed on her attracted by the drops of sweat, she flicked her hair to dislodge them but in seconds they were back, their tiny feet tickling her skin. She moaned loudly in frustration and the big man came back and squatted beside the captive woman, she glowered at him her eyes narrowed. His eyes slowly moved up and down her naked form, her taut limbs were toned and tanned and her big firm breast topped with thick pink nipples, her belly was flat as it rose and fell with her breathing and around her hips a tiny pair of camouflage pattern boy shorts covered her modesty. He grinned.

“They are attracted to the moisture” he stated “and you must taste good, theyll be bothering you all night, I expect some of them bite too”

She mewed behind the gag.

“They attracted to anywhere damp” he continued, “still it could be worse” and he pulled a knife from his belt, she recoiled as is she could roll away but he just reached down and lifted the waistband of her panties and sliding the knife underneath sliced through them.

“Mmmmmmooooooo” she moaned as he slit the other side and tugged the from under her. He admired her sex for a moment, a small stripe of hair crowned her mound down to her full smooth labia, the spread of her legs caused her sex to gape slightly and he could see her pink glistening inside. He stood up and she could see the thick shape tent his combat trousers as he rose.

“Like I said they will find anywhere damp” and he emphasised the last word before he walked away.

Within moments she knew what he meant as she felt the flicking touch between her thighs, she jerked making it disappear before it immediately returned. She sobbed exasperated at her own helplessness as more tickling feet made their way towards her pussy.

The men had now gathered round a small stove and she could smell cooking, her stomach rumbled the she heard his voice above the chatter

“Yes yes she was alone Sir” he said into the radio handset, “She is secure Sir and well bring her in for questioning first thing tomorrow, Ok yes I understand, Ive made it clear to the men, she is not to be touched Ok Sir ,out” and he returned to eat with his men leaving Suzzanne to her creepy-crawly torment.

As the men moved to the small tents he came back to inspect his captive, he could see her body squirming, pulling against the stakes as he approached.

As he looked down the source of her torment was clear. Flies, bugs and ants of all sizes had found her, although not entirely covered there were insects on every part of her congregating around her eyes and nostrils. Her eyes were squeezed shut and every few seconds she would puff out through her nose to dislodge the persistent invaders. Bugs large and small dotted her breasts and belly gathering where her sweat pooled but the cradle of her distress was her pussy which was thick with insects all clamouring to feed on the rich nectar of her sex. Her problem was self-perpetuating as the more the bugs tickled her sex the wetter it became. Every now and again she would flinch and emit a tiny muffled squeal as one bit her or drew blood as the red bumps, bites and stings over her skin showed. After a night out here he thought she would spill everything she knew and he returned to his tent to sleep.

As she lay helpless wracked with tiny tickling torment Suzzanne became aware she was not allow and she gingerly open one eye. Standing over her was the soldier she had viciously kicked and he scowled down at her and she could clearly see his split lip and bruised face.

Alarmed, she Hmmmped into her gag, twisting her head to as if to attract help from someone in the camp. He stood between her spread legs looking down at her, she was still the subject of much insect interest and he emitted a low grunting laugh. Reaching down he unzipped his trousers and pulled out his thick almost purple black cock. She reared in panic thinking he was about to rape her but he slowly began to stroke his thick member back and forth with one hand looking at her all the time and she watched it swell in his hand. He grunted and moaned as he worked his cock back and forth, its shiny pink head appearing and disappearing until he let out a long strangled groan and his he spurted thick ribbons of cum across the prostrate woman. Most splashed splattered down onto her stomach or across her tits but one stream sprayed across her face and she grimaced in disgust. Spent he slipped his shrinking member back into his trousers and stomped off.  Suzzanne felt sick and as the goo cooled it served to attract more insects to torture her.

Anger building in her she repeatedly tugged at the stakes in turn until she felt one give a little and she began to work on it gradually loosening its hold on the jungle floor until at last it came free. With one arm loose she quickly freed her other arm and sat up to untie her ankles. Standing he brushed the bugs from her skin in disgust, taking time to ensure her pussy was totally free from any tiny intruders. Her skin itched and stung but she pushed it to the back of her mind as she focused on her next task. Creeping towards the sleeping soldiers she wrapped a length of the cord that had so recently bound her between her hands.  Finding the man who had so revoltingly abused her first she slipped the cord around his throat and crossing her hands behind his neck she pulled at the same time placing a knee in his back. He eyes jerked open and his hands flew to his throat but the cord had bitten deep, he struggled making a gurgling snoring sound then his eyes rolled in his head and he slumped down. She released the cord but for good measure snapped his neck with a twist.

“Sleep tight you dirty fucker” she whispered.

Searching she found his bayonet and slipped away to find her next victim, he was laying on his back  and she gently placed her hand over his mouth before driving the long blade up under his sternum and into his heart on one movement. In painful surprise he made to rise but she forced him down with her hand and withdrew the bayonet slight before twisting and thrusting it in again.

“Two down” she said quietly wiping the blade on his shirt.

The third man was dispatched in a similar way and she moved towards the leaders bivouac.  She slipped silently next to him and placed the tip of the blade over his chest ready to drive it between his rib when his eyes sprang open and his arm sent the knife spinning away, his other hand thrust out catching her in the chest and she flew backwards into the dust.

He was on his feet in seconds and advancing towards her.

“Got free eh, tried to kill me in my bed you bitch, well we see about that”

Suzzanne scrambled backward and he caught her by the arm and dragged her up before back handing her across the face. The he drove a fist into her belly and she doubled over.

“No cunt is going to stab me in my bed” he bellowed and still gripping her arm his swept his foot behind her knees and sent her crashing onto her back. Raising his foot he stamped down on her stomach forcing her breath from her, she tried to roll over and crawl away, but he dropped onto her back pinning her with one knee.

“You stupid white bitch, now you are going to see whos boss, Im going to fuck you then gut you, but better see if you can handle me first.” And he forced his huge hand between the top of her thighs.

“Gahhhh ,No” see cried  still trying to get free, she could feel his thick digits roughly probing then finding their way he viciously forced all four fingers up her pussy.

She screamed in pain “Gaaaaaaarrrrrrgghhh” as his worked his fingers deeper, twisting, grinding.

“Like that you dirty little slut? And he punched her hard in the kidneys again and again making her cry out.  Grabbing her by the hair he began to drag her to where she had been tied and with a punch to the side of the head he knocked her down. She felt her hands being pulled together as he wrapped a length of the cord around them tying it off. Rolling her onto her back he pulled her hands above her head and held them there.

“Now lets feel the goods shall we” and his spade like hands began to mash and maul her breasts, stretching out her nipples, pinching, she yelped and struggled. He stopped assaulting her breasts and grabbing her under the jaw with one hand he leaned in and she could smell the fish on his breath.

He hissed in her face “Im gonna split you in two baby like a ripe melon” and he picked up the stake she had pulled out and drove it into the ground between her wrists, as he pulled her down by the hips she found her hands trapped above her head as he prepared for his onslaught.  Moving down he forced one knee between her knees spreading her legs then he again forced his fingers deep into her pussy.

He sneered as he worked his fingers roughly in and out of her, using his thumb to mash and abrade her clitoris, “You dirty fucking bitch, you dirty bitch”

She struggled fighting him all the way, trying to roll or kick severely handicapped by her bound hands.

“Arrgh get of me you creep, Ill fucking kill you” she screamed.

“Hey maybe I should fuck your ass first, put my big black cock up your tiny white ass” and he grabbed her hips and rolled her over.

She screamed, “Get of me, No No dont you filthy bastard, Gaaaarhhhh”

Two of his fingers had forced their way into her anus and he was trying to work in a third, she screamed her legs thrashing, and he laughed cruelly knowing the pain he was causing.

Unseen by either party as he had rolled Suzzanne over the stake holding her wrists pulled free from the soft ground, as she struggled she felt her wrists come loose and seeing the metal spike she grabbed it and pulled her hands under her body.

“Oh youve got free eh! He crowed and roughly extracting his fingers and began to roll her onto her back again. As soon as she was on her back she struck, lashing out with the sharp spike of steel and she heard him scream as something warm and wet splashed across her face. He was gurgling now and she looked up into the surprised eyes of a man with a tent peg sticking out of his neck.  Blood was trickling from the corner of his mouth and slowly he reached up and grabbed the spike with both hands and pulled.  As the weapon came free a fountain of blood spurted from his neck, splashing across Suzzannes breasts and darkening the soil. The spurting continued each beat of his heart pushing the blood out of his body until gradually it began to slow to a stop and still with a look of surprise he slumped down beside her.

Drenched in his blood she lay still for a while, regaining her composure, then she slowly got up and searched for the bayonet to free her wrists.  She surveyed the carnage around her, five men dead, bastards they deserved it she thought and she kicked the dead leader with her bare foot.

Her skin burned from the bites and stings and the blood was drying sticky mixing with her sweat, she grabbed a canteen and emptied the contents over herself rinsing off the muck and dirt. Her pussy and anus were sore and she gently rinsed sluiced herself clean. Then she searched form some clothes as the bugs where starting to return.  The men had burned her fighting suit and other clothing so she searched their pack finding some trousers and a shirt, her boots were still OK although she had to replace the cut laces with cord.   Sitting down she chewed on some of their rations as she set up her satellite communicator. Tapping in the recognition code she waited for reply.

Go ahead Midsummer flashed the screen and she typed.

Mission complete but have been compromised; request immediate extraction by sea or air. She waited for a response, the seconds ticked by then.

Negative on sea or air extraction: assets unable to violate Goranian sovereign territory at this time: suggest you egress overland and present to nearest friendly embassy.

She was puzzled, and she tapped

Please explain unable to violate Goranian sovereign territory: Agent required immediate extraction: please inform Control of circumstances.

She waited, tense then the reply came

Control unavailable: no explanation required: agent to follow instruction to egress; message ends

She said for a moment taking in the message, she was on her own, she was going to have to walk out probably across the border, well she thought not time like the present  Id better get going.  


Three day later she found herself looking down across the Border between Ligeria and Gorana. It had not been an easy trek, she had found a map on the leader outlining the starting points and routes of the searching parties so had been able to avoid them and continue south. There had been no pointing cutting back to the coast as no help wax going to be coming that way. She had taken enough food and water from the soldiers to sustain her along with her pistol and GPS.  Thanks to her nanobots her skin had healed within  24 hours and thanks to the jungle cover she had moved by day, resting at night. Further messages to headquarters had yielded no more information only the same instructions.  Now she was almost home and dry, she knew there was no British Embassy in Ligeria but there was a French Diplomat presence.  Hiking down from the jungle to the cooler foothills she crossed the unguarded border and headed for the capital Narubu.  Boarding a bus and looking like a back packing tourist in her shirt and cut-off shorts she endured the 4 hour journey.  Walking casually through the dusty city streets she found herself out the French Consulate building. Smiling she spoke to the guards outside.

“Hi Sir, Im a British citizen and I need assistance please may I speak to somebody?”

The guard nodded and stepped into his sentry box and picked up the phone, after  short conversation her returned and opened the gates.

“Please come in, the Consul d'Assistant will see you shortly, please leave your baggage with the réceptionniste”

Inside she deposited her back pack with a small middle aged woman and was shown to a small interview room, she looked around the furniture was sparse, a table and two chairs and the small window was barred, after an hour a portly man in a blue suit entered

“Bonjour  Miss err,  how can we help you?”

“Are you the Assistant Consul?”

“Oui Monsieur Labone how may I help you Miss err”,

“My name is Midsummer, Suzzanne Midsummer, I am an Agent for M.I.7, you know what that is?”

He looked flustered for a moment then replied

“Yes of course I am aware of all the British Intelligence Services Miss Midsummer”

“Good then I need you to contact my boss at M.I.7 headquarters in London, he is known as Control, he will explain everything, this is his number he can verify my authenticity” and she handed him a slip of paper

He studied it then smiled

“I need to make some calls, it may take a while, will you excuse me” and with a small bow he left and as the door closed she heard the key turn in the lock!

Slightly perturbed she waited, she had never used this method before but had been briefed, however she was committed now and all she could do was wait. After several hours  she heard the key turn in the lock and Mr Labone entered.

“Miss Midsummer, I have spoken to your headquarters and they have confirmed your identity, however your, Control is it was not available he is apparently unwell”

“Unwell?” she queried, “May I speak with them myself?”

“Err I am afraid not, I spoke with a Mr Reynolds? He is now in charge and…”

“Godfrey Reynolds in charge of M.I.7, did they tell you what is the matter with Control, look I really need to speak with them, let me speak with them”

“I am sorry Miss Midsummer, that will not be possible, they did not elaborate on Controls health and they have given me instructions on how to deal with the err situation”

“What did they say? , what instructions?”

“Miss Midsummer, please, this is a delicate matter, I must ask you to wait whilst I contact the proper authorities”

“Who have they told you contact, really Mr Labone I must be allowed to speak with my people in London”

“Miss Midsummer I will return shortly please be patient” and he hurriedly left and she heard the door lock again, quickly she pressed her ear to the door, Labone was outside.

“Get Bernard in here straight away, tell him I need to speak to him in my office and ensure security is alerted and prepared”, and then she heard brisk footsteps.

She tried the door handle but it was surely locked and she checked the window ,again locked and securely barred, she thought quickly had she walked into a trap, Why was Control no longer at the helm of M.I.7?  She berated herself for so willingly leaving her bag at reception, she had nothing to effect and escape.

It was two hours before she heard the key turn in the lock and a tall man in a cream suit entered, she looked at him expectantly, outside she could see figures but could not get a good look before the door closed.

“Miss Midsummer, I am Jerome Bernard, Head of Intelligence here, Mr Labone ha explained your situation to me and unfortunately we may have a problem”.

“What sort of problem?” she queried

“It is complex, political”

“Try me” she offered

“Miss Midsummer do you know a woman called or have you used the alias Portia Nixon recently?”

He eyes narrowed, “Why do you ask and who gave you that information?

He coughed, paused, thinking “In the last few hours we have had a request from the Ligerian Security Services to be on the look for a woman fitting your description and using the name Portia Nixon and they have issued an arrest warrant”

“Why are they wanting to arrest this woman Mr Bernard, what is she alleged to have done in Ligeria?” she questioned

“Unfortunately they would not say, and I know you are not going to reveal any details of your reasons for being here”.

“Indeed you know I cannot do that and you can see I need your help to get out of the country to somewhere safe”

“Miss Midsummer, Ligeria is a small hostile country, we are the only Consulate they allow, the American and British have been closed their staff deported as such we are the sole outpost of the Western Intelligence Services in this part of Africa and our presence here is somewhat tenuous.  I have been instructed that I am not to put our remaining here at risk” his voice grave.

“What do you mean? Concern in her tone.

“We believe the Security Forces have been alerted to either your potential arrival here or they already know you are here. Its stands to reason any escaping agent would seek the support of a friendly Government”

“Yes I need your help, this is French Territory, I should be safe here, are you saying Im not?”

He paused shaking his head, “This is very difficult Miss Midsummer, I have informed my Government of your presence here and the stance of Ligerian Security. They in turn have spoken with you Government.  The outcome is that our existence here must not be compromised and to that end I am to hand you over to the Ligerians, Im sorry I have no say I the matter”

WHAT!!” she exclaimed not believing what she was hearing, “Your selling me out!, I must speak to M.I.7 theres been some mistake” her voice full of disbelief.

“Im sorry thats not possible, your Chief, err Mr Reynolds was consulted and he agreed with the decision, in fact he thought it the only sensible option.

He face dropped, “Godfrey Reynolds? Youre saying he has sanctioned this, selling me out, why the fucking pencil necked bastard !” She thought for a moment, he mind racing.

“Monsieur Bernard, you say the Ligerians are not sure if I am here yet, then let me leave, via the back, Ill take my chances on my own, please”

He shook his head again, “Im sorry thats just no possible, I cannot take the risk I must ask you to remain her until the Ligerian Security Forces arrive”

She stood up, “You know I cant do that dont you?”

“Yes Miss Midsummer I anticipated your response would be along these lines you I have taken all precautions” and he opened the door, he spoke

“Prenez-la, aller” and three huge Marine guards filled her escape route.

Immediately she flung the table to one side and adopted a fighting stance.

“Whos first?”

The Marines rushed her as one as her fists and feet flew but it was a short lived one sided fight and in moments she was pinned face down on the floor arms behind her back and she felt cold steel cuffs tightening around her wrists and ankles.

Monsieur Bernard stood over her, “I regret it has had to end this way but orders are orders”

“Fuck you” she spat as she was hauled to her feet.

“Take her ,they are waiting”, he spoken without feeling, his job done.

Struggling she was dragged downstairs and out through a rear passage into a courtyard, outside stood a Security Services Prisoner van, the guards began to advance as they say their prize fighting in the grip of the Marines.

An Officer spoke, “Thank you Monsieur Bernard, we will take it from here and my I pass on the regards of my Government for your co-operation in this matter” his voice oily and insincere.

The guards grabbed Suzzannes arms and she immediately tried to resist.

“Get your filthy hands off me you scum”  she bellowed and the Officer gestured to him men. Two of them stepped forward hefting their heavy wooden batons and struck out at her legs.

She grunted in pain at the heavy blows and they continued to hit her as she was dragged to the van and she was thrown bodily into the back, three guards climbed in after her and the doors slammed shut. The Officer gave  half-hearted salute to the French men and climbed into the cab and the van roared out of the courtyard in cloud of dust.

Once inside the ruck the guards pulled a stinking leather bag over her head secured with a strap around her throat, every struggle was repaid with a kick or blow from a baton and after a short while she lay still stifling in the hood. The truck bumped its way through town and she eventually felt it come to halt , she heard the doors open and she was dragged out.

Bundled roughly inside she was dragged down some steps and thrown heavily into a room, unable to see she rolled onto her back and waited

“Take off the hood” said a voice and hands fumbled at her neck before it was pulled off and she blinked sweaty and red faced under the lights. The room was a cell of sorts and three men stood around her, two heavies stripped to the waist and another Officer who spoke first

“Welcome to Ligeria Miss Nixon” and he drew on his cigar before puffing a blue cloud into the harsh light.

“Why am I here” she protested, “Ive done nothing wrong my government will hear of this”

He laughed, “Typical westerner thinking your government has any authority here, this is Ligeria and you are under Ligerian jurisdiction now”

“But Ive done nothing wrong here” she replied trying to sound earnest

“Indeed you have done nothing in Ligeria but thats not the case in Gorana is it?”

“I dont know what youre talking about, now let me go and Im sure we can sort this out”.

“SHUT UP” he shouted, “Dont play games with me, several days ago you blew up a medical facility just outside Kinjuju, you ambushed and killed a rescuers whilst making your escape and you crossed the border into Ligeria expecting the French to shelter you”

“Thats all fucking lies, the whole lot” she protested.

Speaking quietly he drew on his cigar,

“Who are you working for Miss Nixon? British Intelligence, M.I.6, C.I.A. a private agency of sorts?”

“Thats nonsense all of it” she blurted comforted by the fact they clearly didnt know her real identity and the French for all their duplicity had not revealed it.

“I dont think so Miss Nixon, we know you were in the Goranan capital at a diamond trade event and stole the details and location of the facility you later destroyed”

“Youre talking crap”

“Very well, if you refuse to tell me the truth you leave me little choice” and he beckoned to the guards who heaved her up and onto a heavy metal and wooden chair that was bolted to the floor. Her wrists where forced either side of the chair back and the cuffs locked over a hook,  a strap was looped around her cuffed ankles and pulled tight drawing her them against one leg of the chair.

“Gag” he commanded and her head was forced back and a rough black hand forced her chin down opening her mouth. The other guard slipped something hard and smooth between her teeth and with a loud clicking opened the ratchet gag forcing her mouth wide.

The Officer approached, a small leather case in his hands which he folded open, inside under small elastic straps lay several shiny metal instruments, like small pairs of pliers along with some pointed probes, she recognised them instantly , dental instruments!

She tried to struggle but the guards helped pin her too the chair, one holding her head steady, a big hand on her chin, another on her forehead. Her tongue fluttered pink and wet in her gaping mouth

“Gnnnnnooooo Pleeeeeth” she moaned but he ignored her as he selected one of the instruments checking its action slowly in front of her.

He addressed her staring into her terrified eyes

“You may be wishing you had been more co-operative when you had the chance as later you may find talking a little uncomfortable”

She tensed straining fruitlessly to escape as he closed down on her his hand moving slowly towards her mouth, she felt the tips of the hard forceps touched her teeth the she felt the jaws close over a molar at the back.

He looked into her wide blue eyes for a moment.

Do you want to say anything for I proceed?

“EEETHH,EEETHH, O,A” she spluttered.

He gestured to the guard who released their grip and loosened the ratchet gag. Pushing the gag from her mouth with her tongue she worked her jaw from side to side.

“Well, do you confess?”

“Come closer” her voice quiet, rasping as if her mouth was dry.

He leant in until his face was inches from hers.  She sniffed, twice.

“You need some mouthwash your breath stinks!” she goaded and he straightened up with a roar!

His face dark with rage he bellowed “You think you are funny, but you will not think that once I have finished in that foul mouth of yours” and he waved to the guard who grabbed her roughly forcing the evil gag back between her teeth and locked her head firmly in their grip.

He advanced against sneering behind the wicked looking forceps.

“Now where shall I start?” he mused as if choosing a tasty treat. Suzzanne bucked in the chair, unable to resist in any way, she knew what was going to happen next was going to be extremely unpleasant.

“This is going to hurt….. a lot” he proffered as he inserted the instrument into her spread mouth and she felt the hard metal touch a tooth before it gripped one of her back molars. He smiled malevolently down at her as she felt him begin to work on her tooth, manipulating the forceps to loosen and work it free from its socket.

She screamed, loud incomprehensible sounds, animal sounds as he worked slowly and  intently rocking the tooth back and forwards , taking his time and extending her torment. She tasted blood in her mouth, the pain filled her head, indescribable unending. Her hands twisted and tugged against the cuffs, opening and closing, she tried to flex her body but one the guard had his knee across her thighs.

Then it was over and the acute pain subsided to be replaced by a throbbing ache in the side of her face.

“There” he said proudly holding the creamy white tooth in the jaws of the forceps its roots pink, coated in bright red blood and clot.

Suzzanne was slumped in the chair sobbing, blood and saliva trickled from the corner of her mouth and she spat a gob of dark clot onto the floor.

“Im going to leave you for a while to contemplate what just happened and think carefully about whether you want to tell the truth or not, remember you have plenty more teeth and we have only just started”

Suzzanne found she alone in the room, she was shaking, sweating a cold chilling sweat, that was a new one she thought and with her tongue she gingerly investigated the soft hole where once there had been a tooth. The pain in her jaw and face was still excruciating and she could feel the area swelling even though the nanobots had staunched the  bleeding.  She needed a plan as she knew she wouldnt be able to hold out long if he planned to yank out more or her pearly whites.

“My Father any news on the English woman”

President Mbowe looked up from his papers

“Yes Monifa our Ligerian friends have located her at the French Consul trying to get passage out and have arrested her”

The ebony beauty smiled coldly “and you are having her brought back I hope to atone for the humiliation she brought upon us Father”

“Yes my darling In fact I would like to you ensure she returns safely if you understand me?”

“I do Father I do” her white teeth flashing across her cruel smile.

An hour later her tormentor returned, alone this time.

“Well Miss Nixon are you ready to talk yet? And he fingered the shiny steel instruments menacingly

“Yes yes Im ready” she said quietly trying to appear cowed. She had spent the time considering her story; she knew she needed to give him something credible.

“Good who are you working for?”

“Im a privateer, freelance, whatever term you like, I was employed to destroy that base, you know it was a weapons development lab dont you?”

“Go on Miss Nixon” ignoring her mitigation

“I destroyed the base and escaped into the jungle but I was captured by a squad of soldiers, I escaped but I had to kill them, then I crossed the border and came here”

“That all sounds very plausible but I think there are some key points you are leaving out, why did your employers want the base destroyed, how did one woman dispatch five heavily armed soldiers?”

“Maybe Im a force to be reckoned with” her voice suddenly cold as her blue eyes fixed him.

“Hmmmm, all very interesting, but it doesnt really matter now, you see the Goranians want you back and they will collecting you this afternoon”

Suzzanne felt her blood run cold, this was not good news. He saw the look come over her face, a mixture of apprehension and fear.

“I see that thought does not appeal to you, seems their President is interested in you, have you met him?” he enquired casually.

She said nothing, he continued

“You people come here and treat us like fools, you never learn, you think you can barge in here and keep us in the dark ages ,your arrogance is stupendous and you have much to learn about us, I will be back when the Goranians get here meanwhile contemplate you fate Miss Nixon”

Suzzanne tugged on her bonds , she knew she was in real trouble now, somehow they had figured out it was she who had blown their weapons program to junk and they wanted revenge and it seemed they were going to get. She cursed Reynolds for selling her out, she cursed her naivety for thinking she could trust another government.

Sometime later Suzzanne was roused as the cell door opened.

“Wake up you capitalist whore” scolded a voice she had heard before and she looked up into the sneering face of Monifa Mbowe.

“Well if it isnt Daddys Little Defect” she said dismissively.

The woman roared “SLUT” and back handed Suzzanne viciously across the face made doubly painful by the effect of her make do tooth extraction.

“You will not be so smug when I get to work on you, I shall relish tormenting your white trash body”

“Go to hell Bitch” Suzzanne gibed back

“Enough of your back chat Whore” and she turned to the Officer, “We will get her ready to transport now, I would be grateful if your men could assist us and I will make sure your President knows how well you have served your allies”

The man swelled with pride “Thank you Miss Mbowe”

The guards wheeled in what looked like a large rectangular aluminium trunk standing on its end. It opened into two halves along a hinged axis but Suzzanne could not see what was inside.

Monifa began barking orders “get her up and strip her, make sure she stays cuffed and on her knees”

The Ligerian guards freed her from the chair and forced her onto her knees and the woman stood before her holding a tangle of straps and buckles around a large black object.

“This first to silence the obscenities from your filthy tongue” she scoffed, “hold her” and a guard grabbed her head. Suzzanne fought to avoid the gag but there were too many hands and cried out as her swollen jaw was forced open and the gag pushed between her teeth, then it was just a matter of fastening the straps around her head.

Monifa stepped back to admire her work, Suzzanne glared back at her mutely from behind a web of leather straps and a huge leather panel which completely covered the lower half of her face.

“There witch whore you are silenced” she crowed “now strip the harlot bare”.

The guards grabbed the tattered shirt she was wearing and literally tore it from her body, her heavy breasts bobbing and jiggling as they fell free. The one of them grabbed the front of her cut off trousers and pulling with both hands tore opening the fastening before yanking them down.  After freeing her ankles from the cuffs they were yanked off and tossed aside. As she knelt naked before them gagged and compliant her arms were pulled behind her back thrusting her breasts forwards, the man in the room drank in her luscious curves until Monifa interrupted.

“She has the body of a succubus, which the whore used to entrap my Father” she hissed venomously, “now restraint her arms and legs”.

Two of the guards grabbed her arms and forced them further together whist the third removed her cuffs, then proceeded to unroll a thick black latex single glove over her hands and up her arms almost to her shoulders. Wide rubber straps fastened with buckles were looped around her folded legs at thigh and ankle and cinched up tight before they released their grip and she felt impotently to the floor and lay there on her side.

“Bring the case here” barked Monifa and Suzzanne watched in mounting horror as the case was spun around to face her and fully opened. The inside of the case was totally black but as the light fell on it she could she shapes, contours and various fixing points. The case had split now and she could see it was in fact in three hinged parts. The case was like a rectangle standing on it end, the end nearest the floor had four castors to help movement and rose about eighteen inches above the base, it was heavily shaped with mouldings and cut outs and topped with a saddle shape. Atop this saddle were two thick brutally ridged dildos, one slightly smaller than the other. Suzzanne gasped as she saw them and mewed into gag shaking her head.

“Mmmmmmmwwww, Mmmwwwwwww!”

Monifa smiled down at her wickedly as she registered her distress.

“Yes whore they will fill you holes so full to remind you how depraved you are”

One of the guards poured a viscous lubricant over each of the protuberances and as he slathered it over their surfaces this shone slickly highlighting the thick ridges and bumps.

“Lift her now men” and eight hands gripped the struggling agent and moved her towards the device.

Her eyes wide at what was to come Suzzanne screamed behind the gag

“Mmmmmmmwwwwwww, MMMMMMMMWWWWWWWW” and she felt her legs held spread as she was lowered until the taller of the dildos brushed her lips and she bucked fighting the guards.

“Make sure the slut feels every inch” encourage Monifa, “Do it slowly” and Suzzanne felt the slippery tip push past her lips, unable to fight gravity she felt herself being stretched around the shaft and she could feel every ridge and knob. Suddenly she felt the second hard tip bump against her anus and she let out another cry, trying to twist away but she was past the point of no return as her weight now carried her down and she let out a long low groan as she was totally, agonisingly filled.


“Good make sure she is all the way down men, push down on her shoulders” and as they did so she felt the big cock push up against the top of her sex canal and she gasped.

The men now set about fixing her astride the seat as if the dildos werent enough to fix her in place. A thin leather strap was buckled around her wrists and then through a D ring on the back of the seat and pulled tight.

Monifa clapped her hands in delight at the womans torment. Circular adhesive ring electrodes were placed over each areola, leaving the nipple poking through the centre and were smoothed into place. Monitoring electrodes where placed on each side of her neck. Another electrode like a tiny cup was slipped between her spread lips and over her clitoris and taped in to placed.

Monifa clapped again and pushed the men aside, carefully she checked the fastening and attachments noting with great pleasure how much the rear insert was stretching the womans tight ring.  Suzzanne watched her as she slipped something over her head and she felt plugs being inserted in her nose, she threw her head back but it was too late they were in place and  Monifa had tightened the retaining strap. Finally she stretched a black latex band above Suzzannes head and lowered it with care until it covered her eyes then gently released it effectively blind folding her. Suzzanne let out a mew of protest.

“Now close the case please”

Suzzanne could no longer see but the two halves of the case were moved around her, the dark contours she had seen were in fact profiles that matched the shape of the victim and as the halves where pushed together she felt the sides begin to press on her body starting with her legs, then shoulders and breasts and finally her head until with a final diminishing mew the halves of the case met and Suzzanne was securely compressed inside unable to struggle, virtually unable to move.

As the guards fastened the locking clips around the case the Officer looked at his watch the whole process had taken less than 10 minutes.

“Miss Mbowe, excuse me but I cant help being impressed by this device, what does it do?” he asked fawningly.

She turned and spoke matter of factly “It is for the torment and transport of prisoners and slaves, as you have seen the prisoner is bound and secured and attached to devices of torment. The box is shaped to hold them completely immobile. Here see I can control their discomfort from here” and she opened a small panel on the side of the box and he saw knobs, dials, buttons and LEDs.

She continued “from here I can control the inserted devices” she indicated four black knobs, “rotation and vibration” as if demonstrating a household appliance.

“These control the electric shocks and this reads heart rate and breathing. I can control the air to the prisoner from here and here she said proudly I can hear their pain, their terror” and she flicked a switch and the sound of Suzzannes slow steady breathing was clearly audible.

“All of this can be controlled remotely via a laptop computer over very long distances”

“Why would you need that may I ask?” puzzled the Officer

“Because I will be flying back to Gorana this afternoon but the slut in this box will be taking the 14 hour road journey” and she smiled smugly.

The Officer chuckled “Oh I see”

Inside the box Suzzanne fought to control her rising dread. Restrained, blind and abused as she was it had taken her a moment to realise what was happening as she felt the case closed around her, compressing her body, smothering her making any movement impossible. She now sat, held motionless in a dark constricting environment the only sound that of her blood pumping and her own breathing, time seemed to stand still, but she guessed that was the idea of the sensory deprivation and discomfort.

“Allow me to demonstrate” offered Monifa and she manipulated the controls, almost instantly a surprised moan could be heard from the speaker.

“I have activated the inserts, vibration only lowest setting” not unpleasant yet I am sure.

She activated another control eliciting, higher pitched moan.

“The insert in her cunt is now slowly rotating” she instructed

“Now” she said and pressed several buttons, immediately a series of wails began, the breathing became faster, uneven; every now and again one shriek was louder than the other.

“The electrodes are firing in sequence on still quite a low setting but enough to be uncomfortable.  For the journey I will set everything to function automatically following a rotating sequence building the stimulation and shocks to a peak before starting the cycle again”

“Well thank you Miss Mbowe for explaining” he schmoozed, “I will leave you now; I expect you will be wanting to get on your way?”

“Yes thank you, if your men could just assist mine in loading the cargo onto the truck I would be grateful?”

“No problem” and he nodded to the men.

Inside her black womb of misery, Suzzanne had been startled by the vibrators but not unduly distressed, the shocks however had not been pleasant at all and her mind raced at the thought of things to come. Then she felt movement and guessed her prison was being relocated.

Monifa stood and made the final adjustments to Suzzannes settings for her journey. The dildos were set to pulse in sequence slowly getting stronger and more frequent until they were working as one; simultaneously they would also begin to rotate again in sequence first one direction, then the other, again increasing until they were both moving in time. The electric shocks would alternate nipples and pussy also increasing in frequency and strength until they were delivering a continuous shock as the dildos reached their peak.  This whole process was set to cycle hourly with the final period of sustained stimulation and shocks lasting five minutes, everything would then reset and the cycle would start again.  She set the breathing control to allow Suzzanne to breathe normally and to receive fresh oxygenated air until the last 3 minutes of each cycle when her air would be shut off until the cycle reset.  She slipped her laptop into her bag and stepped outside. The men had finished loading the case and locking the wheels anchoring it securely inside the covered truck. The crew had instructions to drive back to the Goranan capital and to ensure the journey took no less than fourteen hours. Satisfied they her captive was secure Monifa slid into the back seat of the limo waiting to take her to the airport and as the car moved off she looked back to see the truck pulling out too and opening her laptop she pressed the key to activate the case and she smiled a malicious smile.


Suzzanne wriggled in her restrictive captivity as the dildos deep inside her began to gently pulse and then slowly rotate. The sensation was most disconcerting especially as they started to slowly revolve first one way then the other their deeply grooved surfaces forcefully massaging the walls of her vagina and rectum. She found herself attempting to move her pelvis either forward or back to alleviate the stimulus of one to only find it intensified the effect of the other. She let out a series of sharp squeals as the current shocked her nipples then her clit. As the shocks continued the squeals turned to grunts of discomfort as the intensity and frequency of her tortures gradually increased the dildos now buzzing strongly as they turned.  Her breathing was increasing now, rapid and shallow as she felt the stimulation, the bondage, her total lack of control driving her towards her first climax. 

In the back of her car Monifa sat with her headphones in listening to the sounds of her victims suffering, she checked the timer; the cycle was at forty eight minutes. In a few more minutes the vibration, rotation and stimulation would merge into one continuous assault on Suzzannes most sensitive areas forcing her to orgasm the last part of which she would suddenly be deprived of air just long enough to induce hypoxia.  She could hear Suzzannes hurried breathing punctuated by long moans, snorts and whimpers and she tried to imagine her suffering which in turn produced a tingle in her loins and she gently allowed her legs to fall apart.

Suzzanne was moaning rhythmically now and Monifa knew she was close, as the timer reached fifty minutes her moans turning into one high pitched yelp as the shocks merged and peaked, then subsided in a long lowing moan punctuated by deep sighing breaths as she came.  Monifa waited for the final act, Suzzanne was still coming in bursts as the timer slipped past fifty seven and she heard the groans of pleasure change to gasps and soft wet sounds as the air flow ceased. She watched intently as Suzzannes heart rate soared as still moaning her breaths were blocked.

In the darkness Suzzanne had allowed herself to come as the stimulation reached its peak, savouring the massive release despite the pain and discomfort, suddenly to find her air supply stifled. She gulped and chewed at the gag, and found herself trying to fight her constriction as her senses began to swim. The muscles of her pelvis were still spasming burning up precious oxygen and she quickly began to lose consciousness. Then without warning fresh life giving air rushed into her lungs and Monifa heard her breathing restart with one massive breath followed by gulps and heaving sighs.  During this time Monifa had allowed her index finger to slide under her dress and gently massage the cleft of her sex through her diaphanous panties as she savoured the other womans torment. She listened to Suzzannes breathing begin to slow when without warning there was small shriek flowed by a long moan as the cycle began again.

Monifa closed her laptop and gathered her composure; her car had reached the airport where her Fathers private jet was waiting to fly her back to Gorana. She would be back in the Presidential Palace within about three hours by which time Suzzanne would have endured 4 full cycles with at least another ten to go.  She promised herself she would not listen in again until at least the sixth or seventh cycle!

Back in London Godfrey Reynolds called a meeting of his key department heads to order.

“OK Gentlemen as you know Control has been taken seriously ill and is unlikely to be returning for the foreseeable future, in the interim the PM has asked me to take the helm of M.I.7.  I intend to see we continue all relevant operations in line with current foreign office policy, now what Ops. have we got running?”

“I have an operation running in Argentina Sir,  we believe the Argentines maybe developing some sort of jamming device to try and block communications with the Falklands Islands, I have two agents down there now” said Peter Bryant, Head of the South American Office.

“Good Peter, keep it running “ enthused Reynolds “Cant have those Bloody Argies pissing about with the Falklands again, now what else?”

Palmer spoke up, “What about the on-going mission in Gorana Sir?”

“Whats that Palmer, I didnt see it mentioned in the briefing papers” twisting to face the Doctor and leaning forward in his chair.

“It was something that Control was running personally Sir, Gorana is rumoured to be developing a dirty bomb and has taken and anti-western stance. Control had sent an agent in to find the location of their weapons facility and destroy it”

“Really Palmer and how do you know so much about this personal venture of Controls? youre head of?” he shuffled some papers scanning the sheets “Ah R&D” and he looked quizzically at the man.

“I was involved because of the Agent we sent, they are somewhat special”

“Special? Who was it man”

“Agent Midsummer Sir”

“Midsummer? Oh yes the woman, well we may have a problem there”

“Problem? Why Sir?”

“The PM has instructed the Foreign Office to open a dialogue with President Mbowe; we cant let him fall in with the East you see”

“What about Agent Midsummer Sir, she is on the ground there but with Control out of the frame we need to take control of the mission and possibly get her out”

“Mmmm” pondered Reynolds, “maybe a bit late for that, PM has instructed all agencies to cease any operations against Gorana, all Ops are on hold”

“But she is on the ground; she needs urgent extraction if thats the case”

“Extraction, whats that?” queried Reynolds

“Its the term we use for extracting an agent from a dangerous or hostile environment Sir” his voice barely hiding his exasperation at the mans lack of understanding.

Reynolds flushed visibly “Oh right, I gave an order to withhold an extraction from West Africa yesterday”

“Dear God, you did what? Midsummer is out there alone and you cut off her only route of escape” blurted Palmer barely containing his anger.

Reynolds regained his self-assurance, “Well it cant be helped, PMs orders, we may have to consider the loss of Agent Midsummer damage limitation! now lets move on”

Monifa Mbowe lay naked on her bed her head thrown back in rapture. One hand vigorously massaged her small hard breasts, pulling and twisting her obsidian nipples. The other was between her spread thighs pumping a large chromed vibrator in and out of her glistening pink slit as he moaned in pleasure.  On her head she wore a large pair of headphones through which she was listening to Suzzannes sobs, cries and moans of unrelenting suffering as she made her way slowly towards her, still six hours away.


The large matte silver case was wheeled into the centre of the room and the wheels locked. Monifa walked slowly around it letting her fingers trail over its hard sleek surface. She was dressing in a sheer black body stocking and black calf length boots, beneath the material she was totally naked and hid nothing.

“Open it, open it” she clamoured and the three similarly clad women cracked the latches on the case and the two halves slowly parted. A scent of sweat and musk filled the air as the contents were slowly revealed. Suzzanne was slumped motionless save for slow ragged breath. Her skin that was visible was covered with a layer of sweat, hair soaked and plastered to her head and down over her shoulders.

“Get her out” barked Monifa, walking around and around her victim perched on her pedestal of pain.

The women released the restraints securing Suzzanne to the base and as they began to life her clear of the base she groaned loudly despite the gag as the dildos slid from her, thin strings of mucus trailing from them. Both glistened slickly with her juices and the sides of the saddle upon which she had been mounted were drenched in a sticky slick mixture of sweat and come.

She was dazed, floppy, complaint as they carried her across to a wide stainless steel platform with a gently concave centre sloping down to a central drain and laying her in the centre and proceeded to remove the electrodes and straps. As her legs were unfettered and straightened out Monifa could she her pussy and anus still gaping, slippery, pink and stretched having spent over half a day held open by rigid inserts. Suzzanne made no effort to resist or even move herself. Deftly the attendants removed the single glove, gag and blind fold, one standing by with Taser if Suzzanne should show any sign of opposition. Even as the blindfold was removed her eyes remained closed her body flopping and rolling at their whim.

Free of restraints she was gently stretched on her back out across the platform.  Her hips were lifted and a flat padded metal bar was slipped under the base of her spine and locked into place on either side of the platform lifting her bottom above the drain grate. Next they pulled her wrists to the top corner of the platform and fastened them with rough rope loops through a cleat they then repeated the same procedure with her ankles, she groaned quietly as they pulled her taut.  Completing their task Suzzannes mouth was gently prised open and a steel spider gag slipped carefully behind her teeth and strapped in to place.

“Good Work” said Monifa clapping her hands “Lets wake her up”

A metal frame supporting three large rain shower heads was positioned over the platform and a hose connected.  On her signal one of the women flicked open the valve and torrents of ice cold water cascaded down onto Suzzannes naked body rudely rousing her! She screamed her eyes snapping open and reflexly she tried to pull in her arms and legs and roll away only to find herself fixed.  For a minute or so Monifa allowed the water to continues as Suzzanne yelped,  the temperature of the water made her gasp for breath, splashing off her struggling form, running in rivulets over her flanks, thighs and breasts, making her nipples spring to attention.

Monifa signalled and the water ceased, Suzzanne lay there breathing hard, dripping, trying to take in her surroundings.

“Welcome to Gorana Miss Nixon”

Suzzanne turned to her tormentor scowling “leth mee goo” she spluttered

Monifa smiled, “take out her gag”

Free of the device Suzanne spoke “Let me go you have no right to hold me like this”

“Oh I have every right Miss Nixon after all I have evidence you perpetrated an act of terrorism on Goranan territory”

“What! youre crazy” protested Suzzanne feigning indignation.

“LIAR” screamed Monifa “you tricked my Father into telling you the location of the weapons facility and then you destroyed it”

“Youre mad lady, now thanks for the shower and let me go”

“No Miss Nixon, I want to know who sent you and why and I will make you tell me”

“Fuck you” and she twisted testing her bonds

“Gag her and lets get on”

She tried to resist as the two attendants forced the evil steel device between her teeth again and buckled it tight, Monifa walked to the edge of the table and looked down and the struggling agent.

You must be quite dirty from your journey Miss Nixon; perhaps you would like to freshen up?”

Suzzanne glared back “Uuckkerr”

Monifa signalled again, this time they women appeared with two large buckets of soapy water and a long handled scrubbing brush each and placed themselves on either side of Suzzanne.

Realising what they planned to do next she tugged furiously at the ropes, protesting noisily.

“Begin” ordered Monifa

Dipping the brushes into the buckets they slapped the dripping brushes onto Suzzanne and began to scrub, one on her belly the other on her thighs.

Suzzanne shrieked, the water was icy cold and she quickly realised the brushes had stiff hard bristles increasing her discomfort.

Monifa watched a satisfied look on her face as they scrubbed away, their victim shrieked and squealed as dipping their brushed into the buckets they dumped on more water and moved targets, one now began to scour Suzzannes breasts causing a rise in the volume of her distress, the other was scrubbing the soles of her feet.  After a few minutes Suzzannes body was bright pink, etched with darker thin red lines, cross hatching her smooth skin. She reached forward to squeeze one of Suzzannes up thrust breasts, kneading the sensitive skin before pinching the swollen nipple; Suzzanne grimaced but made no sound as the assault continued, then.

“Turn her over”

Suzzanne tried to fight but the women were clearly skilled in their task, freeing one arm and one leg at a time, pulling it to the opposite side of the platform and securing it. They then freed the other limbs and pulled them through effectively flipping her onto her belly over the supporting bar.

Suzzanne continued to protest as repositioned they began to scrub her back and legs, this time one moved to her head and began to scrub her scalp and hair, splashing the icy water into her face making her cough and splutter the other moved  to her heaving buttocks and slapped the brush down, rubbing vigorously.

Suzzanne felt a hand on her buttocks , sliding over her wet stinging skin before slowly slipping between her cheeks,  she felt a fingernail begin to gently scratch  over her still sore ring making her tense and clench before sliding further  parting her puffy pink lips and dipping inside her. A small moan escaped her open mouth and Monifa smiled as the digit roamed around deep in the Agents pussy. Suzzanne gasped and squeezed her eyes shut. Feeling the finger withdraw she opened them to see Monifa looked straight at her,

“Almost done” and she gave a signal.

Suzzanne almost leapt off the table as the bristled head of a brush smacked between her spread thighs and began to scour her over sensitised pussy.

“Mmmmmmmwwwwwaaaaaahhhhh” she screamed eliciting a grin from Monifa

“Now rinse” and the shower dumped more freezing water onto Suzzannes burning skin.

Suzzanne lay their dripping, panting and Monifa lifted her head by her soaking hair.

“Ready to tell me more yet?”

“Ucck Oooooooo” was her reply.

“Very well, Pamoja, give her five”

One of the women stepped forward and hefted the long handled scrubber in her hand flipping it over so the flat wooden side faced down, then she swung it down across the prostrate agents quivering buttocks. It landed with a resounding SMACK as wet wood met wet skin, Suzzanne reared up, startled by the force of the spank droplets of water spraying from her pink skin.

“AWWWWWW ethus uccking kiiist” she yelled as the pain from the initial blow began to assert itself. Her buttocks burned and an imprint of the back of the brush, brighter pink than her scrubbed skin began to show.

“SMACK” a second blow! The pain forced her to strain against the ropes, her buttocks tensed, curvaceous but hard like steel.

“SMACK” a third and a fourth and fifth followed.

Her bum was now branded with five overlapping brush head shaped imprints, scarlet, glowing; she was still suffering the residual pain, biting hard against the ring gag.

“Still unwilling to talk Miss Nixon or shall I have Pamoja give you another five?”

Suzzanne shook her head slowly “Gnnnoooo ooooore”.

“Excellent then my Father wishes to speak with you” and she clapped her hands

“Pamoja, Waceera, bring the yoke”

The two women returned with a long metal device about a metre long, the centre formed a ring with two arms protruding opposite each other, each arm ending in a ring, similar but much smaller than the centre.

Still lying face down Suzzanne looked puzzled before puzzlement turned to realisation as she watched them, flick a catch allowing the centre ring to open into two joined halves. 

Powerless she lay there as they placed the open ring under her neck then closed the two halves to reform the rigid collar fastening the lock at the back of her neck. Next Waceera held one of her wrists whilst Pamoja released it from the rope cuff. Suzzanne tried to pull away but was surprised by the strength of the woman who easily slipped the defiant agents wrist into the open ring on the end of the arm locking it in place. Suzzanne tried to be more uncooperative with her other wrist but it seemed to make no difference as she found herself fastened securely into the metal device.

“Get her up now” and as one released her ankles the second grasped the yoke and unceremoniously twisted the device flipping Suzzanne off the platform and onto the floor. Before she could recover both woman had surrounded her and hauled her into a kneeling position.  Two lengths of chain where clipped to either end of the yoke and taking up the strain the women allowed Suzzanne to rise to her feet.

The collar was firm around her throat but not tight but held her wrists out horizontally on either side of her head.

Suzzanne tugged and pulled at the restraining chains, testing her opponents as Monifa intervened.

“Dont do anything stupid Miss Nixon, the collar is fitted with restricting device, let me show you” and she held down a button on a small box in her hand.

Suzzanne felt something click in the collar and then a whirring sound, before she could respond something rapidly tightened around the front of her neck, in seconds it restricted her breathing and cut off blood to her brain. Monifa looked on impassively as Suzzannes face reddened, her hands flapped uselessly in their cuffs.

Her vision was closing in now, reddening from the edges as the device throttled her, she sank to her knees desperately trying to suck in a breath, then Monifa released the button and she sucked in a huge breath, choking around the gag.

“You understand Miss Nixon?” And head down, gasping Suzzanne nodded.

Dragging her to her feet they began to pull her along by the chains as Monifa followed. Naked, captive they led her up stairs and through the corridors of the palace as servants and staff looked on until they reached a large set of doors leading into some sort of reception room. Escorting her into the centre Monifa barked an order.

“Down on your knees whore” her manner somehow different.

Suzzanne twisted to glare at her but was rewarded with a kick to the back of her knees as her guards yanked down on the chains and she was forced to kneel.

“Kneel you western slut” spat Monifa as Suzzanne was held down by the guards now gripping the ends of the yoke. She tried to lift her head to see what was ahead of her but they twisted the yoke forward pressing her head down further.

A pair of black brogue shoes and navy pinstripe trousers walked into her field of vision.

“Hello Miss Nixon” said a velvety voice she recognised as Samuel Mbowe continued.

“I must say I feel somewhat foolish at the ease with which you tricked me into revealing the location of my weapons program.  A honey trap I think is the correct term isnt it?”

She stayed silent, unmoving and the guards pulled back roughly on the yoke bending her back and forcing her to look upwards. He stood over her his hard brown eyes fixed on hers, his face impassive and she felt a twinge of fear.

“I really want to know why Miss Nixon, who sent you to destroy my ambitions? Who am I worrying that much?”

“Let me have the white whore Father I will make her talk” enthused Monifa 

He waved his hand, “Soon enough Monifa, soon enough, give her the opportunity to save herself some suffering, remove her gag so she can speak”

Waceera unbuckled the heinous device and Suzzanne pushed it hurriedly from her mouth, working her jaws.

He looked back to the woman genuflect before him, the pattern of fine red lines covering her skin let him know Monifa had already had some time with her, He studied her, despite her plight, her predicament she stared back at him defiantly and he remembered how soft and perfumed her brunette hair had been that night, the warm softness of her pillowy breasts, the silky moist pleasure that dwelt between her smooth thighs and he felt a stirring in his loins. His face softened slightly.

“Miss Nixon, Portia, tell us who sent you, and your end will be swift I promise you”

She stared back at him her gaze unflinching, “Go to Hell”

Monifa lunged forward her swinging foot connecting with the agents soft midriff. Suzzanne doubled over and pitched forward, winded and gasping as the woman ranted”

“Whore, white slut whore, how dare you speak to The President like that, I will make you regret those words” and she planted another kick into Suzzannes ribs.

Stepping back Samuel Mbowe sighed deeply.

“Very well Monifa, she has made her choice, she is yours, let me know when you have the answers”.


Suzzanne sat still in the darkness, movement was unpleasant to say the least. She had seen very little of the room they had taken her to for as they entered a heavy fitted rubber hood had been forced over her head and zipped shut. An integral gag muffled her sounds and she was forced to breathe through two small holes over her nostrils. Fighting the claustrophobic she had felt herself begin manhandled into some sort of large chair and that was when the discomfort had begun. Although she could not see it she could feel it, the seat of the chair was a large horizontal cylinder of timber which rotated freely along its central axis so that anybody sitting on it could roll back and forwards as they sat. Unfortunately the entire surface of the log had been closely studded with short blunt wooden spikes making any movement or even sitting extremely uncomfortable.  Her wrists were secured with metal staples to the arms of the chair, her ankles fastened similarly to the legs of the chair which spread her legs. Pushed back she felt a cold steel collar close about her throat forcing her to remain upright in the chair. In this “sitting” position her body weight was supported by her buttocks sitting on the studded seat. 

“Alone at last Miss Nixon or shall I call you Portia too” mocked Monifa.

Suzzanne hmmmphed helplessly her masked head sweeping from side to side.

“I truly have you to myself now, my Father will not bother us and we can play, oh I will extract the information from you, but slowly. You see all that whore, slut rhetoric is just nonsense, in truth I have a few Sapphic tendencies thanks to my English Public School education but I have to keep it hidden as it would not do for the Presidents daughter to be, what was we were called at school?? Rug Munchers!”

And she laughed.

Suzzanne was breathing noisily through the hood for as she had been speaking Monifa had closed on her victim and had been squeezing and massaging Suzzannes breasts enthusiastically. Now her hands were slowly working their way over her body, her shoulders, upper arms, flanks and finally thighs.

“You really are extremely gorgeous Portia; I can understand why my Father was so keen to fuck you and Suzzanne jerked as she felt finger tips skimming the insides of her thighs before moving on to softly explored the cleft of her sex. She tried instinctively to move away but found she could only roll painfully over her wooden seat. The finger tenderly parted the plump smooth lips and finding slick moistness, gathered some on its tip to spread over the nub of pleasure.

Suzzanne mewed into the gag both in frustration and arousal and Monifa could sense both.

“Mmmmm Portia I can see you like that and I expect you like the bondage a little too, helpless I can do whatever I want to you” and she pushed her finger deep into the molten vagina.

“Of course there will be pain too” and she pinched one of Suzzannes hard nipples making her squeal.

“Now Portia are you going to tell me who sent you?.... No well thats a shame… for you” and she picked up a thin leather whip.

Standing before the Agent she flicked the whip allowing its knotted tip to catch one the heavy breasts. Suzzanne jumped and squealed.  The whip struck again on the other breast, then across the soft skin if her tummy. Monifa ignored her cries and struggles as the whip planted its none too gentle kisses. She concentrated for a while on the breasts, leaving them streaked with pink, then the tummy, which contracted with each strike, then the inner thighs before aiming for the tight pink slit.

Suzzanne was puffing and panting as the whip licked around her body, made double worse as she rocked on the spiked seat. As the whip caressed her sex she moved backwards which meant the spikes rolled over her pussy and she had to roll forward to relieve the immediate pain.

Monifa watched carefully, Suzzanne was soaked in sweat, quivering, her hands and feet wagging.

“Im just softening you up my dear,  soon you will be desperate to tell me”

Suzzanne was crying into the gag with each lash now, pink wheals cross crossing her already abraded skin. Monifa dropped the whip and walked around behind her captive. Suzzanne struggled uselessly unsure where the next attack would come from.

Her tormentor whispered in her ear and she jerked away.

“Its frightening to be so helpless, isnt it?

Suzzanne felt a hand under her jaw steadying her head the two fingers pinched her nostrils shut. Already blinded and gagged by the hood, she felt panic as her air supply was cut off. She tried to remain calm as the desire to breathe rose I her chest. Monifa held her nose closed, waiting and after a couple of minutes Suzzanne began to struggle, tugging at the staples holding her wrists and ankles and Monifa could feel her trying to twist her head away.  Then she released her grip and her victim sucked in a huge breath before panting noisily through the hood.

“I control you Portia, and I will break you” and she pinched the womans nose again, holding to a point of almost suffocation before allowing the woman one sweet breath. She kept up the torture for almost an hour, Suzzanne was gasping, in oxygen debt never being given enough time to recover. 

“Do you want to talk now Portia?”

Suzzanne nodded.

“Good” replied Monifa and she began to unzip the hood before wrenching it from the agents head. Suzzannes face was red and sweaty her eyes red rimmed and she gasped as the gag was pulled from her mouth trailing strings of saliva.

“Now tell me who are you working?”

Suzzanne gulped down another breath “The General” she spluttered.

“Who, The General, who the hell is he?”

Suzzanne nodded, “I dont know much about him, Eastern European, Ive never met him, he either contacted me by phone or courier” she lied

So why does a Communist General want to destroy my Fathers work?”

Thinking quickly Suzzanne replied “He is an arms dealer, he doesnt want small nations developing their own weapons, and he wants men like your father to buy from him”

“So he sent you to blow our up facility did her?”

Yes, I dont work for a diamond company, Im a mercenary and assassin, he paid me”

“How much?”

“200,000 dollars”

“You come cheap, like all western whores” and a crashing roundhouse punch slammed into the agents head.

Suzzanne awoke to find herself in another room, possibly a bedroom or dressing room, she blinked squeezing her eyes shut forcing herself awake. She found she lying flat on her tummy against a soft leather surface, it was narrow and convex and appeared to end a few inches in front of her, rather like she was lying along the arm of a huge leather couch!  Her arms hung heavily down either side and as she tried to move them to raise herself up she felt resistance and looking down saw her wrists were secured in tight padded cuffs fixed to whatever she was lying on. Flexing her legs she felt a similar resistance and a quick glance backwards confirmed her fears, she was bound along a leather horse, her arms outstretched and her legs spread flexed at the knee and cuffed at the ankle.

The door to the room opened and she heard a familiar voice

“Good Morning Portia I thought we might go riding?”

Suzzanne twisted around to see Monifa closing the door. The woman was dress in a prim white blouse, tight white jodhpurs and black riding boots, in her gloved hand she held a crop. Suzzanne tugged at the bonds,

“Let me go now, Ive told you what you wanted to know”.

“Oh dont be like that Portia” her voice feigning hurt.

“We need to talk some more” and she let her gloved hand trail up across Suzzannes bottom and back, as her fingers reached the agents dark locks she grabbed a handful and yanked her head backwards and she slid the crop under her chin. 

“You have indeed  given me the information and my Fathers intelligence services are checking it now, if it turns out to be true my Father may show you mercy, in the interim youre mine to do with as I please and I think we should go riding together ” and she slammed Suzzannes head down into the leather.

“Fuck you, so its heads down for a lesbo lick fest is it, well bring it on bitch!” spat Suzzanne.

Monifas smile faded, her gloved hands flexed the crop, “I think I need to train you like a new mare dont I?”

The crop whistled through the air landing with a stinging “Thwack” across Suzzannes upturned buttocks, “NNNNNGGGAAAARRR” she bit down on her lip.

The crop whistled again, THWACK! and again THWACK, THWACK. Suzzanne squirmed in her bonds, the blows burnt their path across her exposed cheeks and she pressed her face into the leather, tears welling in her eyes.

After the sixth blow Monifa paused, Suzzanne's bottom was striped with half a dozen brightening red welts. Monifa stroked the tip of the crop along her captives sex making the agent flinched,

“Now little mare lets get on with the training” and she grabbed the womans hair again pulling her head roughly back.

“If a mare cant be controlled she needs some whip and a bit!” and reaching around she forced a hard rubber bit gag into her mouth, Suzzanne struggled and tried to spit it out but Monifa deftly fastened the buckle before securing the rest of the harness over her head. Suzzanne twisted and squirmed the leather of her mount squeaking as she tried to dislodge the bit.

“Still feeling feisty are you” and she reached behind the leather horse before holding up a device for her to see. It was a thick stainless steel “J” shaped piece of metal about an inch in diameter. At the head of the “J” was a steel ring and at the tip of the “J” was a stainless steel ping pong sized ball.

“I use this to keep a mares back straight; its called a posture hook!” and she held it steady for her to see. Suzzanne realised very quickly how it worked and twisted frantically in her bonds. Monifa ignored her efforts and walked around behind her, Suzzanne felt fingers touch her tender backside. The fingers slid gently down and deftly but firmly parted her cheeks. She continued to struggle, twisting her hips but Monifa continued silently with her task. With her other hand she trickled lubricant from a small bottle into the valley between the cheeks and she watched it run over the clenched ring of muscle and down between her pussy lips.

“Nnnngggooooo, Pleetth!” pleaded Suzzanne, feeling the liquid leave a cool trail, but she continued to be ignored.

“Now Portia just relax and it will be over in second” she mocked and placed the steel ball against the agents anus.   Suzzanne jerked “Nnnnggggooooo” as she felt the pressure of the cold metal, but Monifa was now increasing the force, twisting and rolling the shiny metal ball, coating it in lube, she grunted quietly as she pushed harder.

“Ooooowth Nnnggggoooo pleeeth”, Suzzanne could feel her anal ring stretching around the slippery orb until with a sudden slurp it disappeared and Monifa, a satisfied look on her face continued to guide the device in until the curve of the “J” slid between the striped buttocks and lay in line with the agents spine. Suzzanne groaned quietly into the leather, but Monifa gave her little respite,

“Now” she said “to improve your posture and compliance”.

She took a length of soft black rope and looped it through the ring on the end of the J hook, then leaning over Suzzanne she threaded it through a metal ring on the back of her harness gag before threading it back through the J hook.

“Ready little mare?” and she pulled on the rope, at the same time Suzzanne felt pressure from the hook buried deep in her and the pull on her bit gag, she could do nothing if not comply and she allowed her head to rise obediently. Monifa continued to shorten the rope forcing Suzzanne to arch her spine, pleased with the effect she smiled and tied off the rope to the J Hook. Suzzanne lay still, breathing slowly and deeply, the strain on her back and neck was intense but the slightest attempt to relax caused the hook to be pull deeper inside her.

Monifa circled the horse and its “rider” smiling before she moved nearer and reached out her hand to cup one of Suzzannes hanging breasts. Suzzanne gasped waiting.

Her tormentor began to softly fondle her breast, allowing the pink nipple to be rolled between the base of the thumb and forefinger gently tugging it, she stifled a moan and Monifa felt the nipple stiffen.

“Good “she cooed, “You like that dont you, naughty little mare?” and she released the breast with a final squeeze forcing another gasp from the woman.

“This is the part of the lesson I like best” crowed Monifa and she unbuttoned the high collar of her blouse revealing her own ample ebony cleavage, “Now lets see” and she dropped out of Suzzannes field of vision behind her. Unable to turn her head she mewed around the bit fearful of what may come next. She jumped with a squeal as fingers gently touching her pussy, stroking along her slit still greasy with lube before a finger slid inside her. She grunted and tensed powerless to resist or prevent the violation. She felt the finger exploring inside her, then another and another until the three digits roamed at will. “Good” she heard, “nice and tight, now who shall we ride Ranger or Outlaw?”

Suzzanne's brow furrowed! What was she talking about?

She heard Monifa walk back across the room and open a door. Then she heard a rustling and a light clanking, followed my more rustling and then a self-satisfied sigh. Then the footsteps returned and Monifa strode round to face her.

Suzzanne recoiled in horror, “Nnnnnnnnoooooooog!

Monifa was now wearing a strap-on over her jodhpurs, the thick leather straps circling her waist and thighs, but it was no ordinary strap-on it was enormous! At least a foot and half in length it was about 4 inches in diameter and it looked nothing like dildos she was used to, this was ridged with moulded folds and a huge but odd shaped glans, in fact it didnt look human!

Monifa let the sight sink in before speaking, she stood with her hands and her hips and her pelvis forward extenuating the dimensions of the dildo. Almost as if she had read Suzzannes mind she said “Yes its not a human cock, its moulded from a real Stallions cock, Ranger is my best Arab”

Suzzanne tugged frantically at the restraints on her wrists and ankles; she would have shaken her head if she could, if it were not for the steel hook buried in her backside.

“Youre going to find out what is like to have a Stallion in your pussy Portia!” and she gratuitously began to pour lubricant along the length of the giant phallus before smearing it around the broad shaft, letting her intended victim see the whole process before she walked back round behind the struggling agent. Suzzanne felt the woman place a hand on either hip and something firm brushed the inside of her thigh and then touch her pussy.

“Nnnnnnmmmmmmmooooo, NnnnnMMMMMMMOOOOOOO!” she pleaded knowing there was no way she could repel the intruder. She felt the huge head begin to spread her sex and enter her. Her pussy still sensitive began to stretch around its massive greasy girth.

“NNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!” she grunted as it slipped through the ring of her pelvic floor muscles stretching them with its passage and she felt it begin to fill her. Monifa watched the massive black head of the dildo squash and then begin to part the agents lips, she felt the resistance build then wane as it overcame the ring of muscles as she gently but forcefully continued to push, the broad shaft disappearing inside the wriggling agent. Despite its girth Suzzanne accommodated the intruder although it was not a comfortable experience; she felt each ridge and vein as it entered her.

“Well well Portia just over half way, well done! Suzzanne grunted through the gag. Then she began to feel the monster withdraw before Monifa began the return stroke. Slowly her tormentor began to thrust the monster horses cock in and out of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm” cooed Monifa watching her body tense and her hips wiggle as she fought to accept the massive phallus, “how does that feel, big? filling you?”

Suzzanne grunted at the end of each stroke, any attempt to move resulted in the J Hook pulling deeper into her rectum; the arching of her back flexed her pelvis backward and meant that the dildo could penetrate her vaginas full length; she bit down on the gag and tried to control her breathing to match the rhythm of the thrusts.

Monifa slid her hands over her buttocks and dug her nails in, Suzzanne yelped,

“Come on little one, move, I really want to ride you!” and she increased the speed of her thrusts. Suzzanne bit down harder on the gag now, trying to stifle her cries, the head of the colossal cock was banging against the top of her vagina, each impact causing her intense pain. Monifa now began slapping each buttock in turn as she thrust increasing Suzzannes torment. Then with one hand she held a small bullet vibrator against the front of her jodhpurs; Suzzanne could hear her moans and tiny cries as she brought herself closer to orgasm. Then with one deep thrust she heard the womans staccato moans “MMM, MMMM, Mm, mmmm,mmmm, MMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOWWWWW! 

As she came Monifa thrust one last time holding the dildo deep inside Suzzanne before she began to relax. Suzzanne buried her face in the leather, the thrusting had stopped and she could hear Monifa breathing hard. Then the gigantic cock began to withdraw and she let out a low moan and a sob as it finally exited her bruised and gaping pussy.

Monifa tottered around to face Suzzanne, her face was glistening and sweaty from her exertions, the huge tool swung before her coated and glistening with the girls wetness.

“Im going to leave you for a while, maybe we will canter out again later perhaps with Outlaw that time”, and unbuckling the strap-on she let it fall heavily to the floor. The woman turned and left and Suzzanne moaned plaintively as she heard the door close. She was still bound stringently the hook buried in her backside, her back arched, and thoughts turned to what other torments Monifa  planned to inflict on her?


Samuel Mbowe sat in his study sipping his whiskey a phone pressed to his ear.

Really Monsieur Labone I am very grateful for this information” he paused.

Indeed I am aware of the Company that has requested to survey in Gorana and I shall inform my Interior Ministry to give them every assistance”. He paused again.

“Well thank you Monsieur Labone again for informing me and yes I will keep this matter between us,  and goodbye” he replaced the receiver a look of distain on his face. He was a ruthless man and there was nothing he disliked more than obsequious petty dignitaries looking to feather their own nest.  The man Labone was clearly taking some kickback from the survey company to smooth their way in Gorana and the ideal opportunity had dropped into his lap.

He pressed a button on his desk intercom.

“How can I help Mr President” came the instant reply

“Send my daughter to me now; tell her it is most important”

“Yes Sir”

Five minutes later Monifa swung around the door of her fathers study, she had barely left Suzzanne and was still in her riding gear.

“Monifa” began President Mbowe looking up; he stopped “been riding Darling?

Monifa hesitated, “Err in a matter of speaking Father”

“Who have you been riding?”

She hesitated again, taken aback “What Father?”

“Who have you been riding? Outlaw or Ranger?”

Relieved she replied “Oh Ranger Father”

He smiled, “Good, good, but Im afraid we have a problem”

She smiled back waiting

“It appears Miss Nixon is not who she seems, she is a British agent, a Suzzanne Midsummer”

Monifas jaw dropped “What, but… her story about this character The General was a lie?

“Well not entirely, it seems, there is an Eastern European warlord calling himself The General but very little is known about him. He is an arms dealer but has his fingers into politics too” he replied

“But youre saying she is British Intelligence, but surely they are not linked to this General?”

“I dont know Monifa, I really dont know, but I do know we cant just kill her now, well not right away any how”

“What do you mean Father?”

“She revealed her identity to the French in an attempt to get them to help her out of Ligeria, it was one of them who told me, so we have to surmise that someone else may have told the British the whereabouts of their agent, if so they will come looking for her.”

“So what will you do Father?”

“She needs to disappear, at least until they stop looking, we can question her further about this General then we can dispose of her properly. Where is she now, she needs to be somewhere secure, we cant risk her escaping”

Monifa felt panic rise, her Father would be livid if he knew what she had been up to, “Leave it with me Father I will check the security arrangements straight away, she wont escape” she said quickly

“Good Girl Monifa, I knew I could rely on you, I think we need to make arrangements for Miss Midsummer to visit one of our residential facilities, will you make the necessary plans my dear”

She smiled “yes Father she will be on her way tonight”

Suzzanne opened her eyes as the door swung open and seeing Monifa return she tugged futilely at her restraints. Monifa walked straight over to her and placed a hand under her chin lifting her head further.

“Well Portia” she began, “It seems you have not been entirely truthful with me”

Suzzanne feigned panic, her eyes went wide and she tried to nod her head and speak, “Ki agvv Ki agvv” she pleaded “pleeth!”

“Oh we found your General all right, just like you said but it seems you are not who you say you are MISS MIDSUMMER!!! Almost spitting the words into Suzzannes face.

The deal was up and Suzzannes mock fear faded as quickly as it had arrived her eyes narrowed as she fixed Monifa with her cold eyes.

“Uccckkk Uoooo Gitch” she mouthed around the gag.

Monifa backed handed her across the face

“You will not be so arrogant very soon, I just wish you and I could have played together longer but my Father wants you moved away, to disappear until your Government loose interest in trying to find you, you will be leaving tonight Suzzanne!”  She sneered the last word.

An hour later Suzzanne found herself being wheeled towards a non-descript panel van. Still naked she had been strapped securely to a sack trolley designed to hold a person.  The bed of the trolley had a flat narrow pad up the centre section along which the victim lay.   Tight inch wide nylon straps had been used to secure her at ankles, above and below her knees, upper thigh, hips, waist, above and below her breasts, throat and forehead to the trolley, He hands had been secured inside leather mitts, forcing her hands into fists to prevent her grabbing anything and more straps secured her wrists, elbows and arms to the side of the trolley. Bound in such a way she could barely breathe let alone move. A Hannibal Lecter style mask covered most of her lower face although instead of a grille over the mouth it contained an integral ball gag.

The sack trolley halted and Monifa Mbowe appeared alongside. She smiled cruelly.

“Well Miss Midsummer, it seems Im not going to get the time to find out about the real you mores the pity. You are being transported to a Psychiatric Penal Facility where you will disappear to all intents and purposes”

Suzzanne growled behind the gag, her eyes narrow with hate.

“Still I want to leave you with something to remember me by, at least during your journey”, she gestured and one of her henchwomen stepped forward and passed her something.

Much to Suzzannes displeasure Monifa began to rub and stroke her nipples already quite pert from the cool evening air, before placing a short length of bamboo across her breasts under each now hard nub. Suzzannes eyes widened but she remained silent. Holding the first piece of bamboo in place supporting the nipples she placed an identical piece of bamboo across the top of the teats. Suzzanne tried to struggle, to make it difficult for the woman to complete her task but the nylon straps held her still.

Monifa looked into her face, “Yes, it is going to hurt Suzzanne”

The bamboo rods now sandwiched the nipples, pointing like little pink noses as Monifas assistant looped a zip tie around the middle of the rods securing them together, she then repeated the process with a another zip tie at each end of the two rods. Suzzannes darkening nipples were now firmly held between the two rods but Monifa had not finished, holding the rods steady she now caught a teat between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it through the gap in the rods causing the areola to now to be squeeze, Suzzanne grunted and clenched her eyes shut, it hurt. She did the same to the other nipple, before smiling at Suzzanne.

“Tighten the ties Pamoja” she commanded and starting with the centre each of the zip ties was ratcheted as tight as it would go. Suzzanne screamed into the mask her tender breast buds now cruelly flattened between the rods, dark and engorged with trapped blood.

“Take her now” dismissed Monifa and Suzzanne continued her journey towards the vans her tits burning like fire. Turning her back to the van the sack trolley and its unfortunate occupant were tipped horizontal and slid in to the darkness of the van. She heard clicks as it was locked into place then the doors slammed shut and locked, alone, trapped in the stifling darkness she heard the van start and move off.


She was somewhat relieved when the van drew to a halt and she heard the drivers door open, flat on her back in the dark the journey had made her feel slightly motion sick, the pain in her breasts had subsided quite quickly as they went numb but she was dripping with sweat and the wave of cool air was bliss as the doors swung open.

Silently the two attendants hauled the trolley out and upright and began to wheel her towards a lit doorway.  At the doorway she was handed over to a big man in a white shirt and trousers, she could see he was muscular under his shirt and he carried a short black baton on his belt. She remembered this was a psychiatric penal unit.

She was wheeled into a large room and left in the centre. Strapped as she was she could only see straight ahead but the room was empty save for a small desk and a couple of lightweight chairs. She waited; it was cooler here than the back of the van and her nausea had gone. There was a commotion as a group of men entered the room, four were dressed the same as the man who had wheeled her in, the fifth, smaller was in chinos and an open neck shirt. He was 50… ish, quite stocky but not big like the others, his tight curly hair had grey flecks around the temples.

He stood before the woman bound tightly to the trolley and looked her up and down before he spoke.

“So Suzzanne Midsummer, welcome to Kamanga Penal Facility, I am Brighton Adjolo the Governor, I understand you are an agent of another country?”  He spoke matter-of factly as if they were at some function

Suzzanne just stared at him.

“Remove her gag” and an attendant stepped forward and released the fastening. Suzzanne gasped as she spat out the hard rubber gag, licking her lips to moisten them.

“As I said I am Governor Adjolo and I ex….”

See cut across him “I dont give a fuck who you are, I being held here illegally, my government will find me”

He smiled, “Dont be so sure after all who knows you are here, then French sold you out so they wont tell, you are going to be with us some time, so you may as well understand the rules.  I am a fair man if you stay within the rules and I give all Patients….”

“Prisoners” she spat!

“Patients” he reiterated slowly “a fair chance, and I will give you a chance to fit in”

“Free me from this trolley and Ill see” she replied

“One thing at a time, loosen some of the patients restraints please”

Two of the attendants began to slacken off the straps around her body and removed those around her throat and forehead, without warning one of them snipped the zip ties holding the bamboo rods.

“ARRRRRRGGHHHHH!!! Jesus Fucking Christ” screamed Suzzanne as blood flooded back into her nipples, “You stupid fucking bastard, you could have warned me”

Her teats still showing signed of being held flat for so long now changed colour from dusky blue to bright pink and as they did so sensation returned along with intense pain.

“Enough” said Governor Adjolo firmly “we do not allow swearing or blasphemous behaviour, it will be punished, do you understand?”

“Ok Ok, I understand, now can I get off this trolley please?”

“If I release you, you wont do anything foolish will you”

Suzzanne thought for a moment, who was this numb-nuts, of course she would!

“No” she replied

“Good we understand each other, free her from the trolley but leave the mitts”

As the straps were released Suzzanne looked down her body, crossed by the deep indentations left by the straps, she slowly flexed her limbs, stretching, feeling the tone return to her muscles.

“Now Midsummer” the Governor continued, if you show yourself to be a good patient, compliant, not troublesome you will be given privileges but as I said bad behaviour will be punished, look at me when I am talking to you woman!”

Suzzanne was scanning the room, the men the door, “Sorry” she said, “What did you say?”

He was staring at her; she could see he was getting worked up, careless.

“I think we should continue this conversation in the morning when you have had time to consider your position Midsummer” he said

“Yes take me to my cell” she said “Im bored Id like to get some sleep, its been a busy day”

He stepped forward smartly, in her bare feet they were about the same height and they met eye to eye, his face was inches from hers.

“I will not tolerate insubordination; I will tell you when its time to sleep and time to get up, do you understand?”

They continued to stand nose to nose, eye to eye.

Do you understand Midsummer?”

“After a moment she replied quietly, yes and do you understand this?”

Her knee drove up into his groin as one glove fist flashed behind his neck pulling him forward into her other fist  driving upward into his belly, with a loud groan he crashed to the floor like a sack if shit, clutching his balls.

She spun to meet the attendants who advanced on her, dropping into a fighting stance, she kicked out high her foot catching one alongside the head, spilling him across the floor, on the offensive she lunged forward, slamming one into another, her bare foot lashed out catching one then the other in the balls. 

She heard a roar as the fourth man charged her, deftly she side stepped him, tripping him at the same time, he crashed across the desk, smashing it to matchwood and she darted for the door. She raced into the corridor to see it filled by two more huge attendants advancing on her, she prepared to meet them but before she could attack, pain lanced though her body, her muscles spasmed, her limbs jerking.

“GGGGGGGGNNNNNNNNGHH!” she grunted, it had been a trap.

A second set of spasms hit her body and she slumped to the floor.  Before entering the room the Governor had positioned four men with Tasers on either side of the door with instruction to be ready for anything.

As Suzzanne lay twitching on the corridor floor the Governor stepped out of the room holding his midriff.

“Hit her again” he sneered

Suzzanne screams echoed down the corridor as she was Tazed repeatedly.

“Pathetic, you think I didnt know who you where and what you were capable of Midsummer?”

Suzzanne lay groaning on her back in a spreading pool of her own urine, froth at the corners of her mouth, her eyes glazed.

“You stupid stupid woman, I think we should give you a spell in the cage so you can meet the other inmates, dont you?” 

Two attendants grabbed her by the arms and began to drag her down the corridor leaving a wet trail behind her. As they reached the door two more men lifted her legs and the four carried her out and across the huge compound.  In one corner was a circular metal cage about five feet in diameter and seven feet high made of strong steel wire. In the centre was a steel post with various fixing points up its length.

The cage opened in half and Suzzanne was hauled inside and propped against the post. Manhandling her into a kneeling position her hands were pulled around behind the post and secured with chains. Further lengths of chain were looped around her neck, upper body and waist to secure her against the post.  Feeding more lengths of chain around her thighs, her legs were spread and fixed apart.  Finally her mouth was prised open and a metal ring gag slipped behind her teeth. Still only partially conscious after the Taser assault she was incapable of any resistance and as the cage was closed and securely locked the men inspected their work. Naked, Suzzanne was chained tightly to the post; her legs spread wide leaving her fully exposed.  Laughing and talking they walked back to the building as the first rays of the sun crept over the horizon.

Reality returned to Suzzanne painfully as she the felt the warmth of the sun on her skin. Her muscles burned from the shocks and her head ached, she tried to lick her lips but found her way prevented by the gag. Slowly she began to take in a picture of her surroundings, the cage, her nudity, her exposed vulnerability. She tested her steel bonds, no movement there, as the sun rose the temperature climbed quickly and she resigned herself to another torture session in the heat to try and break her.

Then she became aware of voices and tried to twist to find their origin. She couldnt see them but she could tell they were moving towards her, within moments a small group of men had gathered around the cage. Dressed in orange coveralls she guessed they were “patients” of the facility.

The level of noise was increasing as the men cat called and whistled at the naked captive attracting more men. Faces were pressed against the wire as they leered at the naked spectacle and Suzzanne was glad it was too narrow for them to get their hands through!

Despite her predicament she realised she was protected by the cage and she knew the men would have torn her apart had they got their hands on her, but worse was still to come..literally!

Thwarted by the wire but not to be beaten she could see several of men stroking the crotches of their coveralls and it was obvious what was beneath, within a few moments several men had their stiff cocks out and aimed at her as they lasciviously  stroking them.  Pressed against the wire they massaged their erections, darting out their tongues at her and telling her what they would do with her given the chance. Soon Suzzanne was surrounded by a crowd of furiously wanking men!

Then something hot splashed across her thighs!  She flicked her eyes down to see  thick sticky blobs of semen dribbling across her skin.  More spunk splattered across her breasts and dripped down her belly and then she was hit in the face, a cheer went up from the crowd. More and more strings of the sticky hot goo sprayed onto her and the ground around her.  The men were getting more accurate in aiming for her face and she almost retched as she felt blobs land in her open mouth! Another cheer went up!

From the window of his office overlooking the compound Governor Adjolo sipped his coffee as he listened to the cheers from the crowd surrounding the cage. 

Suzzanne was covered in  gluey strings of seminal fluid, her hair was coated, it dribbled from her skin and dripped from her eyelashes. As they finished, each man moved back to allow his neighbour room to work. As fast as she pushed the disgusting substance from her mouth a new load arrived, the taste was in her throat, the smell in her nostrils it was all she could do not to throw up.

She was remained in the cage all day and although they flow of men diminished after a while she was sure some men returned for second and third attempts. Under the sun the semen quickly dried increasing her discomfort as it hardened on her face and around her eyes. As dusk approached the men were herded back inside and she found herself alone.

“Well Midsummer perhaps you have learned to be a little more compliant today, if not maybe next time Ill let one or two on them into the cage with you”

Suzzanne looked up, bedraggled but unbowed, “Fuck you” she whispered to herself.

“Clean her up and bring her back inside”

Freeing her from the post they kept her hands chained behind her attached to a loop around her waist and left the gag in place before marching her back into the building and into a tiled shower room. Roughly she was pushed into a cubicle, “Stand there” said a terse voice and she watched as they unravelled the fire hose and turned it on her.  The spray of water was cold but welcoming on her hot filthy skin and she turned around in the stream dipping her head to rinse her hair of the semen before she stood there dripping.  The men marched her out into down the corridors and into a bare cell with a simple foam mattress on the floor.

“Face down, keep still” and the ring gag was unbuckled before the men backed out and the door closed and the lock turned. Suzzanne allowed herself to relax and soon sleep washed over her.

Geoffrey Palmer sat in his office mulling over the spending for his Department, Godfrey Reynolds had set all services a target of saving 2% of their budgets when there was a knock at the door.


“Sir, sorry to bother you but theres something you might like to see” it was David Bryant one of the SIGINT analysts.

“Oh come in David, what is it?”

“This Sir, it was picked up by the listening room yesterday from the French Consulate in Ligeria, I only found it today, it wasnt  deemed significant until we got another message from a source in Ligeria” he held out a pink slip which Geoffrey Palmer recognised as a message record slip.  He took it and read the contents.

Detained agent now in custody of Ligerian Security Forces.

“And then this came into today Sir from our source in Ligeria”

Palmer read the second message his expression hardening.

Possible British National has been handed over to Ligerian Security, under name of Portia Nixon, French intelligence complicit in transfer.

“Midsummer, shes alive and the Ligerians have her” Palmer said quietly to himself.

He looked up, “Thank you David if anything else crops up let me know”

David Bryant smiled “No worries Sir”

Palmer picked up the phone “get me the Foreign Secretary”

Suzzanne was woken by banging on her cell door which opened and three attendants filed in, two she noted had Taser and batons, she lay still on her mattress.

“Roll over Im going to unchain you, so no funny business or well zap you and its back in the cage”

Obediently she allowed her chains to be removed and rubbed her wrists.

“Put these on” and an orange bundle was thrown onto her lap. She unfolded the cotton coveralls and stepped into them, thin and badly made they were the first clothes she had worn since leaving Ligeria.

“Now outside” the two men backed out ahead of her and as she entered the corridor she found another three men filling the corridor

“Well well well, six of you to manage little old me” she wanted to lunge and scare them but didnt fancy being Tazed again.

One of the men offered forward a waist belt and a pair of cuffs and she dutifully held out her wrists as the belt was fastened around her waist and the cuffs attached, then she was hustled down the corridor towards the governors office.

Governor Adjolo looked up from his coffee and surveyed, his prisoner, Suzzanne glared back.

“I take it you now understand the regime here Midsummer, I will tolerate nothing but complete compliance, and as your stay here is indefinite, well you can make the choice for yourself”.

Suzzanne stood in silence, they had been foolish to let her sleep, the rest combined with her nano technology had repaired her and recharged her and her pin sharp mind was now thinking of escape.

She lifted her head slowly to fix him with her gaze and speaking between gritted teeth.

“You will not break me and your shitty little prison will not hold me and if the opportunity arises I will gut you like a fish”.

The governor coughed nervously, “Very well, if that is what you want. Take her to the hospital block; well see if the Doctor can treat that attitude of yours”

Suzzanne was dragged roughly from the office, she kicked out at her guards but was rewarded with bruising baton blows to her legs and ankles until she could hardly stand before they hauled her into the hospital block.

It was hardly a hospital, the cinder block building housed basic medical facilities but amongst the inmates hospital treatment was a byword for torture. Suzzanne was dumped on the stone floor.

“Doctor, the Governor would like you to treat this prisoner, she seems unable to come to grips with the regime here”

A  slim  hawk faced Asian man  turned around, wiping his hands on his stained white coat as he adjusted his glasses, his eyes widened as he saw Suzzanne sprawled before him, he smiled “ take her through to the holding cell”.

Suzzanne was hauled up and through into circular room lined from floor to ceiling with grubby quilted canvas padding and she guessed she was in for some form of beating. The sergeant lowered a heavy chain from the ceiling and the guards released her cuffs from the belt before linking them to the chain. Swiftly her wrists were pulled above her head whilst another guard looped a leather strap around her ankles and attached it to a cast iron weight on the floor. Helpless and off balance Suzzanne swung under the chain then without warning the sergeant grabbed the collar of her  coveralls and in one motion tore them from her body leaving her naked once again. The Doctor leant in the doorway watching.

“Thank you Sergeant Ill call you when I need you” and as the guard left the Doctor moved into the room and closed the door behind him.

“Well, so you are Suzzanne Midsummer, M.I.7s finest?”

Puzzled she replied “Sorry have we been introduced?”

The Doctor smiled “Not formally but its seems we had a mutual friend, a patient of mine”

She looked quizzically at him shaking her head, “Sorry Im at a loss, I meet a lot of low life scum in my line of work”

“Paul Goldhill” he replied, “You fractured his larynx, he came to me for treatment, he was on the run, seems you had exposed him to his government, I had to do a bit of a make and mend on him in the end”

Now she smiled back “You mean the late Paul Goldhill and I should have killed him when I had the chance” and she fixed the Doctor with her gaze “I wont make that mistake again”

“Indeed Suzzanne you wont get the chance again” and she could see his eyes roaming over her body.

“Still he was right about one thing” he mused, continuing to leer, “he regretted never actually taking the opportunity to fuck you and I can see why”

“Go fuck yourself Doctor! “She spat back and the smile slipped from his face and stepping around her he grabbed her thick hair and yanked her head back.

He hissed in her ear “You need to learn a little respect” and his thin hand reached around and roughly grabbed her breast kneading and mashing it, he continued.

“I can do what the fuck I like to you here, do you understand” and he pushed hard against her, his hand now roamed across her stomach and down between her legs, she squeezed her thighs instinctively.

“Take your filthy hands off me”

He laughed and she could feel his hard cock through his trousers against her buttocks as his fingers began to burrow between her thighs.

She pushed back hard against him “Get the fuck off me you creep” but he continued his assault and she was powerless to stop his hard fingers as they found their target and slipped between the lips of her plump sex and she gasped as one digit pushed up inside her.

He nuzzled against her ear as he worked his finger around “Mmmmm nice, maybe one day soon I will get to fuck you”

“Fuck off, touch me with whatever you call a prick and Ill snap it off”

He pulled back harder on her hair making her arch her back and the tip of his bony finger began to massage her clitoris making her squirm.

“Im sure you would but for now you are mine to do with as I see fit, the Governor wants you to be more compliant so thats where we will begin” and releasing his grip he pushed her roughly away making her swing in her restraints.

Pulling her back by the hair he grabbed her face pressing his fingers into her cheeks. “I use my medical training and knowledge to extract information from those unwilling to volunteer it.  Youll make a change from the standard fare of political prisoners, its a while since I have had the opportunity to use my skills on one as…appealing”

Breaking from his grip she spat “Youll get nothing from me, you scumbag”

“Well see” and he jabbed a vicious straight finger punch into her exposed midriff, winded she was unable to double over. “Youll break and beg for mercy and tell me everything I ask” and he punched her again.

Sweeping out of the room she heard him yell “Sergeant get the Suspension Harness ready and bring the prisoner”.

“Yes” President Mbowe spoke slowly into the phone

“Call for you Sir, the caller says he is the British Foreign Secretary!”

Mbowe straightened up in his chair taken aback.

“You had better put him through”

The phone went silent then clicked

“President Mbowe, its Martin Whitehouse here” said a clipped Harrow accent.

“Mr Whitehouse to what do I owe this honour?” replied the President.

“President Mbowe, its a rather delicate and embarrassing matter, Im led to believe you have something that belongs to my government”

“I am not sure what you mean Mr Whitehouse” said Mbowe guardedly. He hated the way British never came straight to the point.

“Come now Mr President I have it on very good authority, you have something of ours and we want it back”

Samuel Mbowe thought carefully before answering “What are you implying Mr Whitehouse, I am beginning to find this conversation tiresome”

There was a pause before the enunciated tones began again, this time more assertively.

“Mr Mbowe you have one of our nationals, a woman, we know this, in fact your Ligerian neighbours were at great pains to reassure us she was no longer with them”

President Mbowe cursed silently his weak Ligerian neighbours as Martin Whitehouse continued

“And we would like her returned to us immediately”.

“Are you threatening me Mr Whitehouse” Mbowe asked maintaining his composure, inside he boiled, he wanted to accuse this man, his government of sending an agent into his country to sabotage his plans, an agent he now held and planned to make suffer, but he knew he could not admit he knew anything.

“Mr Mbowe” continued Whitehouse purposely dropping the salutation “threaten is such an ugly word, however Im sure you would not like the British Government to consider you a threat?. The Ligerians were very keen to avoid any sanctions perhaps you would do well to follow suit?”

“Mr Whitehouse, the sovereign state of Gorana will not be cowed by your imperialist threats; she will defend herself against those who seek to destroy her with extreme prejudice. In fact Mr Whitehouse perhaps you would like to explain what this woman was doing here in the first place, espionage maybe, sabotage Mr Whitehouse?”

He cursed again, he had said too much. Another pause

“Mr Mbowe consider carefully what we have discussed before you make any rash conclusions or decisions, we would consider the release of the woman an act of positive international relations. We know you are holding her, and very shortly we will know where you are holding her, we will speak again Mr President” and the line went dead.

“Damn ,damn, damn” and tearing the handset from the wall he threw it across the room. The Ligerians had pointed the finger at him, probably the French too and he knew he had to clean house.


Suzzanne twisted uncomfortably as the guards continued their ministration around her. Tight leather straps around the tops of her thighs and waist formed the basis of her bondage.  Her  arms were pinned behind her back wrist to elbow in a “U” shape by a web of straps and rusty chains,  these in turn were attached to two vertical chains which were supporting the straps around her lower half.  With the vertical chains secured to an overhead beam she was suspended upright and securely restrained.  Her legs where spread and had been strapped at ankle and knee to rusty metal stanchions fixed to the floor, this had the effect of forcing her thighs outward forming an arch shaped instead of a “V” greatly exposing her neat sex.  She was silenced by a large ball between her teeth behind by a clear plastic panel shaped to her lower face held in place by a head harness which in turn was linked to the beam by a chain preventing her from tilting her head. 

Movement was limited, the outward twisting her legs and the fact the beam was not directly over her but in front meant she was pulled forward from the vertical, this caused her buttocks to protrude further accentuated by the straps which framed them, and her breasts to dangle forward away from her body despite the chains that circled her torso and criss crossed between her orbs.

“Gentlemen are we ready to begin”  said the Doctor as he strode in throwing his white coat over a chair back and rolling up his sleeves.  The guards stood in a row nodding and watching.  He stopped and turned to face Suzzanne, she scowled at him from behind her mask, the size of the ball made any form of verbal response impossible., he smiled and turned back to the guards.

“You are all familiar with the majority of the interrogation techniques used here” he began as if teaching a class “but today we have a chance to demonstrate some of those specific to female prisoners.  Female skin texture, lack of significant body hair, musculature and fat distribution all make then susceptible to certain methods and of course thats before we consider the specifics, breasts, genitalia, etcetera.”

Suzzanne twisted uncomfortably this was not going to be pleasant , not your run of the mill beating.

The Doctor continued “with the female it is not all about beating, the female can have a remarkably high tolerance to pain alone, no its about stress and sensory overload.”

He turned to face Suzzanne, “you can see our prisoner is uncomfortable, in discomfort, she is exposed and vulnerable, despite how she may seem her anxiety and adrenaline levels will be elevated while she is under stress. What we need to do is ramp up her systemic stress levels and we do this overloading her sensory system”

As she listened Suzzanne could feel her heart beating, she knew she was feeling fear, this man knew his trade and she feel was about to feel the full force of his experience.

“This is where the female differs from the male, as well as using pain to overload her senses we can also use what can loosely be described as pleasurable sensations, but at such a level of stimulus that they became damaging.” 

He turned toward Suzzanne, taking hold of one of her pendulous breasts, hefting like a weight in his hand.

“Contrary to belief a womans breasts are no more sensitive than many other parts of her body; however sustained stimulation of the areola and nipple can be very effective”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small object, Suzzannes eyes opened wide as she saw what is was. Releasing her breast he grasped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled stretching the teat away from her body. He held up the object.

“A straightforward crocodile clip” as he pressed the toothed jaws apart before allowing them to close over the captured nub. Suzzanne snorted through her nose as the wicked teeth bit down on the tender flesh, the Doctor smiled.

“Painful in itself, we can accentuate the discomfort by attaching a small weight to the clip” as he hooked on a lead weight watching as the nipple stretched downwards under the pull. He then repeated the process on Suzzannes other nipple, she bit down on the ball it was nothing she could not endure.

He continued “as well as maintaining a constant and painful stimuli and movement caused the weight to swing” and her nonchalantly slapped her across the tits making the weights jump, caught off guard pain flashed across her face and she moaned loudly into the gag.

“Now we begin to ramp up her stress” and moving to the bench he paused pursuing the items of torture spread across it before selecting a flat leather flogger.

“Sergeant if you would like to demonstrate” and he held out the wide strip of stained leather. Positioning himself to the side of Suzzanne for a moment he admired her derriere, thrust out by her enforced posture, the straps of the harness emphasising the curve of her cheeks, squeezed together and bisected by a perfect cleft. He placed the flogger against her skin and adjusted his position, measuring his swing. He drew his arm back and swung, the leather connected loudly with her skin, she flinched but made no sound, as predicted the jerk of her body sent the weights swinging and tearing at her nipples, she bit down on the ball again.

The sergeant continued to land stinging blows across her buttocks in a slow and steady rhythm, she jerked with each impact and her thighs and calves burned from her abnormal attitude. The pain in her breasts was increasing now as the swinging weights caused the teeth to abrade her delicate skin. All the time the Doctor kept up a commentary, explaining the mechanics of torment.  After a while of the guards changed places with the sergeant, taking instruction in how to deliver the most effective blows.  Suzzanne was steeling herself for the long haul, this was going to be a prolonged and concerted torture session with the aim of wearing her down to break her and she strived to mentally resist the systematic brutalisation planned for her.  After an hour of beating her buttocks glowed cherry red the skin burning but still unbroken, flecks of blood speckled her nipples still held in the toothed embrace of the clips. Sweat trickled down her flanks and frothy drool dripped from around her face mask.

“Time for a change, try this” called the Doctor and the guard delayed his impeding swing. Suzzanne opened her eyes in time to see the Doctor pass a stiff wooden cane to the guard and she clenched her fists her nails digging into her palms.

The soldier tapped her fiery buttocks gently, correcting his stance before bringing home his first stroke, the cane smacked loudly as it hit her and its inflexibility prevented the soldier from following through with his swing but the effect was immediate, Suzzanne howled through the gag, the pain having increased tenfold. The Doctor smiled, he would break this bitch.  The caning continued, stroke after stroke, she yowled and sobbed with each one, frothy saliva spraying from behind her gag. Her buttocks were now criss crossed with raised angry welts stippled with drops of blood, rivulets of sweat trickled down her back and sides, stinging her broken skin and darkening the floor beneath her.  The Doctor raised his hand to stop the punishment.

“As you can see the prisoner despite the obvious discomfort she is in still has significant reserves of resistance and this we must breakdown, she is now in significant pain and stressed and now we will add another sensation to overload her senses”

Suzzanne tugged against her bonds, fearing what he had planned next, this man knew his craft and she prayed she could hold out. The Doctor returned from the bench and moved behind her, unspeaking he looped another leather strap around her hips buckling it firmly in place. From the front of the strap hung strip of leather as wide as the belt and punctuated by a series of slits before it narrowed to a much thinner strap. Reaching under her he grasped the strap and pulled it up between her legs, Suzzanne remained unmoving. Feeling along the wider part of the strap his fingers identified which slit lay over the front of her sex. Allowing the strap to fall away he then produced a ward massager and proceeded to feed its round head up through the slit, unable to move her head Suzzanne could see nothing of this. Satisfied it was held securely he raised the strap again this time ensuring the massager head spread her plump labia and nestled firmly against the seat of her womanhood, she gasped as he manipulated the shaft of the device to settle its head fully home, then drawing the thinner part of the strap up between her swollen buttocks he buckled it firmly to the waist strap. Finally he pressed the switch and the device thrummed into life, Suzanne visibly stiffened, her eyes snapping open as she emitted a long low moan.

“The prisoner is now being subjected to another form of stimulation, dissimilar to the pain of the cane but as equally hard to ignore. With two powerful but contradictory forms of stimuli the prisoner will be unable to focus on resisting either.”

And he signalled to the soldier to recommence the caning.

She was flagging now, the massager mercilessly thrummed against her sex making it difficult to concentrate whilst with each burning caress of the cane she jerked in her bondage making the weights tear at her teats, to make matters worse with each movement the heavy shaft of the massager dangling obscenely between her legs caused the head to rock back and forth across her clitoris sending heightened waves of sexual electricity coursing through her pelvis. She moaned with each blow her eyes closed, the pain and the pleasure began to merge until after one stroke she stiffened straining against the straps and chains, the tendons and ligaments stood out in her slender neck and she let out a long continuous grunt as she orgasmed!


As it surged through her body her pelvis thrust back and forth making the dangling massager dance, the soldier stopped his caning unsure what to do.

“No no dont stop” urged the Doctor, “you have her” and the soldier raised his arm again to strike, THWACK!

As the orgasm subsided and the cane struck home, Suzzanne eyes opened wide, although her look was distant, then it darted wildly across the audience and without warning she began to scream and fight, straining and tugging against her bonds, thrashing, twisting like a captured wildcat. The Doctor looked on, smiling cruelly and as the soldier continued to thrash her, he stepped forward and flicked the massager onto a higher setting.


She heard the bolts of her cell door clanking open but she did not move, not that movement was easy. The Doctor entered and walked slowly around her.  After her initial orgasm he had continued the torture session for….. She didnt know it had seemed like an eternity.  Repeatedly she had been brought to orgasm whilst the caning continued, several times she had passed out and each time she had been revived with smelling salts so that the torment could continue an amalgam of agony and anguish. 

Eventually they had stopped and freed her bonds before carrying her to her cell. There the cruelty had continued as the Doctor forced onto her knees between two wooden posts. Her ankles had been crossed behind her and fastened to an eye bolt in the floor. A thick steel pole had then been threaded through a hole in to top of each post so that it ran behind her neck and parallel with her shoulders.  The soldiers had then pulled her arms out along the pole and secured them with leather straps at wrist and elbow. Longer straps were looped under her armpits and over the pole and a final strap was passed around her throat and securing the back of her neck against the pole, then they had left her. There she had hung since, unable to move, her legs folded uncomfortably beneath her.

A he walked slowly around her he noted how her nipples which had been brutalised by the weighted crocodile clips now only looked pink and slightly swollen, her buttocks too, earlier marred with thick raised bloody stripes now were only criss crossed with swollen cerise lines.

“Well Suzzanne either you have remarkable recuperative powers or we didnt work you over hard enough”.

She heard his words but still did not move, if he knew of her nanotech secrets she shuddered to think of what her would do to her to test them out.

“Still tomorrow I have something more creative planned for you; Im going to demonstrate the use of enemas as part of the interrogation process. I have some techniques I want to try, to see which medium is most effective, air, oil or water”

“Fuck you numb nuts, do your worst you perverted quack” she mumbled quietly.

He moved to face her, “Oh then you are awake then, just ignoring me?”

“You got it creep, take whatever you have planned and stick it up your own arse!” she replied

An unamused smile crossed his face.

“Whilst you have spirit, you have no manners, you need to understand who is in charge here” and he backhanded her across the face.

She reeled from the blow, it hurt and she tasted blood, her eyes fixed on his.

“You wont break me I will die first you pathetic piece of camel crap”.

Quickly angering his voice quivered with annoyance, “Well see about that” and he swung his foot forcefully up between her spread legs, kicking her hard in the crotch.

She moaned loudly, coughing and choking, smiling her kicked her again.

“You will do anything I say, do you understand, anything” and her grabbed her hair pulling her head up.  With his other hand he unzipped his fly and fumbled to get his stiffening cock out.

“Anything!, now suck me and dont even think about biting or Ill have every tooth in your head pulled out before I have you skinned alive and dissected, now do it!”

She struggled to twist her head but his grip and the throat strap prevented any meaningful resistance, she clenched her teeth but a punch to the side of her face made her realise she had no choice, this man was a psychopath her would hurt her badly. Opening her mouth she felt him stuff his thickening tool between her lips, he tasted strong, musky.

He was hard now filling her mouth, jamming her face into his crotch.

“Do it bitch, suck me, let me feel it! He gasped

She considered biting down, emasculating him but she knew it would not be wise now; she would have her revenge one day.

Reluctantly she closed her lips around his shaft and began to gently suck, her tongue exploring the contours of his glans, she could taste his salty fluids as his excitement grew. He moaned as he allowed her captive head to slide up and down his cock, he felt her tongue and lips caressing him. Her mouth was hot, wet and silky, he could feel her sucking, his excitement building, he forced himself to slow down to saviour the sensations and his conquest of this woman. 

Groaning his hands were now wrapped in her hair , controlling the position of her head as he fucked her mouth, she could feel him swelling hardening in her mouth, she breathed through her nose trying hard not to gag as he hit the back of her throat, then without warning he began to moan rhythmically and she began to feel the invader pulse in her mouth, she tried to pull her head back but his grip prevented it, seconds later he cried loudly as she felt her mouth begin to fill with hot salty semen and she reflexly swallowed. After a moment his pulsing and thrusting stopped his moans replaced by gasps and he released her head allowing his softening tool to slip from her caress.

His coming left a bitter taste in her mouth, she retched and she spat out the remainder, a globule stringing from the corner of her mouth.


The heat of the day was building as the SUV skidded to halt in front of the camp gates, a guard strolled from the shade of his hut to the car door as the window hummed down.

“Open the gates and let me you fool” yelled Monifa Mbowe; “I need to see Governor Adjolo straight away.

Flustered the guard lifted the barrier and with a roar of scrabbling tyres the car shot forward and raced across the compound to slide to a halt in front of the main building. Still standing in the cloud of dust the guard watched the woman leap from the car and race through the door”.

Suzzanne shifted her weight and twisted her wrists uncomfortably in the dull metal shackles that held her. The guards had come early that morning to release her from her overnight bondage, as they freed and straightened her limbs the pain was excruciating and she found it almost impossible to move them as they dragged her from the cell. As she saw  what the Doctor had prepared for her she tried to struggle but in her sapped state it was just a futile gesture.

She was now standing between two steel posts about four feet apart and five feet high, an ankle shackled to the base of each post spreading her legs wide. Between the posts and at the height of her pubis was another steel tube which she was bent over her upper body now parallel to the floor.  To keep her in this position her arms had been pulled out sideways, backwards and up and locked into shackles high up the posts. A leather collar around her throat was linked to the floor by a chain to prevent her trying to straighten up and a combined panel gag and harness kept her silent.

Parallel to her predicament were two infusion stands each holding a large bag of fluid, one clear and one oily yellow, red surgical tubing coiled from the base of each bag ending in a metal clamp.  On a mobile bench lay a small cylinder of compressed air with a valve and pressure gauge flanked by tubes of lubricant,  butt plugs and assorted tubing and devices.

Viewed from  behind she presented an appealing site, her tense muscular legs leading up to the swell of her hips and her peach like buttocks spread framing the lips of her sex, above the pigmented rosette of her anus signalled the devised torments. The Doctor smiled, he had his plan for todays demonstration.  Each suspended bag held 5 litres of either saline or cooking oil.  The prisoners positioning allowed free approach to deliver the enemas and to observe any abdominal swelling a she filled. 

The guards were filing in now ready to observe the continuation of the Doctors interrogation techniques, some noted that Suzzannes body showed little evidence of the abused it has suffered  the day before but most observed her bondaged form with anticipation.

The Doctor had already begun to speak, explaining the technique, Suzzanne flinched as his hands moved over her buttocks, his gloved fingers explaining the anatomy of her rectum and anus, reaching around his hands patted her now soft stomach and she grunted through the gag.  Moving on he selected a large black rubber butt plug with a hole through the length. The device was thick narrowing to a slim neck before spreading into a wide circular flange at the base, he smeared it with thick greasy lube and standing to one side of his victim so as not to block the view he used the thumb and forefinger of one hand to further spread the cheeks each side of the twitching ring before placing the rounded tip of the plug against it and with a twisting action apply pressure.

Suzzanne immediately stiffened her legs tensing, she tried to twist away as a protesting moan came from the gag, before changing pitch to a deep groaning as the substantial plug stretched the muscular ring wide before slipping quickly inside, her anus gripping the narrow neck. She continued to resist in her bonds as he connected the  tubing from the water bag to the base of the plug, locking it in place with a twist.

“Now we can begin, I will let the water flow slowly at first and we can observe the prisoners responses as the volume filling her increases”.

He loosed of the clamp a few turns and Suzzanne stiffened as she felt a coolness deep inside her.

“Stop, Doctor, Stop now” Monifa strode forcefully into the room, recognising the voice Suzzanne attempted to twist to see.

“Why Miss Mbowe” began the Doctor.

She cut across him, “Sorry Doctor, something has come up, we have to move the prisoner somewhere more….permanent” She turned to the assembled guards.

“Go now, the demonstration is over” and as they began to shuffle from the room somewhat disappointed she pulled the Doctor aside, “The British Government know we have her and are threatening my father unless she is returned. We cannot admit we have her, she needs to be disposed of, quickly and I have a plan.”

“But” stammered the Doctor, “she is an excellent specimen, surely I can keep her hidden here until I have completed my studies and then I can dispose of her?”

“No Doctor, the risk is too great, they said they would soon locate her and then they will come looking, my Father has spoken, we must get rid of her immediately, now stop whatever you had planned and get her ready to be moved”.

An hour later the panel roared out of the prison gates and turned right heading towards the coast. In the dark interior of the van Suzzanne knelt on the hard metal floor.  As soon as Monifa had given her instructions Suzzanne had been released from her bondage and the intended enema experiments, but no sooner was she free then the attendants pinned her down and began binding her ready for transport.

They had left the panel gag and head harness in place but had pulled her arms painfully together behind her fastening them tightly with leather straps at wrist and elbow. Then they had rolled her over before fitting her into some sort of abbreviated leather strait jacket which consisted of a type of bodice except it had two apertures through which her breasts were manhandled, pulling it around her body an integrated collar was buckled around her throat. Rolled over again she felt them tightening straps down the back of the garment. Next a wide belt was fitted around her waist and a perpendicular strap was pulled between her legs over her sex and locked into place at the rear of the waist band. Further buckles and straps locked her arms to the bodice and waist belt. Hauled to her feet she was dragged outside blinking into the bright sun and marched towards the open doors of the van. Inside she was force down onto her knees and more straps were buckled cruelly tight around each ankle and thigh compelling her to remain kneeling. As short strap threaded through her crotch strap and a steel ring on the floor of the van held her in place as the doors were slammed shut.

The temperature in cargo compartment rose quickly as the African sun heated the vans metal skin and soon Suzzanne was sweating profusely as she was bumped around. She could feel it coating her skin and trickling into her eyes, down the small of her back and on any surface where skin touched skin. She began to twist and work her bindings to see if she could find any slack as in the front she could here Monifa Mbowe and the Doctor discussing her demise.

“Where are we going?” queried the Doctor

“To a small airfield not far from the coast, I have arranged for a helicopter to meet us there”

“Are we going to fly her out of the country” puzzled the Doctor

“No you idiot” Monifa snapped back, “We will fly out from the coast, 30 miles or so and throw her out, bound and weighed down that will be the last well see of Miss Midsummer” and she laughed “yes that little bitch will be swimming with the fishes by the end of today”.

“Hmmmm” mused the Doctor, “its a shame though, she had such stamina and that physique, so much to work with, do you think I could have a little time with her before our flight Miss Mbowe, I really would appreciate it”.

“You can have as long as it takes to make the necessary preparations Doctor, no more!”

In the sweltering darkness Suzzanne worked twisting and stretching the sweat soaked straps, in her head was a plan.

The van slid to a halt is a cloud of dust and Suzzanne heard the passengers disembark and voices shouting. Outside she could hear footsteps crunching and the doors burst open blinding her and she felt the van rock as someone climbed aboard. “Well Miss Midsummer sadly our paths will soon part forever, shame I had some very challenging plans for you”

She twisted to face the Doctor and she glared at him over the gag, her skin shone with sweat and her hair was plastered to her forehead.

He smiled like a snake, “Still Monifa has allowed me a little more time with you before you… depart and I think it time to fuck you before you are…. Fucked!”  and he reached back and pulled the doors closed.

She struggled but bound and secured to the floor she could not move as he advanced on her, he grabbed her hair yanking her head back before his hand grabbed her breast and began to maul it roughly. Forced through the hole in the leather bodice it was engorged and firm and he kneaded it, occasionally squeezing and twisting the hard nipple, whilst his captive fought to avoid his grip.

“Enough of this foreplay” he mocked, “time is short” and he reached down and released the strap holding her to the floor and pulled her into the middle of the van forcing her onto her front. Bound there was little she could do to resist and she had not successfully loosed her bindings enough. He grunted and cursed as he strove to bypass the strap between her legs but without success. Her bindings were so secure and interlocked he could gain any access and in his lust he freed the straps around her legs and began to loosen the strap blocking his entry to her sex. She felt the straps go slack but didnt respond.  He pulled and yanked at her arms straps for a while but finding them too secure he rolled her onto her back and attacked the crotch strap where it buckled to the waist band. Roughly pushing her now freed legs apart he knelt in to undo the strap.

Suzzanne waited, she twisted her wrists and felt her arms pull free, gently she continued to flex her wrists, then the Doctor yelled with success, the crotch strap was free and he flipped it to one side and straightened up unzipping himself as he did so.

She watched as he extricated his hard member from his trousers, a look of triumph on his sweaty face as he prepared to bury it in her spread sex. While he was distracted Suzzanne acted, she drew her legs up and back as if to present herself to him then placed one leg on each of his shoulders. Believing she was about to comply with his rape the Doctor smiled and grabbed her hips and prepared to thrust, as he did so she locked her legs either side of his head and twisted her whole body violently. The effect was to slam his head into the side of the van. Then she pulled his head toward her forcing his face into her pussy holding him there locking her legs behind his head. Meanwhile she strained against the wrist strap until she got one then the other wrist free. The dazed Doctor was fighting now, his arms flapped as he tried to breath. She rolled taking the pinioned man with her until she was sitting astride his head smothering him with her sex, she pushed down hard with her pelvis and could hear an increase in his muffled cries whilst she ensured her arms were totally free. Grabbing a leather strap she quickly slid back and looped the strap around the Doctors neck pulling it tight in one movement.  As her muff cleared his face he got in one breath before the strap choked off his breath once more and his fingers clawed at the ligature.

Still gagged, Suzzanne breather noisily through her nose and all he could see was her green eyes fixed on his, filled with hate and revenge. He gasped and she could see his panic and confusion, he wanted to use his hands to fight her but his fear made him tear at the strap, she pulled tighter, his tongue began to protrude and she watched his eyes dim and glaze as his life flickered out. Finally he stopped moving and his hands went limp, she loosened the strap before gripping the back of his head and chin and snapping his neck with one sharp movement.

Still sitting astride the corpse she tore the straps from the harness and spat the gag from her mouth gasping as strings of drool dripped onto the dead mans face.  Catching her breath she wiped the sweat from her face and freed herself from the rest of the straps leaving herself naked except for the bodice.  She didnt have much time and she peered between the van doors. Outside she could see a small military helicopter, a single guard was loading several sand filled ammunition boxes onto the cargo deck. Checking the other way she could see Monifa and possibly the pilot outside a small shack.  She thought for a moment, the rear of the van was facing the helo and couldnt be seen from where the pair stood talking. Opening one of the van doors she made a clicking sound to attract the attention of the guard.  His face was one of surprise as he turned to see a half-naked woman in a leather bodice beckoning him toward the vehicle.  Suzzanne pouted at him licking her lips salciously, sitting in the doorway of the van she spread her legs exposing her sex and pushed her breasts up and together. The guard made a double take and looked across at the pilot and Monifa as Suzzanne beckoned him to come hither.  Without a second thought the man virtually ran towards the van, Suzzanne disappeared back inside and the guard dived through the door into the darkness. The van rocked for a few moments then Suzzanne appeared wearing the mans trousers and T-shirt. From behind the van door she looked towards the shack, they were still talking, probably waiting for the Doctor to return.  She checked the automatic pistol the guard had been carrying, it had a full mag, using the van to shield her she ran at a crouch towards the helicopter, ducking under the front she climbed in through the co-pilots door and shuffled across into the pilot seat. Monifa and the pilot would hear as soon as she started the engines, she had to keep them away until it was ready to fly. She cocked the weapon and laid it on her lap, then began checking instruments and flicking switches, gauges flipped into life and above her the turbines began to whine as they spun up.

The pilot looked up at the noise and began to run towards the helo, Suzzanne saw him and and swung her legs out of the door, above her the blades began to spin.  As the man sprinted towards her she raised the pistol and took aim, the pilot saw the danger too late.

The pistol jerked three times and the pilot stopped running, rearing up as the three rounds slammed into his chest before collapsing in a heap. Suzzanne checked around, Monifa had disappeared.

Swinging back into the seat, she scanned the instruments, the blades whirled overhead, all the gauges were in the green and she settled her hands on the controls.

Something caught her eye and she twisted around to Monifa lunging at her with a hunting knife, she had skirted behind the helo and entered via the open cargo deck. The knife sliced across Suzzannes shoulder and into the seat back. Monifa pulled back and slashed again, this time Suzzanne was ready and she parried the attack and twisting her attackers arm, she tried to pry the knife from her hand with a C grip but her shoulder injury slowed her down and Monifa slammed the heel of her other hand against Suzzannes head repeatedly until she lost her grip.  Knowing she was at a disadvantage being in the pilots seat, she rolled out of the door onto the ground but Monifa was close behind dropping down from the cargo deck and adopting a fighting pose. Suzzanne lunged for the pistol still on the pilot seat but Monifa blocked her with a knife slash.  Pain was now developing in her shoulder and she could feel warmth running down her arm, she knew her nanotech physiology would soon stop the bleeding but she had no idea how severe the wound was and Monifa looked like a dangerous opponent.

“I will gut you like the cowardly bitch you are” goaded Monifa and she swiped at Suzzannes midriff.   She stepped back but without a weapon and carrying a wound she was at a severe disadvantage. Monifa lunged again, feinted, slashed and Suzzanne felt her breasts sting, glancing down she saw the T shirt slashed open and blood was welling from a line bisecting across both orbs, Monifa smiled.

“Come Midsummer run onto my knife, make your end quick before I cut you into tiny pieces”.

They were circling now, Suzzanne on the defensive as Monifa slashed, swapping the knife from hand to hand, making feinting attacks, once catching Suzzanne across the middle, shredding her shirt, leaving a bright red line. Her shoulder was burning now and Monifa would wear her down, weakening her, she had to go on the attack.  She lunged forward, before breaking to one side, spinning she kicked out and her foot caught the knife knocking it from Monifas hand, dropping, she pivoted and used her legs to sweep Monifas from under her, the woman tumbled.  She threw herself forward on top of her assailant but Monifa reacted quickly, raised her legs and flipped Suzzanne over and onto her back, she grimaced and grunted with pain as she slammed down on her back.  Then Monifa was astride her raining blows about her head and face, Suzzanne raised he arms and hands to defend and Monifa began landing jabs into her ribs and breasts. Knocking Suzzannes arm to one side she sort out the shoulder wound and began landing punches. Suzzanne cried out and spurred on Monifa drove her fingers into the wound re opening it. Snorting in pain, gritting her teeth Suzzanne struggled to protect her shoulder causing Monifa to change her attack, she grabbed Suzzannes breasts, digging in her nails and twisting. Suzzanne screamed, spitting blood.

Monifa grinned at her victims downfall, she grabbed Suzzannes hair and slammed her head back against the ground, before rolling her over and twisting her injured arm up her back, making her cry out in agony.  Locking Suzzannes injured arm with her own, she placed one leg across Suzzannes thighs pinning her face down and began to punch her kidney areas repeatedly. Suzzanne was reeling, bleeding, punch drunk, helpless to defend herself. After a sustained period of attack Monifa felt her victim go limp and rolled off, standing up, she kicked Suzzanne in the ribs eliciting only a groan.

“You will die now Midsummer, I promise….” she gloated.

Grabbing Suzzanne by the collar and waistband she heaved her in one movement onto the deck of the helo, Suzzanne just groaned.  Monifa began to loop chain around Suzzannes ankles before looping them through the handles of the weighted ammo boxes. Pulling her wrists behind her she looped more chain around her body and wrists fastening the ends with padlocks.  Suzzanne was regaining consciousness now and began to struggle.

“No escape for you slut, Ive bested you and now you will die”

Suzzanne struggled twisting in the chains as Monifa began to torment her. She closed one hand around Suzzannes neck squeezing, forcing her head back, with the other hand she began to play roughly with Suzzannes breasts, squeezing them, pulling on her nipples.

“Yes you like that you whore, I know you liked it when I fucked you, rode you like a mare”

Her hand slid down and dipped down the front of the agents trousers, she fought to resist but Monifas strong fingers forced their way down and Suzzanne was roughly penetrated. She worked her fingers in an out.

“Youre wet you filthy whore, soaked, does the thought of death at my hands excite you?”

“Fuck off dyke” wheezed Suzzanne. Monifas smile faded.

“Mine are the last fingers to pleasure your filthy cunt, In a moment Im going to take you for a little flight, out over the sea, when were far enough out, a little bank and turn and you will slide right out, and these weights will help you go… splash!!”

She laughed manically before releasing her grip and sliding off the cargo deck. Suzzanne struggled to free herself from the chains, twisting, wriggling looking for some slack, her shoulder and knife wounds burned, her flanks  ached and her head throbbed, she felt her arm move, she slammed it against the chains and felt them go slack and one arm was free. She kicked trying to free her legs as she felt the helicopter shudder and begin to lift off. It was climbing now and she could see the world moving quickly by the open door. She struggled harder, she had no idea how long it would take Monifa to get over the sea and when she would be tipped out.

Monifa shouted back over the noise of the engines, “Not long now whore” and twisting Suzzanne could see they were moving out over the blue ocean.  She fought harder one arm was free and the other was close, there it was out and she began to grapple with the chains around her lower limbs.

“Get ready to say bye bye bye and go for a swim in the deep ocean” goaded the voice and Suzzanne felt the helo slow and the floor began to tip as Monifa circled. The weighted boxes began to slide across the floor towards the door and Suzzanne instinctively grabbed one of the seat legs. As the bank increased they moved closer to the opening and then one dropped over the edge, then another. Suzzanne grunted and strained as she took their weight, her knuckles whitened as the dead weight threatened to drag her to her doom. Her legs were almost free but the pull from chain around her legs just tightened, then she realised why. Monifa had looped the chain through the belt loops of her trousers and while she wore them she was trapped.

Monifa shouted back half twisting in the seat, “Try as you might youre going out” and she pulled the helo into a tighter turn leaving Suzzanne almost hanging vertically. Gingerly she reached down to the button fastening with one hand, her other locked tight on her only hand hold. She flipped the button, the trousers undid and in a second they were torn from her legs and flashed out the door.  As she came free she let out a scream and rolled close in behind the pilots seat.  Monifa half turning saw the cargo bay empty and smiled before levelling the craft and sweeping back towards land.

Suzzanne meanwhile crouched low behind the seats deciding what to do next, in a few minutes they would be back over Gorana. Then her hand touched something under the seat, it was a flare pistol, loaded. Rising carefully on her haunches, she cocked the weapon, then she launched herself between the seats and into the co-pilots space.

“Remember me” she yelled as Monifa turned open mouthed her eyes wide.

“But you” was all she could say as Suzzanne thrust the flare pistol into her armpit and fired. There was a dull pop, then a muffled fizzing, Monifas eyes opened wider, then faintly at first orange smoke began to curl from her nostrils and mouth. Slumping back she made a few coughs and splutterings, the smoke whipped around her by the slipstream.  Suzzanne reached across and unfastened the seat harness before pushing the dying woman out of the door, watching as she tumbled limp like a rag doll trailing smoke until she hit the water far below.

“Good riddance you twisted bitch”

Quickly Suzzanne swung across into the pilots seat, buckling herself in and pulling on a pair of headphones she swung the helicopter back out to sea before opening the throttles and heading  north parallel with the coast.  The sun was hot through the perspex but the slipstream through the door opening cooled her skin and she found a pair of aviator sunglasses behind the visor and slipped them on. She ached and her shoulder wound still burned, dried blood coating her upper arm and boobs and looking down she realised she was virtually naked, her shirt shredded in the knife fight and her trousers torn off by the chains, she smiled, if anyone could see what a sight she would make.

Suddenly her headphones crackled into life.

“Unmarked helo this is Marine 35, please identify yourself you are entering patrolled airspace” drawled an American accent. Banking the helicopter she could see two US Marine gunships above and behind her at 4 and 8 oclock.

Easing back the throttles she keyed the mike.  “US gunships I am British agent exiting a hostile country, please provide me with an escort to the nearest safe base”

“Unmarked helo steer vector 295, make no unauthorised course changes or we will shoot you down, do you understand” drawled the reply

She steered the helo gently around until the compass met the bearing, “complying” she keyed.

One gunship now began to draw alongside the pilots side.

Her headphones hissed again, “pilot of unmarked helo can you confirm your identity”

“Suzzanne, Agent Suzzanne Midsummer of M.I.7”

“Checking, standby” came the reply.

The gunship was now parallel with her and she could see the pilots talking and checking inside the cockpit, the door gunner had her firmly in the sights of his multi barrelled minigun.

“Agent Midsummer, can confirm your identity and welcome home, we will escort you to” the pilot glanced across at her his visored head jerked.

“Holy shit shes naked!!!” 

Suzzanne smiled and waved “hi boys, Semper Fi”

Another voice came on the net, “Marine 35 this is Marine 27 please repeat your last message “

“I said shit the limey agent flying that thing is butt naked”

“Yeah thats what I though 35…..”

On the horizon the grey silhouette of warship shimmered in the haze.


“Range to target, 1240 meters, wind left to right 2 kph, can you see him?”

“Affirmative, shall I take the shot?”

A guttural voice crackled in the shooters earpiece

“Do it, nobody uses my name in vain”

“Affirmative”. Holding his breath the shooter gently applied pressure to the trigger.

Phaatttt! The silenced rifle kicked back into his shoulder.

Over 1200 meters away President Samuel Mbowe felt as if a sledge hammer had hit him in the centre of his chest, reeling back he looked down and saw a dark claret stain spreading across the front of his shirt. A second round slammed into him, inches from the first and he sagged back against the wall his glass slipping from his hand and shattering on the tiles before he dropped to his knees and slumping forward his head hitting the floor the stain continuing to pool beneath him.

“Target down….its done General”



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