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You're getting ready to leave for work soon, you're not traveling today but you will be gone for most of the day though. You have to go to a convention in the city. You come to find me before you leave to give me my instructions for the day. You know that I probably haven't gotten out of bed yet, it's wayyy to early for me and we did have quite a hot eventful evening last night. You're nice enough to let me sleep in for a while knowing how important sleep is yourself. 

I'm awake when you come back into the master suite; you get back into bed, pulling the covers off me and snuggle into my back feels just a bit strange but in an erotic way with you fully dressed up against my naked skin.  Your hand caressing me from my hip along my side brushing against my breast as it passes by and back down again. I whimper and move back into you more. 

You whisper in my ear, "Mmm as much I'd like to stay and play with you today, I have to go, places to go people to see. I have a task/assignment for you to do today for me My sexy pet while I'm out." 

"Yes, Sir whatever you want me to do for you I will as always."

"Good girl, I want you to watch porn all day from time I leave until get I back home. You can do what you need to do around here as far as chores go I don’t want neglecting those either. I want porn on both tvs all day and make sure that its in surround sound too. Make sure that the DVD's are ones that really really turn you on and get you the wettest. You can play with yourself as much as you want with toys, fingers whatever but you are NOT allowed to cum." 

"Mmm Yes Sir sounds like you have a hot wet day planned for me but I will carry out your wishes and will be a good girl for you. I will only watch porn, play with myself but I'm not allowed to cum."

"That's My good girl"

You whisper into my ear again as my thoughts about what you want me to do for you today have gotten me quite wet.

"Oh and one more thing, you know how I used to use a web cam so I can watch you while I'm not here. Well now the whole house is wired and has cameras in almost every room, especially the master suite including the bathroom. I did it one day while you were out shopping; I've been waiting for just the right moment to tell you about it. I've been looking in on you for a couple of weeks now when I've been out of town, yeah I'm a voyeur but I love to watch My sexy pet. And lucky for you you've been a good girl while I've been gone or you would have gotten so punished." 

"Ohhhh?", I ask as I roll over so we can talk face to face feeling myself blush, getting even hotter but slightly surprised as I think about being watched by you and not knowing about it. 

Your hand continues caressing me all over making a large circle from my nipples across my stomach and to my pussy brushing them all lightly enough to make me even hotter and wetter. You know what effect you're having on me, your hands working their magic on my body that you know all to well. You lean down and kiss me leaving me breathless. 

"Yes My sweet pet, and to give you even more to think about, I've also wired the cameras to the 50" HD plasma TVs also. And one of these days, maybe really soon you can watch yourself as I do whatever I wish to you. I think that I'd better go now before I want to stay home today, but I really can't. Gotta go, be a good girl for me and just remember I'll be watching." 

"Yes Sir always"

"Good girl"

You kiss me deeply just before you get out of bed and leave me. Damn you've got me so hot and wet and needing to cum thinking about all of that plus your kisses and your hands roaming all over my body didn't help matters. You have me in a real dilemma now you told me that I wasn't allowed to cum today, but did you mean only while I was watching porn or the whole time that you're out. Hmmm........ 

 After giving it some thought, I think that I had better not cum, err on the side of caution. I don't want to take the chance and you have to punish me, I know that it wouldn't be fun for either of us. I think I should get up move around try to cool off so to speak, good time to get something to eat; I am a little hungry and take a shower. Cold shower maybe I think to myself giggling. But then I remember what you said about watching porn all day, from the time that you left till the time you came home. Better do what you’ve asked of me right away, you may be watching and I don’t want to give you a reason to punish me. I think not being able to cum all day while I’m watching porn will be punishment enough. 

I’ll start with the bedroom TV and DVD player. I follow your instructions about picking out and DVDs that make me really hot and wet hmmm...I’ll start with my favorite one “Bound, Teased and Spanked”. I arrange all of the pillows in pile for later thinking that I’m going to need to be comfortable; maybe I should get out the toys also. Ohhh porn in hi def, this should be good. I haven’t watched any porn since you put the big plasma TV in here. 

I grab another DVD and I walk down the hallway wondering where you've put the cameras but then I think, I'm not going to worry about it it's not under my control anyway. I'm just going to go about my business like usual and pretend they aren't there, you may not be watching anyway but then again maybe you are. I go into the den to the plasma TV in there and put another one of my favorite DVDs in “Bound and Punished.” Of course I make sure the surround sound is on like you told me to. While the previews are showing on both DVD’s I think that I have time to grab some breakfast before watching porn like you told me too. But I know that I have chores to do sometime today also. I think that I may need my strength for the day that you have planned for me. 

I finish my breakfast and as the movie in the den starts I think that I’d better hurry into the master suite and get settled in to watch that movie first.  The movie starts; right away I feel the tension and wetness building in my pussy as I watch this girl get tied up, knowing very well what that feels like. She’s tied up spread eagle on the bed helpless against anything that is going to be done to her. Her nipples and pussy being played with, I can hear her moans of pleasure. Mmmmm, my fingers slide down my stomach, I begin to stroke my clit, and I'm moaning myself all the while watching what's being done to the girl on the screen. A large vibrator is shoved into her very wet pussy and turned on; hmmm that’s good idea. I need something in me filling me up right now too, maybe it will take my mind off of the fact that I need to cum.  I grab the largest dildo that we have and slide into my very wet pussy. Ohhhhhh, damn.  Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea at all, but it feels so good.  I begin to slowly fuck myself with it; I start to play with my clit again. Mmmm sooo good.   My pussy is so filled up right now this feels so good, but it’s making me need to cum and I know that I’m not allowed to.   Damn!!!

Her moans and whimpers are getting me even hotter, but I'd better be careful I back off a little I'm so close to cumming. In my heated state I think, hmm wonder if you're watching me now I hope that you are but all I want to do is cum right now, damn but I can't. My pussy is getting so much wetter now as I the slide the dildo in and out I must be leaving a wet spot on the sheets. My pussy leaks even more as I keep watching this movie, he tells unties her and tells her to roll over because he's going to spank her now. I hear her whimper knowing how she feels, she’s so hot herself and needing to cum.  I watch her getting her nice ass getting reddened by her Dom. I hear her beg him to let her cum over and over again pleading with him, he finally says yes she can, and then I hear her sounds of utter pleasure as she comes hard.  I wish that I could cum like that right now, damn. My pussy is soaking wet, my clit is hard and throbbing, I don't dare touch it much now I'm afraid if I do I'm gonna cum.  I don’t know how much more I can stand, this is almost torture making me watch porn all day and not being able to cum.  I think that I need a cold shower and cool off for a bit. I pull the dildo out of my sopping pussy, and head for the bathroom.  

I turn on the water letting it warm up some don’t want the water too too cold, and step in as I wash myself I realize that you said that there are cameras in the bathroom too. I wonder if you're watching now, I think well if he is I'll give him something good to watch.  I think that I might be crazy Im supposed cool off in here not get all heated. I lather my body up taking some time running my hands all over my soaped up body up and down across my nipples, down my stomach, and rubbing my pussy gently. Mmm Mmmm. My fingers play with my clit a little, I begin to whimper and moan softly, hmmm wonder if there's sound too, can he hear me. Man this is starting to feel good, my pussy all soapy and slick. Damn but I’m still not allowed to cum. So much for shower cooling me off. I guess that I'd better get out I'm clean now anyway. I get out, dry off and lotion myself all over.

I think that I still need another distraction to keep me from thinking about how bad I need to cum.  Maybe I should clean the den now, give me something else to do, although the sounds of pleasure fill the air the moaning, whimpering as I walk towards the den.  Those sounds keep me aroused and as hard as I try to focus on something else I’m constantly reminded that I need to cum and aren’t allowed to.

I start cleaning the den and I guess it’s just my bad timing the hottest scene in this movie begins, the one that makes me soo hot imagining myself in that situation.  The girl is bent over a table, her hands bound behind her back, and between her ankles is a spreader bar.  Her Dom is standing behind with a flogger telling her that she’s such a naughty slut and needs to be punished. She pleads with him that she will be a good girl from now on. He tells her that he’s sure that she will after this punishment its one she won’t soon forget.  He begins to flog her back and ass, leaving his marks all over her.  Her moans become almost constant now I know that she needs to cum as bad as I do.

  Ohhh this movie isn’t helping me at all.  I sit down on the couch, spread my legs rather lewdly and begin to play with my clit again slowly; soon I’m so into watching this girl get flogged and hearing her moans my movements on my clit become faster.  My hips begin to buck and my back is arching ohhhh I’m so close now. My moans and hers are filling the room with our mutual sounds of pleasure.   Damn I need to cum soo bad.   I begin to wonder if a few minutes of pleasure would be worth the pain of your punishment or not.  No, don’t think that it’s worth it, id better be good as much as I want to cum. Besides knowing that I disappointed you would be even worse you gave me specific instructions that I wasn’t allowed to cum.  I think that I need another cold shower to cool off again.

I get up to go take yet another shower but I’m interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Here I am naked and all sweaty from coming close to cumming a few times now and there’s someone at the door.  I’m glad that I grabbed a large t-shirt before coming in here to clean the den, just in case.  I head for the front door as I approach the large front windows I can see the Fed Ex truck in the driveway, ohhhh great.  I vaguely remember you saying that you had something that was coming Fed Ex but you weren’t sure when it would be here it’s not the best timing for it to show up. I think that you plan this sometimes just to see how I will react.   I answer the door, hmmm wonder if he can hear the soundtrack to the movies resonating thru the whole house, god I hope not.  

 He tells me that he has a package for you and can I sign for it.  I tell him sure no problem, I’m very self-conscious at the moment I know that my face must be flushed from almost cumming a few minutes ago.  And I’m so wet I wonder if he can smell my arousal, not to mention I’m not wearing any panties. I hope that I don’t drop anything and have to bend over he’d see my pussy and ass easily.   He looks at me kind of strange and asks if I’m ok.  I tell him I’m fine that I’ve been cleaning the house and watching movies.  No lie there as I giggle to myself.  I look at him as I speak to him mmmm young and kind of hot, wonder if he would like to come in and have some fun with me.  Then I think I’m crazy for thinking that, it’s just my sexually excited mind and body talking needing to cum so bad.  I don’t think that one would go over well with you inviting another man in to play with me when you weren’t here and besides that I know that you’re watching.   I really do need a cold shower now for sure.  

Another visit to the shower for me, I’d better make this one a little bit cooler than the last one.  I step in, brrrr that’s cold.  My nipples go rock hard right away; I gently wash my pussy trying not to touch myself too much. Its still so wet, it’s a wonder that I haven’t dripped on the floor wet.  Even in the shower I can hear the sounds of pleasure, floggers, and asses being spanked.   Talk about being frustrated, damn. I get out of the shower once again and dry off. 

I pick out another DVD to watch one that still gets me very hot per your instructions.  I grab the remote and lay down on the bed.  This one isn’t a BDSM one it’s a group sex one.  The movie starts out pretty tame but then turns into an orgy.  So many cocks all over, I wish I had one of those right now especially yours.  But my trusty dildo will have to do for now, the girl is getting fucked well.  I slide it into my still soaked pussy and begin to fuck myself, my fingers playing with my still hard clit.  I watch as she’s put into different positions fucked in the pussy, ass and mouth. So much cum all over her, yummy.   Hmm I haven’t played with my ass yet today, maybe that will take my focus off my needing to cum so bad.  I think that the anal pleasure beads will do nicely; I lube them up and slide them one at a time while continuing to fuck my pussy.  Mmmmm, oh god that’s just to to good.  I think I wonder if he knows how bad I need to cum by now, I’m sure that he does I would hope. 

Ok ok enough is enough here, I have to find a way to burn off all of this sexual energy I’ve been building up for most of the day.  I need to exercise; I need to take a nice walk on the treadmill. It would take my mind off the fact that I still need to cum; my body is constantly in the state of arousal with the soundtracks playing in the background.  Yeah a nice walk would be good to bad I can’t go outside and do it I could get away from these movies for awhile, but I know that would really get me in trouble.  I guess that I’d better change the movies on both TVs also; I’ve watched both of these a few times already.  

I grab another DVD to watch and head for the den, that’s where the treadmill is.  I put the movie in and start it.  I get on the treadmill; I’ll just take a nice walk concentrate on it and try to block out this movie.  Its getting so frustrating no matter what I do all my senses are filled with sights and sounds of pleasure. I don’t know how much more that I can take, even as I walk on the treadmill and can my feel clit and pussy throbbing needing relief so badly.   It’s a constant battle fighting my body trying to will it not to get aroused by these movies, but it’s so hard.  Even as I exercise I feel the need to satisfy my urges I want so bad to touch and play with my clit but I’m so afraid to.  I don’t want to cum when I’m not allowed to, but I want to soo badly.  I’ve got a mental battle going on between good and evil, part of me wants to cum and deal with the consequences later and the other part of me wants to be a good girl for you and obey your wishes. Damn this is soo hard.  I’m almost beginning to get a little mad at you for putting me through this.  I need another shower to cool my body and mind right now besides I’m all hot and sweaty now from my workout.  At least I got some exercise, got my mind off of needing to cum and killed some time. 

 I don’t think that I’ve ever taken so many showers on one day, but I do need to cool off again.  While I take my shower I start to think that I shouldn’t be mad at you no matter how difficult the task is that you request of me. I know that I will get frustrated at times but I need to learn to how work through it.  It’s not like I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this so to speak.  You have every right to tell me to do whatever you want to me to do and it’s my duty to carry it out. I want to be a good girl and please you above all.  I will say that this is a very difficult task for me but I know that you must have a very good reason for it.  After working through this in my head, I have a new found determination not to fail you, I can do this!!!  I do need to get out of the shower now and continue onward.  

Hmmm which movie now?  Ohh how about this one, I haven’t seen it in such a long time.  The movie starts, it’s like déjà vu, all of the aroused feelings come rushing back I had cooled off in the shower my mind preoccupied focusing on something else.  My clit throbs again and my pussy clenches watching girl on the screen tied up and being teased, being told that she’s not allowed to cum without permission and if she does she will get punished.  He licks and sucks on her nipples, my hand wanders to my nipples and brushes against them instant pleasure going straight to my pussy and making me whimper. 

 He licks and kisses down her body; mmm I would love that if you were here right now.  My hands caress up and down my body, feeling my soft skin beneath my fingers.  He settles between her tied spread legs and begins to lick her soaking wet pussy; his tongue reaches her clit licking and sucking.  She writhes underneath him pulling at her bonds and in between her moans I hear her ask if she can cum.  He quickly tells her no not yet.  Man I do know that feeling; my fingers have made their way down to my clit and are gently stroking it.  He takes out a rabbit vibrator the kind that has the clit vibe on it plus goes in her pussy. He shoves into her but pulls it back out quickly, I hear her whimper and moan louder.  Ohh we have one of those, but do I dare?  Yea, what the hell I’m going push my limits to see how much I can hold back and not cum.  

I reach to get it and slide it very easily into my sopping pussy, I don’t turn it on at first but I do begin to fuck myself with it.  He turns on the clit vibe on it and places against her clit, she moans loudly and I can see that she’s fighting hard not cum.  I copy that and place mine on my clit but I’ve got it turned down on the lowest setting then I slide back into my pussy again. I slide it in and out the clit vibe hitting my clit each time.  Oooohh, damn.  My hips begin to buck, my moaning is soo loud, and I’m so close to cumming that I can hardly stand it.   It seems that she and I are moaning again together, our need to cum soo great.  She asks him if she can cum again, begging him to let her.  He finally says yes she can, she cums hard after being teased for a while.   

My autopilot takes over in my heated state not exactly thinking clearly at the moment I call out to you, “Oh please Sir……please can I cum….. please….I need to cum so bad… please Sir…. Pleaasseee.”

I hear your voice almost as if I’m dreaming, “Hum well I guess that I could let you cum, you have been a very good girl today.”

I’m snapped back into reality did I hear what I think that I just heard. I look over it is you standing there in the doorway just smiling at me.  

“Hi My sweet pet, have a good day?”

“Hi Sir, well I guess that you could call it a good day in the sense that I obeyed your orders and I haven’t cum all day as hard as that’s been on me”

“I know…. I know it’s been tough on you.  I’ve been watching you all day I have the cameras set up so I can see the whole house on my Blackberry.”

You walk towards me still laying there on the bed.

“And it looks like you’ve had a very busy day too”, pointing at the vibrator still in my pussy.

I giggle and then blush; I had forgotten that it was there in my excitement to see you. I pull it out of my soaked pussy but it reminds me that my need to cum is still so great. My mind spins wondering if you are going to let me cum now or make me wait even longer.  

“Does My pet need to cum?,” you ask me almost giggling because you already know the answer.

“Oh god yes….. please Sir… please…. Please let me cum”

“Hum well I think that you’ve been thru enough today, I’ll let you cum but I want to feel you cum hard all over my cock.”

You don’t waste any time getting undressed; I think that watching me all day has gotten you quite hot also.  As I watch you as you’re undressing my need for you and to cum has me whimpering.  You get in bed with me and lay down next to me; you take me in your arms and begin to kiss me deeply.  Your hands start to roam my very excited body, I moan with every touch of your hands.  I wish that you would hurry up but it seems that you’re in no particular rush.  You leave a trail of kisses from my mouth all the way down to my pussy, making me moan my back arching to meet your mouth. Mmmmmm.  You finally reach my pussy; I’m soo wet that you lap up my juices.  You lick my clit just enough to tease me once again.  My hips buck trying to get more simulation on my clit but I know that I still can’t cum; you want me to cum hard all over your cock.  

You move down between my spread legs placing the head of your cock against my very wet hole.  You ease in just a little and pull back out. I moan loudly and wiggle my hips trying to get you in me further.  I soon get my wish; you slam into me all the way filling my soaked pussy up all at once.  

“Oh please… please fuck me… please Sir”

You begin to fuck me hard.  I’m moaning and whimpering under you, your hard cock pistons in and out of me.  My oversensitive clit is being rubbed up against you as we move together. My breathing turns into pants, I can barely catch my breath now.  My body is so tense like a coiled spring waiting to explode.  

“Cum, cum for me pet” you whisper in my ear urging my orgasm on.

I feel the whole days pent up energy bubbling up to the surface as my orgasm takes hold of my body.  I wiggle and writhe under you as you continue to fuck me your cock almost being pushed out by the strong spasms of my pussy.  

“Ohhhhhhh…… ohhhhhhh..... mmmmm…Mmm Mmmm… so gooodddd.mmmm” as my orgasm continues.

“Damn baby, ohhhhhh.  Your pussy is so tight around my cock I’m going to cum”, you growl as you start to cum yourself not being able to hold back any longer.  

I lay there silent for a few minutes basking in the afterglow of my tremendous orgasm, not sure that I could talk right now anyway.  

“You OK My sexy pet?”

“Mmmm I’m just fine now. That was amazing; I don’t think that I’ve even cum that hard or that long before. Thank you Sir, even though today was very hard on me it was definitely worth the wait” as I kiss you softly.  

You kiss me back, “I thought that you might like that, actually I knew that you would.”

“You know me all to well Sir.  But what I need right now is a nap.  It’s been a very tiring day for me and that huge orgasm has me spent.”

“Mmm My poor little pet, but as tired as you are I know that deep down you loved every minute of it.  I’ll nap with you; I’ve had a long day myself.”

 You wrap your arms around me pulling me in close to you, give me a gentle kiss and tell me that I’m such a good girl.  I snuggle into you more and fall off to sleep quickly.


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