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New Catherine’s Punishment . Part One.

A Catherine’s Punishment part two series story
Heavy, Moderate, F, F+, f, f+, M, M+, Real Life, 18yo, Bondage, Chastity, Cuck, Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Leather, Lingerie, Masochism, Mind Control, Modification, Pain, Spanking, Submission, Voyeurism, Blackmail, Non-Consensual, Reluctant

                        Catherine Dixon’s Punishment . 

                 By Jonnyboy. /

     An original Story taken from certain actual events now reworked  by the Author who reserves copyright.   This story is for the most part a work of fiction and should be viewed as such only by those over eighteen who view it as such and have no objection to the subjects of bondage/ bdsm/sexual slavery/voyeurism and emotional incest. Further parts will follow on a regular basis.


       Synopsis: A continuing story.  Oblivious as to their real motives after being told they wish to consider a career in teaching, a Beautiful forty two year old,  naively unaware of their actual intentions, reluctantly agrees to invite two of her sons young friends into her home. A mistake resulting in a life changing experience:                                     


                                                     Part One


Chapter 0ne:

      “Ouch, please Sean...for Christs sake, it hurts too much, please, youre going to kill me, please stop! “groaned the young schoolboy through tears of both pain and shame.

. Aside from the naked sixteen year old  Dan Dixon and his fully dressed classmates Sean Brady and his best friend Tom French, the gymnasium changing rooms at Brent Church Grammar School for boys were deserted and stood by the changing room door to keep an eye out and to ensure they remained so.. The reason for the boys groaning was that Sean, holding one his hand behind his back, was with his other hand twisting his classmates naked balls and despite the boys fearful pleading, far from finished with his terrified and tearful victim.

      “They say you can make people impotent for life if you squeeze their balls hard enough,”said Sean, Twisting the boys balls even harder and making him scream in agony. All you have to do for me to stop this is bring it into school for us, you were happy enough to brag to us about how you sat there and watched it, so all you have to do now it with Tom and me”

      “I cant. Its kept hidden”pleaded the boy as his eyes filled with tears of both pain and shame.

      Then Seans eyes were menacingly close to his face.  “Well, thats your problem, if you dont bring it to school, youre going to get hurt a lot worse than this every day”replied Sean and make his point twisted the poor lads balls even harder. The humiliated and tearful youngster felt as though he would have his budding manhood ripped from him at any moment.

      Eventually of course there was only so much of Seans bullying he could take and knowing full well that even if they let him go today he would be getting more of the same every day from now on eventually replied.

“Ok, ok...I will bring it to school but you must promise you wont go showing it to anybody else...and let me have it back the same day...please Sean!”

Looking forward with relish to the following day, Sean smiled and replied. 

“Oh course we will, after all, we dont want anyone else to know about it do we Dan. Itll be our little secret, just you and us but just be sure to bring it with you tomorrow you little piece of dog shit or youll really  get  to know what pain is next time”!..........................................................................................

      In her bedroom prior to the arrival of her visitors Catherine Dixon viewed herself in her full length mirror and carefully pulled down on the soft cashmere jumper that seemed to cling to her voluptuous breasts before smoothing down her knee length skirt over equally shapely thighs.

      Aware she looked pretty good for a forty something mother of two Catherine could not help but admire herself, the curves may have been more generous these days, but she also knew her body looked all the better for them and Catherine liked to dress up and was never one for jogging pants and sweatshirts. She much preferred proper clothes and  proper lingerie beneath. Although, in certain respects, she was given no choice in the matter and the thought of this raised a little smile with her.

      Given the age of her expected visitors and the purpose of their visit Catherine wondered why she was even bothering for After all, these sixteen year olds would be far more interested in girls their own age than a married woman such as her but being a former Convent educated girl Catherine Dixon had from her first days at the

School been repeatedly instructed upon the importance of presenting herself in the best possible fashion and As always at the Convent School the harsh disciplinarian approach of the nuns ensured there were no shortage of beatings should the girls fail to heed their instructions.

Today she was for some reason feeling good and Catherine had decided on a rather daring set of powder blue half cup bra, matching thong and suspenders with a pair of seamed tan stockings under her blue jumper and a pleated white skirt but after checking her long luxurious blonde hair she again wondered vaguely why she was bothering. After all she was only expecting a visit from friends of her sixteen year old son who boys through her son Dan had asked if she would agree to offer them guidance on their ambition to both seek a career in the teaching profession.

      Catherine herself had for a time been a math teacher at a private school for girls and she wondered if any advice she could give would be relevant these days. Still, with the somewhat strained relations she had with her son Dan over the past few weeks being able to help her son had been foremost in Catherines mind. Therefore she had reluctantly agreed to meet the two young boys on the first afternoon of the half term holidays but as that day had now arrived and as she checked the security of her stockings on her garter belt arrived Catherine again wondered what on earth she could tell them.

      Then the doorbell was ringing, bringing Catherine Dixon back to the present and as she descended the stairs in her white high heeled shoes after leaving her bedroom she heard the recently broken voice of her sixteen year old son In the hall as he studied his mother with obvious approval, “Tom and Sean are in the lounge Mummy, Im going out, Ill see you later,” Dan said with all the abandon of youth whilst looking at his mother in the rather anxious fashion he had been doing of late,  leaving Catherine to ponder if her son thought that she was perhaps overdressed for such a meeting.

      “Oh, well, okay then but be certain to be back by five Dan,”replied his Mother.

      “Around seven or a little later” replied Dan, looking toward the lounge where the two boys sat before walking out the door, leaving his mother to introduce herself to his friends.

      When Catherine strode into the large lounge, she was delighted to see the two young boys immediately rising from their respective seats as she did so, pleased the youngsters seemed to be very well mannered young boys.

      “Mrs. Dixon, how do you do, Im Sean and this is Tom. Its really good of you to see us like this”began Sean. “Especially as Dan told us you have such a busy and, err, disciplined life”

      Catherine noted Sean turn toward Tom as he said this and wondered why he needed  to wink at him,  but putting the matter to one side,  ever the good hostess, Catherine Dixon played the part, after all her young guests were friends of her son and she should look after them. 

“Well, its good to meet you both. Daniel told me you wanted to know as much as possible about the teaching profession. Im not sure how much help I can be to you, but first, why dont you both sit down and I shall make us all a nice pot of tea.”


“Sounds great Mrs. Dixon, but Im sure you are going to be of great assistance to us both, the tea though would be most welcome”  replied Sean. A comment  strangely unnerving Catherine a little as she turned toward the door. 

As she did so Sean noted with young approval, the seams upon Catherines stockings as she turned toward the door and nodding toward Tom who obviously enjoyed the same spectacle. Both boys then followed Catherine toward the kitchen where, Busying herself with tea and biscuits, Catherine was surprised to suddenly find Tom, standing beside her.

      “Here let me take this, Mrs. Dixon” said Tom, picking up the tea tray Catherine had prepared for them and once again Catherine marvelled at his good manners as she watched the young schoolboy carrying the tea tray back into the lounge.

      “Well then”began Catherine as soon as they were all seated with tea and biscuits at hand. “ As Ive already told Dan,  I dont know how much help I can be to you both , given that my experience was solely at an exclusive private school for girls”

“You see the syllabus is probably very different to any you are likely to encounter “

      Both Sean and Tom were sitting  upon the large leather couch dominating that side of Catherines large lounge and where Sean nodded to Tom, who then answered Catherine.

      “I think we understand what you are saying Mrs. Dixon, but surely all syllabuses are constantly changing. Im sure we all understand that,  but what Sean and I am far more interested in learning from you Mrs. Dixon,  would be the handling of pupils in a proper classroom environment, You know, the way one would handle errant pupils, in the matter of discipline, just how far would one have to go. Surely the question of deciding the correct punishment for a miscreant is most important.”

      Catherine had noticed that while speaking, Tom had cast his eyes down toward her legs and Seeing his eye movement suddenly made her realize that when sitting down after handing around the teacups,  her skirt must have ridden up. 

To her dismay, when averting her gaze toward Sean, Catherine realised  she was in fact providing both youngsters with a generous view of her stocking clad thighs.


Attempting to appear unflustered, Catherine pulled her white pleated skirt down toward her knees, only  for her face redden when finding both boys smiling toward her as she lifted her eyes back to them!

      Thoroughly taken aback by Toms line of questioning and still a little disturbed at having her thighs inspected by her son Dans two  friends, his mother found herself almost stammering her response.

      “R...really boys, there is a world of difference between an exclusive school for girls and the type of state school you are probably likely to find in at first placement. I cannot see at all the point in even discussing matters such as those”said Catherine, feeling more than a little anxious at the direction the conversation seemed to be heading.

      Then it was Sean who took up the cudgel. 

“Really, Mrs. Dixon” he responded, keeping his teenage voice low with attempted authority. “Is it not undeniable that a teacher can only function properly when he...or she of course...has the attention and respect of the pupils under their err...supervision ?”

 Sean was no longer smiling at Catherine, but to her disquiet, was looking across the room at her with one raised eyebrow.

      “Well, err, yes, I suppose so”replied Catherine, feeling somewhat defensive and beginning to wish she had never agreed to see these two young boys.

      “And, so” continued Sean immediately. “If the said pupil is either impertinent or disobedient toward the teacher, then surely that pupil should be disciplined, would you not agree Mrs. Dixon.”

      Catherine could of course see the logic behind Seans thinking, but was taken aback by the severity of his argument, especially coming as it did from a teenager  her own sons age. 

Not for the first time and for varying reasons, Catherine Dixon was fee,big rather  uncomfortable in the company of these youngsters.

      “Well, err yes, I suppose youre right Sean, but as I have already said, I really cannot help you with that side of things but d be happy to help If youve any other questions...on other subjects?” Replied Catherine before looking on  in surprise as Tom took a package from a briefcase he had bought along.

      “Well, we have plenty of ideas of our own to discuss with you Mrs. Dixon, but first we have bought with us a err, training DVD, We would like you to explain to us the meaning behind it and then perhaps give us your thoughts as to its usefulness as a training aid.”

      Before the surprised Catherine could even answer him, Tom was walking across the room toward the TV/DVD combo in the corner of the Lounge, but thinking she was now about to be on much firmer ground, Catherine told Tom she was quite happy to watch the DVD with them and comment as appropriate. 

and was soon rewarded by beaming smiles from both boys as she watched Tom insert the disc into the DVD player before returning to his seat upon the large sofa.

      The TV screen came to life and after a short period of fuzz a woman appeared on the screen, slowly walking toward the camera. 

 “What the...of my God, what is...where did?”...exclaimed Catherine Dixon when  Jumping up from her  seat and  darting across the room toward the DVD player to stop and eject the disk,  but As Catherine bent down toward the machine she was suddenly stopped as four strong young arms took hold of her and almost effortlessly the two youngsters walked Catherine backwards toward the sofa where Catherine found herself lowered to a sitting position when, on either side of her, Sean and Tom pulled her gently down between them.

      “Please...,”the shocked Catherine Dixon stammered. “Please boys, stop this, I dont know where you got hold of that but for heaven sake take it out now! she cried, kicking our legs and  vainly attempting to loosen the grip the boys had upon her arms.

      But In response to her struggles, Sean and Tom simply sat closer either side of Catherine so  three bodies were almost squashed together before in a pre practised manoeuvre,  the boys  each linked one arm under hers, grasping and holding each of her hands, leaving Catherine trapped and immobile between them.

      “Look you, you young monsters , if you dont let go I shall call........”

      “Oh yes, who will you call Mrs Dixon, we have all seen the DVD,” interrupted Sean, a reminder to Catherine, who then looked back at the TV screen in palpable horror as Sean continued. 

“I suppose you could call Dan, let him watch it with us, would you like that?”

      “Oh no! Dear God, no!” whispered Caroline, absolutely mortified by the very idea of her son viewing this DVD.

      Okay then, unless you want us to ask Dan to join us , just behave yourself and sit here  enjoying the DVD with us, Mrs. Dixon, and stop your disobedience !”

      On the TV The woman on the had now stopped before the camera, wearing a button down knee length dress, high heeled shoes and dark stockings. 

She held a large thick hardback heavy book in her small hands. “

Get the book on your head” said a strong male voice over the DVD.

      Without replying, the woman slowly and carefully placed the book upon her head, straightening her posture while doing so to balance the book before allowing her arms to hang by her side.

      “Please...please...stop this, Im not going to watch it!” Stammered Catherine Dixon, able to move only her head so completely trapped was she by the strong young arms holding her.

      “But Its only just begun  and you did agree to watch it with us, you must agree its an excellent training DVD, Mrs. Dixon.”

      “Oh God”sobbed Catherine, knowing it was the last thing she wanted but had no alternative but to sit there and watch.

      “Now remove the dress,”ordered the same male voice.

      Again without replying, the woman obeyed. 

Slowly and cautiously, mindful of the heavy book balancing upon her head, she undid each button on the dress until the garment fell in two halves about her sides, revealing a delicious set of sheer black see through lingerie, bra, thong, stockings and suspenders upon her mature voluptuous body.

      Carefully the woman then managed to peel each side of her dress over and off of her shoulders until the garment fell to a loose heap around her ankles and without smiling the woman looked back to the camera. 

“Now loose the bra” again the same male voice barked the order.

      This time it seemed much more difficult for the woman and the heavy book wobbled a little as, complying with her instruction, she made to reach behind to locate her bra clasp.

      Again, with great care the woman succeeded in carry out her given task, before crossing her arms diagonally over her large breasts. 

Slowly and deliberately she slipped the black bra straps over her shoulders and down her arms and Having done this then allowed her arms to dangle once again at her sides. Slowly the sheer black bra fluttered down, falling away from her breasts before dropping off her body to meet the dress already by her feet.

      The mature womans breasts were now in full view. Oh, how magnificent they were. Full, proud and erect and with no sign of any droop. They were a tanned and stunning 36C,  without a bikini line and topped off with large dark pink aureoles with huge hardened nipples.

      Catherine looked in dismay at the DVD and then, to her horror saw that one of Toms hands had moved down and was now openly rubbing his crotch.

      “Please...please boys...stop this now I promise I will keep this to myself, no one need know about it if you just leave now” pleaded a sobbing Catherine, again  struggling to free herself from the grip of the two strong boys.

      But Tom simply squeezed harder on Catherines hand while continuing to rub his crotch.

      “ you’ve broken your promise and  being very disobedient Mrs. Dixon.....listen, You can tell whomever you wish, Sean and I wont stop you, but before you do so you are going to sit with us and watch until the end before we punish you for your rebellious attitude!”

Catherine noticed Sean was also rubbing his own crotch. ‘Punish me? Oh god, please, please, make them stop this’ sobbed Dans beautiful Mother in  helpless misery.

      The woman on the DVD  had now stood upright, Her hands by her side listening to the male voice telling her she must now remove her tiny black thong, a task that was to prove the most difficult of all if she were to keep the book balanced upon her head.

      With obvious practice the woman, her breasts rising and falling delightfully, slipped fingers into the tiny waistband. Slowly, on both hips her fingers eased the tiny garment down as far as her arms could reach. Then, keeping her back ramrod straight, she lifted one knee, then the other, each time slipping the tiny thong further down her legs. Then disaster! The book began to wobble upon her head just as the woman lifted her second knee. No amount of correction could stop the wobble and eventually the heavy book slipped from her head toppled to the floor.

      Now the woman stood all but naked, but minus the book.

      “Well, you have failed to obey my instructions, have you not?”boomed the male voice.

      “Yes Sir,” replied the woman, by Now  facing the camera again., although This time though with hands upon her head and legs spread wide enough to display a well trimmed thatch of blonde pubic hair.

      “And what happens when you disobey my instructions?”

      “I am punished Sir.”

      “You agree you deserve to be punished?”

      “Yes Sir, I deserve my punishment.”

      “So now you will bring me your implement of punishment in the correct manner.”

      The naked woman then dropped to her hands and knees and crawling across the room the camera followed her progress, giving a delicious view of her swaying buttocks before she halted by a coffee table. From this table she then took between her teeth a thin cane and holding it there while she placed her hands upon the coffee table, retaining her kneeling position. Looking down Catherine realised Sean was squeezing her hand tightly while he intently watched the DVD and could not help but observe an erection pushing firmly against his trousers while he continued to massage himself

      Watching Every continuing section of the DVD only increased Catherines misery. Would they really make her explain the meaning of it? She wondered, dreading the thought of having to do just that before these young monsters, even more than having to watch The rest of the DVD. 

Then the camera was panning around to give a sideways on view of the woman leaning over the coffee table, in her kneeling position her lovely breasts hung delightfully straight down until the large nipples almost touched the table top.

      The camera then moved on to show the woman holding the cane between her teeth before finally showing her stocking clad legs, the dark tops in contrast to her whiter thighs and her delicious naked bottom, firm and proud and then finally a glimpse of her blonde pubic hair courtesy of slightly parted legs.

      Then the Screen showed a hand reaching down to remove the cane from between the womans teeth!

      “So Mrs. Dixon” said Tom to Daniel Dixons squirming humiliated Mother, “Now we get to see her actual punishment.”

      Catherine could find no answer; all she could do was pray this nightmare would soon be over and hope these young brutes would go once they had finished inflicting this misery and shame upon her.

      The camera had moved again. Now it was showing the woman  from behind, but at an angle allowing the viewer to view all of her lovely body. 

Especially interesting were the private parts at the junction of her legs and her body. Then the cane was touching her bottom.

      “I shall be awarding the miscreant twelve strokes of the cane”

the male voice again. “The miscreant will count each one aloud and then ask for her punishment to continue. After the punishment has been completed the miscreant shall express her thanks to me in the appropriate manner.”

      Catherine suddenly began struggling violently and it took all four arms to hold her in place. 

“Let me GO!” she shouted at them. “Let me go you horrible brutes. I wont sit here and be forced to watch any more of this!”

      “Really Mrs. Dixon, that’s no way for you  to behave, “said Tom with all the severity his young years could muster while pausing the DVD with the remote control

. “We came hoping you would give us some advice, but, here we are, having to restrain you Mrs. Dixon”. 

“She really should be punished hard for this Sean, I’d say our naughty teacher needs  twenty four strokes of the cane!” Continued Tom who then reached into his bag, producing a cane similar to that shown on the DVD.

      “Oh my god no, NO!...please no” pleaded Catherine.”I couldnt take it, please dont use that on me!”

      “Well, thats up to you Mrs. Dixon, if you behave and apologise to us for your behaviour, maybe we could perhaps reduce the severity of your forthcoming punishment, but only IF you behave yourself”


      “Oh God, okay. Please, Im sorry, I shall be good, but please dont whip me with that cane!” Whimpered the now dejected and terrified Catherine Dixon.

      “Well Tom, if Mrs. Dixon really does intend to behave herself  she really should show us she means it, I really think she should remove her jumper for us!”said Sean.

      “NO!” exclaimed Catherine. “please no....This is crazy, you cannot possibly expect me to do that, you are supposed to be my sons friends for heavens sake!”

she cried.

      “Okay then, twenty four of the cane it will  be Tom and perhaps we should also go get Dan to join us and watch the rest of the film....hey...he can even  then count every single stroke of the cane upon his naughty Mothers  bottom!” said Sean mockingly.

      This  threat was far too terrible to even contemplate  and with no means of escaping these brutes,  Catherine admitted defeat,  for not only could she never allow Dan to watch the DVD, Catherine knew there was no way could she endure as many as twenty four strokes of that awful looking cane.

“Ok...ok then Ill do it.....but please don’t let Dan see the film” sobbed the beautiful mature blonde housewife

      “Thats much more like it Mrs. Dixon, but you must promise to be a good girl, we shall then let go your arms just long enough for you to remove your jumper, but I must warn you now, any attempt to jump up will only mean extra strokes of the cane” replied Sean, looking across Catherines shapely body at his best friend.

      Knowing these boys were waiting for her answer, Catherine took a long deep breath and in reply almost whispered  “Ok, ok. I promise....but please....not twenty four...I beg you”

      “Really? and Just exactly what is it that you promise Mrs. Dixon?”ask Tom, determined to extract every ounce of humiliation from Dans mother.

      “I...I promise to be a...a good girl,”, Catherine eventually whispered miserably, totally mortified at having to tell these young boys that she would be a “Good Girl.”

      Squashed as she was between these two teenage boys,  Catherine was wishing her heavy breathing would cease, thereby stopping her visibly large breasts from rising and falling in such a wanton fashion! 

Catherine realised  without the security of her jumper,  her breasts would be almost completely exposed and  her nipples only just covered by the flimsy material of her powder blue half cup bra. 

All of which would be gloriously exposed to the two young boys sitting either side of her, their arms and hands once again linked to hers.

      After telling the boys she would be a “good girl”Catherine was then told to stand before them and slowly remove her jumper. 

Knowing she would never make it to the door before they caught her, dejectedly Catherine Dixon slowly removed her jumper,  in full view of admiring eyes until she stood unhappily before them, her beautiful breasts encased in the powder blue bra, rising and falling to their lustful admiration.

      “Wow, really, you sure have an incredible pair of tits Mrs. Dixon, she really is as gorgeous as we thought she would be, isnt she Sean?”

      As Sean nodded and voiced his agreement, Catherine didnt know whether to be proud or angry at the boys complimentary appraisal of her breasts. An even closer appraisal when to her horror she was then forced to sit back between her lustful young tormentors again.

     Im pleased  you have decided to behave for us Mrs. Dixon,”said Sean, making Catherine liken herself to a naughty child being rewarded. “So taking her repentance in mind I think we should reduce Mrs. Dixons forthcoming punishment accordingly, should we not Tom?”

      Catherine was stunned. “Her forthcoming punishment?”Surely they did not really intend to carry out their terrible threats to punish her.

      “Please, boys, Ive done everything you asked of me and I promise I really wont say a word to anyone....please.....please dont use that cane on me”  sobbed Catherine, begging them  now.

      “Oh, come on Mrs. Dixon, its not that bad, after all, you took a good twelve strokes on the DVD, did you not. Would you like me to carry on playing it for you, to remind you?” said Sean,  placing his other arm around Catherines shoulders, his fingers  disconcertingly slipping Catherines bra strap from her shoulder down to her elbow.

      “And, if you really do intend to keep your promise to be a good girl for us, then we may even reduce the severity of your punishment”interjected Tom.

      “Yes, I agree Tom” replied Sean” having slipped the trembling Catherine’s bra strap past her elbow. “ but only if our miscreant is far more respectful toward us by removing her Its up to Mrs. Dixon”

      As one, the two lad lads stood and Catherine, with her hands and arms trapped in theirs, was pulled up from the couch and positioned a little further away. Satisfied, the lads slumped back down again. “Well, Mrs. Dixon one way or another that skirt is coming off, 24 and Dan gets to watch his mom on TV or 12 from us .....its your choice” Sean told her.

      Shamed, humiliated and with her large breasts heaving and falling to her rapid breathing, Catherine stood before the two boys knowing she really had no option but to comply with them, especially when Sean began flexing that awful cane. Twelve light strokes from a loving husband she so now so rarely saw was one thing, but the thought of 24 or even twelve from these brutes was quite another.

      “Okay....Okay then .Ill do it......but please dont cane me!

      “Remember Mrs. Dixon” replied Sean with all the severity he could muster. “You are on your honour, remove your skirt and then place your hands upon your head, but remember,  your failure to obey us will result in your punishment being increased  to 36 strokes!

     “Oh my God No! “ thought Catherine. Standing there in her white pleated skirt with her breasts heaving within the powder blue bra,  she was truly stunned by Seans domineering attitude and Catherine  realized any disrespect from her would indeed result in a horrific thrashing. 

 The thought of these young boys, her own sons friends, let alone caning her but even doubling her punishment was too awful to even contemplate. 

So Catherine determined to win them both over and in doing so hopefully get them to reduce the threat of those18 strokes of the cane even further. 

But this also meant having to humiliate herself before these brutes by having to remove her skirt,  and in doing so reveal to them the undoubtedly sexy underwear she had unaccountably decided to wear for this meeting with them and was now cursing her stupidity for doing so.....but how could she have possibly known.....

And So with a trembling sob, Catherine slowly unzipped the pleated skirt and eventually allowed it the fall into a pool of linen around her ankles, leaving The two boys whistling  in surprise and appreciation, stunned that she was wearing a garter belt and the tiniest of thongs matching her powder blue bra along with tan stockings,  instead of the boring functional panty hose they had been expecting to find.

Then the submissive within Catherine surfaced briefly,  as almost arrogantly, she placed both  her hands upon her head as instructed, bizarrely, proud that these two young boys were so most certainly attracted to her, even at her age!

      Sean and Tom were elated; neither boy really expected their strategy for subduing Catherine Dixon would prove to be so easily, if at all achieved. 

So as they sat and admired the lingerie clad mature beauty standing so submissively before them,  Sean and Tom looked at each other in ecstatic agreement... that the first part of their plans for Dan Dixon’s lovely mother were going so well.

      In truth both boys had lusted after Catherine Dixon since first seeing her on parents day,  whilst she had wandered around the school with her son Dan, her long flowing blonde hair and wearing a light summer dress, with her long slim legs tripping lightly across the school hall. 

To Tom and Sean,  Catherine Dixon was the height of mature female perfection, and for Sean especially, the perfect subject for a special sexual experiment he had been longing to attempt.

      In fact neither Sean nor Tom were interested in giggling young girls their own age and saw Catherine Dixon as the ideal subject of their desire to sexually dominate an older woman. 

As a result they had deliberately befriended her son Dan and with being younger and smaller, he had readily taken  to them as friends and protectors, in the process naively telling his new friends all they wanted to know about his home life and parents.

      Until that is, during one of their regular discussions about sex, Dan had foolishly told his new friends about a  DVD he had found while sneaking a look in his mothers lingerie drawers and of how it showed what he had long suspected, that his mother and father played wicked games with canes and sexy clothes. 

Dans narration  had given Sean an instant erection. Day and night he had lusted and masturbated over an image of Dans gorgeous mother and Now the stupid little fucker had given him just what he needed to make Dans mother crawl before him, as his very own slave bitch! 

All Sean had needed was to convince Tom of how easy it would all be, once they had forced Dan to make them a copy of that DVD!  

Now Stood  before Sean and Tom, with her hands on her head and looking exquisite in her powder blue bra, thong, garters and tan stockings, Catherine Dixon tried to look anywhere but at the two young boys as, Mortified, she heard Sean telling her to sit between them once again.

      “Good learn fast Mrs. Dixon” said Sean, patting the naked area of Catherines thigh above her stocking top. 

“Now Tom, lets finish watching  Mrs. Dixon getting her punishment. It will show us more about just how she enjoys being punished” 

      Squeezed on the sofa between the two boys, Seans arm again encircled Catherines shoulders whilst both boys placed a hand upon each of her stocking tops, although At least thought Catherine was able to place her hands over her thong covered crotch as she watched in growing dismay, the TV screen coming to life again up once again when Tom pressed the remote.

      On the screen, a thin whippy cane descended upon the womans bottom. A gasp, then a little moan and her body was shaking to the sudden pain, but the woman remained bent over the coffee table. 

From the sofa, humiliatingly trapped half naked upon the by her young tormentors, Catherine anxiously watched a red weal slowly appearing on her bottom before hearing herself saying. “One Sir, thank you Sir, Would Sir be kind enough to cane this miscreant again!”

      “Good Girl� replied the male voice.” And You deserve your punishment Catherine do you not?”

      “Yes Sir, I deserve to be punished.”

      once again the cane descended, this time  upon Catherine Dixons other bum cheek and Again she moaned, again she moved around on the coffee table, and again she thanked her husband and asked for another caning.

      For Catherine the sight of her body in this all too familiar position was enough.

For along with watching the DVDs of herself, always came the wonderful hardening of her nipples and the incessant throbbing between her legs and even trapped as she was, Catherine was unable to prevent these very same stirrings as her body betrayed her, betraying her resolve not to submit to these two young monsters.

      Looking down, Catherine was horrified to see her nipples growing erect, hard, and pushing firmly against the thin cup of her bra. So much so, that, feeling Seans arm slip further around her shoulder until his hand dangled over the top of her breast and his fingers began lightly toying with the powder blue material of her bra, in fear of her hard nipples being discovered by him, Catherine lifted a hand from her crotch and pushing his hand away from her breast, pleaded with Sean.

      “Please...please...dont do that.”

      But making it sound as if it were a conspiracy between them, Sean whispered into Catherines ear. 

“I dont know about Tom, but its up to you just how hard I cane you, Catherine”

Before again placing his hand upon her breast, although  this time, realising the hidden intent in his words,  Catherine allowed Seans fingers to delve deeper into the thin material of her bra and find a rock hard nipple. 

Catherine gasped at his touch, but still mindful of Seans implied threat, she was crushed again and her hand dropped back to join the other, still guarding her crotch, thus reluctantly allowing the young Sean complete freedom to explore her breasts.

      Gently at first Sean began to massage the firm sizable bud while DVD continued to display the beautiful Catherine Dixons punishment as the woman herself, breathing more heavily now, tried desperately but unsuccessfully to disregard the growing sensations within her created by Seans fingers upon her nipple.

      “This is madness, this cannot be happening to me” Catherine told herself as an all too familiar throbbing began between her legs. “How did I let things get this far, how can I have just sit here, almost naked, between these two boys, forced to watch myself on the TV ?”

      As  the DVD  displayed Catherine asking for the final stroke of the cane to complete her punishment, both boys were stroking her milky thighs above her stocking tops to where the distraught Catherines hands guarded her crotch. 

Even as the DVD displayed her final scenes of Catherines humiliation,  Sean had by now completely exposed one beautiful breast and having  lowered both shoulder straps and one bra cup down and away from Catherines body, was now casually cupping the firm exposed mature breast in his hand while continuing to work upon its nipple with his fingers.

      Breathing very heavily now, Catherines emotions were almost beyond control from their combined attentions. 

But as she fearfully awaited the conclusion of the DVD film, the knowledge that the two boys would have already seen its entirety gave Catherine no comfort at all.

      “Twelve Sir, thank you Sir, this miscreant was fully deserving of her punishment.” said a very breathless Catherine Dixon to her husband on the DVD film, her bottom, by now covered with red welt tram lines, caused by her caning, swayed deliciously upon the coffee table.

      Catherines glorious ass cheeks stood out as the video suddenly panned in for a close-up. Thereby revealing to  the teenagers  either side of her, not only Catherines shapely bottom,  but the involuntary opening and closing of her firm cheeks and To her utter shame and the boys delight,  a very good view of her blonde covered cunt lips,  glistening with what could only be Catherines cunt  juices.

      “So you should be Catherine, from now on you will wear only the underwear I decide upon, is that clear,”said the male voice on the DVD..

      “Yes Sir,” Catherine replied meekly. “May this humble miscreant now attempt to please you Sir?”

      “You may indeed,” was the reply and For a moment the camera seemed to revolve around the room, the very room the three of them now occupied, until a very large and very erect cock came into focus and Suddenly the lovely face of Catherine Dixon was inching toward the rampant phallus.

      Looking on in horror Catherine was mortified, but despite pleading with her two captors to be let off from viewing her final filmed humiliations, she was powerless to either prevent them watching its finale. 

And, to her bemusement she also could not even prevent herself from becoming more and more aroused by their treatment of her ensnared body.

      For by now, having pulled her bra away completely, Seans hand and fingers were roaming freely over both Catherines breasts. 

Furthermore, having moved Catherines hands aside, the boys fingers were now caressing the very edges of her love mound,  continuously running fingers up and down the thin material of her tiny thong. To her dismay and despite all that was happening to her, Catherine realised she was almost desperate for those young inquisitive fingers to slip inside her thong and to then  slip into her throbbing well soaked cunt!

      But Yet again Tom and Sean were watching the film,  enthralled as it showed Catherine Dixon place her hands upon her head once again before lowering her head until her soft lips encircled just the very tip of her husbands rampant erection. 

Still toying with her breasts and pussy, look looked on enthralled as on the DVD,  Catherine  slowly pushed forward so that his foreskin was gradually pushed back. 

Sean especially, viewed this foreplay with some delight, for it was he who had told Tom to forget the immature fumbling of girls their own age and help him find a “proper woman”

      Almost  absently toying with Catherines rock hard nipples, Sean thought back to his delight at finding the collection of bondage and spanking magazines belonging to his own parents. 

He recalled the thumping within his chest while he viewed the photo images of women and some men even, in varying stages of bondage. 

And of how he was especially wowed by the older but still very beautiful women in many of the magazines. 

From that day on, Sean Brady had eagerly amassed all the information he could about this most exciting of sexual pastimes and vowed he would find for himself the woman of his desires. 

Even if doing so meant he had to use a little “persuasion” Not at all a problem for a youth  feared throughout school for his size, strength and fighting ability.

      Now once again watching  the very delicious Mrs. Dixon giving her husband the most erotic of blow jobs,  Sean congratulated himself on not rushing things today. As he had explained to Tom, their best weapon was to allow Mrs Dixon time to allow things to sink in gradually.

      Sean knew both he and Tom could have, without much difficulty, fucked Mrs. Dixon before now. 

Even though they had the damaging DVD, he had not told Catherine at any time that he could use it against her. 

For Sean was resolute upon one very important thing, his obsession that the gorgeous Catherine Dixon was going to beg him to fuck her! 

After all, from this day onward,  little Dans mother was going to belong to him for a very long time!

      Catherine Dixon was of course aware of none of Seans very real plans for her and although dejected as she indeed was at her current predicament, other than sexually,  she did not feel entirely endangered by these admittedly rather good looking youths. 

She was, she had to admit, even perversely enjoying the boys attentions, as dreadful as the consequences could befor her family and her own self respect and dignity. 

      Catherine was by now resigned to having to undergo more of what had happened on the DVD as well as what was happening to her at that moment and also fully expected some amount of caning before these boys finally left her house. 

In fact Catherine had  fully realised that if a stop were not put to this very soon,  she may well find these boys were planning to subject her to far more than a humiliating caning in her underwear. 

For one awful moment Catherine wondered if she had the will power or even desire to prevent them from doing so. But unquestionably they must leave before Dan came home and discovered this awful scenario. 

Should she tell them Dan would be home at any minute?  pondered Catherine.

      But as another wave of pleasure ran through her,  Catherine decided to leave these thoughts for the moment. The DVD was coming to its conclusion and giving a perfect view of Catherines undoubted erotic oral skills. 

Still with hands on head, Catherine  kissed, licked and sucked every inch of her husbands cock and hardened balls while In the background,  her husband could be heard groaning in  pleasure while Catherines doe like eyes looked up toward him.

      This while On the sofa, with her body now seemingly controlling her mind, Catherine closed her eyes and surreptitiously tried to ease her aching cunt nearer the fingers that stroked her so expertly!

      But with a smile, Sean, who despite his tender years,  prided himself upon his ability to read situations, fully understood Catherines actions. 

Nodding to Tom in silent agreement,  both lads then  abruptly slipped an index finger inside of Catherines tiny thong. There to find the soaking cunt lips of the mature beauty.

      And with her eyes still closed and gasping at their sudden invasion, Catherine made no effort to foil them. Indeed, to her shame she found she was unable to prevent herself from opening her legs a little wider,  to assist their entry. 

With Her body now  awash with pleasure, with closed eyes Catherine could hear  Sean telling her she must open those eyes, to look at the TV screen, pinching hard upon one nipple to accentuate his demand.

      Obediently, Catherine did so, viewing herself on the TV screen as,  dropping  hands from her head,  she took hold of her husbands throbbing cock with one hand while with the other, cupping and massaging his heavy balls. 

Keeping her lips on the very tip of the massive erection,  Catherine began pumping her husbands cock into her mouth while continuing to massage his balls. 

Despite her awful predicament between the string teenage bodies, Catherines excitement was actually growing, heightened further,  obediently watching her display on the TV  while having her cunt lips lightly massaged by both boys. 

Shortly the TV screen showed Catherines head draw back a little from her husbands cock, while in the background, could be heard moaning of animalistic pleasures.

      Abruptly, on the sofa, Catherine herself was now  groaning when two fingers slipped between her soaking cunt lips to enter her cunt itself. 

And, just as in the screen her husbands cock began spurting long strands of juices toward Catherines open mouth, the combined index fingers of Sean and Tom began slowly pumping Catherines soaking wet love tunnel.

      On the screen Her husbands juices shot out, repeatedly landing on just about every inch of Catherines face, neck and hair as the wildly shuddering organ and balls released their pent up passion as, sitting between Tom and Sean, Catherine herself was also groaning, writhing openly and wantonly on the sofa, uncaring of her erotic exhibition, her mind lost to the effects of the huge orgasm that was progressively intensifying within her.

      Aware the DVD was now coming to its conclusion , Sean nodded toward Tom and, in unison the boys withdrew their fingers from within the writhing Catherines sopping wet cunt.

      The effect upon Catherine was immediate. 

Having her wonderfully near orgasm so cruelly thwarted, she groaned with frustration. 

Her eyes turning toward Sean, who, while again pinching Catherines nipple, in his cruel mature adult wisdom, Sean told her, “Oh no Mrs. Dixon, not yet, were not allowing you to cum until you have been awarded your punishment”! 

At the same time both boys  lifted  the stunned  Catherine by her arms from the sofa before standing back,  until the unresisting trembling beauty was stood a couple a feet away.

      Looking down,  frustrated and humiliated by these two boys less than half her age, Catherine abruptly realized both her large firm breasts were hanging proudly from her powder blue half cup bra. The shoulder straps were loosely dangling by her elbows,  not only that, but her tiny matching thong was covering practically nothing at all. 

Then Looking up, Catherine realised both boys were now smiling at the erotic display her dishevelled appearance now provided for  them and Her immediate reaction was to pull the bra back over her breasts, but when she began to do so, Catherine was stunned to see Sean flexing that brute of cane before her.

      “Hey Tom, I guess we’ve yet to really  teach  our sexy little teacher about obedience today” he began. His words and tone designed to humiliate Catherine, to make her feel like a naughty child herself. 

We were kind enough to reduce your initial punishment of 24 strokes of this cane to just eighteen, but that was on the assumption that you would be a good girl for us. What do we find now, I really cannot recall giving Mrs. Dixon permission to cover herself do you Tom?

      “ yeah, I reckon  not,” replied Tom. “ I think Mrs. Dixon has been teasing us Sean, 

the little minx was only too happy for us to play with her tits and Pussy to give her a little fun but she wants to cover up as soon as we want to take a good look at what she is offering I reckon she deserves to be punished”

I really think, Sean, that this miscreant should now receive the full twenty four strokes we promised her”

      Taken aback at the young boys dominant attitude toward her,  Catherine could only look down at the carpet, shoulders slumped, humiliated, just indeed, as Sean intended.

      Stunned by Toms words and with no hope of escape, Catherine looked pleadingly toward Sean who remained flexing the dreadful cane

“ sorry” murmured Catherine, , mortified by her capitulation.

      Maybe she should Tom, but lets see if Catherine would prefer just the eighteen by turning around and then removing both her bra and thong, you don’t mind me calling you Catherine now we are getting to know each other so much better Catherine?”

“No, of course not ...Sean”murmured the nature beauty.

“Sir.....we are both Sir to you now Catherine, now that you’ve agreed to remove your lingerie before your punishment!......understood?”

Yes, I understand Sir” replied the humiliated beauty as, 

trapped by a very simple ploy Sean had thought of earlier, Catherine had now been given a simple choice. More strokes of the cane or remove the last of her clothing....but in all probability both.

      Of course it was really no choice at all, for Catherine, already almost naked. 

She realized she had been displaying herself fully, only moments earlier on the sofa, and enjoying it! 

More than that, she was  determined to win them over from even the eighteen strokes they had planned. Catherine knew what she must do and only hoped her son Dan would not suddenly walk in  and  find his mother naked before his friends.

            So Catherine Dixon turned her back on her tormentors. 

For a few moments she  remained motionless,  until eventually  reaching  both hands behind her back, then Slowly unclasping her bra,  Catherine allowed the powder blue garment to slip slowly from her breasts, down her stomach and from her arms until holding it with a single hand.

      “Dont let go of it Catherine”said  Sean.

      Finally, there was only Catherines tiny thong. Although not really that significant from where the boys stood, it was the only visible sign of anything on her body,  other than the garter belt and stockings, providing  only a  thin strip of black elastic disappearing between her taught trim buttocks. 

Still,  to Sean it was an essential element of his strategy, for, aside from her stockings and suspenders, Mrs. Dixon would then  be naked. 

And Of great importance was one critical fact, that she had removed all her clothing herself! Whether she realized it then, Sean did not care, but she most certainly would, later, when he was done with her.

Both boys then looked on lustfully as bending forward and unknowingly giving them delicious glimpse of her wet cunt and bum crack, Catherine reached one hand down to slip the tiny blue thong down her legs and eventually over her feet.

      “Keep it in your hand Catherine, then turn around, pass the bra and thong to me and then put your hands on your head!” demanded Sean.

      Of course, Catherine had fully expected to hear these words, none the less her heart pounded to the blow of actually hearing she must now turn and face these boys. 

Aside from doctors, only two men had ever seen her naked body, but now she was being told to display her nudity to her sons teenage friends. Incredibly though, Catherine could not rid herself of the appallingly brazen feelings of anticipation and excitement these boys, and Sean especially, were continuously creating within her trembling body. 

      “Wow!” exclaimed a very excited and smiling Tom. “Look at the tits on her Sean!”

      “Mmmmm...You really are a beautiful woman Catherine and you have obviously looked after your body, those tits are better than any young girl, and I see you really are a true blonde” observed Sean.

      Blushing furiously, Catherine could not but help but feel the same sense of pride she had earlier experienced. It had taken an enormous effort of will power on her part to turn and face to these friends of her son Dan almost completely naked.

“Now keep you hands on head and apologise to Tom and then me for your wilful disobedience toward us Catherine”

      But for some reason, her having been ordered to do so, having been , instructed to place her hands upon her head, Catherine felt the responsibility for her actions had been taken from her. 

“I’m very sorry I was disobedient toward you Sir”

In fact this was a scenario Catherine knew only too well and looking at each teenager in turn, in doing so  The 42 year old wife and mother was only too aware of the throbbing between her legs had returned, brought about by the open admiration of her naked body displayed to these two young boys. 

Even so, Catherine wasnt about to make things easy for them after her apology , for she had no desire to have them believe she was ‘easy meat’ , some sort of frustrated housewife who would willingly offer herself to friends of her son.

      So Catherine stared frostily at Sean with an unspoken defiance in her eyes. 

These youths had so far tricked and stripped her, they had even threatened her son if she did not do as they wished, But Catherine decided she was not going to make things that easy for Sean, for now she fully understood it was Sean from whom she had most to fear.

      Catherine was dogged and plucky  enough, at least test Sean’s  resolve, to see who could most hold their nerve,  even though her defiance could well result in an even harsher beating that they had already threatened,  for a sixth sense told Catherine she had to test her adversary to the limit, only then would she capitulate to him.

      But Sean Brady was holding her frosty stare and simply staring straight back at Catherine, His deep blue eyes burning into her own  as if transmitting to Catherine

Dixon she now belonged to him and him alone. Catherine was using every ounce of her resolve in her desperate attempt at retaining her defiant contact with steely blue eyes that seemed to be looking into her very soul. 

But eventually  her resolve I inevitably began to waver  

For Catherine now understood this strong dominant young man was more than willing to hurt her and hurt her badly to achieve his depraved ambitions with her and 

The fact was he simultaneously terrified her whilst undeniably sexually exciting her. 

So the unspoken impasse was, perhaps as she had always known it would be, was eventually broken when blushing deeply and thinking Sean was reading her mind, Catherine dropped her eyes to the floor.  A tacit admission of Seans unspoken declaration of his ownership of her. He was the victor.

      But Sean was now in mood to let her off so lightly and decided to reinforce the aura of his domination over Catherine and snapping his fingers to bring her eyes back to his own,  without a spiked word Sean jabbed his index finger down toward the Lounge carpet.

      Catherine knew full well what he expected of her and that she would pay a heavy price should she show further defiance toward Sean. 

Slowly, with hands clasped  on her head she dropped to her knees. Perhaps in a gesture of contrition, Catherine then even parted her legs slightly, giving Sean a good view of her carefully trimmed pubic mound and inner thighs, a gesture that obviously pleased both Sean and Tom.

      “I think we shall require of Mrs. Dixon just the eighteen strokes then. Tom, do you agree?” Said Sean, gazing down into the kneeling Catherines eyes, eyes that now showed not only despondency and defeat, but also an anticipation not lost on Sean Brady.

      “Yes, seeing that she seems so much more obedient now Sean”

      “My God”thought Catherine. These boys are talking about me, not to me, as though as though I am their property. Eighteen strokes of that cane, Oh my God, I must win them over, and I must be good for them!” 

      “Okay Catherine,  no coffee table for you this time, you will  lean over and place your head on the arm rest of the sofa. Over here with your arms at either side.” Demanded Sean, patting the arm rest of the sofa with the cane.

      “Oh God no, “ thought Catherine, for she had thought she would be made to bend over the coffee table as usual. 

However, with a great deal of apprehension, but also obedience, the naked Catherine stepped across to where Sean had pointed with the cane. Then After some hesitancy, she finally leaned forward; fully aware she would soon be displaying herself as never before. 

Anxiously Catherine  lowered her head until her chin rested upon the arm rest before placing her arms either side of her head.

      Behind her both Sean and Tom marvelled at the display the beautiful Catherine Dixon was now providing for them, 

. Her back, almost flat,  leading on down to her beautifully taught delightful buttocks and long straight tapered legs. Beneath which Catherines breasts, hanging delightfully loose and free, were complimented by her long hard nipples she truly was a picture of Sex on Legs

      This was a position Sean had thought long and hard about. much, so much better than the coffee table arrangement from the DVD. For Positioned as such, Catherine displayed her beauty to them completely. Only one thing was not right, so kneeling with his face almost touching Catherines bottom, Sean managed to resist the temptation to kiss those wonderful bum cheeks before placing his cane just behind Catherines feet.

      “You really look very beautiful this way Catherine, but now spread your legs until each foot touches either end of the cane I have placed behind your legs”

      With Her head buried in mortification, Catherine was of course, fully aware that in doing so, her wet throbbing cunt would be openly displayed to them. Never before had she felt this exposed. 

What was the point of disobeying Sean, more strokes of the cane? So Catherine slowly spread her legs, feet and toes searching for edges of the cane she eventually found and then held that incredibly erotic position and Catherine was  rewarded by a little slap of her bum cheeks, but, by whom, she had no idea! 

The effect was enough to provide the boys with a wonderful view of Catherines, downy blonde covered cunt lips, glistening at them with her hot juices.

      Fully aware both boys were openly viewing all her charms, Catherine could only lean on the edge of the sofa and to suffer the further indignity of hearing Sean telling her, in a severe a manner as possible

“You will of course remember you are be given 18 strokes of the cane for your rebellious attitude earlier Catherine . Tom will be administering your first three strokes and then I shall take over. If, after being caned you move your hands or try to escape from your position, then a further six strokes will be added each time. Alternatively, good behaviour on your part could reduce your punishment. Also, you are to count aloud each stroke and then ask us by name for another, do you understand Catherine ?”

      Perhaps for the first time Catherine realized that these boys fully intended going ahead with their threats. She had hoped against hope they would eventually lose their nerve. But now, as Sean spoke to her as one would a naughty child, heaping humiliation upon humiliation onto her, Catherine realised  she must answer and hope she could indeed be ‘good’whatever that meant.

      “Y...oh God, yes I understand.....Sir” stammered Catherine,  while trembling  in her trepidation.

      When it came, the first blow from the cane, administered by Tom was really not that bad. ‘Thwack!’ The bamboo cane landed upon Catherines left buttock, but Catherine, despite letting out a cry of shock was, at least content in the knowledge her husbands blows were much more severe. If they were all like this, then even the full eighteen would not be so bad!

      “ cane me again...Sir,”stammered Catherine.

      ‘Thwack! Tom caned her right ass cheek , this time less severe than the first, leaving Catherine thinking perhaps these boys were worried about laying the cane on her too severely as she  merely gasped at the sudden light pain and wriggled her bottom deliciously.

      “Two...please canne me again Sir”  whispered Catherine, but more confidently this time.

      Thwack......Tom, but this time Tom had given  Catherine a fearful whack of the thin bamboo cane  right in the centre of  Catherines ass. Even  though Sean had

 motioned for Tom to lay this one on Catherine much harder he was taken aback by its severity as Catherine  cried out in pain and shock, causing her to immediately 

Stand upright, where her hands instinctively reached behind and rub her excruciatingly painful bum cheeks. 

Then Swinging around to them, unaware or uncaring of the erotic display her swinging tits gave them, Catherine pleaded. “Oh dear God, thats too hard... please boys, I cant take it that hard... please dont cane me anymore!”

      Catherines pleas were answered by Sean cruelly telling her to bend over the sofa again or make things even worse for herself. If she did not do so, then they would cane her where she stood, tits included!!

Furiously rubbing rubbing her ass while  sobbing in pain, Catherine knew there was no possibly of escape and  had no option but to succumb to Seans threats and eventually turned and bent over the sofa once more. 

This time though she was joined by Tom who, after placing his hands upon Catherines shoulders, now knelt sideways on the sofa. Facing Catherine with his thighs either side of her head, leaving Sean to explain to Catherine that Tom was going to ensure she did not jump up again.....and that her punishment was now 21 strokes!

      Once again  Catherine pleaded with Sean, only to be cryptically told again that if she were to be a ‘good girl’ he would  reduce her punishment.

      Now it was Seans turn to wield the cane upon the beautiful mature beauty and the  teenager had certainly prepared well for this moment. 

Aside from studying many bondage books and films, sean had also managed to successfully experiment upon one of the many local girls only too willing to be thought of as Seans girl. 

So back kneeling on the Sofa,  with the hands of Tom now resting on her shoulders, Catherine waited, fearful of another too hard blow from that awful cane. 

But To her surprise, when it eventually landed, the caning was far gentler than even Tom first blow. Not only that, but to her total surprise, after she had murmured, “Four...please cane me again Sir”,Catherine felt the cool touch of Seans hand begin to slowly rub the area where the blow had landed.

      Surprised by this development,  Catherine was taken aback, her husband had never remotely attempted to sooth her ass cheeks after caning her and she could not help but be thankful to Sean for this small act of kindness.

Thwack! Again, this time Sean caned Catherine upon her opposite ass cheek, maybe a little harder, but still fairly tolerable,  and again Catherine counted. “Five...please cane me again Sir” Before once more feeling Seans cooling touch upon her reddened bum cheeks, stoking, caressing giving Catherine a strange never before encountered tingling inside her pussy.


      This A little harder again and almost too quickly, Catherine called out the number six and asked for more. For Disturbingly she was eager to feel Seans hands upon her tender skin again. Sean did not disappointment, although this time Catherine felt his fingers stretching across her bum crack,  making her tingle  in unfamiliar pleasure. Catherine and face down on the sofa edge, Catherine Dixon was incredibly almost purring with pleasure at Seans undoubted skills.


      Now The cane landed much harder, and just below Catherines buttocks and As Catherine squirmed and squealed on the sofa.

Now It took Tom to hold her down from this one,  but soon she could again feel Seans hand soothing the blow and just managed to say the required number seven and ask him for more. and found herself rewarded by Seans hand roaming further down, now to the very edges of her glistening cunt lips, leaving Catherine, head buried in the sofa, quivering in the unfamiliar joint sensations of pleasure and pain.

      Sean was telling Catherine each stroke would get progressively harder from now onward , but that she still had time to ‘be good’ whatever that meant.


      Came the next stroke, this time harder,  as promised and really not far from her limits, leaving Catherine, with her head still buried in the sofa,  only just able to murmur the required words, “Eight...and please cane me again Sir” while wondering if she could possibly take the full amount. 

But then  Seans fingers  were again  soothing and caressing and this time his fingers explored her  all the way down to Catherines glistening honey pot cunt. 

Gasping as she felt two fingers slipping inside her, such was the pleasure Catherine  only just made out Seans words, who, after nodding to Tom, was telling her. 

“Perhaps its time for you to be a good girl and suck on something Catherine, it might help you forget the pain”.

      Looking up from the sofa arm,  only inches from her mouth Toms hard young cock was staring right at her. Suddenly a horrified Catherine  realised just  what Sean meant  when telling her to being a ‘Good Girl’ would reduce her punishment!

But with Seans fingers now openly pumping her cunt,  Catherine was now purring  in ecstasy to these unfamiliar sensations and As another wave of pleasure rolled over her, almost without a thought, Catherine  parted her lips  and eased her head forward.

With Sean’s index finger now massaging her little button, the ever more 

  sexually aroused Catherine Dixon  obediently took Toms smallish youthful cock into the warm depths of her mouth and With the boy groaning in  pleasure, pushed back his foreskin with her lips, tasting the warm pleasant saltiness of its youthful pre cum juices.

      As his best friend told him he would, Tom was getting his first ever blow job.!

As Dans mother licked and sucked him, Tom marvelled yet again just how in control of Mrs. Dixon his mature dominant friend had become. 

In fact had really only half believed his friend tell  him he was going to make Dans beautiful Mother his own personal property. After all, he and Sean were still at school for Christs sake!

Now though, here he was, not just talking about ‘owning’ the mother of a schoolmate! This lovely creature, Dans mum, really was sucking his cock. And given his inexperience, as far as he could tell doing a great job of it.

      For Tom was in pure heavenly bliss and watching another, harder, blow from the cane land upon Mrs. Dixons quivering bottom,  he again held her shoulders tightly to prevent her from mouth from leaving his cock and  her jumping up again. 

However, Much to Toms surprise , Catherine Dixons mouth left his cock only briefly, just long enough to count the number eight and ask Sean for another before obediently and submissively envelope  to his trembling cock in her mouth,  sucking greedily upon him as Seans fingers roamed her body again. Tom could only hope he would be able to follow Seans instruction not to shoot his wad before Sean nodded his ascent.

      As Sean’s punishment of her continued, so Tom was aware Catherine was gradually sucking him ever harder, as Seans caning of her continued. Delivering each blow harder in turn before returning his hands to Catherines buttocks and cunt he was taking the wriggling beauty her to the very edge of orgasm before each time withdrawing his fingers, leaving Catherine to feel both empty and frustrated. Clearly she was longing, like a heroin junkie, for the next fix, the ‘Thwack’ the cane, knowing it would herald the return of the wonderful sensations Sean created with hands and fingers.

In fact, as her mouth worked dutifully upon Toms cock while awaiting each kiss of the cane,   Catherine would be only aware her submissive behaviour was no sudden  transformation  at the hands of these brutal,  yet admittedly knowing and in honestly, good looking teenagers. ....................................

Catherines realisation she was a sexual submissive, had in fact surfaced when, as a teenager, she’d been visiting the home of a favourite Aunt and her husband, only to discover the Aunt out shopping and her husband insisting the then church regular Catherine, to step inside and wait while he fixed a drink for her.

To this day Catherine was still at a loss to explain how she’d ended up over the knee of a man only recently married to her favourite Aunt, only that he’d accused her of being ‘very naughty’ toward him, although Catherine most certainly recalled how he’d then spanked her over her light summer dress, of how she’d felt his hardness pressing into her stomach when, to her horror, after giving her bottom cheeks a dozen slaps, the Uncle had the  slipped his hand beneath her dress and began massaging the squirming Catherine’s ass cheeks while telling her.

“We both know this is want you need Catherine....don’t fight it or I have to punish you all over again” 

Then his hand had slipped inside her panties, sexy teenage panties  she couldn’t, as with today, remember why she’d chosen to wear. 

Yes Catherine was still squirming, but along with her squirming came a terrible realisation she was also hot and throbbing, from both the spanking and now, from the effect of the alien fingers stroking her ass cheeks.

“Don’t say a word Catherine...not a word, not until I say you can ,so just relax and enjoy it...we both know it’s what you want” Then Catherine was aware he was clipping a dog Collar with an attached chrome metal leash around her neck.

By then Far to frightened to voice an objection Catherine could only listen to her Uncle telling her.  

“This’ll be your very own special collar Catherine, you’ll take it home with you and think of me every time you look at it!”

And after then pulling down Catherine’s little red panties, her Uncles fingers had slowly and deliberately traced  a pattern around her pussy lips,  occasionally slipping between them dipping into her very wet Pusey or rubbing what was now her very hard clitoris. 

Although no Virgin, Catherine’s sexual encounters had previously consisted of a minutes fumbling and thrusting in  the back of a car, with the boy always quickly shooting his load, always leaving her frustrated and unfulfilled, but that afternoon her middle aged overweight uncle was repeatedly bringing her closer to a wonderful orgasm than ever before until finally, slowly and carefully easing four fingers inside her, Catherine was moaning, groaning and crying out her pleasure at the most wonderful orgasm she could ever imagine........

“Of course there’s a price for everything” the Uncle had told Catherine, now holding her by the leather collar and chain leash, after in her fulfilled exhaustion, she’d allowed herself to be lifted into a kneeling position before him and for him to remove a lightweight summer dress by lifting it over her head.

Shortly afterward, with the Uncle gripping the metal leash and wearing no more than her red push up bra and leather collar, the teenage Catherine had  obeyed his instructions she unzip him and was gripping her small hand around the biggest cock she’d ever seen or imagined possible.

For her Uncle had given her a task she’d never before carried out upon anyone. Yes she’d been appalled to hear him ordering her to give him a ‘heads job’ and that she’d follow his every instruction when doing so.....and even more appalled to be told it was a task she must learn to please him with in future!

Even though herb every instinct had told her to flee the house, in mixture of fear and sexual anticipation had held Catherine rooted to the spot. Incredibly she was soon 

following instructions to lick, kiss, suck and blow upon every single part of his balls and a huge cock she didn’t believe  would eventually fit in her mouth. But after taking a scoop of pre cum from its slit with her tongue, fit it indeed did, even if it’s proportions appeared to grow ever larger in her mouth.

Eventually, when he could take no more and Uncles cock exploded in her Mouth, Catherine was stunned to find herself again coming to a wonderful orgasm as he instructed her to swallow every last drop of his hot semen.

From that day on Catherine had found herself unable to achieve any real sexual satisfaction other than the occasions her Uncle demanded she visit him, always wearing her collar and leash,  beneath a scarf if necessary........even after she’d met and married her husband James, whose cock was sadly not in the same league.

Catherine thought she had died and gone to heaven, such was Seans youthful expertise. 

So, when the twelfth caning ‘Thwacked’ against her burning bottom and after struggling through her pain to count the number, Catherine was left desolate when Sean made no attempt to soothe her bottom or to rekindle the fire between her legs.

      “Please...Sean,” whimpered Catherine after momentarily lifting her mouth from Tom close to erupting cock, but  Sean was enjoying toying with Catherine and asked her, 

“Please what Catherine  ?

      “ Pl...please...use your......your fingers again .......Sir” moaned Catherine, her mind flashing back to the time with her Uncle before, abruptly, another ‘Thwack!’ Of the cane left her writhing in pain,  with Tom only just able to hold her down after Catherines mouth  left his cock, and she cried out in pain.

      “Is this what you want Catherine ?” Then asked Sean when his index finger then teased the outline of Catherines cunt lips, just after she had just managed to count the number and ask for another. 

Then, as Sean pushed two fingers fully inside her pussy, he beamed in pleasure as copious amounts of milky juices gushed from within Catherine Dixons cunt and could feel the heat now generated from her pussy, so near was she to orgasm.

      “Oh god yes, thats it please... Sir please do it!,”cried Catherine, prior to again clasping her mouth over Toms cock before  Sean then withdrew his finger before teasing the frustrated mature beauty when telling her.

      “No more fingers  Catherine , now you have to tell Sir what would you really want him to do with you”  with a fingernail  teasing the very edge of Catherines soaking wet cunt lips, leaving her wriggling  and squirming in a vain attempt at getting Sean to replace his fingers. 

Lost in a state of frenzied sexual excitement, never before in her life had Catherine encountered such feelings of sexual pleasure followed in equal measure by crushing frustration and momentarily withdrawing her lips from Toms cock she cried, pleading with Sean, “Please it...just do it, Christ...please do it”

      For an answer, Sean simply gave Catherine another, lighter ‘Thwack’ of the cane.

      “You must  to ask me properly Catherine,  explain what it is you want” Sean almost whispered in his determination to extract every ounce of submission from the beautiful  mother of his school friend,  who herself hadn’t a clue Sean had spent so long lusting after her body.

      Again Catherine recited the required number and asked for more, but when his fingers again so frustratingly outlined her cunt lips, she suddenly understood just what it was Sean had just demanded of her. 

To do so, to give him the answer her body so cried out for, would, she realised, change her life irrevocably. But for the first time for so long,  this young boy/man had made her feel alive and completely sexually energized.

      “Oh dear God...Im so sorry... please forgive me.. please forgive me “

Prayed Catherine silently, hoping to God her Son would not suddenly change his mind and arrive home early and witness the even more terrible thing she was about to allow, no ask, even beg Sean to do to her.....just as in her desire to experience his huge cock inside her, she’d eventually begged her uncle to fuck her all those years ago

      “Please Sean...fuck me...please fuck me Sean.....for gods sake just fuck me”

Gasped Catherine, fully aware that in this unbelievably sexually charged atmosphere she had in a split second suddenly thrown away years of faithful fidelity and loyalty toward her husband and family since they’d moved away from her uncle.


      Sean watched Catherine again clamp her mouth over Toms cock and beamed in triumphant delight , almost unable to believe that he had done it! 

That Catherine Dixon had asked,  even begged for him, Sean Brady, her son so called friend to fuck her, and Fuck he was most certainly going to do and in doing so give her the best fuck she had ever had.

      So While continuing intermittently to tease her cunt lips , Sean withdrew from his trousers his most prized possession, his thick throbbing, nine inch cock, one that, although far too big for many teenage girls, had given him the confidence he needed to take on Catherine Dixon and to seal her fate as his very own property.

      “Spread your legs wide Catherine.”

 And continuing to suck on Toms cock, so Catherine obediently spread her long stocking clad legs a little wider. 

She did so hoping Sean would just get on with it and fuck her, for she so badly needed to feel his cock inside her. Then Suddenly Catherines cunt lips were being pushed aside as the now biggest cock she had ever experienced began slowly pushing its way past her slick wet cunt lips.

      Gasping at its incredible size, Catherine was thankful, not only that  she was already so wet, but that she’d also been stretched by her Uncle all those years ago, certain she would otherwise have not been able to take this huge monster as   fraction by fraction Sean eased his way into her, filling Catherine as she had never been filled before, leaving her to wonder if it were possible for her pussy to actually take it all! But it felt oh so good!

      Seans cock filled Catherine to the extent  she could feel its throbbing heat pulsing and pushing against the wall of her cunt, astonishing the mature beauty.

The huge cock inside her was for Catherine, the realization of so many secret fantasies since the trysts with her uncle .

This is fabulous, decided the mature mother wickedly,  wishing she could have  seen its size and felt and even tasted its enormous girth before he had entered her from the rear,  yet Catherine secretly consoled herself in the hope, yes hope she would soon get to do exactly that.

      Finally Sean watched his huge cock slide  it way into Catherine until his balls squashed against her buttocks, and boy, it felt so good!. 

Catherine Dixon was at last his, her cunt was now full of his manhood and she was, beyond doubt, his property now!.

Leaning over her Sean gripped Catherines breasts, tweaking her nipples and slowly he eased out of her cunt a little, hearing Catherine, despite her mouth sliding up and down over Toms cock, whimpering with pleasure.

      Then just as slowly he carefully pushed into her again, knowing Catherines cunt needed time to adjust to the huge organ inside her.  

Soon though it became Catherine pushing against Sean until, eventually their joint efforts combined together and they really were as one with Catherine pushing back each time Sean moved into her.

      Sean was desperate not to cum before Tom or Catherine and squeezing her large breasts and nipples, eventually looked on as Tom began bucking fiercely back and forth, driven to the edge of his own orgasm by Catherines skilful ministrations. 

Eventually the boy could hold out no more and with Catherine tasting Toms pre come shoot into her mouth, she began sucking even more frenziedly , driven on to her own onrushing shattering climax bought about this wonderful colossal organ mercilessly pumping her squishy hot cunt.

      Sensing this whilst trying to hold himself back Sean reached forward into Catherines hair, pulling her mouth away from the groaning Toms cock.

      “Youre mine now belong to me...every piece of you, tits, arse, legs, cunt, all mine...all mine...whenever I want you. Tell me who you belong to...who owns you Catherine. TELL ME WHO OWNS YOU NOW!”demanded Sean.

      “Oh my God...forgive me...Im yours Sean...Im your property, fuck me Sean, fuck me whenever you want me, YOU OWN ME NOW!  gasped Catherine as the first wave of a series of massive orgasms, the biggest and most wonderful she had ever experienced, washed over her and hurriedly returned to sucking Toms cock just as he, aided by his own hand,  began shooting his come juices. 

Catching great globs of cum between her lips and swallowing greedily, Catherine was now was loudly moaning in ecstatic delirium as wave after wave of orgasms engulfed her.

      Pleased beyond words with Catherines response to his demands, Sean was not long in Cumming himself and was very soon shooting massive amounts of his hot seed into his property,  Slamming into Catherine with the ferocity of his orgasm until, with her mouth dripping Toms sperm and long strands of Seans juices oozing from her cunt Catherine Dixon curled her naked body in a ball upon her lounge sofa................................. 

      Two hours later, at seven oclock, Catherines son Dan opened and then slammed the front door, loudly enough for anyone to hear.


“Im home mum...are you okay, where are you?”

      “I’m fine darling, Just having an early bath,  so give me half an hour and Ill come down and cook you a great dinner!”  His mother  called cheerfully down to him. Having  not once imagined her teenage son could possibly have been complicit in the events of that afternoon,  Catherine again  fondled her nipples and pussy in recollection of the incredible events  in her lounge earlier that afternoon. 

Having not been allowed to leave the room , Catherine curled her cum covered naked body into a ball on the sofa, facing away from Sean and Tom as they dressed, Catherine hadn’t seen Sean’s  parting words to her while stroking her naked bottom and back.

“Be sure to say thanks to Dan introducing you to us and tell him we’re sorry we left before he got home.......still, maybe next time Catherine, maybe you’ll cook us all a meal before we leave”!!

“Its okay mum, theres no hurry, you take your time, and Ill be in my room watching TV.” Dan shouted back before making his way into the lounge, where he walked across to the large bookcase  opposite the couch and TV. 

There, from  its centre shelf,  Dan pulled away a couple of heavy books, revealing the small video camera he’d  placed there earlier, just before the arrival of Sean and Tom.

It was still running on its extended record mode but Dan switched off the machine and made his way up to his bedroom, desperate to view the recording,  Not having believed a single word of Seans protestation that all they wanted was to chat with his mother.

Why,  thought Dan, should they have all the fun?

End of Part One

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